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King's Chapel Burying Ground
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

kings chapel burying ground
King's Chapel Burying Ground

GPS: 42.358009, -71.060011

58 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02108

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 731

King's Chapel Burying ground are owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


King's Chapel was founded in 1630 at the time of the settlement of Boston. King's Chapel Burying Ground is Boston Proper's oldest cemetery. Like the majority of Boston's burying grounds, it has always been under municipal control, not affiliated with any church.

The site is said to be part of Isaac Johnson's estate, an esteemed early settler. In 1668 Royal Governor Andros seized a portion of this property to construct the town's first Anglican church, King's Chapel, which was built in 1688. The earliest graves and tombs were scattered randomly throughout the grounds, with no formal pathways.

In the early nineteenth century, landscaped cemeteries outside cities became the public parks of their times and efforts were taken to beautify urban burying grounds. Pedestrian footpaths, an ornamental cast iron fence and various plantings were all installed to enhance visitors' experience in King's Chapel Burying Grounds. Efforts went so far as to rearrange the gravestones in straight rows, frequently not corresponding to the body buried underneath. Tradition holds that the first interment in King's Chapel Burying Ground was that of the former owner of the property, Isaac Johnson, in 1630.

Notables buried here include Massachusetts' first governor, John Winthrop; William Dawes, Paul Revere's compatriot on his ride to Lexington in 1775; the Reverend John Cotton, a powerful religious leader in seventeenth-century Boston; Hezekiah Usher, the colonies' first printer and publisher; and Mary Chilton, who many believe was the first woman to step off the Mayflower.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

Adams, Jonathan
, Lot: B-153, d. 12/20/1712
Adams, Lydia, Lot: B-177, d. 10/23/1750
Adams, Lydia, Lot: B-134
Adams, Sameul, Lot: B-134
Adams, Samuel, Lot: B-177, d. 4/1/1728
Adams, William, Lot: B-189, d. 7/11/1750
Alden, Elizabeth, Lot: E-471, d. 11/26/1719
Alden, Gilam, Lot: E-474, d. 12/25/1726
Alden, John, Lot: E-470, d. 9/10/1720
Alden, John, Lot: E-472
Alden, Katharine, Lot: E-473, d. 10/31/1702
Alden, Katharine, Lot: E-482, d. 7/28/1713
Alden, Mary, Lot: E-499, d. 2/11/1727
Alden, William, Lot: A-109, d. 2/9/1728
Alice, Phillips, Lot: E-T28, d. 3/1/1838
Allden, John, Lot: E-463, d. 2/1/1729
Allden, Nathaniel, Lot: E-469, d. 2/25/1746
Andrews, Henry, Lot: E-578, d. 1867
Aresking, James, Lot: A-21, d. 10/1/1711
Armitage, Goderee, Lot: E-534, d. January
Armour, Enoch, Lot: A-95, d. 2/23/1795
Armour, Enoch, Lot: A-39, d. 1795
Aveary, Mary, Lot: C-370, d. 3/18/1686
Aveary, William, Lot: C-370, d. 5/21/1707
B, Lot: D-385
B, M, Lot: E-464
Baker, Luke, Lot: E-481
Baker, Rebecca, Lot: C-355, d. 7/2/1737
Baker, Rebecca, Lot: C355, d. 7/20/1737
Balston, John, Lot: C-354, d. 12/3/1713
Balston, Nathanael, Lot: A-15, d. 9/24/1723
Balston, Nathanael, Lot: A15, d. 9/24/1723
Balston, Rachel, Lot: A-16, d. 3/21/1687
Balston, Rebecca, Lot: A-14, d. 12/20/1739
Balston, Rebecca, Lot: A-43
Band, Mary, Lot: D-407, d. 12/26/1750
Band, Nathaniel, Lot: D-404, d. 8/11/1773
Banks, Lot: E-460
Barnes, Isabella, Lot: D-435, d. 9/8/1680
Barnes, Mary, Lot: D-419, d. 4/3/1682
Barns, Hopestill, Lot: C-225, d. 8/19/1676
Barns, Hopestill, Lot: C225, d. 8/19/1676
Barwick, Elizabeth, Lot: E-536, d. 9/28/2016
Bass, Moses, Lot: B-130
Bates, Mildred, Lot: E-531
Beals, Samuel, Lot: C-339, d. 11/15/1795
Beals, Samuel, Lot: B-133, d. 1795
Becham, John, Lot: B-114, d. 6/17/1773
Becham, John, Lot: B-124, d. 1773
Becham, Sarah, Lot: B-125, d. 9/29/1771
Becham, Sarah, Lot: B124, d. 9/29/1771
Becham, Sarah, Lot: B-123, d. 1771
Beck, Mary, Lot: B-117, d. 3/24/1685
Bell, Lot: D-375, d. 1790
Bell, Johanna, Lot: A-13, d. 8/25/1747
Bemis, Isaac, Lot: A-38, d. 12/22/1739
Beningon, Mary, Lot: E-558, d. 7/2/1721
Benington, Sarah, Lot: E-558, d. 3/21/1715
Bennett, Moses, Lot: A-84, d. 9/19/1770
Bennett, William, Lot: A-84A, d. 4/15/1758
Bill, Frances, Lot: A-49, d. 2/26/1736
Binney, Stephen, Lot: C-334, d. 10/1/1760
Blac, Nathaniel, Lot: B-152
Black, Rosanna, Lot: C-324, d. 5/2/1784
Black, Rosanna, Lot: C-200
Blackman, Benjamin, Lot: E-513, d. 12/20/1989
Blague, Mary, Lot: B-184, d. 10/14/1711
Blague, Nathaniel, Lot: B152
Blake, Eliather, Lot: B-194, d. 11/5/1688
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: B-194, d. 1/25/1688
Blake, Mary, Lot: B-196, d. 1/7/1693
Blanchard, Lot: E-551, d. 1760
Blower, John, Lot: C-378
Boon, Nicholas, Lot: D-418, d. 11/3/1738
Boone, Abigail, Lot: D426, d. 8/20/1724
Boone, Abigail, Lot: D-426, d. 8/20/2016
Boone, Hannah, Lot: D-424, d. March
Boone, James, Lot: E-455
Boone, John, Lot: D-437, d. 9/8/1722
Bordman, William, Lot: D-394, d. 4/25/1821
Breed, Lois, Lot: D-448, d. 9/23/1717
Breed, Mary, Lot: D-448, d. 9/24/1724
Brewer, Elizabeth, Lot: E-478, d. 6/12/1752
Brewster, Deliverance, Lot: A-19, d. 1/15/1758
Brewster, John, Lot: A22, d. 3/20/1766
Brewster, John, Lot: A-22, d. 3/26/1766
Bridge, Thomas, Lot: D-432, d. 9/26/1715
Bridgeham, Joseph, Lot: D-440, d. 1/5/1708
Bridgham, Lot: D-T18, d. 1810
Bridgham, Pounding, Lot: T18, d. 11/23/1739
Bridgham?, Lot: DT18
Brigant, James, Lot: D-391, d. 9/25/1777
Brighah, Sarah, Lot: D-447, d. 10/17/1728
Brightman, Henry, Lot: A-51, d. 9/25/1705
Brinley, Francis, Lot: C-T7, d. 1765
Brittman, Thomas, Lot: A-26, d. 10/2/1692
Brittman, Thomas, Lot: A26, d. 10/2/1692
Brown, Benjamin, Lot: E-545, d. 10/10/1778
Brown, Enoch, Lot: C-T9
Brown, Lois, Lot: B-195, d. 3/4/1762
Brown, Mary, Lot: A-6, d. 7/8/1728
Brown, Thomas, Lot: E-544, d. 5/7/1709
Brown, Walter, Lot: E-560, d. 9/7/2016
Bryant, Esther, Lot: D-391, d. 5/25/1811
Bryant, Hannah, Lot: B-122, d. 7/15/1690
Burges, Marcy, Lot: A-82, d. 9/13/1719
Burges, Rebeca, Lot: A-80, d. 4/18/1726
Burnton, Thomas, Lot: E507, d. 11/19/1733
Burton, Agnes, Lot: E-468, d. 7/1/1764
Burton, Thomas, Lot: E-507, d. 11/19/1733
C, James, Lot: B-175, d. 7/1/1729
Callendar, William, Lot: A-T3
Carter Brewster Coolidge, Polly, Lot: C273, d. 7/29/1783
Chilton, Mary, Lot: C-T8
Clap, Desire, Lot: A-52, d. 12/12/1717
Clap, Roger, Lot: A-45, d. 2/1/1690
Clark, John, Lot: E-566, d. 11/21/1690
Clarke, Benjamin, Lot: C-383
Clarke, Peter, Lot: C-272, d. 3/30/1741
Clements, Anna, Lot: E-527, d. 4/12/1720
Clough, Lot: E-529, d. 9/4/1762
Clough, Benjamin, Lot: B-171, d. 7/6/1744
Clough, Benjamin, Lot: B171, d. 7/6/1744
Clough, Benjamin, Lot: E-540, d. 11/20/1754
Clough, Mary, Lot: C-344, d. 4/17/1790
Clough, Nathaniel, Lot: B-173, d. 4/24/1707
Clough, Nathaniel, Lot: C-345, d. 7/28/1733
Clough, William, Lot: C-343, d. 2/1/1727
Collins, Elizabeth, Lot: A-3, d. 11/24/1737
Colman, John, Lot: D-T16
Colman, Nathaniel, Lot: C-261, d. 6/23/1791
Colman, Nathaniel, Lot: C-231, d. 1791
Colman, Nathaniel, Lot: C231, d. 1791
Connor, Mellecent, Lot: C-260, d. 4/2/1783
Cook, Richard, Lot: C287, d. 8/21/1747
Coolidge, Joseph, Lot: C-219, d. 9/14/1771
Coolidge, Polley, Lot: C-273, d. 7/29/1783
Coolidge, William, Lot: C-217, d. 9/17/1752
Corser, John, Lot: A-42
Corser, Margaret, Lot: A-42, d. 4/3/1713
Corser, Margaret, Lot: A42, d. 4/3/1713
Costin, Joseph, Lot: C-318, d. 11/22/1784
Cotton, John, Lot: D-432, d. 12/23/1652
Cowley, Mehetable, Lot: A-68, d. 10/12/1757
Cox, John, Lot: E-479
Cox, Mary, Lot: E-479
Crafts, Lot: D-375, d. 1790
Craigie, Andren, Lot: D-417, d. 10/10/1766
Craigie, Andrew, Lot: D417, d. 10/18/1766
Cumins, Sarah, Lot: C-205, d. 10/3/1739
Cumins, Snow, Lot: C-205, d. 9/28/1771
Curtis, Sarah, Lot: D-421, d. 5/6/1784
Dabney, Mary, Lot: D-420, d. 12/16/1745
Dabney, Mary, Lot: D-420, d. 3/26/1748
Darrel, Rachel, Lot: A101, d. 11/18/1728
Darrel, Rachel, Lot: A-101
Darrell, Mildred, Lot: A-102, d. 7/17/1737
Davenport, Addington, Lot: D-425, d. 8/18/1699
Davenport, Elizabeth, Lot: D-439, d. 9/15/1676
Davenport, John, Lot: D-432, d. 3/15/1670
Davenport, John, Lot: D-388, d. 1822
Davis, Edward, Lot: E-519, d. 10/23/1717
Davis, Sarah, Lot: A-64, d. 7/9/1786
Davis, William, Lot: E-T24
Dawes, Ambros, Lot: B-192, d. 11/9/1705
Dawes, Jonathan, Lot: B-192, d. 10/5/1690
Dawes, Mary, Lot: B-192, d. 5/22/1964
Dawes, Thomas, Lot: B-T6, d. 8/5/1731
Dawes, William, Lot: E-577
Dearden, Ann, Lot: B-136, d. 10/31/1771
Dennie, Henry, Lot: D-391, d. 11/29/1841
Dennie, John, Lot: D-391, d. 8/7/1777
Dennie, Sarah, Lot: D-391, d. 3/12/1785
Dennie, Sarah, Lot: D-391, d. 7/18/1827
Dennie, Thomas, Lot: D-391, d. 8/2/1842
Dev, John, Lot: D-414, d. 4/20/1714
Dewer, Sampson, Lot: A-1, d. 7/30/1718
Dilaway, Henry, Lot: B-116, d. 11/27/1729
Dillaway, John, Lot: B-135, d. 7/11/1779
Dillaway, Mary, Lot: B-144, d. 1779
Dinsdall, Hannah, Lot: B-178, d. 12/13/1710
Dngraham, Joseph, Lot: C-399, d. 9/13/1787
Donnell, Sarah, Lot: B-129, d. 9/30/1711
Dowding, Leonard, Lot: A-2, d. 3/8/1713
Dowel, Francis, Lot: A-66, d. 9/25/1718
Dowell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-65, d. 4/15/1740
Dowell, Elizabeth, Lot: A65, d. 4/15/1740
Draper, Richard, Lot: A-20, d. 10/29/1766
Drury, Ledia, Lot: E-498, d. 4/5/1675
Dudding, Grace, Lot: A-11, d. 4/12/1766
DUDDING, GRACE, Lot: A11, d. 4/12/1766
Durant, Hannah, Lot: A-24, d. 9/6/1760
Durant, Jonathan, Lot: A-23, d. 8/16/1753
Durant, Jonathan, Lot: A-25, d. 2/18/1770
Dyar, Benjamin, Lot: B-118, d. 12/29/1718
Dyar, John, Lot: B-150, d. 4/25/1723
Dyar, John, Lot: A-34
Dyar, Mary, Lot: E-503, d. 7/21/1677
Dyar, Thomas, Lot: E-508, d. 11/15/1676
Dyer, John, Lot: B-157, d. 6/2/1696
Dyer, Mary, Lot: A-107, d. 3/18/1689
Elias, Williamson, Lot: E-567, d. 9/18/1739
Engs, Lot: B-155, d. 1/1/1705
Eustus, John, Lot: B-159, d. 4/5/1722
Eustus, Sarah, Lot: B-182, d. 6/3/1688
Everell, James, Lot: A-87, d. 12/14/1682
Evstes, Elizabeth, Lot: E-516, d. 10/2/1719
Fairfeald, Rota, Lot: B-140, d. 3/16/1715
Ferniside, John, Lot: C-253, d. 11/14/1693
Fernside, John, Lot: C253, d. 11/14/1693
Foreland, Eliz, Lot: E-586, d. 10/22/1739
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: E-546, d. 2/15/1733
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: E-548, d. 5/28/1773
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: D-416, d. 9/14/1778
Foster, James, Lot: B-110, d. 12/22/1793
Foster, Martha, Lot: C-350
Fox, Chapel, Lot: E-465, d. 9/21/1782
Francklin, Richard, Lot: E-568, d. 12/4/1704
Fritz, Henry, Lot: D-403, d. 5/14/1773
G, H, Lot: E-525
G, Wm, Lot: E-525
Gale, Lot: D-392
Gale, Mary, Lot: E-500, d. 5/3/1745
Gale, Mary, Lot: E500, d. 5/3/1745
Gallop, Margaret, Lot: C-228, d. 5/22/1752
Gallup, Benjamin, Lot: C-237, d. 10/11/1731
Garder, Christopher, Lot: D-442
Gardner, Christopher, Lot: D-441, d. 8/5/1762
Gardner, Elizabeth, Lot: D-428, d. 8/14/1753
Gardner, Elizabeth, Lot: D428, d. 8/14/1753
Gardner, Robert, Lot: C-368, d. 6/8/1782
Gardner, Ruth, Lot: E-456, d. 12/27/1710
Gardner, Samuel, Lot: D-427, d. 4/23/1747
Gedney, Bartholomew, Lot: D-387
Gerrish, John, Lot: E-480, d. 12/20/1719
Gerrish, John, Lot: E-476, d. 12/13/1771
Gerrish, Rebecca, Lot: C-353, d. 10/29/1743
Gerrish, William, Lot: E-475, d. 6/18/1724
Gilbirit, William, Lot: C-254, d. 1/12/1692
Gilcrest, James, Lot: A-61, d. 8/27/1722
Gillam, Joseph, Lot: E-535, d. 2/27/1683
Gooding, Freelove, Lot: A-72, d. 7/15/1716
Gordon, Hannah, Lot: E-523, d. 12/31/1787
Gordon, Marcy, Lot: C-284, d. 8/12/1783
Gordon, William, Lot: E-523, d. 7/6/1789
Gray, Winthrop, Lot: B-113, d. 6/3/1782
Green, Mary, Lot: E-461, d. 4/6/1755
Greenleafe, Bethiah, Lot: C-365, d. 12/28/1678
Greenleafe, Mary, Lot: C-285, d. 8/17/1715
Griffiths, William, Lot: E-522, d. 9/25/1759
Griggs, Hannah, Lot: A-108, d. 2/4/1679
Griggs, Hannah, Lot: B-126, d. 6/17/1759
Griggs, William, Lot: A-108, d. 3/31/1683
Grigs, Thankful, Lot: A-105, d. 8/5/1729
Grigs, William, Lot: A-105, d. 10/27/1722
Grover, John, Lot: D-451, d. 8/28/1747
Gudridge, Joseph, Lot: E-554, d. 5/17/1745
H, G, Lot: E-543
Halewell, William, Lot: C-357, d. 8/18/1702
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: C-336, d. 2/24/1777
Hall, Mary, Lot: B-145, d. 8/27/1737
Hallowell, William, Lot: C-361, d. 6/13/1750
Hallowell, William, Lot: C-247, d. 1750
Halyburton, Mary, Lot: C-203, d. 11/6/1721
Hancock, Elizabeth, Lot: B-151, d. 1/5/1770
Hancock, Elizabeth, Lot: B151, d. 1/5/1770
Hannah, Foster, Lot: E-549, d. 9/4/1747
Hardcastle, Elizabeth, Lot: A-96, d. 10/18/1756
Harris, Benjamin, Lot: C-199, d. 9/27/1722
Harris, Martha, Lot: C-221, d. 12/28/1692
Harris, Rachel, Lot: A-60, d. 7/9/1758
Harris, Sarah, Lot: C-199, d. 10/25/1721
Hawkins, Dorothy, Lot: B-148, d. 8/24/2016
Hawkins, Mary, Lot: A-35, d. 3/12/1692
Henley, Lot: E-533
Henly, Naomi, Lot: E-574, d. 8/19/1693
Hill, John, Lot: C-252, d. 12/10/1697
Hill, John, Lot: C252, d. 12/10/1697
Hill, Mary, Lot: C-312, d. 8/5/1714
Hill, Mary, Lot: C312, d. 8/5/1714
Hiller, Hannah, Lot: A-91, d. 12/26/1774
Hiller, Joseph, Lot: A-90, d. 7/20/1758
Hoar, Samuel, Lot: C-335, d. 12/24/1673
Hoar, William, Lot: C-335, d. 4/14/1671
Hobbs, Ann, Lot: B-183, d. 11/13/1716
Holland, Elizabeth, Lot: E-510, d. 3/7/1703
Hollowell, Mary, Lot: C-358, d. 7/11/1744
Holms, Jonathan, Lot: A-58, d. 8/17/1744
Holowall, Thomas, Lot: C-346, d. 2/12/1678
Homer, Benjamin, Lot: D-T12
Homer, Hannah, Lot: B-169, d. 9/15/1769
Homer, Hannah, Lot: B-170, d. 1776
Homer, Michael, Lot: C-214, d. 4/1/1760
Homer, Michael, Lot: C214, d. 4/28/1760
Homer, Michael, Lot: C-244, d. 1760
Homer, Sarah, Lot: C-215, d. 2/1/1758
Homer, Sarah, Lot: C215, d. 2/16/1758
Homer, Sarah, Lot: C-220, d. 10/5/1792
Hood, Amey, Lot: C-307, d. 12/10/1735
Hood, Deborah, Lot: E-541, d. 7/9/1732
Hood, Piscilla, Lot: C-243
Hood, Priscilla, Lot: C-280, d. 4/20/1738
Hood, Priscilla, Lot: C280, d. 4/20/1738
Hood, Samuel, Lot: C-303, d. 1/19/1732
Hook, Richard, Lot: C-287
Hooper, James, Lot: C-319, d. 1/18/1688
How, Abraham, Lot: E-549, d. 2/12/1740
How, Abraham, Lot: E549, d. 2/12/1740
How, Peborah, Lot: B-187, d. 1/16/1743
How, Thomas, Lot: E-553, d. 10/4/1734
Howard, Abigail, Lot: D-401, d. 8/22/1738
Howard, James, Lot: D-408, d. 5/15/1736
Howard, John, Lot: E-557, d. 5/12/1731
Howard, Jon, Lot: E-T27
Howard, Joseph, Lot: D-410, d. 3/2/1723
Howard, Mary, Lot: D-405, d. 10/6/1746
Hudson, James, Lot: E-561, d. 7/9/1689
Hughes, Elizabeth, Lot: A-9, d. 3/26/1734
Hunewell, Richard, Lot: D-377
Hutson, William, Lot: C-242, d. 12/6/1680
Indicott, John, Lot: A-86, d. 12/7/1711
Indicott, Lydia, Lot: E-569, d. 9/9/1702
Indicott, Mary, Lot: E497, d. 8/30/1718
Indicott, Mary, Lot: E-497, d. 9/30/1718
Ingersoll, Sarah, Lot: A-49, d. 11/7/1775
Ingleshbe, John, Lot: A-103, d. 11/17/1678
Ingraham, Henry, Lot: B-164, d. 4/26/1719
Ingraham, John, Lot: C-235, d. 8/6/1778
Ingraham, Susanna, Lot: D-396, d. 1770
J, M, Lot: B-167
Jacob, Jane, Lot: D-406, d. 1/1/1686
James, Susannah, Lot: B-168, d. 10/26/1746
Jefferds, Mary, Lot: C-206, d. 11/30/1717
Jefferds, Mary, Lot: C206, d. 11/30/1717
Jeffries, Abraham, Lot: B-149, d. 4/13/1760
Jepson, Ruth, Lot: E-505, d. 10/27/1695
Jepson, William, Lot: E-502, d. 2/1/1745
Jepson, William, Lot: E-501, d. 12/24/1746
Johnson, Anna, Lot: C-291, d. 4/11/1743
Johnson, Mary, Lot: C-230, d. 2/18/1735
Johnston, Thomas, Lot: E-492, d. 5/8/1767
Johnston, Thomas, Lot: E492, d. 5/8/1767
Jones, Sarah, Lot: C-236, d. 11/16/1721
Joyes, Elizabeth, Lot: A-93
Joyes, John, Lot: A-93, d. 11/15/1684
Joyes, Mary, Lot: A-93, d. 7/5/1688
Joyes, Sarah, Lot: A-93, d. 7/1/1688
Joyes, William, Lot: A-93, d. 7/20/1688
Keats, Elizabeth, Lot: A-100, d. 4/20/1709
Keayne, Robert, Lot: E-T22
Kins, Lot: B-188, d. 2/1/1712
Kinsley, Stephen, Lot: C-234, d. 3/28/1744
Kneeland, Lot: D-381
Kneeland, James, Lot: B-141, d. 8/25/1702
Kneeland, Joseph, Lot: B-190, d. 10/12/1760
Kneeland, Joseph, Lot: B-146, d. 1760
Kneeland, Joseph, Lot: B146, d. 1760
Kneeland, Sarah, Lot: B-154, d. 9/26/1759
Knock, Mary, Lot: E-517, d. 1/15/1724
Knock, William, Lot: E-518, d. 9/2/1724
Lake, Lancelot, Lot: C-226, d. 9/17/1715
Lamb, James, Lot: B-163, d. 10/2/1774
Lambert, John, Lot: B-131, d. 11/21/1740
Landon, David, Lot: E-556, d. 1/22/1725
Lane, Sarah, Lot: C-216, d. 1781
Lawrance, John, Lot: B-161, d. 6/30/1732
Lee, John, Lot: A-79, d. 6/8/1712
Lefaver, Thomas, Lot: E-573
Lehr, Christopher, Lot: D-449, d. 6/19/1775
Lehr, Christopher, Lot: D-443
Lehr, Sophia, Lot: D-450, d. 11/6/1786
Leveret, Sarah, Lot: D-411, d. 6/7/1679
Lewes, Elizabeth, Lot: E-559, d. 9/13/1718
Logan, Lydia, Lot: D-436, d. 9/2/1745
Loring, Elizabeth, Lot: A-8, d. 4/26/1756
Loring, Henry, Lot: E-488, d. 6/21/1793
Loring, Jonathan, Lot: A-5, d. 10/15/1752
Loring, Joshua, Lot: E-485, d. 10/7/1767
Loring, Joshua, Lot: E485, d. 10/7/1767
Loring, Nathaniel, Lot: A-50, d. 12/16/1744
Loring, Polly, Lot: C-323, d. 10/4/1792
Loring, Polly, Lot: C-293, d. 1792
Loring, Rebecca, Lot: A-48, d. 3/14/1766
Loring, Susannah, Lot: A-56, d. 2/23/1745
Lothrop, Thomas, Lot: A-98, d. 3/4/1740
Lovell, Priscilla, Lot: D-415, d. 3/5/1762
Lowden, Hannah, Lot: C-276, d. 7/5/1732
Lowden, Lydia, Lot: C-255, d. 6/9/1781
Lowden, Rebecca, Lot: C-198, d. 4/21/1789
M, N, Lot: C-301
Maccarty, Margret, Lot: E-486, d. 1/2/1739
Maccarty, William, Lot: E-490, d. 7/29/1756
MacCarty, William, Lot: E490, d. 7/29/1756
Man, Mary, Lot: C-325, d. 5/27/1678
Man, Mary, Lot: C-340, d. 11/6/1678
Manning, George, Lot: C218, d. 6/24/1679
Manning, Hannah, Lot: B-156, d. 4/14/1712
Marion, Edward, Lot: C-359, d. 5/20/1771
Marion, Isaac, Lot: C-364, d. 6/25/1724
Marion, John, Lot: C-207, d. 2/28/1698
Marion, John, Lot: C-363, d. 1/7/1705
Marion, Sarah, Lot: C-363, d. 2/3/2016
Marrion, Isaac, Lot: B-166, d. 12/2/1731
Marrion, Phebee, Lot: C-362, d. 10/1/1724
Marrion, Samuel, Lot: C-337, d. 8/6/1726
Marrion, Samuel, Lot: C337, d. 8/6/1726
Marshall, Margaret, Lot: A-27, d. 2/5/1753
Martin, Huamy, Lot: E-542, d. 1/1/1721
Mason, Jacob, Lot: E-538, d. 12/25/1726
Mason, Mary, Lot: E-539, d. 9/17/1702
Mather, Sarah, Lot: D-452, d. 5/27/1676
Mattocke, Zacheas, Lot: C-241, d. December
Maxwell, Abigail, Lot: C-321, d. 12/2/1744
Maxwell, Abigail, Lot: C-322, d. 8/24/1751
Maxwell, William, Lot: C-322, d. 8/20/1774
Maylem, Elizth, Lot: A-40
Maylem, John, Lot: A-40, d. 6/11/1747
Maylem, Mark, Lot: A-76, d. 2/26/1733
Maylem, Mark, Lot: A-40
Maylom, Joseph, Lot: A-78, d. 1/29/1732
Mayn, John, Lot: C-329, d. 3/28/1694
Mcdaniel, Hugh, Lot: C-246, d. 3/29/1770
Mcdaniel, Sarah, Lot: C-245, d. 1/27/1795
Mcdaniel, Sarah, Lot: C-250, d. 1795
Mellows, John, Lot: A-81, d. 2/14/1689
Milborn, William, Lot: B-185, d. 4/1/2016
Miller, Samuel, Lot: C-331, d. 7/20/1758
Milles, Elizabeth, Lot: A46, d. 5/20/1702
Milles, Elizabeth, Lot: A-46, d. 5/20/1703
Millis, Mary, Lot: A-46, d. 4/18/1702
Mills, George, Lot: C-268, d. 8/27/1736
Mitchell, Lot: B-179, d. 9/5/1720
Moffatt, Thomas, Lot: D-397, d. 3/11/1748
Moorcock, Mary, Lot: A-89, d. 11/15/1741
Moore, John, Lot: D-400, d. 7/7/1693
Moore, William, Lot: C-374, d. 5/20/1790
Nash, Mary, Lot: E-547, d. 11/22/1700
Newell, John, Lot: C-306, d. 6/13/1792
Newell, John, Lot: C-275, d. 1792
Newell, Martha, Lot: C-295, d. 10/27/1784
Newman, Henry, Lot: D-384, d. 2/22/1759
Nickels, John, Lot: B-160, d. 8/31/1753
Nottage, Sarah, Lot: E-512, d. 8/3/1746
Nottage, Sarah, Lot: E512, d. 8/3/1746
Obrine, Dennis, Lot: C-338, d. 4/14/1781
Odlin, Elishua, Lot: C-294, d. 8/1/1729
Oxenbridge, Susanah, Lot: D-438, d. 3/2/1695
Oxnbridge, John, Lot: D-432, d. 12/28/1674
P, T, Lot: E-572
P, W, Lot: B-193, d. 1672
Paddy, Mary, Lot: C-223, d. 10/21/1675
Paddy, Thomas, Lot: C-222, d. 2/3/1690
Paddy, William, Lot: C-224, d. 8/1/1658
Pain, Elizabeth, Lot: E-537, d. 11/26/1704
Paine, John, Lot: B-127, d. 12/30/1745
Parkman, Samuel, Lot: A-T2, d. 1790
Passmore, Mary, Lot: E-491, d. 1756
Pateshall, Martha, Lot: D-412, d. 4/21/1713
Pawes, William, Lot: B-T5, d. 4/6/1745
Pearce, Joseph, Lot: C-279, d. 1/28/1697
Pearce, Joseph, Lot: B-180, d. August
Pearce, Joseph, Lot: C-289
Pecker, Susanna, Lot: A-104, d. 9/23/1769
Peniman, James, Lot: B-138, d. "February 29, 1735"
Peniman, James Rand, Lot: B138, d. "February 29, 1735"
Penniman, Mary, Lot: A-63, d. 9/24/1717
Perkins, Edmund, Lot: D-458, d. 5/24/1761
Perkins, Edmund, Lot: A-62
Perring, Lydia, Lot: C-213, d. 10/2/1678
Phillips, Abigail, Lot: E-T28, d. 12/6/1837
Phillips, Ben, Lot: E-T28, d. 8/3/1638
Phillips, Family, Lot: E-T28
Phillips, Mary, Lot: E-T28, d. 3/3/1837
Phillips, Turner, Lot: E-T28, d. 9/13/1836
Phillips, William, Lot: E-466, d. 4/17/1705
Phillips, William, Lot: E446, d. 4/17/1705
Phillips, William, Lot: E-457, d. 6/29/1754
Pitts, James, Lot: E-575, d. 1823
Pons, Thomas, Lot: D-380, d. 1806
Porcter, Richard, Lot: A-59, d. "28, 1719"
Porter, Mary, Lot: E-477, d. 12/24/1733
Porter, Matthew, Lot: A-88, d. 8/25/2016
Price, Ann, Lot: D-434, d. 5/20/1673
Procter, John, Lot: E-564, d. 11/3/1773
Procter, John, Lot: E-565, d. 1757
Procter, John, Lot: C-286
Procter, Lydia, Lot: E-563, d. 10/14/1750
Procter, Rachel, Lot: A-59, d. 6/11/1748
Procter, Thomas, Lot: E-459, d. 2/20/1768
Quick, Alice, Lot: C-208, d. 11/6/1761
Quick, Alice, Lot: C208, d. 11/6/1767
Quick, Fragment, Lot: C-267, d. 4/6/1728
Rand, Sarah, Lot: E-484, d. 11/3/1719
Rand, Sarah, Lot: E-494
Ranger, Sarah, Lot: D-379, d. 8/3/1675
Raymar, Elizabeth, Lot: E-520, d. 11/4/1733
Raymar, James, Lot: C-281, d. 7/7/1717
Raymar, Martha, Lot: C-282, d. 8/2/1764
Raymar, Sarah, Lot: E-524, d. 8/1/1742
Raymar, Sarah, Lot: B-186
Raynford, Edward, Lot: D-431, d. 8/1/1682
Raynsford, Edward, Lot: D-429, d. 8/6/1686
Raynsford, Elizabeth, Lot: D-430, d. 11/16/1688
Richards, Paul, Lot: E-581
Richards, Susannah, Lot: C-292, d. 8/10/1728
Richards, Susannah, Lot: C292, d. 8/10/1728
Ridgway, James, Lot: D-422, d. 2/20/1772
Ridgway, Mehita, Lot: D-444
Ridgway, Mehitable, Lot: D-423, d. 7/10/1774
Roberts, Luke, Lot: A-28, d. 9/25/1780
Roberts, Mary, Lot: A-29, d. 1/14/1773
Rogers, Lot: C-369, d. 7/24/1727
Rogers, Ann, Lot: C-367, d. 12/15/1723
Rogers, Marcy, Lot: C-360, d. 3/26/1714
Rogers, Marcy, Lot: C-238, d. 10/20/1721
Rogers, Williams, Lot: B-112, d. 10/23/1792
Rollings, Lydia, Lot: A-53, d. 5/2/1727
Rose, John, Lot: C-265, d. 10/10/1739
Rose, John, Lot: C265, d. 10/10/1739
Ruggles, John, Lot: D-445, d. 5/23/1693
Ruggles, John, Lot: C-270, d. 12/1/1743
Ruggles, John, Lot: C270, d. 12/1/1743
Ruggles, John, Lot: C-227, d. 5/23/1774
Russel, John, Lot: A-33
Russell, John, Lot: A-74, d. 12/21/1680
Russell, Joseph, Lot: A-73, d. 3/13/1713
Russell, Joseph, Lot: A73, d. 3/13/1713
Russell, Joseph, Lot: A-36, d. 4/18/1730
Russell, Mary, Lot: E-467, d. 3/28/1715
Russell, Susannah, Lot: A-75, d. 10/20/1767
Russell, Thomas, Lot: A-69, d. 9/1/1760
Rust, Elizabeth, Lot: B-176
S, Ann, Lot: C-229, d. February
Sale, Alles, Lot: A-7, d. 10/23/1679
Salisbury, Samuel, Lot: D-T13
Salter, Abigail, Lot: B-115, d. 5/22/1759
Salter, Elizabeth, Lot: B-121, d. 10/29/1726
Salter, Elizabeth, Lot: A-85, d. 8/4/1788
Salter, Elizabeth, Lot: A-83
Salter, Jabez, Lot: B-120, d. 12/31/1720
Salter, Jonathan, Lot: C-356, d. 9/17/1743
Salter, Jonathan, Lot: C356, d. 9/17/1743
Salter, Sarah, Lot: A-55, d. 12/20/1747
Salter, William, Lot: B-147, d. 8/10/1675
Sanders, Joshah, Lot: B-143, d. 8/5/1708
Sanders, Josiah, Lot: C-348, d. 4/19/1726
Sanders, Rebecca, Lot: C-351, d. 3/4/1745
Sanders, Rebecca, Lot: C-256
Sanford, Peleg, Lot: C209, d. 10/2/1702
Sanford, Peleg, Lot: C-209, d. 10/2/2016
Sanford, Peleg, Lot: C-204
Sarah, Indicot, Lot: A-54, d. 10/30/1721
Savage, Thomas, Lot: C-T10, d. 2/15/2016
Sellon, Samuel, Lot: E-583
Sewall, Joseph, Lot: B-T4, d. 1816
Seymore, Mary, Lot: C-366, d. 4/22/1736
Seymore, Thomas, Lot: C-366, d. 8/8/1736
Seymour, Mary, Lot: B-191
Sharp, Elizabeth, Lot: C-332, d. 8/29/1721
Sharp, Elizabeth, Lot: C332, d. 8/29/1721
Sharp, Richard, Lot: C-333, d. 8/5/1677
Shippen, Elizabeth, Lot: C-347, d. 12/18/1692
Shorburne, Joseph, Lot: E-580
Simpson, Ann, Lot: E-496, d. 10/30/1694
Skinner, James, Lot: B-165, d. 10/17/1701
Skinner, Thomas, Lot: A-70, d. 12/28/1690
Skinner, Thomas, Lot: A70, d. 12/28/1690
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: B-111, d. 7/20/1733
Smith, James, Lot: B-132, d. 4/2/1732
Smith, James, Lot: A-T1
Smith, Martin, Lot: D-376, d. 1839
Smith, Martin, Lot: C-210
Smith, Martin, Lot: E-T21
Smith, Martin, Lot: E-T29
Smith, Mary, Lot: B-162, d. 4/1/1723
Smith, Mary, Lot: A-41
Smith, Mehitable, Lot: A-41, d. 9/3/1703
Smith, Philip, Lot: B-137, d. 7/24/1795
Smith, Samuel, Lot: E-487, d. 11/4/1678
Smith, Seth, Lot: B-111, d. 11/28/1721
Smith, Thomas, Lot: C-352, d. 11/2/1693
Souter, Elizabeth, Lot: E-54, d. 10/14/1730
Souter, Elizabeth, Lot: E511, d. 10/14/1730
Souther, John, Lot: E-509, d. 2/14/1747
Sowden, Tamasin, Lot: C-201, d. 1770
Sprague, Rebecca, Lot: C-349, d. 10/18/1747
Sprague, Rebecca, Lot: C-257
Squier, Philip, Lot: A-31, d. "February 29, 1693"
Stanbridge, Edward, Lot: A-97, d. 7/11/1734
Stanbridge, Edward, Lot: A-99, d. 10/6/1740
Star, Mary, Lot: A-77, d. 3/17/1715
Starr, Comfort, Lot: D-409, d. 7/6/1659
Steel, Lot: D-390
Steel, John, Lot: D-393, d. 10/1/1813
Stodder, Jonathan, Lot: B-130, d. 1820
Stone, Daniel, Lot: E-454, d. 3/20/1686
Sugar, Gregory, Lot: C-266, d. 3/16/1718
Sugar, Jane, Lot: C-264, d. 5/5/1714
Suger, John, Lot: C-262, d. 8/28/1700
Sweetser, Urssileur, Lot: A-67, d. 5/5/1727
T, D, Lot: E-495, d. 9/17/1843
T, J, Lot: B-139
Tapping, Lot: C-373, d. 9/1/1767
Tapping, John, Lot: C373, d. 9/14/1678
Tapping, Joseph, Lot: C-371, d. 12/20/1678
Tarbett, Ann, Lot: C-248, d. 5/16/1770
Tarlton, Henry, Lot: A-94, d. 9/12/1680
Tarlton, Mary, Lot: A-92, d. 10/11/1678
Tarlton, Mary, Lot: A92, d. 10/11/1678
Tawing, Nathaniel, Lot: C-277
Taylor, William, Lot: E-529, d. 2/16/1789
Thawing, Martha, Lot: C-274
Thayer, Ephraim, Lot: E-582
Thayer, Rebecca, Lot: E-582
Thornbe, Lydia, Lot: E-555, d. 11/4/1721
Thornton, Mary, Lot: A-18, d. 8/19/1766
Thwing, Hannah, Lot: C-313, d. 1/8/1789
Thwing, Ionna, Lot: C311, d. 9/6/1749
Thwing, James, Lot: C-310, d. 12/11/1789
Thwing, James, Lot: C-278, d. 1789
Thwing, Joanna, Lot: C-311, d. 9/6/1749
Thwing, John, Lot: C-304, d. 9/6/1690
Thwing, Martha, Lot: C-309, d. 9/26/1747
Thwing, Martha, Lot: C-315, d. 8/24/1760
Thwing, Martha, Lot: C-342, d. 10/5/1771
Thwing, Martha, Lot: C342, d. 10/5/1771
Thwing, Martha, Lot: C-308, d. 9/5/1794
Thwing, Mary, Lot: C-341, d. 8/14/1748
Thwing, Mary, Lot: C-316, d. 8/17/1765
Thwing, Mary, Lot: E-521, d. 9/19/1774
Thwing, Nathaniel, Lot: C-305, d. 4/18/1768
Thwing, Sarah, Lot: C-314, d. 9/3/1753
Thwing, William, Lot: E-526, d. 12/1/1767
Tilden, Joseph, Lot: D-386
Tilden, Thomas, Lot: D-386
Todd, Sarah, Lot: C-269, d. 5/9/1777
Todd, Sarah, Lot: C269, d. 5/9/1777
Towers, John, Lot: A-37, d. 3/17/1680
Towers, Leah, Lot: A-37
Towers, William, Lot: A-37
Townsend, James, Lot: D-T19
Tracy, Charles, Lot: D-391, d. 11/16/1831
Trevett, John, Lot: A-106
Tudor, John, Lot: E-576
Tufts, John, Lot: C-328
Turell, Sarah, Lot: D-402
Tyler, John, Lot: C-283, d. 6/9/1768
Tyler, William, Lot: D-393, d. 7/1/1758
Tyley, Samuel, Lot: D-382
Vifuen, Elizabeth, Lot: A-12, d. 10/18/1721
Vollintine, Rebecca, Lot: C-239, d. 8/11/1769
Vsher, Hezekiah, Lot: D-T14
Wadsworth, Nancy, Lot: C-327, d. 7/7/1781
Wadsworth, Nancy, Lot: C-297, d. 1781
Waite, Abigail, Lot: C-302, d. 7/11/1716
Waite, Abigail, Lot: C-298, d. 11/29/1717
Waite, Martha, Lot: C-372, d. 9/16/1681
Waite, Returne, Lot: C-299, d. 9/1/1702
Waite, Richard, Lot: C-299, d. 9/17/1680
Wakefield, Obariah, Lot: C-288, d. 5/15/1733
Wakefield, Susannah, Lot: C-290, d. 9/21/1709
Waldo, Hannah, Lot: D-413, d. 9/9/1728
Waldo, Samuel, Lot: E-584
Walker, Isaac, Lot: E-570, d. 10/19/1688
Walker, Sarah, Lot: C-233, d. 11/13/1754
Wardell, Mary, Lot: C-330, d. 5/2/1790
Wardell, Mary, Lot: C-258, d. 1790
Watkins, John, Lot: C-263, d. 4/2/1743
Watson, Elizabeth, Lot: A-54, d. 5/23/1722
Webb, Nehemiah, Lot: C-251, d. 7/18/1706
Webber, Sarah, Lot: B-158, d. 9/14/1753
Webster, Mary, Lot: D-433, d. 9/4/1724
Weir, Ann, Lot: E-506, d. 2/1/1720
Welch, John, Lot: D-T11
Welcom, Mehetabel, Lot: B-119, d. 10/23/1694
Welles, Arnold, Lot: E-585
Wendell, Jacob, Lot: D-395, d. 1761
West, Mary, Lot: A-47, d. 2/26/1687
Wharton, Dorothy, Lot: C-320, d. 5/18/1776
Wharton, John, Lot: C-320, d. 12/31/1768
Wharton, Thomas, Lot: C-320, d. 12/31/1738
Wheeler, Elizabeth, Lot: C-202, d. 2/18/1758
Wheeler, Samuel, Lot: E-552, d. 8/1/1747
Wheeler, Sarah, Lot: E-550, d. 9/17/1731
Wheeler, Thomas, Lot: E-550, d. 7/17/1705
Wheelwright, John, Lot: D-389
Whitcraft, John, Lot: C-259, d. 7/9/1689
White, Abigail, Lot: C-249, d. 7/2/1763
White, Abigail, Lot: B-172
White, Deborah, Lot: C-300, d. 11/15/1768
White, Elisabeth, Lot: B-128, d. 3/12/1772
White, Joseph, Lot: A-30, d. 5/13/1751
White, Katherine, Lot: A-32, d. 11/12/1761
White, Katherine, Lot: A32, d. 11/12/1761
White, Mary, Lot: C-271A], d. 8/31/1792
White, Sally, Lot: C-271, d. 4/24/1794
White, Sarah, Lot: A-71, d. 5/14/1742
White, William, Lot: B-174
Whiting, Mary, Lot: E-453, d. 1/7/1774
Willard, Mary, Lot: A-7, d. 6/19/1720
Williams, John, Lot: E-571, d. 3/8/1747
Williams, Mary, Lot: E-489, d. 7/16/1780
Williamson, Elias, Lot: E-562, d. 9/10/1743
Winchcomb, Mary, Lot: E-515, d. 8/20/1717
Winfield, Martha, Lot: B-142, d. 7/22/1779
Winsley, Elizabeth, Lot: C-197, d. 2/3/1710
Winslow, John, Lot: C-T8
Winsor, Joshua, Lot: E-504, d. 11/13/1717
Winsor, Sarah, Lot: E-504, d. 11/14/1717
Winthrop, Adam, Lot: D-T20, d. 1700
Winthrop, Adam, Lot: D-T15
Winthrop, Ann, Lot: D-T20, d. 1789
Winthrop, Colonel, Lot: D-T20, d. 1743
Winthrop, Fitz, Lot: D-T20, d. 1707
Winthrop, Francis, Lot: D-T20, d. 1819
Winthrop, John, Lot: D-T20, d. 1649
Winthrop, John, Lot: D-T20, d. 1676
Winthrop, John, Lot: D-T20, d. 1779
Winthrop, Still, Lot: D-T20, d. 1717
Winthrop, Thomas, Lot: D-T20, d. 1841
Winthrop, Thomas, Lot: D-T20, d. 1920
Woode, Isaac, Lot: E-462, d. 7/4/1685
Youens, William, Lot: E-483, d. 4/14/1750

Unidentified Graves

Alphabet, Stone, Lot: C-296

Kings, Chapel, Lot: A-57, d. 8/6/1739

Illegible, Lot: C-218, d. 6/24/1679
Illegible, Lot: A-10
Illegible, Lot: A-17
Illegible, Lot: D-398

Frag, Lot: E-530, d. 6/25/1680
Fragment, Lot: C-211

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