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Dorchester South Burying Ground
Dorchester, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

dorchester south burying ground
Dorchester South Burying Ground

GPS: 42.278817, -71.066595

2095 Dorchester Ave.
Boston, MA 02124

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 1,255

Dorchester South Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Dorchester South Burying Ground is located in the Lower Mills area of Dorchester. This cemetery was opened in 1814 to alleviate overcrowding in Dorchester North Burying Ground due to the town's rapid expansion in the early nineteenth century.

The founding of Dorchester South Burying Ground occurred on the eve of the Rural Cemetery Movement. Edmund Baker, of the famous chocolate firm in Lower Mills, headed the committee that purchased the cemetery property. Although the land was part of Dorchester, it was in a sparsely populated area. In 1835 the burial ground committee began to make site improvements characteristic of the new garden-style cemeteries such as ordered burial lots, winding carriageways, and numerous plantings. Samuel Downer, a prominent businessman and horticulturist who participated in creating Mount Auburn Cemetery, designed the landscaping of this cemetery as well as Dorchester North Burying Ground, beautifying the grounds with ornamental trees, shrubbery and flowers and creating a botanical-park atmosphere. Local residents were highly supportive of this undertaking, even donating funds and plants to the cemetery.

The majority of the gravemarkers found in this site are made of marble and granite, as is typical of the nineteenth century. An unusual feature of this cemetery is the significant number of monuments it contains. Many Dorchester residents are interred here, as is Henry L. Pierce, mayor of Boston and benefactor of Harvard College.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, A, Lot: DS-L-60
A, C, Lot: DS-L-26
A, E, Lot: DS-L-30, d. 1829
A, E, Lot: DS-L-60
A, E, Lot: DS-L-60
A, H, Lot: DS-L-28
A, S, Lot: DS-L-60
Abbenzeller, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-C-1, d. 1873
Abbott, C, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 1907
Abby, Susan, Lot: DS-S-51, d. 4/17/1884
Adama, Edward, Lot: DS-L-29, d. 10/11/1829
Adams, Abigail, Lot: DS-S-51, d. 11/17/1873
Adams, Ann, Lot: DS-L-59
Adams, Bent, Lot: DS-O-30, d. 12/19/1882
Adams, Charles, Lot: DS-L-25, d. 3/20/1845
Adams, E, Lot: DS-L-32
Adams, Elijah, Lot: DS-O-29, d. 12/12/1863
Adams, Elisha, Lot: DS-L-31, d. 7/29/1838
Adams, Eliza, Lot: DS-L-59
Adams, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-L-59
Adams, Fannie, Lot: DS-G-23, d. 1882
Adams, Hannah, Lot: DS-L-27, d. 10/21/1838
Adams, Henry, Lot: DS-O-3
Adams, Ida, Lot: DS-G-23, d. 1946
Adams, Ida, Lot: DS-O-2
Adams, Jane, Lot: DS-O-30, d. 7/11/1886
Adams, Joseph, Lot: DS-O-7A, d. 11/20/1821
Adams, Joseph, Lot: DS-G-23, d. 1906
Adams, Mary, Lot: DS-O-6, d. 10/7/1843
Adams, Mary, Lot: DS-O-1, d. 9/10/1854
Adams, Mary, Lot: DS-G-23
Adams, Sarah, Lot: DS-L-58, d. 5/22/1886
Adams, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1881
Adams, Sukey, Lot: DS-L-33, d. 1/18/1828
Adams, Sukey, Lot: DS-L-34, d. 1828
Adams, Susan, Lot: DS-G-23, d. 1916
Adams, Susan, Lot: DS-L-59
Adams, William, Lot: DS-L-58, d. 10/20/1886
Ainsley, Chas, Lot: DS-A-18, d. 3/27/1867
Allen, Almira, Lot: DS-Q-17, d. 5/5/1875
Anderson, Edward, Lot: DS-G-13, d. 9/16/1847
Andrews, Wilhelmina, Lot: DS-F-36, d. 4/22/1891
Atkins, Samuel, Lot: DS-M-45, d. 2/21/1826
Augusta, Ellen, Lot: DS-G-52, d. 11/8/1852
B, A, Lot: DS-M-3, d. 1850
B, C, Lot: DS-G-18
B, E, Lot: DS-J-27
B, H, Lot: DS-K-19
B, J, Lot: DS-L-24
B, J, Lot: DS-Q-11
B, R, Lot: DS-Q-3
B, S, Lot: DS-M-1
B, S, Lot: DS-M-1
B, S, Lot: DS-Q-4
B, S, Lot: DS-Q-9
B, W, Lot: DS-K-17
B, W, Lot: DS-L-1A
Babbit, P, Lot: DS-K-21, d. 1830
Babbit, Pliny, Lot: DS-K-20, d. 8/21/1830
Bacon, Frank, Lot: DS-P-1, d. 5/7/1861
Bacon, Luther, Lot: DS-G-58, d. April
Bacon, Martha, Lot: DS-G-56, d. 9/20/1856
Bacon, Martha, Lot: DS-G-57, d. 4/21/2016
Bailey, James, Lot: DS-L-23, d. 6/19/1831
Bailey, John, Lot: DS-U-21, d. 1837
Bailey, Josiah, Lot: DS-M-18, d. 3/26/1875
Baind, Clarinda, Lot: DS-G-17, d. 12/27/1855
Baker, Edmund, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1846
Baker, Eliza, Lot: DS-J-26, d. 10/28/1845
Baker, James, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1825
Baldwin, Henry, Lot: DS-J-46, d. 5/15/1863
Baldwin, Rebecca, Lot: DS-J-48, d. 1/5/1840
Bar, Abigail, Lot: DS-J-57A, d. June
Bartlett, Julia, Lot: DS-H-20, d. 5/2/1842
Barton, Denylope, Lot: DS-L-51, d. 3/19/1816
Base, Lot: DS-L-61
Base, Lot: DS-S-67
Base, Lot: DS-S-92
Bater, Annie, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1871
Bater, Henry, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1940
Bater, John, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1878
Bater, Lizzie, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1861
Bater, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1892
Bater, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-13, d. 1938
Bawman, W, Lot: DS-B-7
Bawman, William, Lot: DS-B-8
Baxter, George, Lot: DS-C-6, d. 6/25/1862
Baxter, George, Lot: DS-C-6, d. 9/22/1869
Baxter, Sarah, Lot: DS-C-5, d. 5/16/1881
Bayley, Betsey, Lot: DS-M-8, d. 9/19/1830
Bayley, Henry, Lot: DS-M-9, d. 5/13/2016
Bayley, Henry, Lot: DS-M-1
Beckwith, Clare, Lot: DS-S-1
Beckwith, William, Lot: DS-L-1, d. 6/4/1836
Bennette, Abby, Lot: DS-U-23, d. 12/24/1876
Bennette, Edwin, Lot: DS-U-24, d. 10/21/1885
Bennette, Sarah, Lot: DS-U-24, d. 12/4/1876
Bent, Emily, Lot: DS-H-7, d. 12/17/1845
Bent, Eunice, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 7/2/1893
Bent, Susanna, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 1853
Berry, Lot: DS-G-7
Berry, Levi, Lot: DS-G-8, d. 3/20/1861
Berry, Phebe, Lot: DS-G-8, d. 8/26/1880
Bird, Angelia, Lot: DS-B-5, d. 1923
Bird, Caroline, Lot: DS-S-40, d. 5/11/1881
Bird, Cornelia, Lot: DS-N-36, d. 2/23/1838
Bird, George, Lot: DS-B-5, d. 1890
Bird, Gerry, Lot: DS-S-68, d. 10/19/1832
Bird, H, Lot: DS-K-80
Bird, Hannah, Lot: DS-P-19, d. 1854
Bird, Henry, Lot: DS-K-79, d. 2/4/1832
Bird, Joel, Lot: DS-P-3, d. 12/20/1863
Bird, Joel, Lot: DS-P-13, d. 1863
Bird, M, Lot: DS-K-80
Bird, Margarett, Lot: DS-K-79, d. 4/2/1929
Bird, May, Lot: DS-B-4, d. 9/1/1850
Bird, Rebecca, Lot: DS-P-21, d. 1910
Bird, Stephen, Lot: DS-S-40, d. 5/8/1869
Bird, William, Lot: DS-P-18, d. 9/3/1836
Bird, William, Lot: DS-P-2, d. 1836
Bird, William, Lot: DS-P-13, d. 1855
Bird, William, Lot: DS-P-20, d. 1855
Bispham, Chloe, Lot: DS-G-20, d. 11/12/1877
Bispham, Eleazer, Lot: DS-G-31, d. 11/10/1892
Bispham, Eleazer, Lot: DS-G-61, d. 11/10/1892
Bispham, Eleazer, Lot: DS-G-21, d. 3/19/1899
Bispham, Eliza, Lot: DS-G-59, d. 3/16/1850
Bispham, Mary, Lot: DS-G-60, d. 5/30/1870
Biterwolf, Elois, Lot: DS-A-8, d. 12/25/1871
Bixby, Caroline, Lot: DS-G-33, d. 1947
Black, Andrew, Lot: DS-E-12, d. 1/17/1857
Black, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-E-11, d. 1895
Black, James, Lot: DS-E-10, d. 3/11/1861
Black, Robert, Lot: DS-E-12, d. 10/17/1860
Black, Sarah, Lot: DS-E-10, d. 9/26/1865
Blaisdell, Sarah, Lot: DS-G-12, d. 4/13/1847
Blake, Charles, Lot: DS-S-34, d. 2/10/1873
Blake, Lucinda, Lot: DS-S-32, d. 9/13/1859
Blake, Mary, Lot: DS-K-1, d. 3/2/1902
Blake, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-30, d. 2/23/1871
Blake, William, Lot: DS-J-23, d. 6/17/1836
Blake, William, Lot: DS-J-23A
Blenes, Willet, Lot: DS-G-38, d. 9/21/1850
Bomain, Anna, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 3/13/1848
Boram, Mary, Lot: DS-T-53, d. 4/30/1904
Borton, John, Lot: DS-M-39, d. 5/18/1827
Boss, Frank, Lot: DS-D-38, d. 10/1/1857
Boston, Royal, Lot: DS-H-55, d. 9/16/1870
Boston, Sarah, Lot: DS-H-53, d. 1914
Bottle, Rebecca, Lot: DS-H-4, d. 2/25/1850
Bowan, Laurinda, Lot: DS-A-56
Bowen, Avis, Lot: DS-M-2, d. 11/12/1850
Bowen, Chloe, Lot: DS-N-5, d. 3/16/1830
Bowen, E, Lot: DS-K-65
Bowen, E, Lot: DS-K-65
Bowen, Emeline, Lot: DS-K-64, d. 12/2/1832
Bowen, Emeline, Lot: DS-K-64, d. 6/11/1833
Bowen, Isaac, Lot: DS-N-5, d. 4/3/1830
Bowen, Isaac, Lot: DS-N-6, d. 3/7/1837
Bowen, John, Lot: DS-M-31, d. 2/18/1846
Bowen, Lydia, Lot: DS-F-16, d. 8/7/1856
Bowen, Martha, Lot: DS-M-32, d. 1/25/1852
Bowen, Zenas, Lot: DS-M-4, d. 10/17/1820
Bowman, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-B-8, d. 1891
Bowman, Ella, Lot: DS-T-57, d. 3/11/1860
Bowman, Lewis, Lot: DS-T-55, d. 9/8/1891
Bowman, Nellie, Lot: DS-T-57, d. 3/9/1860
Bradford, Sarah, Lot: DS-K-73, d. 12/22/1834
Bradford, William, Lot: DS-K-16, d. 3/21/1844
Brewer, D, Lot: DS-U-6, d. 1843
Brewer, Darien, Lot: DS-U-7, d. 5/31/1860
Brewer, Darlus, Lot: DS-U-11, d. 9/17/1854
Brewer, Ellen, Lot: DS-U-8, d. 4/2/1852
Brewer, George, Lot: DS-U-13, d. 6/16/1865
Brewer, Harriet, Lot: DS-U-10, d. 11/12/1870
Brewer, Lawson, Lot: DS-U-14, d. 8/10/1846
Brewer, Richmond, Lot: DS-U-8, d. 11/3/1848
Bridge, Samuel, Lot: DS-Q-8, d. 10/8/1848
Bridgett, Samuel, Lot: DS-J-13, d. 6/13/1873
Briggs, Seth, Lot: DS-M-10, d. 5/29/1824
Briggs, Seth, Lot: DS-M-10, d. 7/31/1824
Broad, William, Lot: DS-Q-24
Brock, Charles N, Lot: DS-A-27, d. 1903
Brock, Jane, Lot: DS-A-27, d. 1892
Brown, Ellen, Lot: DS-Q-6, d. 11/26/1847
Brown, John, Lot: DS-Q-7, d. 8/26/1845
Brown, Rebecca, Lot: DS-Q-5, d. 11/7/1847
Brown, Sibil, Lot: DS-Q-2, d. 6/3/1867
Brown, Simon, Lot: DS-Q-1, d. 5/30/1862
Bryant, Loring, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1861
Buck, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-O-30, d. 1907
Burgess, Charlotte, Lot: DS-A-17, d. 5/3/1903
Burgess, John H, Lot: DS-A-17, d. 1/14/1889
Burgess, Zimri, Lot: DS-G-40, d. 1873
Burt, George, Lot: DS-S-62, d. 1903
Bussey, Lot: DS-P-4
C, Lot: DS-F-11
C, A, Lot: DS-A-23
C, B, Lot: DS-F-15
C, C, Lot: DS-J-9
C, C, Lot: DS-K-30
C, E, Lot: DS-F-13
C, F, Lot: DS-I-32
C, I, Lot: DS-K-7, d. 1840
C, J, Lot: DS-A-25
C, J, Lot: DS-I-2
C, L, Lot: DS-K-32
C, S, Lot: DS-I-2
C, S, Lot: DS-K-67
C, W, Lot: DS-N-15A
Cain, Charlotte, Lot: DS-A-35, d. 5/20/1892
Cain, Harriet, Lot: DS-T-15, d. 8/10/1888
Cain, Helen, Lot: DS-T-12
Cain, Herbert, Lot: DS-T-11, d. 1904
Cain, Howard, Lot: DS-T-12
Cain, Manley, Lot: DS-T-14, d. 6/11/1883
Cain, Zachariah, Lot: DS-A-35, d. 11/22/1858
Carlson, Mary, Lot: DS-E-32, d. 1954
Carter, Louisa, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1883
Charlotte, Caroline, Lot: DS-P-9, d. 10/18/1836
Child, Ann, Lot: DS-A-39
Child, John, Lot: DS-A-39, d. 3/24/1861
Child, John, Lot: DS-A-39
Child, Sarah, Lot: DS-A-39
Child, Stephen, Lot: DS-A-39
Churchill, Byron, Lot: DS-F-14
Clapp, Adelaide, Lot: DS-D-7, d. 6/18/1898
Clapp, Asenath, Lot: DS-D-5, d. 5/10/1889
Clapp, Lucy, Lot: DS-D-6, d. 6/29/1878
Clapp, William, Lot: DS-D-5, d. 7/5/1882
Clark, Lot: DS-T-6
Clark, Caroline, Lot: DS-G-16, d. 7/30/1847
Clark, Fanny, Lot: DS-I-31, d. 2/22/2016
Clark, Grace, Lot: DS-F-9, d. 1/18/1862
Clark, Lorin, Lot: DS-Q-21, d. 9/11/1897
Clark, Nathan, Lot: DS-H-52, d. 1/20/1852
Clark, Nry, Lot: DS-G-28
Clark, Sarah, Lot: DS-H-52, d. 4/24/1885
Clark, Susan, Lot: DS-Q-20, d. 4/6/1911
Clark, Willard, Lot: DS-Q-22, d. 5/8/1888
Cole, Clarence, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 5/11/1879
Cole, Zilphia, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 8/19/1886
Cook, Catherine, Lot: DS-C-2, d. 9/9/1864
Cook, Catherine, Lot: DS-C-11, d. 5/5/1880
Cook, Peter, Lot: DS-C-12, d. 8/22/1871
Cook, William, Lot: DS-C-2, d. 1/26/1865
Cooper, Harriet, Lot: DS-N-13, d. March
Cooper, William, Lot: DS-N-15, d. 6/16/1842
Cooper, William, Lot: DS-N-34, d. 1892
Cooper, William, Lot: DS-N-14, d. September
Coram, Lot: DS-T-6
Cosgriff, Emma, Lot: DS-I-44, d. 1877
Cox, Lot: DS-S-17
Cox, Betsey, Lot: DS-K-68, d. 5/13/1840
Cox, Eliza, Lot: DS-G-33, d. 1902
Cox, Isaac, Lot: DS-K-69, d. 6/1/1840
Cox, Joseph, Lot: DS-K-68, d. 3/17/1838
Cox, Susannah, Lot: DS-K-66, d. 2/3/1833
Cramer, Mary, Lot: DS-A-2
Crane, Catherine, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 7/31/1835
Crane, Charles, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 1/22/1829
Crane, Charles, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 10/31/1832
Crane, Danforth, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 11/2/1832
Crane, Edward, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 2/7/1885
Crane, Edwin, Lot: DS-H-46, d. 12/6/1833
Crane, Henry, Lot: DS-U-22, d. 1837
Crogby, Lucian, Lot: DS-K-31, d. 5/21/1851
Crossman, Charles, Lot: DS-K-29, d. 4/11/1830
Crowell, Catherine, Lot: DS-J-8, d. 12/25/1847
Crowell, Hannah, Lot: DS-E-17, d. 4/23/1851
Crowell, Rebecca, Lot: DS-E-15, d. 12/7/1875
Crowell, William, Lot: DS-E-16, d. 12/30/1889
Cummings, Jessie, Lot: DS-A-24, d. 3/14/1871
Cummings, Mary, Lot: DS-H-18, d. 1919
D, F, Lot: DS-K-28
D, J, Lot: DS-L-38
D, L, Lot: DS-J-43, d. 1851
D, R, Lot: DS-J-45, d. 1845
D, S, Lot: DS-J-41, d. 1851
D, T, Lot: DS-I-20, d. 1843
Dale, Caroline, Lot: DS-T-65, d. 5/19/1895
Dale, Charles T, Lot: DS-T-64, d. 6/12/1862
Dale, John, Lot: DS-T-64, d. 11/14/1871
Daniel, E, Lot: DS-A-5, d. 5/11/1860
Davenport, Bennette, Lot: DS-U-23, d. 11/10/1884
Davenport, Howard, Lot: DS-U-23, d. 11/7/1878
Davis, Alfred, Lot: DS-J-12, d. 1906
Davis, James, Lot: DS-J-12
Davis, Lavinia, Lot: DS-J-42, d. 1/5/1851
Davis, Margaret, Lot: DS-J-13, d. 6/27/1891
Davis, Samuel, Lot: DS-J-40, d. 2/4/1851
Davis, Thomas, Lot: DS-I-19, d. 2/7/1843
Deasley, Diantha, Lot: DS-I-64, d. 3/15/1890
Deasley, Harrison, Lot: DS-I-64, d. 3/4/1888
Delano, Elisha, Lot: DS-N-19, d. 12/7/1900
Delano, Emeline, Lot: DS-K-23, d. 2/19/1899
Delano, George, Lot: DS-K-22, d. 9/30/1893
Delano, John, Lot: DS-N-16, d. 3/1/1849
Delano, John, Lot: DS-L-36, d. 12/8/1886
Delano, Juliett, Lot: DS-L-37, d. 4/19/1843
Delano, Lois, Lot: DS-L-35, d. 2/19/1894
Denison, Ruth, Lot: DS-J-44, d. 4/27/1845
Dickerman, George, Lot: DS-J-36, d. 1886
Dolliver, Levi, Lot: DS-G-49, d. 4/5/1847
Dolliver, Mary, Lot: DS-G-49, d. 3/13/1847
Dolliver, Sarah, Lot: DS-G-49, d. 4/10/1847
Dond, George, Lot: DS-I-45, d. 4/12/1842
Downs, Mary, Lot: DS-D-26, d. 8/18/1856
Drummond, J, Lot: DS-F-33
Duffield, Charles, Lot: DS-A-37, d. 9/3/1887
Duffield, John, Lot: DS-A-38, d. 10/14/1893
Duffield, Rebekah, Lot: DS-A-38, d. 2/17/1897
Dunmore, Archibald, Lot: DS-F-3
Dunmore, John, Lot: DS-F-24
Edmund, B, Lot: DS-F-34, d. 1869
Edmund, James, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1837
Eldridge, Clarington, Lot: DS-P-23, d. 10/16/1855
Elizabeth, Lot: DS-M-41
Elliot, Andrew, Lot: DS-E-9, d. 3/17/1845
Elliot, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-E-9, d. 5/20/1866
Emma, E, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 1925
Emma, Eunice, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 10/2/1835
Enger, Isabella, Lot: DS-I-15, d. 5/20/1841
Epmeyer, Dorothy, Lot: DS-T-21, d. 2/27/1883
Epmeyer, George, Lot: DS-T-39, d. 3/23/1885
Epmeyer, Henrietta, Lot: DS-T-20
Epmeyer, Henry, Lot: DS-T-41
Epmeyer, Louisa, Lot: DS-T-40, d. 12/29/1882
Eston, Zena, Lot: DS-S-2, d. 6/14/1856
Everett, Leonard, Lot: DS-S-50
F, A, Lot: DS-K-52, d. 1825
F, A, Lot: DS-J-2
F, E, Lot: DS-A-4
F, J, Lot: DS-J-6, d. 1825
F, J, Lot: DS-K-72
F, P, Lot: DS-K-72
Fairchild, Lydia, Lot: DS-S-10, d. 7/12/1868
Fairchild, Olive, Lot: DS-S-9, d. 10/19/1857
Fairfiel, Wm, Lot: DS-S-84, d. 1893
Fairfield, Emily, Lot: DS-S-84, d. 1891
Fais, Lucinda, Lot: DS-G-23, d. 1867
Fallen, Lot: DS-H-42
Fallen, Lot: DS-S-36
Fallen, Lot: DS-T-58
Farcher, Carrie H, Lot: DS-A-21, d. 3/18/1861
Farcher, William, Lot: DS-A-21, d. 5/20/1873
Farnum, Alice, Lot: DS-T-7, d. 1821
Farnum, Daniel, Lot: DS-T-18, d. 1905
Farnum, Jedidiah, Lot: DS-I-10, d. 3/18/1845
Farnum, M, Lot: DS-T-17
Farnum, Martha, Lot: DS-T-19, d. 1/16/1875
Farnum, Willard, Lot: DS-T-7, d. 1914
Fennell, Anna, Lot: DS-O-43, d. 1910
Fennell, William, Lot: DS-O-42, d. 3/19/1902
Field, Nancy, Lot: DS-G-54, d. 6/5/1868
Fisher, Hepzibah, Lot: DS-N-35, d. 3/14/1857
Fiske, Caroline, Lot: DS-T-22, d. 2/23/1926
Fletcher, Clarissa, Lot: DS-S-22, d. 4/24/1873
Fletcher, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-23, d. 10/21/1900
Florence, Edith, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 6/22/1882
Fogg, Ambrose, Lot: DS-J-1, d. 9/21/1896
Folsom, John, Lot: DS-K-71, d. 9/20/1840
Folsom, Persis, Lot: DS-K-71, d. 6/20/1841
Ford, Ann, Lot: DS-J-14, d. 3/5/1875
Ford, Elisha, Lot: DS-J-50
Ford, Hannah, Lot: DS-J-50
Ford, James, Lot: DS-J-50
Ford, John, Lot: DS-H-50, d. 7/21/1861
Ford, Mary, Lot: DS-H-50, d. 3/18/1886
Ford, Nancy, Lot: DS-J-50
Ford, Nathaniel, Lot: DS-J-14, d. 2/1/1860
Foster, Albert, Lot: DS-K-51, d. 10/17/1825
Foster, Caroline, Lot: DS-S-63, d. 10/30/1901
Foster, Catharine, Lot: DS-K-56, d. 1899
Foster, H, Lot: DS-K-50
Foster, Harriet, Lot: DS-K-49, d. 8/22/1836
Foster, John, Lot: DS-S-66
Foster, Joseph, Lot: DS-K-53, d. 11/24/1866
Foster, Joseph, Lot: DS-S-65, d. 5/11/1875
Foster, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-100, d. 8/21/1849
Foster, Sister, Lot: DS-S-100, d. 6/25/1845
Foster, Sister, Lot: DS-S-101
Fowler, Almira, Lot: DS-F-4, d. 11/24/1870
Fowler, Ebenezer, Lot: DS-F-5, d. 8/27/1852
Fowler, Ebenezer, Lot: DS-F-6, d. 5/19/1867
Fowler, Rachel, Lot: DS-F-7, d. 2/6/1884
Frances, Ann, Lot: DS-J-14, d. 7/31/1847
Frederick, Charles, Lot: DS-P-9, d. 11/3/1852
French, Abigail, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1883
French, Margory, Lot: DS-F-35, d. 5/3/1836
Frey, Lewis, Lot: DS-A-5, d. 10/26/1857
Frizell, Ella, Lot: DS-Q-19, d. 6/29/1929
Frohock, Llewellyn, Lot: DS-S-98, d. 1936
Frohock, Llewellyn Jr, Lot: DS-S-97, d. 1920
Frohock, Susan, Lot: DS-S-38, d. 1921
Frost, James, Lot: DS-G-47, d. 9/26/1848
Fuller, Benjamin, Lot: DS-S-18
Fuller, Russell, Lot: DS-S-41, d. 1926
G, Lot: DS-H-8
G, C, Lot: DS-Q-16
G, E, Lot: DS-L-1A
G, J, Lot: DS-L-14
G, L, Lot: DS-E-6, d. 1853
G, M, Lot: DS-L-11A
Gain, Ariel, Lot: DS-T-9, d. 1914
Gain, Florence, Lot: DS-T-10, d. 1918
Gardwin, Samuel, Lot: DS-D-8, d. 4/4/1856
Gaskins, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-H-18, d. 1893
Gaskins, W, Lot: DS-H-38
Gaskins, William, Lot: DS-H-18, d. 1862
Gaskins, William, Lot: DS-H-18, d. 1876
Gates, Luther, Lot: DS-E-5, d. 10/31/1853
Gibson, Adeline, Lot: DS-B-2, d. 4/19/1879
Gibson, George, Lot: DS-B-2, d. 7/11/1859
Gibson, George, Lot: DS-B-2, d. 1/8/1877
Gilbert, Annie, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 12/11/1831
Gilbert, David, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 12/27/1891
Gilbert, David, Lot: DS-E-24
Gilbert, Franklin, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 9/9/1938
Gilbert, Mary, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 1/15/1875
Gilbert, Mary, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 3/23/1918
Gilbert, Mary, Lot: DS-E-25
Gilbert, Stephen, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 10/8/1817
Gilbert, Sybil, Lot: DS-E-22, d. 10/8/1839
Gill, Charles, Lot: DS-Q-15, d. 10/24/1847
Gill, Susan, Lot: DS-L-43, d. 2/21/1844
Glass, Amelia, Lot: DS-O-32, d. 5/18/1852
Glass, Consider, Lot: DS-O-32, d. 1902
Gleason, Moses, Lot: DS-M-19, d. 10/14/1832
Gleason, Moses, Lot: DS-M-20
Gleason, Roswell, Lot: DS-M-20, d. 9/24/1833
Glover, Benjamin, Lot: DS-F-28, d. 1/5/1904
Glover, Benjamin, Lot: DS-F-26, d. 2/12/1940
Glover, Benjamine, Lot: DS-F-29, d. 2/11/1871
Glover, Benjamine, Lot: DS-F-29, d. 2/11/1871
Glover, Clara, Lot: DS-F-26, d. 1/20/1929
Glover, Evilina, Lot: DS-F-29, d. 10/20/1858
Glover, Evilina, Lot: DS-F-29, d. 10/20/1958
Goward, Eliza, Lot: DS-S-80, d. 1878
Goward, Freddie, Lot: DS-S-42, d. 9/1/1872
Goward, Julia, Lot: DS-S-43, d. 5/17/2016
Goward, William, Lot: DS-S-79, d. 1875
Goward, William, Lot: DS-R-7, d. 1908
Granite, Marker, Lot: DS-J-25
Granite, Marker, Lot: DS-S-39
Greely, Anna, Lot: DS-J-36, d. 1911
Greely, William, Lot: DS-J-36, d. 1916
Greely, William, Lot: DS-J-36, d. 1937
Greenwood, Lot: DS-E-7
Greenwood, Lot: DS-E-8
Greenwood, Bella, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1857
Greenwood, Catherine, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1850
Greenwood, Chadbourne, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1862
Greenwood, Eddie, Lot: DS-E-20
Greenwood, Elihu, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1871
Greenwood, Hannh, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1859
Greenwood, Maria, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1842
Greenwood, Mary, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1857
Greenwood, Pheobe, Lot: DS-E-20, d. 1890
Griffin, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-L-1, d. 6/11/1836
Griffin, Martin, Lot: DS-A-3
Griggs, John, Lot: DS-L-13, d. 10/4/1825
Griggs, John, Lot: DS-H-56, d. 7/7/1867
Griggs, Margaret, Lot: DS-L-11, d. 10/4/1866
Griggs, Susan, Lot: DS-H-56, d. 4/1/1868
Guild, Mary, Lot: DS-O-8
H, C, Lot: DS-J-54
H, C, Lot: DS-N-28
H, E, Lot: DS-I-41, d. 1844
H, E, Lot: DS-C-18
H, E, Lot: DS-M-22
H, G, Lot: DS-J-54
H, H, Lot: DS-M-22
H, I, Lot: DS-J-83
H, J, Lot: DS-S-56A
H, L, Lot: DS-J-59, d. 1842
H, L, Lot: DS-I-18, d. 1846
H, L, Lot: DS-L-20
H, P, Lot: DS-N-20A
H, R, Lot: DS-K-86, d. 1838
H, R, Lot: DS-K-84, d. 1851
H, T, Lot: DS-K-76
Hall, Abel, Lot: DS-S-31
Hall, C, Lot: DS-F-10
Hall, Charles, Lot: DS-S-31
Hall, G, Lot: DS-F-12
Hall, Mary, Lot: DS-S-31
Hallett, Benjamin, Lot: DS-C-8, d. 7/3/1888
Hallett, George, Lot: DS-A-14, d. 3/11/1869
Hallot, Levi, Lot: DS-F-34, d. 1911
Hamilton, Eliza, Lot: DS-L-57, d. 7/20/1888
Hanes, Arthur, Lot: DS-O-18, d. 1903
Harrington, Lot: DS-T-5
Harris, John, Lot: DS-N-11, d. 12/8/1871
Hatch, Jerramiah, Lot: DS-L-54, d. 3/1/1861
Hawes, Lucinda, Lot: DS-L-19, d. 5/18/1814
Hayden, Lucretia, Lot: DS-I-17, d. 6/18/1846
Haynes, Edward, Lot: DS-O-28, d. 9/9/1863
Haynes, George, Lot: DS-S-51, d. 12/12/1886
Haynes, George, Lot: DS-S-51
Haynes, Herbert, Lot: DS-S-93, d. 1/16/1852
Haynes, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-24, d. 1/23/1883
Heath, Geo, Lot: DS-O-26
Hebard, Achsah, Lot: DS-C-17, d. 2/4/1859
Hebard, Ezra, Lot: DS-C-19, d. 6/14/1852
Hebard, Ezra, Lot: DS-C-3, d. 12/24/1876
Hebard, Nathaniel, Lot: DS-C-4, d. 8/21/1876
Hebard, S, Lot: DS-C-14, d. 1889
Hebard, S, Lot: DS-C-13, d. 1904
Hebard, T, Lot: DS-C-15, d. 1897
Henley, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-O-14, d. 7/15/1818
Henley, Hannah, Lot: DS-O-16, d. 7/18/1860
Henley, Ruth, Lot: DS-O-20, d. 2/22/1844
Henley, Samuel, Lot: DS-O-11, d. 8/21/1857
Henley, William, Lot: DS-O-12, d. 9/21/1819
Henley, William, Lot: DS-O-17, d. 3/23/1863
Henshaw, Sarah, Lot: DS-N-17, d. 7/26/1850
Hersey, Lot: DS-H-9
Hersey, James, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1869
Hibbard, Annie, Lot: DS-T-47, d. 3/12/1868
Hibbard, Edith, Lot: DS-T-47
Hibbard, John, Lot: DS-T-48, d. 6/2/1881
Hill, Ann, Lot: DS-H-3, d. 9/1/1850
Hill, Betsey, Lot: DS-N-3, d. 12/18/1869
Hill, Emma, Lot: DS-H-48, d. 11/14/1858
Hill, George, Lot: DS-H-48, d. 8/7/1859
Hill, George, Lot: DS-H-2, d. 12/5/1863
Hill, Hannah, Lot: DS-H-2, d. 7/21/1865
Hill, James, Lot: DS-H-5, d. 11/5/1849
Hill, Jane, Lot: DS-N-4, d. 6/6/1849
Hill, Luther, Lot: DS-N-3, d. 5/25/1857
Hitching, William, Lot: DS-K-87, d. 6/3/1833
Hitchings, Lydia, Lot: DS-K-81, d. 7/2/1856
Hitchings, Rebecca, Lot: DS-K-85, d. 5/11/1838
Hitchings, Rebecca, Lot: DS-K-82, d. 12/28/1851
Hitchings, W, Lot: DS-K-88, d. 1833
Hobart, Wilham, Lot: DS-D-25, d. 2/11/1857
Holbrook, Caroline, Lot: DS-M-23
Holbrook, Eliza Ann, Lot: DS-M-21, d. 9/20/1835
Holbrook, Hiram, Lot: DS-M-21, d. 12/24/1822
Holbrook, Jerusha, Lot: DS-M-25, d. 1861
Holden, Ezekiel, Lot: DS-F-37, d. 2/20/1847
Holden, Sarah, Lot: DS-F-37, d. 1/29/1830
Hollinger, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-I-40, d. 6/12/1844
Holme, Louisa, Lot: DS-J-58, d. 1/5/1842
Homer, Joseph, Lot: DS-G-36, d. 12/25/1859
Homer, Mary, Lot: DS-G-36, d. 5/9/1872
Homer, S, Lot: DS-J-50, d. 12/13/1881
Homer, Thomas, Lot: DS-K-75, d. 4/12/1830
Hopkins, Caleb, Lot: DS-N-21, d. 1/16/1831
Hopkins, Catherine, Lot: DS-N-27, d. 12/25/1818
Hopkins, Priscilla, Lot: DS-N-20, d. 10/20/1845
Houghton, Caroline, Lot: DS-I-37, d. 5/14/1883
Houghton, Percy, Lot: DS-I-65, d. 1927
Howard, Charles, Lot: DS-J-53, d. 12/26/1832
Howard, George, Lot: DS-J-53, d. 12/30/2016
Howe, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-A-15, d. 6/28/1875
Howe, Frances, Lot: DS-J-57, d. 1893
Howe, Harvey, Lot: DS-J-57, d. 1875
Howe, Lewis, Lot: DS-A-16, d. 3/17/1867
Howe, Sarah, Lot: DS-A-13, d. 11/4/1899
Howland, Ella, Lot: DS-H-49, d. 12/18/1936
Howland, Lucy, Lot: DS-H-49, d. 3/20/1873
Hudson, Ella, Lot: DS-S-54, d. 11/12/1859
Hudson, Walter, Lot: DS-S-54, d. 3/21/1859
Humphrey, Lot: DS-G-26
Humphrey, Lot: DS-G-29
Humphrey, Arthur, Lot: DS-D-14
Humphrey, George, Lot: DS-G-30
Humphrey, Hannah, Lot: DS-G-27
Humphrey, Micah, Lot: DS-G-25
Humphrey, Nathaniel, Lot: DS-D-4, d. 2/28/1900
Hunt, Alice, Lot: DS-T-50, d. 1925
Hunt, Elisha, Lot: DS-G-53, d. 6/21/1845
Hunt, George, Lot: DS-C-7, d. 1915
Hunt, Mary, Lot: DS-I-43, d. 9/22/1877
Hunt, Mary, Lot: DS-I-44, d. 1918
Hunt, Nancy, Lot: DS-C-7, d. 1901
Huntoon, Lydia, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1844
Hurd, Allie, Lot: DS-T-44
Hurd, Almira, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1869
Hurd, Almira, Lot: DS-T-44, d. 1869
Hutchinson, Angeline, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1899
Hutchinson, Angeline, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1938
Hutchinson, Angeline, Lot: DS-S-26
Hutchinson, Angeline, Lot: DS-S-29
Hutchinson, Emma, Lot: DS-S-60, d. 2/10/1849
Hutchinson, Freddie, Lot: DS-E-12, d. 11/1/1886
Hutchinson, Harriet, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1938
Hutchinson, Harriet, Lot: DS-S-27
Hutchinson, Henry, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1857
Hutchinson, John, Lot: DS-S-56, d. 11/20/1886
Hutchinson, Milton, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1848
Hutchinson, Richard, Lot: DS-S-28
Hutchinson, Richardson, Lot: DS-S-53, d. 1896
Hutchinson, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-55, d. 7/28/1858
Huthinson, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-60, d. 1/26/1879
I, N, Lot: DS-J-11, d. 1846
Ida, M, Lot: DS-F-34, d. 1878
Ingalls, Nancy, Lot: DS-J-10, d. 1/9/1846
J, C, Lot: DS-I-53
J, E, Lot: DS-L-48, d. 1816
J, E, Lot: DS-I-57
J, H, Lot: DS-I-61
J, J, Lot: DS-L-46
J, M, Lot: DS-M-38
J, R, Lot: DS-I-59, d. 1841
Jackman, Charles, Lot: DS-N-18, d. 1/9/1846
Jampson, Andrew, Lot: DS-J-60, d. 12/30/1833
Jane, Nancy, Lot: DS-H-18, d. 1856
Jarvis, Caleb, Lot: DS-K-89, d. 4/22/1835
Jarvis, Mary, Lot: DS-K-89, d. 9/11/1865
Jenkins, Arthur, Lot: DS-I-21, d. 5/4/1935
Jenkins, Cummings, Lot: DS-I-52, d. 4/29/1841
Jenkins, Eliza, Lot: DS-I-56, d. 2/5/1836
Jenkins, Frances, Lot: DS-I-22, d. 1950
Jenkins, Harriet, Lot: DS-I-60, d. 8/25/1849
Jenkins, Herbert, Lot: DS-I-22, d. 1949
Jenkins, Mary, Lot: DS-I-23, d. 1928
Jenkins, Olive, Lot: DS-I-62, d. 9/16/1856
Jenkins, Priscilla, Lot: DS-I-58, d. 3/6/1841
Jenkins, Shadrach, Lot: DS-I-32, d. 2/12/1873
Jenkins, Solon, Lot: DS-I-54, d. 11/10/1843
Jenkins, Walter, Lot: DS-I-23, d. 7/27/1912
Jenkins, William, Lot: DS-S-46
Johnson, Charles, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1865
Johnson, Charles, Lot: DS-H-11
Johnson, David, Lot: DS-O-38, d. 10/19/1821
Johnson, Eliza, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1903
Johnson, Hannah, Lot: DS-H-12
Johnson, Herbert, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1905
Johnson, Herbert, Lot: DS-H-10
Johnson, Louisa, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1841
Johnson, Louisa, Lot: DS-H-14
Johnson, Minnie, Lot: DS-H-14
Johnson, Nancy, Lot: DS-H-15
Johnson, Spencer, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1867
Johnson, Spencer, Lot: DS-H-9, d. 1897
Johnson, Spencer, Lot: DS-H-13
Johnson, Spencer, Lot: DS-H-16
Johnson, Spencer W, Lot: DS-H-16
Jones, E, Lot: DS-R-11
Jones, Elijah, Lot: DS-L-44, d. 4/20/1816
Jones, Emeline, Lot: DS-R-3
Jones, Jerusha, Lot: DS-L-45, d. 6/10/1819
Jones, Mary, Lot: DS-M-37, d. 12/4/1853
Jones, Myra, Lot: DS-R-4
Jones, Thomas, Lot: DS-M-35, d. 9/10/1877
K, Lot: DS-I-50
K, Z, Lot: DS-J-20, d. 1845
Karcher, Arthur, Lot: DS-A-19, d. 1897
Karcher, Christopher, Lot: DS-A-19, d. 1895
Karder, Catherine B, Lot: DS-A-19, d. 1918
Kendall, Ann, Lot: DS-J-14, d. 3/31/1836
Kendall, Henry, Lot: DS-J-14, d. 7/19/1858
Kenney, Arthur, Lot: DS-A-30, d. 11/5/1855
Kenney, Connelius S, Lot: DS-A-28, d. 7/17/1870
Kenney, Ellen, Lot: DS-A-28
Kenney, Emma, Lot: DS-T-65, d. 12/24/1885
Kenney, Freddie C, Lot: DS-A-28, d. 4/18/1870
Kenney, J, Lot: DS-J-18
Kenney, John, Lot: DS-J-17, d. 2/15/1835
Kenney, Johnnie, Lot: DS-A-31, d. 11/21/1876
Kenney, Nellie F, Lot: DS-A-28, d. 1/12/1866
Kenney, Zelotes, Lot: DS-A-32, d. 12/18/1875
Kenney, Zilpah, Lot: DS-J-19, d. 1/26/1845
Kimball, Ellen, Lot: DS-I-11, d. 8/1/1833
Kingham, Jacob, Lot: DS-I-49, d. 1893
Knight, Edwin, Lot: DS-R-7, d. 1867
Knight, Edwin, Lot: DS-R-7, d. 1877
Knight, Lucy, Lot: DS-R-7, d. 1899
Knight, Mary, Lot: DS-R-7, d. 1892
Knox, Harriet, Lot: DS-T-67, d. 7/3/1886
Knox, Joseph, Lot: DS-T-68, d. 4/10/1900
L, E, Lot: DS-M-16
L, M, Lot: DS-Q-13
Lake, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1886
Lake, Hannah, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1880
Lake, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1863
Lamb, Fannie, Lot: DS-T-16, d. 7/15/1868
Lamb, Rose, Lot: DS-C-16, d. 1/22/1873
Lambert, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-C-10, d. 9/28/1869
Lathrop, Edward, Lot: DS-J-52, d. 1/6/1834
Lawrence, Delia, Lot: DS-S-62, d. 1900
Leavenworth, Lot: DS-D-16
Leavenworth, Frederick, Lot: DS-D-15
Leavenworth, Frederick, Lot: DS-D-17
Leavitt, Adeline, Lot: DS-D-17, d. 9/2/1853
Leavitt, Alfred, Lot: DS-I-39, d. 5/26/1870
Leavitt, Alonzo, Lot: DS-D-17, d. 5/20/1860
Leavitt, Eunice, Lot: DS-M-15, d. 11/21/1844
Leavitt, Isaac, Lot: DS-M-17, d. 5/4/1850
Leavitt, Louisa, Lot: DS-M-14, d. 5/4/1842
Leavitt, Melina, Lot: DS-D-17, d. 7/5/1871
Leeds, Martha, Lot: DS-Q-12, d. 9/4/1844
Leeds, Samuel, Lot: DS-Q-14, d. 2/10/1851
Levitt, Frederick, Lot: DS-D-17, d. 12/6/1850
Levitt, Manoah, Lot: DS-D-17, d. 4/1/1889
Lewis, Adelaide, Lot: DS-H-17, d. 12/23/1813
Lillie, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1838
Lillie, Patience, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1836
Lincoln, Grace, Lot: DS-S-61, d. 4/19/1837
Lincoln, John, Lot: DS-J-6, d. 5/29/1825
Liversidge, Henry, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 6/21/1866
Liversidge, Mary, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 10/3/1850
Liversidge, Stephen, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 4/6/1848
Liversidge, Stephen, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 10/26/1851
Liversidge, Stephen, Lot: DS-U-15, d. 1837
Liversidge, Thomas, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 1/14/1876
Liversidge, Walter, Lot: DS-N-1, d. 6/19/1842
Locke, Hannah, Lot: DS-M-42, d. 12/1/1877
Locke, James, Lot: DS-M-42, d. 6/30/1872
Long, Frances, Lot: DS-G-42, d. 12/30/1885
Lucy, A, Lot: DS-F-34, d. 1910
Lydia, Rebecca, Lot: DS-G-24
Lyon, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-J-24, d. 8/28/1843
M, Lot: DS-G-10
M, A, Lot: DS-I-14, d. 1840
M, C, Lot: DS-J-4
M, E, Lot: DS-T-66
M, S, Lot: DS-L-18
M, S, Lot: DS-M-28
M, S H, Lot: DS-O-25, d. 1853
Maglue, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-K-3, d. 6/1/1873
Martin, Alexander, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1898
Martin, Christiana, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 9/11/1865
Martin, Christiana, Lot: DS-E-30
Martin, Eliza, Lot: DS-E-1, d. 9/5/1813
Martin, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 1876
Martin, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 1921
Martin, Eva, Lot: DS-I-33, d. 1/31/1885
Martin, Eva, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1886
Martin, Florence, Lot: DS-E-32, d. 1930
Martin, Gracie, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1889
Martin, Harrison, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1915
Martin, Henry, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 3/28/1864
Martin, Henry, Lot: DS-E-29
Martin, James, Lot: DS-E-2, d. 10/26/1891
Martin, James, Lot: DS-E-32, d. 1906
Martin, James, Lot: DS-E-32, d. 1913
Martin, John, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 9/20/1871
Martin, Josie, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1931
Martin, Mary, Lot: DS-E-33, d. 4/1/1862
Martin, Mary, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1887
Martin, May, Lot: DS-I-34, d. 6/23/1887
Martin, Robbie, Lot: DS-E-3, d. 3/29/1890
Martin, William, Lot: DS-E-33, d. 4/18/1864
Martin, William, Lot: DS-I-35, d. 3/12/1888
Martin, William, Lot: DS-E-31, d. 1882
Martin, William, Lot: DS-I-36, d. 1888
Martin, William, Lot: DS-E-32, d. 1952
Maryfield, Abigail, Lot: DS-I-13, d. 5/10/1840
Matilda, Jane, Lot: DS-P-9, d. 12/21/1843
Mayo, Lucinda, Lot: DS-I-51, d. 8/6/1838
Mce, G, Lot: DS-S-72
Mce, J, Lot: DS-S-75
Mce, S, Lot: DS-S-75
Mcelroy, George, Lot: DS-S-69, d. 5/3/1837
Mcelroy, George, Lot: DS-S-71, d. 2/4/1840
Mcelroy, George, Lot: DS-S-4, d. 5/10/1866
Mcelroy, Jenny, Lot: DS-S-74, d. 8/29/2016
Mcelroy, Lydia, Lot: DS-S-78, d. 4/4/1859
Mcelroy, Marietta, Lot: DS-S-5, d. 12/3/1882
Mcelroy, Moses, Lot: DS-S-77, d. 4/22/1858
Mcelroy, Sophia, Lot: DS-S-74, d. 7/10/2016
Mcintosh, Betsey, Lot: DS-O-46, d. 1919
Mcintosh, George, Lot: DS-O-47, d. 9/17/1907
Mcintosh, Mary, Lot: DS-O-47, d. 9/21/1910
Mcintosh, Sally, Lot: DS-L-17, d. 3/24/1815
Mcintosh, Susan, Lot: DS-O-24, d. 6/4/1853
Mcintosh, William, Lot: DS-O-46, d. 1923
Mead, Clarissa, Lot: DS-J-3, d. 10/25/1830
Montmorency, Adelaide, Lot: DS-D-1, d. 3/25/1869
Moore, Lot: DS-O-36
Morrow, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-69, d. 11/11/1871
Morrow, Henry, Lot: DS-T-70, d. 2/19/1862
Morrow, John, Lot: DS-A-10, d. 11/3/1882
Morrow, Theresa, Lot: DS-A-10, d. 2/11/1902
Morrow, William, Lot: DS-T-69, d. 9/15/1885
Morse, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-H-6, d. 2/23/1848
Morse, Frank, Lot: DS-I-48, d. 1/30/1855
Morse, Josiah, Lot: DS-G-4, d. 6/7/1854
Morton, Seth, Lot: DS-M-27, d. 2/25/1821
Mulliken, Julia, Lot: DS-Q-26, d. 5/19/1920
Mulliken, Mary, Lot: DS-Q-28, d. 3/9/1886
Mulliken, Samuel, Lot: DS-Q-27, d. 2/19/1843
Mulliken, Sarah, Lot: DS-Q-25, d. 10/4/1898
Munore, Frances, Lot: DS-F-22, d. 8/28/1842
Munore, Nancy, Lot: DS-F-20, d. 2/12/1899
Munore, William, Lot: DS-F-21, d. 3/2/1892
Munore, William, Lot: DS-F-20, d. 1914
Munroe, Charlotte, Lot: DS-H-1, d. 9/15/1851
Munroe, Charlotte, Lot: DS-H-1, d. 10/27/1891
Munroe, Daniel, Lot: DS-H-1, d. 4/8/1856
Munroe, Mary, Lot: DS-F-21, d. 8/31/1891
Munroe, Sally, Lot: DS-F-22, d. 3/12/1851
Murray, Frances, Lot: DS-O-44, d. 1942
Murray, Sarah, Lot: DS-O-44, d. 1/30/1911
Nason, George, Lot: DS-G-44, d. 9/26/1847
Nason, Thomas, Lot: DS-G-46, d. 3/27/1847
Nasson, Susan, Lot: DS-G-6, d. 7/26/1866
Needham, Henry, Lot: DS-L-55, d. 2/6/1869
Newcombe, Julia, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1866
Newell, George, Lot: DS-P-29, d. 8/14/1840
Newhall, Allen, Lot: DS-O-8, d. 8/18/2016
Newhall, Henry, Lot: DS-O-8, d. 2/18/2016
Nicholson, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-D-34, d. 10/30/1856
Nicholson, James, Lot: DS-D-34, d. 1/1/1860
Nickerson, Eliza, Lot: DS-S-59, d. 7/3/1898
Nickerson, Eunice, Lot: DS-S-87, d. 1874
Nickerson, Kimball, Lot: DS-S-60, d. 7/14/1885
Nickerson, Lendol, Lot: DS-S-87, d. 1866
Nickerson, Lendol, Lot: DS-S-47, d. 1894
Nickerson, Mary, Lot: DS-S-47, d. 1908
Norcross, Albert, Lot: DS-K-9, d. 2/25/1842
Norcross, Harriet, Lot: DS-K-9, d. 1/16/1845
Norcross, William, Lot: DS-K-9, d. 4/27/1878
Norris, Charles, Lot: DS-H-54, d. 8/7/1838
Norris, James, Lot: DS-J-7, d. 9/2/1836
Orault, Jeris, Lot: DS-O-37, d. 11/9/1833
P, Lot: DS-D-3
P, A, Lot: DS-K-11
P, D, Lot: DS-A-4
P, M, Lot: DS-R-9
Packard, Amanda, Lot: DS-B-10, d. 12/7/1880
Packard, Elbridge, Lot: DS-F-17, d. 1879
Packard, Henry, Lot: DS-B-11, d. 4/30/1851
Packard, Ida, Lot: DS-D-40, d. 1877
Packard, James, Lot: DS-S-13, d. 1908
Packard, Luman, Lot: DS-S-90, d. 1901
Packard, Sabrina, Lot: DS-D-41, d. 8/21/1888
Packard, William, Lot: DS-A-11, d. 4/8/1905
Park, Francis, Lot: DS-L-53, d. 9/29/1823
Park, Francis, Lot: DS-L-52
Parkes, Joseph, Lot: DS-G-55, d. 8/9/1965
Paterson, Amy, Lot: DS-K-44, d. 1983
Paterson, Annette, Lot: DS-A-12, d. 2/13/1889
Paterson, Edgar, Lot: DS-K-44, d. 1956
Paterson, William, Lot: DS-A-12, d. 2/12/1897
Payson, Asa, Lot: DS-K-10, d. 1/8/1835
Peabody, Margaret, Lot: DS-R-8, d. 1893
Peabody, Mary, Lot: DS-R-10, d. 8/13/1918
Peabody, Wm, Lot: DS-R-8, d. 2/27/1850
Peasley, Eliza, Lot: DS-I-26, d. 4/2/1849
Peasley, Eliza, Lot: DS-I-26, d. 10/15/1849
Peasley, Ellery, Lot: DS-I-24, d. 1/23/1878
Peasley, Moses, Lot: DS-I-29, d. 9/19/1841
Peckham, Lizzie, Lot: DS-F-30, d. 8/2/1877
Perpetual, Lot: DS-T-34
Phillips, Alfred, Lot: DS-D-1, d. 10/16/1870
Phillips, Frederic, Lot: DS-D-2, d. 8/26/1859
Phillips, Mary, Lot: DS-D-33, d. 2/29/1836
Phillps, Fred, Lot: DS-D-1, d. 4/26/1839
Pierce, Eliza, Lot: DS-T-62, d. 11/1/1871
Pierce, Henry, Lot: DS-T-63, d. 12/17/1896
Pierce, J, Lot: DS-U-5, d. 1852
Pierce, Jesse, Lot: DS-T-62, d. 2/3/1856
Pierce, Jessie, Lot: DS-T-61, d. 1856
Pike, Richard, Lot: DS-T-59, d. 2/18/1863
Piper, George, Lot: DS-A-1
Plummer, Alvah, Lot: DS-R-13
Pope, Abigail, Lot: DS-T-24, d. 6/28/1883
Pope, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-30, d. 1886
Pope, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-32, d. 1903
Pope, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1903
Pope, Ellis, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1880
Pope, Harris, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1888
Pope, Henry, Lot: DS-T-25, d. 2/8/1880
Pope, Henry, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1880
Pope, Herbert, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1886
Pope, Herbert, Lot: DS-T-42, d. 1886
Pope, James, Lot: DS-T-29, d. 1866
Pope, James, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1866
Pope, James, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1907
Pope, James, Lot: DS-T-46, d. 1907
Pope, Kate, Lot: DS-T-43
Pope, Katherine, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1864
Pope, Katherine, Lot: DS-T-43, d. 1864
Pope, Lizzie, Lot: DS-T-27, d. 10/27/1861
Pope, Lizzie, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1861
Pope, Mary, Lot: DS-T-31, d. 1890
Pope, Mary, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1890
Pope, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-26, d. 1/11/1881
Pope, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-45, d. 1887
Pope, William, Lot: DS-T-26, d. 12/13/1862
Pope, William, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1862
Porter, George, Lot: DS-F-18, d. 1860
Porter, H, Lot: DS-F-18
Porter, Ida, Lot: DS-F-18, d. 1886
Porter, Lucy, Lot: DS-F-18, d. 1853
Porter, Willard, Lot: DS-F-18, d. 1869
Porter, William, Lot: DS-F-18, d. 10/27/1893
Pratt, Clark, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 5/6/1869
Pratt, Geo, Lot: DS-D-42, d. 11/16/1851
Pratt, Hannahe, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 3/22/1879
Pratt, Luther, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 11/26/1862
Pratt, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-49, d. 8/6/1910
Preston, Lot: DS-U-20
Pricker, Mary, Lot: DS-D-8, d. 3/19/1889
R, E, Lot: DS-M-44
R, G, Lot: DS-I-47
R, H, Lot: DS-O-21, d. 1844
R, J, Lot: DS-J-16
R, M, Lot: DS-M-30
Raible, Barbara Franziska, Lot: DS-A-7, d. 10/8/1861
Raible, Josepha Franziska, Lot: DS-A-7, d. 10/12/1861
Randall, Jane, Lot: DS-P-9, d. 8/18/1823
Randell, Samuel, Lot: DS-K-5, d. 10/22/1831
Read, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-U-19, d. 3/28/1832
Reed, Mary, Lot: DS-M-29, d. 1/13/1821
Rees, Ann, Lot: DS-D-1, d. 8/21/1868
Renney, Lurana, Lot: DS-A-33, d. 10/21/1884
Richardson, Eva, Lot: DS-S-19, d. 7/28/2016
Ricker, Lavina, Lot: DS-S-83, d. 4/3/1880
Ripley, Agatha, Lot: DS-A-6, d. 2/3/1861
Ripley, David, Lot: DS-Q-29
Ripley, Joseph, Lot: DS-A-6, d. 5/1/1858
Robinson, Joseph, Lot: DS-T-2, d. 4/25/1825
Robinson, Joseph, Lot: DS-T-3, d. 3/15/1878
Robinson, Madeline, Lot: DS-T-4, d. 11/17/1896
Robinson, Susan, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 11/28/1841
Robinson, Susan, Lot: DS-T-2, d. 4/4/1865
Robinson, Walter, Lot: DS-P-6, d. 8/28/1846
Rodgers, George, Lot: DS-I-46, d. 6/11/1838
Rogers, Flora, Lot: DS-S-58, d. 1949
Rollins, Thomas, Lot: DS-J-15, d. 10/7/1835
Root, Eliza, Lot: DS-S-44, d. 3/17/1861
Ross, Roxanna, Lot: DS-D-39, d. 8/25/1861
Roundy, Hattie, Lot: DS-S-33, d. 7/4/1857
Roundy, William, Lot: DS-S-96, d. 1904
Rowe, Emma, Lot: DS-K-63, d. 1918
Rowe, Frank, Lot: DS-K-63, d. 1904
Rowe, Ida, Lot: DS-K-63, d. 1889
Rowie, Ann, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1850
Rowie, Sherburn, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1851
Ruggles, Lot: DS-E-42
Ruggles, Lot: DS-E-43
Ruggles, Almeda, Lot: DS-R-1, d. 9/1/1845
Ruggles, Anna, Lot: DS-E-26
Ruggles, E, Lot: DS-E-28, d. 10/13/1839
Ruggles, Edward, Lot: DS-M-43, d. 2/28/1826
Ruggles, Gardner, Lot: DS-R-1, d. 8/21/1843
Ruggles, Henry, Lot: DS-R-1, d. 9/7/1836
Ruggles, Susan, Lot: DS-R-1, d. 6/27/1868
Russell, Eliza, Lot: DS-K-43
Russell, Laura, Lot: DS-K-43
Russell, Martha, Lot: DS-S-61, d. 10/3/1885
Russell, Sarah, Lot: DS-S-61, d. 11/23/1861
Russell, Wm, Lot: DS-S-61, d. 5/19/1872
Russll, George, Lot: DS-K-43
Russll, Henry, Lot: DS-K-43, d. 1886
Ryder, Celia, Lot: DS-E-36, d. 12/13/1851
Ryder, Celia, Lot: DS-E-36, d. 12/13/1851
Ryder, Reuben, Lot: DS-E-37, d. 6/22/1855
Ryder, Thankful, Lot: DS-E-37, d. 7/4/1873
S, Lot: DS-J-37A
S, A, Lot: DS-J-22
S, A, Lot: DS-J-61
S, C, Lot: DS-O-35, d. 1822
S, C, Lot: DS-D-10
S, C, Lot: DS-D-11
S, E, Lot: DS-K-13, d. 1834
S, E, Lot: DS-N-26
S, G, Lot: DS-K-78, d. 1839
S, H, Lot: DS-K-7
S, J, Lot: DS-J-22
S, J, Lot: DS-J-22
S, J, Lot: DS-K-60
S, M, Lot: DS-J-63, d. 1847
S, M, Lot: DS-D-12
S, P, Lot: DS-K-7
S, R, Lot: DS-K-7
Samers, Charles, Lot: DS-A-9, d. 1/24/1858
Samers, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-A-9, d. 7/18/1895
Samner, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-K-12, d. 11/30/1834
Sampson, Andrew, Lot: DS-J-35, d. 7/2/1887
Sampson, Anna, Lot: DS-J-35, d. 9/29/1892
Sampson, George, Lot: DS-J-64, d. 10/2/1860
Sampson, George, Lot: DS-J-64, d. 10/6/1864
Sampson, Mary, Lot: DS-J-62, d. 6/24/1847
Sargent, Illigable, Lot: DS-K-6
Sargent, Julia, Lot: DS-K-8, d. 10/28/1874
Savage, Samuel, Lot: DS-N-22, d. 5/11/1863
Sawyer, Caroline, Lot: DS-D-30, d. 1/19/1890
Sawyer, Chauncy, Lot: DS-D-30, d. 3/22/1901
Sawyer, Eddie, Lot: DS-D-28, d. 7/22/1871
Sawyer, Eddy, Lot: DS-D-30
Sawyer, Freddie, Lot: DS-D-27, d. 8/19/1867
Sawyer, Freddy, Lot: DS-D-30
Sawyer, George, Lot: DS-D-29, d. 9/7/1818
Sawyer, Henry, Lot: DS-D-29
Sawyer, Henry, Lot: DS-D-46
Sawyer, Martha, Lot: DS-D-13, d. 3/22/1894
Sawyer, Mary, Lot: DS-D-29
Sawyer, Minnie, Lot: DS-D-30, d. 3/16/1918
Sawyer, Polly, Lot: DS-D-29
Scamman, Chester, Lot: DS-K-42, d. 1894
Scamman, F, Lot: DS-K-42
Scamman, G, Lot: DS-K-42
Shaw, Eli, Lot: DS-N-12, d. 12/30/1868
Shephard, Charles, Lot: DS-O-34, d. 12/27/1822
Shephard, Lemuel, Lot: DS-O-33, d. 4/22/2016
Shumway, Gilbert, Lot: DS-K-77, d. 9/23/1839
Simmons, Benjamin, Lot: DS-N-24, d. 10/9/1857
Simmons, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-N-25, d. 1/28/1871
Sloan, Bertie, Lot: DS-J-39, d. 7/22/1872
Sloan, George, Lot: DS-J-37, d. 1909
Sloan, Gracie, Lot: DS-J-39, d. 8/13/1875
Sloan, Hannah, Lot: DS-A-34, d. 10/7/1867
Sloan, Robbie, Lot: DS-J-38, d. 11/6/1882
Sloan, Sarah, Lot: DS-J-37, d. 1918
Small, Robert, Lot: DS-N-29, d. 3/14/1816
Smith, Adaliza, Lot: DS-J-21, d. 10/15/1841
Smith, Addie, Lot: DS-G-50, d. 6/14/1873
Smith, Arthus, Lot: DS-G-14, d. 1869
Smith, Edmund, Lot: DS-G-14, d. 1863
Smith, Edmund, Lot: DS-G-50, d. 1924
Smith, Edwin, Lot: DS-G-14, d. 1912
Smith, Ellen, Lot: DS-G-50, d. 1910
Smith, Florence, Lot: DS-G-50, d. 1881
Smith, Florence, Lot: DS-G-48, d. 2/11/1986
Smith, Freddie, Lot: DS-O-45
Smith, John, Lot: DS-J-21, d. 6/25/1841
Smith, John, Lot: DS-J-21, d. 1/1/1846
Smith, Joseph, Lot: DS-G-14, d. 1870
Smith, Laura, Lot: DS-G-19
Smith, Rebecca, Lot: DS-P-13, d. 1910
Southwick, Joseph, Lot: DS-K-62, d. 2/23/1853
Southwick, Joseph, Lot: DS-K-62, d. 10/22/1854
Southwick, Josephine, Lot: DS-K-62, d. 12/10/1852
Spear, Catherine, Lot: DS-J-30, d. 9/12/1838
Spear, Charles, Lot: DS-J-29, d. 9/1/1847
Spear, Hannah, Lot: DS-J-28, d. 4/25/1844
Stacy, Horace, Lot: DS-E-13, d. 4/3/1882
Stacy, John, Lot: DS-E-14, d. 4/23/1877
Stearns, Ezra, Lot: DS-L-49, d. 10/20/1814
Steele, Frederick, Lot: DS-Q-18, d. 1940
Steele, Susan, Lot: DS-Q-18, d. 1944
Stone, Catherine, Lot: DS-J-33, d. 4/18/1865
Stone, Edgar, Lot: DS-G-39, d. 4/13/1848
Stone, Ella, Lot: DS-J-34
Stover, Sarah, Lot: DS-D-45, d. 10/20/1929
Stover, Wm, Lot: DS-D-45, d. 12/22/1908
Strangman, Lot: DS-T-35
Strangman, Ella, Lot: DS-T-50, d. 1859
Strangman, Francis, Lot: DS-H-47, d. 7/7/1853
Strangman, Mary, Lot: DS-H-47, d. 7/7/1853
Strangman, Thomas, Lot: DS-T-50, d. 1909
Sumner, Clemont, Lot: DS-D-23, d. 2/11/1855
Swan, Lot: DS-P-4
Swan, Abby, Lot: DS-H-40, d. 5/7/1859
Swan, Albert, Lot: DS-T-37, d. 1918
Swan, Annie, Lot: DS-H-26, d. 12/23/1960
Swan, Annie, Lot: DS-P-22
Swan, Charles, Lot: DS-H-40, d. 9/28/1858
Swan, Charles, Lot: DS-H-29, d. 7/31/1896
Swan, Emma Frances, Lot: DS-H-32, d. 10/9/1882
Swan, Frederick, Lot: DS-H-28, d. 8/23/1913
Swan, Hannah, Lot: DS-H-35, d. 3/24/1904
Swan, John, Lot: DS-P-22
Swan, Joseph, Lot: DS-H-40, d. 4/21/1895
Swan, Laura, Lot: DS-P-22
Swan, Lizzie, Lot: DS-T-38
Swan, Mary, Lot: DS-H-39, d. 12/5/1819
Swan, Mary, Lot: DS-H-34, d. 9/17/1859
Swan, Mary, Lot: DS-H-27, d. 1/1/1925
Swan, Mary, Lot: DS-H-24, d. 8/7/1937
Swan, Nellie M, Lot: DS-T-36, d. 1878
Swan, R, Lot: DS-H-41, d. 1840
Swan, Ralph, Lot: DS-H-32, d. 4/6/1883
Swan, Reuben, Lot: DS-H-45, d. 6/18/1856
Swan, Reuben, Lot: DS-H-30, d. 11/29/1881
Swan, Reuben, Lot: DS-H-33, d. 11/29/1889
Swan, Reuben, Lot: DS-H-25, d. 12/9/1920
Swan, Rollin, Lot: DS-H-31, d. 8/1/1881
Swan, Ruth, Lot: DS-H-44, d. 8/16/1847
Swan, Sarah, Lot: DS-T-33, d. 1887
Swan, Seavey, Lot: DS-P-22
Swan, Stephen, Lot: DS-H-39, d. 12/25/1859
Swan, Stephen, Lot: DS-H-36, d. 1/27/1860
Swan, William, Lot: DS-H-43, d. 5/1/1859
Swan, William, Lot: DS-H-43, d. 1/9/1896
Swan, William Gardner, Lot: DS-H-24, d. 4/5/1940
Symmes, E, Lot: DS-K-34
Symmes, E, Lot: DS-K-36
Symmes, Eliza, Lot: DS-K-33, d. 8/16/1835
Symmes, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-K-35, d. 10/11/1833
T, C, Lot: DS-P-11
T, H, Lot: DS-K-48
T, J, Lot: DS-G-35
T, M, Lot: DS-L-42, d. 1827
T, M, Lot: DS-C-21
T, M, Lot: DS-C-23
T, M, Lot: DS-P-11
T, R, Lot: DS-P-10
Talbot, Ann, Lot: DS-E-40, d. 1/9/1839
Talbot, Ann, Lot: DS-E-39, d. 3/29/1861
Talbot, John, Lot: DS-E-41, d. 12/12/1853
Talbot, Mary, Lot: DS-K-45, d. 1832
Talbot, Samuel, Lot: DS-E-38, d. 7/13/1864
Taylor, Lot: DS-T-35
Taylor, Diannah, Lot: DS-M-41, d. 1906
Taylor, Jacob, Lot: DS-M-40
Taylor, John, Lot: DS-M-40
Taylor, Michael, Lot: DS-M-41, d. 12/18/1891
Taylor, Sarah, Lot: DS-M-40
Taylor, William, Lot: DS-M-41, d. 1861
Taylor, Zilphia, Lot: DS-M-41, d. 3/1/1868
Tellmore, King, Lot: DS-E-2
Temple, Annie, Lot: DS-E-18, d. 1/16/1861
Temple, Betsey, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1892
Temple, Charles, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1856
Temple, H, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1832
Temple, H, Lot: DS-E-21, d. 1873
Templeman, John, Lot: DS-L-21, d. 6/6/1864
Thayer, Josiah, Lot: DS-G-34, d. 6/7/1867
Thayer, Mary, Lot: DS-L-41, d. 10/20/1827
Thayer, Minott, Lot: DS-Q-23, d. 8/2/2016
Tilden, Mary, Lot: DS-N-30, d. 6/2/1820
Tileston, Samuel, Lot: DS-H-57, d. 1/17/1873
Tolman, Charlotte, Lot: DS-K-2, d. 3/3/1886
Tolman, Hannah, Lot: DS-K-47, d. 1/11/1845
Tolman, Martha, Lot: DS-K-45
Tolman, Mary, Lot: DS-S-21, d. 6/26/1873
Tolman, Nathanel, Lot: DS-K-2, d. 12/26/1863
Tolman, Robert, Lot: DS-S-21, d. 9/7/1839
Townsend, Charles, Lot: DS-P-9
Townsend, Mary, Lot: DS-P-24, d. 4/7/2016
Townsend, Sarah, Lot: DS-P-9
Townsend, Thomas, Lot: DS-P-9, d. 2/3/1855
Townsend, Thomas, Lot: DS-P-9
Tucker, Amasa, Lot: DS-G-11, d. 9/17/1847
Tucker, Dea, Lot: DS-M-26, d. 6/13/1879
Tucker, John, Lot: DS-C-25, d. 1/10/1892
Tucker, Margaret, Lot: DS-C-24, d. 1/14/1832
Tucker, Mary, Lot: DS-C-22, d. 11/8/1868
Tucker, Mary, Lot: DS-C-20, d. 2/11/1908
Tucker, Sarah, Lot: DS-M-1, d. 6/17/1891
Tucker, William, Lot: DS-M-24, d. 1879
V, L, Lot: DS-I-7
Vinson, Thos, Lot: DS-U-1
Voy, Asah, Lot: DS-I-3, d. 1/7/2016
Voy, John, Lot: DS-I-5, d. 9/2/1851
Voy, Lydia, Lot: DS-I-6, d. 8/5/1851
W, A, Lot: DS-M-49, d. 1834
W, E, Lot: DS-K-61
W, H, Lot: DS-S-88
W, J, Lot: DS-L-12A
W, M, Lot: DS-L-7
W, M, Lot: DS-N-10
W, M, Lot: DS-P-28A
W, O, Lot: DS-N-8
W, P, Lot: DS-L-16
W, S, Lot: DS-K-38
W, S, Lot: DS-L-9
W, S H, Lot: DS-O-23, d. 1844
W, W, Lot: DS-L-40
W, W, Lot: DS-L-5
Waite, Anna, Lot: DS-B-9, d. 8/30/1856
Wales, Eliot, Lot: DS-K-59, d. 10/31/1839
Wales, J, Lot: DS-K-58, d. 1832
Wales, Joseph, Lot: DS-K-57, d. 4/8/1832
Wales, Sarah, Lot: DS-K-59, d. 12/22/1840
Walker, Charles, Lot: DS-N-31, d. 1869
Walker, Eliza, Lot: DS-N-31, d. 1885
Walker, Susannah, Lot: DS-O-22, d. 7/19/1844
Walter, Charles, Lot: DS-C-9, d. 1/17/1859
Warren, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-N-9, d. 2/8/1873
Warren, Mary, Lot: DS-N-7, d. 7/5/1861
Warren, Oliver, Lot: DS-N-7, d. 4/1/1821
Washburn, Abigail, Lot: DS-P-14, d. 11/9/1861
Washburn, Isaac, Lot: DS-P-15, d. 3/25/2016
Washburn, Morgen, Lot: DS-P-16, d. 6/1/1845
Washburn, Sarah, Lot: DS-P-17, d. 4/17/1864
Weeb, Martha, Lot: DS-O-4
Wendemuth, H, Lot: DS-S-45
Wentworth, Savia, Lot: DS-G-45
Wheeler, Eben, Lot: DS-L-56, d. 11/19/1842
Wheeler, Elizabeth, Lot: DS-D-32, d. 3/28/1851
Wheeler, Frank, Lot: DS-D-31, d. 11/11/1888
Wheeler, Sarah, Lot: DS-D-32, d. 12/10/1830
Wheeler, Susan, Lot: DS-D-32, d. 7/22/1830
Whitmash, William, Lot: DS-N-32, d. 9/3/1819
Wight, Lot: DS-J-55
Wilcox, Walter, Lot: DS-L-3, d. 1/20/1810
Wilcox, William, Lot: DS-L-4
Wiles, David, Lot: DS-N-33, d. 8/1/1821
Williams, Frances, Lot: DS-R-16, d. 10/5/1819
Willis, Adah, Lot: DS-M-48, d. 9/16/1834
Willis, Asa, Lot: DS-M-46, d. 3/2/1844
Willis, Clarence, Lot: DS-M-47, d. 12/20/1829
Wiswell, Mary, Lot: DS-S-49
Wiswell, Nina, Lot: DS-S-48, d. 10/15/1880
Withingotn, Mary, Lot: DS-G-37
Withington, Charles, Lot: DS-G-37, d. 8/26/1857
Withington, Elijah, Lot: DS-P-25, d. 12/29/1871
Withington, Etal, Lot: DS-M-6
Withington, Henry, Lot: DS-P-27, d. 4/9/1846
Withington, Mary, Lot: DS-K-39, d. 6/17/1847
Withington, Mary, Lot: DS-P-28, d. 12/1/1856
Withington, Mary, Lot: DS-G-3, d. 7/18/1891
Withington, Nathl, Lot: DS-G-2, d. 4/9/1868
Withington, Noah, Lot: DS-M-34, d. 9/16/1820
Withington, Noah, Lot: DS-M-6, d. 1/1/1854
Withington, Sarah, Lot: DS-K-37, d. 4/6/1845
Withington, Sarah, Lot: DS-P-26, d. 10/25/1845
Wittemore, Mary, Lot: DS-H-53, d. 1917
Wood, Emily, Lot: DS-K-4, d. August
Wood, John, Lot: DS-U-18, d. 8/4/1881
Wood, John, Lot: DS-U-16
Wood, Mary, Lot: DS-U-17, d. 4/14/1702
Wood, Mary, Lot: DS-U-19, d. 2/12/1827
Wood, Matilda, Lot: DS-L-6
Wood, Phebe, Lot: DS-U-19, d. 7/29/1827
Wood, Rachel, Lot: DS-U-18, d. 9/30/1872
Wood, Samuel, Lot: DS-U-17, d. 10/9/1893
Young, Ann, Lot: DS-D-36, d. 3/3/1891
Young, Ellenor, Lot: DS-D-35, d. 6/2/1855
Young, James, Lot: DS-D-36, d. 11/12/1853
Young, Jane, Lot: DS-D-36, d. 11/20/1852
Young, Mary, Lot: DS-D-35, d. 1/27/1855
Young, Samuel, Lot: DS-D-37, d. 12/27/1862
Young, Sarah, Lot: DS-D-37, d. 12/25/1863

Unidentified Graves

, Lot: DS-A-29
Illegible, Lot: DS-G-9
Illegible, Lot: DS-K-15
Illegible, Lot: DS-K-18
Illegible, Lot: DS-O-10
Illegible, Lot: DS-O-27
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-15
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-73
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-44
Illegible, Lot: DS-E-23
Illegible, Lot: DS-H-19
Illegible, Lot: DS-H-21
Illegible, Lot: DS-H-22
Illegible, Lot: DS-J-49
Illegible, Lot: DS-K-55
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-10
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-12
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-2
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-22
Illegible, Lot: DS-L-8
Illegible, Lot: DS-P-12
Illegible, Lot: DS-Q-10
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-35
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-37
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-64
Illegible, Lot: DS-S-89
Illegible, Lot: DS-F-27
Illegible, Merrill, Lot: DS-H-37
Illegible, Swan, Lot: DS-H-23, d. 4/14/1849
Illegible, Traces, Lot: DS-L-15

No Carving, Lot: DS-A-4A

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