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Central Burying Ground
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

central burying ground
Central Burying Ground

GPS: 42.352773, -71.065965

Boston Common, Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 385

Central Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Central Burying Ground dates from 1756, and is located on Boston Common on Boylston Street near Tremont Street. It was established to alleviate overcrowding at King's Chapel, Copp's Hill and Granary Burying Grounds.

Acquired from Andrew Oliver, Jr., the site was formerly a portion of Colonel Fitch's pasture at the bottom of the Common. Bostonians considered this burial ground the least desirable because it was the farthest from the market center of the town. It contains the graves of: British common soldiers who died in combat or of disease during the Revolution, foreigners who died while in Boston, American patriots from the battle of Bunker Hill and the Boston Tea Party; painter Gilbert Stuart, and composer William Billings.

In the 1820s Mayor Josiah Quincy attempted to close Central Burying Ground to extend the tree-lined mall on the Common. The 1826 ordinance on the burial of the dead closed the burying ground, banning the opening or digging of new graves and the building of additional tombs. The ban was rescinded in 1836 to permit construction of more tombs. The same year, Mayor Armstrong's administration cut a swath off the corner, eliminating a row of tombs and extending Boylston Street to connect with Tremont Street. The large free-standing tomb structure, "The Dell," along the west edge of the burying ground houses the remains of the graves disturbed by street construction. Additionally a large grave in the northwest part of the site contains human remains unearthed during subway construction in 1895.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, J
, Lot: C-48
A, M, Lot: C-50
A, T, Lot: C-9, d. 1806
Adams, A, Lot: C-5, d. 1806
Adams, Abraham, Lot: C-4, d. 1806
Adams, Lydia, Lot: B-125, d. 1806
Ahes, Luther, Lot: A-64, d. 1801
Alexander, Edward, Lot: B-55, d. 1806
Alexander, Edward, Lot: B-56, d. 1806
Alker, Thomas, Lot: C-23, d. 1806
Andrew, John, Lot: C-38, d. 1808
Andrews, Mary, Lot: C-53, d. 1800
Appleton, George, Lot: A-81, d. 1802
B, A, Lot: X-0000, d. 1803
B, A, Lot: A-34A
B, A, Lot: A-51
B, J, Lot: A-121, d. 1803
B, J, Lot: A-33A
B, J, Lot: B-48
B, L, Lot: A-32A
B, M, Lot: C-75
B, W, Lot: C-24
Bachtold, Daniel, Lot: B-68, d. 1808
Bachtold, Nancy, Lot: B-66, d. 1792
Bachtold, Nancy, Lot: A-104
Bakar, Anna, Lot: A-48, d. 1803
Balch, Abigail, Lot: B-34, d. 1773
Bancroft, James, Lot: B-30, d. 1803
Barker, Lot: T-83
Barnes, Elizabeth, Lot: A-57, d. 1802
Batterman, George, Lot: T-90A
Beazer, Cheisttphlr, Lot: B-101, d. 1803
Bell, Bwten, Lot: B-151, d. 1800
Bell, John, Lot: B-127, d. 1807
Belstedt, William, Lot: C-29, d. 1801
Bennett, Abigail, Lot: A-34, d. 1809
Bennett, Lydia, Lot: A-32, d. 1807
Billingn, Nathan, Lot: C-387, d. 1800
Bincroft, H, Lot: B-31, d. 1795
Bird, Children, Lot: B-38, d. 1802
Blanchard, John, Lot: B-51, d. 1802
Blanchard, L, Lot: B-52
Blanchard, Louisa, Lot: B-53, d. 1801
Blaney, Mary, Lot: A-140, d. 1790
Blaney, Sarah, Lot: A-139, d. 1793
Booken, St, Lot: B-71
Bowen, Samuel, Lot: A-98, d. 1807
Bowers, Lot: A-18, d. 1797
Bradlee, Hannah, Lot: A-69, d. 1782
Bradlee, Nathan, Lot: A-68, d. 1802
Bratlr, C, Lot: X-0000
Brazer, Chrishopher, Lot: B-100, d. 1799
Brazer, John, Lot: X-0000, d. 1800
Brewer, Elizabeth, Lot: C-71, d. 1805
Brinnen, John, Lot: A-107, d. 1805
Brockland, John, Lot: C-147, d. 1777
Brooks Jr, Peter, Lot: A-73, d. 1798
Brown, Sally, Lot: B-126, d. 1805
Brown, Susanna, Lot: C-157, d. 1797
Brown, Williams, Lot: B-33, d. 1807
Bucknam, James, Lot: A-33, d. 1808
Bumford, Mary, Lot: A-3, d. 1803
Burchsted, Anna, Lot: C-82, d. 1800
Burdick, M, Lot: C-42
Burdick, Moses, Lot: C-40, d. 1801
Burns, Mary, Lot: A-30, d. 1805
C, C, Lot: B-21
C, E, Lot: C-74
C, J, Lot: A-21 1-2A
C, J, Lot: C-129
C, S, Lot: A-50
C, W, Lot: B-102
Campbell, James, Lot: X-0000, d. 1867
Campbell, James, Lot: X-0000
Campbell, Maria, Lot: X-0000
Carter, Sarah, Lot: A-62
Caryl, Olive, Lot: C-52, d. 1802
Cassell, James, Lot: T-50, d. 1802
Chadinck, Moses, Lot: B-25
Chandler, Samwel, Lot: A-52, d. 1807
Childs, P, Lot: C-161
Chiles, David, Lot: C-58
Chnbridge, Mill, Lot: B-106, d. 1808
Clapham, John, Lot: A-21 1-2, d. 1803
Clark, A, Lot: A-11
Clark, Abigail, Lot: A-14, d. 1803
Claten, Clarissa, Lot: B-20, d. 1805
Cock, Barstow, Lot: X-0000, d. 1809
Coryl, Olive, Lot: C-51
Cosyink, Benjamin, Lot: B-13, d. 1796
Crane, Elizabeth, Lot: B-27, d. 1773
Crawford, Mary, Lot: C-97, d. 1802
Crooker, Master, Lot: C-131, d. 1799
Crosby, A, Lot: A-45
Croshy, Aaron, Lot: A-44, d. 1802
Cutler, Hannah, Lot: A-118, d. 1804
Cutler, Hannah, Lot: A-82
Cutter, William, Lot: B-123, d. 1800
D, John, Lot: C-22
Daly, Margaret, Lot: C-40, d. 1801
Danforth, R, Lot: B-73
Dewly, David, Lot: C-43, d. 1797
Dewly, Sarah, Lot: C-44, d. 1802
Dinison, Jchn, Lot: C-54, d. 1801
Doodge, Sunice, Lot: B-15, d. 1810
Dooling, John, Lot: C-150, d. 1803
Dooling, John, Lot: C-147
Dorr, Lot: B-83, d. 1873
Dow, Maryann, Lot: A-13, d. 1793
Downes, Shubael, Lot: C-115, d. 1796
Dvnlap, Andrew, Lot: T-44, d. 1801
Eaton, Thomas, Lot: A-109, d. 1807
Eaton, Thomas, Lot: A-21, d. 1807
Ehcy, John, Lot: C-98, d. 1808
Ellison, Parmenter, Lot: X-0000
Englesby, Abigail, Lot: A-37, d. 1809
F, E, Lot: A-29
F, J, Lot: A-72
F, W, Lot: B-81A
Fark, C, Lot: B-4
Farrington, Thomas, Lot: C-131A, d. 1807
Fikjapald, Frances, Lot: C-142, d. 1799
Fiscenden, William, Lot: B-81, d. 1804
Fitty, Joseph, Lot: B-1
Fmmons, Mary, Lot: B-61, d. 1802
Foster, Charles, Lot: B-23, d. 1800
Foster, Jesse, Lot: A-127, d. 1800
Frack, J, Lot: X-0000
Framlfcrd, Mary, Lot: B-88, d. 1806
Francis, E, Lot: T-97
Frank, John, Lot: T-90A, d. 1800
Frobisher, Benjamin, Lot: B-57, d. 1761
Frost, Stephen, Lot: A-90, d. 1784
Fuller, Eunice, Lot: A-22, d. 1803
Fuller, Ruth, Lot: C-158
G, A, Lot: B-8, d. 1806
G, J, Lot: A-106
G, P, Lot: C-28
G, R, Lot: A-80
Gailt, Ann, Lot: B-7, d. 1806
Gallagher, Rebecah, Lot: A-85, d. 1802
Geyer, Derick, Lot: C-14, d. 1796
Geyer, Sarah, Lot: A-5, d. 1810
Gilbirt, Frldurick, Lot: C-60, d. 1802
Gilblrt, F, Lot: C-58
Gmmons, Mary, Lot: B-60, d. 1802
Godfrey, Edward, Lot: A-2, d. 1808
Goff, Sally, Lot: B-84, d. 1802
Goodwine, Ason, Lot: A-46, d. 1803
Gorham, Henry, Lot: C-143, d. 1796
Grease, Sarah, Lot: B-59, d. 1796
Grore, Ralpt, Lot: A-118, d. 1806
Groves, G, Lot: B-43A
H, C, Lot: A-74
Hager, Joel, Lot: A-65, d. 1783
Hall, Nancy, Lot: C-81, d. 1801
Hall, Nancy, Lot: C-77
Hammond, Hary, Lot: A-111, d. 1806
Harris, Stephen, Lot: B-74, d. 1798
Hart, Jesse, Lot: B-14, d. 1869
Haslet, E, Lot: A-70
Haslett, William, Lot: A-133, d. 1809
Havthwal, Catharine, Lot: A-76, d. 1806
Heata, William, Lot: C-57, d. 1799
Hilt, Christian, Lot: B-87, d. 1783
Hilt, Henry, Lot: B-90, d. 1786
Hilt, Henry, Lot: B-39
Hines, Catherine, Lot: A-136, d. 1808
Hook, Elias, Lot: A-105
Hook, Elias, Lot: A-89
Hose, Hannah, Lot: B-70, d. 1796
Howard, Cordelia, Lot: A-1, d. 1803
Hoxford, Nancy, Lot: X-0000, d. 1798
Hunter, Lot: X-0000
Huse, Sarah, Lot: B-69, d. 1798
I, H, Lot: C-90
Innis, Hannah, Lot: C-91, d. 1808
Ipck, Eliza, Lot: A-8, d. 1800
J, R, Lot: A-97
Jackson, John, Lot: C-27, d. 1804
Jackson, Margaret, Lot: C-46, d. 1795
Jaruis, John, Lot: X-0000, d. 1802
Jchnson, Benjamin, Lot: B-63, d. 1797
Jenison, Betsy, Lot: C-89, d. 1798
Jenkin, Joseph, Lot: A-71, d. 1804
Jenkins, Rebecca, Lot: A-92, d. 1806
Jenkins, Samuel, Lot: A-99, d. 1798
Johnson Jr, Giles, Lot: C-78, d. 1801
Johnson, Benjamin, Lot: B-62
K, Thomas, Lot: A-128, d. 1709
Killy, Barthclomow, Lot: C-92, d. 1808
Kine, Lot: A-129
King, Dally, Lot: B-75, d. 1803
Kitchen, Nath, Lot: C-159
Knox, Edward, Lot: A-93, d. 1805
L, J, Lot: B-18
Larkin, Charles, Lot: C-69, d. 1/1/1796
Lawrence, Mary, Lot: A-91, d. 1804
Lcring, Mary, Lot: B-65, d. 1799
Learned, Phebee, Lot: A-42, d. 1803
Lering, Joseph, Lot: B-64, d. 1803
Lintepcwep, Mary, Lot: B-89, d. 1808
Longley, Lovisa, Lot: A-53, d. 1805
Loring, Mary, Lot: B-67, d. 1799
Loring, Mary, Lot: C-70, d. 1804
Loring, Mary, Lot: C-61
Lowpe, Joseph, Lot: B-76, d. 1798
Loyman, Charles, Lot: B-24, d. 1785
Luce, Mary, Lot: B-137, d. 1801
Lyon, Samuel, Lot: B-122, d. 1806
M, A, Lot: A-126
M, E, Lot: A-49
M, E, Lot: B-29
M, J, Lot: A-28
M, M, Lot: C-54, d. 1800
M, M, Lot: A-143
M, M, Lot: A-24
M, M, Lot: X-0000
Mackinbie, Angue, Lot: B-107, d. 1808
Madigan, Eomond, Lot: C-123, d. 1803
Manderien, Chow, Lot: B-124, d. 1798
Manderien, Chow, Lot: C-132A, d. 1798
Margaret, A, Lot: B-105
Marsters, Mary, Lot: B-58, d. 1797
Marten, Margaret, Lot: C-49, d. 1802
Mather, Thomas, Lot: B-9, d. 1764
Mather, Thomas, Lot: A-141, d. 1784
Maun, Margaret, Lot: B-26, d. 1807
May, Easter, Lot: A-16, d. 1803
May, Rebecca, Lot: A-15, d. 1800
Mcbride, Henry, Lot: C-130, d. 1807
Mcclench, Joan, Lot: B-103, d. 1863
Mcclure, Nancy, Lot: C-68, d. 1797
Mceroy, Jane, Lot: C-99, d. 1802
Meains, Isaac, Lot: B-50, d. 1774
Means, Thomas, Lot: A-114, d. 1765
Mikckill, Mary, Lot: C-56, d. 1808
Mills, William, Lot: T-42, d. 1802
Milns, William, Lot: A-61, d. 1801
Missick, Nancy, Lot: C-72, d. 1800
Missick, Nancy, Lot: C-73, d. 1800
Morgan, B, Lot: C-84
Morgan, Betsy, Lot: C-85, d. 1800
Morris, John, Lot: C-6, d. 1797
Morrison, Lot: T-133, d. 1957
Morse, Elizabeth, Lot: A-122, d. 1805
Mucllre, Nancy, Lot: C-63, d. 1747
Murphy, John, Lot: A-94, d. 1805
Mxloney, Edward, Lot: B-19, d. 1806
Nendell, Jacob, Lot: B-12, d. 1805
Nickels, Rebecca, Lot: B-104, d. 1789
Norcross, N, Lot: A-35
Norcross, Nehemiah, Lot: A-87, d. 1804
Norcross, Uriah, Lot: A-86, d. 1797
Olcott, Bradford, Lot: A-10, d. 1802
Over, Mary, Lot: C-87, d. 1796
Over, Mary, Lot: T-130A, d. 1796
P, D, Lot: B-85
P, F, Lot: A-54
P, S, Lot: A-17, d. 1806
P, S, Lot: A-100
Park, Cornelius, Lot: C-1, d. 1802
Parker, Isaac, Lot: B-35, d. 1805
Parmenter, Lot: X-0000
Pearle, John, Lot: A-124, d. 1807
Peck, Sarah, Lot: A-43, d. 1806
Perkins, Mary, Lot: B-86, d. 1798
Perry, Hannah, Lot: B-78
Peruins, M, Lot: B-88A
Pheanix, Daniel, Lot: C-146, d. 1798
Phelps, Mary, Lot: B-129, d. 1806
Phillips, James, Lot: T-94
Pitty, Elizabeth, Lot: A-4, d. 1805
Pratt, Sarah, Lot: A-56, d. 1809
Prenttss, Samvel, Lot: B-77, d. 1799
Quigley, John, Lot: C-149, d. 1806
R, F, Lot: C-385
R, R, Lot: A-55A
Ransted, Elizabeth, Lot: C-136, d. 1755
Ray, C, Lot: B-6
Ray, Caleb, Lot: B-3, d. 1796
Reinhart, Fredrick, Lot: C-384, d. 1802
Richard, James, Lot: B-16, d. 1790
Richards, Children, Lot: B-17, d. 1792
Richrdson, Jeffrey, Lot: T-4
Roach, Thomas, Lot: A-142, d. 1775
Robbins, Ephram, Lot: A-116, d. 1798
Robbius, Levi, Lot: A-117, d. 1801
Robinson, M, Lot: A-47
Robinson, Mary, Lot: A-78, d. 1802
Robinson, Rober, Lot: A-55, d. 1806
Rogeles, Samuel, Lot: A-125, d. 1797
Rogers, Nelson, Lot: A-41, d. 1804
Ruggles, Sam, Lot: A-75, d. 1797
S, J, Lot: B-32, d. 1804
S, M, Lot: B-28
S, N, Lot: B-44
S, S, Lot: A-19
S, S, Lot: A-20
S, T, Lot: B-42
S, W, Lot: B-82A
Salmon, William, Lot: B-82, d. 1808
Sanborn, William, Lot: C-88, d. 1801
Shaeppers, John, Lot: B-45
Shaw, William, Lot: A-108, d. 1806
Shaw, William, Lot: A-108A
Shepard Jr, Isaac, Lot: A-38, d. 1805
Shepard, Sarah, Lot: A-40, d. 1807
Shepard, Serah, Lot: A-39, d. 1809
Sloan, Mary, Lot: C-8, d. 1804
Sloan, Mary, Lot: C-19
Smallpeace, William, Lot: A-112, d. 1809
Smith, Lot: T-100
Smith, Abiel, Lot: T-100A
Smith, Andrew, Lot: A-113, d. 1806
Smith, Christopher, Lot: X-0000
Smith, Dorcas, Lot: C-86, d. 1810
Smith, Saily, Lot: B-37
Smith, Sally, Lot: B-36, d. 1803
Snelling, Capt John, Lot: A-12
Sparhawk, Rachel, Lot: A-6, d. 1805
Spear, Margaret, Lot: B-43, d. 1798
Sprague, Lot: A-7
Sprague, Chlode, Lot: T-93M, d. 1812
Sprague, Chloe, Lot: X-0000, d. 1812
Sprague, Samuel, Lot: T-5, d. 1811
Sprangue, Joseph, Lot: A-63, d. 1800
Steel, William, Lot: B-47, d. 1773
Steele, John, Lot: B-46, d. 1799
Stodard, Margaret, Lot: C-109, d. 1804
Stodard, Samuel, Lot: C-108, d. 1807
Stuart, Gubert, Lot: T-46, d. 1975
Studpard, Albert, Lot: B-130, d. 1805
Swett, S, Lot: T-95
T, A, Lot: C-64
T, N, Lot: C-12
T, T, Lot: X-0000
Thaxter, Susannah, Lot: B-128, d. 1799
Thompson, Thomas, Lot: A-25, d. 1797
Thompson, Thomas, Lot: T-99A, d. 1797
Thompson, Thomas, Lot: T-99
Ticknor, Elisha, Lot: T-43, d. 1801
Tillson, Susannah, Lot: A-95, d. 1804
Todd, David, Lot: A-36A
Tolling, Sally, Lot: C-87, d. 1805
Tolman, Nathaniel, Lot: C-13, d. 1809
Toplife, Prisciua, Lot: B-22, d. 1772
Tripp, Elizabeth, Lot: C-118, d. 1802
Tripp, Nie, Lot: C-119
Trow, Capt Bartholomew, Lot: A-88A, d. 1806
Trow, Capt Batholomew, Lot: A-88, d. 1806
Tucker, Sarah, Lot: B-54, d. 1807
Turner, Andrew, Lot: C-67, d. 1866
V, M, Lot: B-80
Vaughan, George, Lot: C-7, d. 1801
Veazie, John, Lot: A-134, d. 1773
W, D, Lot: C-11
W, M, Lot: B-72
W, S, Lot: B-79A
W, T, Lot: B-11
Wade, Simeon, Lot: C-110, d. 1806
Walch, David, Lot: C-146, d. 1807
Wales, Nathaniel, Lot: A-77
Wall, James, Lot: C-159, d. 1801
Wall, James, Lot: C-158
Walsh, Thomas, Lot: C-124
Waterman, James, Lot: A-59
Weaver, Catherine, Lot: A-9, d. 1798
Webber, Abigail, Lot: C-135, d. 1801
Webster, Fann, Lot: A-138, d. 1805
Weld, E, Lot: A-137
Wheeler, M, Lot: B-10
Wheeler, Thankful, Lot: B-2, d. 1773
Whipole, Susanl, Lot: B-79, d. 1805
White, Maby, Lot: C-65, d. 1796
White, Patrick, Lot: C-114, d. 1803
Wild, Sarah, Lot: C-383, d. 1797
Wileeler, Mercy, Lot: B-5, d. 1798
Willeutt, Audrey, Lot: C-32, d. 1804
Williams, Joseph, Lot: C-145, d. 1796
Williams, Thomas, Lot: T-52, d. 1801
Willte, Meel, Lot: C-66, d. 1790
Woster, Barbara, Lot: B-40, d. 1807
Wright, Daniel, Lot: C-20, d. 1806
Youngman, Martha, Lot: A-130, d. 1772

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