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Saint John Cemetery
Beltsville, Prince George County, Maryland

Lat: 39° 02' 07"N, Lon: 76° 54' 32"W

Cemetery is just NE of Hwy #1 on west side of Hwy 201. It is owned and maintained by Saint John Episcopal Church in Beltsville.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 17.

Contributor's Index:

Beveridge, David, b. Dec 12, 1922, d. no date, h/o Ethel Whitehead, [BR]
Beveridge, Ethel, no dates, d/o Daisy Whitehead, [BR]
Chaney, Luther Rean Sr., b. May 18, 1896, d. Jul 18, 1958, h/o Mary Isabel Feighenne, [BR]
Chaney, Mary Isobel, b. Feb 28, 1897, d. Nov 5, 1972, w/o Luther Rean Sr, d/o Caroline Riddle Feighenne, [BR]
Chaney, Roland Rean, b. Jan 28, 1925, d. Jan 29, 1997, s/o Mary Isabel Feighenne Chaney, [BR]
Feighenne, Edward Jacob, b. Apr 26, 1841, d. Jul 28, 1926, h/o Elizabeth Ellen Benson, [BR]
Feighenne, Elizabeth Ellen Benson, b. Sep 11, 1842, d. May 15, 1926, w/o Edward Jacob, [BR]
Fieghenne, Augusta A. Stanowsky, b. Mar 4, 1874, d. Mar 2, 1949, w/o Charles Jacob Fieghenne , [BR]
Fieghenne, Charles Jacob, b. Sep 12, 1875, d. Jan 25, 1955, h/o Augusta A, [BR]
Riddle, Rufus, b. Nov 4, 1880, d. Apr 17, 1953, s/o James and Emma Riddle, [BR]
Riddle, Sarah E., b. Feb 22, 1835, d. Jan 15, 1905, w/o Archibald Riddle, [BR]
Whitehead, Daisy, b. Feb 21, 1883, d. Dec 15, 1969, w/o George, d/o James and Emma Riddle, [BR]
Whitehead, George, no dates, h/o Daisy Whitehead, [BR]
Wissman, Bertha L. Kelley, b. Feb 12, 1898, d. Nov 7, 1920, w/o Henry Jacob Wissman, [BR]
Wissman, Christina Feighenne, b. Jul 7, 1865, d. Jan 21, 1951, w/o Jason D, [BR]
Wissman, Henry Jacob, b. Mar 13, 1887, d. May 14, 1953, h/o Bertha L Kelley, s/o Christina Feighenne Wissman, [BR]
Wissman, Jason D., b. Jun 8, 1863, d. Dec 22, 1937, h/o Christina Feighnenne, [BR]

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