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Publish Your Cemetery Records!

We publish cemetery transcriptions so that millions of genealogy and history researchers around the world can access them for use. If you have compiled a cemetery transcription, we're interested in hearing from you.

What we offer to you is high visibility of your work. Between 10,000 to 15,000 people EACH DAY visit this website to find cemetery transcriptions. We are not owned by any other commercial genealogy company, and we will not sell your transcription to anyone.

Submitting Your Transcription

Submitting your transcriptions should be done by attaching your transcription (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Works, MS Access, Text File, ASCII File, or other) to an e-mail, and send it to: steve@cleardigitalmedia.com

(note: When submitting and re-contacting, please do not submit a transcription more than once. Always contact Steve first to make sure if he received it, if you question it not being on line yet.)

Please only submit one cemetery per e-mail. If you have transcriptions of several cemeteries, submit several e-mails.

The subject line of the e-mail must contain the name of the cemetery, state, and county, for example, "Bethel Cemetery, Arizona, Maricopa County".

Please read our Terms of Use, as it constitutes your agreement in regards to submitting transcriptions.

Required Information

All transcriptions MUST include the following information:

  • The official name of the cemetery
  • The location of the Cemetery (town, county, state, country, etc.).
  • Street address of the cemetery (or driving directions from a well known starting point)
  • The date the transcription was compiled.
  • How the information was compiled (tombstone inscriptions, sexton records, previous transcriptions).
  • Whether the file contains all the known or visible burials, or if it contains a partial list of burials
  • The names of the people who compiled the transcription.

Additional information that is much desired:

  • History of the cemetery
  • Ownership of the cemetery
  • Whom persons can contact to get additional information about the cemetery or its interred.
  • Condition of the cemetery

Please also read our guidelines on File Types.

Read our article on How to Record a Cemetery in you've never recorded one before.

Types of Transcriptions we Publish

Interment.net publishes cemetery transcriptions compiled from the following sources:

  • Tombstone inscriptions, grave markers
  • Sexton records, or other records on file with the cemetery office

Complete Works

We prefer "complete works", that is, a complete recording of all persons interred in a cemetery, or as complete as possible. We are looking to publish works from authors and transcribers who have taken the time to research the cemetery they are recording, noting the official name of the cemetery, a detailed location, a brief history, cemetery ownership, and condition of the cemetery.

In order to obtain such comprehensive information, we expect each author or transcriber to have actually visited the cemetery or cemeteries.

Partial Works

We will publish "partial" recordings of cemeteries, however priority is given to complete works.


Interment.net does not provide compensation when works are published. This is a "library" where you (the author) can get visibility and credibility for your work, and help other people by providing them information that they may not otherwise be able to find.


We prefer transcriptions to be submitted using a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, or Lotus 1-2-3, or using a database such as Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Works.

We will accept word processor files, text files, rich text, and HTML files.

You can also type a transcription into the body of an e-mail.

If you are using a Mac, please convert the files into an ASCII format, such as text, rich text, or HTML.

File Types

  • If you are using spreadsheet or database, please only do so for transcriptions exceeding 10 records. For more information, click here
  • If you are using a word processor, text file, HTML, click here

Spreadsheet or Database

Use the following illustration as a template:

Capitalization: Please use standard capitalization practice. That is, names should be capitalized, months (Jan, Feb) should be capitalized. Please do not use all caps, or all lower case. It'll only make it tougher on us to correct.

Surname: The surname should be that which is listed on the grave marker. If you know the person's maiden name, we suggest tacking it at the end of the Given Name in parentheses. For example: Mary Rose (Carter). If the surname is unknown or unreadable, enter it as "??".

Given Name: The Given Name should be entered as it is listed on the grave marker or in the sexton records (cemetery's official records). If you know that this person has a nickname or other name, make mention of in the Notes column. If a Given Name is unreadable or unknown enter it as "??"

Birthdate: We prefer that dates are entered as "dd Mmm yyyy". For example: 12 Dec 1972. Months are expressed in three-letter abbreviation. If the month or day is unreadable, enter it as "??". If the month or day is not provided, then do not make an entry. If a portion of the date is unreadable enter a "?". For example "187?"

Birthplace: If the place of birth is indicated on the tombstone, enter into this column.

Deathdate: see Birthdate

Deathplace: see Birthplace

Age: Insert age, only if indicated on the tombstone. Otherwise leave this blank. If indicated, then add labels to the age. For example: 24 yrs. If years, months, and days are listed, use this form: 67y 3m 14d. Enter the age only if it is given on the grave marker or sexton records. Do not calculate the age from the birth and death dates.

Inscription: Enter the epitaph or other useful information that is actually inscribed or written on the grave marker. On veterans stones, enter the military info here. We do not suggest recording epitaphs that have no genealogical value ("Rest in Peace", "Asleep in Jesus"), although this is up to you. If the symbol of a fraternal organization (Masons, Lyons, WOW, etc.) is present, it appropriate to enter "Masons symbol", or "Eastern Star symbol"

Note: Use the notes column to enter any notes that you see valuable. Where two or more people are listed on the same grave marker, it is recommended to make a notation using the "s/w" label (see sample spreadsheet above). You might enter info on the person's spouse, or parents.

IMPORTANT: please do not get too carried away with the Notes. Please do not go on to list out the person's grandparents, or children, their occupation, accomplishments, etc. This goes beyond the scope of "burial records".

Unknown/Unreadable markers: If you find markers that are totally unreadable, or have no markings, we suggest entering the surname as "??" and the given name as "??". This way, those records will get sorted to the top of the file.

Burial coordinates: It is not a requirement to record the section, row, and marker locations. If you feel it necessary, please make columns for them after the Notes column. Enter each element into its own column.

Word Processor, Text File, or HTML

Use a semi-colon ";" to delineate the given name, and commas "," to delineate the other data elements. For example, the spreadsheet above would be entered as:

??, ??; "Our Baby"
?_inson, Dale; d. 189?
Barton, Mary; b. 24 Jun 1890, d. 13 Apr 1960, s/w Samuel A. Barton
Barton, Samuel A.; b. 14 Dec 1875, d. 4 Dec 1942, s/w Mary Barton
Clark, D. F.; b. 1854, d. 1896, Masons symbol
Clark, Rose; d. 1877, age 24 yrs, "Beloved Mother"
Clark, William E.; Husband of Rose Clark
Davis,; d. 1902, age 67y 10m 2d
Holder, Harmon T.; b. 1885, Texas, d. 1944, Missouri, "Native Son"
Lewis, Sue A. (Young); b. Jun 1877, d. May 1955

Important Points To Remember:

  • Enter each record on one continuous line. If the line gets very long, DO NOT break the line by pressing the <ENTER> key. Just let the line wrap automatically.
  • Do not double space the lines. That is, do not enter a blank line between lines. Enter one line after the other, just as the example above shows.
  • Please make sure line has a surname, or "??" to denote the absence of a surname.
  • Please enter a semi-colon after the Given Name only.
  • Please, DO NOT USE TABS to separate each data element. Use commas.
  • The epitaph should be enclosed in quotes.
  • Use labels to identify the dates and age. ("b." = birth, "d." death, "bur." = buried, "m." = married, "sec." = section, "plot" = plot, "mark." = marker)
  • If the given name is not provided, please enter a second comma. (Please see above sample record for "Davis"


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