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Dorchester North Burying Ground
Dorchester, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

dorchester north burying ground
Dorchester North Burying Ground

GPS: 42.317203, -71.064079

Columbia Rd.
Boston, MA 02125

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 2,716

Dorchester North Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Dorchester North Burying Ground is Dorchester's earliest remaining landmark. It is the burial place of some of Dorchester's most prominent founding citizens. It is also one of seven seventeenth-century burying grounds in Boston.

First laid out in 1634, it is the final resting place of two colonial governors William Stoughton, who was also Chief Justice during the Salem witch trials of 1692; and William Tailer. It also contains the graves of John Foster; the first printer in Boston; minister Richard Mather; 40 unknown Revolutionary War soldiers; and three African-American slaves.

Dorchester North Burying Ground is unusual because it contains examples of funerary sculpture from the seventeenth, eighteen, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, resulting in a very interesting mix of colors, shapes and sizes. There are many fine examples of early slate gravestone art here, one of which has been removed to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. For the first two hundred years of its existence, Dorchester North functioned without embellishment of trees or floral arrangements, with fences erected periodically to keep out cattle and other animals. In 1834, Samuel Downer, who participated in creating Mount Auburn Cemetery, designed the landscaping for this cemetery. He created a system of pathways and avenues named after prominent Dorchester families. Over 400 shade trees and rare specimen trees were planted and a large number of shrubs and floral displays were also set out. Downer's efforts resulted in an arboretum-like atmosphere in this burying ground.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

Abbott, Fannie
, Lot: B-3, d. 1956
Abbott, Helen, Lot: B-3
Abbott, Herbert, Lot: B-3
Abbott, Margaret, Lot: B-3, d. 1976
Adams, Emma, Lot: W-34, d. 1885
Adams, Frank E, Lot: T-14, d. 1890
Adams, Ira, Lot: H-183, d. 12/13/1835
Adams, John, Lot: W-34, d. 1893
Adams, Joseph R, Lot: T-14, d. 1882
Adams, Mary, Lot: H-183, d. 1835
Adams, Mary, Lot: W-34, d. 1878
Alcock, Abigail, Lot: N-42, d. 3/3/1821
Alcock, Robert, Lot: N-42, d. 3/3/1821
Allbright, Emma, Lot: B-2, d. 1955
Allbright, John, Lot: B-2, d. 1902
Allbright, John, Lot: B-2, d. 1923
Allbright, Susan, Lot: B-2, d. 1946
Allen, Agnes, Lot: E-91, d. 11/8/1845
Allen, Caroline, Lot: E-68, d. 1918
Allen, Eleanor, Lot: H-107, d. 1/12/1851
Amanda, Plummer, Lot: A-73
Amory, John G, Lot: T-28, d. 9/21/1869
Amory, Nathaniel, Lot: T-29, d. 12/27/1864
Anderson, James, Lot: D-39, d. 3/15/1802
Andres, Thomas, Lot: L-246, d. 1/9/1775
Andrew, Eliza, Lot: W-49, d. 1/20/1888
Andrew, John, Lot: W-48, d. 1/24/1870
Andrews, Elizabeth, Lot: L-244, d. 8/7/1802
Andrews, John, Lot: L-252, d. 11/25/1810
Andrews, Mary, Lot: L-253, d. 10/22/1818
Andrews, Sucke, Lot: L-245, d. 7/4/1783
Androws, John, Lot: L-250, d. 6/14/1754
Androws, John, Lot: L-161, d. 8/17/1758
Androws, John, Lot: L-162
Androws, Margaret, Lot: L-163-164, d. 10/18/1769
Androws, Mary, Lot: L-142, d. 3/3/1760
Androws, Stephen, Lot: L-249, d. 7/2/1770
Anna, Hubbard, Lot: N-165, d. 9/18/1844
Armstrong, John, Lot: P-25, d. 11/20/1794
Atheaton, Hamphrey, Lot: C-17, d. 9/16/1661
Atherton, Adeline, Lot: C-19, d. 2/2/1858
Atherton, Charles, Lot: C-20, d. 4/29/1861
Atherton, Elizabeth, Lot: M-58, d. 12/24/1765
Atherton, Humphrey, Lot: C17, d. 9/16/1661
Atkins, Cornelia, Lot: W-36, d. 5/25/1878
Austin W R, Lot: X-5, d. 10/25/1848
Austin, Marie, Lot: N-77, d. 3/23/1884
Austin, Sarah, Lot: N-77, d. 1886
Avery, Hannah, Lot: G-2, d. 1/22/1750
Avery, Hannah, Lot: L-210, d. 12/18/1758
Avery, Nannah, Lot: L-211
B, Arronette, Lot: L-235, d. 1842
B, E, Lot: O-60
B, G, Lot: O-29
B, J, Lot: B-190
B, L, Lot: O-27, d. 1821
B, M, Lot: B130a
B, S, Lot: L174
B, W, Lot: E-2
B, W, Lot: L-205
Badlam, Lot: S-17
Bailey, Calvin, Lot: W-30, d. 1902
Bailey, Elizabeth T, Lot: W-28, d. 8/23/1891
Bailey, Hart, Lot: W-28, d. 9/2/1878
Bailey, Mary, Lot: W-30, d. 1900
Bailey, Mary E, Lot: W-31, d. 12/1/1878
Baker, Abel, Lot: N-109, d. 6/8/1848
Baker, Abigail, Lot: A-136
Baker, Ann, Lot: H-240, d. 10/6/1757
Baker, Anne, Lot: H-268, d. 5/6/1775
Baker, Benjamin, Lot: O-79, d. 1/16/1857
Baker, Dana, Lot: P-92, d. 6/19/1841
Baker, Edward, Lot: N-71, d. 7/30/1812
Baker, Eleazer, Lot: P-39, d. 10/9/1853
Baker, Elizabeth, Lot: P-40, d. 11/19/1782
Baker, George, Lot: H-275A, d. 3/4/1810
Baker, George, Lot: H-275, d. 4/3/1810
Baker, H, Lot: O-84
Baker, Hannah, Lot: H-233, d. 4/30/1768
Baker, Hannah, Lot: H-233A, d. 4/30/1768
Baker, James, Lot: B-56, d. 3/30/1721
Baker, James, Lot: B-44, d. 9/24/1734
Baker, James, Lot: H-271, d. 10/18/1776
Baker, James, Lot: H-272, d. 11/18/1776
Baker, James, Lot: N-75, d. 12/8/1820
Baker, John, Lot: H-234, d. 9/10/1746
Baker, John, Lot: H-228, d. 11/11/1798
Baker, Lydia, Lot: O-80, d. 3/6/1837
Baker, Martha, Lot: P-38, d. 2/10/1805
Baker, Martha, Lot: N-74, d. 5/6/1826
Baker, Martha, Lot: O-83, d. 10/2/1856
Baker, Mary, Lot: H-273, d. 12/9/1776
Baker, Munroe, Lot: S-18
Baker, Nathaniel, Lot: O-78, d. 12/18/1839
Baker, Preserved, Lot: P-37, d. 4/28/1777
Baker, Preserved, Lot: O-82, d. 1/16/1832
Baker, Priscila, Lot: H-270
Baker, Priscilla, Lot: H-269, d. 11/26/1750
Baker, Ruth, Lot: E-125, d. 6/30/1751
Baker, Samuel, Lot: P-41, d. 3/12/1819
Baker, Sarah, Lot: H-225, d. 4/4/1788
Baker, Sarah, Lot: P-42, d. 8/6/1828
Baker, Stephen, Lot: H-236, d. 10/3/1761
Baker, Submit, Lot: O-81, d. 12/28/1836
Baker, Thankfull, Lot: C-11, d. 12/27/1697
Baker, Thomas, Lot: H-235, d. 12/29/1745
Baker, William, Lot: P-36, d. 2/16/1802
Balch, Alexander, Lot: A-141, d. 1/29/1802
Baldwin, Eliza, Lot: T-39, d. 7/4/1878
Bamford, Abigail, Lot: A-30, d. 4/8/1889
Bamford, Margaret, Lot: A-29
Barbara, May, Lot: G-27
Barber, Elizabeth, Lot: B-163, d. 12/1/1739
Barber, James, Lot: B-205, d. 10/13/1732
Barber, Jesse, Lot: B-202, d. 2/11/1723
Barber, Jesse, Lot: B-169, d. 5/2/1734
Barber, Lois, Lot: B-200, d. 9/2/1739
Barber, Sarah, Lot: H-43, d. 9/18/1735
Barker, Elizabeth, Lot: Z-13, d. 4/23/1911
Barker, Harriet, Lot: L-107
Barnard, Coolidge, Lot: N-98, d. 1907
Barnard, J, Lot: X-6, d. 1848
Barrett, Adaline, Lot: A-118, d. 2/18/1879
Basefragment, Lot: E-173
Bass, Elizabeth, Lot: C-11, d. 1/20/1719
Bass, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-6, d. 6/21/1751
Bass, Hannah, Lot: Q-3, d. 11/3/1766
Bass, Joseph, Lot: Q-1, d. 1/9/1752
Bass, Sarah, Lot: L-174, d. 9/27/1750
Bass, Susanna, Lot: Q-5, d. 12/15/1752
Bass, William, Lot: Q-9, d. 9/30/1752
Bassett, Harriet, Lot: M-57, d. 10/18/1872
Bassett, Heman, Lot: M-57, d. 3/24/1852
Batchelder, Isabella, Lot: J-23
Batchelder, Nathan, Lot: J-23, d. 6/11/1847
Baxter, Edward, Lot: L-121, d. 10/4/1795
Baxter, Edward, Lot: L-120, d. 6/19/1849
Baxter, Edward, Lot: L-120, d. 1849
Baxter, Edward, Lot: L-120, d. 1849
Beal, Mary, Lot: X-7, d. 1/18/1908
Beals, Eliza, Lot: X-7, d. 9/3/1838
Beals, Elizabeth, Lot: X-7, d. 9/10/1833
Beals, Frederick, Lot: X-7, d. 4/20/1869
Beals, Jacob, Lot: N-141, d. 4/22/1812
Beals, Jacob, Lot: N-144, d. 5/22/1836
Beals, Jacob, Lot: N-141
Beals, Mary, Lot: N-143, d. 7/2/1824
Beals, Mary, Lot: X-7, d. 4/28/1843
Beals, Sarah, Lot: X-7, d. 7/1/1881
Beals, Thomas, Lot: X-7, d. 1/10/1881
Beare, Lot: M-3, d. 6/22/1765
Beeds, Hopestill, Lot: A-101, d. 1/14/1795
Beightion, Releif, Lot: E-80, d. 10/7/1753
Belcher, Ebenezer, Lot: K-10, d. 7/10/1802
Belcher, John, Lot: K-12, d. 2/5/1802
Belcher, John, Lot: K-11, d. 7/5/1802
Belcher, Nabby, Lot: K-5, d. 7/24/1802
Belcher, Nabby, Lot: K-6, d. 7/24/1802
Belcher, Polly, Lot: L-204, d. 5/2/1782
Belcher, Polly, Lot: K-8, d. 7/13/1802
Belcher, Polly, Lot: K-9, d. 7/13/1802
Belcher, Rachel, Lot: L-190, d. 1/3/1801
Belcher, Rachel, Lot: K-3, d. 8/7/1802
Belcher, Rachel, Lot: K-4
Belcher, Rachel, Lot: L-191
Belcher, Sally, Lot: K-7, d. 7/19/1802
Belcher, Samuel, Lot: L-188, d. 8/6/1812
Belcher, Samuel, Lot: K-1, d. 2/7/1834
Belcher, Samuel, Lot: K-2, d. 2/7/1834
Belcher, Samuel, Lot: L-189, d. 1812
Belcher, William, Lot: L-204
Belghton, Proscilla, Lot: L-19, d. 2/27/1749
Bemount, Noah, Lot: A-19
Bemount, Sarah, Lot: A-15, d. 1/3/1711
Bent, George, Lot: E-203, d. 4/3/1872
Bent, Phebe, Lot: E-203, d. 4/3/1872
Berry, Charlie, Lot: T-8, d. 4/4/1850
Berry, Frank, Lot: T-8, d. 9/29/1882
Berry, Mary Emily, Lot: T-7, d. 6/11/1857
Berry, Walter, Lot: T-8, d. 12/1/1859
Bird, Lot: N-65, d. 4/14/1832
Bird, Lot: L-100
Bird, Lot: L-101
Bird, Lot: M-52A
Bird, Abial, Lot: C-3, d. 2/24/1757
Bird, Abial, Lot: C-4, d. 1757
Bird, Amasa, Lot: E-29, d. 10/29/1810
Bird, Amasa, Lot: E-30, d. 10/29/1810
Bird, Ann, Lot: N-67, d. 5/6/1843
Bird, Ann, Lot: E-202, d. 6/8/1867
Bird, Annie, Lot: L-99, d. 4/23/1881
Bird, Benjamin, Lot: N-107, d. 5/20/1811
Bird, Benjamin, Lot: N-107, d. 5/29/1817
Bird, Calvin, Lot: E-106, d. 1895
Bird, Catharine, Lot: P-130, d. 12/24/1943
Bird, Charles, Lot: N-107, d. 1/31/1831
Bird, Cliver, Lot: R-2, d. 9/24/1806
Bird, Daniel, Lot: M-53, d. 1/14/1787
Bird, Ebenezer, Lot: E-159, d. 1/18/1702
Bird, Ebenezer, Lot: H-191, d. 1/17/1753
Bird, Ebenezer, Lot: H-190, d. 5/3/1760
Bird, Ebenezer, Lot: H-187, d. 1/12/1770
Bird, Elizabeth, Lot: E-153, d. 10/20/1724
Bird, Elizabeth, Lot: A-125, d. 4/7/1788
Bird, Elizabeth, Lot: A-126, d. 4/7/1788
Bird, Ester C, Lot: Q-154, d. 9/27/1804
Bird, Esther, Lot: H-188, d. 7/23/1769
Bird, Eunice, Lot: E-156, d. 8/29/1709
Bird, Eunice, Lot: L-158, d. 1/27/1776
Bird, Eunice, Lot: H-181, d. 7/19/1787
Bird, Ezekiel, Lot: Q-151, d. 12/20/1817
Bird, Ezekiel, Lot: Q-152, d. 1817
Bird, Ezekiel Jr, Lot: Q-155, d. 4/9/1811
Bird, George, Lot: E-154, d. 7/23/1716
Bird, George, Lot: L-155, d. 7/12/1748
Bird, George, Lot: H-241, d. 3/25/1768
Bird, George, Lot: O-28, d. 8/27/1842
Bird, Hannah, Lot: Q-98, d. 12/14/1769
Bird, Hannah, Lot: Q-153, d. 11/3/1800
Bird, Hannah, Lot: Q-157, d. 11/7/1837
Bird, Hannah, Lot: L-158
Bird, Henry, Lot: A-123, d. 3/5/1756
Bird, Henry, Lot: A-130, d. 3/19/1788
Bird, J, Lot: C-23, d. 2/16/1713
Bird, Jacob, Lot: H-179, d. 9/16/1799
Bird, Jacob, Lot: P-126, d. 9/13/1870
Bird, Jacob, Lot: P-125, d. 8/29/1887
Bird, Jacon, Lot: H-244, d. 8/16/1780
Bird, James, Lot: E-155, d. 9/1/1723
Bird, James, Lot: E-75A, d. 9/15/1728
Bird, James, Lot: L-156, d. 5/17/1757
Bird, Jane, Lot: N-69, d. 4/19/1818
Bird, Jerusha, Lot: H-248, d. 4/28/1842
Bird, Joel, Lot: N-70, d. 5/2/1817
Bird, Johannah, Lot: E-145, d. 8/8/1738
Bird, John, Lot: E-144, d. 4/5/1714
Bird, John, Lot: E-151, d. 8/2/1732
Bird, John, Lot: H-245, d. 8/11/1780
Bird, Jonathan, Lot: N-68, d. 8/23/1832
Bird, Joseph, Lot: B-59, d. 2/28/1711
Bird, Joseph, Lot: B-61, d. 8/1/1727
Bird, Joseph, Lot: H-246, d. 8/5/1798
Bird, Lemuel, Lot: Q-39, d. 3/2/1795
Bird, Lilley, Lot: N-106, d. 10/7/1837
Bird, Lydia, Lot: O-26, d. 7/23/1821
Bird, Mary, Lot: B-60, d. 12/16/1715
Bird, Mary, Lot: E-200, d. 9/23/1723
Bird, Mary, Lot: L-33, d. 1/1/1745
Bird, Mary, Lot: B-130, d. 1/2/1752
Bird, Mary, Lot: Q-99, d. 4/6/1761
Bird, Mary, Lot: Q-141, d. 6/9/1778
Bird, Mary, Lot: Q-103, d. 5/16/1808
Bird, Mary, Lot: M-56, d. 4/6/1823
Bird, Mary, Lot: Q-100, d. 1761
Bird, Mary Miss, Lot: Q-150, d. 1/16/1807
Bird, Mindwell, Lot: C-5, d. 12/19/1724
Bird, Miriam, Lot: E-157, d. 5/3/1723
Bird, Nannah, Lot: L-157, d. 8/9/1775
Bird, Priscilla, Lot: E-158, d. 9/23/1723
Bird, Priscilla, Lot: H-192, d. 10/5/1760
Bird, Priscilla, Lot: Q-97, d. 1/20/1789
Bird, Sally, Lot: H-180, d. 3/10/1808
Bird, Samuel, Lot: E-152, d. 3/20/1740
Bird, Samuel, Lot: Q-149, d. 9/9/1812
Bird, Samuel, Lot: Q-148, d. 9/18/1817
Bird, Samuel, Lot: L-35, d. 3/26/1862
Bird, Sarah, Lot: H-178, d. 1/9/1827
Bird, Sarah, Lot: N-66, d. 9/23/1832
Bird, Sarah, Lot: P-126, d. 1904
Bird, Shippy, Lot: P-16, d. 10/25/1769
Bird, Sim, Lot: E-104, d. 1949
Bird, Stephen, Lot: N-66, d. 4/5/1852
Bird, Susannah, Lot: P-127, d. 4/18/1838
Bird, Susannah, Lot: H-250, d. 4/26/1861
Bird, T, Lot: H-42, d. 9/10/1751
Bird, Thankful, Lot: C-22, d. 9/11/1719
Bird, Thomas, Lot: C-24, d. 1/30/1709
Bird, Thomas, Lot: Q-101, d. 5/3/1770
Bird, Thomas, Lot: Q-102, d. 8/28/1772
Bird, Thomas, Lot: Q-37, d. 1/17/1793
Bird, Thomas, Lot: E-202, d. 6/8/1867
Bird, William, Lot: P-130, d. 9/3/1865
Birds, Lot: S-14
Bishop, Abigail, Lot: Q-139, d. 5/23/1783
Bishop, Il, Lot: Q-140, d. 5/23/1783
Bispham, Eleazer, Lot: H-5, d. 11/8/1843
Bispham, Eleazer, Lot: H-6, d. 1843
Bispham, Eliza, Lot: H-3, d. 11/10/1803
Bispham, H, Lot: H-4, d. 1803
Bispham, Jerusha, Lot: H-7, d. 8/11/1826
Bispham, Jerusha, Lot: H-8, d. 1826
Blackman, Anna, Lot: A-26, d. 2/8/1792
Blackman, Anna, Lot: A-27
Blackman, Betsey, Lot: B-182, d. 12/31/1981
Blackman, Ebenezer, Lot: A-21, d. 1/1/1719
Blackman, Ebenezer, Lot: B-181, d. 5/1/1719
Blackman, Ebenezer, Lot: A21, d. 1719
Blackman, Eliakim, Lot: B-176, d. 10/14/1791
Blackman, Eliakim, Lot: B176, d. 10/14/1791
Blackman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-9, d. 3/25/1820
Blackman, Elizabeth, Lot: A-10, d. 1820
Blackman, George, Lot: B-186, d. 10/22/1791
Blackman, George, Lot: B-187, d. 1791
Blackman, James, Lot: B-183, d. 10/2/1824
Blackman, James, Lot: B-184, d. 1824
Blackman, Jane, Lot: A-5, d. 8/8/1735
Blackman, Jane, Lot: N-6, d. 3/26/1819
Blackman, Jane, Lot: N-7, d. 3/26/1819
Blackman, Jane, Lot: A-6
Blackman, John, Lot: A-20, d. 5/31/1760
Blackman, John, Lot: A20, d. 5/31/1760
Blackman, Jonathan, Lot: N-5, d. 1/29/1813
Blackman, Jonathan, Lot: N-5A, d. 1/29/1813
Blackman, Joseph, Lot: B-192, d. 7/6/1729
Blackman, Lemuel, Lot: A-7, d. 1/27/1815
Blackman, Lemuel, Lot: O-24, d. 10/1/1830
Blackman, Lemuel, Lot: A-8
Blackman, Mary, Lot: C-165, d. 12/21/1724
Blackman, Mary, Lot: G-36, d. 12/13/1801
Blackman, Moses, Lot: B-175, d. 8/15/1798
Blackman, Ralph, Lot: E-137, d. 11/13/1728
Blackman, Samuel, Lot: B-193, d. 12/9/1722
Blackman, Samuel, Lot: N-188, d. 10/14/1805
Blackman, Samuel, Lot: N-3, d. 5/11/1870
Blackman, Sarah, Lot: B-180, d. 2/11/1725
Blackman, Sarah, Lot: B180a
Blackman, Susanna, Lot: B-198, d. 7/3/1729
Blackman, Susanna, Lot: A-1, d. 3/26/1757
Blackman, Susannah, Lot: A-2, d. 1757
Blackman, Timothy, Lot: O-23, d. 7/21/1843
Blackman, U, Lot: S-25
Blackman, William, Lot: A-4, d. 1792
Blackman, Willima, Lot: A-3, d. 1/1/1792
Blaikman, Elizabeth, Lot: B-172, d. 1/16/1799
Blake, Abigail, Lot: H-284, d. 12/17/1761
Blake, Abraham, Lot: N-95, d. 3/13/1810
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: E-26, d. 1/16/1694
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: E-27, d. 1/16/1694
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: O-59, d. 4/4/1841
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: E-64, d. 1959
Blake, Elizabeth, Lot: E-28
Blake, Hana, Lot: E-41, d. 1683
Blake, Hannah, Lot: H-283, d. 2/9/1781
Blake, Henry, Lot: E-13, d. 7/20/1766
Blake, Henry, Lot: E-14, d. 7/20/1766
Blake, Henry, Lot: E-61, d. 11/29/1933
Blake, James, Lot: E-25, d. 6/28/1700
Blake, James, Lot: E-40, d. 10/22/1732
Blake, James, Lot: E-36, d. 12/4/1750
Blake, James, Lot: E-36A, d. 12/4/1750
Blake, James, Lot: E-31, d. 11/17/1771
Blake, James, Lot: E-32, d. 11/17/1771
Blake, James, Lot: E-63, d. 10/3/1863
Blake, James, Lot: E-40A
Blake, John, Lot: E-20, d. 3/2/1717
Blake, John, Lot: H-285, d. 12/2/1772
Blake, John, Lot: E-19, d. 3/2/1778
Blake, John, Lot: H-286, d. 1772
Blake, Joseph, Lot: E-38, d. 2/1/1738
Blake, Joseph, Lot: E-16, d. 1/2/1750
Blake, Joseph, Lot: E-39
Blake, Josiah, Lot: E-82, d. 3/15/1736
Blake, Josiah, Lot: E-78, d. 9/15/1747
Blake, Marcy, Lot: E-18, d. 3/14/1798
Blake, Mary, Lot: E-9, d. 8/10/1756
Blake, Mary, Lot: E-17, d. 3/14/1798
Blake, Nathaniel, Lot: E-15, d. 5/12/1806
Blake, Rachel, Lot: Q-23, d. 4/13/1825
Blake, Ruth, Lot: E-42, d. 1/11/1759
Blake, Samuel, Lot: E-33, d. 5/1/1754
Blake, Samuel, Lot: H-281, d. 5/6/1775
Blake, Samuel, Lot: E-34, d. 1754
Blake, Samuel, Lot: H-282
Blake, Thomas, Lot: E-37, d. 12/15/1745
Blake, Wait, Lot: E-35, d. 5/22/1753
Bliss, Abby, Lot: L-235, d. 1838
Bohannan, Elizabeth, Lot: G-26, d. 6/30/1872
Bohannan, Lucy, Lot: G-26, d. 6/30/1872
Boynton, Isaac, Lot: H-69, d. 12/19/1732
Bradlee, Charles, Lot: H-38, d. 7/7/1861
Bradlee, Eliza, Lot: H-39, d. 6/29/1879
Bradlee, Elizabeth, Lot: H-37, d. 5/8/1892
Bradlee, John, Lot: P-14, d. 10/2/1770
Bradlee, Samuel, Lot: P-22, d. 7/7/1768
Bradlee, Samuel, Lot: P11, d. 7/7/1768
Bradlee, Samuel, Lot: P-12
Bradley, Anna, Lot: H-227, d. 2/3/1744
Bradley, Avis, Lot: H-67, d. 2/9/1753
Bradley, Caleb, Lot: H-141, d. 7/3/1773
Bradley, David, Lot: H-170, d. 6/27/1739
Bradley, Elizabeth, Lot: C-152, d. 1/25/1722
Bradley, Hampson, Lot: C-150, d. 9/16/1723
Bradley, John, Lot: H-167, d. 6/6/1734
Bradley, John, Lot: H-169, d. 2/2/1735
Bradley, Joshua, Lot: C-171
Bradley, Nathan, Lot: H-161, d. 12/13/1750
Bradley, Ruth, Lot: H-168, d. 4/14/1736
Bradley, Sarah, Lot: H-166, d. 4/29/1732
Bradley, Sarah, Lot: H-72, d. 10/25/1734
Bradley, Sarah, Lot: H-157, d. 2/22/1763
Bradley, Stephen, Lot: H-71, d. 10/9/1751
Bradley, Susanna, Lot: H140, d. 12/27/1763
Bradley, Susanna, Lot: H-140, d. 12/27/1765
Bradley, Thamson, Lot: C-151, d. 9/6/1723
Bradshaw, Aaron, Lot: O-101
Bradshaw, Eliza, Lot: O-105, d. 1899
Bradshaw, Levi, Lot: O-103, d. 5/6/1855
Bradshaw, Nathaniel, Lot: O-102, d. 10/10/1904
Bragg, Nahum, Lot: M-66, d. 8/17/1837
Bragg, Rachel, Lot: P-133, d. 1/16/1876
Breadley, Mary, Lot: C-172, d. 7/24/1711
Breck, Edward, Lot: C-113, d. 9/3/1713
Breck, Edward, Lot: C-113A, d. 9/3/1713
Breck, John, Lot: C-108, d. 2/17/1690
Breck, Joseph, Lot: H-156, d. 10/16/1743
Breck, Susannah, Lot: C-110, d. 2/8/1711
Brewer, Matilda, Lot: C-81, d. 11/29/1869
Brick, Alils, Lot: A-81, d. 12/21/1775
Bridgham, Charles, Lot: O-114, d. 10/29/1839
Bridgham, George, Lot: O-116, d. 1923
Bridgham, S H, Lot: W-51
Briggs, Hiram, Lot: L-104, d. 7/15/1882
Brigham, Charles, Lot: W-36, d. 12/22/1861
Brigham, Charles L, Lot: W-37, d. 2/8/1871
Brigham, Charles Lee, Lot: W-38, d. 7/10/1879
Brigham, R V, Lot: W-36, d. 1/30/1897
Brooks, Noah, Lot: X-4, d. 1848
Brooks, William, Lot: K-21, d. 3/1/1839
Broughton, Susan, Lot: B-2, d. 1909
Brown, Amanda, Lot: F-13, d. 10/29/1830
Brown, Amos, Lot: F-13, d. 10/29/1830
Brown, Dorcas, Lot: B-188, d. 5/8/1736
Brown, Dorcas, Lot: B188, d. 5/8/1736
Brown, John, Lot: B-191, d. 5/14/1725
Brown, John, Lot: B-204, d. 11/5/1729
Brown, Mathen, Lot: B-197, d. 12/14/1718
Brown, Samuel, Lot: B194, d. 2/20/1721
Brown, Samuel, Lot: B-194, d. 2/20/1722
Brown, Samuel, Lot: F-13, d. 10/29/1830
Brown, Samuell, Lot: B-195, d. 1722
Bryant, Elizabeth, Lot: F-22, d. 3/23/1901
Bryant, James, Lot: F-1, d. 11/22/1883
Bryant, Lucy, Lot: F-2, d. 6/11/1883
Buckner, James, Lot: G-29, d. 1878
Buckner, Majorie, Lot: G-29, d. 1878
Bugbee, Joseph, Lot: O-24A, d. 7/23/1859
Burd, Sarah, Lot: N-64, d. 2/22/1856
Burnes, John, Lot: W-7, d. 1936
Butt, Deliverance, Lot: C-57, d. 7/22/1699
Butt, Elizabeth, Lot: H-292, d. 10/20/1743
Butt, Joseph, Lot: C-58, d. 3/29/1713
Butt, Nathaniel, Lot: C-126, d. 12/10/1721
Butt, Nathaniel, Lot: C-127, d. 12/10/1721
Butt, Samuel, Lot: H-290, d. 1/11/1763
Butt, Sherebiah, Lot: C-72, d. 12/30/1733
Butt, Susanna, Lot: C-125, d. 10/1/1743
C, A, Lot: A-67
C, B, Lot: B-139
C, H, Lot: N-149, d. 1829
C, J, Lot: B-37, d. 1826
C, J, Lot: N-151
C, N, Lot: B-146, d. 1682
C, N, Lot: N-147, d. 1826
Cage, Alice, Lot: W-19, d. 8/2/1872
Cage, Horace D, Lot: W-18, d. 4/20/1872
Capen Jr, John, Lot: B-15, d. 10/9/1826
Capen, Abigail, Lot: A-88, d. 9/10/1806
Capen, Barnard, Lot: B-35, d. 1/8/1723
Capen, Barnard, Lot: B-20, d. 6/16/1757
Capen, Barnard, Lot: B-22, d. 7/19/1766
Capen, Barnard, Lot: B-23, d. 3/26/1771
Capen, Barnard, Lot: B-147
Capen, Bernard, Lot: B-14, d. 4/8/1796
Capen, Christopher, Lot: L-197, d. 10/8/1792
Capen, David, Lot: G-25, d. 11/6/1843
Capen, Elijah, Lot: B-148, d. 8/1/1722
Capen, Elizabeth, Lot: B-18, d. 2/2/1727
Capen, Hannah, Lot: B-21, d. 10/23/1760
Capen, Hannah, Lot: B21, d. 10/23/1760
Capen, Hannah, Lot: B-13, d. 12/9/1779
Capen, James, Lot: B-151, d. 6/22/1723
Capen, James, Lot: B151, d. 6/22/1723
Capen, Joan, Lot: B-147, d. 11/8/1638
Capen, John, Lot: B-40, d. 4/6/1692
Capen, John, Lot: B-17, d. 4/5/1733
Capen, John, Lot: A-92, d. 5/15/1769
Capen, John, Lot: A-93, d. 5/15/1769
Capen, Joseph, Lot: B-38, d. 4/15/1755
Capen, Joseph, Lot: N-126, d. 9/2/1830
Capen, Lemuel, Lot: B-25, d. 9/17/1777
Capen, Lois, Lot: B-24, d. 8/16/1772
Capen, Lydia, Lot: B-32, d. 5/30/1726
Capen, Lydia, Lot: B-33
Capen, Mary, Lot: B-36, d. 6/29/1704
Capen, Mary, Lot: B-150, d. 10/16/1714
Capen, Mary, Lot: B-155, d. 5/19/1746
Capen, Mary, Lot: B-156, d. 5/19/1746
Capen, Mary, Lot: B155, d. 5/19/1746
Capen, Mary, Lot: B-16, d. 5/12/1789
Capen, Mary Anna, Lot: Z-2A, d. 8/7/1925
Capen, Otis, Lot: N-131A, d. 1904
Capen, Preserued, Lot: B-154, d. 4/18/1721
Capen, Preserved, Lot: B-152, d. 5/22/1710
Capen, Prezarued, Lot: B-153, d. 10/20/1708
Capen, Samuel, Lot: A-96, d. 5/19/1733
Capen, Samuel, Lot: A-97, d. 5/19/1733
Capen, Samuel, Lot: B-34, d. 11/30/1751
Capen, Sarah, Lot: B-19, d. 6/2/1724
Capen, Sarah, Lot: B-39, d. 1/13/1763
Capen, Sarah, Lot: L-200, d. 11/27/1792
Capen, Sarah, Lot: A-124, d. 3/28/1801
Capen, Sarah, Lot: N-131A
Capen, Susanna, Lot: A-90, d. 1/18/1773
Capen, Susanna, Lot: A-91, d. 1/18/1773
Capen, Susannah, Lot: A-94, d. 2/3/1737
Capen, Susannah, Lot: A-95, d. 2/3/1737
Capen, Thankfull, Lot: A-89, d. 12/6/1761
Capen, Thomas, Lot: L-255, d. 5/28/1835
Carlton, Lot: V-20
Carlton, Alexander, Lot: K-13, d. 11/21/1876
Caroline, Eunice, Lot: O-43, d. 1/24/1831
Casseli, Mary, Lot: T-55, d. 9/1/1868
Cassell, Adaline, Lot: T-56, d. 10/26/1868
Castle, Andrew J, Lot: W-16, d. 1/19/1886
Castle, Mary E, Lot: W-16, d. 2/15/1915
Catherine, Mary, Lot: E-63, d. 2/3/1831
Champney, Caleb, Lot: P-45, d. 6/4/1803
Champney, Esther, Lot: P-49, d. 10/7/1753
Champney, John, Lot: P-54, d. 6/1/1789
Champney, O W, Lot: S-23
Champney, Samuel, Lot: P-6, d. 10/27/1791
Champney, Sarah, Lot: P-51, d. 12/20/1777
Chapman, Elsie, Lot: W-34, d. 1938
Chatfield, Emma, Lot: B-124, d. 9/11/1847
Cheney, Benjamin, Lot: H-40, d. 12/17/1787
Clap, A, Lot: H-45
Clap, A, Lot: H-45
Clap, Aaron, Lot: Q-40
Clap, Abigail, Lot: H-47, d. 12/24/1750
Clap, Abigail, Lot: Q-91, d. 10/1/1775
Clap, Abigail, Lot: R-8, d. 11/20/1779
Clap, Abigail, Lot: Q-90, d. 8/31/1791
Clap, Abigail, Lot: Q-89, d. 5/19/2016
Clap, Abnar, Lot: D-35, d. 5/24/1799
Clap, Amos, Lot: N-18, d. 6/16/1825
Clap, Ann, Lot: L-233, d. 3/15/1787
Clap, Ann, Lot: L-176, d. 5/26/1812
Clap, Daniel, Lot: H-51, d. 6/19/1734
Clap, David, Lot: P-114, d. 8/17/1787
Clap, Deborah, Lot: A-64, d. 2/16/1780
Clap, Ebenezer, Lot: H-53, d. 5/20/1750
Clap, Ebenezer, Lot: H-50, d. 1/10/1752
Clap, Ebenezer, Lot: L-220, d. 6/11/1763
Clap, Ebenezer, Lot: A-141, d. 1/29/1802
Clap, Ebenezer, Lot: A-139, d. 1779
Clap, Edward, Lot: N-13
Clap, Elisha, Lot: Q-144, d. 8/14/1775
Clap, Elisha, Lot: Q-143, d. 1/13/1776
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: A-42, d. 9/12/1722
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: H-114, d. 5/7/1741
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: H-52, d. 6/22/1741
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: R-9, d. 5/25/1770
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: C-89, d. 6/18/1775
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: A-140, d. 2/17/1779
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: R-41, d. 10/5/1805
Clap, Elizabeth, Lot: A-43
Clap, Eunice, Lot: Q-104, d. 6/4/1770
Clap, Eunice, Lot: L-176, d. 11/26/1849
Clap, Hannah, Lot: B-134, d. 10/8/1708
Clap, Hannah, Lot: E-123, d. 9/21/1740
Clap, Hannah, Lot: H-54, d. 8/9/1747
Clap, Hannah, Lot: H-46, d. 2/14/1750
Clap, Hannah, Lot: H-48, d. 11/24/1757
Clap, Hannah, Lot: Q-94, d. 2/1/1784
Clap, Hannah, Lot: Q-128, d. 3/27/1790
Clap, Harris, Lot: Q-129, d. 7/11/1795
Clap, Hopestill, Lot: B-135, d. 9/2/1719
Clap, Hopestill, Lot: B-138, d. 12/26/1759
Clap, Isaac, Lot: H-121, d. 1/29/1750
Clap, J, Lot: V-6
Clap, Jarah, Lot: H-116, d. 11/2/1796
Clap, Jean, Lot: A-36, d. 6/18/1749
Clap, Jean, Lot: A36, d. 7/18/1749
Clap, John, Lot: H-55, d. 6/19/1735
Clap, John, Lot: H-113, d. 2/19/1738
Clap, John, Lot: N-13
Clap, Jonas, Lot: A-62, d. 4/6/1794
Clap, Jonas, Lot: A-63, d. 4/6/1794
Clap, Jonas, Lot: L-176, d. 12/10/1857
Clap, Jonathan, Lot: A-60, d. 2/14/1786
Clap, Jonathan, Lot: A-61, d. 2/14/1786
Clap, Joseph, Lot: Q-130, d. 2/14/1789
Clap, Lucy, Lot: R-10, d. 5/22/1780
Clap, Mary, Lot: Q-115, d. 8/15/1759
Clap, Mary, Lot: R-7, d. 4/20/1790
Clap, Mary, Lot: R-4, d. 9/1/1808
Clap, Mary, Lot: A-137, d. 9/1/1817
Clap, Mindwell, Lot: C-2, d. 6/1/1770
Clap, Moses, Lot: Q-40, d. 9/28/1791
Clap, Nannah, Lot: L-232, d. 11/24/1793
Clap, Nathaniel, Lot: A-38, d. 5/16/1707
Clap, Nathaniel, Lot: A-39, d. 5/16/1707
Clap, Nathaniel, Lot: H-119, d. 3/18/1750
Clap, Noah, Lot: L-231, d. 4/10/1799
Clap, Polly, Lot: P-56, d. 9/22/1802
Clap, Pricilla, Lot: N-8, d. 1/24/1822
Clap, R, Lot: H-70, d. 2/24/1749
Clap, Ruth, Lot: P-115, d. 4/13/1773
Clap, Sally, Lot: Q-95, d. 4/10/1785
Clap, Samuel, Lot: B-132, d. 10/16/1708
Clap, Samuel, Lot: B-131, d. 1/30/1723
Clap, Samuel, Lot: B-129, d. 1/2/1752
Clap, Samuel, Lot: Q-116, d. 10/4/1767
Clap, Samuel, Lot: B-133, d. 1708
Clap, Sarah, Lot: A-37, d. 9/8/1747
Clap, Sarah, Lot: P-119, d. 12/19/1826
Clap, Stephen, Lot: Q-142, d. 8/25/1775
Clap, Stillborn, Lot: H-45
Clap, Submit, Lot: H-120, d. 1/11/1749
Clap, Susanna, Lot: H-44, d. 12/10/1761
Clap, Susanna, Lot: A-59, d. 9/1/1778
Clap, Susanna, Lot: B-136, d. 3/2/1779
Clap, Susannah, Lot: N-145, d. 10/21/1803
Clap, T, Lot: S-8
Clap, Thomas, Lot: A-65, d. 8/31/1786
Clap, Thomas, Lot: R-6, d. 8/11/1798
Clap, Thomas, Lot: R-5, d. 9/7/1807
Clap, William, Lot: C-90, d. 10/2/1743
Clap, William, Lot: Q-96, d. 1/1/1786
Clapp, Lot: R-39
Clapp, Abigail, Lot: P-116, d. 8/9/1814
Clapp, Alfred, Lot: T-71, d. 4/29/1896
Clapp, Alfred, Lot: T-71A, d. 1896
Clapp, Ann Eliza, Lot: T-69, d. 7/17/1912
Clapp, Anna, Lot: L-193, d. 4/13/1853
Clapp, Azubah, Lot: P-121, d. 8/10/1835
Clapp, Benjamin, Lot: T-48, d. 11/9/1861
Clapp, Benjamin, Lot: T-17, d. 12/2/1917
Clapp, Charles, Lot: R-36, d. 2/7/1861
Clapp, Charlotte E, Lot: T-9, d. 2/9/1924
Clapp, Corneila, Lot: T-58, d. 8/28/1845
Clapp, Crane, Lot: V-14
Clapp, David, Lot: V-16, d. 5/15/1846
Clapp, David, Lot: V-17, d. 1918
Clapp, Ebenezer, Lot: A-138, d. 1/29/1802
Clapp, Ebenezer, Lot: A138, d. 1/29/1802
Clapp, Ebenezer, Lot: T-69, d. 6/12/1881
Clapp, Edward, Lot: N-12, d. 7/28/1826
Clapp, Elizabeth, Lot: P-118, d. 1/23/1819
Clapp, Elizabeth, Lot: R-13, d. 2/19/1881
Clapp, Ella Frances, Lot: R-17, d. 11/1/1888
Clapp, Elonora, Lot: E-5
Clapp, Fannie L, Lot: T-64, d. 6/18/1890
Clapp, George, Lot: N-27, d. 7/26/1831
Clapp, George William, Lot: T-69, d. 5/7/1814
Clapp, Hagelia, Lot: E-2
Clapp, Hannah, Lot: N-458, d. 2/25/1829
Clapp, Hannah, Lot: N-19, d. 4/7/1831
Clapp, Hannah, Lot: P-113, d. 4/21/1831
Clapp, Henry, Lot: P-132, d. 2/19/1904
Clapp, Horatio, Lot: N-27, d. 9/26/1831
Clapp, Jean Eyre Baden, Lot: R-46, d. 1858
Clapp, John, Lot: N-12, d. 7/28/1826
Clapp, John, Lot: N-10, d. 9/23/1840
Clapp, John, Lot: N-11, d. 1840
Clapp, John Gilbert, Lot: V-19, d. 5/21/1913
Clapp, Jonathan, Lot: R-40, d. 5/30/1761
Clapp, Jonathan, Lot: R-46, d. 1849
Clapp, Juanna, Lot: N-150, d. 9/9/1832
Clapp, Lewis, Lot: T-58, d. 1/28/1854
Clapp, Louisa, Lot: P-131, d. 8/17/1905
Clapp, Lucy, Lot: W-32, d. 12/16/1872
Clapp, Martha Ann, Lot: R-17, d. 12/14/1884
Clapp, Mary, Lot: N-27, d. 9/26/1831
Clapp, Mary, Lot: P-131, d. 4/8/1897
Clapp, Mary P, Lot: R-36, d. 10/25/1884
Clapp, Nathaniel, Lot: N-146, d. 3/27/1826
Clapp, Peggy H, Lot: T-57, d. 2/1/1886
Clapp, Priscilla, Lot: N-9, d. 1822
Clapp, R Dexter, Lot: T-73, d. 8/23/1923
Clapp, Ruth, Lot: P-117, d. 4/13/1815
Clapp, S, Lot: S-9
Clapp, Samuel, Lot: L-194, d. 7/17/1830
Clapp, Samuel, Lot: L-195, d. 10/28/1831
Clapp, Samuel, Lot: R-17, d. 6/30/1918
Clapp, Sarah, Lot: P-112, d. 9/13/1839
Clapp, Sarah, Lot: T-69, d. 1/31/1901
Clapp, Seth, Lot: P-120, d. 3/8/1836
Clapp, William, Lot: X-3, d. 1848
Clark, Anna, Lot: N-79, d. 1836
Clark, Clara, Lot: E-61, d. 11/23/1933
Clark, Francis, Lot: N-79
Clark, George, Lot: G-14, d. 2/15/1863
Clark, Nancy, Lot: N-79, d. 1870
Cock, John, Lot: A-113, d. 11/23/1742
Colburn, Marcus, Lot: N-136, d. 1/6/1810
Colcan, Edwin, Lot: B-43, d. 9/21/1853
Cole, Polly, Lot: H-287, d. 8/4/1842
Collyer, Elizabeth, Lot: R-27, d. 5/10/1812
Collyer, Elizabeth, Lot: R-28, d. 1812
Collyer, Jonathan, Lot: A-114, d. 1863
Collyer, Lemuel, Lot: R-24, d. 4/5/1813
Collyer, Lemuel, Lot: R-23, d. 11/18/1823
Collyer, Lemuel, Lot: R-25, d. 1813
Collyer, Lydia, Lot: R-22
Collyer, Lydia E, Lot: R-22, d. 10/10/1837
Collyer, Mary, Lot: A-114
Collyer, Rachel, Lot: A-114
Collyer, Rebecca, Lot: A-114
Conant, Charles H, Lot: T-75
Conant, Charles N, Lot: T-77, d. 1/11/1891
Conant, Harriet E, Lot: T-76, d. 4/12/1892
Conant, Mary E, Lot: T-74, d. 9/15/1933
Connery, Elizabeth, Lot: P-44, d. 9/22/1822
Connor, Catherine, Lot: B-1, d. 1858
Connor, Mary, Lot: B-1, d. 1853
Constantine, Nancy, Lot: N-36, d. 7/10/1879
Cook, James, Lot: K-16, d. 1/12/1837
Coolidge, Sarah, Lot: E-117
Corbe, Elizabeth, Lot: C-109, d. 12/21/1718
Cormack, Norman P, Lot: W-35, d. 7/21/1941
Cornel, John, Lot: E66, d. 7/3/1675
Cornelios, John, Lot: P-130, d. 6/1/1950
Cotton, John, Lot: T-13, d. 5/8/1884
Cox, Elizabeth, Lot: O-50, d. 5/20/1838
Cox, Iames, Lot: C-40, d. 1/24/1778
Cox, James, Lot: C-41, d. 1717
Cox, Sally, Lot: Q-11, d. 6/8/1867
Crane, Horatio Nelson, Lot: V-15, d. 2/20/1894
Crane, S, Lot: S-20
Cross, Rebecca, Lot: F-3, d. 4/18/1849
Crouch, Mary, Lot: G-20, d. 9/23/1747
Croves, John, Lot: W-27, d. 1/21/1883
Cushing, Lucy, Lot: Z-13, d. 8/7/1852
D, J, Lot: B-109, d. 1821
Daggett, Ebenezer, Lot: N-81, d. 9/11/1812
Dalrymple, Catharine, Lot: Q-110, d. 5/6/1859
Dalrymple, James Tileston, Lot: Q-111, d. 7/3/1879
Damon, Sarah, Lot: H-223, d. 1/24/1809
Danforth, John, Lot: A-78, d. 3/2/1728
Danforth, Mehetabel, Lot: A-79, d. 5/1/1727
Darling, Caroline, Lot: H-145, d. 1894
Darling, Charles, Lot: H-145, d. 1854
Darling, Mina, Lot: H-145, d. 1894
Dauenport, Charles, Lot: B-87, d. 2/1/1719
Daven, Sarah, Lot: H-105, d. 1/16/1881
Davenpor, Esther, Lot: B-97, d. 5/18/1834
Davenport, Lot: P-136
Davenport, Abby, Lot: N-170, d. 3/7/1838
Davenport, Ambrose, Lot: P-135, d. 5/28/1882
Davenport, Asa, Lot: B-50, d. 1864
Davenport, Daniel, Lot: N-35, d. 12/24/1860
Davenport, Dorcas, Lot: B-100, d. 11/24/1723
Davenport, Dorcas, Lot: B100, d. 11/24/1723
Davenport, E, Lot: S-3
Davenport, Ebenezer, Lot: B-99, d. 7/19/1738
Davenport, Ebenezer, Lot: B-101, d. 3/17/1785
Davenport, Ebenezer, Lot: L-175, d. 8/21/1801
Davenport, Ebenezer, Lot: B-111, d. 4/7/1844
Davenport, Elijah, Lot: H-105, d. 1/16/1881
Davenport, Elishia, Lot: L-168, d. 2/8/1761
Davenport, Elishia, Lot: L-169
Davenport, Elizabeth, Lot: N-156, d. 1/28/1844
Davenport, Ephraim, Lot: N-164, d. 7/19/1842
Davenport, Esther, Lot: L-172, d. 7/1/1750
Davenport, Esther, Lot: B-98, d. 1834
Davenport, Harriot, Lot: N-161, d. 7/8/1803
Davenport, Henry, Lot: B-51, d. 1856
Davenport, Isaac, Lot: B-104, d. 3/29/1799
Davenport, Isaac, Lot: B-105, d. 3/29/1799
Davenport, Israel, Lot: C-49, d. 8/30/1746
Davenport, James, Lot: B-95, d. 7/15/1824
Davenport, James, Lot: B-96, d. 1824
Davenport, Jesse, Lot: N-162, d. 12/20/1812
Davenport, Joah, Lot: B-108, d. 3/28/1821
Davenport, John, Lot: B-110, d. 4/10/1795
Davenport, John, Lot: N-168, d. 11/18/1813
Davenport, Josiah, Lot: B109, d. 3/28/1821
Davenport, Julia, Lot: P-134, d. 6/27/1858
Davenport, Martha, Lot: H-105, d. 9/9/1987
Davenport, Mary, Lot: B-102, d. 4/17/1745
Davenport, Mary, Lot: B-106, d. 12/27/1792
Davenport, Mary, Lot: B-107, d. 12/27/1792
Davenport, Mary Ann and William, Lot: B91, d. 5/4/1802
Davenport, Maryann, Lot: B-91, d. 4/27/1802
Davenport, Nancy, Lot: N-167, d. 8/25/1810
Davenport, Olive, Lot: P-135, d. 4/3/1901
Davenport, Oliver, Lot: O-47, d. 10/7/1881
Davenport, Rachel, Lot: L-171, d. 5/27/1782
Davenport, Rachel, Lot: L-173, d. 3/6/1798
Davenport, Sally, Lot: B-50, d. 1874
Davenport, Samuel, Lot: N-153, d. 8/31/1802
Davenport, Samuel, Lot: O-74, d. 1904
Davenport, Sarah, Lot: B93, d. 12/3/1786
Davenport, Sarah, Lot: L-86, d. 8/24/1855
Davenport, Submit, Lot: B-103, d. 1/17/1787
Davenport, Susanna, Lot: D-89, d. 10/29/1728
Davenport, Waitstill, Lot: B-86, d. 8/9/1747
Davenport, Waitstill, Lot: B86, d. 8/9/1747
Davenport, William, Lot: B-92, d. 4/1/1795
Davenport, William, Lot: B-91, d. 5/4/1802
Davenport, William, Lot: P-124, d. 1/30/1866
Davenport, Zeruiah, Lot: N-163, d. 9/14/1815
Davenport, Zeruiah, Lot: N-166, d. 9/9/1924
Daves, Joanna, Lot: L-50, d. 8/22/1803
David, Elijah, Lot: H-254, d. 4/19/1762
David, Jonathan, Lot: H-255, d. 3/21/1762
Davis, Edward E, Lot: W-29, d. 1876
Davis, Elijah, Lot: H254, d. 4/19/1762
Davis, Elijah, Lot: M-1, d. 10/16/1778
Davis, Hannah, Lot: L-56, d. 9/26/1800
Davis, Isaac, Lot: A-119, d. 12/20/1861
Davis, Isabella, Lot: A-120, d. 1/13/1894
Davis, Jane, Lot: L-30, d. 11/20/1757
Davis, Jane, Lot: L-26, d. 9/10/1760
Davis, Joanna, Lot: L-51, d. 8/22/1803
Davis, Jonathan, Lot: H-256, d. 1762
Davis, Lydia, Lot: L-27, d. 2/21/1742
Davis, Lydia, Lot: L-27A
Davis, Moses, Lot: L-52, d. 1/26/1771
Davis, Moses, Lot: L-59, d. 4/21/1775
Davis, Rebecca, Lot: L-53, d. 12/10/1769
Davis, Rebecca, Lot: L-54, d. 12/10/1769
Davis, Rebeccah, Lot: L-58, d. 10/30/1758
Davis, Rebekah, Lot: L-57, d. 2/12/1765
Davis, Sarah, Lot: H-257, d. 4/11/1790
Day, Sarah, Lot: H-247, d. 2/26/1761
Dennison, Charlotte T, Lot: T-15, d. 1972
Devenport, Rebecca, Lot: N-152, d. 6/25/1809
Devenport, Sarah, Lot: B-93, d. 12/3/1786
Devenport, Sarah, Lot: B-94, d. 12/3/1786
Dickerman, Benjmin, Lot: P-85, d. 3/7/1786
Dixon, Mary, Lot: P-18, d. 2/5/1805
Dixon, Mary, Lot: P-19, d. 1805
Dodge, Addie Caroline, Lot: T-5, d. 2/20/1847
Dodge, Mary Lizzie, Lot: T-4, d. 2/20/1869
Dodge, Spencer, Lot: A-58, d. 6/10/1901
Douglas, Barbara Mckenzie, Lot: W-2, d. 1918
Douglas, Hugh, Lot: W-2, d. 1875
Douglas, Marion, Lot: W-2, d. 1869
Dowse, Susannah, Lot: L-254, d. 12/6/1839
Draper, Moses, Lot: N-73, d. 11/5/1870
Draper, Sabrina, Lot: N-72, d. 2/22/1848
Drew, Nathaniel, Lot: K-19, d. 9/15/1832
Duncan, Lot: W-4
Dutton, W P, Lot: W-26
Dyer, Patience, Lot: P-137, d. 5/25/1765
Dyer, Patience, Lot: P-138, d. 1765
E, Lot: D-14
E, W, Lot: P-27, d. 1821
Eallen, Lot: N-76
Eaton, Lot: L-103
Eaton, Anna, Lot: O-4, d. 8/10/1829
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 8/11/1845
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 8/11/1845
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 10/11/1867
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 10/11/1867
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 8/26/1874
Eaton, Ebenezer, Lot: O-4, d. 8/26/1874
Eaton, John, Lot: O-4, d. 6/16/1818
Eaton, John, Lot: O-4, d. 6/16/1818
Ebenezer, Lot: H-212
Eddy, Lot: E-100A
Edes, Eliza Beth, Lot: T-26, d. 1904
Edmands, Lucy, Lot: B-9
Edmands, Ward, Lot: B-9, d. 1890
Edwards, Frances, Lot: P-17, d. 5/17/1772
Edwards, Susanna, Lot: A-87, d. 8/21/1813
Edwin, Lot: O-23, d. 7/23/1821
Edwin, William, Lot: N-14, d. 1/1/1832
Elizabeth, Mary, Lot: O-69, d. 5/12/1838
Elli, Alma, Lot: H-279, d. 12/9/1950
Ellis, Alber, Lot: H-279, d. 4/12/1944
Ellis, Charles, Lot: H-280, d. 1/17/1875
Ellis, Harriet, Lot: H-280, d. 7/22/1936
Ellis, Samuel, Lot: H-280, d. 9/18/1873
Ellis, Sarah, Lot: H-280, d. 9/1/1893
Ellis, William, Lot: H-280, d. 1/1/1875
Emily, Ann, Lot: C-175
Emmons, Mary, Lot: E-126, d. 11/19/1736
Eroded, Lot: L-36
Eroded Fallen, Lot: R-19
Ested, Levi, Lot: O-84
Euens, Silence, Lot: E-174, d. 10/3/1729
Evans, Elizabeth, Lot: E-182, d. 12/16/1814
Evans, Hannah, Lot: E-181, d. 3/26/1796
Evans, John, Lot: Q-81, d. 11/19/1752
Evans, John Lieut, Lot: Q-82, d. 10/13/1761
Evans, Matthias, Lot: E-177, d. 11/1/1751
Evans, Sarah, Lot: H-95, d. 1/23/1753
Evans, Sarah, Lot: H-96, d. 1/23/1753
Evans, Silence, Lot: E174, d. 8/3/1729
Evans, Silence, Lot: E-176, d. 3/14/1754
Evans, Silence, Lot: E173, d. 4/14/1754
Evans, Thankfull, Lot: H-218, d. 5/14/1741
Evens, Abigail, Lot: E-178, d. 1/16/1739
Evens, Jane, Lot: H-158, d. 5/26/1736
Evens, Sarah, Lot: E-170, d. 2/13/1732
Evens, Thomas, Lot: H-216, d. 3/16/1749
Everett, Caroline, Lot: N-172, d. 8/9/1805
Everett, Lydia, Lot: N-171, d. 11/6/1804
Everett, Samuel, Lot: N-173, d. 6/8/1826
Fairbanks, Arron, Lot: L-235, d. 1841
Fairn, Daniel, Lot: Q-20, d. 3/14/1795
Fairn, Doroas, Lot: Q-21, d. 9/22/1780
Fairn, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-19, d. 1/8/1817
Fairn, Mindwell, Lot: Q-22, d. 3/17/1767
Fallen, Lot: R-11
Fallen, Lot: R-20
Fallen, Lot: T-10
Fallen, Lot: U-1
Fallen Pair, Lot: T-1-2
Farr, Eva, Lot: D-10, d. 1876
Father, Lot: Q-184
Fenno, Isaac, Lot: B-64, d. 4/24/1796
Fenno, Isaac, Lot: B-65, d. 1796
Fenno, Lucy, Lot: B-74, d. 10/14/1795
Ferguson, Adeline Cogswell, Lot: T-23, d. 4/21/1931
Ferguson, Anna B, Lot: W-14, d. 6/12/1935
Ferguson, Charles Henry, Lot: T-23, d. 6/4/1902
Ferguson, Donald, Lot: F-21, d. 11/17/1871
Ferguson, Marcus Henry, Lot: T-23, d. 1/23/1877
Field, Alice, Lot: T-40, d. 1/10/1938
Field, Edwin, Lot: T-40, d. 1/30/1944
Field, Edwine, Lot: J-4, d. 3/30/1992
Field, Ef, Lot: J-3
Field, Elizabeth, Lot: T-40, d. 8/11/1903
Field, Emeline, Lot: J-7, d. 1/12/1878
Field, Enos, Lot: O-58, d. 8/23/1826
Field, Enos, Lot: O-57, d. 11/13/1873
Field, Francis, Lot: T-40, d. 2/17/1903
Field, Frederick, Lot: T-40, d. 4/15/1891
Field, Henry, Lot: O-57, d. 2/10/1889
Field, Isaac, Lot: O-53, d. 1/17/1838
Field, Isaac, Lot: J-7, d. 10/12/1850
Field, Joanna, Lot: O-52, d. 3/13/1839
Field, Samuel, Lot: T-40, d. 2/28/1864
Field, Samuel, Lot: T-40, d. 9/10/1927
Field, Sarah, Lot: J-8, d. 4/11/1886
Field, Thomas, Lot: O-54, d. 12/31/1829
Fisk, Horatio, Lot: E-55
Flinn, Tacob, Lot: X-2, d. 1848
Flint, Henerry, Lot: E-81, d. 2/20/1674
Flint, Mary, Lot: E-86, d. 8/11/1673
Footstone, Sarah, Lot: M-11
Forbes, Cyrus, Lot: K-31, d. 1/21/1833
Forbes, Hester, Lot: K-32, d. 11/4/1886
Ford, Ann, Lot: G-43, d. 8/12/1820
Ford, Ann, Lot: G-44, d. 8/12/1829
Ford, Elizabeth, Lot: E-185, d. 6/16/1852
Ford, Lucy, Lot: G-45
Ford, Mary, Lot: G-47, d. 7/16/1828
Ford, Nichols, Lot: E-184, d. 4/21/1986
Ford, Sarah, Lot: G-45
Forrest, John F, Lot: W-46, d. 4/25/1879
Foster, A, Lot: C-10, d. 9/17/1707
Foster, Abigail, Lot: C-9, d. 6/22/1713
Foster, Alice, Lot: A-83, d. 9/28/1755
Foster, Andrew, Lot: N-157, d. 3/4/1824
Foster, Ann, Lot: H-124
Foster, Anna, Lot: H-124, d. 9/29/1732
Foster, Anna, Lot: H-124
Foster, Bathsheba, Lot: H-21, d. 7/4/1738
Foster, Beulah, Lot: H-127, d. 8/18/1741
Foster, Beulah, Lot: L-178, d. 5/22/1782
Foster, Beulah, Lot: L-179
Foster, Comfort, Lot: G-7, d. 1/30/1736
Foster, Edward, Lot: A-82, d. 1/20/1761
Foster, Edward, Lot: A82, d. 1/20/1761
Foster, Edward, Lot: A82a
Foster, Eleanor, Lot: C-6, d. 10/23/1724
Foster, Elisha, Lot: C-14, d. 10/16/1682
Foster, Elisha, Lot: C-14A
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: H-129, d. 3/25/1771
Foster, Elizabeth, Lot: L-126, d. 7/28/1775
Foster, Hannah, Lot: G-46, d. 3/3/1787
Foster, Hannah, Lot: T-62, d. 1856
Foster, Hannah Pierce, Lot: X-10
Foster, Havel, Lot: Q-41, d. 11/7/1798
Foster, Hopestill, Lot: C-16, d. 10/14/1676
Foster, Ira, Lot: X-12, d. 11/1/1873
Foster, J, Lot: X-11
Foster, Jacob, Lot: X-10, d. 1856
Foster, Jame, Lot: Q-30, d. 6/4/1771
Foster, James, Lot: H-124, d. 10/4/1732
Foster, James, Lot: H-128, d. 1/8/1763
Foster, James, Lot: L-229, d. 4/17/1771
Foster, James, Lot: M-38, d. 10/4/1885
Foster, James, Lot: H-125
Foster, Jemima, Lot: L-134, d. 5/26/1770
Foster, John, Lot: C-15, d. 9/9/1681
Foster, John, Lot: L-228, d. 9/11/1765
Foster, John, Lot: G-1, d. 11/7/1784
Foster, John, Lot: G-49, d. 10/26/1786
Foster, John, Lot: X-10
Foster, Josiah, Lot: T-62, d. 1839
Foster, Josiah, Lot: T-62, d. 1866
Foster, Louisa, Lot: N-157, d. 7/19/1823
Foster, Lucinda, Lot: X-10
Foster, Mary, Lot: C-15A, d. 1/4/1702
Foster, Mary, Lot: L-136, d. 5/28/1778
Foster, Mary, Lot: Q-29, d. 2/26/1812
Foster, Priscilla, Lot: H-126, d. 3/6/1739
Foster, Ruth, Lot: L-180, d. 8/7/1783
Foster, Ruth, Lot: L-181
Foster, Sarah, Lot: O-75, d. 4/9/1832
Foster, Sarah, Lot: M-37, d. 10/12/1891
Foster, Sarah, Lot: B-75
Foster, Sarah, Lot: B-76
Foster, Standfast, Lot: B-75, d. 8/1/1727
Foster, Standfast, Lot: B-76
Foster, Thankfull, Lot: C-13, d. 3/1/1700
Foster, Thomas, Lot: E-122, d. 4/14/1789
Foster, Timothy, Lot: E-54, d. 12/16/1688
Foster, Timothy, Lot: L-135, d. 5/24/1761
Foster, Timothy, Lot: L-132, d. 8/28/1775
Foster, Timothy, Lot: L-133, d. 8/28/1775
Foster, William, Lot: F-11, d. 1/23/1784
Fowler, Lot: C-30, d. 2/8/1895
Fowler, Adeline A, Lot: R-12
Fowler, Elizabeth, Lot: C-95, d. 8/7/1775
Fowler, Mary, Lot: C-87, d. 4/11/1812
Fowler, Slmuel, Lot: C-103, d. 10/10/1806
Fowler, Stephen, Lot: C-106, d. 11/30/1786
Fowler, Stephen, Lot: C-104, d. 2/2/1791
Fowler, Stephen, Lot: C-105, d. 1790
Fragment, Lot: E-172
Fragments, Lot: H-49, d. 4/9/1747
Fragnented, L, Lot: N-1
Francis, Abby, Lot: G-52, d. 12/17/1832
Francis, Mary, Lot: P-129, d. 8/6/1845
Franklin, Elizabeth, Lot: P-50, d. 1/12/1766
Frasier, Harriet, Lot: G-11, d. 7/26/1862
French, Stone, Lot: C-77, d. 7/2/1793
Fritts, Joseph, Lot: G-56, d. 7/11/1811
Frye, Francis, Lot: L-13, d. 9/24/1846
Frye, Mary, Lot: L-13, d. 6/24/1848
Frye, Nathan, Lot: L-13, d. 2/13/1873
Fuller, Cora, Lot: H-148, d. 1/5/1880
Fuller, Emma, Lot: H-149, d. 4/1/1873
Fuller, Frederic, Lot: H-148, d. 10/1/1880
Fuller, Rodney, Lot: H-146, d. 3/8/1883
Fuller, Sarah, Lot: H-147, d. 9/21/1893
G, E, Lot: L-248A
Gallop, Lot: E-186, d. 1860
Gallup, Joseph, Lot: E-186, d. 1860
Gammows, Sally, Lot: P-122, d. 7/28/1853
Gardner, Emma, Lot: P-129, d. 10/27/1837
Garland, William, Lot: H-130, d. 1890
Garrick, Lot: A-32, d. 2/18/1896
Garrick, John S, Lot: A-31, d. 1911
Gilbert, Joseph, Lot: E-186, d. 1871
Gilbert, Joseph, Lot: O-44, d. 1891
Gilmore, Nichols, Lot: K-37, d. 8/16/1835
Gleason, James, Lot: E-69, d. 8/11/1805
Glover, Lot: S-24
Glover, Alexander, Lot: Q-51, d. 3/5/1770
Glover, Alexander, Lot: K-40, d. 8/4/1821
Glover, Alexander, Lot: K-41, d. 8/4/1821
Glover, Alexander, Lot: M-72, d. 1897
Glover, Alexander, Lot: M-72, d. 1909
Glover, Ann, Lot: E-96, d. 3/4/1729
Glover, Ann, Lot: K-39, d. 7/27/1803
Glover, Charlott, Lot: Q-138, d. 8/10/1799
Glover, Claire, Lot: T-36, d. 5/16/1865
Glover, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-137, d. 6/28/1818
Glover, Ebenezer, Lot: O-108, d. 6/22/1834
Glover, Edward, Lot: Q-48, d. 11/16/1766
Glover, Elizabeth, Lot: K-45, d. 8/20/1863
Glover, Elizabeth B, Lot: T-37, d. 10/2/1873
Glover, Emeline F, Lot: T-38, d. 1890
Glover, Freeman, Lot: L-143, d. 6/10/1817
Glover, Hannah, Lot: E-98, d. 8/20/1730
Glover, Hannah, Lot: E-99, d. 8/20/1730
Glover, Hannah, Lot: H-73, d. 1/9/1759
Glover, Harriet, Lot: M-72, d. 1874
Glover, Harrison, Lot: T-35, d. 8/3/1881
Glover, Jain, Lot: K-38, d. 3/23/1804
Glover, James, Lot: K-37, d. 3/16/1835
Glover, John, Lot: C-156, d. 8/25/1690
Glover, John, Lot: E-97, d. 9/2/1744
Glover, John, Lot: C-157
Glover, Lois, Lot: N-4, d. 4/30/1867
Glover, Mary, Lot: Q-136, d. 2/18/1826
Glover, Nancy, Lot: K-42, d. 9/21/1848
Glover, Nancy, Lot: K-43, d. 9/21/1848
Glover, Nathaniel, Lot: C-155, d. 4/16/1723
Glover, Nathaniel, Lot: Q-45, d. 3/7/1770
Glover, Pelatiah, Lot: Q-47, d. 4/3/1770
Glover, Rachel, Lot: Q-52, d. 4/10/1750
Glover, Rebacker, Lot: Q-49, d. 2/22/1776
Glover, Thomas, Lot: T-37, d. 1/10/1885
Goff, Abigail, Lot: L-148, d. 10/27/1761
Goff, Abigail, Lot: L-149
Gooding, Betsey, Lot: G-53, d. 5/19/1809
Gordon, Henry, Lot: H-106, d. 2/14/1875
Gordon, Henry, Lot: H-106, d. 2/14/1875
Gorman, Daniel, Lot: C-67, d. 4/9/1852
Gornel, Jeane, Lot: E-65, d. 4/4/1678
Gornel, John, Lot: E-66, d. 7/31/1675
Goss, Josiah, Lot: O-107, d. 10/11/1847
Gowan, Davis, Lot: N-114, d. 1889
Gowan, Thomas, Lot: N-114, d. 1858
Gowen, Charles, Lot: N-113
Gowen, Thomas, Lot: N-113
Grace, Lot: M-68
Graham, John S, Lot: Q-181, d. 1874
Greeley, Mary, Lot: N-92, d. 12/27/1846
Green, Sary, Lot: P-48, d. 9/21/1774
Greenwood, Mancy, Lot: D-3, d. 8/24/1863
Gunnison, Edwin, Lot: P-143, d. 3/5/1846
Gurney, John I, Lot: Q-26, d. 4/15/1918
H, D, Lot: C-39
H, H, Lot: G-32
H, J, Lot: N-104
H, J, Lot: N-104
H, L, Lot: N-85
H, M, Lot: N-85
H, Ma, Lot: L-257
Haines, Addie F, Lot: W-41, d. 2/24/1879
Hall, Lot: E-166, d. 9/9/1808
Hall, Lot: T-34
Hall, Annah, Lot: H-209, d. 2/25/1739
Hall, Deborah, Lot: E-193, d. 3/15/1834
Hall, Ebenezer, Lot: X-207, d. 4/1/1764
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: H-210, d. 3/11/1735
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: C-53, d. 10/5/1752
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: C-54, d. 10/5/1752
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: N-130, d. 5/28/1876
Hall, H, Lot: E-198, d. 9/24/1740
Hall, Hannah, Lot: E-171, d. 11/17/1744
Hall, Hannah, Lot: L-17, d. 9/11/1745
Hall, Hannah, Lot: E-192, d. 10/9/1784
Hall, Hopestill, Lot: C-134, d. 11/13/1718
Hall, Hopestill, Lot: E-164, d. 9/25/1803
Hall, Hopestill, Lot: E-165, d. 9/25/1803
Hall, James, Lot: L-21, d. 5/28/1764
Hall, James, Lot: L-22, d. 1767
Hall, John, Lot: E-195, d. 10/30/1837
Hall, Jonathan, Lot: C-52, d. 12/29/1718
Hall, Jonathan, Lot: E-169, d. 10/13/1722
Hall, Jonathan, Lot: E-168, d. 3/13/1733
Hall, Jonathan, Lot: E-167, d. 1/26/1734
Hall, Joseph, Lot: L-16, d. 6/18/1745
Hall, Joseph, Lot: L-72, d. 12/25/1769
Hall, Lydia, Lot: G-48, d. 3/5/1837
Hall, Lydia, Lot: E-196, d. 1/26/1848
Hall, Lydia, Lot: E-197, d. 1986
Hall, Martha, Lot: L-23, d. 4/16/1776
Hall, Mary, Lot: E-150, d. 11/18/1761
Hall, Mary, Lot: E-162, d. 12/6/1776
Hall, Mary, Lot: L-71, d. 1/28/1791
Hall, Mary, Lot: G-57, d. 9/12/1816
Hall, Mary, Lot: N-131, d. 2/27/1850
Hall, Mary, Lot: G-58, d. 1816
Hall, Meribah E, Lot: T-12
Hall, Nabby, Lot: L-19A, d. 4/3/2016
Hall, Oliver, Lot: X-14
Hall, Prudence, Lot: C-132, d. 7/13/1714
Hall, Rachel, Lot: N-128, d. 1/8/1852
Hall, Richard, Lot: E-163, d. 3/12/1776
Hall, Richard, Lot: E-163A, d. 3/12/1776
Hall, Richard, Lot: E-190, d. 3/11/1805
Hall, Richard, Lot: E-191, d. 1805
Hall, Ruth, Lot: C-51, d. 12/13/1718
Hall, Ruth, Lot: C-55, d. 7/7/1769
Hall, Ruth, Lot: C-56
Hall, S, Lot: S-7
Hall, Sarah, Lot: L-73, d. 12/15/1769
Hall, Sarah, Lot: L-74, d. 12/6/1794
Hall, Sarah, Lot: E-189, d. 1/1/1809
Hall, Sarah, Lot: H-213, d. 1760
Hall, Sarah, Lot: C-133
Hall, Sarah, Lot: C133
Hall, Silence, Lot: L-18, d. 3/12/1759
Hall, Solomon, Lot: N-127, d. 8/3/1806
Hall, Solomon, Lot: N-132, d. 12/2/2016
Hall, Stephen, Lot: L-75, d. 10/26/1796
Hall, Stephen, Lot: N-132, d. 7/16/1829
Hall, Stephen, Lot: N-129, d. 9/4/1846
Hall, Susanna, Lot: O-104, d. 12/15/1862
Hall, William, Lot: E-187, d. 3/16/1813
Hall, William, Lot: E-188, d. 3/16/1813
Hall, William, Lot: N-132, d. 10/7/1825
Haman, Humphrey, Lot: A-128, d. 2/1/1742
Haman, Humphrey, Lot: A-129, d. 2/1/1742
Hamen, Mary, Lot: L-48, d. 3/2/1883
Hamilton, Matilda, Lot: E-186, d. 1917
Haraden, Temperance, Lot: M-46, d. 8/9/1861
Haraden, Thomas, Lot: M-46, d. 1/28/1839
Harding, Lot: M-69
Harding, Daniel, Lot: M-69A, d. 10/6/1816
Harding, Harriet, Lot: M-70A, d. 2/23/1846
Harding, Mary, Lot: M-70, d. 12/7/1895
Harod, Charles, Lot: H-288, d. 1852
Harod, Mary, Lot: H-288
Harris, Abigail, Lot: O-14, d. 8/1/2016
Harris, Anna, Lot: T-41, d. 1929
Harris, Catherine, Lot: L-196, d. 1897
Harris, Charley, Lot: T-52, d. 5/20/1864
Harris, Elijah, Lot: O-18, d. 7/20/1841
Harris, Francis, Lot: L-192, d. 1824
Harris, J, Lot: X-1, d. 1856
Harris, J, Lot: X-1, d. 1856
Harris, Julia, Lot: O-11, d. 8/19/1858
Harris, Mary, Lot: O-14, d. 8/2/1837
Harris, Mary, Lot: O-12, d. 8/13/1849
Harris, Mary, Lot: O-19, d. 12/5/1852
Harris, Rebekah, Lot: N-16, d. 12/6/1817
Harris, Saml C, Lot: T-41A
Harris, Sarah, Lot: N-17, d. 3/22/1833
Harris, Saras, Lot: O-13, d. 12/16/1848
Harris, Susan, Lot: T-18
Harris, Thaddeus, Lot: O-20, d. 4/3/1842
Haskins, Sophia, Lot: N-140, d. 2/28/1896
Hatch, Estes, Lot: L-105, d. 2/6/1759
Hatch, Estes, Lot: L-106, d. 2/6/1759
Hatch, Mary, Lot: L-105, d. 10/21/1763
Hatch, Sarah, Lot: L-105, d. 9/25/1779
Haven, Almira N, Lot: Z-10, d. 1919
Havenport, Susannah, Lot: L-85, d. 8/24/1855
Hawes, John, Lot: S-27
Hawes, Sarah, Lot: C-74, d. 12/8/1800
Hawes, Sarah, Lot: C-75, d. 1800
Haws, Caleb, Lot: E-219, d. 11/6/1792
Haws, Claricy, Lot: C-70, d. 9/9/1792
Haws, Elizabeth, Lot: G-3, d. 11/13/1747
Haws, Obadiah, Lot: C-135, d. 10/5/1690
Haws, Richard, Lot: G-6, d. 6/29/1737
Haws, Sarah, Lot: P-90, d. 3/27/1768
Hayman, Mary, Lot: A-127, d. 5/8/1749
Haynes, Abigail, Lot: A-74, d. 10/3/1803
Haynes, Eliza, Lot: A-75, d. 9/25/1802
Hearset, Sarah, Lot: N-97, d. 1916
Hearsey, Elizabeth, Lot: N-98, d. 7/23/1895
Hearsey, J, Lot: N-101
Hearsey, Jacob, Lot: N-103, d. 8/5/1846
Hearsey, Jacob, Lot: N-103, d. 8/5/1846
Hearsey, Jerusha, Lot: N-100, d. 2/11/1812
Hearsey, S, Lot: N-101
Hearsey, Stephen, Lot: N-100, d. 9/14/1825
Hearsey, Stephen, Lot: N-97, d. 12/11/1865
Hemenway, Elizabeth, Lot: G-8, d. 9/20/1739
Hendry, William, Lot: D-40, d. 12/9/1896
Henry, Lot: D-10, d. 1856
Henry, John, Lot: W-36, d. 3/12/1862
Henry, William, Lot: L-6, d. 9/6/2016
Hersey, William, Lot: J-13, d. 1928
Hervey, Charles, Lot: B-170, d. 11/15/1762
Hill, Deborah, Lot: E-194, d. 1834
Hill, Edward, Lot: N-175, d. 3/18/1843
Hill, Edward, Lot: N-174, d. 4/7/1848
Hill, George, Lot: N-175, d. 2/19/1837
Hill, George, Lot: L-248, d. 9/26/1843
Hill, John, Lot: G-16, d. 8/1/1863
Hill, Lucy, Lot: L-247, d. 8/7/1916
Hill, Osborne Haven, Lot: Z-9A, d. 1906
Hill, Thomas, Lot: L-248, d. 11/1/1849
Hilt, Lot: D-46
Hodgkins, H, Lot: P-129, d. 10/27/1837
Hodgkins, J, Lot: P-129, d. 1869
Hodgkins, Joseph, Lot: P-128, d. 3/28/1887
Holden, Eunice, Lot: L-91, d. 10/14/1801
Holden, Hannah, Lot: L-93, d. 1/20/1786
Holden, Hannah, Lot: L-96, d. 3/22/1829
Holden, Hannah, Lot: L-97, d. 1829
Holden, Justinian, Lot: L-32, d. 5/24/1855
Holden, Nathaniel, Lot: L-88, d. 8/5/1805
Holden, P, Lot: S-21
Holden, Samuel, Lot: L-95, d. 4/28/1808
Holden, Samuel, Lot: L-29, d. 12/14/1826
Holden, Suannah, Lot: L-12A, d. 1815
Holden, Susanna, Lot: L-90, d. 12/25/1765
Holden, Susanna, Lot: L-31, d. 4/13/1841
Holden, Susannah, Lot: L-89, d. 1/20/1810
Holden, Susannah, Lot: L-12, d. 10/25/1815
Holden, William, Lot: L-94, d. 3/30/1776
Holden, William, Lot: L-11, d. 12/14/1819
Holden, William, Lot: L-11A, d. 1819
Hollis, Caroline, Lot: B-123, d. 9/13/1815
Holmes, Almoran, Lot: G-21, d. 7/31/1877
Holmes, Clarissa, Lot: N-133, d. 1903
Holmes, Infant, Lot: N-111, d. 12/9/1817
Holmes, Mabel, Lot: B-51, d. 1922
Holmes, Maryann, Lot: L-256, d. 9/21/1846
Homans, Hannah, Lot: A-134, d. 6/15/1747
Homans, Hannah, Lot: A-133
Homans, John, Lot: A-133, d. 1747
Hood, Elizabeth, Lot: G-33, d. 7/15/1860
Hood, Henry, Lot: G-31, d. 7/20/1843
Hood, Samuel, Lot: G-33, d. 6/6/1868
Hood, Samueljr, Lot: G-34, d. 5/6/1869
Hook, Charles, Lot: E-94, d. 1/30/1865
Hook, Mab, Lot: E-93
Hook, Martha, Lot: E-95, d. 3/31/1901
Hope, Julia, Lot: L-131, d. 12/19/1906
Hope, Nancy, Lot: L-128, d. 7/18/1847
Hope, Robert, Lot: L-128, d. 11/27/1846
How, Abraham, Lot: B-70, d. 9/20/1730
How, David, Lot: C-44, d. 5/15/1729
How, Dorcas, Lot: C-38, d. 1/14/1725
How, Dorcas, Lot: C-44, d. 6/18/1729
How, Elizabeth, Lot: H-56, d. 8/6/1764
How, John, Lot: H-57, d. 9/12/1740
How, Joseph, Lot: P-23, d. 9/23/1776
How, Nancy, Lot: P-22, d. 1/20/1787
How, Rachel, Lot: P-47, d. 3/30/1773
How, Samuel, Lot: H-59, d. 10/14/1762
How, Samuel, Lot: P-139, d. 9/16/1780
How, Samuel, Lot: P-57, d. 11/20/1799
How, Samuel, Lot: P-140, d. 1780
How, Sarah, Lot: B-114, d. 9/22/1724
How, Thankfull, Lot: P-24, d. 9/4/1794
Howard, Ephraim, Lot: C-138, d. 5/12/1704
Howard, Ephraim, Lot: N-182, d. 12/4/1824
Howe, Lot: A-148, d. 1799
Howe, Lot: A-146
Howe, Lot: A-147
Howe, Lot: S-13
Howe, A, Lot: S-16
Howe, Ann, Lot: N-87, d. 10/10/1871
Howe, Betsey, Lot: K-36, d. 1/15/1867
Howe, Charles, Lot: N-158, d. 11/4/1839
Howe, Charles, Lot: H-255, d. 7/20/1878
Howe, Clark, Lot: N-79, d. 1820
Howe, Eliza, Lot: N-86
Howe, Frederic, Lot: N-79, d. 1853
Howe, Henry, Lot: A-147, d. 10/13/1891
Howe, Isaac, Lot: H-252, d. 2/18/1820
Howe, James, Lot: A-137
Howe, Joel, Lot: N-79, d. 1862
Howe, Leonard, Lot: N-87, d. 11/29/1879
Howe, Mary, Lot: K-34, d. 12/19/1838
Howe, Mary, Lot: K-35
Howe, Mehitable, Lot: P-58, d. 5/16/1858
Howe, Moses, Lot: K-33, d. 9/22/1823
Howe, Pierce, Lot: A-137
Hoyt, Caroline, Lot: A-116, d. 8/23/1867
Hoyt, Charles, Lot: A-116, d. 1/16/1848
Hoyt, John, Lot: A-115, d. 1/3/1881
Hoyt, Mary, Lot: N-124, d. 3/26/1852
Hoyt, Mary, Lot: N-124, d. 6/13/1857
Hoyt, Sabra, Lot: A-115
Hubbard, Adeline, Lot: N-137, d. 7/4/1842
Hudson, William, Lot: G-54, d. 5/5/1809
Hudson, Wm, Lot: G-55, d. 5/5/1809
Hulden, Stephen, Lot: L-87, d. 9/14/1810
Hultman, Eugene, Lot: E-64, d. 1945
Humerey, Sarah, Lot: H-93, d. 8/28/1756
Humfrey, Hannah, Lot: E-22, d. 5/16/1729
Humfrey, Isaac, Lot: E-23, d. 10/23/1730
Humfrey, Isaac, Lot: C-31, d. 1/12/1735
Humfrey, Jacob, Lot: B-62, d. 11/19/1743
Humfrey, James, Lot: C-25, d. 5/12/1686
Humfrey, Jane, Lot: B-63, d. 6/28/1728
Humfrey, Mary, Lot: B-199, d. 5/22/1724
Humfrey, Mary, Lot: P-109, d. 10/21/1760
Humfrey, Samuel, Lot: P-110, d. 6/18/1766
Humphery, Susanna, Lot: M-61, d. 1904
Humphpey, Elizabeth, Lot: H-86, d. 5/9/1789
Humphre, Susannah, Lot: M-2, d. 9/28/1809
Humphrey, Henry, Lot: H-88, d. 2/11/1793
Humphrey, John, Lot: L-38, d. 11/9/1778
Humphrey, John, Lot: L-49, d. 7/9/1793
Humphrey, John, Lot: M-4, d. 6/13/1795
Humphrey, Mary Ann, Lot: H-90, d. 1/23/1795
Humphrey, Mary Ann, Lot: H-91, d. 1/23/1795
Humphrey, Ruth, Lot: L-40, d. 2/28/1785
Humphrey, Sarah, Lot: H-84, d. 9/5/1783
Humphrey, Sarah, Lot: H-85, d. 9/5/1783
Humphrey, Susanna, Lot: H-87, d. 9/19/1730
Humphrey, Susanna, Lot: H-94, d. 7/1/1790
Humphreys, Anna, Lot: A-49, d. 8/13/1925
Humphreys, Charles, Lot: A-51, d. 11/22/1921
Humphreys, Elizabeth, Lot: D-2, d. 5/15/1824
Humphreys, James, Lot: A-50, d. 7/9/1795
Humphreys, Lois, Lot: A-50, d. 6/9/1795
Humphreys, Mary, Lot: A-49, d. 8/13/1925
Humphreys, Susannah, Lot: H-89, d. 5/14/1821
Humphreys, William, Lot: H-89, d. 10/31/1813
Humphry, Jonas, Lot: H-97, d. 11/5/1772
Humphry, Jonas, Lot: H-98, d. 11/5/1772
Humphry, Sally, Lot: M-5, d. 10/3/1781
Humphry, Samuel, Lot: H-101, d. 11/19/1772
Humprey, Ruth, Lot: L-41
Humpris, Jerusha, Lot: Q-135, d. 2/16/1764
Humtrey, Hopestill, Lot: C-1, d. 3/22/1730
Hunroe, Mary, Lot: O-5, d. 3/26/1806
Hunt, Joseph, Lot: E-121, d. 7/1/1811
Hyde, Hattie, Lot: B-7, d. 1/14/1867
Innis, Annie K, Lot: T-6, d. 7/23/1867
Innis, Eliza H, Lot: T-6, d. 6/7/1894
Innis, William H, Lot: T-6, d. 5/25/1886
Iranck, Edward, Lot: J-31
J, C, Lot: B-139
J, E, Lot: L-243, d. 1807
J, R, Lot: A-45
J, T, Lot: L-239, d. 1808
Jackson, John, Lot: W-45, d. 1/23/1877
Jacobs, B, Lot: X-13
James, Foster, Lot: L-230, d. 1771
Jane, Elizabeth, Lot: O-23, d. 8/19/1822
Jane, Theresa, Lot: B-51, d. 1972
Jenison, Peter, Lot: M-54, d. 6/10/1768
Jenkins, Benjamin, Lot: H-36, d. 8/6/1843
Jenkins, James, Lot: L-3, d. 7/3/1865
Jenkins, Martha, Lot: L-1, d. 2/18/1867
Joanes, Thomas, Lot: C-69, d. 11/13/1678
Johnson, Thomas, Lot: H-2A, d. 10/20/1810
Johnson, Thomas, Lot: H-1, d. 5/23/1813
Jones, Ann, Lot: E-147, d. 1/20/1731
Jones, Barbara, Lot: B165, d. 1/1/1700
Jones, Consider, Lot: B-120, d. 6/6/1730
Jones, Ebenezer, Lot: B-121, d. 9/21/1753
Jones, Ebenezer, Lot: L-241, d. 12/22/1776
Jones, Ebenezer, Lot: B-160
Jones, Edward, Lot: P-458, d. 1889
Jones, Elijah, Lot: B-118, d. 11/8/1732
Jones, Elijah, Lot: L-242, d. 2/18/1807
Jones, Elizabeth, Lot: L-240, d. 8/17/1770
Jones, Elizabeth, Lot: M-42, d. 10/21/1817
Jones, Esther, Lot: B-166, d. 8/23/1714
Jones, Henry, Lot: F-12, d. 8/22/1753
Jones, Jarah, Lot: D-33, d. 10/26/1769
Jones, Jonathan, Lot: E-218, d. 1/6/1681
Jones, Jonathan, Lot: E-141, d. 9/12/1739
Jones, Jonathan, Lot: E-142, d. 9/12/1739
Jones, Lydia, Lot: B-159, d. 1/1/1744
Jones, Mary, Lot: C-102, d. 10/23/1691
Jones, Mary, Lot: B-115, d. 1/9/1738
Jones, Mas, Lot: C-69
Jones, Rebecca, Lot: A-44, d. 7/21/1707
Jones, Rebeka, Lot: B164, d. 6/1/1693
Jones, Reberah, Lot: B-164, d. 6/11/1693
Jones, Ruth, Lot: C-112, d. 11/24/1702
Jones, Samuel, Lot: D-34, d. 1/29/1744
Jones, Sarah, Lot: C-68, d. 10/13/1683
Jones, Sarah, Lot: E-143, d. 6/30/1731
Jones, Thomas, Lot: L-238, d. 11/1/1808
Jones, Waitstill, Lot: B-119, d. 11/5/1736
Jons, Barbara, Lot: B-165, d. 1/1/1700
Jons, Elizabeth, Lot: E-215, d. 1/20/1681
Jordan, Alice M, Lot: R-16, d. 5/7/1887
Jordan, Edward, Lot: G-24, d. 10/15/1873
Jordan, Elizabeth, Lot: R-15, d. 4/9/1890
Jordan, Samuel, Lot: R-15, d. 10/11/1889
Jordan, Sarah, Lot: R-14, d. 12/27/1881
Jordan, Thomas, Lot: G-23, d. 4/10/1872
Josiah, Bradley, Lot: C-165, d. 12/20/1724
Julius, John Mayer, Lot: T-45, d. 12/20/1865
K, T, Lot: L-67
Kate, Blanche, Lot: J-17
Kelley, Annie, Lot: G-28, d. 1891
Kelley, Thomas, Lot: G-28, d. 1891
Kelton, Abigail, Lot: Q-158, d. 5/20/1801
Kelton, Diana, Lot: H-186, d. 5/27/1837
Kelton, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-159, d. 6/16/1823
Kelton, Ebenezer Jr, Lot: Q-160, d. 7/6/1822
Kelton, Edward, Lot: O-94, d. 4/14/1802
Kelton, Edward, Lot: O-93, d. 9/1/1840
Kelton, Elihu, Lot: J-9, d. 1/11/1878
Kelton, Elijah, Lot: H-186, d. 9/28/1825
Kelton, Eliza, Lot: O-100, d. 8/30/1835
Kelton, Elizabeth, Lot: L-145, d. 9/15/1804
Kelton, Hannah, Lot: O-92, d. 9/1/1846
Kelton, Jason, Lot: O-96, d. 7/1/1828
Kelton, Jonathan, Lot: H-61, d. 4/9/1752
Kelton, Margaret, Lot: L-146, d. 2/25/1816
Kelton, Mary, Lot: H-60, d. 8/25/1744
Kelton, Mary, Lot: O-458, d. 12/23/1842
Kelton, Rufus, Lot: L-147, d. 7/28/1823
Kelton, Thomas, Lot: O-99, d. 10/3/1832
Kill, Ion, Lot: H-185, d. March
Kilton, Ebenezer, Lot: L-144, d. 3/6/1802
Kilton, Edward, Lot: L-68, d. 2/3/1755
Kilton, Elihu, Lot: L-139, d. 10/12/1792
Kilton, Elihu, Lot: L-140, d. 8/3/2016
Kilton, Elihu, Lot: L-141
Kilton, Hannah, Lot: O-95, d. 1/23/1831
Kilton, James, Lot: L-63, d. 9/1/1805
Kilton, Mary, Lot: L-69, d. 11/2/1762
Kilton, Mary, Lot: L-70, d. 11/2/1762
Kilton, Mary, Lot: L-251
Kilton, Matthew, Lot: L-65, d. 4/10/1775
Kilton, Thankful, Lot: L-138, d. 5/8/1808
Kilton, Thomas, Lot: L-66, d. 4/13/1774
King, Elizabeth, Lot: C-85, d. 3/1/1814
King, Elizabeth, Lot: C-86, d. 3/1/1814
King, Jane, Lot: A-16, d. 1/1/1726
King, Jane, Lot: H-154, d. 8/25/1768
Kingman, Abigail M, Lot: W-21, d. 5/8/1895
Kingman, Abner, Lot: W-20, d. 3/1/1823
Kingman, Abner C, Lot: W-21, d. 3/10/1885
Kingman, Eliza, Lot: W-20, d. 7/19/1871
Kingsbury, Josiah, Lot: T-62, d. 1832
Kinney, Samuel, Lot: H-174
Kinney, Subiah, Lot: H-175, d. 11/3/1746
Kirk, Anne, Lot: A-53, d. 3/3/1863
Kirk, Eleanor, Lot: A-28, d. 1947
Kirk, Eleanor, Lot: A-28, d. 1947
Kirk, Joseph, Lot: A-57, d. 5/16/1868
Kirk, Lucy Anne, Lot: A-28, d. 1934
Knox, George, Lot: P-129, d. 3/29/1843
Kollock, Jerusha, Lot: B-126, d. 11/1/1729
L, F, Lot: O-38
L, J, Lot: D-8
L, J, Lot: O-36
L, L, Lot: O-33
L. and L., E. and S., Lot: A108
Lake, Els, Lot: B-54, d. 10/20/1678
Lake, Thomas, Lot: B-54
Lamson, Samuel, Lot: L-47, d. 1/12/1856
Lane, Samuel, Lot: W-17, d. 1893
Lang, John, Lot: N-39, d. 10/25/1861
Langley, Ann, Lot: E-130, d. 11/14/1754
Langley, Hepzibah, Lot: H-65, d. 4/7/1776
Langley, Joseph, Lot: H-155, d. 4/29/1767
Langley, Nathl, Lot: H-63, d. 10/22/1779
Langly, Anne, Lot: E-108, d. 3/31/1734
Langly, Mary, Lot: E-109, d. 5/6/1742
Leach, Fanny, Lot: N-93, d. 4/27/1871
Leach, Lewis, Lot: N-94, d. 2/10/1891
Leadbeher, Ruth, Lot: P-67, d. 9/5/1766
Leadbeter, Increas, Lot: A-105, d. 11/10/1739
Leadbeter, Thomas, Lot: E-201, d. 3/20/1728
Leadbetter, Relief, Lot: L-223
Leadbetter, Sarah, Lot: B-85, d. 6/16/1734
Leads, Hannah, Lot: A-106, d. 4/11/1747
Leads, Meriam, Lot: E-72, d. 8/23/1720
Lear, Abigail, Lot: L-137, d. 6/11/1827
Lee, Fredie, Lot: J-17, d. 1915
Leed, Edward, Lot: H-23, d. 1/11/1771
Leedes, Hopestill, Lot: H-25, d. 1/12/1774
Leeds, Lot: A-104, d. 6/10/1747
Leeds, Lot: H-20
Leeds, Abigail, Lot: A-109, d. 3/19/1789
Leeds, Abigail, Lot: A-110, d. 3/19/1789
Leeds, Abigail, Lot: H-2, d. 4/9/1816
Leeds, Benjamin, Lot: E-74, d. 3/13/1717
Leeds, Benjamin B, Lot: S-2, d. 1810
Leeds, Consider, Lot: P-103, d. 2/29/1772
Leeds, David, Lot: P-76, d. 9/22/1766
Leeds, Edward, Lot: H-24, d. 1771
Leeds, Elizabeth, Lot: E-71, d. 4/14/1727
Leeds, Ezekiel, Lot: P-104, d. 5/26/1760
Leeds, Ezekiel, Lot: P-71, d. 3/21/1800
Leeds, Ezekiel, Lot: A-108
Leeds, Ezekiel and Sarah, Lot: A107, d. 10/4/1773
Leeds, Ezeklel, Lot: A-107, d. 10/25/1772
Leeds, George, Lot: P-80, d. 10/16/1802
Leeds, Hopestill, Lot: A-100, d. 1/14/1795
Leeds, Hopestill, Lot: A100, d. 1/19/1795
Leeds, Hopestill, Lot: A100a
Leeds, Hopestill, Lot: H-26
Leeds, Howrd, Lot: E-76, d. 4/18/1696
Leeds, Isaiah, Lot: P-79, d. 3/1/1776
Leeds, Isaiah, Lot: P-75, d. 9/20/1904
Leeds, Jerusha, Lot: H13, d. 1/11/1795
Leeds, Jerusha, Lot: H-11, d. 6/15/1798
Leeds, Joan, Lot: E-75, d. 1682
Leeds, John, Lot: E-89, d. 9/17/1734
Leeds, John, Lot: H-9, d. 7/20/1824
Leeds, John, Lot: H-10, d. 1824
Leeds, John Jr, Lot: H-13, d. 8/16/1798
Leeds, Jonathen, Lot: H-16
Leeds, Joseph, Lot: E-77, d. 1/28/1714
Leeds, Joseph, Lot: P-107, d. 12/27/1747
Leeds, Joseph, Lot: H-217, d. 2/16/1768
Leeds, Lewis, Lot: A-154
Leeds, Mary, Lot: P-106, d. 3/9/1750
Leeds, Mary, Lot: P-94, d. 10/14/1843
Leeds, Nancy, Lot: P-77, d. 4/29/1800
Leeds, Nathanael, Lot: E-146, d. 11/8/1707
Leeds, Patience, Lot: H-19, d. 1/9/1770
Leeds, Polly, Lot: P-95, d. 11/12/1873
Leeds, Priscilla, Lot: H-28, d. 1/16/1737
Leeds, Priscilla, Lot: H28, d. 6/16/1737
Leeds, Priscilla, Lot: P-74, d. 7/12/1749
Leeds, Rebecca, Lot: P-84, d. 9/27/1777
Leeds, Rebecca, Lot: P-78, d. 9/20/1783
Leeds, Richard, Lot: E-76, d. 6/1/1987
Leeds, Sarah, Lot: A-85, d. 9/8/1743
Leeds, Sarah, Lot: E-70, d. 3/15/1769
Leeds, Sarah, Lot: A-108, d. 10/25/1772
Leeds, Sarah, Lot: A-107
Leeds, Sarah, Lot: H-17
Leeds, Susannah, Lot: P-72, d. 11/14/1801
Leeds, Thakful, Lot: E-217, d. 1840
Leeds, Thankful, Lot: E-216, d. 1/8/1840
Leeds, Thomas, Lot: P-93, d. 3/9/1830
Leeds, Thomas, Lot: P-94, d. 4/23/1842
Leeman, Davis, Lot: M-33, d. 10/19/1856
Leeman, Lucy, Lot: M-33, d. 12/22/1892
Lees, Jerusha, Lot: H-12
Lemist, Hannah, Lot: D-9, d. 8/17/1851
Lewis, Lot: M-31
Lewis, Benjamin, Lot: O-40, d. 4/18/1818
Lewis, Betsy, Lot: O-40, d. 12/24/1818
Lewis, Eloisa, Lot: O-34, d. 4/14/1864
Lewis, Francis, Lot: O-37, d. 8/12/1826
Lewis, Hannah, Lot: O-39, d. 11/27/1822
Lewis, Hannah, Lot: O-42, d. 10/15/1854
Lewis, James, Lot: O-41, d. 10/20/1827
Lewis, James, Lot: O-35, d. 2/6/1855
Lewis, James, Lot: O-112, d. 8/11/1869
Lewis, Lydia, Lot: O-32, d. 12/18/1870
Lewis, Mary, Lot: O-113, d. 12/27/1804
Lewis, Mary, Lot: O-109, d. 10/10/1826
Lewis, Theodsia, Lot: O-110, d. 3/30/1866
Lewis, Thomas, Lot: F-4, d. 10/1/1852
Lincoln, Eleazer, Lot: M-65, d. 6/16/1808
Lion, George, Lot: B-189, d. 12/20/1723
Littlefield, William, Lot: J-17, d. 1911
Lootz, Claudine, Lot: P-101, d. 5/9/1861
Lovell, Elizabeth, Lot: R-42, d. 11/9/1785
Lowder, Susannah, Lot: B-206, d. 11/1/1808
Lowder, William, Lot: A-80, d. 12/4/1736
Lucas, Joel, Lot: W-10, d. 7/19/1889
Lucas, Mary Monroe, Lot: W-10, d. 7/22/1846
Lucas, Sally, Lot: W-10, d. 8/28/1874
Lyon, Bathsheba, Lot: E-85, d. 6/26/1743
Lyon, Eunice, Lot: Q-7, d. 7/17/1791
Lyon, G B, Lot: S-26
Lyon, Johannah, Lot: E-87, d. 8/18/1735
Lyon, Johannah, Lot: E-88, d. 8/18/1735
Lyon, Sarah, Lot: R-1, d. 11/30/1833
Lyon, Sarah, Lot: R-1A, d. 1833
Lyon, Thomas, Lot: E-84, d. 2/9/1750
Lyon, Thomas, Lot: P-111, d. 11/11/1845
Lyon, Warren, Lot: Q-8, d. 10/10/1801
M, Lot: N-153
Mabel, Vaughan, Lot: A-73
Mack, Charles D C, Lot: T-53, d. 5/1/1939
Mack, Gertrude D, Lot: T-16, d. 1961
Mackintash, Lydia, Lot: B-122, d. 9/24/1751
Maclean, Lot: D-37
Maguire, Ann, Lot: O-72, d. 9/5/1847
Maguire, Francis, Lot: O-71, d. 9/12/1836
Mann, Ephraim, Lot: Q-43, d. 10/26/1803
Manning, Ann, Lot: N-44, d. 8/23/1845
Manning, Emeline, Lot: N-96, d. 7/20/1839
Manning, George, Lot: N-43, d. 2/24/1829
Manning, George, Lot: N-96, d. 12/25/1832
Manning, Hannah, Lot: N-41, d. 12/7/1821
Manning, Julia, Lot: N-40, d. 7/22/1842
Manning, Mary, Lot: N-47, d. 12/11/1874
Manning, Mary, Lot: N-5, d. 4/12/1881
Manning, Robert, Lot: N-41, d. 12/7/1821
Manning, Russell, Lot: N-46, d. 1/12/1867
Marcy, Charles, Lot: C-130, d. 11/28/1831
Marden, Chas, Lot: M-35, d. 12/23/1889
Marion, Lot: M-45, d. 1904
Marion, William, Lot: E-175, d. 12/11/1750
Marsh, Annie L, Lot: W-23, d. 10/7/1871
Marsh, Susan, Lot: W-23
Mary, Ann, Lot: C-67, d. 3/20/1848
Mary, Ann, Lot: C-175, d. 1937
Mash, Bathsheba, Lot: E-110, d. 1/8/1722
Mason, Hattie, Lot: D-44
Mason, John, Lot: N-15, d. 2/16/1831
Mason, Jonathan, Lot: E-53, d. 5/9/1723
Mastin, John, Lot: K-15, d. 9/28/1876
Mather, Elizabeth, Lot: B-69, d. 2/20/1709
Mather, Richard, Lot: C-26, d. 4/22/1669
Maudsley, Ebenezer, Lot: C-149
Maudsley, Elizabeth, Lot: C-148, d. 6/1/1725
Maudsley, Elizabeth, Lot: C-149, d. 7/1/1728
Mawdsley, Elizabeth, Lot: C-147, d. 4/24/1705
Maxfield, Dorcas, Lot: B-196, d. 4/24/1727
Maxfield, Elizabeth, Lot: E-48, d. 1/20/1742
Maxfield, John, Lot: E-46, d. 3/21/1739
Maxfield, John, Lot: E-49, d. 9/8/1760
Maxfield, Lydia, Lot: E-44, d. 1748
Mayer, John Julius, Lot: T-44, d. 3/9/1885
Mccarthy, Nettie, Lot: C-176, d. 1/24/1935
Mccarthy, Timothy, Lot: C-176, d. 6/13/1947
Mcdonald, Alexander, Lot: W-44, d. 1916
Mcdonald, Caroline, Lot: W-44, d. 1905
Mcintire, Emeline, Lot: N-58, d. 8/1/1845
Mcintire, Emeline, Lot: N-62, d. 4/3/1876
Mcintire, George, Lot: N-61, d. 10/28/1857
Mcintire, Hannah, Lot: N-57, d. 4/7/1832
Mcintyre, Lot: D-10
Mcintyre, Harriet, Lot: D-10
Mcintyre, James, Lot: D-10, d. 1914
Mcintyre, James, Lot: D-10, d. 1916
Mckechnie, Griffin, Lot: G-37
Mclaughflin, Ann, Lot: J-1, d. 11/15/1834
Mclaughflin, Ann, Lot: J-2, d. 11/15/1834
Meade, Ella A, Lot: T-22, d. 3/27/1871
Meade, George P, Lot: T-21, d. 1899
Meitish, Eunice, Lot: H-243, d. 12/18/1780
Mel, Allan, Lot: C-18
Mella, Molly, Lot: K-24, d. 4/21/2016
Melledge, Mary, Lot: H-64, d. 5/27/1759
Mellish, Hannah, Lot: K-29, d. 12/18/1832
Mellish, Hannah, Lot: K-30, d. 12/18/1832
Mellish, John, Lot: K-28, d. 6/24/1824
Mellish, Lydia, Lot: Q-17, d. 8/20/1794
Mellish, Samuel, Lot: K-25, d. 10/28/1805
Mellish, Sarah, Lot: K-26, d. 1/7/1817
Mellish, Sarah, Lot: K-27, d. 1817
Meroth, Hezekiah, Lot: P-8, d. 3/16/1749
Miles, Abby, Lot: F-15, d. 3/22/1860
Mills, Mehetabel, Lot: C-29, d. 8/16/1690
Mills, Mehetabel, Lot: C-30
Minot, Hannah, Lot: E-60, d. 3/27/1670
Minot, Hannah, Lot: E-60A, d. 3/27/1670
Minot, Hannah, Lot: E-50, d. 10/12/1753
Minot, John, Lot: A-131, d. 1791
Minot, John, Lot: A-132, d. 1791
Minot, Martha, Lot: C-27, d. 10/11/1683
Minot, Steven, Lot: C-153, d. 2/16/1662
Minott, George, Lot: L-24, d. 11/10/1744
Minott, John, Lot: C-146, d. 3/21/1717
Mintire, Rebecca, Lot: N-56, d. 9/8/1869
Mitchell, Charlotte, Lot: C-47, d. 5/14/1868
Mitchell, Samuel, Lot: C-48, d. 6/16/1889
Moies, Mary, Lot: H-41, d. 9/26/1801
Monroe, Edward, Lot: M-47, d. 1885
Montgomery, George, Lot: P-129, d. 12/12/1847
Moore, Ann, Lot: C-82
Moore, Christopher, Lot: C-82, d. 8/31/1877
Moore, Sarah, Lot: C-28, d. 12/22/1873
Morgain, Anna, Lot: C-73, d. 1714
Morgain, John, Lot: L-258, d. 10/17/1773
Morgain, Priscilla, Lot: E-148, d. 7/27/1730
Morgan, Emily, Lot: H-130, d. 1931
Morris, Jane, Lot: P-60, d. 7/18/1812
Morris, Thankful, Lot: P-59, d. 11/12/1803
Morton, Capt Edmond, Lot: Q-83, d. 1/9/1786
Morton, Rosamond, Lot: E-133, d. 3/16/1786
Morton, Thomas, Lot: L-37, d. 1/23/1839
Moseley, Lot: S-28
Moseley, Abigail, Lot: R-45, d. 6/25/1799
Moseley, Cicily, Lot: C-100
Moseley, Ebenezer, Lot: R-48, d. 3/22/1773
Moseley, Elizabeth, Lot: R-47, d. 1/6/1783
Moseley, Hannah, Lot: H-239, d. 12/16/1759
Moseley, John, Lot: C-100, d. 10/27/1661
Moseley, Rebecca, Lot: L-124, d. 10/29/1755
Mosely, Thomas, Lot: L-125, d. 4/12/1749
Mother, Lot: Q-185
Moulton, Sarar, Lot: D-10, d. 1881
Moulton, William, Lot: D-10, d. 1894
Munroe, Lot: M-48
Munroe, Lot: N-78
Munroe, Benj, Lot: M-52, d. 9/23/1827
Munroe, Bethiah, Lot: P-65, d. 7/23/1823
Munroe, Bethiah, Lot: P-66, d. 3/19/1859
Munroe, Charles, Lot: N-78, d. 9/24/1859
Munroe, John, Lot: O-10, d. 10/10/1837
Munroe, Laura, Lot: O-5
Munroe, Mary, Lot: M-50, d. 8/13/1846
Munroe, Mary, Lot: M-50, d. 7/19/1855
Munroe, Mary, Lot: O-5
Munroe, Philenda, Lot: N-79, d. 1860
Munroe, Sarah, Lot: N-78, d. 5/6/1852
Munroe, Thankful, Lot: P-63, d. 11/8/1808
Munroe, Thomas, Lot: P-64, d. 11/28/1814
Munroe, Thomas, Lot: M-51, d. 8/28/1821
Munrow, John, Lot: P-61, d. 10/19/1796
Murphy, Lot: L-15
Murry, Hannah, Lot: B-67, d. 10/22/1722
Nearsey, Stephen, Lot: N-102, d. 5/9/1798
Nelson, George, Lot: Q-68, d. 5/19/1855
Neville, Francis, Lot: D-23, d. 12/4/1843
Neville, Sophia, Lot: D-25, d. 5/31/1813
Newell, Ann, Lot: H-66, d. 2/29/1856
Newhall, Lot: T-39
Newhall, Elbridge, Lot: T-39A, d. 1950
Newhall, Elbridge, Lot: T-39, d. 7/27/1950
Newhall, George, Lot: T-39, d. 2/2/1872
Newhall, George, Lot: T-39, d. 2/19/1924
Newhall, Gerirude, Lot: T-39B, d. 1952
Newhall, Gertrude, Lot: T-39, d. 9/25/1874
Newhall, Gertrude, Lot: T-39, d. 4/17/1952
Newhall, Gorge, Lot: T-20A, d. 1924
Newhall, Horatio, Lot: T-39, d. 1/13/1915
Newhall, Lucy, Lot: T-39, d. 3/23/1840
Newhall, Mary, Lot: T-39, d. 1933
Newton, Edw S, Lot: W-1, d. 10/14/1894
Newton, Josephine S, Lot: W-1, d. 1/28/1892
Noyes, Abraham, Lot: N-99, d. 9/20/1825
Noyes, Abraham, Lot: N-99, d. 12/29/1851
Noyes, Elizabeth, Lot: C-162, d. 5/1/1799
Noyes, Jarah, Lot: N-99, d. 3/11/1877
Noyes, Mary, Lot: N-99, d. 9/20/1825
Noyes, Theodore, Lot: C-161, d. 1798
Orrok, Alice, Lot: B-51, d. 1967
Orrok, James, Lot: B-51, d. 1905
Orrok, Laura, Lot: B-66, d. 10/10/1872
Osgood, Charles, Lot: O-9, d. 4/18/1816
Osgood, Sally, Lot: O-9
P, A, Lot: B-201
P, J, Lot: G-60, d. 1815
P, J, Lot: O-67, d. 1839
P, M, Lot: O-65
Page, Elizabeth, Lot: Y-2, d. 11/26/1820
Page, Hannah, Lot: Y-2, d. 4/15/1836
Page, Lucy, Lot: Q-36, d. 10/24/1865
Page, Thomas, Lot: Y-2, d. 9/21/1820
Pall, Hannah, Lot: H-214, d. 8/26/1735
Pall, Jun, Lot: H-211, d. 8/18/1735
Par, Berthia, Lot: C-94
Parard, Zebiah, Lot: H-201, d. 11/10/1766
Park, Elizabeth, Lot: E-58, d. 11/3/1892
Park, George, Lot: A-58, d. 6/10/1901
Park, Hezekiah, Lot: E-57, d. 4/1/1871
Park, Robert, Lot: E-56, d. 1870
Parker, Lot: S-19
Parker, Edward, Lot: N-105, d. 11/27/1832
Parks, Berthia, Lot: C-94, d. 2/1/1812
Paul, Ebenezer, Lot: H-29, d. 10/13/1737
Paul, Ebenezer, Lot: H-30, d. 1737
Paul, Samuel, Lot: C-136, d. 8/25/1726
Payne, Caroline, Lot: F-20, d. 5/29/1869
Pays, Mary, Lot: O-68, d. 4/26/1902
Payson, Dorcas, Lot: B-49, d. 11/20/1724
Payson, Edward, Lot: B-47, d. 1/28/1721
Payson, Ephram, Lot: H-215, d. 10/18/1732
Payson, George, Lot: B-45, d. 11/5/1734
Payson, Mary, Lot: B-46, d. 5/25/1727
Payson, S, Lot: S-6
Payson, Samuel, Lot: B-48, d. 11/21/1721
Payson, Samuel, Lot: Q-147, d. 9/17/1815
Pearce, Ann, Lot: C-35, d. 12/31/1695
Pears, Robert, Lot: C-36, d. 12/4/1698
Pears, Samuel, Lot: C-37, d. 12/16/1698
Peirce, Benjamin, Lot: A-35A
Peirces, Benjamin, Lot: A-35
Penney, Annie W, Lot: W-42, d. 2/19/1889
Penney, George H, Lot: W-40, d. 2/4/1870
Perkins, Dixon, Lot: W-33
Perry, Adalaide, Lot: A-68, d. 8/8/1819
Perry, Hannah, Lot: N-121, d. 12/6/1806
Perry, John, Lot: N-122, d. 8/13/1840
Perry, Lucretia, Lot: P-81, d. 1893
Perry, Mary, Lot: N-120, d. 9/25/1826
Perry, Susan, Lot: N-123, d. 9/12/1869
Perry, Thomas, Lot: N-119, d. 11/30/1804
Perry, Wm N, Lot: R-18
Phillips, Abigail, Lot: A-77, d. 3/7/1836
Phinney, Joseph, Lot: G-59, d. 11/7/1815
Piera, Eunice, Lot: Q-162, d. 4/12/1822
Piera, Jonathan, Lot: Q-172, d. 3/1/1858
Pierc, Thomas, Lot: C-42, d. 10/21/1730
Pierc, Thomas, Lot: C-43, d. 1730
Pierce, Abigail, Lot: E-139, d. 11/4/1741
Pierce, Abigail, Lot: E-134, d. 9/20/1775
Pierce, Abigail, Lot: H-265, d. 10/1/1776
Pierce, Abijail, Lot: H-262, d. 6/24/1747
Pierce, Amasa Charles, Lot: Q-161, d. 2/24/1838
Pierce, Clarissa, Lot: N-157, d. 3/18/1869
Pierce, Daniel, Lot: E-138, d. 5/27/1748
Pierce, Edward, Lot: B-4, d. 11/3/1878
Pierce, Elizabeth, Lot: E-112, d. 9/19/1736
Pierce, Elizabeth, Lot: E-102, d. 11/18/1780
Pierce, Elizabeth, Lot: E-102A
Pierce, Eunice, Lot: Q-166, d. 2/10/1831
Pierce, Frank Haven, Lot: Z-10, d. 1864
Pierce, George, Lot: E-131, d. 11/16/1776
Pierce, George F, Lot: Z-10, d. 1919
Pierce, Hannah, Lot: E-140, d. 1/2/1750
Pierce, Hannah, Lot: H-266, d. 7/10/1775
Pierce, Hannah, Lot: H-267, d. 1775
Pierce, Hatch, Lot: P-43, d. 8/10/1821
Pierce, Hatch, Lot: P43, d. 8/10/1821
Pierce, James, Lot: O-66, d. 2/9/1839
Pierce, James, Lot: O-62, d. 5/29/1853
Pierce, John, Lot: H-261, d. 1/27/1743
Pierce, John, Lot: H-258, d. 6/13/1770
Pierce, John, Lot: A-145
Pierce, John, Lot: X-8
Pierce, Lewis F, Lot: Z-10, d. 1888
Pierce, Martha, Lot: Q-178, d. 5/26/1846
Pierce, Martha, Lot: Q-179
Pierce, Mary, Lot: C-34, d. 3/22/1704
Pierce, Mary, Lot: O-64, d. 3/16/1832
Pierce, Mary, Lot: Q-176, d. 11/3/1844
Pierce, Mary, Lot: O-63, d. 1908
Pierce, Mary, Lot: Q-177
Pierce, Matilda Eunice, Lot: Q-170, d. 9/22/1853
Pierce, Matilda Eunice, Lot: Q-171
Pierce, R, Lot: S-20
Pierce, Samuel, Lot: E-132, d. 4/4/1736
Pierce, Samuel, Lot: H-263, d. 9/16/1768
Pierce, Samuel, Lot: A-142, d. 10/17/1796
Pierce, Samuel, Lot: E-136
Pierce, Sarah, Lot: B-128, d. 10/19/1759
Pierce, Thankful, Lot: H-259, d. 2/9/1770
Pierce, Thankful, Lot: H-260, d. 2/9/1770
Pierce, Thomas, Lot: C-33, d. 10/26/1706
Pierce, William A, Lot: Z-8, d. 1905
Pierce, Willie A, Lot: Z-8, d. 1861
Pieree, Abigail, Lot: H-202
Pike, James, Lot: J-24, d. 12/24/1803
Pike, James, Lot: J-25, d. 12/24/1803
Pike, L, Lot: L-216
Pike, Lucretia, Lot: L-215, d. 9/13/1791
Pilsbury, Ruth, Lot: Q-27, d. 2/26/1838
Pilsbury, Ruth, Lot: Q-28, d. 1838
Pimer, Josiah, Lot: E-135, d. 6/25/1751
Pimer, Martthew, Lot: C-173, d. 4/2/1740
Pimer, Mary, Lot: C-174, d. 10/13/1734
Pimer, Matthew, Lot: C-170, d. 1/18/1721
Pimer, Matthew, Lot: C-170A, d. 1/18/1721
Plimpton, Mary, Lot: H-163, d. 3/28/1752
Pole, William, Lot: E-43, d. 2/25/1674
Pole, Wm, Lot: E-43
Pope Edmund, Lot: X-9, d. 1841
Pope, Abbie, Lot: Y-8, d. 1914
Pope, Abigail, Lot: L-186, d. 2/4/1803
Pope, Anna, Lot: Y-8, d. 1898
Pope, Caroline, Lot: L-108, d. 3/23/1847
Pope, Ebebezer, Lot: L-187, d. 2/11/1798
Pope, Ebenezer, Lot: L-213, d. 12/1/1787
Pope, Ebenezer, Lot: Y-8, d. 1853
Pope, Ebenezer, Lot: Y-8, d. 1861
Pope, Ebenezer, Lot: L-214
Pope, Elijah, Lot: L-218, d. 10/4/1778
Pope, Elijah, Lot: L-212, d. 12/11/1800
Pope, Elijah, Lot: L-219
Pope, F, Lot: S-1, d. 1810
Pope, John, Lot: A-23, d. 2/21/1708
Pope, John, Lot: L-109, d. 11/13/1834
Pope, John, Lot: Y-8, d. 1899
Pope, Margret, Lot: A-22, d. 10/20/1702
Pope, Raehel, Lot: L-217, d. 12/2/1791
Pope, Ralph, Lot: L-185, d. 2/1/1744
Pope, Samuel, Lot: P-141, d. 8/6/1801
Pope, Samuel, Lot: P-142, d. 1801
Pope, Sarah, Lot: L-111, d. 12/12/1809
Pope, Sarah, Lot: L-110, d. 5/29/1856
Pope, Susannah, Lot: Y-8, d. 1848
Pope, W, Lot: S-1
Prati, Martha, Lot: J-38, d. 12/21/1870
Pratt, David, Lot: L-122, d. 12/9/1792
Pratt, Fletcher, Lot: D-26, d. 11/11/1867
Pratt, Martha, Lot: J-39, d. 1/29/1911
Pratt, Mary, Lot: B-41, d. 9/22/1855
Pray, John, Lot: H-108, d. 6/19/1801
Preston, Abigail, Lot: B-30, d. 4/24/1723
Preston, Abigail, Lot: A-102, d. 10/9/1943
Preston, Bebe, Lot: H-35, d. 12/25/1746
Preston, Daniel, Lot: H-34, d. 4/4/1744
Preston, Daniel, Lot: H-298, d. 3/15/1756
Preston, Edward, Lot: A-136
Preston, Eli, Lot: H-300, d. 1/29/1749
Preston, Eli, Lot: H-301, d. 1/29/1749
Preston, Elizabeth, Lot: B-55, d. 10/1/1735
Preston, Hannah, Lot: Q-174, d. 9/3/1852
Preston, Hannah, Lot: Q-175
Preston, John, Lot: A-136
Preston, Mary, Lot: B-157, d. 8/31/1710
Preston, Mary, Lot: H-299, d. 12/5/1750
Preston, Mary, Lot: H-220, d. 6/18/1759
Preston, Mary, Lot: H-295, d. 6/18/1759
Preston, Mary, Lot: H-294, d. 1759
Preston, Mary, Lot: A-136, d. 1763
Preston, Samwel, Lot: H-31, d. 10/11/1743
Preston, Sarah, Lot: H-33, d. 1/24/1759
Prestone, Preserued, Lot: B-158, d. 7/13/1723
Prestpme, Damoe, Lot: B-31, d. 3/13/1725
Price, Frances, Lot: H-162, d. 2/4/1737
Price, Francis, Lot: H-226, d. 10/16/1760
Price, Joseph, Lot: A-48, d. 10/19/1732
Price, Joseph, Lot: A48, d. 10/19/1732
Price, Mercy, Lot: H-165, d. 2/10/1764
Pro, Mary, Lot: M-16, d. 5/25/2016
Proctor, Abba, Lot: L-14, d. 9/30/1879
Proctor, Benjamin, Lot: L-14, d. 2/1/1811
Proctor, Euza, Lot: L-14, d. 2/23/1865
Prouty, David, Lot: Z-1
Pumry, Hannah, Lot: E-47, d. 9/11/1716
Pumry, Mary, Lot: E-12, d. 3/19/1718
Pumry, Repent, Lot: C-166A, d. 7/22/1714
Pumry, Repent, Lot: C-166, d. 1714
Raden, Joseph, Lot: L-123, d. 4/1/1790
Randall, Rebecka, Lot: N-144A, d. 4/5/1827
Randall, Robert, Lot: N-144A, d. 1/11/1824
Randall, William, Lot: N-144A, d. 11/11/1823
Read, Aaron, Lot: H-164, d. 3/21/1735
Read, Antionette E, Lot: Z-8, d. 1904
Reed, Sophia, Lot: B-125, d. 9/6/1816
Reed, William, Lot: H-37, d. 7/20/1892
Rice, Elizabeth, Lot: L-182, d. 9/13/1805
Rice, Mary, Lot: L-177, d. 10/30/1780
Rich, Harding, Lot: D-44, d. 1862
Rich, John, Lot: H-177, d. 1/29/1900
Rich, Marion, Lot: H-177, d. 8/29/1872
Rich, Marion, Lot: H-177, d. 1909
Richards, Gerry, Lot: J-34, d. 10/16/1824
Richards, Molly, Lot: J-35, d. 3/23/1823
Richards, Samuel, Lot: J-36, d. 3/5/1817
Richards, Warren, Lot: J-33
Ricker, Albert H, Lot: U-2, d. 1922
Ricker, Jennie S, Lot: U-2, d. 1915
Ricker, Larence M, Lot: U-3, d. 8/25/1887
Rickerby, Daniel, Lot: B-167, d. 6/11/1877
Rird, Thomas, Lot: Q-38, d. 1/17/1795
Rix, Petter, Lot: C-88, d. 2/15/1811
Robinson, Lot: A-152, d. 1789
Robinson, Ebenezer, Lot: H-198, d. 11/10/1740
Robinson, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-58, d. 9/1/1775
Robinson, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-59, d. 1775
Robinson, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-55, d. 8/9/1785
Robinson, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-31, d. 1/10/1819
Robinson, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-32, d. 1819
Robinson, John, Lot: C-137, d. 2/6/1749
Robinson, John, Lot: Q-62, d. 12/4/1761
Robinson, John, Lot: Q-56, d. 9/4/1782
Robinson, John, Lot: Q-53, d. 4/7/1787
Robinson, John, Lot: Q-57, d. 1782
Robinson, John, Lot: Q-54, d. 1787
Robinson, Mary, Lot: C-139, d. 12/22/1713
Robinson, Mary, Lot: C-131, d. 3/1/1718
Robinson, Mary Caroline, Lot: W-39, d. 4/9/1916
Robinson, Rachel, Lot: A-153, d. 6/3/1789
Robinson, Samuel, Lot: H-200, d. 3/30/1734
Robinson, Stephen, Lot: Q-61, d. 1/30/1752
Robinson, Stephen, Lot: Q-60, d. 9/27/1758
Robinson, Susannah, Lot: Q-34, d. 9/18/1802
Robinson, Susannah, Lot: Q-35, d. 1802
Robinson, Susannah, Lot: A-153
Robinson, Thomas, Lot: Q-33, d. 9/21/1804
Robinson, William, Lot: H-199, d. 4/1/1761
Rogers, Emma, Lot: P-130, d. 5/19/1871
Roy, John H, Lot: W-9, d. 4/6/1880
Royall, Asaph, Lot: C-28, d. 7/24/1699
Royall, Jemima, Lot: C-32, d. 11/9/1709
Royall, Mercy, Lot: L-226, d. 1/29/1773
Royall, Mercy, Lot: L-227, d. 1773
Royall, Robert, Lot: L-165, d. 10/28/1756
Royall, Robert, Lot: L-166
Royce, Lot: Q-183
Ruggles, Elizabeth, Lot: G-18, d. 2/5/1811
Ruggles, Elizabeth, Lot: G-19, d. 1811
Runkle, Catharine, Lot: P-130, d. 2/3/1897
Runkle, John, Lot: P-130, d. 7/8/1902
Russel, Bethiah, Lot: P-21, d. 1820
Russell, Bethiah, Lot: P-20, d. 2/11/1820
Russell, Mary, Lot: B-73, d. 6/28/1748
Rutledge, Charles, Lot: O-49, d. 1/22/1894
S, Cornelia, Lot: L-127, d. 2/11/1811
S, E, Lot: B-141
S, Eben, Lot: M-46, d. 10/20/1849
S, N, Lot: M-20
S, N, Lot: M-25
S, S, Lot: D-1A
S, T, Lot: B-140
Salter, Rachel, Lot: H-74, d. 10/16/1749
Sanborn, Arcturus, Lot: G-17, d. 1899
Sanborn, Rabgial, Lot: G-17, d. 1899
Sarah, Ann Hunt, Lot: T-36, d. 8/16/1847
Sargent, Mary, Lot: E-62, d. 5/15/1881
Saunders, Judith, Lot: N-30, d. 11/28/1841
Sawyer, Albion, Lot: L-247, d. 2/25/1903
Searl, Thankfull, Lot: A-11, d. 5/1/1747
Searl, Thankfull, Lot: A-12, d. 5/1/2016
Searle, Caroline, Lot: J-17, d. 1915
Searle, Willie, Lot: J-17, d. 1872
Searls, Deborah, Lot: Q-86, d. 1/9/2016
Searls, Rebeccah, Lot: Q-88, d. 5/17/1761
Searls, Salter, Lot: Q-87, d. 5/15/1753
Seaver, Jonathan, Lot: P-86, d. 12/17/1777
Seavey, Anne, Lot: H-130, d. 1958
Seavey, Charlie, Lot: H-143, d. 7/21/1868
Seavey, Fred, Lot: H-130, d. 1930
Seavey, Geo, Lot: H-96A, d. 7/13/1866
Seavey, William, Lot: H-144, d. 3/22/1888
Seuer, Mary, Lot: E-1, d. 10/7/1796
Sever, Joshua, Lot: E-67, d. 9/24/1739
Sever, Mary, Lot: P-105, d. 7/9/1768
Sever, Priscilla, Lot: P-83, d. 10/10/1787
Sever, William, Lot: P-108, d. 3/4/1783
Shepard, Ann, Lot: M-30, d. 1/15/1886
Shepard, Charles, Lot: C-83, d. 3/12/1889
Shepard, Eliza, Lot: M-23, d. 3/4/1865
Shepard, Hiram, Lot: O-6, d. 9/10/1869
Shepard, Joseph, Lot: O-43, d. 2/15/1831
Shepard, Joseph, Lot: O-86, d. 1845
Shepard, Katherine, Lot: M-18, d. 4/28/1913
Shepard, Nabby, Lot: M-19, d. 8/15/1846
Shepard, Nabby, Lot: M-27
Shepard, Otis, Lot: M-29, d. 2/20/1850
Shepard, Rachel, Lot: M-18, d. 3/2/1846
Shepard, Ralph, Lot: M-21, d. 9/2/1838
Shepard, Ralph, Lot: M-22
Shepard, Samuel, Lot: M-26, d. 4/19/1878
Shepard, Sarah, Lot: O-7, d. 5/18/1839
Shepard, Sarah, Lot: C-80, d. 9/29/1869
Sheppard, Maria, Lot: C-83
Sherburne, Benjamin, Lot: M-57, d. 6/4/1827
Sherican, Charles, Lot: B-1, d. 1/23/1896
Sheridan, Charles, Lot: B-1, d. 11/11/1905
Sheridan, Water, Lot: B-1, d. 1938
Sheridan, William, Lot: B-1, d. 9/17/1857
Shippey, Eleanor, Lot: P-15, d. 10/27/1773
Simpson, Hattie, Lot: O-11, d. 11/1/1859
Skiffe, Nathan, Lot: C-93, d. 10/17/1711
Skillings, Elizabeth, Lot: O-1, d. 5/18/1818
Skillings, Sarah, Lot: O-2, d. 8/14/1817
Smith, Caroline, Lot: L-8, d. 8/18/1833
Smith, Caroline, Lot: L-9
Smith, Charlotte, Lot: L-10, d. 5/6/1838
Smith, Hannah, Lot: B-178, d. 12/10/1728
Smith, Henry, Lot: M-15, d. 10/9/1837
Smith, Huntington, Lot: T-42, d. 1926
Smith, Jemima, Lot: B-162, d. 11/16/1798
Smith, Mary, Lot: L-10, d. 5/9/1838
Snell, Charles, Lot: M-64, d. 7/21/1881
Soesman, Thomas, Lot: M-63, d. 8/2/1875
Somes, Sarah, Lot: A-136
Sonken, Elizabeth, Lot: C-96, d. 1775
Soper, Alexander, Lot: E-161, d. 4/22/1723
Speak, Annie, Lot: R-14, d. 11/15/1925
Spear, Charles E, Lot: R-16, d. 10/8/1920
Speer, Sarah, Lot: Q-46, d. 9/23/1803
Spir, Abigail, Lot: D-38, d. 5/23/1799
Spur, Ann, Lot: H-100, d. 11/13/1739
Spur, Elizabeth, Lot: H-77, d. 7/27/1738
Spur, Jemima, Lot: H-75, d. 2/11/1752
Spur, Lenuel, Lot: H-81, d. 7/28/1737
Spur, Mary, Lot: H-79, d. 11/5/1736
Spur, Robert, Lot: H-76, d. 1/16/1738
Spur, Ruth, Lot: H-204, d. 2/12/1753
Spurr, Robert, Lot: H-99, d. 2/13/1768
Stanley, Susie, Lot: A-117, d. 1/13/1865
Stanley, Susie, Lot: A-117
Steele, Gertrude, Lot: H-17, d. 1906
Steele, William, Lot: H-17, d. 1906
Stephenson, Ellen, Lot: C-121, d. 3/2/1868
Stephenson, Margaret, Lot: C-121, d. 1912
Stephenson, William, Lot: C-121, d. 4/1/1859
Stetson, Amasa, Lot: O-3, d. 8/2/1844
Stetson, Amasa, Lot: O-3, d. 5/3/1856
Stetson, E, Lot: O-117, d. 1873
Stetson, Elizabeth, Lot: M-47, d. 1879
Stetson, Lilles, Lot: N-154, d. 3/19/1808
Stetson, Rebecca, Lot: O-3, d. 8/25/1779
Stetson, Robert, Lot: O-85, d. December
Stetson, Sarah, Lot: O-85
Stetson, T, Lot: O-117, d. 1882
Stiles, John, Lot: C-97, d. 3/12/1752
Stiles, Robert, Lot: C-107, d. 11/2/1710
Stils, Joseph, Lot: C-99, d. 1/19/1721
Stone, Benjamin, Lot: B-84, d. 9/10/1862
Stone, Sarah, Lot: B-83, d. 10/3/1851
Stoughton, Tomb, Lot: E-51, d. 1828
Stow, Edward, Lot: H-159, d. 9/24/1767
Stow, Maletiah, Lot: H-160, d. 9/1/1766
Strafein, Sarah, Lot: D-27, d. 2/20/1871
Stuart, Lizzie, Lot: B-2, d. 1853
Sumner, Benjamin, Lot: N-15, d. 4/20/1876
Sumner, Caroline, Lot: T-62, d. 1885
Sumner, George, Lot: N-15, d. 12/19/1875
Sumner, Gracie, Lot: J-28, d. 11/29/1879
Sumner, Henry, Lot: N-15, d. 11/4/1830
Sumner, Henry, Lot: N-17, d. 11/4/1830
Sumner, Hepzibah, Lot: N-15
Sumner, John, Lot: T-62, d. 1867
Sumner, Lydia, Lot: J-11, d. 1847
Sumner, Seth, Lot: L-25, d. 4/25/1764
Sumner, Tuttle, Lot: X-15
Swan, Abby Whitten, Lot: Z-16, d. 1893
Swan, Elizabeth B, Lot: Z-12, d. 5/11/1853
Swan, Frances, Lot: Z-16, d. 1883
Swan, George Henry, Lot: Z-16, d. 1849
Swan, Gertrude, Lot: P-130, d. 1/15/1962
Swan, Samuel, Lot: Z-12, d. 12/3/1893
Swan, William D, Lot: Z-14, d. 11/2/1864
Swift, Lot: S-5
Swift, Elizabeth, Lot: B-145, d. 1/26/1677
Swift, Ezra, Lot: B-144, d. 2/9/1726
Swift, Huldah, Lot: N-112, d. 5/11/1809
Swift, Mary, Lot: H-224, d. 1/15/1785
Swift, Thomas, Lot: B-149, d. 5/30/1675
T, A, Lot: G-42
T, G N, Lot: Q-93
T, J, Lot: Q-92
T, W, Lot: L-248A
Talbot, Angeline, Lot: P-96, d. 8/8/1836
Talbot, Ann, Lot: P-96, d. 5/16/1854
Talbot, Benjamin, Lot: P-99, d. 11/28/1800
Talbot, Daniel, Lot: P-98, d. 5/26/1847
Talbot, Edward, Lot: P-96, d. 4/15/1839
Tayler, Mary, Lot: N-32, d. 1/9/1822
Tayler, Mary, Lot: N-33
Taylor, James, Lot: H-106, d. 2/16/1959
Taylor, James, Lot: H-106, d. 2/16/1959
Taylor, James, Lot: H-106, d. 2/16/1959
Thacher, George Churchill, Lot: Z-2, d. 8/8/1917
Thayer, Charlotte, Lot: O-22, d. 12/4/1869
Thayer, Mary, Lot: O-22, d. 2/5/1859
Thomas, Catherine, Lot: J-26, d. 2/25/1877
Thomas, Mary, Lot: J-26, d. 12/23/1847
Thomas, Palmer, Lot: J-26, d. 11/9/1817
Tidmarsh, Margaret, Lot: B-52, d. 5/20/1790
Tidmarsh, Margaret, Lot: B-53, d. 1790
Tilestoen, T, Lot: A-112, d. 10/7/1749
Tileston, Lot: A-150
Tileston, Ann, Lot: V-10, d. 10/3/1822
Tileston, Caleb, Lot: C-167, d. 1/2/1720
Tileston, Charles, Lot: Q-69, d. 8/20/1829
Tileston, Charles, Lot: Q-70, d. 1829
Tileston, Charles, Lot: A-149
Tileston, Elisha, Lot: Q-76, d. 9/29/1791
Tileston, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-105, d. 11/3/1807
Tileston, Eunice, Lot: Q-106, d. 7/7/1813
Tileston, Ezekiel, Lot: Q-75, d. 5/4/1812
Tileston, George, Lot: Q-80, d. 12/13/1820
Tileston, Hannah, Lot: Q-107, d. 1/5/1804
Tileston, Nathaniel, Lot: Q-79, d. 12/5/1797
Tileston, Rebeckah, Lot: Q-73, d. 3/21/1766
Tileston, Sally, Lot: Q-71, d. 10/8/1826
Tileston, Sally, Lot: Q-72, d. 1826
Tileston, Sarah, Lot: Q-74, d. 6/9/1766
Tileston, Sukey, Lot: Q-77, d. 9/10/1794
Tileston, Susannah, Lot: Q-78, d. October
Tileston, Thomas, Lot: C-168, d. 5/29/1720
Tileston, Timothy, Lot: Q-108, d. 4/20/1819
Tileston, Timothy, Lot: Q-109, d. 1819
Tilestone, Edmund, Lot: V-10, d. 10/22/1831
Tilestone, Grace, Lot: V-10, d. 8/1/1811
Tilestone, Hannah, Lot: A-103, d. 5/27/1749
Tilestone, Mary, Lot: B-71, d. 12/10/1751
Tilestone, Mary, Lot: B71, d. 12/10/1751
Tilestone, Mary, Lot: B-72, d. 1751
Tilestone, Mary, Lot: B72, d. 1751
Tilestone, Sarah, Lot: B-112, d. 6/26/1712
Tilestone, Sarah, Lot: V-10, d. 2/1/1810
Tilestone, Thomas, Lot: B-77, d. 10/21/1745
Tilestone, Thomas, Lot: V-10, d. 3/20/2016
Tilestone, Timothy, Lot: A-111, d. 1/4/1736
Tilestone, Waitstill, Lot: V-10, d. 10/19/2016
Tilestone, Willie, Lot: V-11
Tilson, Anna, Lot: L-236, d. 11/19/1748
Tilson, Elizabeth, Lot: L-237, d. 11/5/1748
Tilson, Silence, Lot: L-237, d. 1/4/1745
Tilston, Timothy, Lot: B-113, d. 8/10/1697
Tisdale, Lovad, Lot: R-43, d. 8/30/1776
Tobey, Sally, Lot: M-62, d. 1904
Tobey, Sally, Lot: L-39
Tolman, Lot: Y-4, d. 1863
Tolman, Adeline, Lot: N-181, d. 3/16/1873
Tolman, Ann, Lot: G-38, d. 9/30/1799
Tolman, Ann, Lot: G-39, d. 9/30/1799
Tolman, Ann, Lot: Q-167, d. 3/15/1807
Tolman, Ann, Lot: G-41, d. 3/28/1851
Tolman, Aquilla, Lot: R-34, d. 11/2/1771
Tolman, Daniel, Lot: Q-13, d. 7/21/1750
Tolman, Daniel, Lot: H-197, d. 4/30/1761
Tolman, Desier, Lot: R-37, d. 3/24/1759
Tolman, Desier, Lot: R-38, d. 1759
Tolman, Eben Jr, Lot: Q-10, d. 5/5/1808
Tolman, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-14, d. 10/4/1793
Tolman, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-18, d. 9/2/1810
Tolman, Ebenezer, Lot: Q-16, d. 12/20/1833
Tolman, Elijah, Lot: Q-168, d. 1765
Tolman, Elizabeth, Lot: C-158, d. 4/12/1726
Tolman, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-134, d. 11/23/1769
Tolman, Elizabeth, Lot: N-176, d. 6/2/1829
Tolman, Elizabeth, Lot: N-184, d. 11/11/1862
Tolman, Elizabeth S, Lot: Y-1, d. 1/10/1881
Tolman, Experience, Lot: B-57, d. 4/9/1726
Tolman, Experience, Lot: N-187, d. 7/20/1804
Tolman, Hannah, Lot: Q-163, d. 3/16/1799
Tolman, Hannah, Lot: Y-5, d. 5/23/1824
Tolman, Hannah, Lot: Q-165, d. 4/20/1828
Tolman, Hannah, Lot: Y-8, d. 1852
Tolman, Inerease, Lot: R-30, d. 10/18/1810
Tolman, James, Lot: H-196, d. 4/16/1743
Tolman, James, Lot: H-195, d. 12/21/1798
Tolman, Jemina, Lot: H-173, d. 5/24/1774
Tolman, John, Lot: C-01, d. 1/1/1724
Tolman, John, Lot: Q-133, d. 10/23/1759
Tolman, John, Lot: Q-132, d. 5/29/1779
Tolman, John, Lot: G-40, d. 9/22/1799
Tolman, John, Lot: Q-164, d. 8/10/1820
Tolman, Lemuee, Lot: H-123, d. 4/28/1743
Tolman, Margaret, Lot: N-185, d. 10/29/1843
Tolman, Mary, Lot: R-31, d. 5/25/1793
Tolman, Mary, Lot: Q-12, d. 11/9/1801
Tolman, N, Lot: H-171, d. 3/16/1752
Tolman, Nathaniel, Lot: Y-1, d. 1/20/1879
Tolman, Rachel, Lot: N-180, d. 12/13/1805
Tolman, Richard, Lot: H-194, d. 10/20/1801
Tolman, Ruth, Lot: H-115, d. 1/19/1750
Tolman, Ruth, Lot: R-35, d. 1/23/1773
Tolman, Samuel, Lot: C-154, d. 5/18/1738
Tolman, Samuel, Lot: H-122, d. 2/12/1769
Tolman, Samuel, Lot: N-178, d. 9/9/1804
Tolman, Samuel, Lot: N-174, d. 12/5/1805
Tolman, Sarah, Lot: H-193, d. 2/11/1742
Tolman, Sarah, Lot: R-29, d. 9/7/1792
Tolman, Sarah, Lot: Q-15, d. 5/7/1801
Tolman, Susannah, Lot: H-118, d. 1/12/1750
Tolman, Thomas, Lot: C-159, d. 9/11/1718
Tolman, Thomas, Lot: R-32, d. 8/21/1787
Tolman, Thomas, Lot: C-158A
Tolman, Waitstill, Lot: R-33, d. 6/4/1784
Tolman, William, Lot: L-92, d. 10/14/1803
Tolman, William, Lot: N-183, d. 6/21/1813
Tolman, William, Lot: N-186, d. 9/7/1824
Tomb, Lot: H-92A
Toplic, Clement, Lot: E-214, d. 12/24/1673
Topliff, Ebenezer, Lot: C-62, d. 2/5/1721
Topliff, Hannah, Lot: C-66, d. 9/28/1728
Topliff, Jerom, Lot: H-274, d. 10/14/1775
Topliff, Jonathan, Lot: C-63, d. 5/28/1720
Topliff, Marcy, Lot: E-212, d. 3/9/1717
Topliff, Nath, Lot: H-277, d. 12/15/1751
Topliff, Nathaniel, Lot: H-276, d. 12/15/1751
Topliff, Patiance, Lot: C-59, d. 9/8/1728
Topliff, Patiance, Lot: C-60, d. 9/8/1728
Topliff, Samuel, Lot: C-64, d. 8/30/1694
Topliff, Samuel, Lot: C-61, d. 10/12/1722
Topliff, Samuel, Lot: H-278, d. 10/23/1761
Topliff, Samuel, Lot: A-34A
Topliff, Samuel, Lot: C-65
Topliff, Sarah, Lot: E-208, d. 7/29/1693
Topliffs, Samuel, Lot: A-34, d. 1/11/1795
Torrey, Eunice, Lot: B-207, d. 10/15/1732
Torrey, Sarah, Lot: L-167, d. 10/11/1784
Trask, Ann, Lot: O-88, d. 6/17/1790
Trask, Joseph, Lot: O-91, d. 11/19/1831
Trask, Patience, Lot: O-90, d. 12/30/1787
Trask, William, Lot: O-89, d. 12/5/1855
Trescot, William, Lot: A-24, d. 9/11/1699
Trescott, Abigail, Lot: Q-117, d. 3/1/1760
Trescott, Deborah, Lot: L-116, d. 4/11/1833
Trescott, Deborah, Lot: L-117, d. 4/11/1833
Trescott, Ebenezer, Lot: L-118, d. 9/17/1805
Trescott, Elizabeth, Lot: A-25, d. 7/30/1699
Trescott, Elizabeth, Lot: A25, d. 7/30/1699
Trescott, Elizabeth, Lot: A-13, d. 9/6/1735
Trescott, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-122, d. 3/23/1773
Trescott, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-123, d. 1773
Trescott, James Trott, Lot: Q-124, d. 3/1/1773
Trescott, Johannah, Lot: B-185, d. 3/19/1715
Trescott, John, Lot: A-18, d. 1/22/1741
Trescott, John, Lot: A-17
Trescott, Joseph, Lot: B-177, d. 11/15/1728
Trescott, Joseph, Lot: Q-118, d. 2/24/1760
Trescott, Joseph, Lot: Q-125, d. 10/22/1775
Trescott, Joseph, Lot: Q-119, d. 1760
Trescott, Joseph, Lot: Q-126
Trescott, Mary, Lot: L-225, d. 2/1/1786
Trescott, Mary, Lot: Q-127, d. 10/17/1809
Trescott, Rebeccah, Lot: P-89, d. 8/4/1747
Trescott, Rebekah, Lot: A-14, d. 8/1/1741
Trescott, Samuel, Lot: P-91, d. 9/17/1747
Trescott, Samuel, Lot: Q-120, d. 11/26/1772
Trescott, Sarah, Lot: P-87, d. 4/17/1784
Trescott, Sarah, Lot: L-224, d. 11/8/1792
Triscott, Sarah, Lot: L-222, d. 11/7/1798
Trisket, Tabatha, Lot: P-88, d. 3/13/1775
Trott, David, Lot: Q-113, d. 6/28/1747
Trott, Hannah, Lot: E-211, d. 1/12/1733
Trott, James, Lot: E-207, d. 9/27/1719
Trott, John, Lot: E-206, d. 10/3/1736
Trott, Mary, Lot: Q-112, d. 2/25/1760
Trott, Mercy, Lot: L-152, d. 8/21/1761
Trott, Ruth, Lot: Q-2, d. 1/16/1759
Trott, Sarah, Lot: Q-114
Trott, Thomas, Lot: E-209, d. 8/28/1696
Trott, Thomas, Lot: E-210, d. 8/28/1696
Trumbull, Mary, Lot: O-106, d. 1925
Trumbull, Sarah, Lot: O-106, d. 1821
Trumbull, Walter, Lot: O-106, d. 1869
Tucker, Ann, Lot: B-80, d. 12/1/1861
Tucker, Ella, Lot: B-81, d. 10/7/1857
Tucker, William, Lot: B-50, d. 1856
Turner, Ann, Lot: R-22
Turner, Asenath, Lot: L-79, d. 9/1/1773
Turner, David, Lot: L-82, d. 9/11/1793
Turner, Elisha, Lot: L-77, d. 6/6/1825
Turner, Elisha, Lot: L-78, d. 4/24/1833
Turner, Lucy, Lot: L-80, d. 2/3/1804
Turner, Lucy, Lot: O-4, d. 6/24/1882
Turner, Lucy, Lot: O-4, d. 6/24/1882
Turner, Lydia, Lot: L-82, d. 9/20/1793
Turner, Lydia, Lot: L-76, d. 3/1/1839
Turner, Mason, Lot: L-84, d. 8/21/1799
Turner, Ruth, Lot: Q-42, d. 1/14/1801
Turner, Susanah, Lot: L-81, d. 10/19/1997
Turner, Wason, Lot: L-83, d. 8/22/1795
Tyler, Matha, Lot: L-28, d. 4/18/1788
Upham, Amos, Lot: S-31, d. 2/23/1872
Vaughan, Alexander, Lot: A-73, d. 1919
Vaughan, Eliza, Lot: A-71, d. 9/21/1872
Vaughan, Richard, Lot: A-72, d. 9/7/1896
Vose, Lot: A-156
Vose, Lot: A-157
Vose, Lot: L-184B
Vose, Abbit, Lot: L-184
Vose, Abigail, Lot: L-115, d. 10/22/1880
Vose, Andrew, Lot: L-184, d. 2/26/1912
Vose, Andrew, Lot: L-184A, d. 2/26/1912
Vose, George, Lot: M-49, d. 5/26/1835
Vose, John, Lot: P-62, d. 9/1/1800
Vose, John, Lot: L-114, d. 3/24/1872
Vose, Reuben, Lot: L-113, d. 11/30/1843
Vose, Robert, Lot: L-115, d. 12/17/1880
Vose, Sadie, Lot: L-184C, d. 5/2/1896
Vose, Sadiel, Lot: L-184
Vose, Sarah, Lot: L-112, d. 6/2/1836
Vose, Thomas, Lot: A-155
W, George, Lot: M-40
W, S, Lot: B-142
W, S, Lot: H-82
Wadsworth, Alexander, Lot: L-55, d. 8/28/1775
Waff, Joel, Lot: C-78, d. 10/6/1850
Wait, Catherine, Lot: C-79, d. 9/16/1859
Walden, Charlie, Lot: N-37, d. 7/30/1872
Walden, Gertie, Lot: N-37, d. 5/11/1872
Wale, El, Lot: H-136
Wales, E, Lot: S-29
Wales, Ebenezer, Lot: H-92, d. 4/21/1741
Wales, Ebenezer, Lot: A-143, d. 1784
Wales, Elizabeth, Lot: L-198, d. 11/22/1801
Wales, Elizabeth, Lot: L-199
Wales, Ephraim, Lot: H-142, d. 6/30/1743
Wales, Eunice, Lot: A-144, d. 9/6/1781
Wales, Hannah, Lot: C-21, d. 6/1/1731
Wales, Hannah, Lot: L-44, d. 5/10/1786
Wales, Joseph, Lot: H-134, d. 4/28/1762
Wales, Ruth, Lot: L-151, d. 10/14/1791
Wales, Ruth, Lot: L-43, d. "February 29, 1747"
Wales, Sarah, Lot: L-42, d. 1/18/1806
Wales, Sarah, Lot: L42, d. 4/18/1806
Wales, T C, Lot: X-7
Wales, Timothy, Lot: L-46, d. 4/8/1777
Walker, Jane, Lot: M-67A, d. 10/29/1896
Walker, Mcneil, Lot: M-67, d. 10/7/1872
Walker, Oscar, Lot: E-90, d. 2/28/1882
Wals, John, Lot: B-58, d. 6/16/1683
Walter, Tucker, Lot: B-82, d. 5/20/1857
Ward, Mary, Lot: L-170, d. 8/8/1759
Ware, Edmund, Lot: V-10, d. 1/12/1839
Ware, Hannah, Lot: A-41, d. 4/20/1721
Ware, Mary, Lot: G-10, d. 11/9/1893
Warner, Harriet E, Lot: W-53
Warren, Fred, Lot: H-130, d. 1890
Warren, Silas, Lot: J-5
Washburn, Helen, Lot: T-20, d. 1895
Webster, Ella, Lot: H-104, d. 1944
Webster, Marye, Lot: H-104, d. 1892
Webster, William, Lot: H-104, d. 1873
Week, Hannah, Lot: H-102, d. 6/9/1740
Weeks, Abigail, Lot: L-1, d. 5/23/1761
Weeks, Ammiel, Lot: C-8, d. 4/20/1679
Weeks, Elizabeth, Lot: C-7, d. 4/10/1723
Weeks, Joseph, Lot: L-153, d. 9/29/1756
Weeks, Mary, Lot: C-159A, d. 9/17/1692
Weis, Lot: T-67, d. 2/9/1905
Weis, Charles Frederick, Lot: T-67A, d. 8/19/1860
Welch, Mary, Lot: A-46, d. 2/14/1761
Welch, Mary, Lot: A-47, d. 2/14/1761
Welch, Mary, Lot: A46, d. 2/14/1761
West, Ann, Lot: H-62, d. 9/8/1787
Wheatly, Ellen, Lot: N-135, d. 9/18/1843
Wheeler, Abraham, Lot: H-231, d. 6/20/1778
Wheeler, L J, Lot: Q-180
Wheeler, Sarah, Lot: H-232, d. 2/11/1776
Wheeler, Thomas, Lot: H-238, d. 10/3/1773
Wheelock, Catharine, Lot: L-119, d. 3/25/1827
Wheler, Sarah, Lot: H-237, d. 2/3/1761
Whipple, J, Lot: B-3, d. 1910
Whipple, Marcus, Lot: B-3, d. 1931
Whipple, Margaret, Lot: B-3, d. 1919
Whitcomb, Molly, Lot: K-22, d. 3/15/1818
Whitcomb, Richard, Lot: K-18, d. 10/7/1828
Whitcomb, Richard, Lot: K-17
Whitcomb, Samuel, Lot: K-16, d. 1/12/1837
White, Abijah, Lot: F-8, d. 10/6/1801
White, Abijah, Lot: F-9, d. 10/6/1817
White, Ann, Lot: Q-44, d. 10/10/1762
White, Edward, Lot: Q-84, d. 5/6/1755
White, Edward, Lot: Q-85
White, Elizabeth, Lot: C-122, d. 11/19/1722
White, Elizabeth, Lot: F-10, d. 9/8/1747
White, Exprience, Lot: H-152, d. 12/28/1745
White, James, Lot: C-123, d. 11/11/1713
White, John, Lot: H-221, d. 2/4/1809
White, John, Lot: H-222, d. 2/4/1809
White, John, Lot: F-5, d. 7/30/1898
White, John, Lot: Q-64, d. 1757
White, John, Lot: F-6
White, John Lieut, Lot: Q-63, d. 9/24/1757
White, Lois, Lot: F-9, d. 6/17/1986
White, Mary, Lot: H-153, d. 12/14/1745
White, Mary, Lot: F-7, d. 4/23/1784
White, Samuel, Lot: G-51, d. 5/30/1784
White, Samuel, Lot: G-50, d. 1/13/1807
White, Sarah, Lot: L-259, d. 11/18/1887
White, Stillborn, Lot: H-151, d. January
White, Susanna, Lot: Q-66, d. 5/28/1770
White, Susanna, Lot: Q-65, d. 1770
White, Suzan, Lot: B-143
White, Suzanna, Lot: B-143, d. 6/16/1678
White, William, Lot: Q-169, d. 4/7/1792
Whiting, Elizabeth, Lot: M-8, d. 3/22/2016
Whitney, Lot: H-219, d. 8/31/1775
Whitney, Alfred, Lot: M-32, d. 1/14/1890
Whitney, Frank, Lot: Y-8, d. 1914
Whitney, Fred, Lot: M-32, d. 4/12/1903
Whitney, George, Lot: Y-8, d. 1926
Whitney, Minnie, Lot: Y-8, d. 1948
Whitney, Moses, Lot: J-24, d. 12/24/1803
Whitney, Moses, Lot: J-25
Whittredge, Amelia, Lot: D-10
Whittredge, James, Lot: D-10, d. 1920
Wier, Elizabeth, Lot: C-145, d. 10/11/1730
Wihington, Esther, Lot: H-111, d. 1/15/1752
Wilkins, Bruch, Lot: W-8, d. 7/3/1862
Wilkins, Sarah, Lot: W-8, d. 3/30/1871
William, Harriet, Lot: H-242, d. 6/28/1792
William, Mary, Lot: E-118, d. 9/14/1756
William, Sarah, Lot: L-154, d. 11/25/1765
William, Thomas, Lot: E-179, d. 9/21/1756
Williams, Charles, Lot: N-115, d. 4/18/1840
Williams, David Jr, Lot: J-24, d. 12/24/1803
Williams, David Jr, Lot: J-25
Williams, Ebenezer, Lot: C-129, d. 2/8/1717
Williams, Ebenezer, Lot: E-119, d. 11/1/1743
Williams, Ebenezer, Lot: P-26, d. 11/17/1821
Williams, Elisabeth, Lot: B-10, d. 8/25/1808
Williams, Elizabeth, Lot: B-11, d. 8/25/1808
Williams, Elizabeth, Lot: P-34, d. 11/6/1847
Williams, Elizabeth, Lot: P-35, d. 1847
Williams, Jervsha, Lot: P-55, d. 1/24/1814
Williams, Levi, Lot: N-116, d. 4/3/1826
Williams, Lois, Lot: P-13, d. 9/14/1787
Williams, Mary, Lot: B-171, d. 3/17/1718
Williams, Mary, Lot: Q-4, d. 8/19/1751
Williams, Mary, Lot: P-53, d. 6/28/1783
Williams, Mary, Lot: N-25, d. 9/18/1851
Williams, Nathaniel, Lot: Q-131, d. 2/17/1795
Williams, Sally, Lot: P-55, d. 2/2/1889
Williams, Samuel, Lot: P-52, d. 11/20/1796
Williams, Sarah, Lot: P-28, d. 4/11/1767
Williams, Sarah, Lot: N-26, d. 5/25/1824
Williams, Sarah, Lot: N-117, d. 4/4/1836
Williams, Sarah, Lot: P-29, d. 1767
Williams, Thomas, Lot: P-32, d. 11/17/1822
Williams, Thomas, Lot: P-33, d. 1877
Williams, Zebadiah, Lot: P-30, d. 2/7/1772
Williams, Zebadiah, Lot: P-31, d. 1772
Williiams, John, Lot: N-118, d. 9/26/1807
Willson, Martha, Lot: C-84, d. 9/27/1815
Wiswall, Ann, Lot: C-76, d. 2/10/1739
Wiswall, Deniel, Lot: N-91, d. 12/11/1789
Wiswall, Elijah, Lot: D-21, d. 1/16/1738
Wiswall, Elizabeth, Lot: L-203, d. 7/22/1748
Wiswall, Enoch, Lot: E-8, d. 9/30/1670
Wiswall, Enoch, Lot: D-19, d. 11/28/1706
Wiswall, George, Lot: C-144, d. 1745
Wiswall, Hannah, Lot: B-26, d. 9/18/1690
Wiswall, Jonathan, Lot: N-51, d. 2/8/1829
Wiswall, Jonathan, Lot: N-49, d. 12/19/1831
Wiswall, Lucy, Lot: E-10, d. 7/8/1746
Wiswall, Mary, Lot: C-141, d. 1/11/1793
Wiswall, Mary, Lot: C-140, d. 1/11/1795
Wiswall, Mary, Lot: C141, d. 1/11/1795
Wiswall, Oliver, Lot: L-202, d. 3/1/1746
Wiswall, Oliver, Lot: C-143, d. 2/13/1791
Wiswall, Richard, Lot: P-68, d. 11/10/1761
Wiswall, Samuel, Lot: N-90, d. 12/5/1791
Wiswall, Sarah, Lot: L-61, d. 1/1/1747
Wiswall, Sarah, Lot: N-48, d. 8/23/1851
Wiswall, Thomas, Lot: P-9, d. 11/24/1752
Wiswall, Thomas, Lot: L-207, d. 1752
Wiswall, William, Lot: N-50, d. 11/30/1825
Wiswell, Eben, Lot: L-208, d. 5/10/1768
Wiswell, Eben, Lot: L-208, d. 5/10/1768
Wiswell, Ebenezer, Lot: L-209
Wiswell, Elizabeth, Lot: D-18, d. 5/31/1719
Wiswell, Elizabeth, Lot: P-70, d. 4/13/1763
Wiswell, Elizabeth, Lot: B-12, d. 5/12/1790
Wiswell, Enock, Lot: P-3, d. 2/6/1784
Wiswell, Enock, Lot: O-4, d. 1784
Wiswell, Isarael, Lot: E-204, d. 1/30/1735
Wiswell, James, Lot: E-21, d. 11/23/1726
Wiswell, Joanna, Lot: P7, d. 12/6/1737
Wiswell, Joanna, Lot: P-7, d. 12/6/1787
Wiswell, Job, Lot: D-20, d. 11/6/1731
Wiswell, John, Lot: L-62, d. 9/12/1774
Wiswell, John, Lot: P-5, d. 11/25/1785
Wiswell, Oliver, Lot: C-142, d. 2/13/1791
Wiswell, Oliver, Lot: C143, d. 2/13/1791
Wiswell, Susannah, Lot: P-1, d. 7/15/1779
Wiswell, Susannah, Lot: P-2
Wiswell, Thomas, Lot: L-206, d. 9/29/1763
Wiswell, Thomas, Lot: P-10
Wiswill, Ann, Lot: B-27, d. 5/4/1724
Withington, Lot: A-150, d. 1789
Withington, Lot: N-159
Withington, Ebenezer, Lot: E-180, d. 2/11/1728
Withington, Ebenezer, Lot: E-114, d. 3/9/1747
Withington, Ebenezer, Lot: E-115, d. 3/9/1747
Withington, Ebenezer, Lot: A-135, d. 1832
Withington, Elizabeth, Lot: E-128, d. 11/9/1734
Withington, Elizabeth, Lot: H-229, d. 4/14/1776
Withington, Elizabeth, Lot: N-138, d. 8/9/1805
Withington, Hannah, Lot: C-119, d. 3/20/1760
Withington, Isaac, Lot: M-9, d. 2/10/1854
Withington, John, Lot: H-109, d. 9/30/1743
Withington, John, Lot: C-115, d. 7/9/1826
Withington, Katherine, Lot: E-114, d. 10/1/1774
Withington, Mary, Lot: E-129, d. 12/31/1746
Withington, Mary, Lot: C-114, d. 9/27/1750
Withington, Mary, Lot: C-117, d. 1/10/1752
Withington, Mary, Lot: E121, d. 10/9/1816
Withington, Mary, Lot: E-120, d. 10/19/1816
Withington, Mary, Lot: M-9, d. 1/1/1854
Withington, Melissa, Lot: Z-10, d. 1897
Withington, Molley, Lot: H-296, d. 8/13/1762
Withington, Molley, Lot: H-297, d. 8/13/1762
Withington, Nance, Lot: H-230, d. 2/12/1782
Withington, Nathaniel, Lot: C-118, d. 9/8/1775
Withington, Phillip, Lot: E-124, d. 12/27/1736
Withington, Richard, Lot: H-110, d. 3/18/1748
Withington, Samuel, Lot: C-116, d. 10/29/1781
Withington, Samuel, Lot: A-151, d. 4/29/1820
Withington, Samuel, Lot: M-12, d. 10/1/1832
Withington, Samuel, Lot: C-124, d. 1726
Withington, Samuel, Lot: M-12A
Withington, Sarah, Lot: E-183, d. 4/18/1746
Withington, Sarah, Lot: M-14, d. 9/15/1756
Withington, Sarah, Lot: M-11, d. 4/26/1768
Withington, Sarah, Lot: H-112, d. 3/14/1769
Withington, Sarah, Lot: O-69, d. 10/9/1839
Withington, Sarah, Lot: Z-11, d. 3/21/1853
Withington, Thankful, Lot: E-111, d. 9/6/1782
Withington, Thankfull, Lot: C-160, d. 12/23/1711
Withington, Thomas, Lot: M-13, d. 12/24/1842
Withington, Thomas, Lot: M-13A
Withington, William, Lot: E-127, d. 1/4/1744
Withington, William, Lot: P-69, d. 1/24/1771
Withinston, William, Lot: L-4, d. 11/16/1887
Wkwall, Hannah, Lot: C-71, d. 1742
Wolkins, Charlie, Lot: T-59
Wolkins, Ettie, Lot: T-59
Wolkins, Frederick, Lot: T-60, d. 1907
Wolkins, Frederick Louis, Lot: T-11, d. 12/11/1900
Wolkins, Johanna, Lot: T-60, d. 1947
Wolkins, Lottie, Lot: T-59
Wolkins, Sophia, Lot: T-60, d. 1905
Wood, Lot: U-4
Wood, Mausoleum, Lot: U-4
Wood, Miriam, Lot: B-79, d. 10/19/1706
Woodard, Eliza, Lot: A-121, d. 1/9/1843
Woodard, Eliza, Lot: A-122, d. 1/9/1843
Woodward, John, Lot: C-128, d. 1737
Woodward, W, Lot: B-117, d. 1/7/1890
Woodworth, Lot: M-73
Woodworth, Elias J, Lot: W-11
Woodworth, Ellen Agnes, Lot: W-52, d. 4/18/1884
Woodworth, George P, Lot: W-13, d. 3/6/1872
Woodworth, Laura, Lot: W-12, d. 5/1/1851
Wry, George, Lot: M-71, d. 4/3/1908
Yendell, Elizan, Lot: F-19, d. 12/21/1870
Yendell, George, Lot: F-18, d. 9/19/1850
Yendell, Lucy, Lot: F-16, d. 10/6/1851
Yendell, Lucy, Lot: F-14, d. 5/9/1928
Yendell, Paul, Lot: F-14, d. 2/6/1918
Yendell, Sarah, Lot: F-17, d. 1866

Unidentified Graves

Illegible, Lot: H-133, d. 1/1/1759
Illegible, Lot: M-7, d. 17
Illegible, Lot: T-43, d. 1865
Illegible, Lot: W-3A
Illegible, Lot: B-161
Illegible, Lot: B-168
Illegible, Lot: E-205
Illegible, Lot: E-59
Illegible, Lot: H-135
Illegible, Lot: H-172
Illegible, Lot: H-182
Illegible, Lot: H-184
Illegible, Lot: H-189
Illegible, Lot: H-203
Illegible, Lot: H-205
Illegible, Lot: H-206
Illegible, Lot: H-217A
Illegible, Lot: H-234A
Illegible, Lot: H-249
Illegible, Lot: H-251
Illegible, Lot: H-264
Illegible, Lot: H-289
Illegible, Lot: H-291
Illegible, Lot: H-293
Illegible, Lot: H-32A
Illegible, Lot: H-35A
Illegible, Lot: M-10
Illegible, Lot: M-17
Illegible, Lot: M-34
Illegible, Lot: M-59
Illegible, Lot: M-6
Illegible, Lot: N-110
Illegible, Lot: N-16
Illegible, Lot: N-2
Illegible, Lot: N-21
Illegible, Lot: N-21
Illegible, Lot: P-123
Illegible, Lot: Q-24
Illegible, Lot: Q-25
Illegible, Lot: R-3
Illegible, Lot: R-44
Illegible, Lot: T-19
Illegible, Lot: T-3
Illegible, M, Lot: M-24
Illegible, W D, Lot: Z-6
Illegible, William, Lot: L-183

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