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Westerly Burying Ground
West Roxbury, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

westerly burying ground
Westerly Burying Ground

GPS: 42.281336, -71.158413

Centre Street & Lagrange Street
Boston, MA 02132

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 273

Westerly Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


West Roxbury was originally part of the Town of Roxbury, founded contemporaneously with Boston in 1630. The town's first burial place was today's Eliot Burying Ground, near the present-day Dudley Square. This was a far distance to go for the inhabitants of West Roxbury and in 1683 the town selectmen voted to establish a local burying place, now known as Westerly Burying Ground.

A conflict between the rural and more urbanized parts of the town led to the split of West Roxbury from Roxbury proper in 1851. West Roxbury became an official part of the City of Boston in 1874. Westerly Burying Ground served as this community's burial place well into the nineteenth century. The oldest graves contain many of the town's earliest and most prominent families. Eight Revolutionary War veterans and fifteen Civil War veterans are also interred here. The site is significant for its large collection of three centuries of funerary art. One-third of its extant gravestones date from the eighteenth century; almost half date from the nineteenth century and only about twenty bear twentieth-century dates. Another distinguishing feature of Westerly Burying Ground is the number of individual mound tombs found here. Mound tombs at other burying grounds are typically larger, built to contain a number of bodies.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

B, E
, Lot: A-25
B, John, Lot: E-40
Bacon, Arthur, Lot: A-16, d. 1903
Bacon, Elizabeth, Lot: A-3, d. 2/9/1713
Bacon, George M, Lot: A-17, d. 7/20/1875
Bacon, Lydia J, Lot: A-17, d. 7/30/1870
Bacon, Maria, Lot: A-17, d. 11/20/1875
Belcher, Ann, Lot: F-9, d. 1886
Billings, Tomb, Lot: C-2
Billings, Tomb, Lot: F-4
Black, William, Lot: D-23, d. 12/11/1859
Blake, Charles, Lot: F-9, d. 8/7/1881
Blake, John, Lot: F-9, d. 10/26/1881
Bosworth, Lot: A-15
Brownell, Elizabeth, Lot: D-4, d. 3/17/1886
Buck, Cyrus, Lot: A-6
Buck, Daniel H, Lot: A-6, d. 1879
Buck, Evnice, Lot: A-5, d. 1945
Buck, Fidelia, Lot: A-6, d. 1896
Buck, Henry, Lot: A-1, d. 1908
Buck, James, Lot: A-9, d. 1925
Buck, James, Lot: A-8, d. 7/10/1937
Buck, Mary, Lot: A-6
Buck, Mary, Lot: A-6
Camberlain, Marie, Lot: D-30, d. 10/8/1877
Canoley, N, Lot: E-46
Chapin, Mary, Lot: B-1, d. 1/21/1855
Chapin, Tomb, Lot: F-2, d. 1845
Cliffe, Winslow, Lot: E-34
Colburn, John, Lot: B-28, d. 6/7/1732
Colburn, John, Lot: B-24
Collicott, Jennie, Lot: E-50, d. 12/3/1892
Cowing, Tomb, Lot: F-3, d. 1845
Curtis, Lot: D-14
Dana, Lot: C-2
Dow, Lot: A-15
Downe, Lot: D-14
Draper, Abigail, Lot: B-41, d. 10/25/1721
Draper, Abigail, Lot: B41, d. 10/25/1791
Draper, Abijah, Lot: B-34, d. 3/26/1836
Draper, David, Lot: A-13, d. 3/25/1842
Draper, Elizabeth, Lot: B-10
Draper, Elizabeth, Lot: B-18
Draper, James, Lot: B-39, d. 7/1/1691
Draper, James, Lot: B-40, d. 4/30/1698
Draper, James and Marriam, Lot: B39, d. 7/1/1694
Draper, John, Lot: B-20, d. 12/27/1772
Draper, John, Lot: B-11
Draper, Jonathan, Lot: B-43, d. 2/28/1717
Draper, Lavinia, Lot: B-34, d. 5/22/1864
Draper, Lucy S, Lot: A-13, d. 10/4/1820
Draper, Marriam, Lot: B-39, d. 1/1/1694
Draper, Mehetabel, Lot: B-17, d. 3/18/1757
Draper, Moses, Lot: A-13, d. 9/14/1822
Draper, Nathaniel, Lot: B-42, d. 12/30/1721
Draper, Nathaniel, Lot: B-16, d. 3/28/1767
Draper, Nathaniel, Lot: B-37
Draper, Nathaniel, Lot: B-9
Draper, Paul, Lot: B-21, d. 1/29/1788
Draper, Paul, Lot: B-12
Draper, Rachel, Lot: B-38, d. 5/16/1717
Draper, Rachel, Lot: B-36
Draper, Rebecca, Lot: A-13, d. 7/10/1854
Draper, Samuel, Lot: B-47, d. 6/12/1744
E, E, Lot: D-10
Earnshaw, Annle, Lot: E-3, d. 1889
Earnshaw, Charles, Lot: E-6, d. 1927
Earnshaw, Eben, Lot: E-3, d. 1884
Earnshaw, Frank, Lot: E-3, d. 1887
Earnshaw, Rosina, Lot: E-6, d. 1924
Eston, Phillip, Lot: B-53, d. 2/11/2016
Esty, Edward, Lot: D-12, d. 10/26/1857
Farrington, Benjamin, Lot: B-6, d. 2/1/1856
Farrington, Betsey, Lot: B-6, d. 5/22/1813
Farrington, Hanna, Lot: B-6, d. 1/21/1873
Floyd, Olive, Lot: C-3, d. 3/31/1868
G, J, Lot: D-22
Gay, Amasa, Lot: F-14, d. 8/22/1854
Gay, Rebecca, Lot: F-14, d. 5/16/1854
Gbuite, Markers, Lot: F-1
Gill, Jennet, Lot: D-26, d. 2/1/1819
Gookin, Hannah, Lot: B-15, d. 12/6/1758
Granite, Markers, Lot: B-35
Guild, Abner, Lot: C-8, d. 4/29/1877
Guild, Arthur, Lot: D-34, d. 1932
Guild, Benjamin, Lot: C-9, d. 3/10/1879
Guild, Clarence, Lot: D-34, d. 1951
Guild, Electa, Lot: C-10, d. 3/1/1880
Guild, Joel, Lot: D-34, d. 1923
Guild, Joel, Lot: D-34
Guild, Mary, Lot: C-7, d. 7/29/1878
H, A, Lot: E-22
H, James, Lot: B-56, d. 1798
H, Thankful, Lot: B-56, d. 1826
Hall, George, Lot: F-11, d. 11/9/1861
Hall, Sarah, Lot: F-11, d. 2/2/1878
Harper, Abby, Lot: E-23, d. 11/26/1845
Harper, Annie, Lot: E-30, d. 8/6/1887
Harper, Charles, Lot: E-24, d. 10/22/1862
Harper, Joseph, Lot: E-24, d. 5/16/1862
Harper, Joseph, Lot: E-31, d. 12/4/1872
Harvey, Catherine, Lot: B-52, d. 4/15/1868
Harvey, Sallie, Lot: B-59, d. 9/7/1852
Harvey, Samuel, Lot: B-52, d. 5/2/1824
Harvey, William, Lot: B-59, d. 10/20/1841
Hathaway, Polly, Lot: E-49, d. 2/16/1879
Healey, John, Lot: B-26
Healy, Hannah, Lot: B-25
Healy, John, Lot: B-33, d. 5/1/1783
Healy, Nath, Lot: B-30
Healy, Nathanael, Lot: B-32, d. 6/2/1734
Healy, Re, Lot: B-31, d. 1/6/1734
Helah, Helen, Lot: E-51, d. 2/2/1899
Herring, James, Lot: B-58, d. 3/1/1732
Herring, James, Lot: B-65, d. 3/26/1798
Herring, James, Lot: B-55
Herring, Sarah, Lot: B-57, d. 6/18/1794
Herring, Sarah, Lot: B-54
Herring, Thankful, Lot: B-65, d. 5/25/1826
Hetchins, Annie, Lot: F-7, d. 10/22/1858
Hibbard, Mary, Lot: B-83, d. 9/9/1852
Hibbard, Sarah, Lot: B-82, d. 11/18/1891
Hibbard, William, Lot: B-81, d. 5/28/1880
Hodges, Lot: D-14
Hodgman, Lot: E-48, d. 12/20/1868
Hooper, Susan, Lot: E-27, d. 4/9/1863
Howard, George, Lot: B-60, d. 6/4/1837
Howard, Gorge, Lot: B-50
Howard, Mary, Lot: B-60, d. 2/18/1834
Howard, Mary, Lot: B-50
Howard, William, Lot: B-60, d. 9/28/1834
Howard, William, Lot: B-50
Hunting, Willie, Lot: E-5, d. 7/24/1860
Hutchins, Albert, Lot: E-9, d. 1913
Hutchins, Mary, Lot: E-8, d. 6/20/1900
Hutchins, Nathan, Lot: E-8, d. 6/27/1910
Hutchins, W, Lot: E-17
Jackson, Polly, Lot: B-49, d. 10/31/1847
Jackson, Sarah, Lot: B-46, d. 4/1/1723
Johnson, Harriet, Lot: D-27, d. 7/16/1871
Johnston, Nathaniel, Lot: D-29, d. 9/16/1880
Jones, Mary, Lot: B-64, d. 6/4/1849
Jordan, Chaunley, Lot: E-20, d. 9/1/1882
Jordan, Cordelia, Lot: E-37, d. 1/16/1898
Jordan, Elisabeth, Lot: E-26, d. 11/2/1850
Jordan, Illes, Lot: E-4, d. 9/13/1817
Jordan, Isabel, Lot: E-38, d. 1899
Jordan, Sarah, Lot: E-21, d. 4/27/1868
Jordan, Sylvanus, Lot: E-37, d. 5/11/1877
Jordan, Sylvanus, Lot: E-38, d. 5/21/1891
Keene, Ellen, Lot: D-34, d. 1889
Keene, Ellen, Lot: D-34
Keene, Sarah, Lot: D-34, d. 1912
Keene, Sarah, Lot: D-34
Kendall, Chas, Lot: E-18
King, Lot: E-16
L, S, Lot: D-21
Lymie, Sarah, Lot: D-25
Lyon, Abigail, Lot: B-71, d. 1/15/1702
Lyon, Benjamin, Lot: B-80, d. 2/20/1752
Lyon, Benjamin, Lot: B-29
Lyon, Benjamin, Lot: F-5
Lyon, Elizabeth, Lot: B-70, d. 4/3/1747
Lyon, Elizabeth, Lot: F-5
Lyon, Hannah, Lot: B-79, d. 5/11/1738
Lyon, Hannah, Lot: B-73
Lyon, John, Lot: B-71, d. 1/15/1702
Lyon, Joseph, Lot: B-78, d. 6/19/1724
Lyon, William, Lot: B-74, d. 8/10/1714
Lyon, William, Lot: B-68
Mahoney, Dolly, Lot: A-1, d. 4/24/1867
Mann, Betsey, Lot: D-4, d. 12/22/1850
Mann, Ebenezer, Lot: D-3, d. 1/9/1876
Mann, George, Lot: D-2, d. 1884
Mann, George, Lot: D-2, d. 1922
Mann, Helen, Lot: D-6, d. 1818
Mann, Mary, Lot: D-4, d. 11/21/1819
Mann, Susan, Lot: D-2, d. 1884
Marshall, William, Lot: B-34, d. 7/19/1870
Marshall, William, Lot: B-34, d. 7/19/1870
Mccloud, Annie, Lot: D-24, d. 10/25/1859
Mcewen, John, Lot: D-28, d. 5/8/1870
Mcguire, S, Lot: E-43
Newel, Mehetabel, Lot: B-5, d. 11/4/1739
Newel, Mehetabel, Lot: B-2
Newel, Robert, Lot: B-4, d. 2/17/1741
Newton, Benj, Lot: E-47
Patten, Lot: D-14
Perkins, A, Lot: E-13, d. 10/26/1925
Perkins, Armenda, Lot: E-15, d. 10/2/1874
Perkins, Geo, Lot: E-14, d. 9/21/1905
Porter, Nahum, Lot: E-33, d. 7/1/1878
Rice, Lot: D-14
Richards, Children, Lot: B-63
Richards, Edward, Lot: B-63
Richards, Eliza, Lot: B-76, d. 10/17/1843
Richards, Eliza, Lot: B-69
Richards, Henry, Lot: B-75, d. 5/16/1877
Richards, Lemuel, Lot: B-77, d. 4/15/1864
Richards, Sarah, Lot: B-63
S, S, Lot: E-42
S, W, Lot: B-51
Seaver, Robert, Lot: B-27, d. 12/25/1770
Seaver, Robert, Lot: B-23
Sherman, Alma, Lot: A-18, d. 1919
Smith, Lot: A-15
Smith, J, Lot: E-45, d. 1859
Spear, Amanda, Lot: E-44, d. 1932
Spear, Walter, Lot: E-44, d. 1896
Stump, Lot: B-44
Trott, Carl, Lot: P-31, d. 1920
Trott, Josephan, Lot: D-32, d. 1871
Tth, B, Lot: A-10
W, A, Lot: D-18
W, B, Lot: D-7
W, M, Lot: B-45
W, M, Lot: D-5
W, R, Lot: D-19
Walker, Jane, Lot: F-6, d. 3/28/1873
Wason, James, Lot: E-32, d. 1889
Wasou, Georgie, Lot: E-19, d. 1857
Wasou, Mary, Lot: E-19, d. 1859
Weatherbee, Margaret, Lot: B-13, d. 3/15/1843
Weld, Hannah, Lot: B-22, d. 7/18/1721
Wheeler, Eben, Lot: C-16, d. 1962
Wheeler, George, Lot: C-16, d. 1927
Wheeler, Josephine, Lot: C-16, d. 1940
Whitcomb, Actor J, Lot: A-11, d. 10/20/1839
Whitcomb, Actro J, Lot: A-11, d. 11/1/1862
Whitcomb, Amandie, Lot: A-11, d. 9/21/1849
Whitcomb, Eliza J, Lot: A-11, d. 6/10/1856
Whitcomb, Henry, Lot: A-11, d. 6/11/1876
Whitcomb, Leo Polo, Lot: A-11, d. 10/11/1848
Whitcomb, Melvina, Lot: A-11, d. 7/23/1854
Whitcomb, Melvina, Lot: A-11, d. 7/23/1854
White, Bartholomew, Lot: B-49, d. 3/19/1855
White, Hannah, Lot: B-49, d. 4/13/1859
Whiting, Benajah, Lot: B-62, d. 6/24/1777
Whiting, Henry, Lot: C-6, d. 1821
Whiting, Malachi, Lot: B-67, d. 3/31/1770
Whiting, Malachi, Lot: B-61
Whiting, Margaret, Lot: B-61
Whiting, Rhoda, Lot: C-4, d. 11/10/1746
Whiting, Wathaniel, Lot: B-72, d. 6/21/1769
Whitings, Richards, Lot: B-3
Whitng, Malachi, Lot: B-66, d. 4/6/1776
Whitng, Margaret, Lot: B-66, d. 2/20/1776
Whittemore, Baby, Lot: C-13, d. 1913
Whittemore, Eben, Lot: C-14, d. 8/20/1884
Whittemore, George, Lot: C-12, d. 1894
Whittemore, George, Lot: C-12, d. 1945
Whittemore, H, Lot: C-11, d. 1912
Whittemore, James, Lot: E-29, d. 1893
Whittemore, Judith, Lot: C-15, d. 11/9/1865
Whittemore, Margaret, Lot: C-13, d. 1910
Whittemore, Michel, Lot: D-8, d. 9/25/1871
Whittemore, Nettie, Lot: C-13, d. 3/15/1892
Whittemore, Retsey, Lot: D-9, d. 10/28/1866
Whittemore, Samuel, Lot: C-15, d. 11/27/1826
Whittemore, Sarah, Lot: C-14, d. 5/23/1894
Whittemore, William, Lot: B-14, d. 3/28/1837
Whittmore, William, Lot: B-8
Wiggins, Albert, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, Elizabeth, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, James, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, James, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, Josephine, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, Lizzie, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, Mary, Lot: D-16
Wiggins, Robert, Lot: D-16
Yson, Paul, Lot: D-20

Unidentified Graves

Illegible, Lot: B-48

Base, Lot: E-41

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