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About Interment.net

Interment.net is a publisher of cemetery transcriptions for use by genealogists and local historians. Much of what we publish comes from genealogists, local historians, cemetery enthusiasts with a desire to preserve cemeteries by creating an electronic record.

We maintain an online archive of transcriptions that spans tens of thousands of cemeteries across the world. Visitors use our online library to help them locate burials of their family and friends, trace their family history, and learn about local history.

About 500,000 people each month visit Interment.net to use our archive, making us one of the most popular FREE genealogical references on the Internet.

We also source burial records from government agencies (city, county, state, federal), as well as churches, genealogical, and historical groups.

Many of the transcriptions published here are of cemeteries that no longer exist. Hence, Interment.net provides a place where cemeteries can be preserved in documentation and used by generation after generation.

Learn how to get your cemetery transcription published here.

What Makes Us Different From Find-a-Grave and Billion Graves?

Transcriptions published on this website are protected from edits. That is, we do not allow other individuals to log-in and make edits to transcriptions or records. Any transcription you contribute to Interment.net can only be edited by you.

The purpose of this is to maintain authenticity of a transcription. We understand that it is important to genealogists and historians to know that each transcription they are looking at is the original work, and not something that was edited several times over by numerous people.

Who runs Interment.net?

Intermnnet.net is owned by Clear Digital Media, Inc. Our company has no affiliation with Ancestry.com nor any other genealogy publisher or genealogy company.

Steve Johnson is the founder of Interment.net and continues to this day handling editing and publishing duties.

We also maintain a small staff to handle advertising sales, accounting, and social media marketing.

How is it funded?

It's funded through a sponsorship with GenealogyBank.com. GenealogyBank does not have an ownership in Interment.net, it simply gets advertising placement throughout our pages. Their advertisements you see on Interment.net make it possible to keep our services free to the public. Our costs are enormous, due to the high traffic accessing our archives, and the hundreds of gigabytes of data we serve up each day.

The History of Interment.net

Interment.net debuted in March of 1997 as a directory of links to websites that publish cemetery records. The site was created by Steve Johnson at a time when online genealogy had just started. The website originally started out as a single webpage, and as more links were compiled, additional webpages were added.

As traffic grew, visitors began submitting actual burial records from cemeteries, hoping that they could be published here. The decision was made to publish them.

In December of 1998, the "interment.net" domain name was registered.

In April of 2001, Interment.net became the largest and most popular resource of cemetery records and media. We also became the most heavily trafficked website relating to cemeteries and funerals, as well as a member of the top 10 most busiest genealogy websites in the United States (PC Data Online, March 2001).

In May of 2005, we incorporated operations into a company called Clear Digital Media, Inc. which owns and operates Interment.net today.

Read History of Interment.net for more historical background.

Awards and Recognition

We continued to be voted as among the "Top 101 Genealogy Websites" by Family Tree Magazine.

Those who have presented us with an award or special recognition have done so purely upon their own actions, without any self-nomination.  Visit our Awards Gallery to view the awards we have received.

Mobile Version of Interment.net

Back in the Summer of 2000 we launched a mobile version of Interment.net, back when the Palm Pilots started catching on. We partnered with AvantGo, a mobile content syndication service to deliver Interment.net to handheld users.

We no longer provide a mobile version. But you can still see our "Promo Page" that explains our mobile version, and even shows you some screenshots.

If you have a handheld computer, iPhone, or Blackberry Storm, you can follow us on Twitter.

Cemetery Photos

At one time we tried to maintain a "Featured Photo" page. It never caught on. You can still see it here: Featured Photo.

Cemetery Help

Years ago we ran a series of articles providing help and assistance with the website, and how to conduct your research. We don't provide personal assistance, but you can still find our original help articles here: Help With This Website.

News & Media

Visit our press page.

cemetery records

A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.

Clear Digital Media, Inc.

What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.