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South Milton Cemetery
Milton, Saratoga County, New York

Contributed by Sue Szewczyk [susansz@capital.net].  Total records = 28.

This cemetery is on the east side of a road running in a southerly direction, near the south boundary line of the township of Milton and near the residence of A. Wood. The foregoing is a complete list of all the stones. The copy was made by E.D. Harris and C.E. Durkee jointly November 21,1876. 

- Sue Szewczyk

Bancker, Henry H., died Dec 13, 1853 age 26 yrs
Baxter, Isaac N., son of Samuel & Esther A died Nov 27, 1826 3d yr
Beach, Asa, died Nov 9, 1840 80th yr
Beach, Hannah, wife of Asa died Sept 18, 1835 77 yr
Curtis, Eunice, wife of Z died July 27, 1844 62 yrs
Curtis, Lacy, died Nov 17, 1867 79 yr 11 month 24 days
Curtis, Hepzibah, wife of Lacy died Oct 19, 1839 age 46 yrs
Curtis, John, died Feb 19, 1837 82 days 
Curtis, Abigail, Wife of John died Feb 1, 1828 74 th yr
Curtis, Clarissa, died June 6, 1859 age 79 yr
Foster, Alethea, Wife of Nathaniel died June 7, 1820 21 yr 27 days
Foster, Jonah, died Dec 18, 1826 64th yr
Foster, Charlotte, wife if Moses died Marc 27, 1838 40 yrs
Foster, Martha M., Daughter of Moses & Charlotte died April 1, 1838 1yr 8 month 11 days
French, Ebenezer, died Sept 25, 1823 67th yr
French, Rachel, wife of Mr Ebenezer died Sept 19, 1825 71 st yr
Garrison, Alden March, son of C H & H died aug 29, 1870 1y 21 days
Hoyt, Victory H., died July 19, 1827 age 34 yrs
Lacy, Gershom, died June 11, 1826 60 yrs 2 month 3 days
Porter, Nancy, wife of Isaiah G died Feb 7, 1864 55 yrs
Porter, Eunice Caroline, daugh of Isaiah & Mary C died Nov 30, 1842 1 yr 1 day
Porter, Jane Ann, Daughter of Isaiah G & Mary C died Aug 20, 1840 8 month 20 days
Porter, Mary C, Wife of Isaiah G died Nov 10 1843 27th yr
St John, Jerusha, wife of James died Sept 16, 1811 75th yr
Wheeler, George W., erected by his son Datis died Jan 8, 1847 70 yrs
Wheeler, Azubah, wife of G W died Aug 4, 1854 76 yrs
Wheeler, Julia, Wife of Datis E died Dec 2, 1848 3 yrs
Wood, Albert, son of A & EH died Oct 1, 1862 2 yr 9 days

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