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Laboring Sons Cemetery
Frederick City, Frederick County, Maryland

Chapel Alley btwn Fifth & Sixth Sts
Frederick City, Maryland

Lat: 39° 25' 14"N, Lon: 77° 24' 26"W

From Highway 15 North take the Jefferson Street exit. Make a left at the light. Go down three lights to North Bentz St., make a right on north Bentz St. Follow Bentz to 5th Street until you get to Chapel Alley. The Park/Cemetery is on the right side.

The Beneficial Society of Laboring Sons of Frederick was established in 1837 to provide a proper burial for free blacks, the city's tanners, carpenters, blacksmiths and more. The cemetery was established in 1851. It is sometimes referred to as Laboring Sons Memorial Ground.

By the 1940s the cemetery was in disrepair and the elders of the society could no longer afford to take care of it. An arrangement was made with the city that the land would go to the city and a memorial plaque memorializing those buried there would be erected. This never occured. The city added a playground and for many years it was a "whites only" playground.

In 2000 a reporter investigated this, an uproar followed. Since then the playground has been dismantled and a memorial park was constructed. A plaque was erected with the names from city records. It was dedicated Jan 15, 2003. The final dedication will be Jun 20, 2003.

Approximately 1500 people are buried in this cemetery. With time many stones were destroyed or there were no stones. In 2011 there are no existing headstones.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Aug 29, 2011. Total records = 118.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Miranda, b 28 Nov 1828, d. 18 May 1915, [PB]
Barnes Griffith, d. 28 Jul 1924, [PB]
Barton, James, b. 11 Mar 1816, d. 7 Jun 1872, [PB]
Baton, Mary, d. 1861, [PB]
Bias, Maria, b. 1769, d. 1853, [PB]
Bowan, John W., d. 1853, [PB]
Bowan, Margaret A., 1 Mar 1886, [PB]
Boyd, Agnes C., d. 22 Jun 1905, [PB]
Boyd, Daniel, d. 14 Oct 1891, [PB]
Brighton, Francis, b. 25 Apr 1833, d. 25 Jan 1874, [PB]
Britely, Harriet, b. 16 Sep 1862, d. 22 Aug 1874, [PB]
Brown, W. H., Co. K. 28th U.S.C.T., [PB]
Butler, Harriet, d. 4 Feb 1879, [PB]
Carter, David, d. 4 Apr 1899, [PB]
Chambers, M. Catherine, d. 7 Nov. 1898, [PB]
Coleman, George, b. 6 Oct 1865, d. 11 May 1888, [PB]
Coleman, Lucinda, b. 28 Apr 1872, d. 28 Jul 1889, [PB]
Corrine, Maria, no dates, [PB]
Costely, Walker F., no dates, [PB]
Costley, Louis P., d. 4 Jun 1921, [PB]
Craig, Hellen Ann, b. 17 Oct 1856, d. 7 Mar, 1933, [PB]
Daily, Minnie, b. 1874, d. Feb 1911, w/o Benjamin, daughter of Benjamin Foreman, [PB]
Daley, Benjamin, b. 1791, d. 30 Aug 1863, [PB]
Daley, Jane, b. 1824, d. 9 Aug 1897, [PB]
Davis, James N., d. 21 Aug 1881, [PB]
Davis, James N., d. 21 Sep 1906, [PB]
Davis, Susan, d. 16 Jun 1881, [PB]
Dimmy, Adda, no dates, Daughter of Richard and Georgeanna, [PB]
Dimmy, Emilly, no dates, Daughter of Richard and Georgeanna, [PB]
Dimmy, Georgeanna, b. 10 Aug 1839, d. 15 Feb 1911, [PB]
Dimmy, J.Richard, b. 15 Mar 1837, d. 23 Jul 1910, [PB]
Dimmy, John H., no dates, Son of Richard and Georgeanna, [PB]
Dimmy, Richard, d. 1 Dec 1889, [PB]
Dixon, Florence, d. 3 Jan 1900, [PB]
Dixon, Mable B., d. 7 May 1903, [PB]
Dorsey, Harry S., d. 5 May 1937, [PB]
Frazier, Willie F., b. 16 May 1870, d. 11 Aug 1884, [PB]
Gallaway, Hillery, d. May 1856, [PB]
Gallaway, Margaret, b. 1800, d. 27 Oct 1855, [PB]
Gallaway, Maria, d. 16 Apr 1886, [PB]
Gidyard, Charles, d. 17 Jun 1924, [PB]
Gross, John Henry, b. 6 Mar 1836, d. 18 Sep 1847, [PB]
Gross, Martha, d. 2 Oct 1851, [PB]
Harris, Maria, d. 12 Sep 1879, [PB]
Hill Mary E., b. 20 Aug 1872, d. 27 Aug 1912, [PB]
Hill, Elizabeth, b. 6 Sep 1836, d. 3 Aug 1861, [PB]
Johnson, Ella M., d. 28 Aug 1900, [PB]
Johnson, George W., d. 11 Sep 1903, [PB]
Johnson, Rachel, d. 23 May 1887, [PB]
Jones, Jane, no dates, [PB]
Lanzel,John H. H., b. 1828, d. 19 Dec 1899, h/o Margaret Louisa, [PB]
Lanzell, Margaret, d. 18 Jul 1917, [PB]
Lanzell, Raymond, d. 13 Feb 1921, [PB]
Lanzell, Thomas, no dates, Co. F 8th U.S.C.T., [PB]
Larkins, George, d. 16 May 1857, [PB]
Larkins, Rachel, d. 29 Sep 1864, [PB]
Lee, Henry, Co. I, 28th U.S.C.T., [PB]
Lee, Madison C., d. 19 Sep 1921, [PB]
Lowry, Nancy, d. 29 Dec 1813, [PB]
Lyles, Maria, d. 10 Jul 1908, [PB]
Maddox, Laura, d. Jan 1875, [PB]
McCubbin, Elizah, d. 27 Jun 1890, [PB]
Miller, Mary E., b. 2 Jan 1841, d. 8 Apr 1861, [PB]
Nicholas, Nickolas, Co. B. 19th U.S.C.T., [PB]
Nichols, Clara McK, d. 3 Oct 1922, [PB]
Nichols, Elizabeth, b. 1878, d. 1932, [PB]
Offutt, Dortha E., b. 1865, d. 1924, [PB]
Ogle, Benjamin, d. 17 Jun 1890, [PB]
Ogle, Susan M., d. 3 Feb 1902, [PB]
Posey, Mary E., 24 Mar 1942, [PB]
Powell, Levenia, b. 19 Aug 1806, [PB]
Powell, Wm. W., 16 May 1836, d. 17 May 1889, [PB]
Powell, Wm., no dates, Co. D. 2nd U.S.C.T., [PB]
Randalls, James, d. 18 Mar 1883, [PB]
Roberts, Thomas H., b. 1836, [PB]
Saints, Matilda, d. 11 Apr 1911, [PB]
Sanders, Anna, d. Aug 1861, [PB]
Sanders, Elisa Erice, d. 21 Mar 1871, [PB]
Sanders, John, d. 3 Mar 1871, [PB]
Smith, Albert, b. 26 Feb 1863, d. 26 Feb 1866, [PB]
Smith, Aver, b. 18 Jan 1870, d. 21 Feb 1871, [PB]
Smith, John T., d. 16 May 1893, [PB]
Stanton, Charles H., d. 13 Aug 1922, [PB]
Stanton, Eliza, d. 13 Aug 1922, [PB]
Steward, Jennie, d. 2 Feb 1902, [PB]
Taylor, Nellie, d. 5 Feb 1902, [PB]
Thomas, Amelia M., d. 8 Aug 1833, d. 1857, [PB]
Thomas, Ellen, b. Jan 1805, d. 30 Aug 1875, [PB]
Thomas, Harrison M., d. 20 Feb 1907, [PB]
Thomas, John W., b. 3 Jan 1812, d. 16 Jul 1837, [PB]
Thomas, John, no dates, [PB]
Thomas, Mary Ellen, b. 22 Jan 1814, d. 13 Aug 1827, [PB]
Thomson, Nickolas, d. 30 Apr 1863, [PB]
Turner, Henry Edward, b. Mar 1858, d. 20 Jan 1919, h/o Rosa Heights, [PB]
Turner, James L, d. 25 May 1909, [PB]
Turner, John H., no dates, Son of Henry and Rosa, [PB]
Waker, James T., d. 4 Apr 1888, [PB]
Walekr, William H, b. 1 Nov 1849 D. 15 Nov 1877, [PB]
Walker, Edward W., d. 23 Jan 1949, [PB]
Walker, Emily R., d. 16 Apr 1897, [PB]
Walker, Francis L, d. 30 Aug 1874, [PB]
Walker, George, d. 1890, [PB]
Walker, Harriet A., d. 5 Nov 1901, [PB]
Walker, Horace T, d. 10 Oct 1937, [PB]
Walker, John A., d. 13 Sep 1888, [PB]
Walker, Lucy, d. 11 Jan 1886, [PB]
Walker, Perry, d. 21 Jan 1865, [PB]
Walker, Phillip, b. 1 Apr 1829, d. 17 Dec 1906, [PB]
Whims, John, d.26 Mar 1836, [PB]
Whims, Theodore, d. 16 Jun 1852, [PB]
White, Samuel, b. 17 May 1806, d. 30 Mar 1880, [PB]
Williams, George, d. 10 Jul 1871, [PB]
Williams, Maria, d. 13 Nov 1873, [PB]
Wilson, Charles C, no dates, Father, [PB]
Wilson, Ida C, no dates, Mother, [PB]
Wimms, James, d. 6 Mar 1874, [PB]
Woodard, Hanna M., b. 2 May 1881, d. 19 May 1898, [PB]
Woodard, John Robert, b. 20 Aug 1863, d. 5 Mar 1874, [PB]

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