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Salisbury Center Cemetery
Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut

27 Main Street (Rte 44), Salisbury, Connecticut 06068

Lat: 41° 58' 55"N, Lon: 73° 25' 25"W

This cemetery is located on the north side of Route 44 (Main Street) in the center of town directly behind the Town Hall, and just two blocks west of where Rte 41 intersects from the north.

This is a very old inactive cemetery on about half an acre, fenced, mown and free of debris. Entrance sign notes burials date from 1750-1873. Many stones are broken, sunken, eroded and covered with plant growth. Some have small metal plates attached to the back giving the decedents name and birth/death year. Numerous small stone markers have no inscription.

Also known as Town Hill Cemetery, Old Burying Ground and Center Cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 19, 2012. Total records = 176.

Contributor's Index:

b. = birth
d. = death
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husband of
s/o = s/o
w/o = wife of
RevW = Revolutionary War marker
F-IW = French & Indian War marker

Adams, Isaac, b. 1698, d. 1763, age 65yr, [LH]
Adams, John, d. Aug 28, 1784, age 22yr, s/o Phineas, [LH]
Adams, Zerviah (Mrs.), b. 1713, d. Jul 20, 1787, w/o Isaac, [LH]
Allici, Temperance, b. 1729, d. 1807, [LH]
Barnum, Horace, d. Apr 1811, age 13yr, s/o Levi and Mary, [LH]
Barnum, Male child, d. Oct 19, 1803, age 4yr, s/o Levi and Mary, [LH]
Benton, Mary, d. Feb 20, 1800, age 31yr, w/o James, [LH]
Bird, Isaac, d. Jan 16, 1829, age 72yr, RevW, [LH]
Bird, James, b. b/d 1883, age 16 days, s/o ?? and Elizabeth, [LH]
Bird, Joseph (Deacon), d. Sep 9, 1754, age 57yr, [LH]
Bostwick, Clarissa C, b. Jun 16, 1808, d. Mar 25, 1849, w/o William E. Bostwick, d/o J. C. Coffing, [LH]
Bradley, Sophia, b. 1783, d. 1827, [LH]
Bradley, William, d. Jun 1, 1816, age 75yr, F-IW, [LH]
Brewster, Daniel, b. 1730, d. 1814, [LH]
Brewster, Elizabeth (Swan), b. 1741, d. 1817, [LH]
Brinsmaid, Noah, d. Mar 3, 1810, age 39yr, [LH]
Brinton, Joseph, b. 1767, d. 1811, [LH]
Brinton, Naomi, d. Oct 7, 1853, age 77yr, w/o Joseph, [LH]
Brownson, Elizabeth, b. 1744, d. Aug 8, 1762, age 18yr, [LH]
Brownson, Timothy, d. Feb 18, 1760, age 65, [LH]
Buell, Deborah (Mrs.), d. May 16, 1778, w/o Mr Daniel Buell, [LH]
Buell, Hannah (Mrs.), d. Nov 27, 1812, age 73yr, [LH]
Buell, Nathaniel (Dea.), d. Nov 27, 1808, age 75yr, F-IW, [LH]
Bundy, Francis, b. 1791, d. 1813, [LH]
Burr, Elizabeth (Mrs.), b. 1750, d. 1775, age 25, [LH]
Bushnell, Eliza, b. Nov 10, 1805, d. Aug 5 1869, w/o Capt William Bushnell, [LH]
Bushnell, Hermon B, b. Sep 9, 1807, d. Jun 29, 1851, age 43, [LH]
Bushnell, Jeremiah (Capt.), b. Dec 5, 1763, d. Oct 8, 1833, age 71yr, [LH]
Bushnell, Lucy, d. Mar 13, 1849, age 80, [LH]
Bushnell, Samuel (Capt.), d. Jan 21, 1793, age 69yr, RevW, [LH]
Bushnell, William (Capt.), b. Jul 22, 1798, d. Aug 27, 1865, [LH]
Calkin, Thomas, d. Jul 1815, age 72, [LH]
Camp, Hezekiah (Dea), b. 1700, d. Nov 21, 1791, age 92yr, RevW, [LH]
Camp, Hezekiah, b. 1723, d. Sep 29, 1774, [LH]
Camp, John, d. Sep 9, 1784, RevW, [LH]
Camp, Luke (Capt.), b. 1735, d. Jan 1788, RevW, [LH]
Camp, Rachel, d. Aug 15, 1825, age 88yr, Relict of Capt Luke Camp, [LH]
Camp, Sarah, b. 1719, d. Sep 6, 1785, age 66yr, w/o Hezekiah Camp, [LH]
Camp, Sarah, b. 1753, d. 1757, d/o Hezekiah and Sarah, [LH]
Camp, Sarah, b. 1758, d. 1885, d/o Hezekiah and Sarah, [LH]
Canfield, Joseph, d. Sep 28, 1803, s/o Capt. Joseph, [LH]
Canfield, William, d. Jan 1871, s/o Joseph and Ida, [LH]
Chapin, Anna, d. Mar. 18, 1808, age 70yr, consort of Charles , [LH]
Chapin, Esther, b. 1758, d. 1773, [LH]
Chapin, Lament, b. 1762, d. 1777, d/o Reuben and Rebecca, [LH]
Chapin, Rebecca, d. Mar 31, 1762, age 35yr, w/o Reuben, [LH]
Chipman, Betsey II, b. 1779, d. 1781, [LH]
Chipman, Betsey, b. 1775, d. 1778, [LH]
Chittenden, Anna, d. Oct 10, 1835, age 81, Relict of Mr. Timothy Chittenden, [LH]
Chittenden, Rebeekah, d. Nov 12, 1808, age 78, w/o Capt. Timothy, [LH]
Chittenden, Timothy (Capt), d. Feb 16, 1816, age 84yr, RevW, [LH]
Churchill, Benjamin, b. 1747, d. Apr 20, 1804, age 57, [LH]
Churchill, Clarisa, d. Apr 8, 1804, age 15yr, d/o Benjamin and Elizabeth, [LH]
Churchill, Elizabeth, b. 1765, d. 1835, w/o Benjamin, [LH]
Clark, Wade (Dr.), b. 1716, d. Aug 6, 1750, [LH]
Coffing, Churchill, b. Nov 13, 1813, d. May 14, 1873, [LH]
Coffing, Jerusha, d. Jun 30, 1812, age 38, [LH]
Coffing, John Churchill, b. Oct 6, 1776 in Derby CT, d. Sep 19, 1847 in Salisbury, [LH]
Coffing, Joshua B, b. May 31, 1815, d. Nov 28, 1841, [LH]
Coffing, Maria, b. 1780, d. Apr 16, 1865, [LH]
Conklin, Anna, b. 1753, d. 1828, Relict of Thomas, [LH]
Crossman, Joseph W. (Rev.), d. Dec 13, 1812, age 38yr, [LH]
Davis, Eunice, d. Jul 25, 1783, d/o Jacobus and Eunice, [LH]
Davis, Jacobus, d. Sep 3, 1797, age 60yr, RevW, [LH]
Dexter, unknown, d. Dec 22, 1819, age 35yr, w/o Jeremiah Dexter , [LH]
Eldredge, Hannah, d. Nov 22, 1810, age 15yr, d/o John and Hannah, [LH]
Eldredge, Hannah, d. Oct 25, 1811, age 47yr, w/o John., [LH]
Eldredge, John, d. Dec 28, 1851, age 76yr, RevW, [LH]
Eldridge, Gurden, b. 1790, d. 1799, [LH]
Eldridge, Hezekiah, d. Jun 29, 1806, age 61yr, h/o Dorcas, RevW, [LH]
Everest, David, d. Nov 2, 1784, age 62yr, [LH]
Everest, Jehiel, d. Mar 14, 1812, age 49yr, [LH]
Everest, Sylvester, d. Aug 10, 1801, s/o David and Lois, [LH]
Everts, Charles, no dates, [LH]
Everts, Esther, d. Apr 21, 1797, age 77yr, [LH]
Everts, John, d. Sep. 2, 1786, [LH]
Everts, Nathaniel (Capt.), d. Jan 2, 1792, age 73yr, F-IW, [LH]
Everts, Submit, d. Jan 19, 1802, age 85, w/o John, [LH]
Farnam, Peter, d. Feb 8, 1817, age 61yr, RevW, [LH]
Farnam, Sylvia Fletcher (Mrs.), d. Aug 16, 1854, w/o Peter, [LH]
Fitch, Charles F, b. Apr 5, 1812, d. Aug 5, 1865, [LH]
Fitch, Clarissa, b. Jun 16, 1808, d. Mar 25, 1849, [LH]
Fitch, Janette, b. Sep 11, 1806, [LH]
Fitch, Jerusha, b. Feb 18, 1775, d. Jun 30, 1812, w/o John C. Fitch, [LH]
Fitch, John H., b. Feb 6, 1811, [LH]
Fletcher, Ebenezer (Dr.), b. 1698, d. Oct 13, 1771, age 73yr , [LH]
Fletcher, Hannah, b. 1705, d. Sep 16, 1776, age 71, w/o Dr. Ebenezer Fletcher, [LH]
Glassbrook, James, d. 1793. native of Scotland., [LH]
Grenold, James, b. 1779, d. June 2, 1816, age 37, [LH]
Grow, Polly, b. 1793, d. 1796, [LH]
Hanmer, Joseph, d. Aug 3, 1766, age 22yr, s/o Joseph. Fell from a horse., [LH]
Hilfer, Mehitabel, d. Mar 15, 1830, age 83yr, w/o Willie L. Hilfer, [LH]
Hilfer, Willie L, d. Mar 16, 1801, [LH]
Hillard, Nancy, b. 1787, d. 1820, [LH]
Hinman, Catherine, b. 1798, d. 1826, [LH]
Hinsdale, Amanda (Mrs.), d. Oct 1, 1820, age 33yr, [LH]
Holley, Maria, no dates, d/o John M. and Sally, [LH]
Holley, Sally (Mrs.), d. Feb 24, 1816, w/o John M. Holley, d/o Joshua Porter, Esq., [LH]
Hollister, Charles, b. 1829, d. 1842, [LH]
Hollister, Elizabeth, b. 1763, d. 1826, [LH]
Hutchinson, Elijah, b. 1790, d. 1804, [LH]
Hutchinson, Hepzibah, d. Oct 25, 1777, age 94yr, [LH]
Hutchinson, James, b. 1751, d. Feb 27, 1778, age 27yr, s/o John Hutchinson, Esq., [LH]
Hutchinson, John (Esq.), b. 1712, d. 1780, [LH]
Hutchinson, Temperance, d. Jun 1781, age 65yr, widow of John Hutchinson Esq., [LH]
Jaqua, Charity Grenell, b. 1758, d. July 29, 1782, age 24yr, w/o Simon, d/o Peabody Grenell, [LH]
Lawrence, Olive, b. 1773, d. 1812, [LH]
Lee, Elizabeth (Metcalf), d. Feb 22, 1762, age 45yr, w/o Rev. Jonathan Lee, [LH]
Lee, Hannah, d. Jul 1790, age 39, w/o Samuel and d/o Capt. Samuel Moore, [LH]
Lee, Harmon, no dates, [LH]
Lee, Hezekiah C, b. 1783, d. May 5, 1817, age 34, [LH]
Lee, Jonathan (Rev.), b. Jul 4, 1718, d. Oct 8, 1788, age 71yr, Graduated _____college 1742, Minister of the gospel., [LH]
Lee, Mary (Mrs.), b. 1698, d. Feb 1769, age 71. w/o Joseph Lee, [LH]
Lee, Robert W, d. Jan 9, 1799, age 34yr, [LH]
Lee, Samuel (Esq.), b. 1749, d. Sep 3, 1829, s/o Jonathan Lee, [LH]
Lyman, Abigail, b. 1730, d. Jan 12, 1813, age 83yr, [LH]
Lyman, Elizabeth, b. 1750, d. 1813, [LH]
Lyman, Elizabeth, d. Jun ??, w/o Simeon, [LH]
Lyman, Isaac, d. May 16, 1780, age 15?, s/o Simeon and Elizabeth, [LH]
Lyman, Maria, b. 1812, d. 1827, [LH]
Lyman, Simeon, d. Aug 29, 1800, age 82yr, [LH]
Martin, Malinda, b. 1794, d. Mar 18, 1809, age 15yr, d/o Noah and Hannah, [LH]
Maxson, Thomas, b. 1749, d. 1821, [LH]
Meigs, Janna (Lieut), b. 1699, d. Feb 19, 1772, age 73yr, F-IW, [LH]
Miles, Stephen, b. 1753, d. 1792, [LH]
Moore, David, d. 1775, age 17, s/o David and Rachel, [LH]
Moore, Priscilla, d. Feb 3, 1788, w/o Daniel, [LH]
Moore, Samuel, d. Feb 20, 1810, age 75yr, Mathematician, land-surveyor, [LH]
Moore, Silas, d. Jan 23, 1830, age 67yr, [LH]
Moore, Susanna, d. Oct 10, 1803, age 65yr, w/o Samuel, [LH]
Moulton, Phebe, d. Feb 7, 1790, d/o Abel and Sarah Moulton, [LH]
Northrup, Allen (Mrs), d. Sep 12, 1784, age 66yr, w/o Mr. Joseph Northrup, [LH]
Northrup, Joseph, b. 1716, d. Sep 23, 1785, age 69yr, [LH]
Northrup, Samuel B, d. Aug 22, 1786, age 44yr, native of Lenox, Berkshire, RevW, [LH]
Norton, Esther, d. Nov 10, 1778, age 49yr, w/o Lot Norton, [LH]
Norton, Lot (Esq.), d. Apr 16, 1810, age 77yr, F-IW, [LH]
Norton, Maria Gulielma, b. 1796, d. 1806, [LH]
Norton, Mary, d. Mar 13, 1783, age 45yr, w/o Lot Norton, [LH]
Norton, Miriam Caroline, d. Jan 6, 1802, age 4yr, d/o Lot and Mary, [LH]
Owen, Experience, b. 1732, d. 1756, [LH]
Peet, Jeremiah B, b. 1826, d. Feb. 17, 1837, s/o Eliza Peet, [LH]
Peete, Female child, d. Jan, 1811, [LH]
Peete, Silence, b. 1736, d. Jul 1821, w/o Elijah C. Peete, [LH]
Pierce, Samuel, b. 1760, d. 1820, [LH]
Pompelly, Jerusha, b. 1782, d. 1794, [LH]
Porter, Abigail, d. Oct 7, 1797, age 61yr, w/o Col. Joshua, [LH]
Porter, Joshua (Col.), b. Jun 20, 1730 in Lebanon CT, d. Apr 2, 1825 Salisbury, age 95yr, Graduate of Yale 1754. RevW, [LH]
Porter, Mrs, d. Apr 2, 1792, age 31yr, w/o Joshua M., [LH]
Selleck, Bethel, b. 1792, d. 1818, [LH]
Selleck, Catherine, b. 1783, d. 1874, w/o Kilbourn Selleck, [LH]
Selleck, Kilbourn, b. 1769, d. 1831, [LH]
Selleck, Semanthe, b. 1797, d. 1824, [LH]
Selleck, Seymour, b. 1760, d. 1819, [LH]
Sheldon, Betsy, d. Sep 25, 1800, age 2yr, d/o James and Sarah, [LH]
Sheldon, Elizabeth, d. May 19, 1782, age 59yr, w/o Moses, [LH]
Sheldon, Moses, b. 1715, d. 1807, age 92yr, [LH]
Sheldon, William, d. Sep 25, 1800, age 3yr, s/o James and Sarah, [LH]
Smith, Julia, b. 1781, d. Sep 5, 1818, age 37yr, w/o Elijah Smith, [LH]
Smith, Male, d. Nov 1803, s/o Gideon, [LH]
Spencer, Emon Job, d. Feb 29, 1800, age 78yr, [LH]
Spencer, Gordon, b. 1781, d. 1788, [LH]
Spencer, Hannah, d. 1815 in Salisbury, age 41yr, w/o Job, [LH]
Spencer, Job, d. Feb 18, 1840, age 78yr, [LH]
Spencer, Lovina, b. 1785, d. 1786, [LH]
Spencer, Rachel, d. Jan 30, 1807 Salisbury, age 46yr, w/o Job, [LH]
Spencer, Rebecca (Mrs.), d. Jul 22, 1792, w/o Job, [LH]
Spencer, Sally, d. 1795, d/o Job and Rachel, [LH]
Stanton, Betsey, b. 1776, d. 1799, [LH]
Stanton, Joshua (Esq), b. Feb 19, 1770, d. Oct 29, 1806, Chief Judge of Court of Common Pleas in Colchester, VT, County of Chittenden. Graduated Yale 1788. RevW, [LH]
Stoddard, Abigail (Mrs.), d. 1784, age 72yr, w/o Luther, d/o Col Joshua and Abigail, [LH]
Thompson, Joel, d. Mar 8, 1804, age 66yr, RevW, [LH]
Vosburgh, Hanna (Mrs), d. May 24, 1809, age 19yr, d/o Isaac and Nancy, [LH]
Wakeman, Eliza A, no dates , [LH]
Wateress, Joseph, d. Aug 2, 1776, age 52yr, [LH]
Winslow, Charlotte, b. 1770, d. 1772, age 2yr, [LH]
Winslow, Nathaniel, b. 1730, d. 1778, RevW, [LH]

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