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Elder Cemetery
Saint Anthony, Frederick County, Maryland

Green Valley Road (State Highway 75)
Hyattstown, Maryland

Lat: 39° 40' 22"N, Lon: 77° 21' 06"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Mar 13, 2008, Last edited Apr 04, 2008 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 11.

In Saint Anthony, from the intersection of Highways 15 and 76, go south on Highway 76 for .4 miles until you see a dirt road and a sign that says "Elder Cemetery". Turn onto that dirt road and go east for .2 miles them north for .1 miles. The cemetery is sitting on on the west side of the road.

This is a very old family cemetery that is in good condition. Most of the burials are from the descendants of the Elder Family who moved from Saint Mary County to Frederick County Maryland in the 1730s. Some of the stones were very hard to read due to the aging of the headstone.

I walked through this cemetery on Mar 02, 2008.

- Anne Braun

Colbert, Ignatius, d. Dec 1838, age 10 years
Desrosies, Winnie Ann, bb. Nov 6, 1764, d. Nov 9, 1780
Elder, Ann Wheeler, d. Aug 11, 1739, age 30 years
Elder, Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1727, d. Aug 1802
Elder, Jacoba Clementia, d. Sep 19, 1807, age 90 years
Elder, Mary J., b. Mar 29, 1777, d. Mar 1, 1842
Elder, Richard, d. Mat 16, 1790, age 66 years
Elder, Sarah, b. Oct 11, 1754, d. Mar 1, 1789
Elder, Sarah, b. Sep 8, 1760, d. Mar 28, 1787
Elder, Thomas M., b. Nov 29, 1773, d. Sep 2, 1800
Elder, William Sr., b. 1707, d. Apr 22, 1775, age 68 years, Revolutionary War Patriot

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