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Granary Burying Ground
Roxbury, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

granary burying ground
Granary Burying Ground

GPS: 42.357480, -71.061727

Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02108

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 2,498

Granary Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Granary Burying Ground was established in 1660. Town officials set aside for burials part of what was then the Boston Common to help alleviate overcrowding in the nearby King's Chapel Burying Ground. The Granary Burying Ground took its present name in 1737 when a granary, a small building used to store grain, was moved to the site presently occupied by the Park Street Church. All interments ceased at the Granary in 1880.

The Granary Burying Grounds contains approximately 2,345 gravestones and tombs, although it is estimated that 5,000 people are buried at this site. The grave markers are predominantly slate, with a few in greenstone or marble.

The gravestones' original haphazard configuration was rearranged into straighter rows over to the years to accommodate both nineteenth-century aesthetics and the modern lawnmower. During the mid-nineteenth century, many landscaping projects were undertaken in the Granary, including the installation of pedestrian walkways and the planting of shade trees and shrubbery.

The remains of thousands of Boston citizens and notables lie within the walls of the Granary. Along with Massachusetts governors, mayors and clergymen, visitors will find the graves of three signers of the Declaration of Independence: Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine; Peter Faneuil, benefactor of the famed downtown Boston landmark; patriot and craftsman Paul Revere; James Otis, Revolutionary orator and lawyer; and five victims of the Boston Massacre. Near the center of the ground, a 25-foot-tall obelisk commemorates the tomb of Benjamin Franklin's parents.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, A
, Lot: B-204
A, G, Lot: B-433
A, H, Lot: B-132, d. 1735
A, H, Lot: B-206
A, J, Lot: C-537
A, J, Lot: C-585
A, N, Lot: C-90
A, R, Lot: B-205
A, S, Lot: B-123
A, S, Lot: C-809
A, T, Lot: B-204
Abigail, Ferkins, Lot: A-22, d. 12/24/2016
Abraham, Nathaniel, Lot: C-39
Adams, Abigail, Lot: A-296, d. 7/4/1712
Adams, Abigail, Lot: B-131, d. 3/13/1736
Adams, Abijah, Lot: B-299, d. 2/9/1768
Adams, Deborah, Lot: B-297, d. 4/16/1727
Adams, Isaac, Lot: D-22, d. 1808
Adams, John, Lot: B-252, d. 11/2/1702
Adams, John, Lot: B-202, d. 8/9/1725
Adams, Margret, Lot: B-298, d. 11/26/1752
Adams, Margret, Lot: B-203, d. 1752
Adams, Peter, Lot: A-132, d. 9/27/1778
Adams, Samuel, Lot: C-19, d. 1803
Adams, Sarah, Lot: B-207, d. 2/27/1736
Addams, Thomas, Lot: A-5
Addeson, James, Lot: B-136, d. 11/27/1718
Alcock, Samuel, Lot: C-687, d. 3/16/1677
Alen, Henry, Lot: B-139, d. 5/14/1732
Allen, B Caleb, Lot: C-528
Allen, Elizabeth, Lot: C-353, d. 4/15/1766
Allen, Elizabeth, Lot: B-455, d. 8/29/2016
Allen, Elizabeth, Lot: B-374
Allen, Elizabeth, Lot: C-528
Allen, Hannah, Lot: D-69, d. 2/26/1667
Allen, Henry, Lot: C-576, d. 1/7/1695
Allen, Henry, Lot: C-528
Allen, James, Lot: D-69, d. 9/22/1710
Allen, Jermiah, Lot: B-8
Allen, Judeth, Lot: C-575, d. 6/2/1721
Allen, Lewis, Lot: C-528
Allen, Mary, Lot: C-488, d. 12/11/1718
Allen, Richard, Lot: C-528
Allen, Samuel, Lot: A-284, d. 1769
Allen, Sarah, Lot: C-528
Allen, Silence, Lot: A-481, d. 1726
Allen, William, Lot: B-526, d. 3/20/1694
Allen, William, Lot: C-878, d. 3/25/1746
Allin, Henry, Lot: C-574, d. 9/24/1735
Allin, John, Lot: C-627, d. 11/23/1710
Allin, Martha, Lot: B-362, d. 1/31/1715
Alline, Henry, Lot: C-577, d. 9/18/1778
Alline, Henry, Lot: C-538, d. 1778
Amory, Rebecca, Lot: A-4
Amos, Mary, Lot: B-360, d. 6/14/1750
Andrews, George, Lot: B-368, d. 2/3/1757
Andrews, Henry, Lot: B-449, d. 5/23/1749
Andrews, James, Lot: C-485
Andrews, Jane, Lot: C-672, d. 10/21/1776
Andrews, Josiah, Lot: C-569, d. 9/2/1700
Andrews, S, Lot: D-51
Andrews, Samuel, Lot: B-369, d. 3/9/1735
Andrews, Thomas, Lot: B-370, d. 11/26/1690
Andrews, Thomas, Lot: C-21, d. 6/1/1752
Andros, Samuel, Lot: B-535, d. 12/17/2016
Archaibald, Huldah, Lot: B-16, d. 1799
Archer, Elizabeth, Lot: A-175, d. 11/8/1721
Archer, John, Lot: C-800, d. 12/21/1765
Archer, John, Lot: C800, d. 12/21/1765
Archer, John, Lot: B-740
Archibald, Anna, Lot: B-16, d. 1797
Archibald, Anna, Lot: B-16, d. 1798
Archibald, Anna, Lot: B-16, d. 1801
Archibald, Azor, Lot: B-16
Archibald, Carolin, Lot: B-16, d. 1871
Archibald, Cucrthl, Lot: B-16, d. 1809
Archibald, Edward, Lot: B-16, d. 1834
Archibald, Emeune, Lot: B-16, d. 1853
Archibald, Francis, Lot: B-16, d. 1801
Archibald, George, Lot: B-16, d. 1870
Archibald, Henry, Lot: B-16, d. 1840
Archibald, Huldah, Lot: B-16, d. 1788
Archibald, Lukreta, Lot: B-16, d. 1811
Archibald, Luther, Lot: B-16, d. 1834
Archibald, Martynu, Lot: B-16, d. 1823
Archibald, Mary, Lot: B-16, d. 1840
Armitage, Jona, Lot: C-921, d. 1738
Armitage, L, Lot: C-921, d. 1790
Armstrong, Sarah, Lot: C-606, d. 10/11/1734
Armstrong, Thomas, Lot: B-649, d. 5/1/1750
Armstrong, Thomas, Lot: B-308, d. 1750
Arnold, A, Lot: C-246
Arnold, Abigail, Lot: C-288, d. 7/27/1790
Arnold, Barachiah, Lot: C-452
Ashley, Ann, Lot: A-123, d. 4/16/1736
Atkins, Eleanor, Lot: C-823, d. 8/29/1748
Attwood, Edward, Lot: C-52, d. 10/11/1775
Attwood, Edward, Lot: C-51, d. 7/4/1791
Attwood, S, Lot: C-46
Attwood, Sarah, Lot: C-129, d. 8/11/1765
Attwood, Susanna, Lot: C-51
Atwood, Nathaniel, Lot: C-60, d. 7/20/2016
Atwood, Sarah, Lot: C127, d. 1/20/1773
Atwood, Sarah, Lot: C-127
Audebert, Jsaiah, Lot: A-293, d. 2/1/1769
Audebert, Philip, Lot: A-294, d. 9/23/1754
Auen, Josiah, Lot: B-199, d. 8/29/1734
Ayers, Mary, Lot: B-435, d. 2/16/1775
Ayers, Patience, Lot: B-434, d. 9/8/1772
Ayres, Peter, Lot: B-732, d. 1/3/1698
B, A, Lot: C-743
B, A, Lot: D-18
B, D, Lot: C-743
B, E, Lot: C-65
B, H, Lot: C-43
B, H, Lot: D-9
B, J, Lot: C-331
B, M, Lot: B-45
B, M, Lot: B-560
B, R, Lot: C-172
B, S, Lot: A-317
B, S, Lot: A-45
B, S, Lot: B-226
B, S, Lot: B-756
B, T, Lot: B-272
B, W, Lot: B-730
B, Z, Lot: C-504
Babcock, Adam, Lot: C-924, d. 1810
Babett, Tamzan, Lot: C-673, d. 11/27/1721
Babett, Tamzan, Lot: C673, d. 11/27/1721
Badger, Joseph, Lot: C-135
Bailey, John, Lot: B-32, d. 10/6/1721
Bailey, Mehitabhe, Lot: B-32, d. 10/20/1721
Baker, Sarah, Lot: B-352
Baker, Seth, Lot: A-117
Baker, Susannah, Lot: A-377, d. 12/21/1729
Ballard, Dorcas, Lot: C-151
Ballard, Mary, Lot: C-352, d. 5/14/1758
Ballard, Mary, Lot: C-152, d. 9/16/1771
Ballard, Mary, Lot: C-311, d. 1758
Balston, Mary, Lot: C-726, d. 7/19/1699
Balston, Nathan, Lot: C-731
Bangs, James, Lot: B-185, d. 10/16/1785
Bangs, Ruth, Lot: B-196, d. 8/9/1735
Barber, Elizabeth, Lot: C-115, d. 8/14/1792
Barington, Hannah, Lot: A-288, d. 9/21/1769
Barker, Abigail, Lot: C-746, d. 8/17/1747
Barker, Daniel, Lot: C-746, d. 8/12/1737
Barldw, Henry, Lot: B-149, d. 12/18/1739
Barnard, Benjamin, Lot: C-467, d. 11/9/1781
Barnard, Benjamin, Lot: C-466, d. 10/16/2016
Barnard, Joanna, Lot: B-33, d. 12/7/1721
Barnes, B, Lot: C-621
Barnes, Betsey, Lot: C-695, d. 9/23/1788
Barnes, Mary, Lot: A-316, d. 10/30/1721
Barnes, P, Lot: C-620
Barnes, Polly, Lot: C-697, d. 3/10/1792
Barnutt, John, Lot: B-417, d. 11/29/1736
Barrel, Abiah, Lot: C-584
Barrell, Abiah, Lot: C-549, d. 9/13/2016
Barrell, John, Lot: C-583, d. 3/19/1732
Barrell, John, Lot: C-548
Barrett, Christopher, Lot: C-657, d. 8/22/1770
Barrett, Francis, Lot: B-772
Barrett, John, Lot: D-78
Barrey, Rachel, Lot: C-267, d. 11/11/1725
Barrick, Thomas, Lot: B-415, d. 8/5/1725
Barrick, Thomas, Lot: B-416, d. 5/6/1730
Barron, Mary, Lot: C-865, d. 10/3/1721
Barron, Mary, Lot: C-865, d. 9/3/1729
Barteal, William, Lot: A-219, d. 6/9/1730
Bartlet, Amey, Lot: C-766, d. 4/18/2016
Bass, Moses, Lot: B-725
Basset, Mary, Lot: B-407, d. 6/1/1691
Batt, John, Lot: A-90, d. 5/5/1768
Baxter, Joseph, Lot: D-102, d. 1810
Baxter, Mary, Lot: C-253, d. 2/1/1726
Bayley, Mathw, Lot: A-212, d. 1792
Bayley, Matthew, Lot: A-258, d. 9/6/1792
Bayly, John, Lot: D-61, d. 12/12/1697
Beal, Elizabeth, Lot: B-127, d. 9/25/1769
Beale, Elizabeth, Lot: A-275, d. 4/27/1743
Beale, Elizth, Lot: A-229
Beard, Sarah, Lot: A-347, d. 10/26/1719
Bearey, James, Lot: C-312, d. "15, 1731"
Beath, Adam, Lot: B-208, d. 1/15/1716
Beck, Joshua, Lot: A-350
Beck, Joshua, Lot: C-771
Belcher, John, Lot: C-489, d. 10/30/1713
Belcher, Jonathan, Lot: B-393, d. 4/26/1764
Belcher, Josias, Lot: B-702, d. 4/3/1683
Belknap, Lot: A-476
Belknap, Jeremiah, Lot: A-486, d. 1830
Belknap, Mary, Lot: A-486, d. 1832
Belknap, Ruth, Lot: D-35, d. 6/20/1704
Bell, Miriam, Lot: C-889, d. 7/1/1750
Bellingham, Richard, Lot: D-67, d. 12/7/1672
Bellings, Hanah, Lot: C-781, d. May
Bender, Ann, Lot: A-170, d. 9/12/1794
Bender, Ann, Lot: A-168
Beney, Lot: B-577, d. 7/14/2016
Beney, John, Lot: B-617, d. 12/21/1765
Beney, John, Lot: B617, d. 12/21/1765
Beney, John, Lot: B-576, d. 1765
Beney, Richard, Lot: B-352, d. 9/4/1737
Bennant, Ammy, Lot: C-770
Bennet, Mary, Lot: A-367, d. 9/6/2016
Bennet, Thomas, Lot: C-170, d. 3/15/1736
Bennet, William, Lot: A-309, d. April
Bennett, Mary, Lot: A-323, d. 3/16/1733
Bennett, Mary, Lot: A-324
Bennett, Priscilla, Lot: B-701, d. 3/16/1780
Benniman, James, Lot: C-546, d. 2/27/1712
Benson, Hannah, Lot: A-380, d. 6/13/1759
Benson, Hannah, Lot: A-325
Bensted, Charles, Lot: C-494, d. 10/1/1709
Berbice, Lot: B-545, d. 3/3/1758
Berrey, Elizabeth, Lot: C-421, d. 1/24/1727
Berrey, Joseph, Lot: B-151, d. 9/25/1721
Berry, John, Lot: C-662
Berry, Wither, Lot: A-35, d. 12/11/1732
Berton, Lot: C-552
Bethune, Lot: B-12, d. 1744
Beverly, Lot: A-206
Bickner, Lot: C-561
Bickner, Hannah, Lot: C-562, d. 8/1/1729
Bickner, Mary, Lot: C-522
Bickner, William, Lot: C-560, d. 9/27/1693
Biggs, Mary, Lot: A-211, d. 3/3/1738
Bill, Ruth, Lot: C-125, d. 1775
Bill, Samuel, Lot: B-542, d. August
Bill, Sarah, Lot: A-346, d. 7/13/1720
Bird, Arerton, Lot: A-382, d. 1/17/1744
Bird, Mary, Lot: A-383, d. 12/25/1738
Bird, Mary, Lot: A-384, d. 11/10/1741
Black, Elizabeth, Lot: C-29, d. 1775
Black, Henry, Lot: C-41, d. 10/28/1747
Black, Henry, Lot: C-28, d. 1747
Black, Polly, Lot: A-159, d. 11/9/1788
Black, Polly, Lot: A-131
Black, Sam, Lot: A-29
Blackad, Margar, Lot: C-369
Blackador, Elizabeth, Lot: C-256, d. 1754
Blackador, Elizabeth, Lot: C-374
Blackador, Margaret, Lot: C-365, d. 11/1/1753
Blackador, Margaret, Lot: C-373, d. 7/7/1755
Blackador, Margaret, Lot: C-333
Blake, Abigail, Lot: B-476, d. 5/13/1726
Blake, Ann, Lot: C-501
Blake, Edward, Lot: D-74, d. 1815
Blake, John, Lot: C-220, d. 3/20/2016
Blake, John, Lot: C-215
Boasworth, Beatris, Lot: C-778, d. 1/8/1711
Bodman, John, Lot: B-82, d. 8/7/1743
Bolter, Thomas, Lot: A-372
Bordman, Andrew, Lot: B-332, d. 1751
Borland, Francis, Lot: A-3, d. 9/16/1763
Borland, Jane, Lot: A-3, d. 6/22/1749
Borland, John, Lot: A-3, d. 3/30/1727
Borland, John, Lot: A-3, d. 6/5/1775
Borland, Sarah, Lot: A-3, d. 9/1/1727
Borland, Sarah, Lot: A-3, d. 9/29/1786
Boude, Elizabeth, Lot: A-299, d. 4/8/1685
Boult, John, Lot: B729, d. 12/16/1710
Boult, John, Lot: B-729, d. 12/16/2016
Bourn, Benjamin, Lot: C-367, d. 6/20/1748
Bourn, Jane, Lot: C-364, d. 10/14/1739
Bourn, Melatiah, Lot: D-87
Bourn, Michael, Lot: B-441, d. 9/16/1762
Bowe, Dorcas, Lot: C-527, d. 7/20/1694
Bowes, Anna, Lot: A-165
Bowes, Anna, Lot: A-198
Bowes, Dorcas, Lot: C-432, d. 9/21/1718
Bowrman, Joan, Lot: C-875, d. 11/11/1729
Boyer, Mary, Lot: B-289, d. 5/22/1747
Boyer, Peter, Lot: B-341, d. 6/21/1729
Boyer, Peter, Lot: B-40, d. 11/12/1760
Boyes, Anne, Lot: B-107, d. 3/11/1769
Boyes, Anne, Lot: A-442, d. 1769
Boyes, Bridget, Lot: C-216, d. 3/9/1771
Boyes, Bridget, Lot: C-219, d. 1771
Boynton, Sarah, Lot: C-769, d. 7/13/1752
Boynton, Sarah, Lot: C-86, d. 10/16/1753
Bracett, Lot: A-453
Brackett, Anthony, Lot: C-618, d. 6/28/1716
Brackett, Anthony, Lot: C-614, d. 12/21/1763
Brackett, Authere, Lot: C-613, d. 5/10/1734
Brackett, Benjamin, Lot: C-617, d. 11/18/1770
Brackett, Benjamin, Lot: C-580, d. 1770
Brackett, Elizabeth, Lot: C-616, d. 6/28/1768
Brackett, Elizabeth, Lot: C-571
Brackett, Joshua, Lot: C-612, d. 1/10/1794
Brackett, Joshua, Lot: C-567, d. 1794
Brackett, Mehetable, Lot: C-615, d. 10/27/1789
Brackett, Mehetable, Lot: C-572
Bradbury, Charles, Lot: A-10
Bradle, Rachell, Lot: D-52, d. 10/4/1759
Bradlee, Agness, Lot: D-52A, d. 8/26/1788
Bradlee, Samuel, Lot: D-52, d. 1/19/1770
Bradlee, Thomas, Lot: C-4
Brailsford, Mary, Lot: C-493, d. 3/12/1746
Brambley, Dorcas, Lot: A-404
Bray, Joanna, Lot: B-518, d. 10/25/1693
Bray, Peggy, Lot: A-109, d. 3/13/1755
Brazer, Mary, Lot: D-64A, d. 4/7/1750
Brdcas, John, Lot: B-184, d. 2/1/1750
Breame, Mary, Lot: B-379, d. 8/24/1737
Breed, Willaim, Lot: C913, d. 9/5/1817
Breed, William, Lot: C-913, d. 12/25/1775
Brenster, Oliver, Lot: D-75
Brewer, Dorcas, Lot: A-414, d. 9/17/1765
Brewer, Dorcas, Lot: A414, d. 9/17/1765
Bridg, Christian, Lot: C-638, d. 10/25/1711
Bridge, Benjamin, Lot: C-641, d. 6/8/1739
Bridge, Elizabeth, Lot: A-167, d. 1750
Bridge, Elizabeth, Lot: A-201
Bridge, Ellen, Lot: C-644, d. 10/13/1683
Bridge, Hannah, Lot: C-639, d. 6/11/1690
Bridge, Hannah, Lot: C-644, d. 7/21/1690
Bridge, Hannah, Lot: C-717, d. 6/17/1719
Bridge, John, Lot: C-639, d. 8/29/1690
Bridge, Martha, Lot: A-2027, d. 4/20/2016
Bridge, Mary, Lot: B-784, d. 3/28/1735
Bridge, Samuel, Lot: C-644, d. 12/7/1672
Brielsford, Susanah, Lot: C-385, d. 10/21/2016
Bries, Sarah, Lot: B-210, d. 1752
Brigden, Elizabeth, Lot: A-246, d. 10/13/1777
Brigden, Gillam, Lot: A-246, d. 2/17/1779
Briggs, Mary, Lot: C-211
Briggs, Melatiah, Lot: C-179, d. 9/10/1704
Brigham, Ana, Lot: C-5
Brigs, William, Lot: C-181, d. 9/24/1728
Briscoe, Rachel, Lot: C-298
Briton, Elizabeth, Lot: B-161, d. 9/21/1727
Briton, Elizabeth, Lot: A-430
Britton, Phillip, Lot: B-91, d. 2/13/1736
Britton, Phillip, Lot: B-98
Brocas, John, Lot: B-11, d. 1750
Brocas, John, Lot: B-182, d. 10/1/2016
Brocas, William, Lot: B-112, d. 9/2/1724
Broccas, John, Lot: B-183, d. 5/27/1703
Brooks, John, Lot: C-249, d. 1788
Browle, William, Lot: C-505, d. 3/3/1684
Brown, Elisha, Lot: A-345, d. 10/17/1769
Brown, Elisha, Lot: A-291
Brown, Mary, Lot: A-391, d. 3/28/1760
Brown, Mary, Lot: A-233, d. 6/18/1762
Brown, Mary, Lot: A-343, d. 1760
Brown, Patrick, Lot: B-615, d. 1737
Brown, Susanah, Lot: B-543, d. 5/3/1723
Brown, Susanna, Lot: C-142, d. 9/4/1769
Brown, William, Lot: C-142, d. 10/1/1769
Bryant, Abigail, Lot: C-234, d. 12/22/1708
Bulfinch, Abigak, Lot: B-213, d. 6/28/1717
Bumstead, Thomas, Lot: D-94, d. 1787
Bumsted, Susanah, Lot: D-92, d. 7/12/1688
Bumsted, Thomas, Lot: D-92, d. 6/22/1677
Burd, John, Lot: A-234, d. 6/29/1734
Burill, Samuel, Lot: B-635, d. 3/15/1740
Burn, Elizabeth, Lot: A-181, d. 3/15/1760
Burner, William, Lot: C-521, d. 8/13/1680
Burnet, Deborah, Lot: B-533, d. 5/17/1741
Burns, Mary, Lot: C-339, d. 3/16/1789
Burrill, Martha, Lot: B-632, d. 5/27/1742
Burrill, Martha, Lot: B-630
Burt, Joan, Lot: C-874, d. 10/31/1785
Burt, Joan, Lot: C-852
Burtt, William, Lot: B-375, d. 11/10/1693
Bush, Jotham, Lot: C-237, d. 2/1/1778
Bush, Jotham, Lot: C237, d. 2/1/1778
Bush, Jotham, Lot: C-119, d. 2/1/2016
Butler, James, Lot: A-207
Butler, Thomas, Lot: B-556, d. 9/5/1745
Butler, William, Lot: A-331, d. 5/16/1705
Butler, William, Lot: B-157, d. 5/7/1714
Butterfield, Henry, Lot: C-513, d. 10/27/1690
Buttolph, Mary, Lot: C-2, d. 8/1/1728
Buttolph, Mehitable, Lot: D-63, d. 1/22/1744
Buttolph, Nicholas, Lot: C-2, d. 1/22/1736
Buttolph, Thomas, Lot: D-33
Byles, Elizabeth, Lot: C-122, d. 6/18/1730
Byles, Josias, Lot: C-156, d. 3/28/1752
Byles, Josias, Lot: B-211
Byles, Samuel, Lot: A-329, d. 7/1/1698
Byles, Sarah, Lot: C-155, d. 6/8/1752
Byles, Sarah, Lot: C-154, d. 5/1/1754
Byles, Sarah, Lot: C-153
C, Lot: A-388
C, D, Lot: A-193, d. 1770
C, E, Lot: C-111
C, E, Lot: C-195
C, E, Lot: C-817
C, E, Lot: C-862
C, H, Lot: B-466
C, I, Lot: C-741
C, J, Lot: A-92
C, M, Lot: A-239
C, M, Lot: A-327
C, M, Lot: B-448
C, M, Lot: B-62
C, M, Lot: C-277
C, R, Lot: B-467
C, S, Lot: A-408
C, S, Lot: C-111
C, W, Lot: C-404
Cabot, Anna, Lot: C-582, d. 1765
Cabot, George, Lot: D-82
Caldwell, E, Lot: A-56
Caldwell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-77, d. 8/6/1795
Caldwell, R, Lot: A-56
Caldwell, Robert, Lot: A-77, d. 8/13/1795
Callen, Benj, Lot: C-10
Callom, Abigail, Lot: N-58, d. 7/31/1721
Calse, Danial, Lot: A-192, d. 6/23/1770
Campbell, Eunice, Lot: B-613, d. 10/16/1769
Campbell, Eunice, Lot: B-523, d. 1769
Campbell, Salley, Lot: B-489, d. 12/15/1790
Campbell, Salley, Lot: B-440
Capen, Andrew, Lot: D-77, d. 6/1/1846
Capen, Hannah, Lot: D-77, d. 11/20/1843
Capen, Robert, Lot: D-77, d. 10/12/1940
Cardiner, David, Lot: C-887, d. 10/28/1760
Carlyle, Elizabeth, Lot: A-129, d. 6/9/1759
Carlyle, Jennet, Lot: A-129, d. 6/9/1752
Carrick, John, Lot: A-33
Carter, Edward, Lot: B-59, d. 11/11/1742
Carter, Elizabeth, Lot: B-637
Carter, Hannah, Lot: B-641, d. 8/26/1720
Carter, Lydia, Lot: B-592, d. August
Carter, Mary, Lot: B-63, d. 11/18/1747
Carter, Mary, Lot: B-498, d. 7/14/2016
Carter, Nathaniel, Lot: B-593, d. 12/25/1728
Carter, Ruth, Lot: C-380, d. 1/26/1697
Carver, Elizabeth, Lot: B-57, d. 7/11/1757
Cary, James, Lot: B-418, d. 11/21/1745
Cary, James, Lot: B418, d. 11/21/1745
Cary, Sarah, Lot: B-322, d. 1750
Caswell, Martha, Lot: A-188, d. 4/30/1784
Caswell, Mary, Lot: A-152
Cathcart, Robert, Lot: B-734, d. 3/21/1718
Caverley, Mary, Lot: A-214, d. 7/24/1760
Caznean, Jane, Lot: B-243, d. 9/18/1784
Caznean, Sarah, Lot: B-191
Cazneau, Lot: B-244
Cazneau, Mary, Lot: B-247, d. 2/2/1757
Cazneau, Peace, Lot: B-245, d. 3/23/1767
Chace, Rebeoca, Lot: B-189, d. 5/18/1746
Chaille, Moses, Lot: B-261, d. 9/4/1729
Champney, Hannah, Lot: B-557, d. 12/25/1783
Champney, Jamuel, Lot: B-557, d. 8/16/1778
Champney, Samuel, Lot: B-469
Chase, Anna, Lot: C-712, d. 10/21/1769
Chase, T, Lot: C-682
Chase, Thomas, Lot: C-714, d. 5/17/1787
Chebsey, Lot: B-743, d. 11/23/1687
Checkley, John, Lot: C-861, d. 1/10/1684
Checkley, Mary, Lot: C-864
Checkley, Rebecca, Lot: B-516, d. 11/22/1702
Checkley, Richard, Lot: C-11
Checkley, Samuel, Lot: C-863, d. 6/20/1686
Checkley, Samuel, Lot: B-516, d. 3/18/1692
Checkley, Samuel, Lot: C-860
Checkley, Samuell, Lot: B-348, d. 6/23/1712
Cheever, Abigail, Lot: C-825, d. 6/22/1719
Cheever, Abigail, Lot: C-794, d. 1/21/1732
Cheever, Daniel, Lot: C-795, d. 12/18/1770
Cheever, Ezekiel, Lot: B-607, d. 1/25/1614
Cheever, Mary, Lot: C-799, d. 5/16/1690
Cheever, William, Lot: C-880, d. 1803
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: A-277, d. 10/11/1757
Cheney, Rebecca, Lot: B555, d. 10/11/1757
Cheney, Rebecca, Lot: B-555, d. 3/23/1771
Chever, Ezekiel, Lot: B-563
Child, Ann, Lot: C-858, d. 4/30/1703
Child, Jean, Lot: A-429, d. 6/19/1752
Child, Jean, Lot: A-420
Childs, Amos, Lot: A-133, d. 7/23/1792
Childs, Amos, Lot: A-107
Childs, John, Lot: A-134, d. 1/10/1792
Chollings, Matthew, Lot: B-667, d. 9/20/1707
Christophers, Anna, Lot: C-760, d. 2/5/1708
Christophers, Lydia, Lot: B-342, d. "20, 1690"
Clack, Margaret, Lot: A-122
Claghorn, William, Lot: A-67, d. 2/24/1793
Claghorn, William, Lot: A-416
Clapham, Priscilla, Lot: C-185, d. 4/14/1750
Clark, John, Lot: C-343, d. 1/10/1756
Clark, Jonathan, Lot: C-250, d. 1/28/1731
Clark, Martha, Lot: C-78, d. 9/19/1680
Clark, Martha, Lot: C-669, d. 4/28/1761
Clark, William, Lot: B-381, d. 11/22/1689
Clarke, Christian, Lot: A-95, d. 3/1/1745
Clarke, Frederick, Lot: A-365, d. 5/15/1760
Clarke, James, Lot: C-651, d. 9/4/1749
Clarke, John, Lot: A-105, d. 1/30/1762
Clarke, Katherine, Lot: A-96, d. 9/10/1747
Clarke, Katherine, Lot: A-94, d. 1747
Clarke, Mary, Lot: B-11
Clarke, Thomas, Lot: A-104, d. 8/26/1748
Clarke, Thomas, Lot: B-618, d. 4/19/1758
Clarke, Timothy, Lot: C-666, d. 3/15/1694
Clarke, Timothy, Lot: C666, d. 3/15/1694
Claxton, Margaret, Lot: C-916, d. 9/24/1745
Cleghorn, Thomas, Lot: C-270, d. 10/17/1787
Cliver, Abigal, Lot: B-336, d. 3/4/1778
Clough, James, Lot: C-507, d. June
Clouston, Marcerine, Lot: A-381, d. 11/11/1783
Clover, Mary, Lot: A-205, d. 5/24/1740
Clutterbuck, Elizabeth, Lot: D-19, d. 12/20/1710
Cobham, Deborah, Lot: B-388, d. 7/15/1688
Cobham, Moses, Lot: B-397, d. 11/20/1678
Cobhamf, Mary, Lot: B-387, d. 2/10/1697
Coburn, Rebekah, Lot: B-222, d. 2/10/2016
Cochran, James, Lot: A-466, d. 1719
Cole, Henry, Lot: B-522, d. 8/18/1700
Cole, William, Lot: A-115, d. "13, 1710"
Coleman, John, Lot: B-771, d. 3/25/1771
Coleman, Sarah, Lot: B-117, d. 8/20/1769
Colesworthy, John, Lot: C-888, d. 11/19/1696
Colesworthy, Sarah, Lot: B-450
Colesworthy, Thomas, Lot: B-452, d. 11/23/2016
Colson, Mary, Lot: B-4, d. 10/14/1721
Colsworthy, Gilbert, Lot: B-371, d. 9/24/1710
Condon, Samuel, Lot: A-153, d. 3/12/1775
Condon, Samuel, Lot: A-127
Condy, Jeremiah, Lot: C-630
Condy, Maria, Lot: B-748, d. 10/7/1792
Condy, Maria, Lot: B-797, d. 1792
Condy, Susanna, Lot: B-796
Condy, William, Lot: C-38, d. 8/25/1685
Condy, William, Lot: D-80
Coney, Elizabeth, Lot: C-640, d. 12/16/1687
Coney, John, Lot: A-339, d. 11/7/1678
Coney, John, Lot: C-642, d. 7/3/1689
Coney, Marg, Lot: B-2, d. 4/12/1726
Coney, Mary, Lot: C-927, d. 6/17/1697
Connelly, John, Lot: B-546, d. 1/20/1736
Connelly, John, Lot: B-548
Connelly, Sarah, Lot: B-546, d. 5/30/1737
Connelly, Sarah, Lot: B-548
Connigam, Hanna, Lot: C-61, d. 10/13/1697
Cook, Thomas, Lot: B-681, d. 5/20/1723
Coolidge, Cornelius, Lot: C-956, d. 1810
Copeland, Hugh, Lot: B-707, d. 9/7/1737
Cordis, Sarah, Lot: C-423, d. 3/25/1740
Cornish, Ebenezer, Lot: B-505, d. 9/20/1716
Cornish, John, Lot: C-134, d. February
Cotting, Uriah, Lot: D-79
Coverly, Elizabeth, Lot: C-836, d. 6/11/1768
Coverly, John, Lot: C-835, d. 10/6/1783
Coverly, Thomas, Lot: C-834, d. 4/22/1747
Coverly, Wells, Lot: D-77, d. 1812
Cowel, Hannah, Lot: C-866, d. 12/7/1713
Cowel, Hannah, Lot: B-76, d. 6/24/2016
Cowell, Bewamin, Lot: B-152, d. 4/19/1752
Cowell, Edward, Lot: C-909
Cowell, Elizabeth, Lot: B-704, d. 6/16/1746
Cowell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-445
Cowell, John, Lot: C-867, d. 12/3/1693
Cowell, Sarah, Lot: B-704, d. 5/24/1746
Cowell, William, Lot: C-34
Cowen, Elizabeth, Lot: C-293
Cox, Mary, Lot: A-215
Craford, Hanah, Lot: C-98, d. 8/25/1688
Craford, Mary, Lot: C-322, d. 8/7/1693
Craister, John, Lot: B-682, d. 5/25/1758
Craister, John, Lot: B-646
Cravath, John, Lot: B-794, d. 5/15/1761
Cravath, John, Lot: B794, d. 5/15/1761
Crawford, John, Lot: A-64
Crawford, Thomas, Lot: A-98, d. 10/23/1773
Crawford, Thomas, Lot: A-73
Crocum, Joanne, Lot: C-787, d. 3/13/2016
Crosby, Increase, Lot: A-459, d. 4/5/1730
Cross, William, Lot: C128, d. 11/5/1749
Crowly, David, Lot: C-667, d. 6/15/1690
Crowly, David, Lot: C667, d. 6/15/1690
Crump, Thomas, Lot: B-527
Cumpston, Samuel, Lot: A-278, d. 8/30/1742
Cumpstone, Anne, Lot: C-903, d. 3/28/1716
Cuningham, John, Lot: C-885, d. 1/1/1718
Cunningham, Andrew, Lot: D-100, d. 4/27/1752
Cunningham, Andrew, Lot: C-910
Cunningham, Andrew, Lot: D-79
Cunningham, Mary, Lot: D-101, d. 7/14/1774
Cunningham, Mary, Lot: D-98
Cursell, Mary, Lot: B-35, d. 6/25/1747
Curtis, Mary, Lot: C-833, d. 10/11/1759
Curtis, Mary, Lot: C-815, d. 1759
Cushing, Lot: B-14
Cushing, Charles, Lot: D-25, d. 9/1/1808
Cushing, William, Lot: A-157, d. 12/1/1766
Cushion, Elizabeth, Lot: B-795, d. 11/24/1689
Cushion, Elizabeth, Lot: B795, d. 11/24/1689
Cussens, Hannah, Lot: C-143, d. 9/14/1767
Cuter, Philip, Lot: B-36
Cutler, Ruth, Lot: C-509, d. 12/3/1741
Cutler, Ruth, Lot: C-894
Cutler, Ruth, Lot: C-908
Cutteridge, Buttolph, Lot: C-371, d. 2/10/1709
D, Lot: A-426
D, Lot: C-703
D, L, Lot: A-249
Dacostar, Sarah, Lot: B-54, d. 7/20/1762
Dacostar, Sarah, Lot: B-51
Dacpstar, Elizabeth, Lot: B-412, d. 6/12/2016
Dafforne, Hannah, Lot: A-163, d. 1/1/1775
Dafforne, John, Lot: A-164, d. 4/22/1787
Dafforne, John, Lot: A-160, d. 1787
Daggett, Sarah, Lot: B-190, d. 3/27/1789
Daggett, Sarah, Lot: B-121, d. 1789
Dakin, Elizabeth, Lot: A-265, d. 10/17/1756
Dall, William, Lot: B-776
Dalton, Peter, Lot: C-929, d. 1810
Dalton, Susanna, Lot: A-375, d. 8/11/1777
Dana, Ann, Lot: C-314, d. 8/4/1749
Danels, Elizabeth, Lot: A-355, d. 10/27/1727
Daniell, Jane, Lot: C-510, d. 3/9/1719
Daniels, Simon, Lot: C-464, d. 5/2/1722
Dashwood, Samuel, Lot: B-720, d. 2/15/1792
Dashwood, Samuel, Lot: B-678, d. 1792
Davenport, Grace, Lot: A-111
Davis, Abigail, Lot: C-632
Davis, James, Lot: C-536
Davis, Jane, Lot: C-534
Davis, John, Lot: B-619, d. 7/22/1696
Davis, John, Lot: B-643, d. 8/5/1708
Davis, John, Lot: B-638
Davis, Lydia, Lot: B-135, d. 12/3/1770
Davis, Lydia, Lot: B-129, d. 1770
Davis, Robert, Lot: B-675, d. 4/23/1740
Davis, Sarah, Lot: B-643, d. 9/7/1707
Davis, Sarah, Lot: B-254, d. 4/21/1765
Davison, Andrew, Lot: C-920, d. 6/5/1789
Davison, Andrew, Lot: C-920, d. 3/17/1902
Davison, Andrew, Lot: C-920, d. 1856
Davison, Benjamin, Lot: C-920, d. 1/28/1822
Davison, Benjamin, Lot: C-920, d. 12/13/1824
Davison, Corbet, Lot: C-920, d. 7/18/1827
Davison, Cunningham, Lot: C-920, d. 1/27/1856
Davison, Elizabeth, Lot: C-920, d. 6/13/1782
Davison, Elizabeth, Lot: C-920, d. 1844
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920, d. 11/28/1779
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920, d. 1/8/1783
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920, d. 1/8/1783
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920, d. 3/7/1807
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920, d. 3/7/1807
Davison, Henry, Lot: C-920
Davison, Mary, Lot: C-920, d. 8/30/1803
Davison, Nancy, Lot: C-920, d. 3/12/1785
Davison, Nancy, Lot: C-920, d. 7/18/1827
Davison, Rice, Lot: C-920, d. 12/13/1824
Davison, Thomas, Lot: C-920, d. 11/28/1779
Davison, Thomas, Lot: C-920, d. 9/16/1827
Davison, Thomas, Lot: C-920
Davison, William, Lot: C-920, d. 1/31/1916
Dawson, John, Lot: C-266, d. 9/30/1784
Deall, John, Lot: B-705, d. 8/28/1723
Debuke, Jemimah, Lot: A-297
Decoster, Doritha, Lot: A-379, d. 8/7/1753
Decoster, Joh, Lot: B-48, d. 1/28/1773
Dejarsey, Margaret, Lot: B-102, d. 4/21/1749
Dejersey, Peter, Lot: C-173, d. 4/5/1750
Dejersey, Peter, Lot: C-174
Delarve, Elizabeth, Lot: B-108, d. 9/20/1747
Delarve, Sarah, Lot: D-32, d. 9/30/1750
Demming, David, Lot: A-480, d. 5/4/1725
Demming, Honour, Lot: A-480, d. 5/15/1713
Demming, Jane, Lot: A-480, d. 2/1/1715
Demming, Joseph, Lot: A-480
Demming, Mary, Lot: A-480, d. 10/14/1724
Demming, Samul, Lot: A-480, d. 4/22/1722
Dennison, Mary, Lot: A-354, d. 9/1/1718
Dennison, Mercy, Lot: A-366, d. June
Deoster, John, Lot: B-56, d. 1773
Derby, Anna, Lot: B-16, d. 1846
Derompel, John, Lot: B-663, d. 8/17/1760
Derompel, John, Lot: B663, d. 8/17/1760
Deshon, Moses, Lot: B-347, d. 2/20/1733
Deshon, Persis, Lot: B-400, d. 7/21/1738
Deshon, Persis, Lot: B400, d. 7/21/1738
Devens, Mary, Lot: C-196, d. 12/27/1778
Devens, Mary, Lot: C-164, d. 1778
Deverex, Paherick, Lot: A-34, d. 12/15/1736
Dexter, J, Lot: C-941, d. 1841
Dibble, Ezra, Lot: B-46, d. 6/4/1738
Dickman, Hannah, Lot: B-173, d. 9/10/1748
Dickman, Hannah, Lot: C-482
Dickman, Isaac, Lot: B-175, d. 3/4/1755
Dickman, Isaac, Lot: B175, d. 3/4/1755
Dickman, Isaac, Lot: B-103
Dickman, Jacob, Lot: B-177, d. 12/30/1748
Dickman, Jacob, Lot: A-401
Dickson, William, Lot: A-88, d. 9/27/1747
Dies, John, Lot: A-139, d. 1/20/1761
Dilaway, Sarah, Lot: B-594, d. 3/8/1716
Dillarcok, Lot: B-686, d. 1702
Dillaways, Samuel, Lot: A-488, d. 1790
Dinsdal, Martha, Lot: C-429, d. 1/15/1702
Dinsdall, Martha, Lot: B-712, d. 8/7/1696
Dinsdell, William, Lot: B-699, d. 7/28/1751
Dix, Lot: C-16
Doggett, Bethah, Lot: B-224
Doggett, Mary, Lot: B-229, d. 3/18/1761
Doggett, Mary, Lot: B-223, d. 1761
Dolbear, Edmund, Lot: A-262, d. 2/27/1784
Dolbeare, Lot: A-17, d. 1725
Dolbeare, John, Lot: A-18, d. 1725
Dolbeare, Joseph, Lot: A-444, d. 1/31/1696
Domett, Philobeth, Lot: C-178, d. 7/12/1750
Donnison, Betsey, Lot: A-237, d. 2/13/1789
Donnison, Betsey, Lot: A-191
Dorr, Oseph, Lot: B-5, d. 1810
Dorr, Samul, Lot: B-5
Doubelde, Elijah, Lot: C-210, d. 7/2/1750
Double, Day, Lot: C-761, d. 1785
Doubleday, John, Lot: C-715, d. 10/31/1785
Dowden, Benjamin, Lot: C-808, d. 1/4/1682
Dowle, Joseph, Lot: C-235, d. 8/18/1705
Downe, George, Lot: C-280, d. 9/12/1762
Downe, M, Lot: C-944
Downe, Margret, Lot: C-291, d. 9/24/1792
Downe, Mary, Lot: C-283, d. 9/19/1717
Downe, Mary, Lot: C-232
Downe, Susanah, Lot: C-499
Downe, William, Lot: C-282, d. 6/3/1753
Downe, William, Lot: C-247, d. 5/6/1759
Downe, William, Lot: C-285
Downes, Mary, Lot: A-241
Downing, John, Lot: C-829, d. 4/29/1694
Draper, Deborah, Lot: B-399, d. 12/9/1736
Draper, Lorenzo, Lot: C-955, d. 1811
Draper, Lydia, Lot: B-366, d. 8/30/1747
Draper, Richard, Lot: B-145
Draper, Samuel, Lot: B-386, d. 3/21/1767
Drowne, Francis, Lot: B-749, d. 9/30/1749
Duggan, John, Lot: A-138, d. 1/26/1795
Duggan, M, Lot: A-113
Duggan, Mary, Lot: A-138
Dumaresq, Edward, Lot: B-100, d. 8/11/1767
Dumaresq, Magdelain, Lot: B-401, d. 7/8/1730
Dumaresq, Mary, Lot: B-98, d. 10/7/1744
Dumaresq, Phillip, Lot: B-460, d. 11/8/2016
Dupee, Charles, Lot: A-286, d. 2/17/1743
Dupee, Duty, Lot: C-199, d. 7/11/1715
Dupee, Lydia, Lot: A-285, d. 2/12/1734
Dupee, Lydia, Lot: A-342, d. 10/11/1791
Durivages, Anne, Lot: A-477
Dwight, Abiah, Lot: A-407, d. 8/2/1738
Dwight, Abiah, Lot: A-407, d. 8/2/1738
Dwight, Mehetable, Lot: A-407, d. 9/3/1739
Dwight, Mehetable, Lot: A-407, d. 9/3/1739
Dwight, Nathaniel, Lot: A-406, d. 4/26/1736
Dwight, Samuel, Lot: A-406, d. 4/29/1736
Dwyt, Timothy, Lot: C-764, d. 1/20/1691
Dyre, Aannah, Lot: B-201
Dyre, Hannah, Lot: B-218, d. 12/21/1760
E, Lot: A-46
E, Lot: A-86
E, I, Lot: B-547
E, J, Lot: B-547
E, M, Lot: A-311
E, M, Lot: A-47
E, M, Lot: C-116
E, R, Lot: C-883
E, W, Lot: C-88
East, William, Lot: A-455, d. 6/2/1716
Eastabrook, Benjamin, Lot: B-764, d. 7/25/2016
Eaton, Elisha, Lot: C-456, d. 1774
Eayres, Hannah, Lot: A-473, d. 12/28/1739
Eayrs, Hannah, Lot: A-470, d. 2/17/1760
Eayrs, Mary, Lot: A-471
Eayrs, Sarah, Lot: A-469, d. 9/16/1772
Eayrs, Sarah, Lot: A-446, d. 7/14/1773
Ebrown, John, Lot: A-63
Eckley, Joseph, Lot: D-16
Edes, Benjamin, Lot: A-268, d. 9/1/1736
Eillebrown, Thomas, Lot: A-57, d. 7/26/1754
Eliot, Andrew, Lot: B-334, d. 11/4/1713
Eliot, Andrew, Lot: B-427, d. 3/28/1749
Eliot, Andrew, Lot: B-333
Eliot, Jane, Lot: A-41, d. 1757
Eliot, John, Lot: C-445, d. 11/14/1771
Eliot, Joseph, Lot: C-412, d. 11/14/1700
Eliot, Joseph, Lot: C-410, d. 11/8/1717
Eliot, Joseph, Lot: C-263
Eliot, Margaret, Lot: A-68, d. 5/10/1752
Eliot, Mary, Lot: C-411, d. 12/9/1707
Eliot, Mary, Lot: C-445, d. 11/26/1761
Eliot, Ruth, Lot: B-428, d. 9/26/1760
Eliot, Ruth, Lot: G-335, d. 1760
Eliot, Sarah, Lot: C-445, d. 9/6/1755
Eliot, Silence, Lot: C-447, d. 6/8/1744
Eliot, Simon, Lot: A-42, d. 1761
Eliot, Simon, Lot: A-71
Eliot, Susannah, Lot: C-448, d. 6/8/2016
Eliott, Elizabeth, Lot: C-906, d. 3/10/1680
Eliott, Jacob, Lot: C-446, d. 8/17/1693
Elizabeth, Lot: C-718
Ellingwood, Hannah, Lot: C-749, d. 12/14/1784
Ellingwood, Israel, Lot: C-750, d. 3/14/1785
Ellingwood, Israel, Lot: C-733, d. 1785
Ellingwood, Ralph, Lot: C-747, d. 4/25/1786
Ellingwood, Ralph, Lot: C-729, d. 1780
Elliott, Asaph, Lot: C-905
Ellis, Edward, Lot: C-898, d. 4/23/1695
Ellis, Elizabeth, Lot: C-899
Ellis, Lydia, Lot: C-681, d. 5/13/1735
Ellis, Mary, Lot: C-897
Ellis, Robart, Lot: C-896, d. July
Ellison, Hugh, Lot: A-162, d. 2/16/1743
Ely, Jane, Lot: A-174, d. 4/30/1727
Emens, Mary, Lot: C-596, d. 9/12/1690
Emerson, J, Lot: A-490, d. 1860
Emmes, Abigail, Lot: B-180, d. 1/30/1757
Emmes, Bathseba, Lot: B-178, d. 1/9/1759
Emmes, Samuel, Lot: B-181, d. 10/13/1775
Emmes, Samuel, Lot: B-109, d. 1775
Emmons, Anna, Lot: A-142, d. 7/10/1739
Emmons, Benjamin, Lot: C-594, d. 11/23/1710
Emmons, Benjn, Lot: C-14, d. July
Emmons, Joshua, Lot: B-6
Emmons, Mary, Lot: C-601, d. 3/14/1735
Emmons, Mary, Lot: C-14, d. 8/1/1740
Emmons, Mary, Lot: C14, d. 10/8/1740
Emmons, Mary, Lot: C-597
Emmons, Thomas, Lot: C-677, d. 10/31/2016
Emons, Mary, Lot: C-679, d. 8
Emons, Samuel, Lot: C-557, d. 4/22/1701
English, Elizabeth, Lot: B-589, d. 6/18/1794
English, John, Lot: C-873, d. 5/10/1721
Eniss, Hannah, Lot: A-269, d. 11/2/1732
Ennis, Anthony, Lot: A-315, d. 5/15/1739
Erving, John, Lot: D-91, d. 8/20/1786
Estabrook, Richard, Lot: B-762, d. 9/26/1721
Este, Lot: B-339
Eustis, Jane, Lot: C-146, d. 3/3/1751
Eustis, Jane, Lot: C-114
Eustis, Joseph, Lot: C-149
Eustis, Joseph, Lot: C-193
Eustis, Mary, Lot: C-150, d. 2/28/1769
Eustis, William, Lot: C-147, d. 11/30/1733
Evan, William, Lot: C-132, d. 11/22/1775
Evans, David, Lot: C-169, d. 2/4/2016
Evans, John, Lot: A-216, d. 7/14/1741
Evans, Sarah, Lot: A-209, d. 4/8/1737
Eveleth, Sarah, Lot: D-99
Evens, Edward, Lot: A-217
Evens, Rice, Lot: C-133, d. 7/13/1746
Evens, William, Lot: A-213
Everton, Elizabeth, Lot: C-334
Ewer, Charles, Lot: C-407, d. 3/18/1945
F, J, Lot: A-311
F, J, Lot: A-312
Faneuil, Peter, Lot: D-70, d. 3/3/1743
Fares, Samuell, Lot: A-303, d. 8/28/1720
Farmer, Jesse, Lot: D-26
Farris, William, Lot: C-8
Fenno, Elizabeth, Lot: B-140, d. 11/22/1713
Fenno, Elizabeth, Lot: B-499
Fifield, Elizabeth, Lot: C-814, d. 9/2/1690
Fillebron, Thomas, Lot: A-55
Fillebrown, John, Lot: A-79, d. 9/5/1769
Fillis, Elizabeth, Lot: C-648, d. 9/3/1755
Fillis, Elizabeth, Lot: C-252, d. 1753
Fillis, Elizabeth, Lot: C-299, d. 8/25/2016
Fillis, James, Lot: C-102, d. 9/12/1754
Fillis, John, Lot: C-95, d. 10/1/1739
Fillis, John, Lot: C-95, d. 10/1/1739
Fitch, Lot: A-322, d. "16, 1739"
Fitch, Jeremiah, Lot: B-713, d. 5/3/1692
Fitch, Jeremiah, Lot: B-769, d. 1808
Fitch, Joseph, Lot: A-320, d. 10/31/1748
Fitch, Joseph, Lot: A-322, d. "21, 1738"
Flagg, Lot: B-40, d. 6/22/2016
Flagg, Abiah, Lot: A-385
Flagg, David, Lot: C-9
Flagg, Ebenezer, Lot: A-385, d. 8/27/1708
Flagg, Gershom, Lot: A-390, d. 3/23/1771
Flagg, Gershom, Lot: A-341
Flagg, Hannah, Lot: A-385, d. 12/12/1702
Flagg, Martha, Lot: B-413, d. 3/17/1743
Flagg, Thomas, Lot: B-414, d. "February 29, 1747"
Flagg, Thomas, Lot: B-317
Fleet, Elizabeth, Lot: C-738, d. 6/6/1764
Fleet, Thomas, Lot: C-739, d. 7/21/1758
Fleet, Thomas, Lot: C-720, d. 1758
Fleet, William, Lot: C-738, d. 9/5/1787
Fleet, William, Lot: C-719, d. 1787
Florance, Rebeccah, Lot: B-134, d. 12/10/1739
Fosdick, Lot: B-355, d. 8/13/1699
Fosdick Jr, John, Lot: B-438, d. 4/28/1692
Fosdick, Phebey, Lot: B-733, d. 9/12/1713
Fosdick, Sarah, Lot: B-439, d. 1/1/1717
Foster, A, Lot: C-326, d. 12/4/2016
Foster, Abigail, Lot: B-475, d. 4/20/1752
Foster, Abigail, Lot: C-305
Foster, Abigal, Lot: B-331
Foster, B, Lot: D-40, d. 1770
Foster, Benjamin, Lot: C-329, d. 8/30/1747
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: C-327, d. 1747
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: C-328
Foster, Louisina, Lot: A-110, d. 7/21/2016
Foster, Mary, Lot: C-428, d. 10/1/2016
Fouell, David, Lot: A-150, d. 1/6/1732
Fouell, David, Lot: A-421
Fowle, Sarah, Lot: C-801, d. 7/18/1724
Fowls, Mary, Lot: A-147, d. 2/1/1760
Fox, Ann, Lot: B-620, d. 7/14/1741
Foy, Lot: A-283, d. 4/2/1688
Frag, Lot: B-279, d. 1/29/1731
Fragments, Lot: B-34
Frances, Richard, Lot: B-551, d. 9/22/1749
Francis, Lot: B-464, d. 4/1/1751
Francis, Abigail, Lot: B-552, d. 5/17/1765
Frank, Lot: B-37, d. 1/23/1771
Frankklin, Ann, Lot: B-382, d. 7/9/1689
Franklin, Benjamin, Lot: B-384, d. 3/17/1727
Franklin, Hannah, Lot: B-383, d. 1/24/1748
Frary, Theophiws, Lot: C-414, d. 8/17/1700
Freeman, Elizabeth, Lot: B-193, d. 1/3/1754
Freeman, Jonathan, Lot: B-198, d. 8/6/1756
Frost, William, Lot: A-260, d. 8/21/2016
Fullarton, Alexander, Lot: C-167, d. 1705
Fullarton, Elizabeth, Lot: C-167, d. 10/16/1721
Fullarton, Mary, Lot: C-166
Fullerton, Deborah, Lot: C-165, d. 1742
Fullerton, Mary, Lot: C-42
Furnass, Elizabeth, Lot: B-504, d. 12/13/1743
Furnass, Jonathan, Lot: B-503, d. 4/1/1745
G, D, Lot: B-585
G, E, Lot: B-179
G, G, Lot: B-174
G, G, Lot: B-29
G, H, Lot: A-62
G, J, Lot: B-169
G, J, Lot: B-674
G, M, Lot: B-179
G, S, Lot: B-270
Gallop, Mary, Lot: D-5, d. 11/4/1765
Galpine, Lot: D-10, d. 27
Galpine, Lot: B-90
Galpine, John, Lot: B-89, d. 4/17/1725
Gamsbey, Lot: C-765
Gardner, Lot: B-491, d. 8/25/1783
Gardner, Jane, Lot: A-194, d. 5/14/1760
Gardner, Mary, Lot: A-100, d. 5/23/1752
Gardner, Mary, Lot: A-195, d. 3/25/1771
Gardner, Mary, Lot: B-442, d. 1783
Gardner, Mary, Lot: C-684, d. 8/23/2016
Gardner, Nicholas, Lot: B-143, d. 6/13/1782
Gardner, Nicholas, Lot: B143, d. 6/13/1789
Gardner', Nichols, Lot: B-144, d. 1782
Garrett, Susannah, Lot: B-398, d. 7/28/1745
Garven, Margaret, Lot: C-50, d. 1/30/1755
Garven, Thomas, Lot: C-50, d. 1/23/1755
Garven, Thomas, Lot: C-48
Gary, James, Lot: B-232
Gary, Mary, Lot: C-550
Gatcomb, Francis, Lot: C1, d. 7/30/1744
Gatcomb, Francis, Lot: C-1, d. 3/4/1745
Gay, Martin, Lot: D-83, d. 1772
Gazneau, Mary, Lot: B-192, d. 1757
Gealey, Daniel, Lot: A-220, d. 8/10/1793
Gealey, H, Lot: A-422
Gealey, Hannah, Lot: A-220, d. 7/30/1793
Gee, Elizabeth, Lot: B-583, d. 8/10/1703
Gee, Grace, Lot: B-586, d. 12/10/1688
Gee, Latelty, Lot: B-584, d. 5/5/1751
Gee, Peter, Lot: B-586, d. 1/25/1682
Gendell, Lot: B-509, d. 4/24/2016
Georgus, Rebecca, Lot: A-474
Gibbens, Elizabeth, Lot: B-92, d. 10/22/1721
Gibbens, Peter, Lot: B-92, d. 7/13/1724
Gibbon, John, Lot: A-477, d. 1726
Gibbon, William, Lot: A-477
Gibbs, Maria, Lot: B-84
Gibson, Mary, Lot: A-467
Gibson, Samuel, Lot: B-421, d. 1750
Gibson, Samuel, Lot: B-471
Gibson, William, Lot: B-468, d. 10/4/1721
Gilbert, Lydia, Lot: C-417, d. 3/23/1707
Gilburtt, Anna, Lot: C-318, d. 3/6/1707
Gilburtt, Thomas, Lot: C-418, d. 2/9/1718
Gilburtt, Thomas, Lot: C-319, d. 1718
Gillam, Zechariah, Lot: C-316
Gleason, David, Lot: C-205, d. 3/6/1768
Gleason, Marcy, Lot: C-272, d. 7/20/1779
Goburn, Rebeckah, Lot: B-269
Goburn, Sarah, Lot: B-319, d. 5/4/1739
Goddard, Daniel, Lot: A-298, d. 2/2/1705
Goddard, William, Lot: C-12, d. 10/18/1812
Goldsmith, John, Lot: C-680, d. 9/25/1773
Goldsmith, John, Lot: C-595, d. 1773
Goney, John, Lot: B-2, d. 8/20/1722
Gooch, William, Lot: B-15
Goodwin, Benjamin, Lot: C-400, d. 8/22/1718
Goodwin, Bridget, Lot: C-389
Goodwin, Elizabeth, Lot: C-393, d. 1/22/1682
Goodwin, Martha, Lot: B-628, d. 6/30/1730
Goodwin, O, Lot: C-926, d. 1810
Goodwing, Samuel, Lot: C-425, d. 1/26/1685
Gookin, Daniel, Lot: B-750, d. 1/2/1752
Goose, Mary, Lot: C-740, d. 10/19/1690
Goose, Susana, Lot: C-740, d. 8/11/1687
Gore, Elizabeth, Lot: A-361, d. 10/12/2016
Gore, Elizabeth, Lot: A-364
Gore, John, Lot: D-76, d. 1772
Gore, Sarah, Lot: B-708
Gorham, Amelia, Lot: B-692, d. 3/25/1790
Gorham, Amelia, Lot: B-664
Gorham, George, Lot: B-692, d. 10/15/1793
Gorham, George, Lot: B-664
Gould, Hannah, Lot: A-370, d. 3/16/1744
Gowen, Lemuel, Lot: C-422, d. 4/21/1727
Grafton, J, Lot: C-405
Grainger, Hannah, Lot: B-228
Graven, Margaret, Lot: C-48
Graves, Anna, Lot: B-273, d. 1/13/1724
Graves, Thomas, Lot: B-266, d. 3/12/1736
Graves, Thomas, Lot: B266, d. 3/12/1736
Gray, Caleb, Lot: C-502, d. 3/31/1747
Gray, G, Lot: D-87
Gray, Gideon, Lot: B-110, d. 5/27/1758
Gray, Joseph, Lot: B-717, d. 9/12/1762
Gray, Joseph, Lot: B-718, d. 12/25/2016
Gray, Joseph, Lot: B-781
Gray, Mary, Lot: C-563, d. 1/27/1754
Gray, Mary, Lot: C-506, d. 5/6/1767
Gray, Mary, Lot: C-453
Gray, Rebecca, Lot: B-717, d. 4/27/1761
Gray, Rebecca, Lot: B-781
Gray, Samuel, Lot: B-753, d. 5/1/1748
Gray, Samuel, Lot: C-18, d. 2/22/1770
Green, Lot: C-668, d. 11/3/1676
Green, Bartholomew, Lot: C-324, d. 12/28/1732
Green, Joanna, Lot: B-651, d. 8/27/1759
Green, Joseph, Lot: C-284, d. 5/6/1753
Green, Lydia, Lot: B-389, d. 3/20/1756
Green, Lydia, Lot: C-241
Green, M, Lot: C-857
Green, Mary, Lot: C-325, d. 3/26/1709
Green, Mary, Lot: C-287, d. 8/18/1760
Green, Mary, Lot: C-243, d. 1760
Green, Mary, Lot: A-281
Green, Thomas, Lot: C-286, d. 9/12/1794
Greene, Lot: A-8, d. 1/10/2016
Greene, Lot: A-8, d. January
Greene, Lot: A-6
Greenhil, Mary, Lot: A-457, d. 4/12/1723
Greenhill, Anthony, Lot: A-238, d. 8/1/1715
Greenhill, Anthony, Lot: C-487
Greenleaf, Jonathan, Lot: C-919, d. 12/23/1758
Greenleaf, Martha, Lot: C-919, d. 2/22/1757
Greenleaf, Mary, Lot: C-920, d. 8/30/1803
Greenleaf, Moses, Lot: C-919, d. 3/8/1753
Greenleaf, Samuel, Lot: C-919, d. 8/1/1737
Greenough, David, Lot: D-39
Gregory, Henry, Lot: C-87
Gretian, Dorothy, Lot: C-661, d. 9/19/1700
Grice, Elias, Lot: B-458, d. 7/1/1684
Grice, Josiah, Lot: B-456
Griffin, Ann, Lot: B-212, d. 9/15/1743
Griffin, William, Lot: C-97, d. 4/28/1737
Grigg, Elizabeth, Lot: C-390, d. 5/1/1749
Grigory, Alexan, Lot: C-83, d. 5/1/1730
Grimes, Mary, Lot: B-164, d. 3/9/1747
Grocum, John, Lot: C-779, d. 9/1/1678
Gubson, Mary, Lot: B-262, d. 10/8/1721
Guttendge, Mary, Lot: B-11, d. 12/11/1735
Gutterldge, Robert, Lot: B-11, d. 12/11/1735
Gyles, Hannah, Lot: B-64, d. 7/1/1737
Gyles, John, Lot: B-170, d. 8/29/1730
Gyles, Mary, Lot: C-915, d. 6/27/1791
Gyles, Mary, Lot: D-97, d. 1791
Gyles, William, Lot: C-189
H, Lot: A-61
H, Lot: D-46
H, E, Lot: B-186
H, E, Lot: C-103
H, J, Lot: A-328
H, M, Lot: C-67
H, M, Lot: C-744
H, R, Lot: A-253
H, R, Lot: B-150
H, S, Lot: B-263
Hail, Elizabeth, Lot: B-602, d. 11/18/1772
Hail, Elizabeth, Lot: B602, d. 11/18/1772
Haislap, John, Lot: A-171, d. 1/19/1724
Haislap, William, Lot: A-171, d. 9/17/1723
Haislup, Elizabeth, Lot: C-171, d. 6/25/1736
Hake, Sarah, Lot: A-252, d. 2/20/1751
Hake, Sarah, Lot: B-217, d. 1754
Hake, Thomas, Lot: A-250, d. 5/12/1755
Hale, Asa, Lot: B-9
Hale, Benjamin, Lot: B-9
Hales, Richard, Lot: B-727, d. 6/6/1720
Haley, Samuel, Lot: A-397, d. 11/6/1721
Haley, William, Lot: B-597
Halkerston, Jacob, Lot: D-1
Hall, Lot: A-358, d. 1745
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: A-204, d. 9/27/1734
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: B-271, d. 1/3/2016
Hall, Jonathan, Lot: B-653, d. 12/30/1702
Hall, Joyce, Lot: C-818, d. 10/8/1710
Hall, Margaret, Lot: A-410, d. 2/17/1782
Hall, Margaret, Lot: C-104
Hall, Mary, Lot: C-619, d. 2/7/2016
Hall, William, Lot: A-411, d. 8/16/1771
Haly, Susanah, Lot: A-396, d. 9/19/1711
Hamilton, Thomas, Lot: B-575
Hammatt, John, Lot: D-78
Handasyde, Thomas, Lot: C-59
Hannah, Alexander, Lot: B-683, d. 3/8/1725
Harden, Anne, Lot: C-301, d. 6/6/1722
Harres, Mary, Lot: B-513, d. 9/25/1670
Harris, Samuel, Lot: A-413, d. 11/26/1767
Harris, Susanna, Lot: B-422, d. 1/16/1752
Harris, Thomas, Lot: B-126, d. 6/30/1714
Harris, William, Lot: C-851, d. 5/17/1684
Harrison, John, Lot: C-500, d. 12/11/1684
Harrison, Persis, Lot: C-500, d. 3/7/1682
Hart, Doritha, Lot: A-379, d. 5/3/1751
Hart, Josiah, Lot: A-378, d. 9/25/1740
Harvey, John, Lot: C-693, d. 4/11/1737
Harwood, Elizabeth, Lot: B-668, d. 11/9/1721
Hascy, Elizabeth, Lot: A-465, d. 9/12/1737
Hasey, William, Lot: A-392, d. 9/2/1732
Hatch, Benjamin, Lot: B-194, d. 8/19/1747
Hatch, Elizabeth, Lot: B-187, d. 8/23/1767
Hatch, James, Lot: C-624
Hayden, Anna, Lot: A-448, d. 10/11/1737
Hayden, Anna, Lot: A-449
Hayward, Mehetable, Lot: A-447, d. 1721
Hearsey, Besty, Lot: B-274, d. 1784
Hearsey, Mary, Lot: B-275, d. 5/18/1784
Hearsey, Mary, Lot: B-274, d. 1784
Heartley, Esther, Lot: A-307
Heato-, Susannah, Lot: B264, d. 8/26/1745
Heaton, Nathaniel, Lot: B-220, d. 1/5/1732
Heaton, Susannah, Lot: B-264, d. 8/26/1745
Heaton, Susannah, Lot: C-31
Hedge, Lemuel, Lot: C-203, d. 6/15/1734
Hedman, Elizabeth, Lot: C-332
Helyer, Elizth, Lot: A-232, d. 23
Helyer, John, Lot: A-231, d. 11/3/1734
Helyer, Mary, Lot: A-231, d. 9/3/1745
Helyer, Sam, Lot: A-74
Helyer, Samuel, Lot: A-228, d. 11/14/1750
Helyer, Samuel, Lot: A228, d. 11/14/1750
Henderson, George, Lot: B-636, d. 4/25/1704
Hendry, Ann, Lot: C-33, d. 3/1/1758
Hendry, Robert, Lot: C-33, d. 8/24/1756
Hendry, Robert, Lot: A-120
Henley, Experence, Lot: B-320, d. 8/7/1727
Hersey, Abigail, Lot: B-195, d. 3/21/1740
Hewes, Ann, Lot: D-44
Hewes, Anne, Lot: D44, d. 9/19/1761
Hewes, George, Lot: B-215
Hewes, Martha, Lot: D-42, d. 6/11/1743
Hewes, Robert, Lot: D-45, d. 2/20/1777
Hewes, Robert, Lot: D-13, d. 1777
Hews, Abigail, Lot: D-43
Hews, Abigail, Lot: D-43
Hews, Ebeneler, Lot: D-43, d. 10/1/1748
Hews, Ebeneler, Lot: D-43, d. 10/1/1748
Hews, John, Lot: B-612, d. 10/31/1711
Hews, Joseph, Lot: D-43, d. 6/15/1748
Hews, Joseph, Lot: D-43, d. 6/15/1748
Hharsey, Betsy, Lot: B-275, d. 6/16/1784
Hichborn, Frances, Lot: C-461, d. 9/14/1749
Hichborn, Nathaniel, Lot: C-408, d. 4/29/1769
Hichborn, Philip, Lot: C-455, d. 11/9/1764
Hichborn, Thomas, Lot: C-462, d. 6/16/1777
Hichborn, Thomas, Lot: C-420, d. 1777
Hickling, Elizabeth, Lot: B-549
Higgins, C, Lot: C-426
Higgins, Christian, Lot: C-437, d. 9/19/1792
Hill, Arthur, Lot: C-840, d. 9/23/1750
Hill, Arthur, Lot: C-782
Hill, Henry, Lot: A-12, d. 7/8/1726
Hill, James, Lot: D-27
Hill, Rebecca, Lot: C-824, d. 7/12/1750
Hill, Samuel, Lot: C-838, d. 11/21/1769
Hill, Thankful, Lot: C-839, d. 4/30/1757
Hill, Thankful, Lot: C-841, d. 1757
Hills, Benjamin, Lot: C-511, d. 10/8/1683
Hills, Benjamin, Lot: C511, d. 10/8/1683
Hills, John, Lot: A-359, d. 11/21/1690
Hitchborn, Francis, Lot: C-458, d. 2/3/1759
Hobart, Hannah, Lot: B-502, d. 7/5/2016
Hobbs, Sarah, Lot: B-16, d. 1848
Hobbs, Thomas, Lot: C-435, d. 3/14/2016
Hod, Lot: B-472, d. 1786
Hodge, Hannah, Lot: B-558, d. 10/6/1786
Holberton, William, Lot: C-879, d. 2/16/1738
Holbrook, Abiah, Lot: B-696, d. 8/15/1765
Holbrook, Abiah, Lot: B-698, d. 1/27/1769
Holbrook, Abiah, Lot: B-624, d. 1769
Holbrook, Joseph, Lot: B-200, d. 2/6/1752
Holbrook, Joseph, Lot: B200, d. 2/6/1752
Holbrook, Rebecca, Lot: B-697, d. 1/2/1794
Holbrook, Rebecca, Lot: B-623, d. 1794
Holbrook, Samuel, Lot: B-248, d. 10/15/1721
Holbrook, Samuel, Lot: B-251, d. October
Holland, Ann, Lot: B-582, d. 1758
Holland, George, Lot: C-588, d. 12/24/1688
Holland, John, Lot: B-760, d. 5/19/1773
Holland, John, Lot: B-751
Holliday, Elizabeth, Lot: C-573, d. 10/13/1778
Holliday, Elizabeth, Lot: C573, d. 10/13/1778
Hollis, Hannah, Lot: B-610
Hollord, George, Lot: C-589, d. 4/12/1714
Holyoke, Elizer, Lot: C-450, d. 8/11/1711
Holyoke, Joseph, Lot: C-449
Holyoke, Mary, Lot: C-413, d. 2/2/1720
Holyoke, Samuel, Lot: C-451, d. 3/16/1768
Homer, James, Lot: C-952, d. 1810
Homer, Margery, Lot: C-357, d. June
Homer, Mary, Lot: C-182, d. 8/22/1753
Hoog, Agnis, Lot: A-97, d. 10/29/1733
Hoog, Agnis, Lot: A-417, d. 3/24/1735
Hoog, Agniss, Lot: A417, d. 3/24/1735
Hooper, Thomas, Lot: C-99, d. 6/11/1741
Hooten, Mary, Lot: B-549
Hooton, John, Lot: C-872, d. 8/29/1721
Hooton, John, Lot: B-512
Hooton, Richard, Lot: C-850
Hooton, Sarah, Lot: C-854
Hopkins, Martin, Lot: C-251, d. 1/8/1718
Houghton, Rowland, Lot: B-155, d. 8/7/1744
Howard, Jonathan, Lot: C-709, d. 1/7/1690
Howard, Thomas, Lot: A-402, d. 2/12/1776
Howe, Raham, Lot: C-15
Howell, John, Lot: A-480, d. 8/4/2016
Hubbard, Hannah, Lot: B-114, d. 8/30/1712
Hubbard, Thomas, Lot: C-13
Hubbell, Abraham, Lot: B-507, d. 5/11/1783
Hubbell, Abraham, Lot: B-454
Hucker, Susannah, Lot: C-100, d. 9/5/1732
Hunnewell, Abigail, Lot: C-533, d. 6/20/1743
Hunnewell, Joseph, Lot: A-460, d. 9/4/1709
Hunt, John, Lot: C-161, d. 9/29/1721
Hunt, John, Lot: A-19
Hunt, Martha, Lot: C-736, d. 1/22/1686
Hunt, Richard, Lot: C-201, d. "February 29, 1739"
Hunt, Richard, Lot: C-901
Hunter, Ann, Lot: A-38, d. 1729
Hunter, Marriann, Lot: A-39
Hunywell, Mary, Lot: A-462, d. 9/30/1723
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: B-790, d. 6/2/1781
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: B-791, d. 1781
Hurd, Elizabeth, Lot: B-735, d. 11/14/1779
Hurd, Elizabeth, Lot: B-786, d. 11/14/1779
Hurd, John, Lot: B-787, d. 8/20/1784
Hurd, Joseph, Lot: B-788, d. 2/1/1747
Hurd, Mary, Lot: C-690, d. 11/5/1700
Hurd, Nathaniel, Lot: B-789, d. 12/17/1777
Hurd, Rah, Lot: C-476, d. 5/6/1693
Hurry, Abigail, Lot: B-598, d. 4/26/1752
Hutchins, John, Lot: C-118, d. 1/23/1738
Inches, Elizabeth, Lot: B-314
Inches, Rachel, Lot: B-309, d. 9/24/1719
Inches, Thomas, Lot: B-313
Ingraham, William, Lot: C-384, d. 8/8/1783
Iohonnot, Andrew, Lot: B-239, d. 1760
Iohonnot, Daniell, Lot: B-287, d. 10/12/1721
Iohonnot, Marther, Lot: B-285, d. 2/24/1774
Iohonnot, Susannah, Lot: B-188
Iohonnot, Susannah, Lot: B-240
Ireland, Elizabeth, Lot: A-264, d. 10/12/1738
Ireland, William, Lot: A-263, d. 5/5/1755
Irke, Christian, Lot: A-44
J, M, Lot: A-434
J, R, Lot: A-452
Jackon, Lot: C-26
Jackson, Lot: B-396
Jackson, Abigail, Lot: C-144
Jackson, Anna, Lot: C-917
Jackson, Daniel, Lot: C-478
Jackson, Deborah, Lot: A-223, d. 8/14/1774
Jackson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-663, d. 10/8/1721
Jackson, John, Lot: C-113, d. 9/1/1687
Jackson, Johnson, Lot: C-295
Jackson, Jona, Lot: A-489
Jackson, Martha, Lot: B-532, d. 2/26/1701
Jackson, Robert, Lot: C-382, d. 3/29/1773
Jackson, Robert, Lot: C-344, d. 1773
Jackson, Samuel, Lot: C-643, d. 1752
Jackson, Thomas, Lot: A-25, d. 1810
Jaruis, James, Lot: A-332
Jarvis, Robert, Lot: C-313, d. 3/5/1749
Jeffries, John, Lot: D-17
Jene, Lot: A-8, d. 2/28/2016
Jene, Lot: A-8, d. 2/28/2016
Jenkin, John, Lot: A-403, d. 7/19/1723
Jenkins, Charles, Lot: A-256, d. 5/24/1779
Jenkins, Elizabeth, Lot: A-255
Jenkins, John, Lot: C-430, d. 6/28/1706
Jenkins, Persis, Lot: A-257, d. 8/10/1777
Jennys, Ann, Lot: C-692
Jennys, Richard, Lot: C-722, d. 8/19/1768
Jennys, Richard, Lot: C-692
Jersey, Henry, Lot: B-611, d. 2/25/1736
John, Perkins, Lot: A-22, d. May
Johnson, Alice, Lot: A-468
Johnson, Joseph, Lot: B-703, d. 1/1/1756
Johnson, Richard, Lot: C-265, d. 5/8/1728
Johnson, Sam, Lot: A-89, d. 1/1/1730
Johnson, Saml, Lot: A89, d. 1/1/1730
Johnson, Samuell, Lot: C-176, d. 4/22/1699
Johnston, Evpham, Lot: B-257
Johnston, Samuel, Lot: B-26, d. 8/15/1739
Johonnot, Lot: R-288, d. 12/9/1730
Johonnot, Andrew, Lot: B-241, d. 6/7/1760
Jone Jr, Daniel, Lot: C-296, d. 1779
Jones, Daniel, Lot: B-394, d. 8/23/1779
Jones, Henry, Lot: C-297, d. 1793
Jones, John, Lot: C-330, d. 10/1/1688
Jones, John, Lot: B-741, d. 4/29/1740
Jones, John, Lot: C-609, d. 10/18/1770
Jones, Joseph, Lot: A-374, d. 1/8/1740
Jones, Sally, Lot: B-559
Jones, Sarah, Lot: B-601
Jordan, John, Lot: B-736, d. 6/13/1716
Joseph, Lot: C-242
Joseph, Ebenezer, Lot: B-382
Judd, Elizabeth, Lot: B-631, d. 9/6/1720
Jvers, William, Lot: B-544, d. 1763
Katherine, Greene, Lot: A-8, d. 1760
Katherine, Greene, Lot: A-8, d. 1760
Keef, Mary, Lot: A-136, d. 3/21/1775
Keef, Mary, Lot: A-112, d. 1775
Keef, Morris, Lot: A-137, d. 4/23/1783
Kelly, Elizabeth, Lot: B-28, d. 9/25/1755
Kenney, James, Lot: B-363, d. 5/23/1765
Kenney, James, Lot: B-361
Kent, Abigail, Lot: C-569, d. 12/6/1713
Kent, Bathsheba, Lot: B-225
Kent, Bathsheba, Lot: B-95
Kent, John, Lot: B-408, d. 5/2/1720
Kent, John, Lot: B-227, d. 10/31/1757
Kent, John, Lot: B-230
Kilbey, Thomas, Lot: A-412, d. 9/26/1732
Kilby, Lot: A-415, d. 9/4/2016
Kilby, --hn, Lot: A415, d. 9/4/1735
Kilby, Christopher, Lot: B-541, d. 9/6/1693
Kilby, John, Lot: C-342, d. May
Kilby, Richard, Lot: C-302, d. 12/4/1736
Kilcup, Abigail, Lot: C-372, d. 10/30/2016
Kilcup, Roger, Lot: C-362, d. 8/15/1694
Kilcup, Roger, Lot: C-363, d. 10/1/1702
Killcopp, Lot: C-360, d. 5/2/2016
Killcup, Roger, Lot: C-366
King, James, Lot: C-184, d. 10/4/1734
King, Sarah, Lot: A-405, d. 5/11/1798
King, Timothy, Lot: A-261, d. 8/20/1712
King, William, Lot: C-676, d. 7/17/1695
Kirk, Theophil, Lot: B-22, d. 6/15/1716
Kirkes, Thomas, Lot: B-392, d. 8/25/1686
Kirkes, Thomas, Lot: B-391
Knap, Anna, Lot: C-223
Knap, Isaae, Lot: C-221
Knap, Jean, Lot: C-187
Kneeland, Lot: C-856, d. 1768
Knodel, Susanna, Lot: A-244
Knowler, George, Lot: B-595, d. 11/9/1724
Knowler, George, Lot: B595, d. 11/9/1724
Knowles, Damvel, Lot: C-30, d. 1/30/1750
Knox, Martha, Lot: B-120, d. 5/7/1733
Knox, William, Lot: A-154, d. 10/11/1746
L, B, Lot: C-260
L, J, Lot: A-251
L, J, Lot: B-768
L, N, Lot: B-529
Labbe, Elizabeth, Lot: B-402, d. 3/26/1720
Lad, Richard, Lot: B-514, d. 10/9/1690
Laitail, Kathrina, Lot: B-286, d. 5/24/1742
Lamson, Sarah, Lot: B-197, d. 9/7/1717
Lane, Lot: C-268
Lane, John, Lot: B-41, d. 12/12/1736
Lane, John, Lot: C-532, d. 6/20/1794
Lane, Oliver, Lot: C-532, d. 10/3/1793
Langden, Phillip, Lot: C-112, d. 12/11/1697
Langdon, Josiah, Lot: C-869, d. 7/23/1795
Langdon, Josiah, Lot: C-843, d. 1793
Langford, Judeth, Lot: B-278, d. 5/9/1746
Langford, Judith, Lot: B-235
Langford, Thomas, Lot: B-277, d. 4/13/1759
Langwill, Robert, Lot: A-395, d. 2/20/1716
Lanton, Thomas, Lot: B-500, d. 8/31/1711
Lasinby, Joseph, Lot: B-7, d. 9/9/1774
Laughton, Sussanna, Lot: C-96, d. 7/9/1747
Laughton, Sussanna, Lot: C-348
Lawson, Jeanet, Lot: C-705, d. 8/27/1707
Lawson, Jeanet, Lot: C-704, d. 11/30/1707
Lawson, Roger, Lot: C-678
Leach, James, Lot: A-289
Leach, Thomas, Lot: A-491
Lebaron, Susannah, Lot: B-282, d. 8/10/1774
Lebaron, Susannah, Lot: B-238
Lee, Jeremiah, Lot: D-87
Lee, Joseph, Lot: D-82
Leech, John, Lot: A-290, d. 1/18/1748
Leech, Ruth, Lot: A-344
Legare, Danel, Lot: B-119, d. 1/20/1724
Legget, William, Lot: A-119, d. 1795
Leitner, George, Lot: A-1, d. 1811
Lement, William, Lot: B-354, d. 10/7/1721
Lenard, Alexander, Lot: B-744, d. 12/27/1730
Lenis, Martha, Lot: B-633, d. 11/10/1744
Leonard, Eunice, Lot: C-245, d. 12/1/1748
Leonard, Jonas, Lot: B-553, d. 10/13/1757
Leonard, Jonas, Lot: B-465
Lewes, George, Lot: B-265, d. 10/17/1765
Lewis, Barnabas, Lot: C-304, d. 4/12/1729
Lewis, George, Lot: C-264, d. 12/21/1738
Lewis, George, Lot: C264, d. 12/21/1738
Lindall, Nathaniel, Lot: B-685, d. 9/2/2016
Little, Mary, Lot: B-219, d. 6/27/1727
Little, Mary, Lot: B-216
Little, Mary, Lot: B-221
Lock, Margaret, Lot: B-39, d. 1736
Lodge, Giles, Lot: C-949, d. 1810
Loe, Sarah, Lot: A-300, d. 7/9/1676
Longley, George, Lot: A-7, d. 1809
Loring, Caleb, Lot: C-758, d. 8/6/1787
Loring, Caleb, Lot: C-633, d. 1787
Loring, John, Lot: C-604
Loring, John, Lot: C-605
Lothrop, Barnabas, Lot: C-262, d. 6/1/1724
Lothrop, Joanna, Lot: C-108
Lothrop, John, Lot: C-386, d. 4/9/1716
Lothrop, John, Lot: C386, d. 4/9/1716
Lothrop, Jonathan, Lot: C-392, d. 9/19/1699
Lovering, Esther, Lot: A-27, d. 6/7/1788
Low, Elizabeth, Lot: C-31
Low, Nathaniel, Lot: B-580, d. 9/21/1747
Lowder, Benjamin, Lot: B-581, d. 11/26/1785
Lowder, Benjamin, Lot: B-531
Lowder, Mary, Lot: B-501, d. 9/20/1711
Lowel, Ebenezer, Lot: C-228, d. 9/10/1711
Lowell, Abigail, Lot: C-231, d. 6/27/1707
Lowell, Collford, Lot: C-230, d. 7/3/1737
Lowell, Elizabeth, Lot: C-229, d. 7/6/1745
Lowell, Joseph, Lot: C-515, d. 1/4/1708
Lowell, Michael, Lot: C-227, d. 5/12/1761
Lowell, Michael, Lot: C-63, d. 1761
Lowell, Susannah, Lot: C-517, d. 4/22/1772
Lowry, Jane, Lot: B-329, d. 12/24/1784
Lowry, Jane, Lot: B-283, d. 1784
Lux, John, Lot: A-398
Lyde, Lot: A-16
Lyde, Edward, Lot: C-626, d. 12/9/1732
M, D, Lot: B-488
M, E, Lot: B-113
M, F, Lot: B-572
M, H, Lot: C-735
M, J, Lot: A-463, d. 1786
M, J, Lot: B-113
M, J, Lot: B-462
M, L, Lot: A-463
M, M, Lot: A-463, d. 1795
M, R, Lot: B-447
M, R, Lot: B-614
M, S, Lot: C-254
M, Y, Lot: C-308
Macartar, Rebecca, Lot: B-640
Maccarty, Elizabeth, Lot: C-881, d. 7/7/1723
Maccarty, Thaddeus, Lot: C-891, d. 6/18/1705
Maccarty, Thaddeus, Lot: C-907, d. 2/6/2016
Maccarty, Thaddeus, Lot: C-892
MacDonnell, Lot: C877, d. 1848
Mackarty, Charls, Lot: C-893, d. 10/25/2016
Mackay, Alexander, Lot: B-50, d. 11/29/1787
Mackay, Jane, Lot: C-44
Mackay, John, Lot: A-78, d. 1/6/1796
Mackay, John, Lot: C-44, d. 1774
Mackay, John, Lot: A-58, d. 1796
Mackay, Rolley, Lot: B-49, d. 5/27/1783
Mackgill, Hugh, Lot: C-204, d. 7/26/1724
Mackhish, Sarah, Lot: B-596, d. 4/13/1747
Mackilwean, Robert, Lot: A-151, d. 10/8/1737
Mackintosh, John, Lot: B-770, d. 7/24/1710
Macklish, Sarah, Lot: B-554
Maginnis, Elizabeth, Lot: A-482, d. 1/4/1873
Maginnis, John, Lot: A-482, d. 10/15/1852
Mahoney, Sarah, Lot: B-357, d. 11/29/1754
Main, Elizabeth, Lot: B-377, d. 8/26/1699
Main, Nancey, Lot: B-38, d. 4/20/1782
Mallett, Elizabeth, Lot: B-236, d. 9/13/1729
Mallett, John, Lot: B-236, d. 1/12/1741
Malling, Easter, Lot: A-243, d. 8/28/1732
Maning, John, Lot: B-19, d. 7/1/1726
Manly, Phebe, Lot: B-69, d. 8/29/1687
Maqqy, James, Lot: A-50, d. 7/8/1774
Marble, David, Lot: B-70, d. 6/4/1770
Marcom, Peter, Lot: B-512
Marinor, Andrew, Lot: C-431
Marinor, Priscilla, Lot: C-593, d. 7/19/1690
Marion, Ann, Lot: B-780, d. 11/3/1692
Marion, Ellin, Lot: B-778, d. 1/20/1744
Marion, Joseph, Lot: B-778, d. 10/11/1761
Marion, Prudence, Lot: B-782
Marrable, Joyce, Lot: C-816, d. 4/2/1760
Marshal, Sam, Lot: C-409
Marshal, Samuel, Lot: C-441, d. 2/10/1742
Marshall, Chell, Lot: C-568, d. 8/3/1719
Marshall, Elizabeth, Lot: B-747, d. 1/16/1732
Marshall, Elizabeth, Lot: C-539, d. August
Marshall, George, Lot: B-424, d. 9/4/1714
Marshall, John, Lot: B-792, d. 4/10/1697
Marshall, John, Lot: C-427, d. 8/18/1719
Marshall, John, Lot: C-469
Marshall, John, Lot: C-474
Marshall, K, Lot: C-945
Marshall, Keziah, Lot: C-289, d. 9/20/1795
Marshall, Rachel, Lot: C-490
Marshall, Rebecca, Lot: C-486, d. 7/31/1716
Marshall, Sarah, Lot: C-440, d. 9/28/1689
Marshall, Sarah, Lot: C-470, d. 6/3/1704
Marshall, Sarah, Lot: C-396
Marshall, Thomas, Lot: C-443, d. 12/19/1713
Marshall, Thomas, Lot: C-444, d. 10/6/1719
Marstona, Ward, Lot: C-27, d. 4/14/1882
Martin, Samuel, Lot: B-73, d. 12/11/1742
Mary, A, Lot: C-27, d. 4/2/1882
Mason, Arthur, Lot: D-6, d. 3/4/1707
Mason, David, Lot: D-2, d. 7/19/1746
Mason, George, Lot: C-55, d. 9/1/1684
Mason, Johannah, Lot: D-3, d. 1/2/1704
Mason, Mary, Lot: D-4, d. 9/19/1745
Mason, Sussannah, Lot: D-7, d. 4/18/1732
Maud, Ann, Lot: B-737, d. 11/3/1784
Maud, Ann, Lot: C-768
Maulle, Georg, Lot: C-261, d. 11/23/1717
Maxwell, Seferanna, Lot: C-244, d. 4/18/1719
May, John, Lot: C-214, d. 2/22/1765
May, Salley, Lot: B-390, d. 4/4/1787
Mayberry, John, Lot: A-124, d. 10/20/1745
Mayors, Jennett, Lot: A-103, d. 2/9/1758
Mayors, Jennett, Lot: A-102
Mayors, John, Lot: A-103, d. 8/26/1760
Mayors, John, Lot: A-102
Mc, S, Lot: A-106
Mcalester, Johnath, Lot: A-280, d. 9/4/1719
Mcalpine, Elizabeth, Lot: C-356, d. 4/23/1775
Mcalpine, Mary, Lot: C-475, d. 10/9/1770
Mcclean, Lot: A-101
Mcclenche, Mary, Lot: B-301, d. 10/2/1765
Mccluer, John, Lot: A-126, d. 5/21/1785
Mccluer, Rachel, Lot: A-424, d. 9/28/1765
Mccluer, Samuel, Lot: A-125, d. 8/13/1759
Mcclur, Samuel, Lot: A-443, d. 1759
Mcclure, Margret, Lot: C-652, d. 11/11/1752
Mcclver, John, Lot: A-99
Mcdaniel, John, Lot: C-58, d. 1718
Mcfadden, Martha, Lot: B-395, d. 1/26/1761
Mcintyer, Lot: B-20, d. 1752
Mckay, W, Lot: C-948
Mckloughlan, Mark, Lot: C-315
Mcknight, Elizabeth, Lot: A-108, d. 6/21/1751
Mckown, John, Lot: D-38, d. 9/1/1771
Mcmillen, James, Lot: A-53, d. 9/3/1743
Mcmllen, Jane, Lot: A-52, d. 4/12/2016
Mcneill, Anna, Lot: B-156, d. 2/1/1747
Mcneill, Anna, Lot: B-147
Mcneill, Robert, Lot: B-24, d. 9/18/1752
Meers, Elizabeth, Lot: C-338, d. 5/24/1754
Meinzies, Hannah, Lot: C-660, d. 11/8/1777
Melnll, Mary, Lot: B-81, d. 10/18/1721
Menzies, John, Lot: B-574, d. 12/3/1724
Merry, Elizabeth, Lot: B-128, d. 3/3/1795
Merry, Jonthan, Lot: B-128, d. 10/6/1786
Merry, Lucy, Lot: B-128, d. 3/2/1745
Messinger, Henery, Lot: B-380, d. 11/17/1686
Messinger, Sarah, Lot: C-763, d. 6/6/1697
Mighell, Bethulia, Lot: B-561
Migner, John, Lot: B-731, d. 1/8/1782
Miller, Alexander, Lot: B-761, d. 1/31/1724
Miller, Darcas, Lot: B-761, d. 2/5/1724
Miller, Darcas, Lot: B-436
Milliken, John, Lot: B-506, d. April
Milum, Marg, Lot: C-793, d. 10/8/1710
Milward, Hannah, Lot: C-696, d. 7/4/1769
Milward, Hannah, Lot: C-694, d. 1769
Mo, Francis, Lot: B-524, d. October
Mobberley, Jane, Lot: B-496
Mok, A, Lot: B-661
Molineaux, John, Lot: B-3, d. 10/22/1774
Molineuxs, Nilhiam, Lot: B-3
Montgomerie, Deborah, Lot: C-762, d. 9/28/1773
Moody, Ann, Lot: C-525
Moorcock, Ame, Lot: C-22, d. 10/13/1721
Moore, Lot: C-49
Moore, Hugh, Lot: C-73, d. 11/14/1773
Moore, Hugh, Lot: C-530
Moore, Jael, Lot: C-72, d. 5/13/1765
Moore, James, Lot: C-70, d. 5/11/1762
Moore, Susanna, Lot: C-71, d. 12/19/1782
Moore, Susanna, Lot: C-53
Moore, William, Lot: C-69, d. 5/5/1761
Moore, William, Lot: C-68
Morberly, Abigail, Lot: B-666, d. 3/23/1736
Morberly, Edward, Lot: B-666, d. 10/18/1734
Morberly, Edward, Lot: B-665, d. 3/31/2016
More, John, Lot: B-591, d. 7/21/1758
Morris, Charles, Lot: C-844, d. 11/8/1730
Morris, Esther, Lot: C-846, d. 9/12/1755
Morris, John, Lot: C-434, d. 2/20/1778
Morris, Mary, Lot: C-842, d. 5/24/1730
Mors, Benjamin, Lot: B-474, d. 5/9/1708
Morther, Edward, Lot: A-116, d. 12/9/1678
Morton, A, Lot: B-508
Morton, Abigail, Lot: B-539, d. 5/9/1791
Morton, Anna, Lot: B536, d. 4/3/1759
Morton, Anna, Lot: B-536
Morton, Margaret, Lot: B-599, d. 3/20/1768
Morton, Mary, Lot: B-601, d. 12/24/1782
Morton, Mary, Lot: B-559
Morton, Robert, Lot: B-599, d. 3/18/1758
Mountford, Edmund, Lot: C-377
Mountford, Henry, Lot: C-379, d. 3/29/1691
Mountfort, Ebenzer, Lot: B-142, d. 1/25/1715
Mountfort, Elizabeth, Lot: C-340, d. 8/22/1703
Movld, Mary, Lot: B-426, d. 6/21/1709
Mulbrey, Abigail, Lot: B-104, d. 11/18/1713
Mullin, Benjaman, Lot: B-477, d. 5/23/1718
Munroe, William, Lot: D-102
N, S, Lot: B-754, d. 1737
Nardy, Mary, Lot: A-334
Nash, Sarah, Lot: C-602, d. 11/14/1688
Nazro, Mary, Lot: C-890, d. 9/12/1759
Neal, Andrew, Lot: C-683, d. 6/12/1671
Neal, Andrew, Lot: C-756, d. 7/21/1684
Neal, Andrew, Lot: C-683, d. December
Neal, Elizabeth, Lot: C-683, d. 12/1/1666
Neal, Hannah, Lot: C-683
Neal, Mary, Lot: A-282
Neal, Melicent, Lot: C-675, d. 6/8/1687
Newell, Ann, Lot: A-87, d. 10/19/1766
Newell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-70, d. 1773
Newell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-69, d. 4/19/2016
Newell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-66
Newell, Sarah, Lot: B-306, d. 1/4/1779
Newell, Sarah, Lot: B-260, d. 1779
Newton, Elizabeth, Lot: B-326, d. 11/10/1721
Ney, Freeman, Lot: D-20, d. 1807
Nichols, James, Lot: A-49, d. 8/23/1748
Nichols, James, Lot: A-51, d. 8/23/1748
Nickerson, Ebenezer, Lot: C3
Nickerson, Ezer, Lot: C-3, d. 1810
Nickery, Elizabeth, Lot: A-178
Nickols, James, Lot: C-123
Nickols, James, Lot: C-518
Nicols, Margaret, Lot: C-790, d. 9/2/1716
Nightingale, John, Lot: B-710
Nisbett, Mary, Lot: A-279, d. 8/19/1739
Nisbett, Mary, Lot: A279, d. 8/19/1739
Nisbett, William, Lot: A-279, d. 10/29/1740
Noble, Mary, Lot: B-459
North, Elizabeth, Lot: A-387, d. 6/16/1789
North, Elizabeth, Lot: A-338, d. 1789
Nowell, Lot: C-925
Noyce, Oliver, Lot: B-87, d. 7/8/1716
Oakes, Ard, Lot: B-775, d. 9/27/1714
Oakes, Mary, Lot: B-728, d. 9/8/1712
Oliver, Abigail, Lot: B-295, d. 1778
Oliver, Anthony, Lot: B-293
Oliver, Bethah, Lot: B-338, d. 7/9/1771
Oliver, Bethiah, Lot: B-246, d. 8/30/1748
Oliver, Bethiah, Lot: B-296, d. 1771
Oliver, Danie, Lot: B-292, d. 9/27/1766
Oliver, Daniel, Lot: B-250
Oliver, Eliza, Lot: A-485, d. 5/30/1881
Oliver, Eliza, Lot: A-485, d. 5/30/1881
Oliver, Elizabeth, Lot: A-485, d. 12/28/1848
Oliver, Elizabeth, Lot: A-485, d. 12/28/1848
Oliver, Hubbard, Lot: A-485, d. 11/29/1847
Oliver, Hubbard, Lot: A-485, d. 11/29/1847
Oliver, Hulbard, Lot: A-485, d. 5/28/1891
Oliver, Hulbard, Lot: A-485, d. 5/28/1891
Oliver, Mary, Lot: A-485, d. 2/10/1898
Oliver, Mary, Lot: A-485, d. 2/10/1898
Oliver, Matilda, Lot: A-485, d. 12/16/1895
Oliver, Matilda, Lot: A-485, d. 12/16/1895
Oliver, Susanna, Lot: B-284, d. 11/4/2016
Oliver, Thedore, Lot: A-485, d. 5/9/1839
Oliver, Theodore, Lot: A-485, d. 5/9/1839
Oliver, William, Lot: B-330
Olivery, Mary, Lot: A-333, d. 4/29/1723
Olliver, Lot: A-21, d. 1800
Olmer, Peter, Lot: D-103, d. 4/11/1670
Orin, Anne, Lot: A-419
Orne, Abigail, Lot: B-706, d. 11/6/1721
Orne, John, Lot: B-562
Orne, Mary, Lot: B-706, d. 11/1/1721
Osborn, Lot: C-278, d. "30, 1768"
Osborn, Jane, Lot: C-213
Osborn, John, Lot: C-276, d. 12/28/1750
Osborn, John, Lot: C-212, d. 1750
Osborn, John, Lot: C-933, d. 1810
Osborn, Ruth, Lot: C-275, d. 6/15/1752
Osborn, Ruth, Lot: C-209, d. 1752
Osborne, John, Lot: C-25
Osborne, William, Lot: C-206, d. 11/5/1753
Oswald, Andrew, Lot: A-177
Otis, James, Lot: A-295, d. 1/7/1783
Otis, James, Lot: A-28, d. 1783
Otis, John, Lot: C-77
Ovinton, John, Lot: A-313, d. 4/10/1726
P, A, Lot: C-141
P, B, Lot: B-528
P, D, Lot: B-590, d. 1764
P, F, Lot: B-538
P, J, Lot: A-306
P, J, Lot: B-327
P, M, Lot: A-454
P, M, Lot: C-310
P, N, Lot: C-415
P, Thomas, Lot: B-166
Page, Asa, Lot: D-53
Paine, Hannah, Lot: B-344, d. 10/16/1715
Paine, Hannah, Lot: C-853, d. 12/17/1735
Paine, Moses, Lot: C-807, d. 10/1/1721
Paine, Robert, Lot: C-928, d. 1814
Palfrey, William, Lot: C-6
Paliere, Margaret, Lot: B-376, d. 2/7/1752
Paliere, Margaret, Lot: B-405, d. 1752
Pallmer, Lisley, Lot: B-404, d. 2/12/1682
Panberton, Sarah, Lot: A-121, d. 10/5/1688
Paquinet, Mary, Lot: B-276, d. 6/9/2016
Parker, Benjamin, Lot: A-439, d. 11/1/1769
Parker, Benjamin, Lot: A-440, d. 1769
Parker, Frances, Lot: B-742, d. 9/3/1743
Parker, John, Lot: D-28, d. 1/10/1737
Parker, Margaret, Lot: B-105, d. 1/6/1741
Parker, Mary, Lot: B-302, d. 8/28/1718
Parker, Mehetable, Lot: D-31, d. 9/20/1737
Parker, Stephen, Lot: B-106, d. 10/14/1760
Parker, Stephen, Lot: A-437
Parker, Stephen, Lot: B-758
Parker, Thomas, Lot: D-90, d. 11/2/1771
Parker, Timothy, Lot: B-78, d. 8/8/1769
Parker, William, Lot: C-188
Parkman, Vathanal, Lot: B-74
Parrot, Abigail, Lot: C-625
Parrot, Abigail, Lot: C625
Partridge, Rebeckah, Lot: D-14
Partridge, Samuel, Lot: D-14, d. 5/24/1763
Partridge, Samuel, Lot: D-14, d. 3/9/1776
Pascoe, Rachel, Lot: C-737, d. 2/19/1690
Pastre, John, Lot: C-589, d. 12/12/1704
Pastre, Margarett, Lot: C-589, d. 12/4/1703
Pathbun, Anne, Lot: B-148, d. 11/13/1753
Patterson, Enoch, Lot: D-22
Pattiso, Mary, Lot: B-709, d. 5/5/2016
Pattison, Mary, Lot: A-418, d. 1768
Payne, Thomas, Lot: C-884, d. 3/4/1740
Payson, Joseph, Lot: B-43
Pearce, John, Lot: C-192
Pearce, Mary, Lot: C-138
Pearce, Samuel, Lot: C-139
Pearson, Elizabeth, Lot: B-588, d. 2/8/1710
Pearson, James, Lot: B-587, d. 6/20/1720
Pearson, James, Lot: B-256
Peck, Abigail, Lot: C-158, d. 4/28/1751
Peck, Elizabetha, Lot: C-157, d. 8/7/1757
Peck, Elizath, Lot: C-59, d. 7/13/2016
Peck, Moses, Lot: C-180, d. 1782
Peck, Moses, Lot: C-160
Peck, Samuel, Lot: C-194, d. 8/7/1775
Peck, Samuel, Lot: C-159, d. 1775
Peck, Samuel, Lot: C-654, d. 10/14/2016
Peck, Thomas, Lot: D-89, d. 1771
Pecker, Daniel, Lot: C-827, d. 10/2/1750
Pecker, Daniel, Lot: C-789, d. 3/4/1777
Pecker, Daniel, Lot: C-751, d. 1777
Pecker, Elizabeth, Lot: C-828, d. 4/26/1752
Pecker, Sarah, Lot: C-802, d. 8/14/1740
Peirce, Abel, Lot: C-190, d. 7/29/1776
Peirce, Elizabeth, Lot: C-753, d. 10/21/1753
Peirce, Mary, Lot: C-191, d. 7/20/1776
Peirce, Mary, Lot: C-140, d. 1776
Peirse, Moses, Lot: C-752, d. 6/26/2016
Pemberton, James, Lot: C-481, d. 6/23/1679
Pemberton, Mary, Lot: B-537, d. 11/30/1742
Pemberton, Phebe, Lot: B-537, d. 8/9/1724
Pemberton, Thomas, Lot: C-80, d. 7/26/1693
Pemberton, Thomas, Lot: C-109
Peraway, Philip, Lot: B-423, d. 6/10/1740
Peream, George, Lot: C-248, d. 10/3/1708
Perkens, Mary, Lot: A-400, d. 11/18/1721
Perkins, Abigail, Lot: C-457, d. 10/20/1711
Perkins, Abigail, Lot: A-22
Perkins, Henry, Lot: C-75, d. 8/30/1783
Perkins, Henry, Lot: A-330, d. 1783
Perkins, Mary, Lot: A-9, d. 1821
Perkins, Nathaniel, Lot: C-460, d. 11/11/1713
Perkins, Sarah, Lot: C-498, d. 10/12/1712
Perkins, Thomas, Lot: A-24, d. 1796
Perrse, Moses, Lot: C-734
Perry, Dorothy, Lot: C-497, d. 8/11/1711
Perry, Seath, Lot: C-416, d. 2/18/2016
Philipps, Mary, Lot: A-218, d. 3/20/1741
Philleps, Benjamin, Lot: B-721, d. 3/2/1714
Phillips, Alrigail, Lot: C-2, d. 4/15/1733
Phillips, Benjamin, Lot: C-2, d. 4/27/1746
Phillips, Elizabeth, Lot: B-443, d. 3/22/1755
Phillips, Elizabeth, Lot: B-445, d. 10/5/1782
Phillips, Elizabeth, Lot: B-359
Phillips, Elizth, Lot: C-76, d. 1730
Phillips, James, Lot: D-15
Phillips, John, Lot: C-2, d. 8/15/1742
Phillips, John, Lot: B-446, d. 11/5/1765
Phillips, John, Lot: C-17, d. 5/29/1823
Phillips, John, Lot: B-358
Phillips, Lucy, Lot: B-83, d. 6/21/1783
Phillips, Lucy, Lot: B-356
Phillips, Mary, Lot: B662, d. 5/5/1723
Phillips, Mary, Lot: B-662, d. 5/12/1723
Phillips, Samuel, Lot: B-772
Phillips, Thomas, Lot: B-691, d. 4/24/1726
Phillips, Thomas, Lot: B-495
Phipps, Danforth, Lot: C-238, d. 10/19/1783
Phoebe, Borland, Lot: A-3, d. 4/3/1775
Pichot, Armand, Lot: A-31
Pickering, Jonathan, Lot: A-458, d. 10/27/1712
Pimm, Sarah, Lot: C-902
Pinckney, Elizabeth, Lot: A-146, d. 8/29/1733
Pinckny, Hannah, Lot: B-146, d. 10/25/1729
Pines, John, Lot: C-767
Pitearne, Thomas, Lot: B-18, d. 5/10/1742
Pitson, Hannah, Lot: A-337
Pitson, James, Lot: A-337, d. 4/10/1739
Pitson, James, Lot: A-337, d. 4/10/1739
Pitson, James and Hannah, Lot: A337, d. 4/10/1739
Pitti, Henry, Lot: B-85, d. 7/19/1721
Pittson Sr, Hannah, Lot: A-389, d. 2/28/1744
Plasted, Hannah, Lot: C-649, d. 4/16/1711
Plats, Thomas, Lot: C-197, d. 2/7/2016
Plats, William, Lot: C-361, d. 7/1/1683
Platts, Easter, Lot: C-433, d. 1/22/1698
Platts, Ester, Lot: C-492, d. "13, 1697"
Platts, Hannah, Lot: C-402, d. 9/6/1700
Poelknap, Thomas, Lot: D-34, d. 5/6/1695
Pollard, Ann, Lot: B-578, d. 10/24/1683
Pollard, Benjamin, Lot: B-530, d. 11/1/1684
Pollard, Mary, Lot: C-868, d. 9/30/1706
Pool, Fitch, Lot: B-654, d. 9/2/1770
Pool, Fitch, Lot: B-608, d. 1770
Pool, Sarah, Lot: A-431, d. 1721
Pope, Martha, Lot: B-122, d. 2/23/1748
Powers, Lot: A-130
Powers, Elizabeth, Lot: A-158
Poyntz, Sarah, Lot: A-368, d. 8/28/1757
Poyntz, Sarah, Lot: A-310
Price, Lot: B-209
Price, Ezekial, Lot: D-86, d. 7/15/1802
Priest, John, Lot: C-918, d. 1829
Prince, Deborah, Lot: B-634, d. 10/4/1764
Prince, Elisha, Lot: C-355, d. April
Prince, Elizabeth, Lot: C-399, d. 5/22/1719
Prince, Elizabeth, Lot: C-349, d. 11/14/1721
Prince, Elizabeth, Lot: C-255
Prince, James, Lot: C-397, d. 9/27/1729
Prince, Jane, Lot: B453, d. 5/9/1750
Prince, Jane, Lot: B-453
Prince, Jeane, Lot: B-372, d. 1/24/1747
Prince, Mary, Lot: C-354, d. 10/30/1721
Prince, Mary, Lot: C-351, d. 3/27/1755
Prince, Mary, Lot: C-309, d. 1755
Pullen, Richard, Lot: C-531, d. 2/6/1721
Pullman, Abigall, Lot: B-350, d. 12/6/1697
Pullman, John, Lot: B-350, d. 2/7/1691
Putnam, Joseph, Lot: B-61, d. 2/19/1741
Putnam, Sarah, Lot: B-61, d. 3/5/1744
Putnam, William, Lot: A-292
Quig, John, Lot: C-130, d. 2/14/1754
R, Lot: A-60
R, Lot: C-783
R, A, Lot: C-784
R, E, Lot: A-245
R, E, Lot: C-480
R, J, Lot: A-186
R, M, Lot: B-158
R, M, Lot: B-410
Ragland, John, Lot: C-691, d. 11/28/1690
Rame, Simon, Lot: B-457
Ramsey, Hugh, Lot: C-54, d. 3/2/1743
Ranc, Mary, Lot: B-291, d. 3/2/1714
Rand, John, Lot: B-689, d. 6/4/1730
Rand, Martha, Lot: C-748, d. 7/7/1772
Rand, Richard, Lot: C-755, d. 2/13/1712
Rand, Richard, Lot: C-792, d. 1/11/1735
Rand, Robert, Lot: C-803, d. 2/11/1752
Rand, Robert, Lot: C-791, d. 1752
Rand, Samuel, Lot: A-487
Rand, Susanna, Lot: C804, d. 11/18/1748
Rand, Susanna, Lot: C-804
Rand, Susanne, Lot: C-796
Rand, Zachariah, Lot: C-797
Rankin, Robert, Lot: A-180, d. 1/23/1745
Ranstorp, James, Lot: C-785, d. 10/4/1700
Ray, Deborah, Lot: C-706, d. 9/21/1747
Ray, Deborah, Lot: C-707, d. 11/24/1771
Raynsford, John, Lot: C-788, d. 10/28/1702
Read, Thomas, Lot: B-159, d. 10/8/1765
Readey, Mary, Lot: B-94, d. 8/26/1767
Readey, Mary, Lot: A-432, d. 1767
Redin, David, Lot: C-665, d. 4/24/1720
Reding, Mary, Lot: B-525, d. 8/26/1714
Redman, Thomas, Lot: D-53
Relcher, Ruth, Lot: A-176
Renken, Abigail, Lot: B-647, d. 10/18/1739
Renken, Benjamin, Lot: B-644, d. 2/25/1753
Renkin, Rachel, Lot: B-650, d. 4/28/1750
Renolds, Susannah, Lot: C-934, d. 5/1/1746
Revere, Paul, Lot: D-23, d. 1/1/1734
Revere, Paul, Lot: C-459, d. 7/22/1754
Revere, Paul, Lot: B-783
Revere, Sarah, Lot: C-419, d. 5/3/1773
Reynolds, Edw, Lot: C-940, d. 1810
Reynolds, Wm, Lot: C-940
Rice, Elizabeth, Lot: A-287, d. 8/4/1763
Rice, John, Lot: C124, d. 4/8/1783
Rice, John, Lot: C-124
Rice, Thankful, Lot: C-403
Richard, Mary, Lot: A-226, d. 12/20/1751
Richards, John, Lot: C-938
Richards, Rebeckah, Lot: A-236, d. 8/29/1758
Richards, Rebeckah, Lot: A-190
Richardson, Ann, Lot: C-274, d. 1/5/1760
Richardson, Asa, Lot: C-939, d. 1810
Richardson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-208, d. 10/24/1747
Richardson, Mary, Lot: C-564, d. 7/6/1738
Richardson, Nathanial, Lot: B409, d. 4/26/1730
Richardson, Nathaniel, Lot: B-411, d. 2/7/1729
Richardson, Nathaniel, Lot: B-409, d. 4/26/1730
Richardson, Nathaniel, Lot: B-315
Rickard, James, Lot: A-187, d. 8/13/1754
Rickard, James, Lot: A-227, d. 9/17/1765
Riddut, Mary, Lot: D-48, d. 11/24/1734
Ridgaway, Isaac, Lot: C-442, d. 5/24/1728
Ridgaway, Rebecca, Lot: C-224, d. 9/30/1736
Ridgeway, John, Lot: C-222, d. 12/5/1762
Ridgway, Isaac, Lot: C-217, d. 5/3/1767
Ridgway, Isaac, Lot: C-225, d. 1767
Ried, Eva, Lot: A-140, d. 10/9/1772
Righton, Francis, Lot: B-621
Ritchie, Lot: D-71
Roach, Atrick, Lot: C-32
Roach, Patrick, Lot: C-20, d. 9/20/1769
Robbins, William, Lot: C-608, d. 5/7/1693
Robbinson, John, Lot: B-124, d. 7/23/1707
Robens, Elizabeth, Lot: A-65, d. 11/19/1700
Roberts, Hannah, Lot: C-849
Roberts, Mary, Lot: D-85, d. 1812
Roberts, Peter, Lot: C-848, d. 11/12/1775
Roberts, Peter, Lot: C-806
Roe, Mary, Lot: A-438, d. 10/2/1721
Roe, Mary, Lot: A-373, d. 3/17/1764
Rogers, Benjamin, Lot: C-479
Rogers, Elizabeth, Lot: C-526
Rogers, Joseph, Lot: C-177
Rolfe, Francis, Lot: B-138, d. 10/2/1721
Rolstone, Michael, Lot: D-53
Roots, Elizabeth, Lot: B-738, d. 10/9/1683
Ross, Walter, Lot: A-54, d. 1751
Roulstone, John, Lot: C-8
Rovse, Jonathan, Lot: B-55, d. 12/30/1739
Royall, Elizabeth, Lot: B-437, d. 10/8/1715
Ruck, Marg, Lot: C-882, d. 6/21/2016
Ruck, Thomas, Lot: A-314, d. 5/7/1744
Rudge, Elizabeth, Lot: C-610, d. 2/14/1748
Rushton, Margret, Lot: B-652
Russel, Elizabeth, Lot: B-268, d. 3/8/1720
Russel, Joseph, Lot: B-570
Russel, Mary, Lot: B-318
Russel, Susannah, Lot: B-659, d. 11/10/1744
Russell, Abigail, Lot: B-606, d. 8/3/2016
Russell, Abigail, Lot: B-600
Russell, Benjamin, Lot: B-658, d. 7/29/1760
Russell, Benjamin, Lot: C-946, d. 1810
Russell, Jeremiah, Lot: B-609, d. 1785
Russell, Jeremiah, Lot: B-656
Russell, Joseph, Lot: B-605
Russell, Margaret, Lot: B-42, d. 10/23/1732
S, Lot: C-257, d. 1732
S, A, Lot: C-671
S, B, Lot: C-65
S, E, Lot: A-247
S, J, Lot: A-143, d. 1771
S, J, Lot: B-133
S, J, Lot: B-172
S, M, Lot: A-76
S, M, Lot: B-176
S, M, Lot: C-88
S, S, Lot: C-777
S, W, Lot: C-465
Saffard, Anna, Lot: B-735, d. 11/24/1783
Sale, Sibbell, Lot: B-745, d. 10/24/1711
Salisbury, Benjn, Lot: A-222, d. 3/15/1770
Salisbury, Deborah, Lot: A-224, d. 1/5/1734
Salisbury, Deborah, Lot: A-225, d. 8/3/1769
Salisbury, Deborah, Lot: A-185, d. 1769
Salisbury, Elizabeth, Lot: A-184, d. 7/23/1739
Salter, Abraham, Lot: A-456, d. 7/8/1692
Salter, Charles, Lot: A-301, d. 1/5/1711
Salter, Eleazer, Lot: C-106
Salter, Margret, Lot: C-105, d. 6/7/1740
Salter, Margret, Lot: C-74
Sandarsin, Mary, Lot: C-544, d. 6/21/1681
Sanderson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-579, d. 10/15/1695
Sarch, Anna, Lot: C-701, d. 5/11/1694
Sargent, Elizabeth, Lot: B-419, d. 2/21/1793
Sargent, Elizabeth, Lot: B-324
Savage, Mary, Lot: C-132, d. 11/24/1775
Savaqe, Isaac, Lot: A-36, d. 9/7/1743
Savaqe, John, Lot: A-43, d. 4/7/1744
Savell, Hannah, Lot: C-514, d. 9/28/1745
Savell, Hannah, Lot: B-137
Savell, John, Lot: C-186, d. 2/4/1756
Savell, Samuel, Lot: C-183, d. 1/28/1708
Sawyer, Joseph, Lot: C-337, d. 7/27/1776
Scarlett, Humphry, Lot: B-626, d. 12/7/1736
Scollay, Deborah, Lot: C81, d. 2/4/1747
Scollay, Deborah, Lot: C-81, d. 1747
Scolley, Bethiah, Lot: B-774, d. 7/13/1741
Scolley, Samuel, Lot: C-401, d. 5/24/1718
Scot, Ebenezer, Lot: C-300, d. 5/1/1717
Scott, Josph, Lot: A-144, d. 1/10/1771
Scutt, Elizabeth, Lot: A-464, d. 1719
Seanes, Sarah, Lot: C-821, d. 2/9/1764
Searl, Elijah, Lot: B-231, d. 2/5/1793
Searl, George, Lot: B-234, d. 4/23/1794
Searl, George, Lot: B-99
Sears, Rebecca, Lot: C-822, d. 7/30/1732
Selkrig, Isabella, Lot: C-721, d. 6/21/1770
Selkrig, Isabella, Lot: C-658, d. 1770
Selleck, David, Lot: A-248, d. 4/28/1750
Semel, Wilhelmina, Lot: C-512
Separ, David, Lot: B-249, d. 1790
Sewall, Lot: B-694
Sewall, John, Lot: B-693, d. 9/12/1678
Seward, James, Lot: C-438, d. 9/27/1709
Seward, William, Lot: C-491
Seym, Lot: C-56, d. 3/19/2016
Shannon, Nathaniel, Lot: B-75, d. 8/27/1723
Shapcutt, Darkes, Lot: B-303, d. 8/10/1710
Shattuck, Willam, Lot: B-776
Shaw, John, Lot: B-167, d. 1/5/1736
Shaw, John, Lot: C-556, d. 12/24/1740
Shaw, John, Lot: C-555, d. 7/15/1750
Shaw, Lydia, Lot: B-171, d. 12/25/1746
Shaw, Lydia, Lot: A-428
Shaw, Sarah, Lot: B-168, d. 12/11/1741
Shaw, Sarah, Lot: B168, d. 12/11/1741
Sheafe, Harriet, Lot: D-25, d. 1893
Shed, Lydia, Lot: B-483, d. 9/18/1772
Shed, Lydia, Lot: B-482
Shed, Mary, Lot: B-483, d. 9/10/1769
Shed, Samuel, Lot: C-12, d. 1822
Shepard, Nathaniel, Lot: C-542, d. 8/7/1752
Shepcutt, Samson, Lot: B-214, d. 11/25/1713
Shorter, George, Lot: B-367, d. 8/1/1711
Sigourney, Andrew, Lot: B-345, d. 4/16/1727
Simes, Thomas, Lot: B-281, d. 6/27/1730
Simes, Zachariah, Lot: D-11, d. 9/6/1736
Simmes, Isaac, Lot: C-922
Simms, Mary, Lot: D-8, d. 9/10/1738
Simons, Paul, Lot: C-117
Simpkins, Katherine, Lot: B-571, d. 4/17/1721
Simpkins, Pilgrim, Lot: B-571, d. 12/30/1720
Simpson, Susannah, Lot: D-36
Sims, Hannah, Lot: B-86, d. 11/6/1721
Sipson, Samuel, Lot: B-141
Sirey, Jenevie, Lot: A-363, d. 3/25/2016
Sirey, William, Lot: B-373, d. 10/17/1709
Skinner, Gharles, Lot: B-162, d. 3/8/1758
Skinner, Mary, Lot: A-427, d. 5/17/1713
Skinner, Matthew, Lot: B-79, d. 12/7/1713
Skinner, Robert, Lot: C-495, d. 1760
Skinner, William, Lot: B-163, d. 12/8/1726
Skinner, William, Lot: B-165, d. 4/30/1760
Skinner, William, Lot: B165, d. 8/30/1760
Slade, Dorcas, Lot: B-80, d. 7/2/1733
Smith, Lot: B-497, d. 1/25/1707
Smith Jr, Jabez, Lot: C-292, d. 8/31/1751
Smith, Abraham, Lot: B-517, d. 3/29/1696
Smith, Ann, Lot: B-793, d. 11/29/2016
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: C-711, d. 3/25/1733
Smith, Henry, Lot: B-13
Smith, Jabez, Lot: C292, d. 6/28/1780
Smith, Jabez, Lot: C-236, d. 1780
Smith, Jacob, Lot: B-746, d. 1/19/1699
Smith, Jacob, Lot: B746, d. 1/19/1699
Smith, John, Lot: A-114
Smith, Margaret, Lot: B-10, d. 1807
Smith, Martin, Lot: B-17, d. 1810
Smith, Martin, Lot: D-73
Smith, Mary, Lot: C-383, d. 8/27/1679
Smith, Mary, Lot: C-646, d. 6/5/1729
Smith, Mathew, Lot: A-266, d. 1769
Smith, Robart, Lot: C-710, d. 10/13/1725
Smith, Samuel, Lot: C-942, d. 1814
Smith, Sarah, Lot: C-383, d. 12/24/1676
Smith, Sarah, Lot: C-107, d. 4/22/1734
Smith, Thomas, Lot: C-592, d. 8/24/1723
Smithsend, Richard, Lot: C-724
Snelling, Hannah, Lot: C-837, d. 3/6/1768
Snelling, Hannah, Lot: C-820, d. 1768
Snow, Gideon, Lot: C-947, d. 1810
Snow, Mary, Lot: C-773
Sorein, Mary, Lot: B-233, d. 12/27/1734
Soullard, Martha, Lot: C-306, d. 10/4/2016
Souther, John, Lot: B-716
Sowersby, John, Lot: B-97, d. 5/11/1741
Sowersby, William, Lot: A-433, d. 1783
Sowersby, Willima, Lot: B-96, d. 9/2/1783
Spear, David, Lot: B-294, d. 2/23/1790
Spear, Elizabeth, Lot: B-337, d. 4/3/1754
Spear, Joseph, Lot: B-300, d. 5/16/1794
Spear, Joseph, Lot: B-251, d. 1794
Spink, Thomas, Lot: C-101
Spooner, William, Lot: D-103
Spriggs, Lydia, Lot: C-859, d. 11/9/1766
Spriggs, Lydia, Lot: C859, d. 11/9/1766
St Lawrence, Olympia, Lot: A-48, d. 6/8/1747
St. Lawrence, Olympia, Lot: A48, d. 6/8/1747
Stacey, Anna, Lot: C-463, d. 8/31/1766
Stacey, Anna, Lot: C-496
Stains, Richard, Lot: C-774, d. 10/15/1678
Staniford, John, Lot: B-625, d. 10/16/1752
Starr, Richard, Lot: C-391, d. 2/27/1674
Stedman, Josiah, Lot: C-935
Steephens, Henry, Lot: C-686, d. 6/18/1690
Stemmers, William, Lot: C-341
Stenson, James, Lot: A-80
Stephens, John, Lot: C-688, d. 8/9/2016
Stephens, John, Lot: C-689
Steuart, Mary, Lot: B-779, d. 5/25/1714
Steward, Mary, Lot: C-30, d. 11/29/1765
Stewart, Nancy, Lot: B-349, d. 5/7/1770
Stiles, Mary, Lot: B-351, d. 8/23/1700
Stillman, Binney, Lot: C-923
Stmedard, G, Lot: A-376
Stmedard, S, Lot: A-376
Stoddard, J, Lot: B-258
Stoddard, Jemima, Lot: B-304, d. 4/17/1793
Stoddard, Jophia, Lot: B-420, d. 9/21/1787
Stoddard, N, Lot: B-325
Stoddard, Noah, Lot: B-420, d. 8/27/2016
Stoddard, S, Lot: B-325
Stone, Susannah, Lot: A-91, d. 1/20/1726
Stonman, Elizabeth, Lot: B-280, d. 12/31/1787
Stow, Elizabeth, Lot: A-336, d. 10/27/1755
Strang, Sarah, Lot: B-385, d. 10/20/1711
Strange, Sarah, Lot: B-21, d. 3/23/1702
Street, Benjamin, Lot: C-776, d. 12/26/1718
Stret, Mary, Lot: A-149, d. 8/7/1738
Stringer, Deborah, Lot: A-271
Stringer, William, Lot: A-242
Strong, Abraham, Lot: A-475, d. 1811
Stuart, Michel, Lot: B-118, d. 1750
Stuart, Michel, Lot: B-116, d. 10/6/2016
Stutson, Arah, Lot: C-45, d. 1767
Stvart, Barnabus, Lot: A-169, d. 9/3/1747
Suire, Anna, Lot: B-237, d. 6/8/1722
Sullivan, James, Lot: D-68, d. December
Sullivan, James, Lot: D-67
Sumner, Increase, Lot: C-914, d. 6/7/1799
Sumner, James, Lot: C-7, d. 3/30/1811
Sumner, Thomas, Lot: C-943, d. 1810
Surcomb, Rebeckah, Lot: A-72, d. 2/28/1738
Surcomb, Richard, Lot: D-66, d. 8/21/1773
Surcomb, Richard, Lot: D-65, d. 1773
Swan, Katherine, Lot: A-425, d. 9/3/1739
Sweet, Joseph, Lot: C-294, d. 2/21/1688
Symonds, John, Lot: B-425, d. 2/1/1721
T, A, Lot: B-494
T, Eborah, Lot: B-564, d. 2/1/1763
T, H, Lot: A-386
T, J, Lot: D-30
T, M, Lot: A-386
T, M, Lot: C-775
Tabb, Lydia, Lot: A-128, d. 9/28/1738
Tabb, Mary, Lot: A-156, d. 8/8/1772
Tabb, Sarah, Lot: A-156, d. 10/6/1743
Tadourneau, John, Lot: B-378, d. 1/29/1697
Taylor, William, Lot: A-189, d. 8/28/1743
Teder, Sarah, Lot: A-235, d. 11/25/1745
Tew, Mary, Lot: B-639
Thayer, Deborah, Lot: B-711, d. 1/4/1700
Thayer, Ebenezer, Lot: B-629, d. 9/11/1769
Thomas, Elizabeth, Lot: C-754, d. 4/30/1699
Thomas, Joshua, Lot: A-348, d. 2/24/2016
Thomas, Mary, Lot: C-436, d. 5/8/1709
Thomas, Mary, Lot: B-493, d. 12/28/1749
Thomas, Mary, Lot: A-399
Thompson, Lot: A-183
Thornton, Experience, Lot: C-664
Thorold, Sarah, Lot: A-221, d. 10/20/1721
Thorp, Elizabeth, Lot: A-304, d. 9/18/1739
Tilden, Joseph, Lot: C-937, d. 1810
Tilden, Joseph, Lot: C-954
Tileston, Onesiphorus, Lot: D-81, d. 11/27/1771
Tilestone, Mary, Lot: B-655, d. 8/12/1742
Tilley, Elizabeth, Lot: B-722, d. 12/14/1736
Tilley, Elizabeth, Lot: B-540
Tilley, George, Lot: B-723, d. 7/29/1730
Tilley, Kabell, Lot: B-724, d. 1/13/1702
Tilley, William, Lot: B-684, d. 11/21/1717
Timmins, Sarah, Lot: C-279, d. 5/25/1757
Timmins, Sarah, Lot: C-233, d. 1757
Toleman, Rebecca, Lot: B-687, d. 1/27/1741
Tolman, Henry, Lot: C-951, d. 1810
Torner, Hannah, Lot: B-312
Torrer, Mary, Lot: A-172
Torrey, Deborah, Lot: B-130, d. 5/8/1764
Torrey, Deborah, Lot: B130, d. 5/8/1764
Torrey, Ebeneler, Lot: D-72, d. 1815
Torrey, Samuel, Lot: B-115, d. 1/16/1731
Torrey, Samuel, Lot: A-450
Torrey, Sarah, Lot: B-490, d. 2/9/1781
Torrey, William, Lot: B-700, d. 6/14/1732
Townsend, Lot: A-2, d. 10/1/1811
Townsend, Agnes, Lot: C-670, d. 6/22/1698
Townsend, David, Lot: A-32, d. 4/13/1829
Townsend, James, Lot: C-698, d. 6/27/1697
Townsend, Mary, Lot: C702, d. 7/6/1698
Townsend, Mary, Lot: C-700, d. 2/10/1702
Townsend, Y, Lot: C-702, d. 7/8/1698
Trask, Mary, Lot: A-371, d. 9/23/1743
Treadway, Dorothy, Lot: B-83, d. 3/9/1740
Treat, Mary, Lot: C-819, d. 10/4/1741
Trecothick, Sarah, Lot: B-679, d. 2/8/1749
Trecothick, Sarah, Lot: B-648
Trott, Waitstill, Lot: B-44, d. 6/8/1744
Trott, William, Lot: B-47, d. 9/20/1739
Trow, William, Lot: C-162, d. 4/27/1724
Trow, William, Lot: C-163
Trull, Ezra, Lot: D-26, d. 1870
Trutle, John, Lot: B-67
Tucker, Beza, Lot: D-27, d. 1807
Tucker, Ephraim, Lot: A-326, d. 5/20/1752
Tucker, Richard, Lot: C-931, d. 1810
Tuckerman, Hannah, Lot: A-461
Turell, Johana, Lot: C-811, d. 7/2/1680
Turill, John, Lot: C-558, d. 5/28/1683
Turill, Mary, Lot: C-558, d. 11/11/1689
Turtle, John, Lot: B-71, d. 12/8/1736
Tuttle, Benjamin, Lot: C-590, d. 4/29/1782
Tyler, Ann, Lot: C-591, d. 4/30/1694
Tyler, Benjamen, Lot: B-569
Underdown, John, Lot: A-84, d. 8/3/1736
Uran, Denjamin, Lot: B-60, d. 7/31/1723
Urann, Hannah, Lot: B-65, d. 10/2/1767
Urann, Sarah, Lot: B-66, d. 9/6/1721
Urann, Sarah, Lot: B-65, d. 3/25/1745
Urann, Sarah, Lot: B-68
Vaining, John, Lot: B-616, d. 9/18/1733
Veren, Mary, Lot: B-516, d. 10/12/1721
Vergoose, Anna, Lot: C-745, d. 2/22/1774
Vergoose, Anna, Lot: C-725, d. 1774
Viburt, Isaac, Lot: C-218, d. 4/3/1776
Viburt, Isaac, Lot: C-239, d. 1776
Viburt, Philip Jr, Lot: C-370, d. 1/21/1744
Vinal, Elizabeth, Lot: C-137, d. 8/29/1742
Vinall, William, Lot: C-136, d. 10/15/1780
Vinson, Dorothy, Lot: C-240, d. 9/30/1755
Vintenon, John, Lot: C-810, d. 3/22/1761
W, D, Lot: A-230
W, E, Lot: B-52, d. 1731
W, E, Lot: B-432
W, H, Lot: A-270
W, H, Lot: A-352
W, H, Lot: B-603
W, J, Lot: A-40
W, J, Lot: B-661
W, John, Lot: B-568, d. 1783
W, M, Lot: B-484
W, Mary, Lot: C-468
W, S, Lot: A-351
W, S, Lot: C-207
W, W, Lot: A-351
W, W, Lot: B-676
W, W, Lot: C-62
Wadsworth, Hannah, Lot: C-381, d. 6/16/1706
Wadsworth, Joseph, Lot: C-290, d. 2/6/2016
Waine, Mary, Lot: C-394, d. 3/19/1786
Waine, Mary, Lot: C394, d. 3/19/1786
Waine, Mary, Lot: C-387, d. 1786
Waine, Sarah, Lot: A-472, d. 4/3/1733
Waine, William, Lot: A-472, d. 6/4/1723
Waine, William, Lot: C-395, d. 6/15/1786
Waine, William, Lot: C-388, d. 1786
Waite, Lot: C-303, d. 9/8/2016
Wakefield, Ann, Lot: C-832
Wakefield, John, Lot: C-858A, d. 6/18/1667
Wakefield, John, Lot: C-832
Walker, Ezeriel, Lot: B-682, d. 12/5/1723
Walker, Israel, Lot: B-645, d. 4/11/1723
Walley, Lot: D-49, d. 11/1/1786
Wallis, Thomas, Lot: A-484
Ward, Lydia, Lot: C-271, d. 8/8/1690
Warden, Benjamin, Lot: B-715
Warden, John, Lot: B-670, d. 8/5/1728
Warden, Thomas, Lot: B-642, d. 9/30/1730
Warden, Thomas, Lot: B-673
Warden, William, Lot: B-328, d. 3/18/1786
Wardon, Anna, Lot: B-669
Wass, Ann, Lot: A-305, d. 11/11/1735
Wass, Ann, Lot: A-259, d. 1735
Watt, William, Lot: A-182, d. 12/10/1764
Watt, William, Lot: A-148
Way, Robert, Lot: C-269
Webb, Abigail, Lot: A-441, d. 1/28/1749
Webb, Elisha, Lot: C-645, d. 2/28/1739
Webb, Joseph, Lot: C-635, d. 10/10/1762
Webb, Joseph, Lot: C-258
Webb, Mary, Lot: C-647, d. 3/10/1731
Webb, Mary, Lot: A-210, d. 6/12/1739
Webb, Nathan, Lot: A-491
Webb, Persis, Lot: C-637, d. November
Webb, Samuel, Lot: C-759, d. 9/10/1724
Webb, Thomas, Lot: A-208, d. 6/13/1740
Webb, Thomas, Lot: C-202, d. 7/8/1769
Webb, Thomas, Lot: C-175, d. 1769
Webber, Bathsheba, Lot: B-343, d. 3/19/1743
Weem, Thomas, Lot: B-627, d. 10/1/1723
Weer, Agnefs, Lot: A-37, d. 1757
Welcom, Peter, Lot: C-656, d. 3/24/1694
Wellch, Elizabeth, Lot: B-255, d. 9/28/1711
Weller, Andrew, Lot: B-77, d. 9/2/1790
Wells, Ebeneler, Lot: D-69
Wells, Sarah, Lot: B-752, d. 10/13/1730
Welsh, Jona, Lot: A-203
Welsh, William, Lot: C-126, d. 9/18/1795
Welsh, William, Lot: C-89
Wendell, John, Lot: A-23
Wentworth, Edward, Lot: C-454, d. 7/25/1695
West, Hannah, Lot: C-424
West, John, Lot: C-581, d. 12/22/1749
West, John, Lot: C-581, d. 9/16/1751
West, Mary, Lot: C-581, d. 1/30/1749
West, Richard, Lot: C-551, d. 10/21/2016
West, Sanderson, Lot: C-581, d. 3/2/1748
Wheatley, John, Lot: B-566, d. 3/12/1778
Wheatley, John, Lot: B-481, d. 1778
Wheatley, Sarah, Lot: B-565, d. 5/11/1752
Wheeler, Abagail, Lot: B-604
Wheeler, David, Lot: C-519, d. 2/14/1782
Wheeler, David, Lot: C-473
Wheeler, Sarah, Lot: C-559, d. 8/21/1718
Wheeler, William, Lot: C-7, d. 3/30/1811
Wheeler, William, Lot: C-473
Wheelwright, Lot: A-26
Whertley, Lot: B-480
White, Lot: A-135
White, Ann, Lot: B-305, d. 4/1/1762
White, Benjamin, Lot: B-307, d. 11/4/1721
White, Ebenezer, Lot: C-950, d. 1810
White, Eliza, Lot: B-305, d. 4/23/1749
White, Jemima, Lot: B-305, d. 11/7/1788
White, Jemima, Lot: B-259
White, John, Lot: B-154, d. 12/31/1716
White, Marcy, Lot: C-321, d. 4/12/1728
White, Mary, Lot: B-160, d. 11/7/1721
White, Peregrin, Lot: B-690, d. 11/20/1727
White, Sophronia, Lot: C-780, d. 8/16/1794
Whitmansh, Hannav, Lot: B-16, d. 1850
Whitney, Abigail, Lot: A-197, d. 8/1/1767
Whitney, Benjamin, Lot: A-199, d. 3/22/1750
Whitney, Benjamin, Lot: A-166, d. 1750
Whitney, Collins, Lot: A-196, d. 9/22/1799
Whitney, George, Lot: A-200
Whitney, Joseph, Lot: A-196, d. 6/24/1812
Whitten, Ann, Lot: C-516, d. 8/20/1758
Whitwell, Lot: A-274, d. 1721
Whitwell, Benjamin, Lot: A-321, d. 11/2/1718
Whitwell, Benjamin, Lot: A-319, d. 7/2/1746
Whitwell, Benjamin, Lot: A-273
Whitwell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-409, d. 6/12/1754
Whitwell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-318, d. 5/13/1771
Whitwell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-272, d. 1771
Whitwell, Henry, Lot: A-353, d. 9/24/1779
Whitwell, Samuel, Lot: A274, d. 10/3/1721
Wilchman, Elizabeth, Lot: C-813, d. 1755
Wilds, Sarah, Lot: C-565, d. 1778
Willard, Ann, Lot: C-757, d. 10/4/1723
William, Lee, Lot: A-22, d. "18, 1737"
Williams, Lot: B-486, d. 6/25/1752
Williams, Abigail, Lot: B-520, d. 7/11/1739
Williams, Abigail, Lot: B-521, d. 3/5/1745
Williams, Ann, Lot: C-200, d. 9/25/1727
Williams, Hannah, Lot: B-23
Williams, James, Lot: B-521, d. 4/22/1734
Williams, John, Lot: D-55, d. 1814
Williams, John, Lot: B-403
Williams, Jonathan, Lot: B-726, d. 1807
Williams, Mary, Lot: C-650, d. 8/31/1723
Williams, Mary, Lot: B-346, d. 7/29/1739
Williams, Mehitable, Lot: B-485, d. 11/23/1735
Williams, Richard, Lot: B-23
Williams, Robert, Lot: B-487, d. 6/28/1758
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B-519, d. 12/3/1717
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B-321, d. 2/25/1720
Willis, Martha, Lot: B-757, d. 1752
Willis, Stephen, Lot: B-759, d. 6/25/1749
Williston, John, Lot: B-510, d. 6/5/1783
Williston, Rebecca, Lot: C-85
Williston, Rebeckah, Lot: C85, d. 2/10/1738
Williston, Sarah, Lot: C-82, d. 12/25/1771
Williston, Tho, Lot: C-82, d. 2/18/1773
Willson, William, Lot: B-755, d. 11/3/1744
Willy, Elizabeth, Lot: B-739, d. 3/13/1688
Wilson, Abigail, Lot: C-320, d. 11/12/1766
Wilson, David, Lot: A-276, d. 11/9/1788
Wilson, George, Lot: C-847, d. 1785
Wilson, George, Lot: C-870
Wilson, Mary, Lot: C-871, d. 7/12/1781
Winnock, Mary, Lot: B-364, d. 8/30/1724
Winock, Mary, Lot: B-153, d. 4/14/1728
Winter, Edward, Lot: B-478, d. 10/28/1740
Winter, Martha, Lot: A-173, d. 8/20/1740
Winter, Martha, Lot: B-430
Winter, Martha, Lot: B-479
Winter, Mary, Lot: B-257, d. 11/13/1711
Winter, William, Lot: B-429, d. 8/24/1737
Wise, John, Lot: B-672, d. 9/2/1740
Wise, Mary, Lot: B-671, d. 7/18/1720
Wiswall, John, Lot: C-375, d. 8/17/1687
Wiswall, John, Lot: C-376
Witchman, Elizabeth, Lot: C-812, d. 7/25/1755
Wodlon, Moses, Lot: B-660, d. 6/9/1730
Woodbridqe, Benjamin, Lot: A-30
Woodden, Mary, Lot: B-719, d. 5/1/1764
Woodden, Mary, Lot: B-677
Woodmansey, Sarah, Lot: C-716
Woodrow, James, Lot: A-59, d. 11/16/1782
Woods, Mary, Lot: B-714, d. 1773
Woods, Sarah, Lot: C-653
Woolfe, Ann, Lot: C-708, d. 10/26/1749
Worden, Elizabeth, Lot: B-53, d. 12/13/1731
Worth, Elizabeth, Lot: B-492, d. 3/5/1708
Worth, James, Lot: B-567, d. 11/13/1740
Wright, Obadiah, Lot: C-957, d. 1810
Wright, William, Lot: C-911
Wroe, Magdalen, Lot: B-461
Wyat, Thomas, Lot: A-179, d. 4/10/1737
Wyatt, John, Lot: C-713, d. 8/15/1740
Wyman, Oliver, Lot: A-478
Young, Lot: C-598, d. 12/27/1721
Young, Lot: A-20
Young, William, Lot: C-599, d. 10/31/1721
Youngman, Stephen, Lot: A-356

Unidentified Graves

Illegible, Lot: A-369, d. 21
Illegible, Lot: C-66, d. 1794
Illegible, Lot: A-141
Illegible, Lot: A-308
Illegible, Lot: A-340
Illegible, Lot: A-349
Illegible, Lot: A-360
Illegible, Lot: A-451
Illegible, Lot: A-93
Illegible, Lot: C-110
Illegible, Lot: C-120
Illegible, Lot: C-121
Illegible, Lot: C-128
Illegible, Lot: C-131
Illegible, Lot: C-145
Illegible, Lot: C-226
Illegible, Lot: C-23
Illegible, Lot: C-24
Illegible, Lot: C-323
Illegible, Lot: C-335
Illegible, Lot: C-336
Illegible, Lot: C-347
Illegible, Lot: C-35
Illegible, Lot: C-37
Illegible, Lot: C-378
Illegible, Lot: C-398
Illegible, Lot: C-40
Illegible, Lot: C-439
Illegible, Lot: C-47
Illegible, Lot: C-471
Illegible, Lot: C-472
Illegible, Lot: C-57
Illegible, Lot: C-79
Illegible, Lot: C-84
Illegible, Lot: C-895
Illegible, Lot: C-900
Illegible, Lot: C-91
Illegible, Lot: C-912
Illegible, Lot: C-93
Illegible, Lot: C-936
Illegible, Lot: C-953

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