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Eliot Burying Ground
Roxbury, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

eliot burying ground
Eliot Burying Ground

GPS: 42.331940, -71.081192

Eustis St.
Boston, MA 02119

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 1,382

Eliot Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Eliot Burying ground dates from 1630. Formerly known as Old Roxbury Burying Ground and Eustis Street Burying Ground, it is the oldest burying ground in Roxbury and one of the three oldest of Boston's historic burying grounds with the first interment made in 1633.

This burying ground was the site of the Roxbury Neck fortifications. At the time of the siege of Boston, American colonists built a redoubt in 1775 to defend the road to Dorchester and the entrance to the town of Roxbury. It extended from Eustis Street across Washington Street, and was called the Burying Ground Redoubt.

Interments ceased here in 1854 except those made in family tombs.

In 1857 the town built the external wall and gate and made landscaping improvements, including pathways and trees. Near the Eustis Street entrance is the Dudley family tomb for early Colonial governors. Buried there are Governor Thomas Dudley [1653], Governor Joseph Dudley [1720], Chief Justice Paul Dudley [1752] and Colonel William Dudley [1743]. The Dudley tomb is covered with an oval marble slab which took the place of the original plate of pewter that was cut out by American soldiers of the Roxbury camp during the siege of Boston and made into bullets. The Minister's or Parish Tomb contains the site's namesake, John Eliot, apostle to the Indians [1690], and five later ministers of the First Church of Roxbury. Benjamin Thompson, schoolmaster and physician [1714], is also buried there as well as generations of early Roxbury families.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, P
, Lot: C-287B
A, P, Lot: C287b
Abbot, William, Lot: A46, d. 12/14/1723
Abbot, William, Lot: A-46, d. 1723
Alcecke, John, Lot: D-470, d. 1690
Alcocke, John, Lot: D470, d. 5/5/1690
Allcock, Palsgrave, Lot: C286, d. 11/24/1710
Allen, Peter, Lot: A29, d. 9/7/1728
Allen, Peter, Lot: A-29, d. 1728
Alloocr, Palsgrave, Lot: C-286, d. 1710
Aspinwall, Peter, Lot: A28, d. 12/1/1687
Aspinwall, Peter, Lot: A-28, d. 1687
Aspinwall, Sarah, Lot: B237, d. 4/1/1710
Aspinwall, Sarah, Lot: B-237, d. 1710
B, C, Lot: D-353A
B, C, Lot: D353a
B, Deacon, Lot: B-203 1-2
B, E, Lot: D-354A, d. 1817
B, E, Lot: D354a, d. 1817
B, J, Lot: B-155
B, J, Lot: B-226A
B, J, Lot: B155a
B, J, Lot: B203b
B, J, Lot: B226a
B, J, Lot: C-322
B, J, Lot: C322
B, L, Lot: B-128
B, L, Lot: B128a
B, W, Lot: D-480
B, W, Lot: D480b
Baker, Hannah, Lot: D352, d. 7/27/1739
Baker, Hannah, Lot: D-352, d. 1739
Baker, Thomas, Lot: D353, d. 1/28/1683
Baker, Thomas, Lot: D-353, d. "14, 1683"
Baley, Mary, Lot: D493, d. 10/1/1717
Baley, Mary, Lot: D-493, d. 1717
Beacon, George, Lot: B175, d. 9/20/1715
Beacon, George, Lot: B-175, d. 1715
Bedunah, Benjamin, Lot: A62, d. 8/25/1771
Bedunat, Benjamin, Lot: A-62, d. 1771
Blake, Samuel, Lot: A72, d. 12/1/1747
Blake, Samuel, Lot: A-72, d. 1747
Blaney, William, Lot: D492, d. 4/17/1780
Blaney, William, Lot: D-492, d. 1780
Boardman, J, Lot: A-31A, d. 1805
Boardman, J, Lot: A31a
Boardman, James, Lot: A31, d. 11/12/1805
Boardman, James, Lot: A-31, d. 1865
Bosson, Abigail, Lot: C284, d. 7/28/1766
Bosson, Abigail, Lot: C-284, d. 1766
Bosson, Charles, Lot: C285, d. 4/12/1768
Bosson, Charles, Lot: C-285, d. 1768
Bosson, Ruth, Lot: C303, d. 5/13/1769
Bosson, Ruth, Lot: C-303, d. 1769
Bosson, Ruth, Lot: C-315B
Bosson, Ruth, Lot: C315b
Bosson, Thadeus, Lot: C283, d. 8/29/1747
Bosson, Thadeus, Lot: C-283, d. 1747
Boudoin, John, Lot: A60, d. 9/12/1706
Boudoin, John, Lot: A-60, d. 1706
Bourn, Joanna, Lot: B226, d. 4/16/1776
Bourn, Joanna, Lot: B-226, d. 1776
Bourn, Shearjashub, Lot: B227, d. 8/14/1768
Bourn, Shearjashub, Lot: B-227, d. 1768
Bourn, Shearjashub, Lot: B-227A, d. 1768
Bourn, Shearjashub, Lot: B227a, d. 1768
Bowen, Elizabeth, Lot: B202, d. 5/1/1702
Bowen, Elizabeth, Lot: B-202, d. 1702
Bradford, Benjamin, Lot: D366, d. 1/10/1730
Bradford, Benjamin, Lot: D-366
Bradh___, Ralph, Lot: B196a
Bradh, Ralph, Lot: B-196
Brewer, Lot: B215a, d. 9/1/1733
Brewer, Lot: B-215A
Brewer, Elizabeth, Lot: B181, d. 3/24/1763
Brewer, Elizabeth, Lot: B-181, d. 1763
Brewer, John, Lot: B160, d. 6/26/1777
Brewer, Joseph, Lot: B-160, d. 1777
Brewer, Margaret, Lot: B215, d. 5/4/1693
Brewer, Margaret, Lot: B-215, d. 1693
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: B214, d. 2/26/1692
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: B180, d. 6/14/1747
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: B-214, d. 1692
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: B-180, d. 1747
Brewer, Nathaniel, Lot: B-180, d. 1747
Brewer, Rebecca, Lot: B-182
Brewer, Rebecca, Lot: B182a
Bridg, Mar-rea, Lot: D359, d. "19, 1671"
Bridge, John, Lot: B115, d. 6/27/1691
Bridge, John, Lot: B-115, d. 1691
Brigahm, William White, Lot: B131, d. 9/21/1806
Brigham, Lucy, Lot: B128, d. 11/4/1820
Brigham, Lucy, Lot: B-128, d. 1820
Brigham, Stephen, Lot: B130, d. 3/9/1820
Brigham, Stephen, Lot: B-130, d. 1820
Brigham, William, Lot: B-131, d. 1806
Brodhurst, Hannah, Lot: B179, d. 4/18/1710
Brodhurst, Hannah, Lot: B-179, d. 1710
Brooks, Eunice, Lot: D354, d. 11/12/1817
Brooks, Eunice, Lot: D-354, d. 1817
Brown, Mardia, Lot: C348, d. 8/17/1813
Brown, Mardia, Lot: C-348, d. 1813
Budge, Marrea, Lot: D-359, d. 1671
Bugbaa, Abigail, Lot: A42, d. 10/22/1729
Bugbaa, Abigail, Lot: A-42, d. 1729
Bugbee, Mary, Lot: A43, d. 6/1/1763
Bugbee, Mary, Lot: A-43, d. 1763
Bugbee, Mary, Lot: A-43A, d. 1763
Bugbee, Mary, Lot: A43a, d. 1763
Burges, Ester, Lot: D466, d. 1/1/1709
Burnham, Jane, Lot: B155, d. 6/19/1811
Burnham, Jane, Lot: B-155, d. 1811
C heney, Elizabeth, Lot: B152a, d. 1769
C, C, Lot: C-281B, d. 1824
C, C, Lot: C281b, d. 1824
C, C, Lot: A-19
C, E, Lot: C-281A
C, E, Lot: C281c
C, S, Lot: A63a
C, S, Lot: B-143
C, S, Lot: B-143
C, S, Lot: B143b
C, S, Lot: B143c
C, W, Lot: C-300A
C, W, Lot: C300a
Calef, Robert, Lot: B223, d. 4/13/1719
Calef, Robert, Lot: B-223, d. 1719
Carter, Samuel, Lot: A63, d. 9/28/1800
Carter, Samuel, Lot: A-63, d. 1800
Carter, Samuel, Lot: A-63A
Chamberlain, Jacob, Lot: A2, d. 11/7/1721
Chamberlain, Mary, Lot: D-480
Chamberlain, Mary, Lot: D480
Chamberlaine, Jacob, Lot: A-2, d. 1721
Champney, Mary, Lot: B-138, d. 1771
Champney, Mary, Lot: B-138, d. 1771
Champney, Mary, Lot: B138a, d. 1771
Champney, Sarah, Lot: B139, d. 4/24/1792
Champney, Sarah, Lot: B-139, d. 1792
Champney, Sarah, Lot: B-139, d. 1792
Champney, Sarah, Lot: B139a, d. 1792
Chandlar, John, Lot: A-16, d. 1676
Chandlar, John, Lot: A16, d. 10/15/166?
Chandlar, Joseph, Lot: A17, d. 7/29/1668
Chandlar, Joseph, Lot: A-17, d. 1668
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B150, d. 8/22/1742
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B151, d. 3/24/1780
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B-150, d. 1742
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B-151, d. 1780
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B-151, d. 1780
Cheney, Ebenezer, Lot: B151a, d. 1780
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: B147, d. 8/17/1742
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: B152, d. 4/17/1769
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: B-147, d. 1742
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: B-152, d. 1769
Cheney, Elizabeth, Lot: B-152, d. 1769
Cheney, Hannah, Lot: B144, d. 6/5/1720
Cheney, Hannah, Lot: B149, d. 8/11/1742
Cheney, Hannah, Lot: B-149, d. 1742
Cheney, Hannau, Lot: B-144, d. 1720
Cheney, Henry, Lot: B143, d. 12/22/1737
Cheney, Henry, Lot: B-143, d. 1737
Cheney, Henry, Lot: B-143
Cheney, Henry, Lot: B143a
Cheney, John, Lot: B140, d. 10/17/1671
Cheney, Mary, Lot: B142, d. 2/16/1739
Cheney, Mary, Lot: B-142, d. 1739
Cheney, Mary, Lot: B-142
Cheney, Mary, Lot: B142a
Cheney, Sarah, Lot: B145, d. 2/11/1739
Cheney, Sarah, Lot: B-145, d. 1739
Cheney, Thomas, Lot: B148, d. 8/1/1742
Cheney, Thomas, Lot: B-148, d. 1742
Cheney, Thomas, Lot: B-148
Cheney, Thomas, Lot: B148a
Cheney, Willeam, Lot: B146, d. 5/1/1667
Cheny, John, Lot: B-140, d. 1671
Cheny, William, Lot: B-146, d. 1667
Choate, William, Lot: A26, d. 12/1/1727
Choate, William, Lot: A-26, d. 1727
Claelen, Cynthia, Lot: C-280, d. 1824
Claflen, Cynthia, Lot: C280, d. 6/28/1824
Claflen, Ebenezer, Lot: C274, d. 3/28/1831
Claflen, Ebenezer, Lot: C-274, d. 1831
Claflon, Elizabeth, Lot: C281, d. 12/30/1814
Claflon, Elizabeth, Lot: C-281, d. 1814
Clarke, Hannah, Lot: B218, d. 2/28/1681
Clarke, Hannah, Lot: B-218, d. 1681
Clarke, John, Lot: B225, d. 7/10/1762
Clarke, John, Lot: B-225, d. 1762
Clarke, Naby, Lot: D496, d. 3/10/1787
Clarke, Naby, Lot: D-496, d. 1787
Clarke, Sarah, Lot: B224, d. 7/5/1764
Clarke, Sarah, Lot: B-224, d. 1764
Craey, Ebenezer, Lot: A-11, d. 1729
Craft, Daniel, Lot: A13, d. 5/5/1728
Craft, Daniel, Lot: A-13, d. 1728
Craft, Ebenezer, Lot: A11, d. 8/13/1729
Craft, Ebenezer, Lot: A-11A, d. 1729
Craft, Ebenezer, Lot: A11a
Craft, Elizabeth, Lot: B172, d. 12/9/1731
Craft, Elizabeth, Lot: A-40A
Craft, Elizabeth, Lot: A40a
Craft, John, Lot: A14a, d. 1747
Craft, Nathaniel, Lot: B249, d. 1/13/1727
Craft, Nathaniel, Lot: B248, d. 9/8/1746
Craft, Nathaniel, Lot: B-249, d. 1727
Craft, Nathaniel, Lot: B-248, d. 1746
Craft, Patience, Lot: B252, d. 3/10/1720
Craft, Patience, Lot: B-252, d. 1720
Craft, Patience, Lot: B-252A
Craft, Patience, Lot: B252a
Crafts, Susannah, Lot: B247, d. 9/24/1800
Crafts, Susannah, Lot: B-247, d. 1800
Crees, Elizabeth, Lot: D-394, d. 1749
Crese, Richard, Lot: B98, d. 4/13/1792
Crese, Richard, Lot: B-98, d. 1792
Crese, Richard, Lot: B-98
Crese, Richard, Lot: B98a
Cress, Elizabeth, Lot: D394, d. 12/15/1749
Cunningham, J, Lot: C-299A
Cunningham, J, Lot: C299a
Cunningham, James, Lot: C298, d. 7/30/1787
Cunningham, James, Lot: C-298, d. 1787
Cunningham, John, Lot: C301, d. 1/16/1829
Cunningham, John, Lot: C-301
Cunningham, Josiah, Lot: C299, d. 11/18/1798
Cunningham, Josiah, Lot: C-299, d. 1798
Cunningham, William, Lot: C300, d. 10/5/1805
Cunningham, William, Lot: C-300, d. 1805
Curtis, Elizabeth, Lot: D456, d. 11/13/1734
Curtis, Elizabeth, Lot: D-456, d. 1734
Curtis, Hannah, Lot: A66, d. 2/6/1719
Curtis, Hannah, Lot: D457, d. 10/20/1733
Curtis, Hannah, Lot: A-66, d. 1719
Curtis, Hannah, Lot: D-457, d. 1733
Curtis, Isaac, Lot: A67, d. 5/31/1691
Curtis, Isaac, Lot: D491, d. 5/23/1748
Curtis, Isaac, Lot: A-67, d. 1695
Curtis, Isaac, Lot: D-491, d. 1748
Curtis, Samuel, Lot: D458, d. 6/25/1733
Curtis, Samuel, Lot: D-477
Curtis, Samuel, Jr., Lot: D477a
Curtis, Samunel, Lot: D-458, d. 1733
Curtis, William, Lot: C316, d. 1/8/1672
Curtis, William, Lot: A69, d. 5/10/1728
Curtis, William, Lot: C-316, d. 1672
Curtis, William, Lot: A-69, d. 1728
D, B, Lot: B-221A
D, B, Lot: B221a
D, D, Lot: B-219
D, E, Lot: B-220A
D, E, Lot: B220a
D, Elizabeth, Lot: A22, d. 11/17/1688
D, Elizabeth, Lot: A48a, d. 11/17/1688
D, Elizabeth, Lot: A-22, d. 1988
D, M, Lot: B-137
D, M, Lot: D-412
D, M and S, Lot: D412a
D, S, Lot: B82a, d. 1829
D, S. M. and M.E, Lot: B137a
D., D.G., Lot: B219
Danforth, Elisabet, Lot: C291, d. 8/31/1673
Danforth, Elisabet, Lot: C-291
Danforth, Elizabeth, Lot: C297, d. 10/15/1659
Danforth, Elizabeth, Lot: C-297
Danforth, Mary, Lot: C295, d. 10/7/1659
Danforth, Mary, Lot: C-295, d. 1659
Danforth, Samuel, Lot: C292, d. 5/22/1653
Danforth, Samuel, Lot: C-292, d. 1653
Danforth, Sarah, Lot: C296, d. 10/5/1659
Danforth, Thomas, Lot: C294, d. 2/13/1672
Danforth, Thomas, Lot: C-294, d. 1672
Davies, Jonathan, Lot: C-TOMB 27, d. 1794
Davies, Jonathan, Lot: CT27, d. 1794
Davis, H, Lot: C-TOMB 34
Davis, Hannah, Lot: CT34, d. 8/5/1787
Davis, Isaac, Lot: D501, d. 10/30/1682
Davis, Isaac, Lot: D-501, d. 1682
Davis, Jacob, Lot: D387, d. 7/4/1809
Davis, Jacob, Lot: D-387, d. 1809
Davis, John, Lot: B198, d. 3/16/1704
Davis, John, Lot: B232, d. 3/11/1716
Davis, John, Lot: B-198, d. 1704
Davis, John, Lot: B-232, d. 1716
Davis, John, Lot: B-232A
Davis, John, Lot: B232a
Davis, Mary, Lot: B199, d. 1/12/1683
Davis, Mary, Lot: B231, d. 11/11/1719
Davis, Mary, Lot: B-199, d. 1683
Davis, Mary, Lot: B-231, d. 1719
Davis, Samuel, Lot: B246, d. 12/1/1660
Davis, Samuel, Lot: B-246, d. 1660
Davis, Stephen, Lot: D-390, d. 1821
Davis, Stephen and Martha, Lot: D390, d. 3/22/1821
Denison, Elizabeth, Lot: B156, d. 2/5/1716
Denison, Elizabeth, Lot: B-156, d. 1716
Denison, Elizabeth, Lot: B-156
Denison, Elizabeth, Lot: B156a
Denison, William, Lot: B157, d. 3/22/1717
Denison, William, Lot: B-157, d. 1717
Denison, William, Lot: B-157
Denison, William, Lot: B157a
Devoti, Lot: D-361A, d. 1885
Devoti[on], Lot: D361a
Devotion, Edward, Lot: D-361
Devotion, Edward, Lot: D361
Dor, Elizabeth, Lot: C-327, d. 1732
Dor, Elizabeth, Lot: C-315A
Dor, Elizabeth, Lot: C315a
Dorr, Aaron, Lot: C325, d. 6/25/1716
Dorr, Aaron, Lot: C-325
Dorr, Abigail, Lot: C328, d. 4/6/1743
Dorr, Abigail, Lot: C329, d. 6/5/1745
Dorr, Abigail, Lot: C-328, d. 1743
Dorr, Abigail, Lot: C-329, d. 1745
Dorr, Ama, Lot: C324, d. 11/21/1782
Dorr, Ama, Lot: C-324, d. 1782
Dorr, Ama, Lot: C-324A
Dorr, Ama, Lot: C324a
Dorr, Ebenezer, Lot: C-319, d. 1760
Dorr, Ebenezer, Lot: C-318, d. 1782
Dorr, Ebenezer, Lot: C-267C
Dorr, Ebenr, Lot: C267c
Dorr, Ebenzer, Lot: C319, d. 2/25/1760
Dorr, Ebenzer, Lot: C318, d. 8/8/1782
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C320, d. 2/9/1733
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C331, d. 12/7/1753
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C-320, d. 1733
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C-331, d. 1753
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C-325A
Dorr, Edward, Lot: C325a
Dorr, Elizabeth, Lot: C321, d. 12/7/1719
Dorr, Elizabeth, Lot: C327, d. 1/30/1732
Dorr, Elizabeth, Lot: C-321, d. 1719
Dorr, Elizabeth, Lot: C-325B
Dorr, Elizabeth, Lot: C325b
Dorr, Hannah, Lot: D463, d. 3/17/1747
Dorr, Hannah, Lot: D-463, d. 1747
Dorr, Mary, Lot: C323, d. 6/12/1728
Dorr, Mary, Lot: C-323, d. 1728
Dorr, Moses, Lot: C315, d. 10/3/1736
Dorr, Moses, Lot: C-315, d. 1736
Dove, Mary, Lot: B-137, d. 1813
Dove, Susannah, Lot: B-137, d. 1813
Dove, Susannah, Lot: B-137, d. 1813
Dove, Susannah Maria and Mary Elizabeth, Lot: B137, d. 4/24/1813
Dowse, John, Lot: A3, d. 4/29/1790
Dowse, John, Lot: A-3, d. 1790
Dowse, John, Lot: A-3A
Dowse, John, Lot: A3a
Draper, Hannah, Lot: A27, d. 6/9/1699
Draper, Hannah, Lot: A-27, d. 1692
Dudley, Benjamin, Lot: B221, d. 3/16/1814
Dudley, Benjamin, Lot: B-221, d. 1814
Dudley, Caroline, Lot: B-222, d. 1802
Dudley, Caroline A., Lot: B222, d. 10/31/1809
Dudley, Elijah, Lot: B220, d. 9/7/1805
Dudley, Elijah, Lot: B-220, d. 1805
Dudley, Joseph, Lot: C-TOMB 29, d. 1720
Dudley, Joseph, Lot: CT29, d. 1751
E, C, Lot: A-19
Eaton, Lot: B-253, d. 1721
Eaton, Marcy, Lot: B-254
Eaton, Marcy, Lot: B254
Eaton, Sarah, Lot: B253, d. 1740
Eayers, Elizabeth, Lot: D422, d. 8/27/1793
Eayers, Elizabeth, Lot: D-422, d. 1793
Eayres, John, Lot: D447, d. 12/12/1753
Eayres, John, Lot: D-447, d. 1753
Eliot, John, Lot: CT30, d. 5/20/1690
Eliot, John, Lot: C-TOMB 30, d. 1690
Estabrock, Lot: B-99
Estabrook, Mary, Lot: B99, d. 3/9/1799
Estabrook, Mary, Lot: B-99, d. 1799
Estabrook, Mary, Lot: B99a
F, E, Lot: D-419
F, E, Lot: D419a
F, L, Lot: A12a, d. 1817
Farnsworth, Jonah, Lot: A-64, d. 1800
Farnsworth, Jonas, Lot: A64, d. 9/21/1800
Felton, Lois, Lot: C340, d. 8/15/1824
Felton, Lois, Lot: C-340, d. 1824
Felton, Nath, Lot: C335a, d. 1807
Felton, Nathaniel, Lot: C335, d. 2/24/1807
Felton, Nathaniel, Lot: C-335, d. 1807
Felton, Nathaniel, Lot: C-335A, d. 1807
Fields, Elizabeth, Lot: B-174
Fields, Robert, Lot: B-174, d. 1848
Fields, Robert and Elizabeth, Lot: B174
Fisher, Eliza, Lot: D419, d. 3/26/1811
Fisher, Eliza, Lot: D-419, d. 1811
Foster, Lois, Lot: A12, d. 8/4/1817
Foster, Lois, Lot: A-12, d. 1817
Foster, Lois, Lot: A-12A, d. 1817
Fox, Elizabeth, Lot: A40, d. 11/4/1792
Fox, Elizabeth, Lot: A-40, d. 1792
French, Moses, Lot: B116, d. 10/6/1813
French, Moses, Lot: B-116, d. 1813
G, C, Lot: B-91, d. 1799
G, E, Lot: B-93, d. 1803
G, E, Lot: B93a, d. 1803
G, E, Lot: B-91, d. 1807
G, E and C, Lot: B91a, d. 1803
G, Ebenezer, Lot: D-416, d. 1791
G, Elizabeth, Lot: B176, d. 12/31/1681
G, Elizabeth, Lot: B-176, d. 1681
G, J, Lot: B-94, d. 1814
G, J, Lot: B94, d. 1814
G, R, Lot: B-92, d. 1812
G, R, Lot: B92a, d. 1812
G, S, Lot: B-78, d. 1813
G., S.R., Lot: B78a, d. 1813
Galloope, Mary, Lot: A49, d. 9/20/1798
Galloope, Mary, Lot: A-49, d. 1798
Gamblin, Benjamin, Lot: B177, d. 9/21/1718
Gamblin, Benjamin, Lot: B-177, d. 1718
Gamblin, Benjamin, Lot: B-177
Gamblin, Benjamin, Lot: B177a
Gardener, Gdeon Jr, Lot: B-258, d. 1766
Gardner, Gideon, Junior, Lot: B258, d. 1/29/1766
Gary, Fransis, Lot: A47, d. 7/30/1672
Gary, Fransis, Lot: A-47, d. 1672
Gay, Joel, Lot: D-389, d. 1800
Gay, Joseph, Lot: D389, d. 12/19/1800
Gay, Joseph, Lot: D-388, d. 1800
Gay, Joseph Anthony, Lot: D388, d. 10/30/1800
Ges, Ester, Lot: D-466, d. 9
Goare, Mary, Lot: B170, d. 4/20/1711
Goare, Mary, Lot: B-170, d. 1711
Goare, Samuel, Lot: B169, d. 7/4/1692
Goare, Samuel, Lot: B-169, d. 1692
Goddard, Deborah, Lot: A56, d. 6/8/1714
Goddard, Deborah, Lot: A-56, d. 1714
Goddard, Leah, Lot: A73, d. 9/10/1720
Goddard, Leah, Lot: A-73, d. 1720
Goddard, Sarah, Lot: D407, d. 5/22/1732
Goddard, Sarah, Lot: D-407, d. 1732
Gore, Ebebezer, Lot: D-469
Gore, Ebenezer, Lot: D383, d. 11/13/1763
Gore, Ebenezer, Lot: D416, d. 8/16/1791
Gore, Ebenezer, Lot: D-383, d. 1763
Gore, Ebenezer, Lot: D469d
Gore, John, Lot: D-404
Gore, John, Lot: D404
Gore, Mary, Lot: B171, d. 3/11/1714
Gore, Mary, Lot: D365, d. 2/11/1766
Gore, Mary, Lot: D418, d. 4/29/1818
Gore, Mary, Lot: B-171, d. 1714
Gore, Mary, Lot: D-365, d. 1766
Gore, Mary, Lot: D-418
Gore, Polly, Lot: D417, d. 3/14/1794
Gore, Polly, Lot: D-417, d. 1794
Gore, Polly, Lot: D-469
Gore, Polly, Lot: D469e
Gore, Rebecca, Lot: D406, d. 9/2/1730
Gore, Rebecca, Lot: D-406, d. 1730
Gore, Samuel, Lot: D405, d. 1/13/1730
Gore, Samuel, Lot: D403, d. 11/29/1757
Gore, Samuel, Lot: D-405, d. 1730
Gore, Samuel, Lot: D-403, d. 1757
Gore, Sarah, Lot: D-503
Gore, Sarah, Lot: D503
Gore, Stephen and Frederick Augustus, Lot: D486a, d. 10/5/1792
Gore, Susannah, Lot: D415, d. 7/18/1769
Gore, Susannah, Lot: D-415, d. 1769
Gore, Susannah, Lot: D-504
Gore, Susannah, Lot: D504
Gould, Clarissa, Lot: B-91, d. 1799
Gould, Clarissa and Eliza, Lot: B91, d. 10/19/1799
Gould, Eliza, Lot: B93, d. 8/6/1803
Gould, Eliza, Lot: B-93, d. 1803
Gould, Eliza, Lot: B-91, d. 1807
Gould, Jacob, Lot: B77, d. 9/25/1811
Gould, Jacob, Lot: B-77, d. 1811
Gould, Ruth, Lot: B92, d. 3/4/1812
Gould, Ruth, Lot: B-92, d. 1812
Gould, Sally, Lot: B-78, d. 1813
Gould, Sally R., Lot: B78, d. 3/6/1813
Graft, Elizabeth, Lot: B-172, d. 1731
Greaton, John, Lot: C-505, d. 1783
Greaton, John, Lot: C505, d. 1783
Gridley, Abigail, Lot: D421, d. 8/17/1781
Gridley, Abigail, Lot: D-421, d. 1781
Gridley, Abigail, Lot: D-460
Gridley, Abigail, Lot: D460b
Gridley, Mary, Lot: D448, d. 10/28/1746
Gridley, Mary, Lot: D-448, d. 1746
Gridley, Mary, Lot: D-448
Gridley, Mary, Lot: D448a
Griffin, Joseph, Lot: B-200
Griffin, Joseph, Lot: B200
Griggs, George, Lot: D349, d. 1/10/1724
Griggs, George, Lot: D-349
Grigory, Hanna, Lot: D435, d. 11/18/1754
Grigory, Hannah, Lot: D-435, d. 1754
Grosvenor, John, Lot: A-1, d. 9/27/1691
Grosvenor, John, Lot: A1, d. 9/27/1691
Grosvenor, John, Lot: A-1A
Grosvenor, John, Lot: A1a
H, Lot: D-500
H, Lot: D500a
H, C, Lot: A-33
H, C, Lot: A33
H, C, Lot: A41
H, C, Lot: C-273A
H, C, Lot: X-0000
H, C.A., Lot: C273a
H, J, Lot: C-302A
H, J, Lot: C302a
H, S, Lot: C-332A, d. 1812
H, S, Lot: C332a, d. 1812
H, S, Lot: A-32A, d. 1817
H, S, Lot: A32a, d. 1817
H, W, Lot: D-411
H, W, Lot: D411b
Hall, Eleanor, Lot: B117, d. 7/3/1764
Hall, Eleanor, Lot: B-117, d. 1764
Hall, Eleanor, Lot: B-117, d. 1764
Hall, Eleanor, Lot: B117a
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: A25, d. 11/30/1719
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: A-25, d. 1719
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: A-25A, d. 1719
Hall, Elizabeth, Lot: A25a, d. 1719
Hall, Martha, Lot: A50, d. 11/12/1701
Hall, Martha, Lot: A-50, d. 1701
Hall, Mercy, Lot: B135, d. 3/30/1761
Hall, Mercy, Lot: B-135, d. 1761
Hall, Mercy, Lot: B-135, d. 1761
Hall, Mercy, Lot: B135a, d. 1761
Hall, Richard, Lot: D482, d. 4/9/1727
Hall, Richard, Lot: D-482, d. 1727
Hall, Richard, Lot: D-479
Hall, Richard, Jr., Lot: D479
Harrington, Caroline, Lot: C-273, d. 1822
Harrington, Caroline A., Lot: C273, d. 1/22/1822
Hawes, Joseph, Lot: C-302, d. 1789
Hawes, Joseph, Lot: C302, d. 1789
Hayward, John, Lot: B212, d. 7/29/1695
Hayward, John, Lot: B-212, d. 1695
Hayward, Samuel, Lot: C332, d. 9/11/1812
Hayward, Samuel, Lot: C-332, d. 1812
Hely, Samuel, Lot: D477, d. 11/25/1721
Hely, Samuel, Lot: D-477, d. 1721
Henderson, William, Lot: D442, d. 9/19/1799
Henderson, Williams, Lot: D-442, d. 1799
Hersy, Elizabeth, Lot: A32, d. 11/18/1819
Hersy, Elizabeth, Lot: A-32, d. 1819
Holand, Josiah, Lot: C314, d. 9/25/1729
Holand, Josiah, Lot: C-314, d. 1729
Holbrook, Elizabeth, Lot: D-483, d. 1747
Holbrook, John, Lot: A52, d. 9/26/1735
Holbrook, John, Lot: A-52, d. 1735
Holbrook, Mary, Lot: A54, d. 9/7/1712
Holbrook, Mary, Lot: A51, d. 4/24/1751
Holbrook, Mary, Lot: A-54, d. 1712
Holbrook, Mary, Lot: A-51, d. 1751
Holbrook, Ralph, Lot: D-483, d. 1747
Holbrook, Ralph and Elizabeth, Lot: D483, d. 8/23/1747
Howe, James, Lot: CT31, d. 1/12/1798
Howel, Lot: C-TOMB 31, d. 1798
Jervis, James, Lot: C311, d. 11/18/1750
Jervis, James, Lot: C-311, d. 1750
Jervis, James, Lot: C331a
Jevis, James, Lot: C-331A
Kelley, Margaret, Lot: C305, d. 4/17/1804
Kelley, Margaret, Lot: C-305
Kenrick, Mary, Lot: B238, d. 7/20/1714
Kenrick, Mary, Lot: B-238, d. 1714
Kneeland, John, Lot: B79, d. 8/11/1691
Kneeland, John, Lot: B95
Kneland, John, Lot: B-79, d. 1691
Kneland, John, Lot: B-95, d. 1691
Leathbridge, Hopstil, Lot: C-282, d. 1766
Leatherbridg, Hopstil, Lot: C282, d. 8/8/1766
Leigh, Thomas, Lot: B76, d. 7/20/1694
Leigh, Thomas, Lot: B-76, d. 1694
Leigh, Thomas, Lot: B-76
Leigh, Thomas, Lot: B76a
Linfield, Jonathan, Lot: B217, d. 9/1/1809
Linfield, Jonathan, Lot: B-217, d. 1809
Lion, Mary, Lot: D358, d. 4/7/1687
Lion, Mary, Lot: D-358, d. 1687
Lombard, Thomas, Lot: D464, d. 10/12/1745
Lombard, Thomas, Lot: D-464, d. 1745
M, Lot: C-304B
M, A, Lot: C-267B
M, A, Lot: C267b
M, C, Lot: B-185
M, C, Lot: B185a
M, J, Lot: B-257A
M, J, Lot: C-268B
M, J, Lot: C268b
M, M, Lot: C-268C
M, M, Lot: C268c
M, N, Lot: C-267A, d. 1766
M, N.P. and and S., Lot: C267a
M, R, Lot: B-101
M, R, Lot: B101
M, S, Lot: C-268A
M, S, Lot: C268a
Martin, John, Lot: B257, d. 9/24/1809
Martin, John, Lot: B-257, d. 1809
Martin, John, Lot: B257a
May, Abigail, Lot: C259, d. 1/26/1763
May, Abigail, Lot: C269, d. 1/23/1772
May, Abigail, Lot: C271, d. 6/16/1799
May, Abigail, Lot: C-259, d. 1763
May, Abigail, Lot: C-269, d. 1772
May, Abigail, Lot: C-278A, d. 1772
May, Abigail, Lot: C278a, d. 1772
May, Abigail, Lot: C-271, d. 1799
May, Abigail, Lot: C-278B
May, Abigail, Lot: C278b
May, Benj, Lot: C278c
May, Benjamin, Lot: C270, d. 12/8/1774
May, Benjamin, Lot: C-270, d. 1774
May, Benjamin, Lot: C-278C
May, Catharine, Lot: C-330, d. 1752
May, Catherine, Lot: C330, d. 1752
May, Ebeneezer, Lot: C-260, d. 1752
May, Ebenezer, Lot: C260, d. 5/2/1752
May, John, Lot: C-263, d. 1762
May, John and Samuel, Lot: C263, d. 12/3/1762
May, Mary, Lot: C-264, d. 1/15/1749
May, Mary, Lot: C264, d. 1/15/1749
May, Mary, Lot: C-265, d. 5/7/1750
May, Mary, Lot: C265, d. 5/7/1750
May, Mary, Lot: C272, d. 5/5/1794
May, Mary, Lot: C-272, d. 1794
May, Mary, Lot: C-272A
May, Mary, Lot: C-275A
May, Mary, Lot: C275a
May, May, Lot: C272a
May, Noah, Lot: C-267, d. 1766
May, Noah Perin, Lot: C267, d. 2/2/1766
May, Samuel, Lot: C268, d. 9/22/1768
May, Samuel, Lot: C-268, d. 1768
May, Stephen, Lot: C262, d. 10/20/1745
May, Stephen, Lot: C-266, d. 6/30/1750
May, Stephen, Lot: C266, d. 6/30/1750
May, Stephen, Lot: C-262, d. 1745
Mayo, Catharine, Lot: B-185, d. 1803
Mayo, Catherin, Lot: B185, d. 8/4/1803
Mayo, Elizabeth, Lot: B96, d. 2/7/1734
Mayo, Elizabeth, Lot: B-96, d. 1734
Mayo, Elizabeth, Lot: B-96, d. 1734
Mayo, Elizh, Lot: B96a
Mayo, Hannah, Lot: B104, d. 10/5/1689
Mayo, Hannah, Lot: B-104, d. 1689
Mayo, Hannah, Lot: B-129, d. 1699
Mayo, Hannah, Lot: B129, d. o5 1699
Mayo, John, Lot: B103, d. 4/4/1688
Mayo, John, Lot: B102, d. 2/25/1732
Mayo, John, Lot: B-103, d. 1688
Mayo, John, Lot: B-102, d. 1732
Mayo, John, Lot: B-102
Mayo, John, Lot: B102a
Mayo, Joseph, Lot: B97, d. 3/5/1747
Mayo, Joseph, Lot: B-97, d. 1747
McCarty, Thomas, Lot: D420, d. 5/20/1783
Mccarty, Thomas, Lot: D-420, d. 1783
Mcdaniell, James, Lot: B-133, d. 1810
McDaniell, James G., Lot: B133, d. 9/2/1810
Mears, John, Lot: C336, d. 5/17/1769
Mears, John, Lot: C-336, d. 1769
Mellish, Samuel, Lot: B211, d. 9/9/1787
Mellish, Samuel, Lot: B-211, d. 1797
Mellish, Samuel, Lot: B-211A
Mellish, Samuel, Lot: B211a
Miles, Katherine, Lot: D-468, d. 1702
Miles, Mary, Lot: D468, d. 12/17/1702
Miles, Mary, Lot: D-468, d. 1702
Moril, Isaac, Lot: B122, d. 10/18/1662
Moril, Isaac, Lot: B-122, d. 1662
Morris, Hannah, Lot: B-124
Morris, Hannah, Lot: B124
Mory, Thomas, Lot: C-347, d. 1717
Mory, Thomas and Nathaniel, Lot: C347, d. 12/25/1717
Muncreef, Sarah, Lot: B136a, d. 1764
Muncreeff, Sarah, Lot: B136, d. 6/13/1764
Muncreeff, Sarah, Lot: B-136, d. 1764
Muncreeff, Sarah, Lot: B-136, d. 1764
Newell, Ebenezer, Lot: D-461, d. 1746
Newell, Ebenezer, Lot: D-480
Newell, Ebenezer, Lot: D480a
Newell, Ebenzer, Lot: D461, d. 10/16/1746
Newell, Nathaniez, Lot: D-461, d. 1746
Newman, Andrew, Lot: C333, d. 3/11/1812
Newman, Andrew, Lot: C-333, d. 1812
Newman, William, Lot: C334, d. 2/22/1814
Newman, William, Lot: C-334, d. 1814
Orr, Rebecah, Lot: D391, d. 8/7/1765
Orr, Rebecca, Lot: D-391
P, Lot: D-467
P, Lot: D467b
P, E, S, H and S, Lot: D431a
P, J, Lot: D-469, d. 1819
P, J.A., Lot: D469f, d. 1819
P, M, Lot: D-469
P, M, Lot: D469b
P, T, Lot: C-279A
P, W, Lot: A-4B
P, W, Lot: A4b
Pain, Mary, Lot: D-398, d. 1753
Pain, Mary, Lot: D-434
Pain, Mary, Lot: D398
Pain, Mary, Lot: D434b
Park, William, Lot: B105, d. 5/10/1683
Park, William, Lot: B-105, d. 1708
Parker, Abigail, Lot: D386, d. 3/23/1773
Parker, Abigail, Lot: D-386, d. 1773
Parker, Abigail, Lot: D-386A, d. 1773
Parker, Abigail, Lot: D386a, d. 1773
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D411, d. 1/8/1778
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D444, d. 4/20/1780
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D-411, d. 1778
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D-444, d. 1780
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D-467
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D-469
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D467a
Parker, Jeremiah, Lot: D469a
Parker, John, Lot: D-445, d. 1819
Parker, Joseph, Lot: D446, d. 5/30/1782
Parker, Joseph, Lot: D-446, d. 1782
Parker, Joseph, Lot: D-445, d. 1819
Parker, Joseph, Lot: D-469
Parker, Joseph, Lot: D469h
Parker, Joseph A., Lot: D445, d. 4/22/1819
Parker, Ma, Lot: D-467
Parker, Ma, Lot: D467c
Parker, Martha, Lot: D467, d. 1/29/1780
Parker, Martha, Lot: D-412, d. 5/1/1805
Parker, Martha, Lot: D412, d. 12/17/1805
Parker, Martha, Lot: D-467, d. 1780
Parker, Mary, Lot: D441, d. 3/11/1749
Parker, Mary, Lot: D443, d. 5/15/1779
Parker, Mary, Lot: D-443, d. 1779
Parker, Peter, Lot: B-111, d. 1765
Parker, Peter, Lot: B-111, d. 1765
Parker, Peter, Lot: B111a
Parker, T, Lot: D-469
Parker, T, Lot: D469g
Parker, Timothy, Lot: D471, d. 4/8/1785
Parker, Timothy, Lot: D-471, d. 1785
Parkers, Peter, Lot: B111, d. 11/15/1765
Parteridge, Thaddeus, Lot: B-121
Parteridge, William, Lot: B118, d. 11/12/1772
Parteridge, William, Lot: B-118, d. 1772
Partridge, Abigail, Lot: B119, d. 12/26/1780
Partridge, Abigail, Lot: B-119, d. 1780
Partridge, Abigail, Lot: B-119
Partridge, Abigail, Lot: B119a
Partridge, Jane, Lot: B120, d. 2/13/1782
Partridge, Jane, Lot: B-120, d. 1782
Partridge, Thaddeus, Lot: B121, d. 8/18/1801
Partridge, Thaddeus, Lot: B-121, d. 1801
Partridge, Thaddeus, Lot: B121a
Pason, Martha, Lot: A15, d. 8/13/1718
Pason, Martha, Lot: A-15, d. 1718
Pason, Martha, Lot: A-15A
Pason, Martha, Lot: A15a
Patten, Nathaniel, Lot: D-472, d. 1790
Payson, Abigail, Lot: A4, d. 11/27/1786
Payson, Abigail, Lot: A-4, d. 1786
Payson, Abigail, Lot: A-4A
Payson, Abigail, Lot: A4a
Payson, Benjamin, Lot: A10, d. 5/31/1769
Payson, Benjamin, Lot: A-10, d. 1769
Payson, Hannah, Lot: A6, d. 11/25/1724
Payson, Hannah, Lot: A-6, d. 1724
Payson, Isaac, Lot: A7, d. 6/27/1743
Payson, Isaac, Lot: A-7, d. 1743
Payson, Jacob, Lot: A18, d. 12/7/1721
Payson, Jacob, Lot: A-18, d. 1721
Payson, John, Lot: A5, d. 11/16/1719
Payson, John, Lot: A14, d. 1/6/1747
Payson, John, Lot: A8, d. 1/23/1748
Payson, John, Lot: A-5, d. 1719
Payson, John, Lot: A-14, d. 1747
Payson, John, Lot: A-14A, d. 1747
Payson, John, Lot: A-8, d. 1748
Payson, Mary, Lot: A9, d. 7/30/1767
Payson, Mary, Lot: A-9, d. 1767
Payson, Sarah, Lot: A24, d. 6/23/1761
Payson, Sarah, Lot: A-24, d. 1761
Pearse, Rebecca, Lot: B251, d. 10/18/1792
Pearse, Rebecca, Lot: B-251, d. 1792
Peck, Elizabeth, Lot: A61, d. 3/23/1709
Peck, Elizabeth, Lot: A-61, d. 1709
Peck, Theoda, Lot: B108, d. 8/26/1718
Peck, Theoda, Lot: B-108, d. 1718
Peirpont, John, Lot: C-TOMB 33, d. 1682
Perin, Margaret, Lot: D381, d. 6/29/1743
Perin, Margaret, Lot: D-380, d. 1743
Perin, Margt, Lot: D-380A
Perin, Margt, Lot: D380a
Perin, Patience, Lot: D377, d. 11/28/1730
Perin, Patience, Lot: D380, d. 9/7/1744
Perin, Patience, Lot: D-377, d. 1730
Perker, Mary, Lot: D-441
Perrin, Martha, Lot: D364, d. 4/2/1760
Perrin, Martha, Lot: D-364, d. 1760
Perrin, Mary, Lot: D363, d. 3/18/1773
Perrin, Mary, Lot: D-363, d. 1773
Perrin, Mary, Lot: D-377A, d. 1773
Perrin, Mary, Lot: D377a, d. 1773
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D376, d. 10/15/1754
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D362, d. 4/4/1788
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D-376, d. 1754
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D-376A, d. 1754
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D376a, d. 1754
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D-362, d. 1788
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D-376B
Perrin, Noah, Lot: D376b
Perrin, Patiance, Lot: D-381, d. 1744
Philleps, Mary, Lot: A58, d. 6/9/1716
Philleps, Mary, Lot: A-58, d. 1716
Pierpoint, Thankful, Lot: B-213, d. 1664
Pierpont, Lot: D-431
Pierpont, Ebenezer, Lot: C338, d. 12/16/1696
Pierpont, Ebenezer, Lot: C-338, d. 1696
Pierpont, Hannah, Lot: D430, d. 5/23/1751
Pierpont, Hannah, Lot: D-430, d. 1751
Pierpont, John, Lot: CT33, d. 12/7/1682
Pierpont, Mary, Lot: C339, d. 2/1/1696
Pierpont, Mary, Lot: C-339, d. 1696
Pierpont, Robert, Lot: D350, d. 11/2/1767
Pierpont, Robert, Lot: D-350, d. 1767
Pierpont, Sarah, Lot: D-431, d. 1742
Pierpont, Sarah, Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lot: D431, d. 9/5/1742
Pierpont, Susannah, Lot: D351, d. 8/28/1760
Pierpont, Susannah, Lot: D-351, d. 1760
Pierpont, Thankful, Lot: B213, d. 5/11/1664
Preston, Hannah, Lot: D474, d. 8/26/1747
Preston, Hannah, Lot: D-474, d. 1747
Ramsey, Eunice, Lot: D434, d. 7/7/1734
Ramsey, Eunice, Lot: D-434, d. 1734
Read, Peter, Lot: A55, d. 12/29/1751
Read, Peter, Lot: A-55, d. 1751
Rhodes, Jacob, Lot: CH-J1
Richards, Wyatt, Lot: A-35
Richards, Wyatt, Lot: AT35
Richardson, Abigail, Lot: D424, d. 9/22/1770
Richardson, Abigail, Lot: DT35, d. 11/7/1816
Richardson, Abigail, Lot: D-424, d. 1770
Richardson, Abigail, Lot: D-35, d. 1816
Richardson, Abigail, Lot: D454a
Richardson, John, Lot: D-455, d. 1752
Richardson, John, Lot: D-449
Richardson, John, Lot: D449
Richardson, Joseh, Lot: D-425, d. 1790
Richardson, Joseph, Lot: D425, d. 3/12/1790
Richardson, Joseph, Lot: D-453
Richardson, Joseph, Lot: D453
Richardson, Mary, Lot: D454, d. 8/24/1745
Richardson, Mary, Lot: D-454, d. 1745
Richarson, Abigail, Lot: D-454
Rider, Sarah, Lot: C342, d. 8/14/1714
Riper, Sarah, Lot: C-342, d. 1714
Robbins, Susana, Lot: B-158, d. 1807
Robbins, Susana W. and Metilda Caroline, Lot: B158, d. 8/29/1807
Rogers, James, Lot: A-65
Rogers, James, Lot: A65
Ruggle, Samuel, Lot: B-88, d. 1715
Ruggles, Anna, Lot: B113, d. 9/5/1711
Ruggles, Anna, Lot: B-113, d. 1711
Ruggles, Edward, Lot: D428, d. 9/16/1765
Ruggles, Edward, Lot: D-428, d. 1765
Ruggles, Elizabeth, Lot: D355, d. 1/28/1740
Ruggles, Elizabeth, Lot: D-355, d. 1740
Ruggles, hannah, Lot: D429, d. 3/11/1731
Ruggles, Hannah, Lot: D-429, d. 1731
Ruggles, Henry, Lot: D462, d. 12/9/1702
Ruggles, Henry, Lot: D-462, d. 1702
Ruggles, John, Lot: B-110, d. 1711
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B89, d. 9/9/1742
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B90, d. 6/9/1765
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B-89, d. 1742
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B-89, d. 1742
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B-90, d. 1765
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B-90, d. 1965
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B89a
Ruggles, Joseph, Lot: B90a
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B114, d. 8/15/1692
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B88, d. 2/25/1715
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B-114, d. 1692
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B-88, d. 1715
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B-114
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B114a
Ruggles, Samuel, Lot: B88a
Rugles, John, Lot: B110, d. 2/28/1711
Rumrill, Aaron, Lot: B256, d. 7/9/1811
Rumrill, Aaron, Lot: B-256, d. 1811
S, Lot: D-367C, d. 1764
S, Lot: B-241A
S, Lot: B241a
S, D, Lot: D-459, d. 1735
S, D, Lot: D459, d. 1735
S, D, Lot: B-82, d. 1829
S, E, Lot: D-394A
S, E, Lot: D-478
S, E, Lot: D394a
S, E, Lot: D478a
S, H, Lot: A75a
S, J, Lot: B-203A
S, J, Lot: B203a
S, J, Lot: D-393B
S, J, Lot: D393b
S, M, Lot: D-397
S, M, Lot: D397c
S, T, Lot: D-397
S, T, Lot: D397f
Sa, Elizabeth, Lot: D-469
Sa, Elizabeth, Lot: D469
Salter, Elizabeth, Lot: A68, d. 12/28/1698
Salter, Elizabeth, Lot: A-68, d. 1698
Sanderson, Daniel, Lot: B82, d. 1/25/1829
Sanderson, Sarah, Lot: B83, d. 1/14/1849
Sanderson, Sarah, Lot: B-83, d. 1849
Sarh, Danforth, Lot: C-296, d. 1659
Sarle, Philip, Lot: A59, d. 12/17/1729
Sarle, Philip, Lot: A-59, d. 1729
Saunderson, Daniel, Lot: B-82, d. 1829
Savage, Isaac, Lot: D478, d. 4/23/1782
Savage, Isaac, Lot: D-478, d. 1782
Savage, Isaac, Lot: D491a, d. September
Savage, Isaac, Lot: D-491
Scarborough, Samuel, Lot: C-345, d. 1721
Scarborough, Samuel, Lot: D-349A
Scarborough, Samuel, Lot: D349a
Scarbrough, Bethiah, Lot: C343, d. 9/10/1728
Scarbrough, Bethiah, Lot: C-343, d. 1728
Scarbrough, Deacon, Lot: C-344, d. 1714
Scarbrough, Joseph, Lot: C341, d. 2/5/1737
Scarbrough, Joseph, Lot: C-341, d. 1737
Scarbrough, Samuel, Lot: C344, d. 3/18/1714
Scarbrough, Samuel, Lot: C345, d. 11/2/1721
Searl, Ebenezer, Lot: A70, d. 1/26/1719
Searl, Ebenezer, Lot: A-70, d. 1719
Seauerns, Samuel, Lot: D-473, d. 1816
Seaver, Ebenezer, Lot: D372, d. 3/26/1785
Seaver, Ebenezer, Lot: D-368, d. 1773
Seaver, Ebenezer, Lot: D-372, d. 1785
Seaver, Elizabeth, Lot: D432, d. 12/14/1813
Seaver, Elizabeth, Lot: D-432, d. 1813
Seaver, Francis, Lot: B201, d. 6/22/1803
Seaver, Francis, Lot: B-201, d. 1803
Seaver, Jonathn, Lot: D395, d. 12/18/1753
Seaver, Jonathn, Lot: D-395, d. 1753
Seaver, Joshua, Lot: D397, d. 3/27/1730
Seaver, Joshua, Lot: D356, d. 9/4/1773
Seaver, Joshua, Lot: D-397, d. 1730
Seaver, Joshua, Lot: D-356, d. 1773
Seaver, Margaret, Lot: D370, d. 11/30/1765
Seaver, Margaret, Lot: D-370, d. 1765
Seaver, Mary, Lot: D371, d. 5/8/1766
Seaver, Mary, Lot: D-371, d. 1766
Seaver, Mary, Lot: D-397
Seaver, Mary, Lot: D-397
Seaver, Mary, Lot: D397d
Seaver, Samuel, Lot: D368, d. 5/8/1773
Seaver, Susanna, Lot: D357, d. 9/22/1769
Seaver, Susanna, Lot: D-357, d. 1769
Seaver, Tabitha, Lot: D373, d. 3/1/1804
Seaver, Tabitha, Lot: D-373, d. 1804
Seaverns, Samuel, Lot: D473, d. 4/29/1810
Serle, Hannah, Lot: B239, d. 1/3/1721
Serle, Hannah, Lot: B-239, d. 1721
Seuer, Mary, Lot: D-360, d. 1768
Sever, Hannah, Lot: A75, d. 2/13/1721
Sever, Hannah, Lot: B178, d. 8/26/1721
Sever, Hannah, Lot: A-75, d. 1721
Sever, Hannah, Lot: A-75, d. 1721
Sever, Hannah, Lot: B-178, d. 1721
Sever, Mary, Lot: D360, d. 9/9/1768
Sever, Mary, Lot: D397e
Sever, Sarah, Lot: D396, d. 9/13/1736
Sever, Sarah, Lot: D-396, d. 1736
Sever, Shubael, Lot: A74, d. 1/18/1729
Sever, Shubael, Lot: A-74, d. 1729
Shed, Elizabeth, Lot: D451, d. 4/18/1743
Shed, Elizabeth, Lot: D-451, d. 1743
Shed, James, Lot: D460, d. 12/29/1749
Shed, James, Lot: D-460, d. 1749
Smith, Hannah, Lot: B106, d. 9/24/1714
Smith, Hannah, Lot: B-106, d. 1714
Smith, James, Lot: B154, d. 2/25/1721
Smith, James, Lot: B-154
Smith, James, Lot: B-154
Smith, James, Lot: B154a
Smith, John, Lot: B153, d. 8/17/1714
Smith, John, Lot: B132, d. 1/9/1728
Smith, John, Lot: B-153, d. 1714
Smith, John, Lot: B-132, d. 1728
Smith, John, Lot: B-132
Smith, John, Lot: B132a
Smith, John, Lot: D-478
Smith, John, Lot: D478b
Starkweather, John, Lot: A-48
Starkweather, John, Lot: A48
Stebbins, John, Lot: B203, d. 12/4/1681
Stebbins, John, Lot: B-203, d. 1681
Stedman, Caleb, Lot: A35, d. 6/26/1746
Stedman, Caleb, Lot: A34, d. 9/24/1748
Stedman, Caleb, Lot: A-35, d. 1746
Stedman, Caleb, Lot: A-34, d. 1748
Stedman, Hannah, Lot: A36, d. 8/24/1743
Stedman, Hannah, Lot: A-36, d. 1743
Stedman, Hannah, Lot: A-36A, d. 1743
Stedman, Hannah, Lot: A36a
Steveens, Sarah, Lot: B-234, d. 1695
Stevens, Children, Lot: B-236
Stevens, Dorothy, Lot: C310, d. 10/26/1710
Stevens, Dorothy, Lot: C-310, d. 1710
Stevens, John, Lot: B241, d. 4/1/1750
Stevens, John, Lot: B-241, d. 1750
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B-240, d. 9/16/1755
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B240, d. 9/16/1755
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B230, d. 11/6/1756
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B-230, d. 1756
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B-236A
Stevens, Joseph, Lot: B236a
Stevens, Lucy, Lot: B242, d. 6/1/1750
Stevens, Lucy, Lot: B-242, d. 1750
Stevens, Lucy, Lot: B-242A
Stevens, Lucy, Lot: B242a
Stevens, Mary, Lot: B229, d. 11/8/1764
Stevens, Mary, Lot: B-229, d. 1764
Stevens, Samuel, Lot: B228, d. 2/23/1768
Stevens, Samuel, Lot: B-228, d. 1768
Stevens, Samuel, Lot: B-228A, d. 1768
Stevens, Samuel, Lot: B228a, d. 1768
Stevens, Sarah, Lot: B234, d. 4/5/1695
Stevens, Thomas, Timothy, Mary, and Abigail, Lot: B236
Stevens, Timothy, Lot: B233, d. 1/31/1707
Stevens, Timothy, Lot: B-233, d. 1707
Sumner, Lot: D-452, d. 1753
Sumner, Nicholas, Lot: D-465, d. 1749
Sumner, Nicholas Burnham, Lot: D465, d. 8/7/1749
Sumner, Susanna, Lot: C308, d. 2/2/1732
Sumner, Susanna, Lot: C-308, d. 1732
Sumner, Susanna, Lot: C-308A
Sumner, Susanna, Lot: C308a
Swan, Thomas, Lot: D374, d. 10/19/1710
Swan, Thomas, Lot: D-374, d. 1710
T, H, Lot: C279c
T, J, Lot: C-287A
T, J, Lot: C287a
Table, Mary, Lot: D382, d. 5/27/1725
Table, Mary, Lot: D-382, d. 1725
Talbot, Sarah, Lot: B243, d. 1/28/1782
Talbot, Sarah, Lot: B-243, d. 1782
Talbot, Sarah, Lot: B-243A, d. 1782
Talbot, Sarah, Lot: B243a, d. 1782
Tay, Grace, Lot: D-442
Tay, Grace, Lot: D442a
Tayler, Abigail, Lot: B235, d. 8/1/1752
Tayler, Abigail, Lot: B-235, d. 1752
Tayler, Peter, Lot: B245, d. 5/1/1753
Tayler, Peter, Lot: B-245, d. 1753
Thacher, Elizabeth, Lot: C-326, d. 1721
Thatcher, Elizabeth, Lot: C326, d. 10/1/1721
Thompson, Benj, Lot: C313a
Thompson, Benjamin, Lot: C313, d. 4/13/1714
Thompson, Benjamin, Lot: C-313, d. 1714
Thompson, Benjamis, Lot: C-313A
Tompgon, Philip, Lot: C-289, d. 1742
Tompson, Joseph, Lot: C287, d. 10/27/1739
Tompson, Joseph, Lot: C-287, d. 1739
Tompson, Mary, Lot: C288, d. 1/25/1739
Tompson, Mary, Lot: C-288, d. 1739
Tompson, Mary, Lot: C-314A
Tompson, Mary, Lot: C314a
Tompson, Philip, Lot: C289, d. 7/1/1742
Tompson, Philip, Lot: C-314B
Tompson, Philip, Lot: C314b
Tompson, Susanna and Elinor, Lot: C312, d. 4/7/1721
Tompson, Susannah, Lot: C-312, d. 1721
Tucker, Benjamim, Lot: D502, d. 2/27/1713
Tucker, Benjamin, Lot: A30, d. 10/8/1728
Tucker, Benjamin, Lot: D-502, d. 1713
Tucker, Benjamin, Lot: A-30, d. 1728
Tucker, William, Lot: A39, d. 8/28/1718
Tucker, William, Lot: A-39, d. 1718
Tupper, Henery, Lot: C279, d. 10/15/1813
Tupper, Henery, Lot: C-279, d. 1813
Turell, Mary, Lot: C-TOMB 8-A, d. 1794
Turell, Mary, Lot: CT8, d. 1794
Turner, Edward, Lot: D500, d. 11/23/1803
Turner, Edward, Lot: D-500, d. 1803
Turner, Edward, Lot: D-502
Turner, Edward, Lot: D502a
Vose, Theodea, Lot: B210, d. 5/26/1809
Vose, Theodea, Lot: B-210, d. 1809
W, A, Lot: B141a, d. 1811
W, C, Lot: D-485
W, C, Lot: D485a
W, E, Lot: B-107, d. 1674
W, E, Lot: B-123
W, E, Lot: B107a
W, E, Lot: B123a
W, E, Lot: D-434
W, E, Lot: D434c
W, J, Lot: A20b, d. 1815
W, J, Lot: C-346A, d. 1817
W, J, Lot: C356a, d. 1817
W, L, Lot: B-92, d. 1808
W, L, Lot: B92b, d. 1808
W, M, Lot: C-282C
W, M, Lot: C282c
W, N, Lot: B-97
W, N, Lot: B97a
W, S, Lot: B-189
W, S, Lot: B-250A
W, S, Lot: B189b
W, S, Lot: B250a
Walley, Sarah, Lot: B86, d. 5/23/1740
Walley, Sarah, Lot: B-86, d. 1740
Walter, Susanna, Lot: B87, d. 7/5/1736
Walter, Susanna, Lot: B-87, d. 1736
Walter, Susanna, Lot: B-87, d. 1736
Walter, Susanna, Lot: B87a
Walters, Lot: D-476
Walters, Lot: D476a
Walters, Amey, Lot: D452, d. 5/29/1754
Walters, Amey, Lot: D-452, d. 1754
Ward, Ann, Lot: B141, d. 10/7/1811
Ward, Ann, Lot: B-141, d. 1811
Ward, Ann, Lot: B-141
Ward, Elizabeth, Lot: A-20A, d. 1813
Ward, Elizabeth, Lot: A-20, d. 1912
Ward, Joseph, Lot: A-20B, d. 1815
Ward, Mira, Lot: A-20, d. 1813
Ward, Mira, Lot: A-20A, d. 1912
Ward, Mira and Elizabeth, Lot: A20, d. 5/26/1812
Warren, Deborah, Lot: D-409
Warren, Deborah, Lot: D409
Warren, Ebenezer, Lot: D410, d. 12/9/1756
Warren, Ebenezer, Lot: D-410, d. 1756
Warren, Joseph, Lot: D-427, d. 1755
Warren, Joseph, Lot: D427, d. 1755
Warren, Susanna, Lot: D-426
Warren, Susanna, Lot: D426
Waston, John, Lot: A-37, d. 1971
Waston, John Jr, Lot: A-38, d. 1693
Watson, John, Lot: A37, d. 12/2/1671
Watson, Jr., John, Lot: A38, d. 8/14/1693
Weld, Lot: C317, d. 7/25/1776
Weld, Lot: C-317, d. 1776
Weld, Clemence, Lot: B207, d. 12/8/1766
Weld, Clemence, Lot: B-207, d. 1766
Weld, Clemence, Lot: B-207A, d. 1766
Weld, Clemence, Lot: B207a, d. 1766
Weld, Edmund, Lot: B208, d. 6/13/1748
Weld, Edmund, Lot: B-208, d. 1748
Weld, Edmund, Lot: B-208A, d. 1748
Weld, Edmund, Lot: B208a, d. 1748
Weld, Joseph, Lot: B197, d. 2/14/1711
Weld, Joseph, Lot: C337, d. 9/27/1765
Weld, Joseph, Lot: B-197, d. 1711
Weld, Joseph, Lot: C-337A, d. 1765
Weld, Joseph, Lot: C-337
Weld, Joseph, Lot: C337a
Weld, Samuel, Lot: C307, d. 9/2/1737
Weld, Samuel, Lot: C-304, d. 1715
Weld, Samuel, Lot: C-304A
Weld, Samuel, Lot: C-307
Weld, Samuel and Thomas, Lot: C304, d. 1/18/1715
Weld, Sarah, Lot: D392, d. 12/22/1767
Weld, Sarah, Lot: D-392, d. 1767
Weld, Sarah, Lot: D-411
Weld, Sarah, Lot: D411c
Weld, Susanna, Lot: C-308B
Weld, Susanna, Lot: C308b
Weld, Thomas, Lot: C-304A
Weld, Thomas, Lot: C-306
Weld, Thomas and Mrs Dorothy, Lot: C306, d. 1/17/1682
Weld, Thomas and Samuel, Lot: C304a
Western, Sarah, Lot: B255, d. 10/25/1792
Western, Sarah, Lot: B-255, d. 1792
Wheeler, Henry, Lot: C275, d. 10/27/1813
Wheeler, Henry, Lot: C-275, d. 1813
White, Aaron, Lot: B125, d. 12/18/1809
White, Aaron, Lot: B-125, d. 1809
White, Aaron, Lot: B-126
White, Aaron, Lot: B125a
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B205, d. 1/7/1699
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B123, d. 2/6/1827
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B-205, d. 1699
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B-123, d. 1827
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B-205A
White, Elizabeth, Lot: B205a
White, James, Lot: B173, d. 8/9/1815
White, James, Lot: B-173, d. 1815
White, John, Lot: B204, d. 3/22/1695
White, John, Lot: B-204, d. 1695
White, John, Lot: B-204A
White, John, Lot: B204a
White, M, Lot: B-126
White, M, Lot: B126a
White, Mary, Lot: B126, d. 8/30/1805
White, Mary, Lot: B-126, d. 1805
White, T, Lot: B-127
White, T, Lot: B127a
White, Thomas, Lot: B127, d. 5/31/1802
White, Thomas, Lot: B-127, d. 1802
Whitney, Elisha, Lot: C-TOMB 32, d. 1811
Whitney, Elisha, Lot: CT32, d. 1811
Whitney, Elizabeth, Lot: B209, d. 4/20/1793
Whitney, Elizabeth, Lot: B-209, d. 1793
Whitwell, Lucy, Lot: B80, d. 7/28/1808
Whitwell, Lucy, Lot: B-80, d. 1808
Whitwell, Nathaniel, Lot: B81, d. 2/9/1814
Whitwell, Nathaniel, Lot: B-81, d. 1814
Willard, Aaron, Lot: C277, d. 5/20/1844
Willard, Aaron, Lot: C-277, d. 1844
Willard, Aaron, Lot: C-282B
Willard, Aaron, Lot: C282b
Willard, Catherine, Lot: C278, d. 7/30/1785
Willard, Catherine, Lot: C-278, d. 1785
Willard, Catherine, Lot: C-282A
Willard, Catherine, Lot: C282a
Willard, Mary, Lot: C276, d. 10/10/1846
Willard, Mary, Lot: C-276, d. 1846
William, Cap, Lot: D-489, d. 1777
William, Elisabet, Lot: B107, d. 6/30/1674
William, John, Lot: D-489
William, Sarah, Lot: D-438
Williams, Lot: B196b
Williams, Abigail, Lot: D494, d. 9/4/1750
Williams, Abigail, Lot: D499, d. 1/1/1793
Williams, Abigail, Lot: D-499, d. 1793
Williams, Abigail, Lot: D-499
Williams, Abigail, Lot: D499a
Williams, Ann, Lot: B191, d. 4/9/1767
Williams, Ann, Lot: D486, d. 3/11/1771
Williams, Ann, Lot: B-191, d. 1767
Williams, Ann, Lot: B-191, d. 1767
Williams, Ann, Lot: B191a, d. 1767
Williams, Ann, Lot: D-486, d. 1771
Williams, Ann, Lot: D-494
Williams, Ann, Lot: D494a
Williams, Baigail, Lot: D-494, d. 1750
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: D475, d. 11/11/1752
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: B195, d. 4/14/1775
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: D-475, d. 1752
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: B195a, d. 1771
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: B-195, d. 1775
Williams, Benjamin, Lot: B-195, d. 1775
Williams, Catharine, Lot: D488, d. 4/5/1776
Williams, Catharine, Lot: D-488, d. 1776
Williams, Charlota, Lot: D487, d. 9/13/1769
Williams, Charlota, Lot: D-487, d. 1769
Williams, Daniel, Lot: B194, d. 1/7/1771
Williams, Daniel, Lot: B-194, d. 1771
Williams, Daniel, Lot: B-194, d. 1771
Williams, Daniel, Lot: B194a, d. 1771
Williams, Deborah, Lot: D-485, d. 1761
Williams, Ebenezer, Lot: D437, d. 12/12/1736
Williams, Ebenezer, Lot: D-437, d. 1736
Williams, Eleazer, Lot: B-26
Williams, Eleazer, Lot: BT26
Williams, Eliakim, Lot: B85, d. 1/12/1724
Williams, Elisabet, Lot: B-107, d. 1674
Williams, Elisabeth, Lot: B196, d. 4/7/1763
Williams, Elizabeth, Lot: B-196, d. 1763
Williams, Euakim, Lot: B-85, d. 1724
Williams, Hannah, Lot: B193, d. 5/7/1764
Williams, Hannah, Lot: B-193, d. 1764
Williams, Hannah, Lot: B-193, d. 1764
Williams, Hannah, Lot: B193a, d. 1764
Williams, Hannah, Lot: D-460
Williams, Hannah, Lot: D460a
Williams, Henry, Lot: B187, d. 1/1/1752
Williams, Henry, Lot: D-476, d. 1748
Williams, Henry, Lot: B-187, d. 1752
Williams, Henry, Jr., Lot: D476, d. 2/13/1748
Williams, Isaac, Lot: B168, d. 6/27/1739
Williams, Isaac, Lot: B-168, d. 1739
Williams, Isaac, Lot: D491b
Williams, Isaav, Lot: D-491
Williams, J, Lot: D-411
Williams, J, Lot: D411d
Williams, Jeremiah, Lot: B184, d. 4/17/1759
Williams, Jeremiah, Lot: B-184, d. 1759
Williams, Jeremiah, Lot: B-196
Williams, John, Lot: D495, d. 1/22/1733
Williams, John, Lot: D439, d. 11/5/1742
Williams, John, Lot: DT14, d. 4/9/1777
Williams, John, Lot: B189, d. 2/8/1794
Williams, John, Lot: D-495, d. 1733
Williams, John, Lot: D-439, d. 1742
Williams, John, Lot: D-14, d. 1777
Williams, John, Lot: B-189, d. 1794
Williams, John, Lot: B-189
Williams, John, Lot: B189a
Williams, Jonathan, Lot: D440, d. 3/27/1743
Williams, Jonathan, Lot: D-440, d. 1743
Williams, Joseph, Lot: B163, d. 8/17/1720
Williams, Joseph, Lot: B-163, d. 1720
Williams, Lucy, Lot: B186, d. 12/18/1758
Williams, Lucy, Lot: B-186, d. 1758
Williams, Mary, Lot: A21, d. 2/7/1718
Williams, Mary, Lot: A-21, d. 9/1/1718
Williams, Mary, Lot: A-21A, d. 9/1/1718
Williams, Mary, Lot: B167, d. 10/13/1732
Williams, Mary, Lot: A21a, d. 1718
Williams, Mary, Lot: B-167, d. 1732
Williams, Mary, Lot: D-460
Williams, Mary, Lot: D460c
Williams, Rebecca, Lot: B190, d. 8/11/1788
Williams, Rebecca, Lot: B-190, d. 1788
Williams, Rebecca, Lot: B-190
Williams, Rebecca, Lot: B190a
Williams, Rob, Lot: D-411
Williams, Robert, Lot: D490, d. 9/13/1778
Williams, Robert, Lot: D-490, d. 1778
Williams, Robt, Lot: D411a
Williams, Samuel, Lot: B134, d. 9/28/1698
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D497, d. 6/1/1779
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D498, d. 12/21/1786
Williams, Samuel, Lot: B-134, d. 1698
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D-497, d. 1779
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D-497, d. 1779
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D-498, d. 1786
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D-498, d. 1786
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D497a
Williams, Samuel, Lot: D498a
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B109, d. 12/29/1719
Williams, Sarah, Lot: D438, d. 10/13/1742
Williams, Sarah, Lot: D484, d. 6/21/1754
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B-109, d. 1719
Williams, Sarah, Lot: D-484, d. 1754
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B-109
Williams, Sarah, Lot: B109a
Williams, Sarah, Lot: D-438
Williams, Sarah, Lot: D438a
Williams, Smith, Lot: B192, d. 4/2/1775
Williams, Smith, Lot: B-192, d. 1775
Williams, Smith, Lot: B-192
Williams, Smith, Lot: B192a
Williams, Stephen, Lot: B164, d. 2/15/1719
Williams, Stephen, Lot: B162, d. 8/21/1720
Williams, Stephen, Lot: D450, d. 5/13/1768
Williams, Stephen, Lot: DT10, d. 5/23/1811
Williams, Stephen, Lot: B-164, d. 1719
Williams, Stephen, Lot: B-102, d. 1720
Williams, Stephen, Lot: D-450, d. 1768
Williams, Stephen, Lot: D-10, d. 1811
Williams, William, Lot: D489, d. 3/6/1791
Williams, William, Lot: D-489, d. 1791
Williams, William, Lot: D-495
Williams, William, Lot: D495a
Willson, Bethia, Lot: D393, d. 5/8/1702
Willson, Bethia, Lot: D-393, d. 1702
Willson, Bethia, Lot: D-393A
Willson, Bethia, Lot: D393a
Winchester, John, Lot: B-216
Winchester, John, Lot: B216
Winchester, Sarah, Lot: B206, d. 1/31/1715
Winchester, Sarah, Lot: B-206, d. 1715
Woods, Benja, Lot: D400, d. 2/12/1736
Woods, Benjamin, Lot: D-400, d. 7/1/1736
Woods, Charlotte, Lot: B-159, d. 1811
Woods, Charlotte Ann, Lot: B159, d. 10/1/1811
Woods, Jemima, Lot: D375, d. 5/4/1768
Woods, Jemima, Lot: D-375, d. 1768
Woods, Jemima, Lot: D-402
Woods, Jemima, Lot: D402a
Woods, John, Lot: D402, d. 5/24/1747
Woods, John, Lot: D-402, d. 1747
Woods, John, Lot: D-435
Woods, John, Lot: D435a
Woods, Jonathan, Lot: D401, d. 8/4/1741
Woods, Jonathan, Lot: D-401, d. 1741
Woodward, Joiah, Lot: C-346, d. 1817
Woodward, Josiah, Lot: C346, d. 10/23/1817
Worfeley, Sally, Lot: B250, d. 10/15/1792
Worseley, Sally, Lot: B-250, d. 1792
Zeigler, Mary, Lot: D481, d. 8/10/1789
Zeigler, Mary, Lot: D-481, d. 1789

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