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Fergusson Family Cemetery (Mulberry Grove Cemetery)
Charles County, Maryland

7930 Chapel Point Road, Port Tobacco, Maryland

Lat: 38° 29' 28"N, Lon: 77° 00' 58"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Dec 02, 2006 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 35.

In Port Tobacco, from the intersection of Highway 6 and Chapel Point Road, go south on Chapel Point Road for 1 mile until you reach the address of 7930 Chapel Point Road. Turn there and go up the road until you see the cemetery. The cemetery is about 40 feet from the house.

This is a family cemetery that was once abandoned. Most of the people who are buried there are descendants of the Ferguson- Mitchell Families. The first burial took place in 1760. The last burial took place in 1938. For many years, the cemetery was neglected. I tried a several times in the past to go in there, but because of the poison ivy and thorn plants, I could not do an accurate reading on the cemetery.

In early October 2006, some of the members of the Charles County Genealogical Society with the help of Mr. Edelin (the owner of the property) cleared and cleaned out the cemetery. Today, one is free to go up there and take a look at this beautiful cemetery. Some of the headstones are over six feet tall.

It is on property that was called 'Mulberry Grove', which was a plantation at one time. The cemetery is also known as the Mulberry Grove Cemetery.

This includes all existing and legible headstone readings from when I visited this cemetery on Nov 26, 2006.

- Anne Braun

Contee, Peter, d. Nov 22, 1768, age 72yr and 2mn
Day, Annie B., b. Feb 9, 1783, d. May 11, 1845, age 52 years, w/o E.W. Day
Fergusson, Dr. Oscar, b. Mar 12, 1827, d. Feb 18, 1864, s/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, Dr. Robert, b. Nov 14, 1806, d. Apr 4, 1879, age 72yr and 4mn
Fergusson, Elizabeth, b. Jul 23, 1785, d. Nov 11, 1848, w/o John
Fergusson, Elizabeth, b. Sep 11, 1821, d. Jan 18, 1833, d/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, James, b. Apr 22, 1878, d. Nov 21, 1922, s/o Robert and Katherine
Fergusson, James, b. Mar 11, 1816, d. Oct 28, 1854, s/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, Jane, b. Dec 29, 1811, d. Aug 15, 1812, d/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, John B.T., b. Dec 19, 1813, d. Dec 6, 1855
Fergusson, John Beale Turner, b. Jun 23, 1889, d. Feb 14, 1897, s/o Katherine and Robert, Brother
Fergusson, John, b. Jan 18, 1773, d. Nov 8, 1843
Fergusson, Katherine, b. Oct 16, 1852, d. Sep 5, 1896, Mother
Fergusson, M. Josephine, b. Aug 11, 1843, d. Sep 10, 1938
Fergusson, Matilda T., b. Aug 29, 1825, d. Aug 17, 1831, d/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, Robert Cutler, b. Aug 14, 1883, d. Dec 20, 1918, s/o Robert and Katherine
Fergusson, Robert Cutler, b. Mar 26, 1891, d. Mar 2, 1894, Father, s/w Katherine
Fergusson, Robert, d. Sep 1 1812, age 72 years
Fergusson, William, b. Aug 15, 1808, d. Jan 17, 1857, s/o John and Elizabeth
Fergusson, William, b. Jan 16, 1877, d. Jul 31, 1933, s/o Robert and Katherine
Fergusson, Zephaniah T., b. Sep 29, 1819, d. Jul 30, 1823, s/o John and Elizabeth
Hanson, Elizabeth, d. Oct 12, 1763, age 1yr and 10mn, d/o John and Jane
Hanson, John, d. Mar 6, 1760 , age 6 years, s/o John and Jane
Leland. Annie C., d. Mar 11, 1853, age 30yr and 5mn, w/o Luther
Mitchell, Bette F., b. Oct 1, 1832, d. Apr 7, 1902
Mitchell, General Walter, b. Aug 10, 1801, d. Mar 27, 1870, Military Veteran
Mitchell, Jane, b. and d. ???, 3, 1852, d/o Walter and Mary. s/w Mary F. (headstone missing a piece from it)
Mitchell, Mary Ellen, d. Jun 28, 1864, age 1yr 11mn and 19da, d/o William and Emily
Mitchell, Mary F., b, and d. ???, 3, 1852, d/o Walter and Mary
Mitchell, Mary, b. Dec 29, 1809, d. Oct 5, 1855, w/o Walter
Mitchell, Mary, b. Oct 5, 1855, d. Oct 12, 1855, d/o Walter and Mary
Mitchell, Robert, d. Jan 11, 1852, age 1yr 4mn and 23da, s/o Walter and Mary
Muschett, M. Matilda, b. Dec 29, 1832, d. Apr 2, 1866, w/o P.W.
Shackleford, John L., d. Sep 5, 1863, age 32 years
Shackleford, Johnnie, d. Jul 18, 1862, age 8 months, s/o John and M.

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