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Copps Hill Burying Ground
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

copps hill burying ground
Copps Hill Burying Ground

GPS: 42.367169, -71.055758

45 Hull St.
Boston, MA 02113

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 2,315

Copps Hill Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Copps Hill Burying ground was originally called North Burying Ground. It was the second place of interment on the Boston peninsula and was laid out in 1659. The area acquired its present name through its association with William Copp, a shoemaker and early settler who lived near today's Prince Street.

During the Revolution, the burying ground's prominent location overlooking the harbor gave it strategic military importance. At its southwest side the British established their North Battery and an earthworks from which they directed the shelling of Bunker Hill and ultimately the torching of Charlestown. Legend has it that British troops used gravestones for target practice. Many have interpreted the round scars of the Captain Daniel Malcolm gravemarker as the result of musketballs shot at close range.

Used continually as a burying ground through the 1850s, Copp's Hill is the final resting place of over 10,000 people. The Mather tomb contains the remains of the prominent ministerial family. Also interred here are Edmund Hartt, the builder of the USS Constitution; Robert Newman, who placed the lanterns at Christ Church on the eve of Paul Revere's famous ride; and Prince Hall, anti-slavery activist, Revolutionary War soldier, and founder of the black Masonic Order. By the time of the Revolutionary War, more than 1,000 free blacks and slaves were buried at Copp's Hill. In addition, thousands of artisans and tradesmen are buried here. The gravemarkers and their epitaphs reflect the nature of the seventeenth and eighteenth-century economy of the North End.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, E
, Lot: D-118
A, I, Lot: F-206
A, I, Lot: G-82
A, J, Lot: C-63
Abrahamss, Bensamin, Lot: D-6, d. 9/5/1817
Abrams, Williams, Lot: C-416, d. 1811
Adam, Rebeckah, Lot: C-166, d. 12/22/1731
Adams, Abigail, Lot: F-178
Adams, Abraham, Lot: C-237, d. 4/6/1700
Adams, Alexander, Lot: C-212, d. 1/15/1677
Adams, Daueid, Lot: C-228, d. 7/3/1705
Adams, Elijah, Lot: C-6, d. 8/25/1798
Adams, Elijah, Lot: C-7, d. 8/25/1798
Adams, Elizabeth, Lot: F-241, d. 8/11/1986
Adams, Hannah, Lot: A-253, d. 12/5/1723
Adams, Isaac, Lot: F-256, d. 12/30/1732
Adams, James, Lot: F-293, d. 6/17/1718
Adams, John, Lot: F-58, d. 4/2/1737
Adams, John, Lot: F-63, d. 12/18/1747
Adams, John, Lot: F-61, d. 3/1/1783
Adams, John, Lot: F-62, d. 1783
Adams, Jonathan, Lot: F-141, d. 4/7/1707
Adams, Joseph, Lot: F-108, d. 8/13/1745
Adams, Joseph, Lot: W-64, d. 1/10/1807
Adams, Judith, Lot: C-4, d. 8/22/1798
Adams, Judith, Lot: C-5, d. 8/22/1798
Adams, Margaret, Lot: F-92, d. 12/2/1733
Adams, Mary, Lot: C-213, d. 6/11/1707
Adams, Mary, Lot: A-250, d. 8/16/1745
Adams, Mary, Lot: G-4, d. 5/16/1791
Adams, Nathanel, Lot: C-169, d. 3/29/1689
Adams, Nathanie, Lot: F-290, d. 5/26/1745
Adams, Phillip, Lot: W-64, d. 1807
Adams, Thomas, Lot: G-12, d. 12/31/1781
Adams, Thomas, Lot: G-13, d. 1781
Albry, Christon, Lot: A-121, d. 9/1/1802
Albry, Christon, Lot: A-53, d. 1802
Alexander, William, Lot: W-56
Allcock, Abigail, Lot: A-267, d. 10/26/1784
Alley, Mary, Lot: J-59, d. 1/5/1812
Allin, Ebenezer, Lot: A-353, d. 8/31/1717
Allin, Edward, Lot: A-58, d. 9/29/1739
Amie, Lydia, Lot: A-244, d. 7/1/1749
Anderson, Lot: D-171, d. 8/11/1818
Anderson, Robert, Lot: A-36
Andrews, Elizabeth, Lot: J-117, d. 3/12/1816
Anns, Joseph, Lot: J-15, d. 1813
Archer, Ann, Lot: H-75, d. 9/20/1738
Armastrong, Mary, Lot: C-258, d. 1798
Armstrong, Matthew, Lot: B-46, d. 9/21/1709
Atkins, Henry, Lot: F-201, d. 12/31/1750
Atkins, Henry, Lot: W-58, d. 1805
Atkins, Isaiah, Lot: F-194, d. 5/13/1767
Atkins, John, Lot: F-202, d. 5/7/1765
Atkins, Silas, Lot: W-11
Attwood, Alice, Lot: A-43, d. 1770
Attwood, Mary, Lot: C-273, d. 3/3/1728
Atwood, Elizabeth, Lot: C-275
Atwood, John, Lot: C-269, d. 8/26/1714
Atwood, Martha, Lot: G-213, d. 11/9/1809
Aubins, Thomas, Lot: A-19, d. 9/14/1750
Augustus, Mary, Lot: A-7, d. 3/28/1759
Austill, Elizabeth, Lot: C-468, d. 1/18/1767
Austin, Joseph, Lot: J-7
Austin, William, Lot: A-131, d. 9/15/1792
Aves, Isaac, Lot: G-36
Aves, Rebeckah, Lot: A-362, d. 7/29/1772
Aves, Samuel, Lot: D-165, d. 10/3/1723
Ayers, John, Lot: D-172, d. 8/12/1711
Ayers, Nathaniel, Lot: F-275, d. 12/4/1731
Ayres, Abigail, Lot: F-213, d. 1/2/1677
B, A, Lot: A-343
B, E, Lot: G-243, d. 1809
B, J, Lot: D-169
B, J, Lot: F-134
B, M, Lot: F-82
B, R, Lot: A-239, d. 1731
B, Sarah, Lot: G-203, d. 9/11/1747
B, T, Lot: B-52
Babber, Polley, Lot: C-415, d. 9/12/1800
Badcock, Rebeckah, Lot: F-142, d. 11/12/1719
Badcock, Samuel, Lot: D-141, d. 10/24/1721
Bailey, Israel, Lot: C-115, d. 8/6/1721
Baker, Lot: H-76, d. 1819
Baker, Alexander, Lot: F-70
Baker, Elizabeth, Lot: A-245, d. 7/14/1688
Baker, Elizabeth, Lot: F-94, d. 6/10/1753
Baker, Joseph, Lot: A-359, d. 4/28/1707
Baker, Joseph, Lot: A-407
Baker, Josiah, Lot: A-420, d. 6/19/1729
Baker, Josiah, Lot: F-71, d. 4/19/1760
Baker, Josiah, Lot: A-421
Baker, Lydia, Lot: J-37, d. 1828
Baker, Nathaniel, Lot: A-392, d. 3/30/1702
Baker, Rebecca, Lot: A-405, d. 7/29/1708
Baker, Sarah, Lot: A-404, d. 8/14/1700
Balch, Elizabeth, Lot: D-134, d. 6/27/1728
Balford, Elizabeth, Lot: F-84, d. 3/16/1763
Ballard, Benjamin, Lot: A-322, d. 11/15/1718
Ballard, Benjamin, Lot: A-323, d. 11/15/1718
Ballard, Dorcas, Lot: A-315, d. 1/25/1737
Ballard, Dorcas, Lot: B-7, d. 6/22/1979
Ballard, Martha, Lot: A-204, d. 5/3/1767
Ballard, Mary, Lot: A-203, d. 12/18/1769
Ballard, Sarah, Lot: A-423, d. 12/15/1704
Ballaro, Samuel, Lot: D-62, d. 9/14/1744
Ballaro, Timothy, Lot: D-62, d. 11/30/1747
Ballord, Dorothy, Lot: D-62
Balls, Martha, Lot: D-151, d. 3/30/1765
Balls, Robert, Lot: D-153, d. 10/10/1774
Balls, Robert, Lot: D-154, d. 1774
Bankamp, John, Lot: F-159, d. 3/21/1805
Bankamp, John, Lot: F-160
Barbadoes, Abel, Lot: A-2, d. 3/22/1817
Barber, John, Lot: C-207, d. 12/4/1726
Barber, John, Lot: D-71, d. 12/2/1758
Barber, Mary, Lot: C-352, d. 3/5/1717
Barber, Samuel, Lot: D-72, d. 10/21/1746
Barber, Sarah, Lot: A-140, d. 10/26/1693
Barber, William, Lot: C-428, d. 4/20/1801
Barker, Abigail, Lot: J-52, d. 12/12/1812
Barker, Polly, Lot: D-111, d. 9/24/1798
Barker, Polly, Lot: D-115, d. 1798
Barnard, Alice, Lot: H-11
Barnard, Elizabeth, Lot: H-88, d. 9/4/1683
Barnard, Elizaeth, Lot: H-81, d. 9/14/1716
Barnard, John, Lot: H-82, d. 9/5/1719
Barnard, Mary, Lot: H-11, d. 1663
Barnard, Mathew, Lot: H-11, d. 5/9/1679
Barnard, Richard, Lot: C-131, d. 3/31/1745
Barnard, Sarah, Lot: F-121, d. 10/5/1685
Barnard, Thoams, Lot: H-86, d. 5/16/1730
Barnard, Thomas, Lot: H-85, d. 3/14/1715
Barnicoat, John, Lot: F-133, d. 2/23/1809
Barons, Leonard, Lot: A-74, d. 10/25/1765
Barr, Susanna, Lot: C-134, d. 3/10/1701
Barrer, Elizabeth, Lot: W-23, d. 4/24/1832
Barrer, Nathaniel, Lot: W-23, d. 10/14/1787
Barret, John, Lot: A-236, d. 10/1/1721
Barret, John, Lot: A-237, d. 1721
Barret, Rebeccah, Lot: A-238, d. 5/10/1731
Barrett, John, Lot: A-229
Barrett, Ladia Ellen Sanger, Lot: D-3, d. 8/28/1817
Barrett, Philander Wayne, Lot: D-3, d. 1817
Barrett, Samuel, Lot: A-228, d. 10/30/1767
Barstow, Jacob, Lot: I-10, d. 1819
Barter, James, Lot: A-70, d. 5/16/1757
Bartlett, Ebenezer, Lot: A-76, d. 6/27/1965
Bartlett, James, Lot: J-15, d. 1813
Bass, Moses, Lot: W-49, d. 1819
Bass, Philip, Lot: H-79, d. 8/9/1720
Bass, Phillip, Lot: H-77, d. 6/10/1761
Bass, Sarah, Lot: H-31, d. 7/7/1692
Bass, Sarah, Lot: H-71, d. 4/26/1746
Bassett, Lot: J-9A
Bassett, Mary, Lot: D-164, d. 10/12/1743
Baxter, Rufus, Lot: I-20, d. 1821
Bayley, Jane, Lot: I-18, d. 1820
Beal, Abigail, Lot: H-94, d. 11/16/1719
Beal, Caleb, Lot: A-429, d. 1801
Beath, Joseph, Lot: G-38, d. 1/24/1771
Beath, Joseph, Lot: G-104, d. 7/28/1780
Beath, Joseph, Lot: G-40
Beath, Seeth, Lot: G-38, d. 6/20/1779
Beatley, Ralph, Lot: C-426, d. 10/16/1804
Beeck, Tieleman, Lot: D-99, d. 4/8/1702
Beer, William, Lot: G-57, d. 12/11/1759
Beer, William, Lot: G-58
Beers, An, Lot: G-121, d. 1784
Beers, Ann, Lot: G-120, d. 12/18/1784
Bell, Edward, Lot: J-32, d. 1828
Bell, Mary, Lot: A-54, d. 9/15/1710
Bemis, Daniel, Lot: J-149, d. 9/30/1818
Benjamin, Lot: H-107
Bennet, Joseph, Lot: F-182, d. 3/1/1734
Bennet, Joseph, Lot: W-29
Bennet, Mary, Lot: F-68, d. 3/28/1728
Bennet, Sarah, Lot: C-343, d. 1803
Bennett, Rachael, Lot: J-96, d. 10/9/1814
Bennett, Sarah, Lot: C-144, d. 7/31/1765
Bennett, Sarah, Lot: C-145, d. 1765
Bennit, Sarah, Lot: C-92, d. 1/18/1682
Bentley, Susannah, Lot: A-422, d. 9/9/1748
Berry, Daniel, Lot: A-416, d. 6/18/1738
Berry, Daniel, Lot: F-3
Berry, Grage, Lot: C-30, d. 5/19/1695
Berry, Margarett, Lot: C-174, d. 7/27/1692
Bettens, John, Lot: H-28, d. 4/1/1762
Bickford, Abigail, Lot: C-403, d. 1/21/1728
Bickford, Elizabeth, Lot: A-341, d. 6/4/1710
Biill, James, Lot: C-451, d. 2/1/1688
Bill, Abigail, Lot: C-235, d. 11/7/1696
Bill, Hannah, Lot: G-283, d. 11/20/1760
Bill, Joseph, Lot: C-266, d. 2/3/1747
Bill, Mabel, Lot: C-266
Bill, Polly, Lot: A-388, d. 8/30/1782
Bistoff, Elizabeth, Lot: D-5, d. 4/7/1806
Black, Mary, Lot: J-60, d. 3/27/1812
Blackador, Mary, Lot: F-161, d. 10/23/1751
Blackman, Rebeca, Lot: H-101, d. 3/29/1715
Blake, Deboh, Lot: B-19, d. 1791
Blake, Deborah, Lot: B-18, d. 8/3/1791
Blake, Henry, Lot: F-99, d. 10/25/1805
Blake, Joseph, Lot: C-56, d. 12/3/1802
Blanding, Sarah, Lot: J-130, d. 4/22/1817
Blecher, Elizabeth, Lot: A-99, d. September
Boardman, Aaron, Lot: D-157, d. 6/9/1754
Bodge, Hannah, Lot: E-70, d. 11/10/1715
Boies, Margaret, Lot: F-117, d. 10/21/1779
Bommor, Margret, Lot: B-16, d. 6/1/1741
Bommor, Thomas, Lot: B-16, d. 6/1/1741
Bomor, Mary, Lot: A-361, d. 9/15/1767
Booden, Agnis, Lot: A-350, d. 3/8/1684
Boss, Lot: J-23, d. 1814
Bostin, James, Lot: J-186, d. 3/1/1818
Boucher, Mary, Lot: D-9, d. 9/2/1767
Bound, James, Lot: D-167, d. 11/6/1758
Bowe, Isaac, Lot: J-27
Bowles, Joshua, Lot: A-132, d. 6/3/1772
Bowles, Joshua, Lot: A-136, d. 8/31/1794
Bowles, Joshua, Lot: A-186
Bowman, John, Lot: A-275, d. 7/4/1730
Boyden, Simeon, Lot: J-16, d. 1825
Boynton, William, Lot: W-53, d. 1809
Bradburn, Richard, Lot: F-7, d. 1/2/1739
Brame, Elizabeth, Lot: H-93
Braynard, Mary, Lot: J-131, d. 10/13/1817
Brazier, William, Lot: J-85, d. 12/17/1813
Breading, Philip, Lot: F-251, d. 11/22/1764
Breading, Philip, Lot: F-252, d. 1764
Breck, Hannah, Lot: A-376, d. 9/29/1741
Breck, Samuel, Lot: A-386, d. 3/20/1809
Breed, Nathaniel, Lot: C-60, d. 1/27/1765
Breed, Sarah, Lot: F-97, d. 1739
Brewer, Franas, Lot: G-235, d. 2/17/1815
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: W-16
Brewer, Theodore, Lot: G-235, d. 9/25/1813
Brick, John, Lot: A-389, d. 2/16/1712
Brick, John, Lot: A-390
Briggs, John, Lot: F-104, d. 9/14/1717
Briggs, John, Lot: C-57, d. 11/1/1721
Brigham, Hannah, Lot: H-35, d. 5/7/1801
Brigham, Hannah, Lot: H-41
Britnall, Lot: W-34, d. 1802
Bronsdon, Lot: W-1
Broun, Lydia, Lot: A-42, d. 7/30/1680
Brow, Hannah, Lot: H-84, d. 1810
Brown, Lot: F-184, d. 7/14/1761
Brown, Ann, Lot: G-117, d. 3/31/1731
Brown, Ann, Lot: W-18, d. 1823
Brown, Charity, Lot: G-173, d. 4/13/1754
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: G-46, d. 10/11/1742
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: F-247, d. 7/12/1756
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: C-293, d. 5/22/1773
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: G-275, d. 12/11/1803
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: C-291, d. 1773
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: F-173
Brown, Hannah, Lot: H-83, d. 3/29/1810
Brown, Job, Lot: G-263, d. 11/29/1742
Brown, John, Lot: G-118, d. 10/14/1721
Brown, John, Lot: G-174, d. 3/11/1747
Brown, John, Lot: G-180, d. 3/27/1764
Brown, John, Lot: D-68, d. 3/6/1782
Brown, John, Lot: D-158, d. 1782
Brown, John, Lot: G-175
Brown, Jonathan, Lot: D-70, d. 6/14/1746
Brown, Jonthan, Lot: D-66, d. 8/12/1785
Brown, Martha, Lot: G-253, d. 9/20/1795
Brown, Mary, Lot: G-127, d. 11/25/1728
Brown, Mary, Lot: D-69, d. 1/10/1766
Brown, Mary, Lot: G-113, d. 3/5/1780
Brown, Nathaniel, Lot: G-114, d. 12/8/1759
Brown, Nathaniel, Lot: G-112, d. 11/30/1761
Brown, Nicholas, Lot: F-173, d. 5/14/1801
Brown, Nicholas, Lot: F-258, d. 1801
Brown, Samuel, Lot: G-166, d. 8/7/1768
Brown, Sarah, Lot: G-169, d. 2/17/1754
Brown, Thomas, Lot: F-247
Brown, William, Lot: G-716, d. 6/4/1743
Brown, William, Lot: G-167, d. 9/6/1751
Brown, Wm, Lot: J-103, d. 5/27/1815
Bruce, Elizabeth, Lot: G-149, d. 3/12/1815
Bryant, Frances, Lot: J-88, d. 4/14/1814
Buckley, Joanna, Lot: C-425, d. 3/4/1716
Buckley, Joanna, Lot: C-465, d. 1802
Buckley, John, Lot: C-71, d. 8/23/1798
Buckley, John, Lot: C-442, d. 4/9/1799
Buckley, Joseph, Lot: C-421, d. 1/2/1764
Buckley, Joseph, Lot: C-422, d. 1764
Buckley, Richard, Lot: C-440, d. 5/21/1767
Buckley, Thomas, Lot: D-8
Buckly, Joanna, Lot: C-423, d. 1/31/1802
Buckly, Mary, Lot: C-438, d. 10/21/1793
Bucknum, Marcy, Lot: A-21, d. 4/4/1719
Buel, Hannah, Lot: G-93, d. 1760
Bumney, Seeth, Lot: G-37, d. 1/13/1804
Burbeck, Elizabeth, Lot: J-57, d. 12/10/1815
Burbeck, Henrey, Lot: J-57, d. 5/27/1820
Burbeck, Jerusha, Lot: C-350, d. 7/27/1777
Burbeck, Jerusha, Lot: F-216, d. 1777
Burbeck, Joseph, Lot: J-57, d. 11/13/1811
Burbeck, Joseph, Lot: J-57, d. 3/26/1820
Burbeck, William, Lot: C-348, d. 7/22/1785
Burchsted, Ann, Lot: I-7, d. 1820
Burdsell, Jane, Lot: A-438, d. 1721
Buried, Lot: F-297
Burke, Mary, Lot: E-5
Burke, Mary, Lot: E-6
Burke, William, Lot: E-5, d. 5/24/1787
Burke, William, Lot: E-6
Burr, Nancy, Lot: B-72, d. 10/3/1804
Burrigton, Elizabeh, Lot: B-54, d. 6/2/1723
Burril, Jane, Lot: G-54, d. 1/20/1740
Burrill, Anna, Lot: G-56, d. 10/7/1773
Burrill, Mary, Lot: G-55, d. 4/5/1777
Burrough, William, Lot: B-41, d. 4/21/1717
Burt, Lot: C-208
Bushnell, Custin, Lot: A-67, d. 7/13/1718
Butler, Ann, Lot: G-217, d. 5/18/1783
Butler, Ann, Lot: G-216, d. 1783
Butler, John, Lot: G-215, d. 6/14/1748
Butler, Mathew, Lot: G-210, d. 7/30/1743
Butler, Sarah, Lot: G-209, d. 10/9/1751
Butler, Susanna, Lot: G-212, d. 10/5/1738
Butler, Thankfull, Lot: G-211, d. 10/1/1741
C, Lot: A-242
C, A, Lot: E-63
C, N, Lot: A-211, d. 1802
C, N, Lot: A-211, d. 1808
C, N, Lot: B-2
C, R, Lot: C-160
C, S, Lot: C-306
Cabot, George, Lot: E-10, d. 2/5/1804
Cabot, Martha, Lot: E-10, d. 2/5/1804
Cabot, Martha, Lot: E-10, d. 3/11/1809
Caddall, Jerusha, Lot: H-24, d. 11/14/1771
Cades, Abigail, Lot: C-318, d. 9/3/1777
Cades, Jonah, Lot: C-261, d. 10/9/1792
Cades, Mary, Lot: C-320, d. 8/18/1783
Caldwell, John, Lot: F-23, d. 1/2/1732
Callenders, Joseph, Lot: W-18, d. 1823
Calley, Joseph, Lot: C-155, d. 11/28/1678
Cambell, William, Lot: A-402, d. 1/18/1773
Campbell, Alexander, Lot: D-145, d. 8/4/1770
Campbell, William, Lot: A-403
Capen, Hopestill, Lot: A-291, d. 3/2/1807
Capen, Hopestill, Lot: A-292, d. 1807
Capen, Joha, Lot: A-297, d. 2/19/1770
Capen, John, Lot: A-298, d. 1770
Capen, Martha, Lot: D-19, d. 4/23/1780
Capen, Martha, Lot: D-20
Capen, P, Lot: J-24, d. 1815
Capen, Patience, Lot: A-294, d. 1/19/1791
Capen, Patience, Lot: A-293
Capen, Thomas, Lot: A-283, d. 12/21/1761
Capen, Thomas, Lot: I-11, d. 1811
Capen, Thomas, Lot: J11
Capen, William, Lot: A-288
Capron, Christopher, Lot: C-28, d. 11/14/1721
Cardner, Mary, Lot: D-110, d. 5/22/1743
Carnes, Edward, Lot: W-6
Carnes, Thomas, Lot: A-61, d. 12/22/1818
Carron, Joanna, Lot: C-168, d. 11/30/1721
Carter, Jane, Lot: D-139, d. 7/28/1772
Carter, John, Lot: D-139, d. 11/26/1765
Carterit, Amos, Lot: A-75, d. 9/26/1731
Carthew, Hannah, Lot: B-17, d. 1/20/1713
Cary, Jonathan, Lot: D-114, d. 12/29/1801
Cary, Samuel, Lot: J-98, d. 12/1/1814
Chadwel, Moses, Lot: F-230
Chadwick, Stephen, Lot: A-324, d. 4/27/1790
Chadwick, Stephen, Lot: A-325, d. 4/27/1790
Chamberlain, Jane, Lot: C-222
Chamberlin, Edward, Lot: W-60, d. 1/10/1807
Champney, Caleb, Lot: G-125, d. 10/4/1802
Champney, Caleb, Lot: G-126, d. 1802
Champney, Sarah, Lot: G-122, d. 10/13/1800
Champney, Sarah, Lot: G-123, d. 1800
Chandler, Edward, Lot: A-417
Chandler, Joseph, Lot: W-47, d. 1878
Chew, Prince, Lot: D-15, d. 1803
Chob, Benjamin, Lot: A-371, d. 12/4/1722
Christy, Hannah, Lot: G-85, d. 10/16/1798
Christy, Hannah, Lot: G-193, d. 1798
Christy, John, Lot: G-86, d. 10/5/1784
Christy, Sarah, Lot: G-146, d. 10/16/1770
Christy, Thomas, Lot: G-86, d. 7/22/1762
Christy, Thomas, Lot: G-2, d. 10/21/1798
Christy, Thomas Mr, Lot: G-3, d. 1798
Clap, Pliny, Lot: I-1, d. 1819
Clark, Lot: J-8A
Clark, Lot: W-51
Clark, Buckland, Lot: A-13, d. 11/6/1748
Clark, Elizabeth, Lot: A-13, d. 11/6/1748
Clark, John, Lot: W-51
Clark, Jonas, Lot: C-359, d. 11/28/1790
Clark, Joseph, Lot: C-367, d. 3/7/1760
Clark, Josiah, Lot: A-299, d. 8/27/1726
Clark, Josiah, Lot: A-305
Clark, Margaret, Lot: C-362, d. 1/11/1761
Clark, Margret, Lot: C-332, d. 8/15/1720
Clark, Martha, Lot: C-401, d. 3/20/1769
Clark, Mary, Lot: B-3, d. 11/4/1719
Clark, Nathaniel, Lot: B-26, d. 9/1/1712
Clark, Rebecca, Lot: C-444, d. 1/2/1763
Clark, Robert, Lot: J-62, d. 5/19/1813
Clark, William, Lot: W-10, d. 1743
Clark, William, Lot: J-30
Clarke, Hannah, Lot: C-287, d. 2/13/1764
Clarke, Johannis, Lot: W-9, d. 12/5/1728
Clarke, Sarah, Lot: C-288, d. 8/9/1799
Cleasby, Abigail, Lot: H-37, d. 8/20/1718
Cleasby, Sarah, Lot: A-73, d. 11/21/1716
Cleasby, Sarah, Lot: A-73, d. 11/23/1716
Clemens, Elizabeth, Lot: C-147, d. 9/6/1749
Clesby, Ezeriel, Lot: A-62, d. 4/27/1720
Clever, Prudanc, Lot: J-82, d. 11/26/1813
Clough, Ann, Lot: A-160, d. 4/2/1772
Clough, Ann, Lot: A-272, d. 1772
Clough, Elizabeth, Lot: A-216, d. 11/6/1745
Clough, Mehetabel, Lot: A-215, d. 10/5/1717
Clough, William, Lot: F-145, d. 1798
Cocke, Joseph, Lot: C-50, d. 1/15/1678
Codner, James, Lot: H-50, d. 7/2/1715
Codner, James, Lot: F-41, d. 8/5/1784
Codner, William, Lot: H-52, d. 9/12/1769
Cogswell, Abiel, Lot: G-230, d. 2/12/1804
Cogswell, Abiel, Lot: G-230, d. "19, 1804"
Cogswell, Abiel, Lot: G-231
Cogswell, Abigail, Lot: G-230, d. 1/19/1782
Cogswell, Abigail, Lot: G-231
Coit, Elizabeth, Lot: A-246, d. 8/24/1749
Coit, Job, Lot: A-336, d. 1/12/1741
Coit, Job, Lot: A-241, d. 2/22/1744
Coit, Joseph, Lot: A-251
Coit, Lydia, Lot: A-337, d. 7/9/1751
Coit, Nathanial, Lot: A-240, d. 5/22/1747
Cole, Edward, Lot: A-15, d. 11/20/1787
Cole, Edward, Lot: A-97, d. 1787
Cole, Issac, Lot: H-38, d. 10/20/1801
Cole, Rachel, Lot: H-38, d. 1/23/1800
Cole, William, Lot: A-50, d. 7/6/1767
Coleman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-427, d. 9/5/1798
Coleman, Temperance, Lot: A-427, d. 9/13/1798
Coleswanthi, Nathaniel, Lot: A-210, d. 9/20/1802
Colesworthy, Elizabeth, Lot: J-45, d. 11/11/1810
Colesworthy, Judei, Lot: C-111, d. 4/23/1929
Colesworthy, Nathanial, Lot: A-210, d. 4/22/1802
Colewarthy, Nathenial, Lot: A-212, d. 10/21/1802
Colewarthy, Nathenial, Lot: A-213, d. 1802
Colins, Daniel, Lot: H-96, d. 10/30/1718
Collacot, Richard, Lot: B-51, d. 7/7/1686
Colle, Margaret, Lot: A-49, d. 5/4/1761
Collins, Charity, Lot: D-106, d. 10/25/1771
Collins, Clement, Lot: H-26, d. 4/24/1787
Collins, Daniel, Lot: C-96, d. 8/29/1758
Collins, Lydia, Lot: G-129, d. 6/10/1789
Collins, Lydia, Lot: G-130, d. 1789
Collins, Mary, Lot: D-107, d. 12/4/1761
Collins, Patience, Lot: D-108, d. 6/25/1760
Collins, Patience, Lot: D-183
Collins, Sarah, Lot: H-30, d. 3/29/1771
Collins, Sarah, Lot: C-326, d. 10/16/1778
Collins, Sarah, Lot: H-34, d. 1771
Colman, James, Lot: J-68, d. 4/25/1813
Comer, John, Lot: A-320
Comey, Benjamin, Lot: W-65, d. 1807
Coney, Mary, Lot: F-286, d. 1/30/1749
Connel, Pattrick, Lot: D-75, d. 6/11/1763
Connel, Pattrick, Lot: D-166, d. 1763
Connor, Johanna, Lot: C-345, d. 12/29/1799
Cook, Ellis, Lot: W-16
Cookson, J, Lot: J-7A
Cooper, Abigail, Lot: A-345, d. 3/19/1718
Cooper, John, Lot: G-88, d. 11/17/1805
Cooper, John, Lot: E-57
Coping, Ann, Lot: A-314, d. 8/26/1731
Copp, Amy, Lot: C-353, d. 11/28/1718
Copp, David, Lot: C-264, d. 12/22/1661
Copp, David, Lot: C-218, d. 2/24/1712
Copp, David, Lot: C-456, d. 11/20/1713
Copp, Goodeth, Lot: C-280, d. 3/25/1670
Copp, Obedience, Lot: C-358, d. 3/30/1678
Copp, Obedience, Lot: C-39
Copp, Thomas, Lot: C-264, d. 7/25/1678
Cording, Hannah, Lot: B-53, d. 3/3/1724
Corlew, Elijah, Lot: H-42, d. 5/25/1804
Coverly, Thomas, Lot: A-133, d. 1778
Cox, Sarah, Lot: G-234, d. 11/17/1733
Crawford, David, Lot: F-166, d. 11/20/1738
Crawley, Joseph, Lot: E-44, d. 3/6/1738
Creale, John, Lot: D-181
Crease, John, Lot: D-180, d. 12/8/1800
Creighton, Mary, Lot: H-48, d. 4/5/1801
Crighton, Ann, Lot: C-74, d. 4/25/1717
Crocker, Lot: W-33
Cullam, Lydia, Lot: C-256, d. 11/3/1761
Cumby, Rebecca, Lot: H-10, d. 4/26/1731
Cumby, Robert, Lot: H-2, d. 1717
Cummings, Bradley, Lot: I-2
Cushing, Lot: I-8, d. 1819
Cushing, Jeremiah, Lot: A-205, d. 7/18/1722
Cushing, Jeremiah, Lot: A-287, d. 10/24/1755
Cushing, John, Lot: A-230, d. 2/10/1743
Cushing, Mary, Lot: G-220, d. 3/14/1800
Cutler, Levi, Lot: G-184, d. 1/7/1821
Cutter, Almena, Lot: F-51, d. 9/30/1806
Cutter, Elizabeth, Lot: F-42, d. 6/13/1801
Cybuat, Mary, Lot: G-214
D, E, Lot: H-67
D, I, Lot: D-47
D, M, Lot: A-91, d. 1721
Dalton, Michael, Lot: J-30
Darkman, Nah, Lot: C-259
Darling, Betsy, Lot: A-5, d. 3/23/1809
Darling, Betsy, Lot: A-11, d. 1809
Darracott, George, Lot: W-16
Davies, William, Lot: C-161, d. 12/9/1710
Davis, Isaac, Lot: D-42, d. 5/8/1807
Davis, Jacob, Lot: A-426, d. 3/10/1762
Davis, James, Lot: I-3, d. 1821
Davis, Martha, Lot: C-262, d. 8/7/1686
Davis, O, Lot: J-26, d. 1819
Davis, S, Lot: J-26, d. 1819
Delaplace, Thomas, Lot: F-284, d. 12/25/1733
Demeret, Mary, Lot: F-169, d. 3/20/1736
Demery, Lot: A-433
Demery, Charles, Lot: C-76, d. 11/22/1717
Demery, John, Lot: A-432, d. 3/13/1783
Demount, Dorcas, Lot: C-214, d. 5/19/1738
Demount, Dorcas, Lot: E-65
Dennen, James, Lot: F-22, d. 7/11/1757
Dennis, Michael, Lot: G-5, d. 7/11/1763
Dennis, Michael, Lot: G-87
Dethick, John, Lot: C-324, d. 7/2/1738
Diamond, John, Lot: A-152, d. 3/8/1763
Diamond, John, Lot: A-158, d. 1763
Diamond, Margaret, Lot: A-152, d. 5/9/1769
Diamond, Matgaret, Lot: A-158, d. 1769
Diamond, William, Lot: H-36, d. 9/20/1711
Dickenson, Daniel, Lot: J-141, d. 1828
Dickerson, Henry, Lot: C-110, d. 3/21/1719
Dillaway, Emmy, Lot: J-79, d. 10/11/1813
Dimond, Hannah, Lot: A-149, d. 5/4/1743
Dissmore, Fanny, Lot: F-5, d. 12/29/1788
Dissmore, Fanny, Lot: F-6
Dive, William, Lot: C-152, d. 9/23/1721
Dixwell, Martha, Lot: A-94, d. 10/3/1722
Dixwell, Mary, Lot: A-98, d. 9/28/1721
Dixwell, Mary, Lot: A-92, d. 9/19/1745
Dixwell, Merry, Lot: A-93, d. 9/19/1748
Dobel, Abigail, Lot: F-176, d. 11/5/1769
Dobel, John, Lot: F-177, d. 4/8/1773
Dobel, John, Lot: F-260, d. 1763
Dobel, John, Lot: F-262, d. 1773
Dobel, Joseph, Lot: F-175
Dobel, Mary, Lot: F-175, d. 12/3/1790
Dodd, James, Lot: I-15, d. 1821
Dodd, John, Lot: I-15, d. 1821
Dodd, William, Lot: W-31, d. 1807
Dodge, James, Lot: E-39, d. 11/24/1759
Dodge, Nabby, Lot: F-18, d. 3/28/1796
Dodge, Nabby, Lot: F-19, d. 1796
Dodge, Sarah, Lot: F-83, d. 5/14/1878
Dolbeare, Joseph, Lot: A-196, d. 12/7/1794
Dolbeare, Sarah, Lot: C-102, d. 7/17/1701
Doncan, John, Lot: F-279, d. 5/29/1736
Dorbigton, John, Lot: C-236, d. 3/14/1792
Dorr, Dorothy, Lot: A-120, d. 4/16/1765
Dorr, Harbottle, Lot: A-117, d. 6/19/1746
Doubeble, Dorcas, Lot: G-77
Doubelde, Doras, Lot: G-76, d. 3/3/1739
Doubleday, Benjn, Lot: G-72, d. 9/2/1784
Doubleday, Benjn, Lot: G-73, d. 1784
Doubleday, Susannah, Lot: D-123, d. 9/5/1773
Douglass, Susanna, Lot: W-20, d. 3/1/1773
Douglis, Elizabeth, Lot: E-61, d. 1/22/1725
Dowrick, Martha, Lot: C-436, d. 10/16/1757
Dowrick, William, Lot: C-464, d. 3/10/1748
Draper, Moses, Lot: A-147, d. 8/14/1693
Drowne, Elizabeth, Lot: A-170, d. 3/15/1728
Drowne, Elizabeth, Lot: A-171, d. 1728
Drowne, Joseph, Lot: A-167, d. 10/31/1721
Drowne, Katherine, Lot: A-164, d. 4/21/1754
Drowne, Katherine, Lot: A-166, d. 1754
Drowne, Leonard, Lot: A-163, d. 10/31/1729
Drowne, Mary, Lot: A-170, d. 2/11/1726
Drowne, Mary, Lot: A-171, d. 1726
Drowne, Sarah, Lot: A-162, d. 9/26/1795
Drowne, Sarah, Lot: A-223, d. 1795
Drowne, Shem, Lot: A-164, d. 1/13/1774
Drowne, Shem, Lot: A-159, d. 1770
Drowne, Shem, Lot: A-166, d. 1774
Drowne, Shem Jr, Lot: A-161, d. 5/6/1770
Drowne, Simeon, Lot: A-22, d. 1734
Drowne, Thomas, Lot: A-162, d. 2/20/1795
Drowne, Thomas, Lot: A-223, d. 1795
Drummond, Mary, Lot: J-115, d. 12/15/1815
Dston, Elizabeth, Lot: G-270
Dudley, Silas, Lot: J-70, d. 11/26/1812
Dumblide, Sally, Lot: D-48, d. 2/26/1796
Dumblide, Sally, Lot: D-49, d. 1796
Duncan, Issabella, Lot: F-26, d. 2/2/1749
Duncan, Robert, Lot: F-25, d. 1/24/1752
Dunn, Susan, Lot: J-99, d. 3/17/1815
Dupee, I, Lot: J-4A
Dupee, Isaac, Lot: G-297, d. 8/31/1846
Dutch, Harris, Lot: A-327, d. 9/10/1712
Dyer, Ezra, Lot: J-12, d. 1811
Dyer, Ezra, Lot: J-10, d. 1879
Dyer, Ezra, Lot: J12
Dyke, William, Lot: J-42, d. 1844
E, D, Lot: C-424
E, J, Lot: C-305, d. 1/15/1807
E, S, Lot: F-229
Eames, Samuel, Lot: J-53, d. 1811
Earle, Abigail, Lot: F-95, d. 7/27/1729
Eaton, Abigail, Lot: J-116, d. 2/4/1816
Edes, Edwad, Lot: A-153, d. 1/19/1761
Edes, Edward, Lot: A-79, d. 9/28/1730
Edmonds, Hannah, Lot: H-49, d. 9/19/1778
Edward, Col, Lot: G-27
Edward, Pitts, Lot: B-1, d. 12/28/1709
Edward, Samuel, Lot: C-27, d. 6/7/1710
Edward, Samuel, Lot: C-27, d. 6/7/1719
Edwards, David, Lot: H-102A, d. 10/1/1696
Edwards, David, Lot: H-47, d. 12/4/1727
Eeles, Thomas, Lot: F-11, d. 11/16/1748
Ela, Mary, Lot: H-51, d. 3/6/1737
Elder, William, Lot: D-105, d. 12/7/1725
Eliot, Andrew, Lot: W-25, d. 9/13/1778
Elliot, Maria, Lot: H-105, d. 9/21/1721
Ellis, Joshua, Lot: I-24, d. 7/29/1829
Elphs, Nannah, Lot: D-63, d. 6/3/1737
Emmes, Elizabeth, Lot: C-290, d. 10/15/1715
Emmes, Hannah, Lot: C-303, d. 7/1/1758
Emmes, Henry, Lot: C-289, d. 2/12/1729
Emmes, Jacob, Lot: C-304, d. 7/23/1807
Emmes, John, Lot: C-298, d. 1/1/1806
Emmes, Joshua, Lot: C-300, d. 8/6/1772
Emmes, Joshua, Lot: C-299, d. 4/6/1777
Emmes, Margaret, Lot: C-302, d. 8/31/1778
Emmes, Martha, Lot: A-105, d. 1/27/1746
Emmes, Martha, Lot: A-107, d. 7/1/1746
Emmes, Mary, Lot: C-231, d. 7/17/1472
Emmes, Mary, Lot: C-295, d. 10/11/1812
Emmes, Nathanaell, Lot: C-285, d. 11/23/1718
Emmes, Nathniel, Lot: C-294, d. 1/5/1748
Emrson, Esther, Lot: G-241, d. 7/23/1986
English, William, Lot: A-408, d. 1/1/1704
Enoch, Francis, Lot: W-36, d. 1805
Enoch, James, Lot: W-36, d. 1805
Erasmus, Stevens, Lot: D-124A, d. 8/22/1750
Eroded, Lot: J-135
Erosed, Lot: J-126
Eustis, Benjamin, Lot: D-40, d. 5/4/1804
Eustis, Flora, Lot: A-335, d. 1878
Eustis, George, Lot: H-99, d. 10/19/1779
F, E, Lot: C-472, d. 1806
F, S, Lot: F-170
Farington, Joseph, Lot: A-63, d. 11/5/1721
Farmer, Abigail, Lot: F-46, d. 12/16/1804
Farmer, Abigail, Lot: F-45
Farmer, John, Lot: D-146
Farmer, Mary, Lot: G-70, d. 11/4/1798
Farmer, Mary, Lot: G-71
Farmer, Paul, Lot: G-1, d. 12/26/1701
Farmer, Paul, Lot: G-9, d. 1791
Farnam, Elizabeth, Lot: A-415, d. 4/26/1694
Farnham, Elizabeth, Lot: A-197, d. 3/20/1799
Farnham, Jonathan, Lot: C-371, d. 6/17/1804
Farnham, Martha, Lot: D-64, d. 3/23/1819
Farnham, Ruth, Lot: C-418, d. 3/23/1799
Farnum, Lot: C-372, d. 12/6/1686
Farnum, Charles, Lot: C-363, d. 1/21/1677
Farnum, John, Lot: C-432, d. 1/20/1701
Farnum, Jonathan, Lot: C-439, d. 10/13/1768
Farnum, Joseph, Lot: C-370, d. 11/30/1678
Farnum, Susana, Lot: C-35, d. 9/23/1700
Farrar, James, Lot: C-471, d. 1806
Fbothingham, Thomas, Lot: I-4, d. 1819
Fernald, Elizabeth, Lot: F-12, d. 2/27/1804
Fernald, Elizabeth, Lot: F-13, d. 1804
Feveryear, Grafton, Lot: G-208, d. 3/30/1755
Fisher, Thomas, Lot: F-209, d. 6/27/1805
Fisk, Sewall, Lot: G-23, d. 4/13/1817
Fisk, Thomas, Lot: H-6, d. 9/24/1815
Fitzgerald, Elenor, Lot: J-139, d. 2/11/1817
Fitzgerald, Mary, Lot: F-276, d. 9/3/1787
Flatcher, Mary, Lot: C-59, d. 11/30/1708
Fletcher, Margaret, Lot: F-8, d. 2/9/1747
Fletcher, Sarah, Lot: E-2, d. 12/20/1736
Flinn, Elizabeth, Lot: J-80, d. 10/15/1813
Folsom, J, Lot: W-29
Fomunds, Robert, Lot: H-14, d. 11/22/1717
Forbs, Jonathan, Lot: H-1
Forist, Mary, Lot: D-36, d. 9/2/1728
Foster, Lot: F-214, d. 8/3/1716
Foster, John, Lot: F-218, d. 1746
Foster, Susanah, Lot: E-37, d. 10/15/1794
Fowle, Elizabeth, Lot: C-282, d. 12/2/1986
Fowle, Robert, Lot: A-12
Frackner, Thomas, Lot: W-69, d. 1806
Fragment, Lot: C-253
Fragment, Lot: W-38
Fragmented, Lot: W-3
Fragmented, Lot: W-5
Fragmented, Lot: W-7
Fragmented, Marble, Lot: W-44
Fragmentid, Elizabeth, Lot: A-428, d. 1798
Freeland, James, Lot: G-277, d. 7/20/1802
Freeland, James, Lot: G-285, d. 1802
Freeman, Alice, Lot: C-412, d. 2/21/1734
French, Adam, Lot: C-471, d. 1806
Frost, Ebenezer, Lot: A-77, d. 11/1/1773
Frost, John, Lot: D-53, d. 1776
Frost, Jonathan, Lot: A-16, d. 1/23/1706
Fuller, Eliza, Lot: C-473, d. 9/16/1806
Furber, Richard, Lot: F-245, d. 2/15/1753
Furbur, E, Lot: F-238
Furbur, Elizabeth, Lot: F-237, d. 5/10/1790
Furbur, Richard, Lot: F-243, d. 3/8/1749
G, A, Lot: H-21
G, C, Lot: D-112
G, J, Lot: D-160
G, J, Lot: F-47
Galloway, Abigail, Lot: J-66, d. 2/25/1813
Gamman, Grace, Lot: B-66, d. 7/27/1702
Gardner, Deborah, Lot: G-6, d. 9/28/1792
Gardner, Ellsy, Lot: F-103, d. 11/17/1800
Gardner, James, Lot: F-101, d. 3/22/1802
Gardner, James, Lot: F-102, d. 1802
Garish, Lydia, Lot: C-120, d. 1/8/1627
Gatte, Patrick, Lot: G-232, d. 11/19/1746
Gatte, Thomas, Lot: G-168, d. 12/7/1745
Gaud, Thomas, Lot: A-82, d. 11/15/1708
Gay, Eben, Lot: I-14, d. 1819
Gay, Rebecca, Lot: C-407, d. 12/8/1797
Gay, Rebecca, Lot: C-405, d. 1797
Gay, Timothy, Lot: C-404, d. 1/28/1799
Gay, Timothy, Lot: C-406, d. 1799
Gayetty, Joseph, Lot: H-69, d. 2/13/1808
Gayetty, William, Lot: H-69, d. 7/15/1802
Gedney, William, Lot: C-176, d. 12/7/1725
Gedney, William, Lot: C-176, d. 12/14/1726
Gee, Lot: W-2
Gendall, Lydia, Lot: H-98
Geoney, King, Lot: J-19, d. 1812
George, Lot: H-107
George, Daniel, Lot: C-185, d. 7/18/1684
Gilbert, Mary, Lot: C-239, d. 12/30/1733
Gilbert, Mary, Lot: C-240, d. 12/30/1733
Gill, Elizabeth, Lot: C-308, d. 9/28/1666
Gill, Elizabeth, Lot: C-321, d. 10/1/1687
Gill, John, Lot: C-308, d. 12/10/1671
Gill, John, Lot: C-344
Gill, Nathanael, Lot: C-383, d. 10/3/1720
Gill, Obediah, Lot: C-314, d. 1/1/1700
Gill, Samuel, Lot: C-341, d. 5/29/1683
Gill, Sarah, Lot: C-310, d. 4/20/1691
Gill, Thomas, Lot: C-308, d. 12/1/1666
Gillander, Joseph, Lot: F-168, d. 5/31/1774
Gilles, Hannah, Lot: C-260A, d. 4/12/1805
Gilles, Hannah, Lot: C-260, d. 8/12/1805
Gilman, Abigail, Lot: F-153, d. 7/3/1802
Gilman, Abigail, Lot: F-155, d. 1802
Gilman, Bethiah, Lot: F-149, d. 1/22/1806
Gilman, Bethiah, Lot: F-150, d. 1806
Gilman, Lydia, Lot: F-151, d. 3/6/1796
Gilman, Lydia, Lot: F-152, d. 1796
Gilman, Peter, Lot: F-147, d. 4/12/1807
Gilman, Peter, Lot: F-148, d. 1807
Gilman, Peter Jr, Lot: F-156, d. 7/11/1804
Gilman, Peter Jr, Lot: F-157, d. 1804
Gladding, Anna, Lot: F-105, d. 6/18/1801
Gladding, Anna, Lot: F-106, d. 1801
Glasier, Nathaniel, Lot: J-63, d. 5/27/1812
Glidden, Sarah, Lot: C-431, d. 10/16/1739
Goff, Abigail, Lot: J-100, d. 3/4/1815
Goff, John, Lot: F-35, d. 2/26/1807
Goffe, Abigali, Lot: G-291, d. 8/21/1744
Goffe, John, Lot: G-186, d. 7/2/1716
Goffe, Samuel, Lot: A-88, d. 9/11/1740
Goldthwalt, Sarah, Lot: C-99, d. 10/31/1713
Gone, Lot: C-255A
Gooding, Richard, Lot: G-11, d. 5/16/1756
Gooding, Sarah, Lot: G-227, d. 8/21/1749
Gooding, Thomas, Lot: G-221, d. 2/21/1742
Gooding, William, Lot: G-39, d. 1/22/1738
Goodrich, Henry, Lot: J-2, d. 1811
Goodwill, I, Lot: J-10A
Goodwin, Benjamin, Lot: C-86, d. 11/30/1792
Goodwin, Hannah, Lot: C-86, d. 10/25/1775
Goodwin, John, Lot: C-460, d. 6/21/1712
Goodwin, Mary, Lot: C-462, d. 7/6/1759
Goodwin, Nancy, Lot: C-86, d. 10/21/2016
Goodwin, Sally, Lot: F-179, d. 8/23/1781
Goodwin, Sally, Lot: G-42, d. 1781
Goodwing, Elizabeth, Lot: E-73, d. 4/8/1762
Goold, James, Lot: C-153, d. 10/11/1764
Goold, Thomas, Lot: D-34, d. 2/27/1707
Gooldttwait, Sarah, Lot: E-43
Gording, Abraham, Lot: B-68, d. 9/23/1706
Gore, Chris, Lot: W-46, d. 1810
Gouge, Francis, Lot: A-338, d. 4/8/1747
Gould, Charlotte, Lot: D-113, d. 8/26/1805
Gould, Mary, Lot: J-129, d. 4/17/1817
Grammer, Joseph, Lot: W-68, d. 10/11/1806
Graniteslab, Lot: W-28
Grant, Edward, Lot: C-336, d. 6/19/1687
Grant, Edward, Lot: C-335, d. 7/19/1752
Grant, Edward, Lot: C-338, d. 6/28/1797
Grant, Edward, Lot: C-339, d. 6/28/1797
Grant, Edward, Lot: C-337
Grant, Familytonr, Lot: C-58
Grant, Joanna, Lot: C-127, d. 5/20/1696
Grant, Joseph, Lot: C-335, d. 7/25/1752
Grant, Sarah, Lot: C-334, d. 3/25/1690
Grater, Mary, Lot: E-69, d. 6/21/1741
Graves, Daniel, Lot: F-107, d. 7/10/1739
Graves, Eliphal, Lot: C-225
Gray, Susannah, Lot: A-144, d. 7/9/1798
Gray, Susannah, Lot: A-145
Green, Anne, Lot: F-127, d. 6/23/1730
Green, Elizabeth, Lot: A-124, d. 4/27/1766
Green, Elizabeth, Lot: A-178
Green, Hannah, Lot: C-469, d. 1/3/1717
Green, John, Lot: C-474, d. 2/25/1701
Green, John, Lot: D-159, d. 5/28/1806
Green, Nancy, Lot: F-86, d. 12/18/1800
Green, Nancy, Lot: F-87
Green, Polly, Lot: A-212, d. 2/11/1805
Greenough, Elizabeth, Lot: A-366, d. 5/23/1688
Greenough, J, Lot: J-1A
Greenough, William, Lot: A-400, d. 8/6/1693
Greenovgh, Dorothy, Lot: A-410, d. 10/20/1667
Greenovgh, Sarah, Lot: C-245, d. 9/1/1676
Greenwod, Nancy, Lot: B-23, d. 5/5/1802
Greenwood, Lot: G-294, d. 7/25/1986
Greenwood, Mary, Lot: B-27, d. 9/21/1774
Greenwood, Mary, Lot: B-28, d. 9/21/1774
Greenwood, Nancy, Lot: B-22, d. 5/5/1802
Greenwood, Nathaniel, Lot: B-20, d. 7/31/1684
Greenwood, Nathaniel, Lot: B-30, d. 7/7/1730
Greenwood, S, Lot: J-2A
Greenwood, Samuel, Lot: A-280, d. 12/10/1711
Greenwood, Samuell, Lot: B-21, d. 8/9/1711
Griffen, Isaac, Lot: A-317, d. 7/29/1693
Grouard, Elizabeth, Lot: G-269, d. 5/21/1730
Grouard, Elizabeth, Lot: G-272, d. 7/5/1747
Grouard, Joseph, Lot: G-273, d. 11/19/1746
Grover, Dean, Lot: C-249, d. 8/15/1734
Grover, Dean, Lot: C-100
Grozer, Anna, Lot: D-33, d. 4/8/1722
Grozer, John, Lot: F-75, d. 4/27/1801
Grubb, Martha, Lot: G-21, d. 9/21/1805
Grves, Eliphal, Lot: C-224, d. 4/15/1717
Guliker, John Jr, Lot: D-143, d. 8/23/1770
Guliker, Mary, Lot: D-143
Guliker, Thomas, Lot: D-143
Gurney, Henry, Lot: J-38, d. 1828
Gyles, Lot: F-222, d. 7/2/2016
Gyles, Charles, Lot: F-196, d. 3/9/1745
Gyles, Elizabeth, Lot: F-200, d. 9/10/2016
Gyles, Mary, Lot: F-250, d. 10/30/1757
Gyles, Mary, Lot: F-199, d. 10/22/1777
Gyles, Mary, Lot: F-192, d. 4/13/1795
Gyles, Samuel, Lot: F-270, d. 10/25/1773
H, E, Lot: E-25, d. 1810
H, F, Lot: H-87
H, I, Lot: H-23
H, J, Lot: E-20
H, J, Lot: F-32
H, J, Lot: H-87
H, M, Lot: G-60, d. 1816
H, M, Lot: H-87
Hall, Habbiot, Lot: J-107, d. 8/21/1815
Hall, J, Lot: J-5A
Hall, Jacob, Lot: W-15
Hall, N, Lot: J-5A
Hall, Prince, Lot: D-16, d. 12/7/1807
Hall, Prince, Lot: D-17, d. 6/24/1895
Hall, William, Lot: A-147, d. 1/9/1742
Haly, Sarah, Lot: G-284, d. 5/15/1752
Haly, William, Lot: G-284, d. 4/6/1760
Hammatt, Benjamin, Lot: E-30, d. 4/7/1805
Hammatt, Joseph, Lot: E-32, d. 2/19/1798
Hammatt, Josph, Lot: E-33, d. 1798
Hammatt, Marcy, Lot: F-21, d. 1/6/1796
Hammatt, Marcy, Lot: E-22, d. 1796
Hammatt, Mary, Lot: E-56, d. 1/25/1762
Hammatt, Mary, Lot: E-58
Hammond, Elizabeth, Lot: E-24, d. 4/15/1810
Hamnond, Nathaniel, Lot: J-26, d. 1819
Hancock, Ebeneze, Lot: A-277, d. 1799
Hancock, Ebenezer, Lot: A-276, d. 7/4/1799
Hannah, Elizabeth, Lot: C-163, d. 1/20/1703
Hannah, Mary, Lot: C-163, d. 7/31/1701
Hanwaring, Sarah, Lot: A-256, d. 1/23/1764
Hanyford, Abigail, Lot: C-24, d. 2/28/1695
Haratt, Katharing, Lot: C-177, d. 11/6/1733
Hardy, Francis, Lot: H-68, d. 10/26/1807
Hardy, John, Lot: H-68, d. 8/28/1808
Hardy, Margaret, Lot: H-68, d. 9/16/1809
Hares, Hezekiah, Lot: C-187, d. 1/31/1680
Hares, John, Lot: C-187, d. 10/23/1680
Hares, William, Lot: F-235, d. 6/14/1729
Harper, Henretta, Lot: G-52, d. 5/23/1795
Harper, Henretta, Lot: G-53, d. 1795
Harratt, Peter, Lot: F-17, d. 2/20/1739
Harris, Ann, Lot: C-189, d. 1/28/1778
Harris, Ann, Lot: C-250, d. 1778
Harris, Anna, Lot: D-50, d. 9/2/1778
Harris, Anna, Lot: D-51, d. 1778
Harris, Elizabeth, Lot: C-183, d. 10/10/1744
Harris, Hannah, Lot: C-190, d. 1/31/1688
Harris, Hannah, Lot: C-186, d. 12/24/1787
Harris, Hannah, Lot: C-191, d. 1688
Harris, Hannah, Lot: C-188, d. 1783
Harris, Hannah, Lot: C-243
Harris, John, Lot: D-52, d. 12/18/1770
Harris, Leach, Lot: W-65, d. 1807
Harris, Mary, Lot: C-179, d. 11/12/1743
Harris, Nathaniel, Lot: D-43, d. 2/12/1749
Harris, Nathaniel, Lot: D-44, d. 2/12/1749
Harris, Nathaniel, Lot: A-430, d. 1/14/1804
Harris, Nathaniel, Lot: A-431, d. 1804
Harris, Richard, Lot: A-367, d. 3/10/1713
Harris, Samuel, Lot: C-177, d. 3/20/1741
Harris, Thomas, Lot: C-263
Harris, Willams, Lot: C-190, d. 12/13/1686
Harris, William, Lot: B-5, d. 6/23/1730
Harris, William, Lot: C-191, d. 1686
Harry, Thomas, Lot: C-179, d. 2/28/1742
Hartt, Lois, Lot: A-191, d. 11/5/1751
Hartt, Lois, Lot: A-197, d. 1751
Hartt, Mary, Lot: A-193, d. 8/2/1733
Hartt, Ralph, Lot: A-195, d. 3/14/1776
Hartt, Samuel, Lot: J-4, d. 1841
Hartt, William, Lot: J-4, d. 1841
Harvey, John, Lot: J-86, d. 2/16/1814
Harvey, Mary, Lot: E-7, d. 5/2/1782
Harvey, Mary, Lot: D-173, d. 1782
Hasey, Martha, Lot: C-411, d. 5/4/1676
Hawkins, Jacob, Lot: G-51, d. 7/19/1797
Hay, Theodocia, Lot: D-56, d. 5/31/1751
Hayden, Caleb, Lot: D-91, d. 1795
Hayden, Elizabeth, Lot: D-94, d. 9/23/1790
Hayden, Elizabeth, Lot: D-95, d. 1790
Hayden, Priscilla, Lot: J-81, d. 10/28/1813
Hayward, Abraham, Lot: G-64, d. 11/11/1781
Hayward, Abraham, Lot: G-131, d. 3/5/1796
Hayward, Abraham, Lot: G-65, d. 1781
Hayward, Abram, Lot: G-132, d. 1796
Hayward, Hephzibah, Lot: A-33, d. 12/23/1803
Hayward, Hephzibah, Lot: A-34, d. 1803
Hayward, Thomas, Lot: G-64, d. 2/19/1771
Haywood, Anthony, Lot: H-22, d. 10/16/1689
Haywood, Anthony, Lot: H-27
Hazly, Richard, Lot: F-38
Health, Samuel, Lot: F-9, d. 5/23/1752
Hearst, Tomb, Lot: C-309, d. 1708
Heath, Lot: H-76, d. 1819
Heath, Deborah, Lot: F-9
Heath, Mary, Lot: J-61, d. 11/12/1809
Heath, Nathaniel, Lot: J-61, d. 5/5/1812
Hemmenway, Joseph, Lot: C-254, d. 1/15/1806
Hemmenway, Joseph, Lot: C-251
Hemmenway, Susannah, Lot: E-3, d. 4/17/1796
Hemmenway, Susannah, Lot: E-4, d. 1796
Henchman, Anna, Lot: B-33, d. 1/7/1706
Henchman, Easter, Lot: C-211, d. 5/5/1731
Henchman, Richaro, Lot: A-425, d. 2/15/1724
Henderson, B, Lot: J-13B
Henderson, Hemmen, Lot: C-130, d. 4/19/1738
Henens, Jacob, Lot: C-118, d. 10/7/1673
Henens, Jacob, Lot: C-118, d. 7/6/1696
Henry, Jane, Lot: C-409, d. 10/22/1803
Henry, Jane, Lot: C-410, d. 1803
Herman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-265, d. 6/5/1797
Hett, Ann, Lot: C-312, d. 6/20/1678
Hicks, Mary, Lot: B-24, d. 12/12/1747
Higgins, Patience, Lot: C-357, d. 2/4/1760
Highborn, Samuel, Lot: J-19, d. 1812
Hiicks, Mary, Lot: B-24, d. 12/30/1747
Hiler, Jacob, Lot: W-39, d. 1805
Hill, Mary, Lot: C-203, d. 8/20/1714
Hill, Mary, Lot: C-257, d. 1/20/1721
Hill, Mary, Lot: C-150
Hill, Prudence, Lot: C-366, d. 1/26/1775
Hill, Samuel, Lot: D-77, d. 4/27/1804
Hill, Samuel, Lot: I-6, d. 1820
Hill, Samuel, Lot: D-76
Hillard, Martha, Lot: D-12, d. 8/21/1687
Hiller, George, Lot: D-103, d. 8/22/1721
Hillman, Peleg, Lot: H-46, d. 3/25/1798
Hirsst, Hidreh, Lot: H-90, d. 1/30/1717
Hirsst, Mary, Lot: C-286, d. 11/23/1717
Hlbrook, Sarah, Lot: E-8, d. 9/20/1738
Hoar, Willmoth, Lot: B-75, d. "February 29, 1735"
Hobby, Ann, Lot: H-13, d. 6/22/1709
Hobby, Ann, Lot: H-70, d. 4/3/1711
Hobby, Hannah, Lot: H-62, d. 6/26/1690
Hobby, John, Lot: H-63, d. 10/17/1685
Hobby, John, Lot: H-72, d. 9/7/1711
Hobby, John, Lot: H-61, d. 5/14/1741
Hobby, Richard, Lot: H-70, d. 4/13/1711
Hobby, William, Lot: H-13, d. 8/24/1713
Hodgdon, Susannah, Lot: C-43, d. 5/23/1730
Hodge, Sarah, Lot: F-242
Hodsdon, Nathaniel, Lot: C-47, d. 4/5/1757
Hokins, Katherine, Lot: E-15, d. 1/5/1769
Holbrook, Samuel, Lot: A-130, d. 6/11/1756
Holden, Nancy, Lot: C-443, d. 3/25/1802
Holland, John, Lot: D-148, d. 9/7/1736
Holland, Samuel, Lot: E-34, d. 8/17/1798
Holland, Samuel, Lot: E-35, d. 1798
Holland, Susannah, Lot: D-148
Holmes, Charles, Lot: W-43, d. 1807
Holmes, Francis, Lot: I-8, d. 1819
Holmes, Francis, Lot: I-8, d. 1819
Holmes, Henry, Lot: W-42, d. 1/4/1839
Holmes, Marcella, Lot: J-144, d. 4/28/1815
Holmes, Mary, Lot: G-288, d. 7/16/1742
Holmes, Samuel, Lot: W-42, d. 7/3/1821
Hood, Joseph, Lot: C-419, d. 9/4/1713
Hood, Joseph, Lot: C-373, d. 12/14/1799
Hood, Lettuce, Lot: C-430, d. 10/7/1747
Hood, Lettuce, Lot: C-374
Hooper, Rebekah, Lot: C-413, d. 10/15/1675
Hope, Infantson, Lot: G-228, d. 8/29/1811
Hope, Samuel, Lot: G-197, d. 10/19/1815
Hopkins, Betsy, Lot: F-81, d. 8/29/1783
Hopkins, Betsy, Lot: F-74
Hopkins, Caleb Junr, Lot: F-73, d. 10/19/1791
Hopkins, Enoch, Lot: C-202, d. 12/27/1778
Hopkins, Samuel, Lot: C-255, d. 9/23/1767
Hopkins, Thomas, Lot: H-45, d. 1804
Hormbey, Mary, Lot: A-138, d. 6/11/1755
Horton, George, Lot: A-397, d. 5/9/1710
Hosea, Richard, Lot: J-35, d. 1828
Hoskins, Katharine, Lot: E-16, d. 1769
Hoson, John, Lot: F-264, d. 3/7/1791
Hotton, Lot: W-12
Hough, Lydia, Lot: B-34, d. 2/26/1882
Hough, Mary, Lot: B-6, d. 9/29/1692
Hough, William, Lot: B-35, d. 11/8/1714
Hough, William, Lot: B-36, d. 11/8/1714
Hough, William Jr, Lot: B-39, d. 6/18/1716
Houghes, Elizabeth, Lot: C-140, d. 5/29/1771
How, Margett, Lot: D-202, d. 1776
How, Margrett, Lot: D-203, d. 7/23/1776
Howard, Ales, Lot: C-321, d. 11/18/1681
Howard, Charles, Lot: I-13
Howard, Joseph, Lot: E-19, d. 7/20/1808
Howard, Samuel, Lot: E-23, d. 9/29/1726
Howe, Jacob, Lot: F-172, d. 2/11/1807
Howell, Mary, Lot: G-239, d. 8/21/1744
Howell, Phillip, Lot: G-238, d. 3/5/1753
Hubbard, Elizabeth, Lot: E-29, d. 2/5/1758
Hudon, Sarah, Lot: A-24, d. 12/17/1778
Hudson, Ann, Lot: A-17, d. 11/18/1795
Hudson, Ann, Lot: A-65, d. 1793
Hudson, Elizabeth, Lot: J-115, d. 9/27/1816
Hudson, Elizabeth, Lot: W-18, d. 1823
Hudson, Frances, Lot: F-273, d. 6/13/1732
Hudson, Mary, Lot: F-135
Hudson, Thomas, Lot: J-25, d. 1816
Hughes, Mary, Lot: C-91, d. 3/7/1765
Hughes, Phillip, Lot: G-67, d. 6/16/1729
Hughes, Richard, Lot: C-49, d. 7/8/1757
Hughes, Sarah, Lot: C-52, d. 11/23/1764
Humphres, James, Lot: A-57, d. 10/30/1721
Huning, Mary, Lot: F-37, d. 6/7/1745
Hunnewell, Richard, Lot: F-36, d. 11/27/1742
Hunt, Ammey, Lot: F-67, d. 11/26/1769
Hunt, Joab, Lot: G-17, d. 1800
Hunt, Joab, Lot: J-6, d. 1811
Hunt, Joab, Lot: J6
Hunt, Joanna, Lot: C-116, d. 8/20/1731
Hunt, Mary, Lot: D-149, d. 10/25/1801
Hunt, Mary, Lot: D-150, d. 1801
Hunt, Sarah, Lot: G-652, d. 12/26/1775
Hunt, Sarah, Lot: G-18, d. 5/18/1805
Hunt, Sarah, Lot: G-19, d. 1805
Hunt, Thomas, Lot: C-80
Hunting, Joseph, Lot: F-40, d. 7/26/1755
Huntley, Mary, Lot: C-196, d. 9/28/1790
Hunywel, Sarah, Lot: F-43, d. 7/30/1723
Hurd, Sarah, Lot: J-50, d. 1/29/1809
Huse, Enoch, Lot: J-134, d. 7/19/1817
Hutchins, Charlotie, Lot: J-73, d. 7/25/1813
Hutchinson, Henry, Lot: W-52, d. 1808
Huting, Mary, Lot: B-47, d. 7/29/1699
Hyer, John, Lot: G-233, d. 3/8/1742
Hyer, Sage, Lot: G-233, d. 8/30/1734
Hyer, Sarah, Lot: G-233, d. 11/11/1743
Iamson, Sarah, Lot: H-95, d. 3/23/1696
Iaruis, Elizabeth, Lot: A-260, d. 8/13/1709
Ierland, Grace, Lot: F-131, d. 10/2/1730
Iersull, Abraham, Lot: H-108, d. 6/15/1752
Inckenson, Daniel, Lot: J-36, d. 6/23/1813
Inger, Tompson, Lot: A-269, d. 7/28/1788
Ingersol, D, Lot: J-6A
Ingersoll, J, Lot: I-12
Ingersoll, Nehemian, Lot: E-60, d. 8/25/1782
Ingham, Abigail, Lot: C-368, d. 4/10/1728
Ingles, James, Lot: C-132, d. 2/6/1702
Ingles, Joanna, Lot: C-87, d. 9/11/1678
Ingraham, Elizabeth, Lot: A-47, d. 1/17/1717
Ingraham, Joseph, Lot: J-49, d. 6/1/1811
Ingrsull, George, Lot: G-287, d. 8/19/1721
Isaac, S, Lot: I-1A, d. 1869
Ivory, Luce, Lot: F-217, d. 12/9/1767
J, S, Lot: F-229
Jackson, Eleazer, Lot: F-114, d. 1809
Jackson, Eleazor, Lot: F-113, d. 6/6/1809
Jackson, Mary, Lot: F-113
Jackson, Walter, Lot: F-113
James, Abigail, Lot: F-60, d. 4/3/1783
James, John, Lot: A-3, d. 12/22/1803
James, John, Lot: A-4, d. 1803
James, Merriam, Lot: A-46, d. 7/15/1765
Jaruis, Elizabeth, Lot: A-351, d. 5/9/1760
Jaruis, Leonard, Lot: A-352, d. 9/30/1770
Jarvies, Charles, Lot: A-385, d. 11/15/1807
Jarvis, Lot: A-356, d. 12/17/1753
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Lot: A-354, d. 2/13/1760
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Lot: A-381, d. 1760
Jarvis, Sarah, Lot: A-189, d. 12/15/1747
Jeffs, Anna, Lot: G-20, d. 7/22/1738
Jeffs, Mary, Lot: G-24, d. 8/1/1734
Jenkin, John, Lot: C-172, d. 9/16/1717
Jenkins, Martha, Lot: G-207, d. 7/16/1797
Jenkins, Martha, Lot: G-245, d. 1797
Jenkins, Thomas, Lot: G-268, d. 5/28/1730
Johne, Lot: C-210
Johnson, Daniel, Lot: W-43, d. 1807
Johnson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-219, d. 5/7/1701
Johnson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-105, d. 4/8/1717
Johnson, John, Lot: D-119, d. 6/5/1804
Johnson, John, Lot: J-123, d. 9/9/1829
Johnson, John, Lot: F-129
Johnson, John, Lot: F-130
Johnson, Mary, Lot: E-31
Johnson, Sarah, Lot: F-50, d. 9/12/1740
Johnson, Sarah, Lot: F-52, d. 10/11/1743
Johnson, Sarah, Lot: F-125, d. 1/24/1744
Johnson, Susanna, Lot: F-129, d. 11/2/1721
Johnson, Susanna, Lot: F-128, d. 11/23/1745
Johnson, Susanna, Lot: F-130
Johnson, Susannah, Lot: D-119
Johnson, Zachariah, Lot: C-75, d. 12/25/1727
Jones, Betsy, Lot: F-100, d. 4/22/1806
Jones, Betsy, Lot: F-124
Jones, Eliphalet, Lot: J-58, d. 12/4/1811
Jones, Elizabeth, Lot: A-146, d. 7/9/1744
Jones, Elizabeth, Lot: A-270
Jones, Joseph, Lot: J-17, d. 1812
Jones, Josian, Lot: D-133, d. 1/17/1744
Jones, Mary, Lot: D-135, d. 5/17/1746
Jones, Mary, Lot: A-208
Jones, Mary, Lot: D-184
Jones, Mercy, Lot: G-49, d. 4/7/1805
Jones, Mercy, Lot: G-48
Jones, Samuel, Lot: C-194, d. 8/27/1731
Jonson, Thomas, Lot: D-132, d. 12/31/1729
Joshua, Lot: H-107
Joshua, Urran, Lot: C-304, d. 1/15/1807
Kaind, Artvr, Lot: C-247, d. 3/24/1686
Kellen, Elizabeth, Lot: A-81, d. 1/22/1728
Kellon, Thomas, Lot: D-41, d. 12/25/1708
Kemble, Elizabeth, Lot: H-17, d. 12/19/1712
Kemble, Katherine, Lot: F-280, d. 3/24/1722
Kemble, Thomas, Lot: H-16, d. 1/26/1688
Kenney, Elizabeth, Lot: C-387, d. 5/6/1753
Kenney, Elizabeth, Lot: D-155, d. 9/10/1807
Kenny, Elizabeth, Lot: D-156, d. 1807
Kent, Jacob, Lot: W-62, d. 1878
Kent, John, Lot: D-100, d. 9/30/1794
Kent, Jonthan, Lot: D-162, d. 12/30/1700
Kent, William, Lot: C-297, d. 6/9/1691
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-60, d. 8/30/1777
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-58, d. 7/12/1783
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-59, d. 7/12/1783
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-62, d. 1878
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-61
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: B-63
Kettel, Polly, Lot: B-59, d. 11/13/1783
Kettel, Rebbeca, Lot: B-63
Kettel, Rebecca, Lot: B-62, d. 7/14/1773
Kimball, Elliot, Lot: I-16, d. 1819
Kind, John, Lot: F-120, d. 7/29/1690
Kind, Mary, Lot: H-9, d. 8/15/1662
Kind, Rachel, Lot: C-178, d. 7/6/1690
Kind, William, Lot: H-9, d. 2/14/1666
King, Lot: C-346, d. 3/29/1786
King, Lot: C-347, d. 1786
King, Abigail, Lot: C-390, d. 11/13/1770
King, Elizabeth, Lot: H-1, d. 11/29/1715
Kingman, Anna, Lot: J-128, d. 4/14/1817
Kingman, John, Lot: J-128, d. 6/18/1817
Kingsbury, Clarisa, Lot: J-148, d. 10/13/1818
Kingsbury, Jesse, Lot: J-3, d. 1825
Kingston, Lot: F-118, d. 9/9/1721
Kingston, William, Lot: G-177, d. 2/8/1719
Kino, Jane, Lot: C-248, d. 4/3/1710
Kinsman, Pelatiah, Lot: H-5, d. 4/21/1727
Kneeland, Mary, Lot: J-144, d. 1/10/1819
Kneelano, S, Lot: I-11, d. 1820
Knight, Samuel, Lot: G-176, d. 10/25/1721
Knox, Adam, Lot: D-61, d. 10/17/1745
Knox, Ann, Lot: A-38, d. 1/25/1760
Knox, Ann, Lot: A-39, d. 1760
Knox, Martha, Lot: D-82, d. 5/15/1748
L, C, Lot: F-110
L, E, Lot: A-180
L, E, Lot: F-180
L, E, Lot: G-99
L, J, Lot: F-137
L, J, Lot: G-89
L, M, Lot: H-40
Lack, Abigail, Lot: G-178
Lack, Edward, Lot: G-178, d. 2/29/1760
Lack, Sarah, Lot: G-178, d. 2/29/1760
Lad, Briget, Lot: F-30, d. 11/2/1743
Lafh, Elizabeth, Lot: C-167, d. 9/6/1731
Lais, Nicolas, Lot: C-164, d. 4/30/1685
Lake, John, Lot: C-142, d. 1/27/1690
Lake, Thomas, Lot: C-143, d. 8/14/1676
Lambert, Thomas, Lot: J-69, d. 5/12/1813
Lamson, Elizabeth, Lot: G-279, d. 8/10/1766
Lane, Lot: F-88, d. 12/8/1780
Lane, Elizabeth, Lot: F-271, d. 4/13/1795
Lane, Henry, Lot: W-43, d. 1807
Lane, Levi, Lot: F-207, d. 7/23/1790
Lane, Levi, Lot: F-193, d. 6/23/1806
Lane, Levi, Lot: F-190, d. 1790
Lane, Levi, Lot: F-191
Lane, Phebe, Lot: F-4, d. 11/12/1781
Lane, Phebe, Lot: F-15, d. 1781
Lane, Thomas, Lot: J-131, d. 6/20/1817
Langdon, Elizabeth, Lot: C-61, d. 12/28/1712
Langdon, Elizabeth, Lot: D-59, d. 9/14/1713
Langford, Hannah, Lot: C-427, d. 11/19/1796
Langley, Mary, Lot: B-43, d. 9/23/1743
Langley, Mary, Lot: B-43, d. 9/23/1743
Langley, Mary, Lot: B-40
Larabee, Benjamin, Lot: C-230, d. 5/9/1730
Lark, Thomas, Lot: A-346, d. 11/30/1723
Larrabee, Abioail, Lot: C-232, d. 7/3/1729
Larrabee, Benjamin, Lot: C-226
Lasenby, Marcy, Lot: G-31, d. 8/31/1732
Lash, Elizabeth, Lot: C-165, d. 10/12/1727
Lash, Elizabeth, Lot: G-94, d. 8/14/1756
Lash, Johanna, Lot: G-14, d. 5/29/1771
Lasinby, Thomas, Lot: D-2, d. 6/24/1747
Late, Edward, Lot: F-189, d. 5/13/1734
Late, Sarah, Lot: F-189
Lawlor, Thomas, Lot: G-41, d. 3/26/1743
Lawson, Elizabeth, Lot: A-363, d. 5/1/1699
Learnard, William, Lot: W-63, d. 1/10/1807
Learned, Elisha, Lot: W-47, d. 1878
Learned, John, Lot: C-8, d. 12/14/1800
Lee, Thomas, Lot: W-4, d. 7/16/1766
Leland, Mary, Lot: A-113
Leman, John, Lot: J-54
Lewis, Lot: I-18, d. 1820
Lewis, J, Lot: J-2B
Lewis, Josph, Lot: E-59, d. 11/23/1729
Lewis, Mary, Lot: H-33, d. 12/31/1806
Lewis, Nathaniel, Lot: F-163, d. 5/12/1778
Lewis, Nathaniel, Lot: F-164, d. 1778
Lewis, T, Lot: J-2B
Lewis, Thomas, Lot: G-295, d. 8/18/1824
Libbt, J, Lot: J-40, d. 1832
Lidston, Elizabeth, Lot: G-278, d. 3/6/1752
Lidstone, Thomas, Lot: E-72, d. 4/14/2016
Lincoln, Christopher, Lot: F-109
Lincoln, Noah, Lot: J-18, d. 1812
Little, Alexander, Lot: F-56, d. 9/25/1785
Littlefield, Rebecca, Lot: A-157
Lobb, Rodger, Lot: A-77, d. 5/4/1760
Lobb, Rodger, Lot: A-68
Lock, Hannah, Lot: J-8, d. 4/16/1853
Long, Eliza, Lot: D-176, d. 4/13/1808
Long, Eliza, Lot: D-175
Lord, Alexander, Lot: C-322, d. 3/26/1762
Lord, Alexander, Lot: C-322, d. 3/26/1762
Lord, Hannah, Lot: C-322
Loring, Elijah, Lot: W-61, d. 1878
Loring, H, Lot: W-61, d. 1878
Loring, John, Lot: W-66, d. 10/11/1806
Loring, Jonathan, Lot: J-34, d. 1828
Loring, Joshua, Lot: J-29, d. 1819
Loud, Elizabeth, Lot: F-266, d. 11/25/1689
Low, Abiah, Lot: J-21, d. 1836
Low, Abigail, Lot: G-274, d. 8/21/1738
Low, George, Lot: J-21, d. 1836
Low, John, Lot: W-53, d. 1809
Lowd, William, Lot: H-18, d. 12/17/1690
Lucas, Roger, Lot: F-55, d. 3/16/1772
Lucas, Roger, Lot: F-54
Lucas, Sarah, Lot: F-54, d. 1772
Lucas, Sarah, Lot: F-55
Lucking, John, Lot: F-136, d. 4/14/1804
Luckis, Elizabeth, Lot: G-154, d. 7/22/1760
Luckis, Elizabeth, Lot: G-156, d. 11/8/1767
Luckis, Oliver, Lot: G-148, d. 5/12/1749
Luckis, Rebekah, Lot: G-158, d. 6/18/1764
Luckis, Rebekah, Lot: G-157
Luscombe, Thomas, Lot: C-459, d. 10/15/1694
Lutwyche, Thankfull, Lot: A-411, d. 5/6/1734
M, E, Lot: C-112
M, E, Lot: G-290
M, J, Lot: G-69
M, S, Lot: H-74
M, W, Lot: A-419
Maccolloy, James, Lot: A-52, d. 10/26/1736
Mackay, Anna, Lot: J-47, d. 4/5/1811
Mackenzie, John, Lot: F-234, d. 11/13/1721
Macomber, Ichabod, Lot: I-13
Macquedy, Archibald, Lot: A-154, d. 10/11/1717
Malcom, Ann, Lot: D-85, d. 4/4/1770
Malcom, Ann, Lot: D-101, d. 1770
Malcom, Daniel, Lot: D-86, d. 10/23/1769
Malcom, Daniel, Lot: D-102, d. 1769
Malcom, Michael, Lot: D-84, d. 2/18/1775
Malcom, Sarah, Lot: F-34, d. 1800
Malcom, Sarah, Lot: F-33
Malcomb, Sarah, Lot: D-83, d. 9/23/1767
Manley, John, Lot: A-66, d. 9/7/1767
Manson, Lydia, Lot: C-94, d. 12/30/1803
Manwaring, Daniel, Lot: A-257, d. 4/6/1773
Manwaring, Daniel, Lot: A-258, d. 1773
Marble, Stump, Lot: W-40
Marden, David, Lot: J-31, d. 1828
Marshal, Francis, Lot: G-261, d. 8/23/1740
Marshall, Francis, Lot: G-225, d. 7/24/1767
Marshall, Josiah, Lot: J-20, d. 1812
Marshall, Marcy, Lot: C-355, d. 4/18/1712
Marston, J, Lot: W-46, d. 1810
Marston, Tomb, Lot: C-212
Martain, Abigail, Lot: J-64, d. 8/22/1812
Martyn, Michael, Lot: C-328, d. 3/26/1680
Martyn, Michael, Lot: E-1, d. 10/27/1700
Marvin, Mary, Lot: C-395, d. 7/24/1714
Mason, Sampson, Lot: C-95, d. 8/28/1807
Mason, William, Lot: H-32, d. 9/23/1732
Mason, William, Lot: H-43, d. 11/25/1878
Mather, Lot: I-23, d. 8/27/1723
Mather, Sarah, Lot: D-78, d. 2/21/1737
Mathews, Abigail, Lot: J-50, d. 6/4/1811
Maverick, John, Lot: F-221, d. 1/24/1719
Maverick, John, Lot: F-226, d. 7/17/1734
Maverick, John, Lot: F-227
Mavericke, Mahitabel, Lot: F-195
Mavericke, Mehitabel, Lot: F-224, d. 6/30/1747
May, Thomas, Lot: A-313, d. 11/10/1710
Mayo, Rebecca, Lot: G-201
Mcclarry, Lot: A-10, d. 8/15/1744
Mcclarry, Lot: A-10, d. 8/15/1744
Mcclary, Sarah, Lot: D-39, d. 1797
Mcclennen, William, Lot: J-17, d. 1812
Mcclintock, A, Lot: F-69
Mcclintock, Aaron, Lot: F-53, d. 5/5/1800
Mcclintock, M, Lot: F-69
Mcclintock, Martha, Lot: F-53
Mckean, Elizabeth, Lot: C-470, d. 7/8/1792
Mcklan, William, Lot: A-89
Mcleod, Lot: F-76
Mcmillan, Ann, Lot: G-109
Mcmillian, Ann, Lot: G-108, d. 2/28/1805
Mcmillian, Edward, Lot: G-108, d. 12/22/1804
Mctaggett, Jane, Lot: A-309, d. 12/31/1751
Meachom, William, Lot: A-398, d. 7/30/1803
Meachom, William, Lot: A-398, d. 9/3/1805
Mead, J, Lot: I-12
Meilvery, Nancy, Lot: J-114, d. 12/1/1815
Melendy, Sarah, Lot: F-254, d. 2/12/1743
Mellens, Katherine, Lot: E-17
Mellens, William, Lot: E-17, d. 10/1/1755
Merchant, Martha, Lot: F-288, d. 10/16/1721
Merchant, William, Lot: F-288, d. 10/16/1721
Merchant, William, Lot: F-248, d. 8/12/1751
Merells, Jerimiah, Lot: B-8, d. 8/26/1629
Merely, A, Lot: A-106
Merrill, H, Lot: J-28
Merritt, Mary, Lot: A-71, d. 9/20/1735
Merritt, Philip, Lot: A-71, d. 3/29/1741
Mes, Lot: F-64
Michell, Rebecca, Lot: G-98, d. 9/3/1784
Miers, Elizabeth, Lot: A-252, d. 6/23/1739
Miers, Robert, Lot: A-254, d. 12/20/1733
Milburn, Elizabreth, Lot: A-338, d. 3/8/1747
Miles, Experiance, Lot: B-77, d. 1/26/1690
Milk, Eleanor, Lot: G-68, d. 11/16/1792
Milk, Eleanor, Lot: G-68, d. 11/7/1794
Milk, James, Lot: G-68, d. 7/11/1792
Milk, James, Lot: G-68, d. 7/16/1792
Milk, John, Lot: F-289, d. 5/19/1756
Milk, John, Lot: G-68, d. 7/11/1808
Milk, John, Lot: G-68, d. 7/11/1808
Milk, Susanna, Lot: G-68, d. 8/4/1802
Miller, Ann, Lot: H-80, d. 1/30/1806
Miller, Anna, Lot: G-105, d. 5/7/1782
Miller, Eliza, Lot: H-80, d. 8/12/1803
Miller, Joseph, Lot: H-80, d. 10/7/1809
Miller, Joseph, Lot: H-80, d. 10/7/1809
Miller, Lydia, Lot: C-454, d. 12/11/1678
Miller, Samuel, Lot: C-156, d. 6/10/1697
Miller, Sarah, Lot: C-157, d. 2/6/1765
Millet, Abraham, Lot: I-19, d. 1821
Millins, Thomas, Lot: C-16, d. 1/24/2016
Mills, Eliza, Lot: G-280, d. 8/20/1809
Mills, Joanna, Lot: A-51, d. 3/26/1733
Mills, William, Lot: G-281, d. 8/25/1792
Milton, Ephraim, Lot: J-38, d. 1828
Milton, Sarah, Lot: J-45, d. 3/29/1817
Missing, Lot: C-22, d. 11/25/1745
Mole, Samuel, Lot: B-70, d. 8/21/1727
Moor, Elinor, Lot: A-40, d. 6/27/1730
Moor, Samuel, Lot: A-41, d. 1/28/1739
Moore, Mary, Lot: F-24, d. 5/27/1730
Mortimer, Hannah, Lot: D-97
Mortimer, Hannah, Lot: D-98
Mortimer, James, Lot: D-97, d. 8/18/1773
Mortimer, James, Lot: D-98
Mortimer, Peter, Lot: D-176, d. 8/22/1773
Mortimer, Peter, Lot: D-177
Mountford, J, Lot: J-3A
Mountfort, John, Lot: W-13, d. 1/6/1724
Mountfort, Jonathan, Lot: G-296, d. 1724
Mower, Ephram, Lot: G-170, d. 10/2/1721
Mower, Samuel, Lot: G-111
Mulvana, Sarah, Lot: H-73, d. 7/4/1805
Mumford, Mary, Lot: C-151, d. 1/24/1687
Mumford, William, Lot: C-283, d. 12/18/1704
Mumford, William, Lot: C-356, d. 11/28/1718
Munroe, David, Lot: J-46, d. 3/22/1813
Munroe, Susanah, Lot: J-46, d. 12/14/1810
Munroe, W, Lot: I-12
N, M, Lot: E-63, d. 1807
N, M, Lot: F-233
Nash, R, Lot: F-119, d. 1/6/1726
Nazro, Matthew, Lot: J-113, d. 11/1/1816
Nazro, Susannah, Lot: J-113, d. 10/30/1815
Neck, Mary, Lot: F-259, d. 3/27/1729
Nevill, Mary, Lot: C-141, d. 12/31/1723
Newcomb, Norton, Lot: W-63
Newcomb, Rachael, Lot: J-92, d. 8/3/1814
Newel, Nathaniel, Lot: C-73, d. 11/29/1731
Newell, Nathanel, Lot: G-61, d. 4/24/1717
Newell, Prudence, Lot: D-46, d. 2/12/1977
Newellcarlisle, Maryann, Lot: E-62, d. 1/22/1807
Newhall, Hannah, Lot: F-231
Newhall, Henry, Lot: F-228, d. 3/30/1753
Newhall, Mary, Lot: F-165, d. 2/2/1739
Newman, Robert, Lot: W-22, d. 5/26/1804
Newman, Robert, Lot: D-4, d. 3/23/1806
Newman, Robert, Lot: D-4, d. 12/14/1806
Newman, William, Lot: D-4, d. 8/28/1806
Newton, John, Lot: J-29, d. 1819
Nichols, Margaret, Lot: A-391, d. 11/27/1753
Nichols, Margaret, Lot: A-391, d. 11/3/1756
Nichols, Smith, Lot: J-42, d. 1844
Nickel, Sam, Lot: J-3, d. 1825
Nickels, Sam, Lot: J3
Nickerson, Elijah, Lot: H-45, d. 1804
Nickolson, Elizabeth, Lot: A-273, d. 1/24/1713
Nicoll, John, Lot: F-65, d. 9/11/1747
Nilkins, Susannah, Lot: C-109, d. 10/24/1724
Norton, David, Lot: C-233, d. 12/2/1721
Norton, Sarah, Lot: C-449, d. 10/30/1721
Norton, Thomas, Lot: C-393, d. 9/21/1714
Norwood, Caleb, Lot: G-218, d. 12/27/1735
Nottage, Nathaniel, Lot: J-34, d. 1828
Nowel, Lidia, Lot: A-374, d. 12/18/1704
Nowel, Mary, Lot: C-327A, d. 5/29/1739
Nowel, Michael, Lot: A-369, d. 8/27/1696
Nowell, Lot: A-372
Nowell, Deborah, Lot: A-370, d. 5/6/1794
Nowell, George, Lot: F-183, d. 6/8/1742
Nudd, Thomas, Lot: J-71, d. 5/20/1813
Oliver, T, Lot: J-12A
Orr, Margaret, Lot: A-48, d. 5/7/1753
Owen, Mary, Lot: G-182, d. 12/14/1767
Owen, Mary, Lot: G-183, d. 1767
P, E, Lot: D-128
P, T, Lot: B-55
P, W, Lot: H-25
Page, Edward, Lot: D-188, d. 1/15/1736
Page, Edward, Lot: D-192, d. 3/2/1748
Page, Edward, Lot: D-142, d. 11/10/1784
Page, Edward, Lot: D-191, d. 7/27/1785
Page, Mary, Lot: D-187, d. 4/6/1750
Page, Thomas, Lot: W-67, d. 1807
Paine, Sussanah, Lot: C-223, d. 11/26/1719
Paker, Thomas, Lot: C-53, d. 4/5/1723
Palmer, Grace, Lot: E-9, d. 6/5/1750
Palmer, Grace, Lot: E-11
Pannel, Ann, Lot: C-109, d. 12/3/1688
Par, Joseph, Lot: A-209, d. 6/26/1726
Parham, Pebecca, Lot: D-120, d. 4/28/1753
Parham, Rebecca, Lot: D-121
Parham, Sarah, Lot: D-120
Parham, Sarah, Lot: D-121
Parker, Lot: C-400
Parker, John, Lot: C-244, d. 9/27/1744
Parker, John, Lot: G-237, d. 7/23/1986
Parker, Percival, Lot: J-10, d. 1878
Parker, Sarah, Lot: C-244, d. 9/5/1750
Parkman, Alexander, Lot: A-102, d. 3/6/1747
Parkman, Alexander, Lot: A-103, d. 1747
Parkman, Benjamin, Lot: G-63
Parkman, Dorothy, Lot: A-118, d. 4/9/1741
Parkman, Elias, Lot: A-125, d. 3/6/1750
Parkman, Elias, Lot: A-185
Parkman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-109, d. 4/13/1746
Parkman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-123, d. 11/1/1746
Parkman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-184
Parkman, Esther, Lot: A-111, d. 1/12/1745
Parkman, Esther, Lot: A-112, d. 6/1/1745
Parkman, Euas, Lot: A-122, d. 5/24/1741
Parkman, Nathanael, Lot: C-315, d. 4/27/1694
Parkman, Samuel, Lot: A-174, d. 8/10/1767
Parkman, Samuel, Lot: A-172, d. 1767
Parkman, Sarah, Lot: F-292, d. 6/10/1765
Parkman, Susanah, Lot: F-255, d. 11/16/1743
Parkman, William, Lot: F-291, d. 5/4/1730
Parkman, William, Lot: A-175, d. 11/28/1730
Parmetar, Hannah, Lot: A-207, d. 8/12/1693
Parmetar, John, Lot: A-207, d. 2/12/1711
Parson, Lydia, Lot: E-18, d. 4/17/1778
Parsons, Ebenezer, Lot: D-127, d. 8/31/1805
Parsons, Edmund, Lot: I-6, d. 1820
Parsons, Lydia, Lot: E-38, d. 1778
Patridse, Robert, Lot: C-17, d. 11/10/1802
Patridse, Robert, Lot: C-18, d. 11/10/1802
Patten, Barbra, Lot: H-78
Paul, Mary, Lot: G-107, d. 5/7/1742
Paul, Moses, Lot: G-170, d. 1/3/1730
Paull, Aquila, Lot: A-311, d. 7/30/1719
Paull, Moses, Lot: G-164, d. 3/25/1730
Paull, Moses, Lot: G-164
Paull, Sarah, Lot: G-164, d. 3/25/1730
Payson, Ann, Lot: G-223, d. 1774
Payson, Mary, Lot: G-162, d. 6/3/1743
Payson, Mary, Lot: G-224
Payson, Moses, Lot: G-106, d. 1/20/1742
Payson, Moses, Lot: G-163
Payson, Smauel, Lot: G-229, d. 10/11/1741
Pearson, John, Lot: A-181, d. 10/7/1729
Pearson, Leonard, Lot: J-50, d. 2/6/1813
Pearson, Martha, Lot: C-458, d. 9/26/1728
Peggy, Dorcas, Lot: F-239, d. 10/24/1720
Peirce, Elizabeth, Lot: A-116, d. 4/7/1723
Peirce, Jonathan, Lot: H-100, d. 1804
Peirce, Tamazen, Lot: A-44, d. 3/21/1749
Peirse, Edward, Lot: A-155, d. 6/18/1730
Peirse, Elizabeth, Lot: A-206, d. 11/1/1721
Penniman, James, Lot: W-52, d. 1808
Percival, J, Lot: J10, d. 1811
Perkins, Mary, Lot: C-182, d. 7/13/1718
Perkins, Mary, Lot: C-138, d. 7/8/1756
Perkins, Rebecca, Lot: D-194, d. 3/16/1802
Perkins, Rebecca, Lot: D-197
Person, George, Lot: G-249, d. 9/17/1727
Phillipes, Johana, Lot: C-452, d. 10/22/1675
Phillipies, John, Lot: C-369, d. 12/16/1682
Phillips, Dorcas, Lot: H-54, d. 1/9/1763
Phillips, James, Lot: D-170, d. 5/5/1818
Pickerin, Elizabeth, Lot: A-310, d. 8/27/1690
Pierce, Hannah, Lot: E-13, d. 5/7/1784
Pierce, Mary, Lot: E-12, d. 12/18/1744
Pimm, Jane, Lot: C-139, d. 5/26/1748
Pitman, Betsey, Lot: G-266, d. 3/8/1784
Pitman, Betsey, Lot: G-266, d. 3/8/1784
Pitman, Betsy, Lot: G-267
Pitman, Sally, Lot: G-267, d. 1/1/1784
Pitman, Sally, Lot: G-267, d. 1/1/1784
Pits, Christan, Lot: G-194, d. 2/8/1736
Pittom, John, Lot: A-156, d. 2/3/1699
Pittom, Mary, Lot: A-156, d. 3/17/1712
Pittom, Matthew, Lot: A-156, d. 1/29/1693
Pitts, Elizabeth, Lot: B-37, d. 5/6/1709
Polley, John, Lot: G-119, d. 10/3/1787
Polley, John, Lot: G-171, d. 1787
Pollic, Elizabeth, Lot: J-56, d. 11/4/1811
Pollic, William, Lot: J-56, d. 3/20/1812
Pollic, Wm, Lot: J-56, d. 3/20/1812
Pompoy, Mary, Lot: G-260, d. 5/8/1790
Pond, Moses, Lot: W-55, d. 1852
Pond, Sarah, Lot: J-122, d. 7/10/1816
Pool, Ann, Lot: C-13, d. 5/13/1803
Pool, Benzamin, Lot: C-13, d. 10/5/1795
Poole, Mary, Lot: E-36, d. 7/28/1737
Porter, Prudence, Lot: C-381, d. 7/3/1709
Porter, Thomas, Lot: C-389, d. 4/11/1738
Powell, Michael, Lot: C-467, d. 12/28/1692
Pper, Michael, Lot: A-247
Prat, Deborah, Lot: B-50, d. 9/20/1679
Pratt, Lot: I-16, d. 1819
Pratt, Joseph, Lot: D-11, d. 8/27/1719
Pratt, Mary, Lot: C-159, d. 10/26/1721
Pratt, Mehetable, Lot: C-316, d. 8/8/1750
Pray, John, Lot: J-40, d. 1832
Prentiss, N, Lot: J-11A
Prichet, Peter, Lot: A-395, d. 11/26/1721
Pritchard, John, Lot: A-268, d. 3/17/1757
Proctor, Eliza, Lot: F-205, d. 10/15/1802
Proctor, Harris, Lot: D-73, d. 3/9/1818
Proot, Elizabeth, Lot: C-36, d. 1/19/1693
Pulley, William, Lot: G-124, d. 12/20/1782
Pullin, John, Lot: C-69, d. 1/9/1717
Pullin, Mary, Lot: C-70, d. 3/4/1712
Pulling, John, Lot: F-139, d. 1/18/1771
Pulling, John, Lot: C-361, d. 1/25/1787
Pulling, John, Lot: C-360, d. 1787
Pulling, Martha, Lot: C-364, d. 1/31/1753
Pullinton, Benjamin, Lot: C-382, d. 6/11/1735
Pulsifer, David, Lot: B-13, d. 9/26/1797
Pulsifer, David, Lot: B-14, d. 9/26/1797
Pulsifer, Elizabeth, Lot: B-15, d. 12/2/1807
Pulsifers, Elizabeth, Lot: B-13, d. 9/26/1797
R, E, Lot: G-103, d. 7/17/1986
R, H, Lot: A-14
R, R, Lot: C-216
Rand, Thomas, Lot: A-414, d. 9/18/1711
Randall, Mary, Lot: A-224, d. 7/26/1772
Randall, Mary, Lot: J-76, d. 9/13/1813
Randalls, Richard, Lot: G-179, d. 10/10/1730
Ransford, Edward, Lot: B-32, d. 12/27/1717
Ransford, Susannah, Lot: A-334
Rawlings, Caleb, Lot: A-285, d. 8/16/1978
Rawlins, Love, Lot: A-101, d. 12/10/1743
Rawlins, Love, Lot: A-100, d. 1743
Rayner, Lot: H-76, d. 1819
Rayner, William, Lot: G-262, d. 9/14/1805
Read, Eleanor, Lot: B-45, d. 1798
Read, Elizabeth, Lot: C-41, d. 2/1/1783
Reade, Annah, Lot: F-265, d. 9/13/1680
Reade, Esdras, Lot: A-406, d. 7/27/1680
Rebecca, Lot: J-55, d. 11/14/1811
Rebecca, Lot: J-55, d. 1/24/1812
Redding, George, Lot: J-53
Reed, Lot: H-76, d. 1819
Rennet, Elis, Lot: C-126, d. 7/23/1733
Rennet, Ellis, Lot: C-184
Restieaux, Catherine, Lot: J-127, d. 11/27/1818
Revere, Eliza, Lot: F-212, d. 11/5/1804
Rhoades, Jacob, Lot: J-1, d. 1811
Rhoades, Stephen, Lot: J-8, d. 9/21/1835
Rhoades, Stephen, Lot: J8, d. 9/21/1835
Rhodes, Samuel, Lot: G-115, d. 10/9/1759
Rich, Henry, Lot: D-30, d. 9/29/1791
Rich, Henry, Lot: D-31, d. 1791
Rich, Joanna, Lot: D-31, d. 10/7/1802
Rich, Joanna, Lot: D-30, d. 1802
Rich, Salome, Lot: W-58, d. 1805
Richard, Edward, Lot: G-30
Richards, Ales, Lot: A-29, d. 2/26/1717
Richards, Edward, Lot: G-29, d. 2/11/1747
Richards, John, Lot: G-23, d. 1/5/1732
Richards, John, Lot: G-160
Richards, Joseph, Lot: G-29
Richards, Mary, Lot: A-364, d. 10/22/1713
Richards, Mary, Lot: G-26, d. 1/20/1760
Richardson, Lot: J-44, d. 7/29/1811
Richardson, Anne, Lot: F-236
Richardson, Catharine, Lot: C-446, d. 1792
Richardson, Catherine, Lot: C-392, d. 10/7/1792
Richardson, Isaac, Lot: J-108, d. 8/22/1815
Richardson, Isaac, Lot: J-108, d. 9/10/1815
Richardson, Isabella, Lot: F-236, d. 7/20/1730
Richardson, Joel, Lot: J-37, d. 1828
Richardson, John, Lot: C-391, d. 11/14/1793
Richardson, John, Lot: J-44, d. 7/6/1810
Richardson, Mary, Lot: C-399, d. 9/22/1789
Richardson, Mary, Lot: C-397, d. 7/15/1805
Richardson, Phebe, Lot: D-161, d. 5/3/1768
Richardson, Phebe, Lot: D-163, d. 1768
Richardson, Richard, Lot: C-398, d. 1805
Richardson, Samuel, Lot: J-111, d. 10/7/1815
Richardson, Thomas, Lot: C-394, d. 2/13/1752
Richrdson, Richard, Lot: C-397, d. 1/17/1805
Rickard, Avis, Lot: J-50, d. 4/4/1813
Ridgway, L, Lot: W-30, d. 1891
Ridley, David, Lot: C-66, d. 5/28/1802
Ridley, David, Lot: C-98, d. 5/28/1802
Ridley, David, Lot: C-66A, d. 1804
Ridley, John, Lot: C-67, d. 3/19/1809
Ridley, John, Lot: C-68, d. 1809
Ridley, Rachel, Lot: C-66, d. 10/13/1804
Ridley, Rachel, Lot: C-98, d. 10/13/1804
Ritchery, Sarah, Lot: D-16, d. 1769
Roach, Samuel, Lot: J-51, d. 7/14/1811
Robbins, George, Lot: D-26, d. 9/19/1799
Robbins, Thomas, Lot: D-23, d. 3/11/1803
Robert, John, Lot: F-188, d. 11/20/1771
Roberts, Eliza, Lot: F-283, d. 9/12/1803
Roberts, John, Lot: F-281, d. 1/9/1765
Roberts, John, Lot: F-85
Roberts, Mary, Lot: F-188
Roberts, Mercy, Lot: F-186, d. 5/2/1799
Roberts, Mercy, Lot: F-181, d. 1799
Roberts, Richard, Lot: F-203, d. 6/16/2016
Roberts, Richard, Lot: F-204
Roberts, Sarah, Lot: C-375, d. 12/9/1690
Roberts, Sarah, Lot: J-143, d. 3/15/1819
Robertson, David, Lot: C-351, d. 3/7/1726
Robie, Henry, Lot: B-76, d. 7/20/1721
Robins, Abigail, Lot: E-55, d. 12/17/1796
Robins, Abigail, Lot: F-187, d. 1796
Robins, Deborah, Lot: E-53
Robins, Mary, Lot: F-21, d. 11/18/1747
Robins, Polly, Lot: E-57, d. 3/28/1778
Robins, Polly, Lot: E-52, d. 1778
Robins, Susanna, Lot: E-53, d. 3/26/1796
Robins, Susanna, Lot: E-54, d. 1796
Robins, Warner, Lot: E-53
Robinson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-450, d. 7/7/1697
Robinson, Jane, Lot: C-409, d. 7/21/1804
Robinson, Jane, Lot: C-409, d. 10/13/1807
Robinson, Jane, Lot: C-410
Robinson, Jane, Lot: C-410
Robinson, N, Lot: I-2
Robinson, S, Lot: I-2, d. 1878
Roby, Henry, Lot: C-84, d. 11/9/1807
Roby, Henry, Lot: C-85, d. 1807
Roby, Sarah, Lot: C-81, d. 5/19/1803
Roby, Sarah, Lot: C-82, d. 5/19/1803
Rogers, Elizabeth, Lot: W-41
Rogers, Sarah, Lot: J-130, d. 5/11/1817
Rose, Phillip, Lot: F-93, d. 3/20/1800
Ross, Lot: J-23, d. 1816
Ross, John, Lot: J-23, d. 1841
Ross, Margt, Lot: J-23, d. 1846
Rous, Sarah, Lot: C-181, d. 8/29/1705
Rouse, Rebeckah, Lot: A-312, d. 8/15/1742
Rouse, William, Lot: C-175, d. 1/20/1704
Rry, Lot: B-11, d. 8/30/2016
Rson, Lot: A-328, d. 12/1/1817
Ruby, Ann, Lot: D-104, d. 9/19/1741
Ruck, John, Lot: C-20, d. 9/2/1715
Ruck, Peter, Lot: A-6, d. 12/1/1690
Rumney, Edward, Lot: G-102, d. 4/6/1808
Russel, Susannah, Lot: A-271, d. 10/17/1721
Russell, Hannah, Lot: G-222, d. 3/21/1737
Russell, John, Lot: B-38, d. 9/28/1709
Russell, Mary, Lot: G-165, d. 9/29/1750
Rust, Henry, Lot: C-197, d. 8/18/1791
Rust, Henry, Lot: C-198, d. 1791
Rvck, Margrett, Lot: C-354, d. 7/8/1687
S, D, Lot: A-217
S, E, Lot: C-122, d. 1803
S, E, Lot: C-274
S, E A, Lot: D-37
S, G, Lot: C-137
S, H, Lot: F-229, d. 1800
S, J, Lot: D-89
S, J Q, Lot: D-37
S, S, Lot: A-231
S, S, Lot: D-89
Sa, Martha, Lot: F-287, d. 2/3/1747
Salisbury, John, Lot: A-319, d. 12/15/1704
Sanders, William, Lot: E-67, d. 10/31/1745
Sannah, Tomson, Lot: F-16, d. 10/10/1747
Sargent, Elizabeth, Lot: A-442, d. 5/19/1770
Sargent, Elizabeth, Lot: A-443, d. 1770
Sargent, Thaddeus, Lot: B-25, d. 1/26/1773
Sarvise, Sarah, Lot: C-125, d. 8/4/1739
Sawin, Ezekil, Lot: I-13
Sawyer, Thomas, Lot: J-112, d. 10/23/1815
Saxton, John, Lot: C-453, d. 7/31/1786
Saxton, Nathanel, Lot: C-270, d. 9/15/1677
Saxton, Samuel, Lot: H-39, d. 7/21/1693
Saxton, Thomas, Lot: H-15, d. 11/6/1680
Saxton, Thomas, Lot: C-402
Scaling, Lot: G-250
Scammell, Alexander, Lot: D-116, d. 12/27/1766
Scammell, Mary, Lot: D-117, d. 8/15/1760
Scarlet, Humphry, Lot: C-445, d. 1/4/1739
Scarlet, Mehetable, Lot: C-476, d. 6/26/1733
Scollay, John, Lot: E-26, d. 11/17/1763
Scoot, Anna, Lot: B-10
Scoot, Thomas, Lot: B-9, d. 9/3/1733
Scott, Mary, Lot: C-386, d. 11/23/1753
Scott, Sarah, Lot: A-177, d. 9/30/1742
Seamens, Monument, Lot: D-1, d. 1851
Seares, Hannah, Lot: C-317, d. 6/25/1769
Seares, Hannah, Lot: C-319, d. 1769
Seares, Robert, Lot: C-325, d. 12/29/1732
Sears, Alexander, Lot: C-327, d. 3/17/1758
Seccombe, John, Lot: A-126, d. 9/25/1721
Seccombe, John, Lot: F-2
Selley, Abigail, Lot: A-119, d. 9/25/1721
Servise, Maria, Lot: C-133, d. 12/17/1742
Session, Ebenezer, Lot: G-200, d. 10/13/1813
Seward, Benjamin, Lot: G-7, d. 2/10/1766
Seward, Catherine, Lot: G-10
Seward, James, Lot: G-10, d. 6/22/1790
Seward, James, Lot: G-100
Seward, Sarah, Lot: G-34
Seward, Thomas, Lot: G-34
Seward, Thomas, Lot: G-34
Seward, Thomas, Lot: G-35
Shafee, Elizabeth, Lot: C-238, d. 3/7/1931
Shan, Sarah, Lot: C-278, d. 1799
Shapp, Daniel, Lot: G-181, d. 10/2/1814
Sharin, Richard, Lot: C-200, d. 10/29/1710
Sharon, George, Lot: C-130, d. 10/6/1743
Sharp, Gibbins, Lot: A-347, d. 10/24/1770
Sharp, Gibbins, Lot: A-348, d. 1770
Sharp, Margery, Lot: H-12, d. 12/2/1763
Sharp, Sarah, Lot: A-342, d. 6/9/1756
Shaw, Francis, Lot: A-437, d. 1784
Shaw, Joseph, Lot: C-380, d. 5/7/1701
Shaw, Susannah, Lot: D-25, d. 5/12/1737
Sherburne, Abigail, Lot: C-420, d. 4/8/1778
Sherburne, W, Lot: J-13A
Sherman, James, Lot: W-24, d. 1801
Sherran, Richard, Lot: C-192, d. 12/25/1746
Sherrin, Sarah, Lot: C-199, d. 8/26/1715
Shirley, James, Lot: A-56, d. 8/2/1749
Shut, Richard, Lot: C-437, d. 10/2/1703
Shute, Elizabeth, Lot: C-466, d. 9/8/1691
Shute, Lydia, Lot: C-378, d. 10/3/1721
Shutt, Hannah, Lot: C-463, d. 9/29/1709
Shvie, Elizabeth, Lot: C-461, d. 2/2/1665
Sigourney, Lot: W-19, d. 1852
Sigourney, Andrew, Lot: J-33
Simonds, Mary, Lot: J-93, d. 8/4/1814
Singleton, Ann, Lot: D-140, d. 9/3/1805
Singleton, George, Lot: D-138, d. 1/24/1805
Singleton, James, Lot: D-136, d. 11/26/1800
Singleton, Samuel, Lot: D-138, d. 1/24/1805
Sinnitt, Patric, Lot: A-143, d. 8/4/1769
Skillin, Lot: W-14
Skillin, Buth, Lot: G-96, d. 5/29/1786
Skillin, Mary, Lot: G-92, d. 1/28/1763
Skillin, Ruth, Lot: G-97, d. 1786
Skillin, Simeon, Lot: G-90, d. 2/27/1779
Skillin, Simeon, Lot: G-91, d. 1778
Skilling, Simeon, Lot: G-32, d. 1/23/1748
Slate, Stamp, Lot: D-10
Slate, Stump, Lot: D-144
Slode, Fragment, Lot: W-37
Small, Fragmented, Lot: G-246
Smallpeace, Furnell, Lot: A-440, d. 8/28/1712
Smith, Lot: C-173, d. 5/17/1708
Smith, Ann, Lot: G-161, d. 7/6/1815
Smith, Benjamin, Lot: W-32, d. 1805
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: D-87, d. 1/23/1753
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: D-54, d. 7/1/1803
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: D-55
Smith, Francis, Lot: G-264, d. 8/6/1798
Smith, Francis, Lot: G-265, d. 1798
Smith, Hannah, Lot: J-87, d. 3/2/1811
Smith, Hollan, Lot: J-87, d. 5/6/1811
Smith, James, Lot: D-88, d. 6/17/1805
Smith, John, Lot: J-22, d. 1812
Smith, Josiah, Lot: D-179, d. 11/13/1721
Smith, Mary, Lot: A-382, d. 2/5/1727
Smith, Nathaniel, Lot: D-179, d. 11/13/1721
Smith, Rebecca, Lot: C-40, d. 6/28/1799
Smith, Rebecca, Lot: C-55
Smith, Sally, Lot: J-55, d. 10/26/1811
Smith, Susanna, Lot: D-88
Snelling, Lot: W-26
Snelling, Ann, Lot: G-74, d. 1/30/1766
Snelling, Anna, Lot: G-75, d. 4/18/1720
Snelling, Anna, Lot: G-79, d. 1766
Snelling, Anna, Lot: G-137, d. 1790
Snelling, Benjamin, Lot: G-78, d. 11/6/1739
Snelling, Benjamin, Lot: G-80
Snelling, Elizabeth, Lot: G-185, d. 4/1/1737
Snelling, Hannah, Lot: G-136, d. 6/22/1730
Snelling, John, Lot: G-276, d. 2/17/1699
Snelling, Jonathan, Lot: W-27
Snelling, Joseph, Lot: G-134, d. 8/13/1726
Snelling, Joseph, Lot: G-83, d. 7/1/1748
Snelling, Joseph, Lot: G-138, d. 4/27/1799
Snelling, Joseph, Lot: G-142, d. 1799
Snelling, Joseph, Lot: G-144
Snelling, Josiah, Lot: G-135, d. 2/11/1783
Snelling, Mary, Lot: G-289, d. 8/29/1719
Snelling, Mary, Lot: H-55, d. 1/28/1724
Snelling, Nataniel, Lot: G-188
Snelling, Nathaniel, Lot: G-745
Snelling, Nathiel, Lot: G-141, d. 5/26/1745
Snelling, Priscilla, Lot: H-57, d. 4/2/1791
Snelling, Priscilla, Lot: H-58, d. 1791
Snelling, Rebecah, Lot: G-143, d. 4/20/1777
Snelling, Rebecah, Lot: G-139
Snelling, Rebecca, Lot: H-59, d. 5/20/1802
Snelling, Rebecca, Lot: H-60, d. 1802
Snelling, Rebeckah, Lot: G-136, d. 6/21/1730
Snelling, Rebeckah, Lot: G-133, d. 11/7/1730
Snelling, Rebeckah, Lot: H-56
Snelling, Samuel, Lot: G-84, d. 9/20/1723
Snow, Ephraim, Lot: W-54, d. 1808
Snow, Larkin, Lot: W-54, d. 1808
Soames, Hannah, Lot: H-89, d. 7/19/1682
Soames, Hannah, Lot: H-8, d. "30, 1674"
Soames, John, Lot: H-91, d. 11/16/1700
Soames, Joseph, Lot: H-92, d. 8/2/1705
Somes, Elizabeth, Lot: H-19, d. 9/16/1685
Somes, Susannah, Lot: F-77, d. 9/3/1770
Somes, Susannah, Lot: F-72, d. 1770
Souter, Hannah, Lot: C-19, d. 8/20/1711
Speed, William, Lot: C-268, d. 8/21/1808
Spence, John, Lot: W-55, d. 1852
Spring, Robert, Lot: F-78
Spring, Samuel, Lot: E-42, d. 4/6/1752
Starling, John, Lot: F-28
Starling, Patience, Lot: F-28, d. 6/2/1760
Starr, Eliza, Lot: D-122, d. 6/8/1800
Starr, Elizabeth, Lot: C-342, d. 2/7/1802
Steel, Elizabeth, Lot: J-46, d. 4/26/1813
Stephens, Elizabeth, Lot: D-193, d. 11/19/1723
Sterling, Grace, Lot: D-174, d. 2/1/1721
Stetson, Lebbevs, Lot: J-41, d. 1828
Steuent, Edward, Lot: A-64, d. 8/31/1712
Steven, Edward, Lot: A-64, d. 8/31/1712
Stevens, Abigail, Lot: B-67, d. 9/12/1747
Stevens, Abigail, Lot: B-73, d. 1747
Stevens, Eliza, Lot: I-20, d. 1821
Stevens, John, Lot: B-65, d. 4/2/1721
Stevens, John, Lot: F-96, d. 9/29/1739
Stevens, John, Lot: F-1, d. 11/11/1747
Stevens, John, Lot: B-56, d. 9/23/1748
Stevens, John, Lot: B-57, d. 9/26/1748
Stevens, Mary, Lot: A-85, d. 5/9/1785
Stevens, Mary, Lot: A-86, d. 1785
Stevens, Patience, Lot: B-12, d. 12/23/1814
Stevens, Sarah, Lot: A-165, d. 11/30/1723
Stevens, Thomas, Lot: A-84, d. 5/6/1761
Stevens, Tomb, Lot: D-124, d. 1909
Steves, Erasmus, Lot: D-80, d. 11/1/1721
Stimpson, Jane, Lot: J-50, d. 4/9/1812
Stoddard, Abigail, Lot: A-302, d. 7/23/1761
Stoddard, Eliz, Lot: A-284, d. 2/20/1732
Stoddard, Elizabeth, Lot: A-296
Stoddard, Hannah, Lot: A-306, d. 12/29/1755
Stoddard, Hannah, Lot: C-162
Stoddard, Mercy, Lot: A-295, d. 2/14/1738
Stoddard, Tabitha, Lot: A-290, d. 6/3/1734
Stoddard, Thomas, Lot: A-281, d. 9/3/1743
Stoddard, Thomas, Lot: A-300, d. 4/12/1763
Stoddard, Thomas, Lot: A-301
Stone, Ann, Lot: C-25, d. 5/28/1752
Stone, Benjamin, Lot: C-119, d. 12/15/1706
Stone, Elizabeth, Lot: C-97, d. 3/15/1763
Stone, Josiah, Lot: C-29, d. 7/26/1717
Stone, Margaret, Lot: F-29
Stone, Nicolas, Lot: C-104, d. 12/9/1689
Stone, Sarah, Lot: C-26, d. 5/25/1752
Stookas, Sarah, Lot: D-186, d. 8/1/1723
Storer, Lot: G-153
Stowe, Elizabeth, Lot: I-7, d. 1/6/1845
Stretton, Bartholomew, Lot: E-66, d. 1/9/1686
Stretton, Eliphai, Lot: E-66
Stretton, Elizabeth, Lot: E-64, d. 5/4/1727
Stride, John, Lot: A-69, d. 12/5/1724
Strong, Lot: C-195, d. 9/28/1798
Stuart, Adam, Lot: F-261
Sukren, Lot: C-252
Sullivan, Charles, Lot: G-45, d. 8/15/1815
Sullivan, Elizabeth, Lot: G-47, d. 2/10/1807
Sullivan, Jeames, Lot: G-47, d. 2/10/1807
Sullivan, Thomas, Lot: G-203, d. 10/29/1795
Sullivan, Thos, Lot: G-190, d. 1795
Sumers, Charles, Lot: C-313, d. 1/25/1682
Sunderland, John, Lot: B-49, d. 6/22/1699
Sunderland, John, Lot: F-39, d. 9/11/1724
Sutherland, George, Lot: W-50, d. 1809
Swaen, Sarah, Lot: A-104, d. 2/10/1710
Swan, Simeon, Lot: J-114, d. 11/27/1816
Sweet, Ebenezer, Lot: F-211
Sweet, Henry, Lot: F-211
Sweet, Jabez, Lot: F-211
Sweet, John, Lot: H-44, d. 4/25/1685
Sweet, Susanna, Lot: H-44, d. 7/16/1666
Sweetser, David, Lot: A-218, d. 6/3/1803
Sweetser, Hannah, Lot: G-199, d. 12/11/1743
Sweetser, Joanna, Lot: G-198, d. 9/12/1746
Sweetser, M, Lot: A-217
Sweetser, Mary, Lot: A-218, d. 4/9/1784
Sweetser, Mary, Lot: A-219, d. 10/30/1784
Sweetser, Mary, Lot: A-220, d. 1784
Swier, Lucy, Lot: H-97, d. 10/14/1795
Swift, Edde, Lot: C-123, d. 10/12/1795
Swift, Ehjah, Lot: C-124, d. 5/9/1803
Swift, Mary, Lot: C-31, d. 4/9/1764
Swift, Wiiliam, Lot: C-33, d. 4/1/1765
T, T, Lot: C-83
Tapper, Hannah, Lot: A-248, d. 7/14/1742
Tarbeli, L, Lot: J-28
Tarbox, Jonathan, Lot: A-190, d. 7/7/1760
Tarbox, Jonathan, Lot: A-55, d. 5/3/1769
Tarbox, Mary, Lot: A-187, d. 1/19/1763
Taut, Sarah, Lot: C-135, d. 1678
Taylor, Lot: C-435, d. 6/9/1803
Taylor, Abigail, Lot: F-144, d. 10/26/1774
Templer, Thomas, Lot: F-171, d. 8/3/1745
Thacher, Margaret, Lot: H-20, d. 9/14/1719
Thaxter, Jonathan, Lot: J-18, d. 1812
Thayer, Cotton, Lot: W-69, d. 1806
Thayer, John, Lot: J-15, d. 1813
Thicker, Ebenezer, Lot: G-155
Thomas, Abigail, Lot: C-365, d. 5/4/1717
Thomas, Abigail, Lot: C-376, d. 1717
Thomas, Ann, Lot: A-393, d. 11/27/1767
Thomas, Elizabeth, Lot: I-18, d. 1820
Thomas, Harvye, Lot: F-274, d. 9/12/1750
Thomas, Martha, Lot: A-202, d. 6/4/1756
Thomas, Peter, Lot: W-21, d. 12/27/1796
Thomas, William, Lot: E-71, d. March
Thomas, William, Lot: A-308
Thompson, John, Lot: J-119, d. 4/1/1816
Thompson, Robert, Lot: J-5, d. 1811
Thompson, Robert, Lot: J5
Thornton, Sarah, Lot: G-244, d. 12/3/1725
Thornton, Timothy, Lot: G-244, d. 9/19/1726
Tilden, Robert, Lot: D-130, d. 11/6/1801
Tilestone, Joanna, Lot: C-154, d. 5/1/1878
Tillstone, Lot: C-204
Tilston, James, Lot: C-205, d. 2/20/1739
Tilton, Hannah, Lot: H-53, d. 11/11/1808
Tolman, Elijah, Lot: J-121, d. 6/22/1816
Tolman, Mary, Lot: C-272, d. 5/30/1752
Tomb, Lot: C-333
Tompkins, George, Lot: C-307, d. 10/21/1801
Tomson, Benjamin, Lot: F-59, d. 6/18/1730
Tomson, Mary, Lot: A-168, d. 9/8/1723
Torey, Sdith, Lot: C-101, d. 10/18/1693
Tounzan, Jermiah, Lot: C-434, d. 9/6/1690
Tout, Benjamin, Lot: C-89, d. 7/20/1729
Tout, Elizabeth, Lot: C-135, d. 10/24/1678
Tout, Elizabeth, Lot: C-135, d. 10/24/1678
Tout, Martha, Lot: C-89, d. 11/19/1727
Townsend, Abigail, Lot: F-132, d. 1/2/1728
Townsend, Anna, Lot: E-74, d. 11/8/1726
Townsend, Anna, Lot: C-434
Townsend, Elizabeth, Lot: C-433, d. 9/21/1713
Townsend, James, Lot: F-269, d. 4/18/1738
Townsend, John, Lot: C-2
Townsend, Juddith, Lot: C-2
Townsend, Judith, Lot: C-1, d. 10/16/1775
Townsend, Nathan, Lot: C-1, d. 10/17/1772
Townsend, Nathan, Lot: C-4, d. 10/12/1786
Townsend, Nathan, Lot: C-2
Townsend, Polley, Lot: C-3, d. 3/9/1787
Townsend, Ruth, Lot: A-94A, d. 10/23/1713
Townsend, Sarah, Lot: F-282, d. 12/1/1750
Towwsend, John, Lot: C-1, d. 5/27/1783
Traces, Lot: C-234
Trask, Susan, Lot: G-219, d. 8/7/1815
Trauis, Daniel, Lot: C-93, d. 1/19/1688
Travis, Daniel, Lot: C-311, d. 5/9/1720
Treat, Mary, Lot: G-240, d. 5/6/1742
Treat, Robert, Lot: F-167, d. 8/5/1749
Trefry, William, Lot: E-27, d. 5/6/1761
Tremere, John, Lot: J-38, d. 1828
Trench, Othniel, Lot: J-54
Trew, Richard, Lot: G-187, d. 10/8/1756
Troth, Jodith, Lot: A-261, d. 5/17/1786
Troth, John, Lot: A-263, d. 9/9/1781
Troth, John, Lot: A-264, d. 1781
Troth, Judith, Lot: A-262, d. 5/17/1786
Trout, Sarah, Lot: F-198, d. 8/25/1753
Troutt, William, Lot: A-141, d. 3/31/1749
True, Richard, Lot: G-292, d. 8/29/1744
Tucker, Daniel, Lot: H-103, d. 7/17/1739
Tucks, Martha, Lot: C-136, d. 11/4/1729
Tueton, Elizabeth, Lot: G-8, d. 8/18/1760
Tufton, Robert, Lot: C-448, d. 4/28/1917
Tufton, Robert, Lot: G-25
Turell, Elizabeth, Lot: G-43, d. 4/12/1765
Turell, Elizth, Lot: G-44
Turell, Four, Lot: G-43, d. 4/12/1765
Turner, Elizabeth, Lot: F-223, d. 8/11/1986
Tuttle, Hannah, Lot: F-158, d. 5/15/1736
Tuttle, Joses, Lot: F-263, d. 7/17/1712
Tuttle, Samuel, Lot: W-59, d. 1807
Twine, Rebeeca, Lot: A-441, d. 1/5/1717
Tyer, William, Lot: C-181, d. 1/14/1666
Tyler, Dorcas, Lot: D-189, d. 12/28/1770
Tyley, Elizabeth, Lot: A-108, d. 9/1/1727
U, J, Lot: C-305, d. 1/15/1807
U, J, Lot: A-20
Under, Tree, Lot: W-57
Underwood, Hipsabah, Lot: A-30, d. 7/27/1785
Underwood, Hipsabah, Lot: A-31, d. 1785
Underwood, John, Lot: A-26, d. 1/11/1706
Underwood, Joseph, Lot: A-23, d. 6/5/1783
Upshall, Dorathy, Lot: C-38, d. 9/18/1695
Utley, Lot: H-76, d. 1819
V, R, Lot: G-196
Vale, John, Lot: C-62, d. 11/13/1720
Vannevar, Lot: I-10, d. 1819
Vannevar, George, Lot: I-7, d. 1845
Varney, Lot: W-41
Varney, James, Lot: D-147, d. 1/24/1752
Varney, Jean, Lot: D-147
Vassell, Abigail, Lot: A-1, d. 5/2/1816
Vaughan, Daniel, Lot: J-89, d. 4/22/1814
Veazie, Eli, Lot: I-14, d. 1819
Vendell, S, Lot: J-25, d. 1816
Veneman, Elizabeth, Lot: C-171, d. 2/14/1709
Venteman, Mary, Lot: C-170, d. 3/16/1723
Verien, Hannah, Lot: G-152, d. 3/7/1736
Viall, Elizabeth, Lot: A-439, d. 1/17/1682
Vickers, Silvanus, Lot: C-349, d. 6/29/1721
Vinall, Christiana, Lot: J-133, d. 6/25/1817
Vinton, Rebecca, Lot: G-195, d. 10/15/1807
Viscount, Dorcas, Lot: A-222, d. 5/30/1769
Viscount, John, Lot: A-227, d. 10/14/1734
Viscount, Phillip, Lot: A-225, d. 9/22/1751
Vollintine, Lot: W-33
Vpsall, Nicholas, Lot: A-409, d. 8/1/1666
W, E, Lot: D-204
W, H, Lot: F-116
W, J, Lot: A-279
W, J, Lot: F-112
W, R, Lot: A-303
W, Samuel, Lot: D-7, d. 10/27/1784
Wade, John, Lot: J-5, d. 1811
Wadsworth, Susanna, Lot: A-401, d. 1878
Wair, Lydia, Lot: A-274, d. 1/2/1704
Wakefeild, Ann, Lot: A-357, d. 1/1/1712
Wakefeild, Ann, Lot: A-365
Wakefield, Eliza, Lot: J-2
Wakefield, Eliza, Lot: J2
Wakefield, John, Lot: A-339, d. 4/27/1717
Wakefield, Rebacca, Lot: A-333, d. 5/28/1715
Wakefield, Samuel, Lot: G-271, d. 11/12/1809
Walker, Richard, Lot: G-191, d. 2/24/1774
Walker, Richard, Lot: G-204, d. 1774
Walker, Sukanna, Lot: G-206, d. 1799
Walker, Susanna, Lot: G-192, d. 8/26/1799
Walters, Joseph, Lot: A-396, d. 5/24/1709
Warburton, Charles, Lot: J-90, d. 7/1/1814
Ward, Fransis, Lot: B-74, d. 6/10/1690
Ward, Mary, Lot: J-8, d. 4/1/1853
Wardell, George, Lot: D-92, d. 12/5/1802
Wardell, George, Lot: D-93, d. 1802
Ware, Daniel, Lot: C-323, d. 1/8/1693
Warran, Mary, Lot: C-301, d. 7/13/1681
Waterhous, Rachel, Lot: D-182, d. 1/23/1726
Waterman, Thomas, Lot: H-104, d. 6/7/1808
Waterman, Thomas, Lot: H-29, d. 1808
Waternous, Rachel, Lot: D-182, d. 1/23/1726
Waters, John, Lot: A-139, d. 10/24/1799
Waters, Mary, Lot: D-96, d. 6/7/1807
Waters, Sampson, Lot: F-4, d. 8/13/1693
Waters, William, Lot: B-64, d. 6/15/1691
Waters, William, Lot: F-253, d. 8/10/1757
Watson, Lot: A-331, d. 10/1/1743
Watson, James, Lot: A-326, d. 7/22/1738
Watter, Rebeckah, Lot: A-221, d. 4/9/1745
Watts, Lot: W-12
Watts, Lydia, Lot: C-117, d. 9/29/1700
Watts, Richard, Lot: A-316, d. 3/8/1749
Way, Kathron, Lot: F-232, d. 4/28/1689
Webb, Ann, Lot: A-358, d. 10/30/1714
Webb, David, Lot: G-66, d. 10/9/1722
Webb, Joseph, Lot: A-234, d. 6/30/1708
Webb, Joseph, Lot: A-214, d. 8/1/1714
Webb, Margaret, Lot: G-298, d. 1813
Webb, Samuell, Lot: A-235, d. 10/31/1717
Webber, Elizth, Lot: G-81, d. 3/11/1731
Webber, Seth, Lot: W-68, d. 10/11/1806
Welch, John, Lot: A-413, d. 11/23/1713
Welch, Rebekah, Lot: F-215, d. 10/23/1767
Wells, Charles, Lot: J-9, d. 1811
Wells, John, Lot: J-9, d. 1811
Wells, John, Lot: J-9, d. 1811
Wells, Mary, Lot: C-281, d. 12/1/1678
Wells, Nathanial, Lot: J9, d. 1815
Wells, Richard, Lot: A-249, d. 9/8/1680
Wells, Samuel, Lot: D-198, d. 11/13/1804
Wells, William, Lot: D-199, d. 8/8/1808
Wells, William, Lot: D-200, d. 1808
Wels, Thomas, Lot: C-88, d. 10/7/1702
Whellen, Richard, Lot: W-17, d. 11/25/1803
White, Lot: C-79
White, Elizabeth, Lot: F-31, d. 4/15/1748
White, Hannah, Lot: C-388, d. 4/8/1718
White, Hannah, Lot: C-384, d. 12/9/1736
White, Hannah, Lot: C-377
White, Issac, Lot: F-48
White, James, Lot: J-106, d. 4/12/1827
White, John, Lot: C-54, d. 8/6/1690
White, John, Lot: F-10, d. 12/1/1746
White, Joseph, Lot: A-378, d. 9/21/1721
White, Katherine, Lot: F-10, d. 2/3/1746
White, Lettice, Lot: J-106, d. 7/20/1815
White, Marcy, Lot: D-131, d. 4/13/1778
White, Mary, Lot: A-377, d. 10/10/1702
White, Mary, Lot: A-380, d. 9/3/1714
White, Mary, Lot: C-455, d. 10/1/1727
White, Mary, Lot: C-10, d. 2/23/1759
White, Mary, Lot: C-11, d. 2/23/1759
White, P, Lot: A-379
White, Richard, Lot: D-60, d. 1/4/1748
White, Samuel, Lot: A-375, d. 1/16/1727
White, Susannah, Lot: F-79, d. 6/4/1769
White, Susannah, Lot: F-80, d. 1769
Whitehead, Samuel, Lot: G-172, d. 8/26/1719
Whitemore, Greshom, Lot: A-198, d. 11/1/1795
Whitemore, John, Lot: G-248, d. 4/21/1748
Whiteridge, Abigail, Lot: A-282, d. 1/30/1724
Whitman, Abigail, Lot: A-182, d. 11/8/1756
Whitman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-179, d. 5/25/1768
Whitman, Francis, Lot: A-384, d. 8/15/1715
Whitman, Samuel, Lot: A-188, d. 5/7/1715
Whitridge, Sarah, Lot: F-295, d. 1/31/1733
Whittemore, Elizabeth, Lot: G-251
Whittemore, Gershom, Lot: A-199, d. 1795
Whittemore, Hannah, Lot: A-436, d. 1/15/1693
Whittemore, Lydia, Lot: G-247, d. 1/15/1750
Wild, Ebenezer, Lot: G-62, d. 12/4/1794
Wild, Jonathan, Lot: A-18
Wild, Samuel, Lot: D-35, d. 1784
Wiliston, Joanna, Lot: E-40
Wilkins, John, Lot: C-107, d. 8/17/1674
Wilkins, John, Lot: B-69, d. 6/17/1710
Wilkins, John, Lot: C-108, d. 8/17/1724
Wilkins, Thomas, Lot: C-106, d. 1/19/1679
Willard, Josiah, Lot: A-278, d. 8/20/1807
Willard, Susanna, Lot: A-173
Willcut, Joseph, Lot: J-13, d. 1831
Willett, Sarah, Lot: F-268, d. 10/21/1693
William, Elizabeth, Lot: H-7, d. 4/12/1690
William, Elizabeth, Lot: H-4, d. 3/1/1759
Williams, Elizabeth, Lot: J-120, d. 5/6/1816
Williams, Jeremiah, Lot: C-408, d. 10/30/1721
Williams, John, Lot: C-229, d. 12/27/1736
Williams, Mary, Lot: J-110, d. 10/7/1815
Williams, Rachel, Lot: A-255, d. 3/25/1705
Williams, Sarah, Lot: J-140, d. 4/25/1818
Williston, Ann, Lot: F-91, d. 1775
Williston, Ann, Lot: F-90, d. September
Williston, Jane, Lot: G-255, d. 3/12/1759
Williston, Joanna, Lot: F-277, d. 2/23/1803
Williston, John, Lot: F-90, d. 4/7/1776
Williston, John, Lot: F-11, d. 10/8/1809
Williston, John, Lot: F-91
Williston, Thomas, Lot: G-259, d. 8/31/1775
Williston, Thomas, Lot: G-257, d. 12/14/1783
Williston, Thomas, Lot: G-256, d. 1775
Williston, Thos, Lot: G-258, d. 1783
Willson, Marcy, Lot: B-42, d. 12/15/1719
Willson, Mary, Lot: C-51, d. 8/17/1753
Willson, Sarah, Lot: A-183, d. 5/21/1749
Wilson, John, Lot: J-35, d. 1828
Winchester, Edmund, Lot: I-5, d. 1819
Winslow, Mary, Lot: C-242, d. 6/2/1681
Winslow, Samuel, Lot: C-241, d. 10/14/1680
Winslow, Samuel, Lot: W-10, d. 1743
Winslow, Sarah, Lot: C-327B, d. 4/4/1667
Wiring, William, Lot: D-29, d. 1749
Wirling, William, Lot: D-28, d. 2/17/1749
Wirling, William, Lot: D-28, d. 1748
Wiswalel, Elizabeth, Lot: G-159, d. 12/1/1747
Woodard, Prissilla, Lot: F-220, d. 12/29/1722
Woodbury, Andrew, Lot: A-360, d. 10/21/1721
Woodbury, Hannah, Lot: A-332, d. 7/28/1733
Woodward, Elizabeth, Lot: C-220
Woodward, Elizabeth, Lot: D-32
Worthylake, Ann, Lot: F-294, d. 1718
Worthylake, George, Lot: F-257, d. 11/3/1718
Worthylake, Ruth, Lot: F-294
Worthylake, Susanna, Lot: A-412, d. 11/10/1703
Woterhouse, John, Lot: A-200, d. 7/1/1746
Wright, Jonathan, Lot: D-201, d. 10/7/1806
Wyer, Zanchariah, Lot: C-103, d. 11/23/1717
Wyers, John, Lot: I-9, d. 1820
Wyman, Hezekiah, Lot: F-115, d. 10/24/1808
Y, R, Lot: D-195
Yendell, Eliza, Lot: A-8, d. 10/30/1805
Yendell, Eliza, Lot: A-9
Young, Hannah, Lot: E-47, d. 10/5/1790
Young, Hannah, Lot: E-49, d. 9/24/1796
Young, Hannah, Lot: E-48, d. 1790
Young, Hannah, Lot: E-50, d. 1796
Young, Joseph, Lot: E-28, d. 10/5/1731
Young, Rachel, Lot: D-129, d. 11/1/1752
Young, Rachel, Lot: E-41
Young, Rebecca, Lot: E-45, d. 3/29/1808
Younge, William, Lot: D-185, d. 6/5/1750
Z, J, Lot: G-140, d. 1814
Ziegel, Christopher, Lot: G-295, d. 8/3/1815
Ziegel, John, Lot: G-295, d. 10/15/1814

Unidentified Graves

Illegible, Lot: J-124
Illegible, Lot: A-129
Illegible, Lot: A-394
Illegible, Lot: A-399
Illegible, Lot: C-330
Illegible, Lot: C-331
Illegible, Lot: J-118
Illegible, Marble, Lot: C-329

Sunken, Lot: I-22
Sunken, Lot: J-101
Sunken, John, Lot: C-90

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