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Ellicott Family Graveyard
Howard County, Maryland

Near 3771 Old Columbia Pike
Ellicott City, Maryland

Lat: Lat: 39° 15' 56"N, Lon: 76° 47' 57"W

Submitted by Joshua Jenkins, Dec 24, 2002, last edited Dec 08, 2010 [josh@joshjenkins.net]. Total records = 141.

To reach the cemetery turn onto steep driveway located at 3771 Old Columbia Pike in Ellicott City MD. Pull to right at top of driveway and park in alleyway in front of cemetery. There is another entrance to alleyway from Old Columbia Pike further up

Maryland Historical Society Road Sign: 'Friends Meeting House and Graveyard' "After founding the town of Ellicott Mills in 1772 the Ellicott brothers established this burying ground in 1795 and built the adjacent meeting house in 1800."

Only an approximation of when the cemetery was begun is known. It was about 1774. The Ellicott brothers donated the land for the site and mainly family members only are buried there, and still to this day. The current owners are Ellicott Graveyard, Inc., established in 1925.

I have created these records directly from the stones, done on Jul 22, July 23, and Aug 01, 2002, and this was compared to plot information supplied by Harry Hoffman, III of Ellicott Graveyard, Inc.

- Joshua Jenkins


s/w: Stone/Site With
s/by: Stone/Site By
h/o: Husband Of
w/o: Wife Of
d/o: Daughter Of
s/o: Son Of
m/o: Mother Of
f/g: Future Grave
f/t: Flat Stone
p/i: Derived from plot info only
p/i2: Derived mostly from plot info
c/m: cremated
p/b: Partially buried tombstone
n/p: Not on plot
p/l: Plaque
f/s: Footstone is also present

sec1: Section One (Nathaniel Ellicott Square)
sec2: Section Two (George Ellicott Square)

p/l2: Plaque - "The row of stones near this wall were moved June, 1974 from the Joseph Ellicott Graveyard near Ellicott's Upper Mills. The original stone of Joseph Ellicott has been lost".
m/t: Monument (includes 'Eddy" Edward Thomas Ellicott, Edward T. Ellicott, Eliza Ellicott, Kate Ellicott, and Anna C. Swope)
*: No Marker
***: This grave was moved from adjacent cemetery and is leaning against the NNW wall of cemetery. It is cracked and eroded. The last name could be Hooddy or Wooddy.

sec3: Section Three (Elias Ellicott Square)
sec4: Section Four (Jonathan Ellicott Square)

Biemiller, Andrew John, b. Jul 23, 1906, d. Apr 3, 1982, s/w Hannah M. Biemiller, sec3
Biemiller, Hannah M, b. May 14, 1906, d. Sep 13, 1984, s/w Andrew John Biemiller, sec3
Boyce, Caroline Ellicott, b. May 13, 1922, d. Jul 28, 1995, sec3
Boyce, Caroline Ellicott, b. Oct 21, 1900, d. Jan 13, 1990, p/l, sec3
Boykin, Carolyn Croker, f/g, p/i, sec1
Boykin, Roberta Maccoun, f/g, p/i, sec1
Brown, Esther, 1828, s/by Andrew Ellicott, p/i, sec1
Brown, Mary E, m/o Mary, p/l2, sec4
Carey, George Leiper (III), b. Jan 29, 1925, d. Sep 19, 1992, p/l, sec3
Carter, Diane R, b. Oct 21, 1944, d. Jan 30, 2000, w/o George C Carter, Jr., sec1
Carter, Elizabeth Ellicott, b. Aug 15, 1906, d. Jun 20, 1974, w/o Homer R
Carter, George C. (Jr.), f/g, p/i, sec1
Carter, Robert Brooke, b. Dec 1, 1931, d. Mar 23, 1932, s/o George and
Chesney, Madeleine LeMoyne Ellicott, b. 1926, d. 1995, p/l, sec3
Croker, Carolyn Ellicott Maccoun, b. Sep 3, 1907, d. Sep 25, 1975, sec1
Croker, John H. (Jr.), f/g, p/i, sec1
Croker, John Hanson, b. Jan 30, 1902, d. Jun 6, 1968, sec1
Cuyler, Eleanor, d. Sep 2, 1917, d/o Joseph Patterson, w/o Eugene Ellicott, s/w Eugene Ellicott, f/t, sec3
Duval, Kate, b. 1845, d. 1929, f/t, f/s, sec2
Elizabeth Ellicott Carter, f/s, sec1
Ellicott, Adrianne Ellis, b. Sep 15, 1955, d. Nov 7, 1992, sec3
Ellicott, Agnes Barbara, b. 1808, d. Jan 21, 1866, w/o George Ellicott, d/o Captain John Peterson, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, Alice, b. Oct 10, 1844, d. Jan 9, 1851, m/t, sec1
Ellicott, Andrew, b. Jan 22, 1733, Bucks Co, PA, d. Jun 20, 1809, h/o Mary Fox, b/o John, p/l, sec1
Ellicott, Andrew, b. Nov 26, 1802, d. Jul 25, 1852, s/o Nathaniel and Elizabeth Ellicott, sec1
Ellicott, Benjamin, b. 1796, d. 1867, s/o Elias, w/o Mary A. Carroll, s/w Mary A. Ellicott, f/t, sec3
Ellicott, Benjamin, b. Oct 16, 1761, d. Mar 11, 1838, f/s, sec3
Ellicott, Charles E (III), f/g, p/i, sec3
Ellicott, Charles E, b. 1838, d. 1920, sec3
Ellicott, Charles Ellis (Jr.), b. 1892, d. Jan, 1988, sec3
Ellicott, Charles Ellis, b. 1861, d. 1942, sec3
Ellicott, Edward Lea, b. Apr 20, 1870, d. 1942, p/i2, sec2
Ellicott, Edward T, b. May 15, 1847, d. Jan 11, 1851, h/o Kate, m/t, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Edward Thomas "Eddy", b. Oct 31, 1820, m/t, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Eileen R, f/g, p/i, sec1
Ellicott, Elias, b. Jan 4, 1759, d. 1827, p/i2, sec3
Ellicott, Eliza, b. Jun 27, 1843, d. Jun 18, 1851, m/t, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Elizabeth Brooke, b. Nov 25, 1762, d. Nov 29, 1853, w/o George Ellicott, d/o James and Harriet Hooper/Hopler, p/i2, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, Elizabeth E, b. Dec 30, 1764, Bucks Co, PA, d. Jul 1, 1764, Elk Ridge, MD, w/o Nathaniel Ellicott, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Elizabeth, b. Sep 14, 1844, d. Nov 22, 1844, d/o George and Agnes Ellicott, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, Eugene, b. Dec 8, 1846, d. Jun 3, 1906, s/o Benjamin, w/o Eleanor Cuyler, s/w Eleanor Cuyler, f/t, sec3
Ellicott, Eugenie, b. Jul 17, 1880, d. Feb 18, 1931, w/o M. Tyson Ellicott, d/o Celius and Alice Fuller Dryden, sec1
Ellicott, Evelyn Bryant, b. Nov 26, 1909, d. Sep 21, 1972, n/p, sec1
Ellicott, Frank Manning, b. Feb 23, 1897, d. Dec 3, 1948, s/o Francis Fox Ellicott & Minnie Manning, w/o Florence Olivia Harper, s/w Florence Olivia Harper, f/s, sec3
Ellicott, Franklin, b. Jan 26, 1879/1880, d. 1964, p/i2, sec2
Ellicott, Frederick A, b. 1849, d. 1854, s/o Benjamin & Mary C. Ellicott, f/t, s/w Mary D. Ellicott & Mary G. Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, George (II), b. Jul 16, 1798, d. Dec 16, 1869, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, George (III), b. Oct 9, 1848, d. Dec 6, 1880, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, George, b. Feb 15, 1869, d. 1920, p/i, sec2
Ellicott, George, b. Mar 28, 1760, d. Apr 9, 1832, p/i2, sec2
Ellicott, George, p/l2, sec4
Ellicott, Henry, b. 1810?, d. Aug 18, 1833, f/s, sec3
Ellicott, James, b. Jan 3, 1804, d. ? 24, 1826, f/s, p/i2, sec3
Ellicott, John Avalon, b. Feb 28, 1793, d. Jul 7, 1847, p/i, f/t, sec1
Ellicott, John Lemoyne, f/g, p/i, sec3
Ellicott, John V. Lemoyne, f/g, b. May 29, 1929, s/o Valcoulon L. Ellicott & Mary P. Gould, w/o Mary Lou Ulery Ellicott, s/w Mary Lou Ulery Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, John, b. Dec 28, 1739, Bucks Co, PA, d. Dec 28, 1794, b/o Andrew, p/l, sec1
Ellicott, John, b. Jan 18, 1803, d. Nov 5, 1860, s/w Philip T. Ellicott, f/s, sec3
Ellicott, John, b. Sep 16, 1769, d. Oct 12, 1820, sec1
Ellicott, Jonathan, b. Feb 23, 1800, d. Feb 24, 1831, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Jonathan, b. Nov 4, 1756, d. Sep 25, 1826, s/o Andrew Ellicott & Elizabeth, f/s, sec4
Ellicott, Joseph, b. Oct 8, 1732, Bucks Co, PA, d. Oct 15, 1780, p/l2, sec4
Ellicott, Judith, b. Dec 23, 1729, d. Jul 9, 1809, w/o Joseph Ellicott, p/l2, f/s, sec4
Ellicott, Kate, w/o Edward T, m/t, sec1
Ellicott, Kathryn, b. Aug 24, 1880, d. Mar 8, 1949, d/o George and Kate Duvall Ellicott, f/s, sec2
Ellicott, M. Tyson, b. Aug 21, 1871, d. Oct 7, 1931, s/o George and Kate Duval Ellicott, n/p, sec1
Ellicott, M. Tyson, b. Jul 5, 1905, d. Aug 30, 1980, sec1
Ellicott, Madeleine Lemoyne, b. 1856, d. 1945, sec3
Ellicott, Marjorie Foote, b. Nov 2, 1923, d. Oct 3, 1975, sec3
Ellicott, Marthae, m/o four infant children, p/l2, sec4
Ellicott, Mary A, b. 1820, d. Jun 6, 1856, d/o William Carroll, w/o Benjamin Ellicott, s/w Benjamin Ellicott, f/t, sec3
Ellicott, Mary Ann, b. Feb 10, 1806, d. Mar 22, 1843, d/o Jonathan & Sarah Ellicott, f/s, sec4
Ellicott, Mary Carroll, b. Sep 3, 1912, d. Oct 17, 1968, sec1
Ellicott, Mary D, b. Aug 20, 1854, d. Oct 21, 1854, d/o Benjamin & Mary C. Ellicott, f/t, s/w Frederick A. Ellicott & Mary G. Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, Mary G, b. Jun 14, 1856, d. Jul 6, 1856, d/o Benjamin & Mary C. Ellicott, f/t, s/w Frederick A. Ellicott & Mary D. Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, Mary Gould, f/g, b. Sep 28, 1897, d/o C. I. T. Gould & Grace Purnell, w/o Valcoulon LeMoyne Ellicott, s/w Valcoulon LeMoyne Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, Mary Harker, b. 1875, d. 1959, sec3
Ellicott, Mary Lou Ulery, b. May 20, 1931, d. Jan 28, 1995, d/o C. E. Ulery & Ann Protleff, w/o John V. LeMoyne Ellicott, s/w John V. LeMoyne Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, Mary Ross, b. Apr 23, 1832, d. Aug 15, 1845, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Mary Sangston, b. Mar 20, 1790, d. Mar 25, 1872, w/o John A. Ellicott, sec1
Ellicott, Mary, b. Nov 25, 1798, d. Jul 15, 1830, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Nathaniel, b. Jan 10, 1763, d. May 14, 1841, s/o Andrew Ellicott, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Nathaniel, b. Jan 23, 1796, d. 1833, p/i2, sec1
Ellicott, Philip T, b. Oct 9, 1809, d. Nov 22, 1879, s/w John Ellicott, f/s, sec3
Ellicott, Ridgely Hamilton, b. Jul 18, 1924, d. Mar 2, 2001, s/by Esther Brown, sec1
Ellicott, Robert B, f/g, p/i, sec3
Ellicott, Samuel, b. 1784, d. Dec 13, 1842, s/o Jonathan & Sarah Ellicott, f/s, sec4
Ellicott, Sarah Harvey, b. May 20, 1764, d. Jan 12, 1840, w/o Jonathan Ellicott, d/o ? & Frances? Harvey, f/s, sec4
Ellicott, Sarah, b. Jul 18, 1778?, p/l2, sec4
Ellicott, Thomas, b. Dec 11, 1799, d. 1841, p/i, s/by Mary Ellicott Hewes & Margaret Perrine, sec3
Ellicott, Valcoulon (II), f/g, p/i, sec3
Ellicott, Valcoulon LeMoyne, b. Nov 15, 1893, d. Feb 10, 1983, s/o Charles E. Ellicott & Madelein LeMoyne, w/o Mary Gould Ellicott, s/w Mary Gould Ellicott, sec3
Ellicott, William Miller (III), b. May 5, 1863, d. 1944, sec3
Ellicott, William, b. Oct 15, 1793, d. Mar 22, 1836, s/o Jonathan & Sarah Ellicott, f/s, sec4
Evans, Joseph, b. Jun 10, 1815, d. Apr 19, 1816, s/o Louis Miriam Evans, p/l2, sec4
Evans, Lettila, b. 1791, d. Sep 15, 1815, Baltimore City, MD, p/l2, f/s, p/b, sec4
Evans, Louis, b. Jun 28, 1759?, d. May 7, 1835?, p/l2, sec4
Evans, W. H.?, b. 1812, d. 1812, s/o Louis Miriam Evans, p/l2, sec4
Farr, Roberta M. J, f/g, p/i, sec1
George, Sarah Ellicott, d/o Jonathan & Sarah Harvey, s/w William Edmondson George, p/i, *, sec4
George, William Edmondson, b. Mar 13, 1786, d. Mar 8, 1839, h/o Sarah Ellicott, p/i, *, sec4
George, William P, f/g, sec4
Grea?, Sar?aem, p/l2, sec4
Haines, Beth Tyson, b. Oct 9, 1815?, d. Dec 23?, d/o George Ellicott, f/s, sec2
Haines, Ephraim, b. 1839, d. Mar 7, 1873, f/s, sec2
Harper, Forence Olivia, b. Sep 29, 1896, d. Sep 7, 1973, d/o Joseph W. Harper & Lavinia Baynard, w/o Frank Manning Ellicott, s/w Frank Manning Ellicott, f/s, sec3
Hendricks, Homer R, b. Jan 19, 1900, d. Feb 12, 1971, h/o Elizabeth Ellicott, sec1
Hess, Claire Dorest, b. Dec 29, 1893, d. May 21, 1976, w/o William M. Ellicott Hess, sec4
Hess, William M. Ellicott, b. Oct 9, 1895, d. Dec 24, 1986, h/o Claire Dorest Hess, sec4
Heubeck (Jr.), Andrew, f/g, p/i, sec2
Hewes, Mary Ellicott, b. Apr 9, 1818, d. July 13, 1838, f/s, p/i2, sec3
Hewes, Rachel T. Ellicott, b. Feb 17, 1791, d. Oct 9, 1842, f/s, sec3
Hoffman (III), Harry Lee, f/g, p/i, sec2
Hoffman (Jr.), Harry Lee, b. Dec 4, 1895, d. Jun 25, 1980, s/w Charlotte Feast Hoffman, sec2
Hoffman, Charlotte Feast, b. Oct 30, 1901, d. Feb 14, 2000, s/w Harry Lee Hoffman, Jr., sec2
Jackson, Grace Michel, b. Jun 7, 1945, d. Jan 20, 1986, w/o Richard, m/o Robert and Elizabeth, f/s, sec1
Jackson, Richard R. (Jr.), f/g, p/i, sec1
Jones, Joy E, f/g, p/i, sec3
Lanari, Roberta Toland Maccoun, b. Feb 3, 1904, d. Jun 9, 1962, sec1
Maccoun, Andrew Ellicott, b. Mar 29, 1873, d. Apr 4, 1931, f/s, sec1
Maccoun, Joanna Adrian Hughes, b. Sep 15, 1876, d. Sep 7, 1943, f/s, sec1
Mooddy?, Emiley Ann, b. 1823, d. Dec 8, 1826, d/o William & Ruth B. Mooddy, ***, sec2
Morgan, Hazel Ellicott, b. 1902, d. 1974, sec3
Morgan, Rees Leonard, b. 1893, d. 1963, sec3
Mylander, Henry August, b. Jan 15, 1914, d. Sep 7, 1988, sec1
Mylander, Margaret Maccoun, b. Aug 4, 1911, d. Sep 17, 1983, sec1
Perrine, Margaret, b. 177?, d. Jan 8, 1843, f/s, p/i2, sec3
Poultney, Nannie, b. Jan 1, 1854, d. Jul 3, 1920, d/o Samuel & Mary A. Ellicott, sec3
Rhinehart, Christopher Charles, b. Jan 3, 1948, d. Jul 21, 1985, sec4
Rhinehart, Robert Russell, b. Aug 11, 1917, d. Jan 29, 1988, h/o Mari Hess Rhinehart, sec4
Stevenson, Andrew E, f/g, p/i, sec3
Swope, Anna C, m/t, p/i, sec1
Thompson, Portia Haines, b. Oct 20, 1868, d. Jul 28, 1912, sec2
Tomlin, Aubrey L, d. 1999, c/m, s/w Sarah W. E. B. Tomlin, s/by Robert Russell Rhinehart, p/i, *, sec4
Tomlin, Sarah W. E. B, d. 1998, c/m, s/w Aubrey L. Tomlin, s/by Robert Russell Rhinehart, p/i, *, sec4
Tyson, Anne E, b. May 14, 1801, d. Jul 16, 1839, p/i2, f/s, sec2
Tyson, Elizabeth Ellicott, b. Feb 6, 1826, d. May 6, 1912, d/o Thomas & Mary Ellicott Tyson, f/s, sec2
Tyson, Mary E, b. May 14, 1801, d. Jun 23, 1834, d/o Lo? & Elizabeth Tyson, f/s, sec2
Tyson, Thomas, b. Jun, 1791, d. Mar, 1853, f/s, sec2
Valentine, Ruth Ellicott, b. 1895, d. 1968, f/t, f/s, sec3
Watts, Mary Maccoun, b. May 30, 1910, d. Jul 5, 1988, w/o Sewell, m/o Richard and Roberta, f/s, sec1

??, ??, b. 1785, d. 1830, sec4
Hendricks, , no dates, sec1

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