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Quaker Burying Ground Cemetery
Galesville, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 22.

Contributor's Index:

Compiled March 1998, [SS]

COLE, Ann Priscilla, b.12 MAR 1866, d.30 APR 1943, [SS]
COLE, Annie Virginia, b.2 APR 1891, d.JUL 1969, AT REST, [SS]
COLE, Clara C, b.28 NOV 1888, d.JAN 1981, AT REST, [SS]
COLE, Eliza Ann, b.13 AUG 1828, d.26 JUN 1867, OUR MOTHER, IN THEE O LORD HAVE I PUT MY TRUST, [SS]
COLE, Howard Lee, b.10 OCT 1882, d.5 DEC 1884, [SS]
COLE, Hubert M, b.24 NOV 1886, d.19 AUG 1949, BELOVED BROTHER MAY HE REST IN PEACE, [SS]
COLE, Joseph William, b.8 MAR 1847, d.5 DEC 1911, FATHER, [SS]
COLE, Julia C Wayson, b.29 JUL 1862, d.22 NOV 1933, MOTHER, MAY SHE REST IN PEACE, [SS]
COLE, Laura Ellen, b.12 NOV 1858, d.18 APR 1922, [SS]
COLE, Mary Georgeanna, b.2 APR 1862, d.15 MAR 1886, OUR SISTER, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, [SS]
COLE, Sarah Eliza, b.18 JUL 1860, d.3 JUN 1901, [SS]
COLE, William W, b.31 DEC 1884, d.2 SEP 1904, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, [SS]
COLE, William Wesley, b.MAY 1819, d.20 JUN 1886, OUR FATHER, SWEET REST IN HEAVEN, [SS]
LYONS, Rebecca Fry Peake Hunt, b.1846, d.13 MAY 1919, [SS]
PEAKE, Allen Roy, b.6 OCT 1888, d.7 JUN 1957, FATHER, [SS]
PEAKE, Annie E, b.29 OCT 1885, d.25 OCT 1952, MOTHER, [SS]
PEAKE, (George) Bayard, b.24 JUL 1880, d.28 JAN 1931, BELOVED SON OF J MILLARD & EMMA, AT REST, [SS]
PEAKE, Joseph Millard, b.21 DEC 1854, d.1 MAY 1933, AT REST, [SS]
PEAKE, Joseph Roy, b.MAY 25 1915, d.JAN 8 1984, SGT US ARMY, WORLD WAR II, BELOVED UNCLE, [SS]
PEAKE, Lois Emma, b.29 JAN 1864, d.27 AUG 1940, AT REST, [SS]
PEAKE, W W, b.1919, 1921, [SS]
TANNER, Susan E J Cole, b.AUG 30 1835, d.SEP 4, 1891, BELOVED WIFE OF JAMES W TANNER, [SS]

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