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Hillside Cemetery
Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut

GPS: 41.882410, -73.477789

1 Cemetery Road
Sharon, CT 06069

Published: October 8, 2016
Total records: 3,051

Surnames T-Z

Records published here were acquired from Sharon Historical Society & Museum, who in turn produced a database of records based on old maps of the cemetery, tombstone inscriptions, and other public records.

Tetsuka, Dora M.Gibson
, d. 11/14/1953, Section: P, Number: 28-29, Owner: Mrs.Clement Ford
Tetsuka, Harry K., d. 11/11/1919, Section: P, Number: 28-29, see Me-me Dora Tetsuka
Thayer, Mary, Section: I, Number: 13, See Miles
Thayer, Miles, d. 4/1/1886, Section: I, Number: 13, For Plot see Chas.P.Gregory
Thayer, William Edward, d. 2/3/1957, Section: O, Number: 26
Thomas, Catherine, d. 10/18/1840, Section: Old, Number: 635
Thompson, Abigail, d. 12/7/1786, Section: old, Number: 442
Thompson, Cora N., d. 7/2/1930, Section: L, Number: 11, See Geo.Thompson
Thompson, Cornelia, d. 3/10/1887, Section: J, Number: 24, See Edw.Anson
Thompson, Dr.Mulford Conklin, d. 12/28/1952, Section: K, Number: 21
Thompson, Ebenezer, d. 5/21/1901, Section: L, Number: 11
Thompson, Frances St.John, d. 3/7/1947, Section: K, Number: 21, Wife of Mulford C.
Thompson, George, d. 5/21/1912, Section: L, Number: 11
Throshinskas, Armote, d. 8/1/1937, No information
Thurston, Daniel, d. 5/25/1777, Section: old, Number: 625A, Stone missing
Thurston, Edward D.Jr, d. 3/6/1974, Section: Q, with Mr.Thurston's death, this plot is closed. Cremation
Thurston, Edward Day 3rd, d. 11/13/1921, Section: Q, See Edw.D.
Thurston, Susan Hathaway, d. 8/14/1956, Section: Q, See Edw.D.-wife
Tibbals, Amos, d. 1/27/1813, Section: old, Number: 571A, Age 41 years
Ticknor, David, d. 6/17/1785, Section: old, Number: 453
Ticknor, John, d. 3/26/1766, Section: old, Number: 453A
Tiedeman, Anna Julia, d. 1962, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: J, Number: 5, Ashes buried directly, center north of center monument- about 12" from base. Ashes interred 4/24/1962 see Awe Tiedman Plot care, Owner: Mrs.Allan Wiley
Tiedeman, Mary E., d. 9/6/1890, Section: J, Number: 5
Tiedeman, Otto H., d. 1924, Section: J, Number: 5
Tischofer, Lillie Paine, d. 7/12/1983, Section: X, Number: 33, 34, plot closed
Tischofer, Robert, d. 4/24/1982, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 33, 34, plot closed, Owner: Mrs.Lilly Tischofer
Tompkins, Charles, d. 6/30/1910, Section: O, Number: 22, certificate #56 0-21 new numbering 0-22
Tompkins, Eliza, d. 10/3/1905, Section: O, Number: 22, ae.16 dau. Of Charles & Susan
Tompkins, Jacob Henry, d. 8/25/1938, Section: O, Number: 25, Certif.47. 0-24 old numbers. Space for Mrs.Tompkins and Ida Parmley. No other burials without endowment. See Ida King.
Tompkins, Mary R, d. 3/21/1981, Section: O, Number: 25, See Jacob Henry Tompkins
Tompkins, Mildred E., d. 9/9/1904, Section: O, Number: 25, Child- 3 months old
Tompkins, Susan Vallely, d. 8/20/1941, Section: O, Number: 22
Townsend, Amanda Smith, d. 1900, Section: L, Number: 6, Wife of Wm.P
Townsend, Dr.S. D., Section: L, Number: 8, buried elsewhere. Plot closed unless ashes of sister of Mary Allen Townsend are received
Townsend, Frank C, d. 2/11/1910, Section: L, Number: 6, buried. See Wm.P.Townsend
Townsend, Lafayette D, d. 7/1/1889, Section: L, Number: 6, Son of William P.&Amanda D.
Townsend, Louise Gobillot, d. 10/3/1945, Section: I, Number: 19, See August Gobillot
Townsend, Mary A., d. 6/30/1965, Section: L, Number: 8, Cremation
Townsend, Mary Kathryn Smith, d. 3/13/1927, Section: L, Number: 8, See S.Delancy Townsend. Cremation
Townsend, William P., d. 9/15/1904, Section: L, Number: 6, see certificates #14. purchased with W.R.Bunting
Traver, Charles P., Section: E, Number: 21, No stone. Wife Elizabeth
Traver, Eliza, d. 11/8/1878, Section: E, Number: 21
Traver, Elizabeth, d. 2/13/1863, Section: E, Number: 21
Traver, Hiram, d. 12/26/1889, Section: E, Number: 21, Son of Charles & Betsey
Traver, Julia E., d. 4/10/1854, Section: E, Number: 21, Daughter of Eliza and Hiram as 3 years, 9 months, 26 days
Treadway, Betsey A. Jackson, d. 6/14/1915, Section: O, Number: 4, See certificates #54-116-139 Wife of Charles A.
Treadway, Charles A., d. 8/18/1905, Section: O, Number: 4
Treadway, Henry John, d. 6/23/1931, Section: D, Number: 16 1/2, purchased by F.A. Wike for John Treadway #159
Treadway, Mary, d. 5/2/1884?, Section: N, Number: 7, No stone
Treadway, Robert, d. 4/20/1887, Section: N, Number: 7, presumed in n-7 no stone
Treadway, Timothy, d. 3/26/1892, Section: N, Number: 7, no stone
Treadway, William, d. 10/13/1914, Section: O, Number: 4, Insane. No stone.
Trela, Freda L, d. 5/2/1984, Section: S, Number: 5, see Otto Lenhardt
Trela, Michael, d. 4/4/1966, Res: Sharon, CT, Section: S, Number: 5, See Otto Lenhardt. Cremation- husband of Frieda Lenhardt buried in South East corner of east bank edge of plot. No stone, Owner: Otto Lenhardt
Trescott, Sally, d. 5/2/1802, Section: Old, Number: 528
Trowbridge, Nancy W, Res: 139 East 79th St. New York, NY 10021, Section: Y, Owner: Nancy W. Trowbridge and Thomas III
Trowbridge, Thomas, Section: J, Number: 31, remains buried 7/12/97, See Herrieck
Truax, Chauncey Shaffer, d. 5/31/1981, Res: Sharon, Section: V, Number: 10, 11, 12, Owner: Est. Chauncey Truax
Truax, Chauncey Shaffer III, d. 6/17/1972, Res: 1418 Mariners Drive Newport Beach, Calif.92660, Section: R, Number: 1 1/2, cremation. One further urn allowed for, Owner: Mrs.Shaffer Truax
Tuncy, Charles, d. 1915, Section: O, Number: 5
Tuncy, Matie, d. 4/13/1911, Section: O, Number: 5, father- Charles. Mother- Eleanora
Tuncy, Myron Richard, d. 10/20/1909, Section: O, Number: 5, No stone. Infant- father albert. Mother celia. ?1910
Tuncy, Pauline Lieben, d. 5/13/1913, Section: o, Number: 5, husband charles
Tuncy, Richard, d. 1921, Section: O, Number: 5
Tuncy, Rose A. Monahan, d. 1/26/1937, Section: OO, Number: 17, see William, closed
Tuncy, William, d. 1/21/1924, Section: OO, Number: 17, closed. Number was 0-26 under old numbering
Turbarg, Anna, d. 2/6/1907, Section: P.F., Number: 33, married Joseph. No stone.
Turner, Dulcibella R., d. 6/24/1933, Section: J, Number: 14, See Hawley W. Bartram
Tweed, Elizabeth, d. 4/24/1813, Section: X, Number: 2, double stone
Tweed, Harriet, d. 4/25/1813, Section: X, Number: 2, double stone
Tweed, Myrilly, d. 4/20/1813, Section: X, Number: 3
Tyler, Bezaleel, d. 8/29/1760, Section: old, Number: 403
Tyler, Deborah, d. 10/22/1772, Section: old, Number: 402, daughter of Gideon & Phebe
Tyler, Gideon, d. 4/22/1775, Section: old, Number: 404, stone illegible
Tyler, Jacob Eliot, d. 10/24/1772, Section: old, Number: 401
Valenta, Elizabeth Middlebrook, d. 10/30/1956, Section: J, Number: 11, cremated. See e.h.middlebrook
Van Item, baby girl, d. 4/2/1952, Number: ?
Van Tassel, Charles A., d. 4/8/1931, Section: L, Number: 10, Plot closed- according to Mr.Harry Van Tassel Plot will not again be used (1957). Confirmed May 1978 by daughter-in-law Mrs.H.D. Van Tassel therefore no sale of unused portion possible
Van Tassel, Julia F.St.John, d. 1931, Section: L, Number: 10, Wife of Charles
VanAlstyne, Jennie, d. 2/26/1888, Section: K, Number: 5, Ae.16 yrs. Daughter of Lawrence and Mary. See Lawrence
VanAlstyne, Lawrence, d. 11/30/1923, Section: K, Number: 5
VanAlstyne, Mary E., d. 9/2/1914, Section: K, Number: 5, Wife of Lawrence. See Lawrence
VanAlstyne, Willie, d. 6/22/1867, Section: K, Number: 5, Son of Lawrence & Mary. See Lawrence
VanBrunt, Margaret, d. 10/17/1892, Section: N, Number: 1, See John Burgess
Vandusen, Almira, d. 1/24/1818, Section: B, Number: 2, Daughter of Charles and Lydia
Vandusen, Charles, d. 5/30/1847, Section: B, Number: 2, Ae. 80
Vandusen, Lydia, d. 4/17/1819, Section: B, Number: 2, wife of Charles
VanLoucks, Charles Perry, d. 7/31/1982, Section: N, Number: 21
VannRensaelear, G. Randolph, d. 4/28/1887, Section: M, Number: 8, See G.W.
VannRensaelear, Gerdon W., d. 1915, Section: M, Number: 8
VannRensaelear, Malina P., d. 1899, See G.W., Section: M, Number: 8, Burial permit says Mathilde P.
VannRensaelear, Rutledge S., d. 1/2/1883, Section: M, Number: 8, Buried in B-6 but stone also appears in family plot, m-8. see g.w.
VannRensaelear, Schuyler K., d. 1944, Section: M, Number: 8, Capt., see G.W.
VannRensaelear, Schuyler W. M, d. 6/17/1945, See G.W., Section: 8, Number: 8
VanRansler, Henry, d. 2/5/1937, Section: ?N, Number: 2, body brought up from New York. Incomplete information. Assumed n-2. no stone. See Frank Van Rensler
VanRensaelear, Albina Morehouse, d. 2/24/1927, See G.W., Section: M, Number: 8
VanRensler, Betsey, d. 5/13/1890, Section: N, Number: 2, name also appears as Van Ransler Age 35
VanRensler, Esther, d. 11/22/1951, Section: ?N, Number: 2, Age 80 years. Widow of henry van ransler. Name spelled also van ransler. Assumed n-2 no stone
VanRensler, Frank, d. 12/21/1833, Section: N, Number: 2, Name also apears Van Ransler. Age 63. Purchased 2/19/1883 by Henry Van Rensselaer
VanRensselaer, Rutledge S., d. 1/2/1883, Section: B, Number: 6, Son of Albina Morehouse VannRensaelear. See Julius Morehouse. Stone for Rutledge also in m-8
VanRosenbergh, Emma Jeanette, d. 2/21/2005, Section: U, Number: 12, Town plot, Owner: Town of Sharon
Voit, Conrad, d. 11/13/1885, Section: P.F., Number: 9, no stone
Vollmer, Ada, d. 2/19/1950, Section: J, Number: 20
Vollmer, Jacob, d. 12/2/1916, Section: J, Number: 20
Vollmer, Katherine E. Liner, d. 11/25/1924, Section: J, Number: 20, Wife of Jacob
Vosburgh, C. Whitney Jr., d. Sep 1936, Section: K, Number: 20 1/2, child
Vosburgh, C. Whitney Sr., d. 2/8/2003, Section: K, Number: 20 1/2, (remains buried 5/7/03)
Vosburgh, Charles M., d. 12/24/1961, Section: K, Number: 20
Vosburgh, Cora S, d. 6/8/1983, Section: K, Number: 20 1/2, Owner: Mr.Whitney Vsoburgh (C.W)
Vosburgh, James E, d. 10/19/1928, Res: Sharon, Section: B, Number: 37, see Mattie A. (Mrs.James), Owner: Mr.Russell E. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Jennie W., d. 4/28/1955, Section: K, Number: 20, See Charles M. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Joaquina H, d. 8/14/1977, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 15, wife of Russell E., Owner: Mr.Russell E. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Mattie A. (Mrs.James), d. 7/31/1959, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: B, Number: 37, Owner: Mr.Russell E. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Myron F, Res: 81 Azalea St., Nokomis Fla. 33555 Box 82, Sharon, Conn., Section: P, Number: 23 1/2, Plot Certif.#444. Endow. Certif. #352, Owner: Myron F. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Russell E., d. 12/23/1978, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 15, Plot closed, Owner: Russell E. Vosburgh
Vosburgh, Sadie, d. 1/15/1970, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: B, Number: 37, see Mrs.James (Mattie) Vosburgh, Owner: Russell E. Vosburgh
Wagner, Frederick, d. 12/6/1964, Section: O, Number: 31, none
Wakeman, Stephen Herrick, d. 1/4/1924, Section: P, Number: 18-19
Waldo, Harriet, d. 12/18/1784, Section: old, Number: 23
Waldo, Lydia, d. 5/4/1790, Section: old, Number: 7, followed by grave with stone missing
Wales, Nathaniel B.Jr., d. 6/12/1969, Res: 48 Park Lane Fair Haven, New Jersey, Section: 0, Number: 36, husband of Anne Peacock Wales. Cremation. No stone. See Henry Peacock, Owner: Mrs.Nathaniel B. Wales, Jr.
Walker, Gilbert E., d. 8/18/1842, Section: E, Number: 23, listed in e-23 but actually in corner of plot. Very illegible
Walker, Mrs.Minnie, d. 3/26/1968, Section: O, Number: 13, sister of Gene Herndon. Cremation- buried in corner of Gene Herndon's grave (10-21-68)
Walter, Anna M. Vollmer, d. 2/27/1901, Section: J, Number: 20, Wife of Anton W. Walter
Walter, Anton W., d. 4/25/1947, Section: J, Number: 20
Walter, Clayton Adam, d. 3/16/1970, Section: J, Number: 36 1/2, 37, Urn. Buried 7/19/1973. Son of Mabel and Clayton Walter. Great nephew of Phebe Jane Lasher. Age 49 years.
Walter, Clayton J., d. 12/14/1965, Section: J, Number: 20, See A. Walter. Space reserved beside Clayton for Mrs.Walter
Walter, Katherine Vollmer, d. 8/27/1963, Section: J, Number: 20, Vollmer plot. Widow of Anton Walter
Walther, John Lowry, d. 1/4/1948, Section: M, Number: 11, old leger states payment for plot deposited 2/5/1945
Walther, N. Elizabeth VanRensaelear, d. 6/8/1949, Section: M, Number: 11, See John
Wardwell, Amanda, d. 12/22/1833, Section: F, Number: 9, See Charles Beebe. Daughter of John and Sally Wardwell
Wardwell, Cora Bell, d. 3/6/1871, Section: D, Number: 7, stone very illeg. Daughter of Charles and Emily.
Wardwell, David, d. 7/9/1884, Section: D, Number: 7
Wardwell, Edward, d. 3/4/1878, Section: D, Number: 7, see David (son)
Wardwell, Lydia Maria, d. 3/23/1890, Section: D, Number: 7, See David (wife) Dau. Of David and Sarah Hartshorn
Wardwell, Mary E., d. 3/1/1867, Section: D, Number: 7, See David (Daughter)
Wardwell, Newton D, d. 4/24/1872, Section: D, Number: 7, See David (son)
Warner, Alexander, d. 1/8/1923, Section: O, Number: 20, No stone. Age 90. plot listed elsewhere, erroneously, as 0-19
Warner, Christiana, d. 4/5/1907, Section: O, Number: 20, No stone. Wife of Alexander
Warner, Esther, d. 10/17/1834, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry Williams
Warren, Deborah, d. 12/8/1794, Section: old, Number: 406, Wife of Lieut.James
Warren, Lieut. James Vet., d. 5/14/1788, Section: old, Number: 405, Ae.70 yrs. Rev.War. Stone illeg.
Waterbury, Abigail, d. 11/28/1850, Section: G/F, H.M. Gillette
Watts, Susan Pelham, d. 3/4/1886, Section: PF, Number: 11, Wife of Benjamin. No stone
Way, George, d. 3/16/1760, Section: old, Number: 126
Weed, Abigail Gillette, d. 4/13/1884, Section: F/G, Number: 20/8, Wife of H.Weed
Weed, Abraham, d. 2/20/1864, Section: G/F, See H.M.Gillette
Weed, Aurora G., d. 4/3/1849, Section: G/F, Wife of Hiram
Weed, Betsey, d. 9/8/1846, Section: G/F, Wife of Abraham
Weed, Flora E., d. 10/6/1916, Section: F/G, Number: 20/8
Weed, Hiram, d. 2/28/1889, Section: F/G, Number: 20/8, G-8 & F-20 coupled. Plot purchased with H.M.Gillette
Weed, Mary A., d. 2/8/1920, Section: F/G, Number: 20/8, See Hiram
Weed, Mary Aurora, d. 11/1/1851, Section: F/G, Number: 20/8
Weed, Nathan, d. 9/22/1837, Section: E, Number: 13
Weed, Sally B, d. 10/5/1833, Section: E, Number: 13
Weldon, Anna Washington, d. 1/11/1914, Section: N, Number: 39, Wife of Stephen. Presume N-39. No stone
Weldon, Mary E., d. 4/21/1892, Section: N, Number: 39, Presume N-39 as death same date as plot purchase by Stephen Weldon. No stone
Weldon, Morgan, d. 1948, Section: DD, Number: 2, Probably DD2 according to WM Kenny Sr 1 plot $20
Weldon, Stephen, Section: N, Number: 39, No stones- no information on burials
Weller, Obadiah, d. 3/28/1774, Section: Old, Number: 219
Wells, Ambrose, d. 11/7/1902, Section: PF, Number: 25, no stone
Welsh, Jerome Robert, d. 2/18/2005, Res: PO Box 201 Sharon CT, Section: UCR, Number: 5, cremains buried 5/28/2005, Owner: Lauren Welsh
West, Joseph, d. 4/16/1813, Section: A, Number: 9
Whalen, Baby Boy, d. Nov.1948, Section: L, Number: 16, see buff ledger (Jenkins) p.54-"small space #L-16). This could be Liner or Klebes plot. Why there?
Wheeler, Emma J.Gibbon, d. 11/8/1910, Section: N, Number: 11, Husband- Henry B.
Wheeler, Florence Dakin, d. 9/3/1948, Section: J, Number: 44, Wife of George
Wheeler, George, d. 2/17/1948, Section: J, Number: 44
Wheeler, Henry B., d. 8/20/1900, Section: N, Number: 11
Wheeler, Julia, d. 2/11/1882, Section: N, Number: 11, Daughter of Henry and Emma- no stone
Wheeler, Lemuel (Dr.) Vet., d. 8/30/1801, Section: old, Number: 155, monument erected by Dr.Philo Goold Conn. Men Rev. Surgeon 4th Reg. Ft.Ticonderoga
Wheeler, Lillian A., d. 12/24/1889, Section: N, Number: 11, Wife of Grant- daughter of Patrick and Annie Dowd. No stone
White, Abigail, d. 6/16/1838, Section: B, Number: 11, See James
White, Ashbel Ward, d. 10/20/1918, Section: K, Number: 29, Born 1880. Husband of Florence Dakin
White, Belinda, d. 4/9/1851, Section: B, Number: 9
White, Benjamin H., d. 3/20/1868, Section: B, Number: 9
White, Betsey, d. 3/10/1861, Section: B, Number: 9
White, Carrie C, d. 1952, Section: K, Number: 10
White, Chauncey L., d. 3/19/1901, Section: K, Number: 10
White, Cora E., d. 4/17/1872, Section: B, Number: 9
White, Elizabeth, d. 1/22/1839, Section: B, Number: 11, Wife of John. See James.
White, Frances Lambert, d. 5/28/1923, Section: K, Number: 10
White, Frank Beecher, d. 12/31/1938, Section: K, Number: 10
White, Israel, d. 2/5/1820, Section: old, Number: 459, no stone- grave unknown
White, Israel, d. 12/20/1845, Section: B, Number: 11, See James
White, Jadidah, d. 2/4/1837, Section: old, Number: 458
White, James, d. 3/5/1837, Section: B, Number: 11, see James- 1836
White, James, d. 8/6/1836, 4/4/20124/4/2012, Section: B, Number: 11
White, John, d. 9/21/1843, Section: B, Number: 11, wife Elizabeth. See James. Vet.
White, Mary Alice, d. 7/10/1905, Section: K, Number: 10
White, Phebe, d. 4/24/1796, Section: old, Number: 461
White, Sarah, d. 8/29/1870, Section: E, Number: 27
White, Temperance Beecher W., d. 10/19/1902, Section: K, Number: 10, Wife of Chauncey L.
White, Urany, d. 12/25/1838, Section: B, Number: 11, See James
Whitford, Anna Eliz., d. Nov 1945, Section: K, Number: 28, See Charles
Whitford, Anna Maria, d. 1/11/1872, Section: L, Number: 27, See Joel (wife of)
Whitford, Charles S., d. 6/8/1855, Section: E, Number: 8, Son of Levi and Eliza
Whitford, Charles, d. 1948, Section: K, Number: 28, Closed
Whitford, Cordelia Barrett, Section: E, Number: 8, Second wife of Levi
Whitford, Eliza Jane, d. 2/5/1867, Section: E, Number: 8, See Levi- wife of
Whitford, Eloise B, d. 1882, Section: E, Number: 8
Whitford, Florence Jane, d. 4/30/1869, Section: E, Number: 8, See Levi- dau. Of Levi & Eliza
Whitford, Frances A.G., d. 3/29/1866, Section: E, Number: 8, See Levi- dau. Of
Whitford, George H., d. 9/15/1854, Section: E, Number: 17, See Hawley (son)
Whitford, Hawley R., d. 2/20/1874, Section: E, Number: 17, plot closed
Whitford, Huldah A., d. 9/15/1854, Section: E, Number: 17, see hawley- daughter
Whitford, Joel C., d. 2/16/1906, Section: L, Number: 27, cannot locate record of P.C.
Whitford, Kate Ann, d. 10/3/1896, Section: L, Number: 27, wife of Joel
Whitford, Levi, d. 10/3/1910, Section: E, Number: 8, wife- Cordelia
Whitford, Lewis A, d. 12/1/1851, Section: L, Number: 27, See Joel (son)
Whitford, Mary E., d. 11/8/1842, Section: L, Number: 27, See Joel- daughter
Whitford, Mary, d. 4/27/1903, Town Records list Marian, Section: E, Number: 17
Whitford, Maude L., d. 8/28/1973, Section: K, Number: 28, Widow of Charles, with death of Mrs.Whitford plot is now closed
Whitford, Nellie F., d. 3/22/1872, Section: E, Number: 17
Whitford, Polly E., d. 9/28/1852, Section: E, Number: 17
Whitford, Sarah J, d. 3/14/1923, Section: N, Number: 30, Wife of William
Whitford, William, d. 10/25/1895, Section: N, Number: 30
Whiting, Chester Judkins Kimball (infant), d. burial 6/6/1935, no further information available
Whitmore, (baby), d. 1/16/1962, Section: baby space, infant girl- still birth
Whitney, Edwin Lucas, d. 1/27/1945, Section: L, Number: 20 1/2, See Whitney M.F. & E.G. & T.Lucas son of Myron and Mary Jane Lucas Whitney
Whitney, Ida A.B., d. 3/23/1921, Section: L, Number: 20 1/2, Wife of Edwin
Whitney, Mary Jane Beebe, d. 4/11/1929, Section: L, Number: 20, 20 1/2, Second wife of Myron F.
Whitney, Myron A., d. 12/13/1966, Section: L, Number: 20, 20 1/2, Whitney-Lucas plot. Receiving vault 12/31/1966 until Spring 67. No stone. Son of Edwin & Ida.
Whitney, Myron F., d. 5/11/1900, plots L-20 & L-20 1/2, Section: L, Number: 20, 20 1/2, Plot purchased jointly with Thos.N.Lucas. Families related. Certif. #31. Son of William & Hannah St.John Whitney. 1st wife buried Ellsworth
Whittaker, Selina R, d. 2/29/1968, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: U, Number: 10, cremation. Mother of Mrs.Povey. Buried S.E. corner by marker, Owner: Mr.F.J.Povey
Wike, Benjamin, d. 9/21/1947, Section: H, Number: 11, Wife: Ruth. Son: Ronald B.
Wike, Casper, d. 3/6/1886, Section: D, Number: 11
Wike, Donald Smith, d. 10/19/1906, Section: L, Number: 9, 2 years
Wike, Elizabeth, d. 4/13/1880, Section: D, Number: 11, See Casper- Wife of
Wike, Frank A., d. 11/1/1869, Section: D, Number: 11, Age 20
Wike, Frank A., d. 1946, Section: L, Number: 9, South half of L-9 sold to Mr.Wike by Bertha St.John Morehouse
Wike, Katharine S, d. 1963, Section: L, Number: 9
Wike, Ronald B., d. 10/8/1970, Section: H, Number: 11, See Benjamin. Vet.WWII
Wike, Ruth Cove, d. 10/18/1961, Section: H, Number: 11, See Benjamin
Wilbur, Bernice Rabidou, d. 1942, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: K, Number: 23, Wife of George Wilbur, Jr. See Geo.D.Wilbur. K-23 & K-23 1/2 purchased as one plot., Owner: George Wilbur Jr.
Wilbur, Charles B., d. 10/4/1999, Res: 70 Gay Street Sharon CT, Section: X, Number: 71, Owner: Teresa Wilbur
Wilbur, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 12/23/1960, Section: O, Number: 28 1/2, Wife of Webster, Sr. No stone. Buried in same grave with husband- #4 West
Wilbur, Child, Section: O, Number: 28 1/2, See Webster Wilbr, Sr. No stone. Location in plot unknown
Wilbur, Cora W, d. 1/13/1984, Section: K, Number: 23 1/2, See George H. Wilbur
Wilbur, David, d. 8/24/1851, Section: E, Number: 27
Wilbur, Eliza A., d. 1906, Section: E, Number: 27
Wilbur, Elizabeth K., d. 3/29/1887, Section: L, Number: 5, Wife of Thomas
Wilbur, Elizabeth M, d. 8/16/2008, Res: daughter 96 Jackson Road Sharon CT, Section: P, Number: 30, ashes buried 8/21/08 also known as Elizabeth Boyd, Owner: Diane Monroe
Wilbur, Eunice H., d. 4/30/1865, Section: E, Number: 27
Wilbur, George D., d. 5/7/1882, Section: L, Number: 5, See James for pc record
Wilbur, George D. (vet), d. 10/16/1962, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: K, Number: 23 1/2, At Mrs.Wilbur's request, 3 grave plot being used as 2 grave plot., Owner: Mrs.George D. Wilbur
Wilbur, George H. ("Odge"), d. 8/13/1976, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 29, 30, Owner: Mrs.George H. Wilbur
Wilbur, Gordon Harrison, d. 1950, Section: O, Number: 28 1/2, See Webster Wilbur, Sr. No stone. Location in plot unknown.
Wilbur, Jacob David, d. 6/24/1981, Section: X, Number: 29, 30, See George (Odge) Wilbur
Wilbur, James B., d. 4/5/1937, Section: L, Number: 5
Wilbur, John M., d. 7/11/1892, Section: E, Number: 27
Wilbur, Mabel Johnson, d. 5/4/1990, Section: X, Number: 29, 30, Wife of George H. (Odge)
Wilbur, Margaret Theresa, d. 3/24/1995, Section: O, Number: 33, See Webster Wilbur
Wilbur, Martha E., d. 2/16/1953, Section: L, Number: 5
Wilbur, Mary E., d. 9/18/1863, Section: L, Number: 5, Age 15 yrs.
Wilbur, Mary Jones, d. 4/23/1907, Section: L, Number: 5, Wife of James B.
Wilbur, Ruth Ann, d. 3/4/1842, Section: Old, Number: 650
Wilbur, Teresa, d. 8/3/2004, Section: X, Number: 72, buried 9/4/04, see Charles
Wilbur, Thomas T, d. 1896, Section: L, Number: 5
Wilbur, Thomas Tabor, d. 5/3/1854, Section: L, Number: 5, Age 10 yrs. Son of Thomas T. & Elizabeth
Wilbur, Violet, d. 3/29/1931, Section: O, Number: 28 1/2, See Webster Wilbur, Sr. Only grave in plot with stone. Ae 16
Wilbur, Webster, d. 11/12/1994, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: O, Number: 33, 5/21/70 pd. $70 on grave space, Owner: Mrs.Webster Wilbur
Wilbur, Webster Sr., d. 4/2/1961, Section: O, Number: 28 1/2, Husband & wife (Charlotte) buried in same grave- #4 west, CLOSED
Wilcocks, Abigail, d. 10/13/1776, Section: Old, Number: 414, Daughter of Roger & Abigail
Wilcocks, Bulah, d. 11/30/1775, Section: Old, Number: 415, Daughter Roger & Abigail
Wilcocks, Mary, d. 1776, Section: old, Number: 413, Dau. Of Abigail & Daniel (Roger?)
Wilcox, Lucy M.Heady, d. 1937, Section: J, Number: 25, Wife of George E. Wilcox. See John Butler
Wilde, Dana Brooks, d. 2/24/1950, Section: K, Number: 13, Son of Nadie & Percival. See George Marckres
Wilde, Nadie M., d. 2/9/1952, Section: K, Number: 13, Wife of Percival Wilde. See George Marckres
Wiley, Albert, Section: ?N, Number: ?22 1/2, no stone. Presumed n-22 1/2. no dates known
Wiley, Allen J, d. 12/30/1954, Section: J, Number: 5
Wiley, Clementine Tiedeman, d. 6/17/1971, Section: J, Number: 5, See Awe-Tiedeman Plot- Otto Tiedeman
Wiley, Cora Lucy, d. 11/12/1942, Section: N, Number: 22 1/2
Wiley, James Burtis, d. 6/18/1930, Section: N, Number: 22 1/2
Wiley, Roland Burtis, d. 7/30/1913, Section: N, Number: 22 1/2, Father James B. Mother Cora 15 years old
Will, Herman Edward, d. 11/17/1957, Section: R, Number: 13 1/2, Oversize single plot, Owner: Mrs.Gustave Tafel (daughter)
Willett, Abigail, d. 3/5/1785, Section: old, Number: 152, Daughter of Gilbert and Martha
Williams, Alice, Res: Bonney Brook Manor, New Milford, CT, Section: R, Number: 1, Owner: Mrs.Willis Williams
Williams, Almira, d. 10/8/1865, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry Wife of Elijah
Williams, Amelia Smith Gould, d. 7/30/1843, Section: F, Number: 1, See David Gould (daughter) wife of Robert Williams
Williams, Ashahel, d. 7/10/1815, Section: old, Number: 72, Age 66. Son of Col. John
Williams, Baby Boy, d. 3/8/1951, Section: baby, No stone
Williams, Calista A., d. 7/25/1878, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry (wife of Henry)
Williams, Capt. Wait Vet., d. 2/6/1813, Section: old, Number: 362, Stone illegible
Williams, Clarissa, d. 2/26/1875, Section: F, Number: 12, See Wait- wife of Wait
Williams, Col.John Vet., d. 3/14/1774, Section: old, Number: 77, Ae.68 Revolutionary War
Williams, Eleanor Zinsmeister, d. 9/14/1946, Section: F, Number: 17 1/2, See Horace R. (wife)
Williams, Electa M, d. 5/16/1851, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry (wife of Henry)
Williams, Elijah, d. 2/9/1842, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry
Williams, Emma A., d. 4/9/1895, Section: N, Number: 24, Wife of Williams, G.S.
Williams, Ethel C, d. 7/12/1966, Section: O, Number: 19, Sister of Ida Cambridge. See Charles. No stone
Williams, Fay, d. 10/25/1881, Section: N, Number: 24, Daughter of George S. & Emma A. No stone
Williams, George K., d. no date, Section: F, Number: 8, 5 months old
Williams, George S, d. 1/8/1920, Section: N, Number: 24
Williams, Hannah, d. 2/14/1783, Section: Old, Number: 39
Williams, Henry, d. 3/5/1873, Section: F, Number: 8
Williams, Horace Reed, d. 1/1/1938, Res: Lakeville, CT or 243 Caroline St. Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Section: F, Number: 17 1/2, Plot closed, Owner: Mrs.J.M.Moncsko or Chas.R.Williams
Williams, Ira, d. 11/24/1877, Section: B, Number: 23
Williams, James D., d. 7/27/1858, Section: F, Number: 12, see Wait (son of Wait)
Williams, James, d. 10/28/1957, Section: I, Number: 17 SE, no stone
Williams, Jean M., d. 7/30/1973, Res: Stillmeadow Road, Sharon Conn., Section: P, Number: 25, Owner: Mr.R.S.Williams
Williams, Jennie C, d. 4/4/1860, Section: F, Number: 12, see Wait (daughter of Wait & Clarissa)
Williams, John, d. 4/24/1885, Section: N, Number: 31, son of John & Delia. Presumed in N-31. No stone
Williams, Lewis F., d. 8/28/1892, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry
Williams, Maranda, d. 3/25/1825, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry. Wife of Elijah
Williams, Margaret, d. 2/15/1795, Section: Old, Number: 78, Ae.78 yrs. Wife of Col.John Williams
Williams, Margaret, d. 12/17/1779, Section: old, Number: 38, Daughter of Wm.&Jerusha
Williams, Melissa Calkins, d. 1/15/1873, Section: B, Number: 23, Wife of Ira
Williams, Peggy, d. 1/20/1786, Section: old, Number: 40
Williams, Ramsey, d. 2/3/1884, Section: N, Number: 24, Son of George S. & Emma A. No stone
Williams, Ronald, d. 3/21/1919, Section: F, Number: 17 1/2, See Horace Reed Williams
Williams, Sarah, d. 5/10/1818, Section: F, Number: 8, See Henry. Dau. Of Elijah and Maranda
Williams, Wait Vet., d. 2/5/1867, Section: F, Number: 12
Williams, Weltheon, d. 7/4/1784, Section: old, Number: 37
Williams, William Vet., d. 10/17/1795, Section: old, Number: 76, ae.49 yrs. Revolutionary war.
Williams, Willis C., d. 2/28/1964, Section: R, Number: 1, See Alice Wiliams, Owner: Mrs.Alice Williams
Willson, Julia I, d. 7/26/1893, Section: B, Number: 8, See John P.Goodwin
Wilms, baby boy, d. 1/25/1968, Res: Millerton, NY, Section: old, Number: ne corner, Owner: John Wilms
Wilson, Frances Eleanor, d. 5/15/1972, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 13, widow of John Lincoln Wilson. With death of Mrs.Wilson, plot closed. Vault
Wilson, Harold J. Jr. (baby), d. 10/10/1969, Res: Traver Road, Pleasant Valley, NY, Section: old NE, Number: by lilacs, Owner: Harold J.Wilson- Father
Wilson, Harold, d. 1/20/1983, Res: 2939 Goddington Ave. Bronx NY 10461, Section: X, Number: 47, buried 10/28/89 moved from plot closed other cemetery, Owner: Mrs.Eleanor Hutchings
Wilson, John Lincoln, d. 2/17/1971, Section: T, Number: 13, see Frances Wilson. Vet. WWI
Wilson, Sarah, d. 5/17/1877, Section: Old, Number: 400
Winans, Arthur W., d. 1915, Section: I, Number: 18, very cramped plot. Record of endowment confused but definitely given.
Winans, Carrie B. Landon, d. 1950, Section: I, Number: 18, see Arthur Winans
Winans, Delia R., d. 5/20/1912, Section: I, Number: 18, See Arthur Winans (ae 53 yrs)
Winans, Elisha B., d. 4/10/1884, Section: I, Number: 18, See Arthur Winans
Winans, Hannah Marie, d. 1/10/1884, Section: I, Number: 18, See Arthur Winans. Wife of Elisha. Daughter of Elias B. and Hannah Hart of Cornwall.
Winans, Harold R., d. 8/2/1960, Section: I, Number: 18, see Arthur: Note: With family approval flower beds reduced in size and plant material thinned out. Due to placement of Mrs.Winans casket- Mr.Winans grave runs right against north wall of concrete retaining over, Owner: Son: Walter Winans
Winans, Walter R., Section: I, Number: 18, Arthur Winan's plot. Last 2 graves reserved for Walter R. Winans. South east corner. Dig graves 1 foot east of stones. (foundation projects) Just space enough for two graves if outside grave is dug next to over
Winburn, Janet, d. 10/27/2012, Section: J, Number: 44, Buried 11/2/2012. Wheeler plot.
Winchester, Edwin M. Jr., d. 1/3/1916, Section: K, Number: 11 1/2
Winchester, Edwin M. Sr., d. 3/5/1901, Section: K, Number: 11 1/2
Winchester, Linda A, d. 9/3/1904, Section: K, Number: 11 1/2
Witham, Sarah E, d. 6/12/1862, Section: Old, Number: 46
Wivatoski, Joseph, d. 12/13/1897, Drowned. Born in Russia. No further information available
Wolcott, Charles (child), Section: E, Number: 12, Son of Rev. Wells W. & Emily
Wolcott, Mary E., d. 4/17/1842, Section: E, Number: 12, Daughter of Rev.Wells W. and Emily
Wolcott, Mary E., d. 8/12/1838, Section: E, Number: 12, Daughter of Rev.Wells W. and Emily
Wood, Abel, d. 1/20/1790, Section: old, Number: 240
Wood, Barnabas vet., d. 6/24/1820, Section: old, Number: 261A, Revolutionary War
Wood, Benjamin, d. 12/16/1760, Section: old, Number: 239, Triple stone
Wood, Elijah, Section: E, Number: 11, location unknown- no stone in E-11. presumed e-11
Wood, Esther Ann, d. 7/12/1823, Section: E, Number: 11
Wood, Mary, d. 12/16/1760, Section: old, Number: 239, triple stone. Small pox.
Wood, Mirian, d. 11/9/1799, Section: old, Number: 262
Wood, Ruth, d. 5/10/1813, Section: old, Number: 261
Wood, Sabrina, d. 1/30/1859, Section: E, Number: 11
Wood, Thankful, d. 12/16/1760, Section: Old, Number: 239
Woodruff, Anna S., d. 12/6/1850, Section: Old, Number: 646
Woodruff, Anson, Section: old, Number: 10
Woodruff, Caroline Keeler, d. 1/24/1890, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Charles, d. 5/15/1841, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Cornelia, d. 9/14/1848, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Daniel S., d. 9/23/1870, Section: E, Number: 35, Son of Daniel & Sarah
Woodruff, Daniel, d. 4/25/1860, Section: old, Number: 8
Woodruff, Elias, d. 6/17/1807, Section: old, Number: 25
Woodruff, Gilbert H., d. 9/11/1877, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Harriet A., d. 7/1/1897, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Jane, d. 10/22/1844, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, John H., d. 11/23/1846, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, John, d. 6/3/1870, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Mary, d. 2/25/1880, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Patience, d. 10/7/1782, Section: old, Number: 26
Woodruff, Ralph H., d. 8/25/1848, Section: E, Number: 35
Woodruff, Salmon, d. 8/21/1829, Section: Old, Number: 12
Woodruff, Sara H., d. 1/29/1841, Section: old, Number: 9
Woodruff, Sarah, d. 1/5/1845, Section: old, Number: 645
Woodward, Abel R., d. 2/19/1923, Section: K, Number: 7
Woodward, Ida M.N., d. 8/1/1898, Section: K, Number: 7, See Abel
Woodward, Martha B. Reynolds, d. 1917, see Abel, Section: K, Number: 7, Wife of Abel
Woodward, Ronald Northrup, d. 5/23/1938, Section: K, Number: 7, Son of Abel & Ida, see Abel
Woodward , Robert C., d. 3/27/2014, Section: K, Number: 7, Cremains buried 04/23/2014
Wright, Charles, d. 1/8/1842, Section: old, Number: 589
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 1/11/1814, Section: old, Number: 203, daughter of Rufus and Betsey
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 10/18/1849, Section: old, Number: 576
Wright, Fannie, d. 6/20/1936, Section: K, Number: 25
Wright, John, d. 9/1/1966, Section: K, Number: 25W, adjoining grave west side. Added to plot k-25
Wright, Lily Jane, d. 2/17/1958, Section: R, Number: 4, widow of Wm. Wright, married Wm.Hand divorced and buried under the name of Wright. Plot closed.
Wright, Margaret McL, d. 4/13/1933, Section: K, Number: 25
Wright, Margaret McL., d. 4/9/1953, Section: K, Number: 25, wright-wiliam
Wright, Margery L, d. 1/2/1965, Section: O, Number: 35, wife of Wilfred LaSalle
Wright, Wilfred LaSalles, d. 11/10/1947, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: O, Number: 35, W.L.Wright- Body transferred from St.George Cemetery, Hempstead, NY 10/6/1954, Owner: Hamilton Wright
Wright, William Mc I, d. 5/28/1939, Section: K, Number: 25
Wright, William, d. 12/4/1945, Section: R, Number: 4, see Lily Jane
Wyatt, Daniel C., d. 4/13/1885, Section: K, Number: 5, Ae.79 yrs. See L.Van Alstyne
Wyckoff, Matthew Mark, d. 5/10/2002, Section: PF, Number: 14, baby buried 5/17/02. potter's field.
Yeorg, Charles, d. 5/14/1884, Section: M, Number: 7, plot closed- plot has no stones. Name sometimes spelled "Ieorg" "Ioerg"
Yeorg, Edward, d. 8/17/1868, Section: M, Number: 7, Son of Mr. and Mrs.Charles ? (infant) Presumed M-7 No stone
Yeorg, Mary, d. 11/23/1919, Section: M, Number: 7, Presumed M-7. No stone/
Yeorg, Mary, d. 12/4/1883, Section: M, Number: 7, Wife of Charles- no stone
Yeorg, Theodore, d. 2/28/1888, Section: M, Number: 7, Son of Mary and Charles
Yerkes, Section: I, Number: 29, 30, 31, No further information available. No stone
Young, Sarah, d. 7/13/1780, Section: Old, Number: 30, Daughter of John & Eliz.
Zimmerman, Lois Jean, d. 4/3/1928, Section: Baby, Daughter of Emma and George
Zinn, Daniel, d. ?7/11/1910, Section: N, Number: 29, No stone. See Supt.Bk.P.445
Zinn, Delia, d. 2/18/1922, Section: N, Number: 29, Wife of George. No stone.
Zinn, Elizabeth Ullrich, d. 6/13/1881, Section: NN, Number: 16, Wife of Jacob
Zinn, George, d. 2/28/1958, Section: N, Number: 29, (old plot #139) Certificate #22 No stone
Zinn, Jacob, d. 4/25/1895, Section: NN, Number: 16
Zinn, Randall E, d. 7/21/1896, Section: N, Number: 29, Son of George and Delia. No stone. Presumed buried in plot with fatehr and mother.
Zutter, Charlotte Miller, d. 4/8/1966, Section: J, Number: 13, See Bosler- Miller plot
Zutter, Rene Albert, d. 4/19/1971, Section: J, Number: 13, Veteran, WW I. Husband of Charlotte Miller Zutter. See Henry Miller. Age 78

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