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Hillside Cemetery
Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut

GPS: 41.882410, -73.477789

1 Cemetery Road
Sharon, CT 06069

Published: October 8, 2016
Total records: 3,051

Surnames L-O

Records published here were acquired from Sharon Historical Society & Museum, who in turn produced a database of records based on old maps of the cemetery, tombstone inscriptions, and other public records.

Laird, Ethel Martha
, d. 5/29/1940, Section: C, Number: 2 1/2, See Floyd Laird (wife)
Laird, Floyd, d. 3/31/1995, Section: C, Number: 2 1/2
Laird, Margaret A, d. 2/18/1989, Res: Noble Horizons, Salisbury CT 06068, Section: C, Number: 2 1/2, cremation- buried 5/20/89, Owner: Floyd Laird
Lake, (Major) Jessie, d. 2/3/1872, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Son of Andrew and Betsey. Town Hall give date as 1/4/1873. See Gilbert
Lake, Albert B, d. 6/29/1886, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Son of Gilbert E. and Julia B. Disinterred from toolhouse area 5/16/1887 and interred in J-28-30
Lake, Andrew (Jr.), d. 8/10/1860, Section: A, Number: 12, See Andrew
Lake, Andrew, d. 6/21/1861, Section: A, Number: 12
Lake, Ann, d. 3/20/1813, Section: A, Number: 12, Wife of Joseph. See Andrew
Lake, Benjamin F., d. 7/15/1903, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Plot 1/2 of #46 (old numbering) certificate #29. See Gilbert
Lake, Betsey, d. 9/11/1845, Section: A, Number: 12, Wife of Andrew. See Andrew
Lake, Caleb M., d. 4/27/1857, Section: A, Number: 12, See Andrew
Lake, Caroline, d. 3/2/1875, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Child-Daughter of Gilbert E. and Julia B. Ae.1 year See Gilbert E.
Lake, Caroline, d. 2/22/1890, Section: A, Number: 12, Daughter of Andrew and Betsey W. See Andrew.
Lake, Carrie, d. 9/2/1868, Section: A, Number: 12, Daughter of Caleb M. and Laura C. Ae.17 yrs. See Andrew
Lake, Cora A., d. 4/20/1882, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Child Daughter of Gilbert E. and Julia B. See Gilbert E. Ae. 22 years.
Lake, Gilbert E. Vet., d. 7/8/1897, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Civil War Ae.61
Lake, Helen Courthope, d. 10/22/1958, Section: R, Number: 16 1/2, Owner: G.K Lake
Lake, Irving G., d. 6/25/1898, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, See Gilbert
Lake, Joseph Vet., d. 4/24/1813, Section: A, Number: 12, Husband of Ann. See Andrew
Lake, Julia B., d. 1907-08, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Opening grave pd. By Town 1907-08 No stone. Assuming burial J-28-29-30 Gilbert Lake Married Julia Buckley, Owner: ? Widow of Gilbert
Lake, Julia Ella, d. 3/15/1887 buried, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, This is "Edla" on Stone in J-30? Age 1 yr. Died Philmont New York
Lake, Lois W., d. 3/16/1873, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Wife of Jessie Lake. Daughter of Solomon & Helen Goodrich. Other sources give daughter Solomon & Susa. No stone. Assumed J-28-29-30
Lake, Mary L. Smith, d. 1/30/1889, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, Wife of Albert B. Listed on Lake monument but actual burial by tool house. See Gilbert
Lake, Orange, d. 10/15/1846, Section: A, Number: 12, See Andrew
Lake, Sadie (Sarah), d. 4/9/1881, Section: J, Number: 28, 29, 30, 2 yrs. Daughter of Gilbert & Julia. See Gilbert
Lake, Sarah, d. 2/9/1775, Section: Old, Number: 493, Wife of Joseph. Date is correct.
Lamb, Arthur W., d. 12/31/1930, Section: N, Number: 25
Lamb, Clara E., d. 4/7/1981, Section: N, Number: 25, See Arthur W. Lamb
Lamb, George, d. 3/2/1980, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 19-20, Wife- Kathleen Mary, Owner: George Lamb
Lamb, Kathleen Mary, d. 4/23/1976, Res: Hilltop Road, Sharon, Section: X, Number: 19, 20, Wife of George- See George, Owner: George Lamb
Lamb, Kathryn Bercher, d. 6/5/1963, Section: N, Number: 25, Wife of Arthur W.
Lamb, Lewis Arthur, d. 4/24/1903, Section: N, Number: 33, Infant- Child of Robert and Ardelia Ae. 2 months. Presumed N-33 No stone
Lamb, Peter A., Res: 331 Caulkinstown Rd, Section: V, Number: 43, 44, 45
Lamb, Ralph Benedict, d. 4/20/1938, Section: N, Number: 25, Age 19. Car accident. Son of Arthur W. & Katherine
Lamb, Robert R., d. 11/16/1904, Section: N, Number: 33, Certificate #51 No stone not known if other burials in plot
Lamb, Ruth K., d. 11/17/1914, Section: N, Number: 25, Father-Arthur W. Mother Katherine 11 years old
Landon, Ada C., d. 9/11/1913, Section: E, Number: 20, Father Walter Kelsey Landon-Mother Ida M.
Landon, Alice Carrie, d. 5/17/1888, Section: L, Number: 1, See Fitch Landon. Daughter of Fitch Landon and Olivia E.
Landon, Ella O., d. 11/10/1885, Section: L, Number: 1, Daughter of Fitch Landon and Olivia E. Ae. 21 years.
Landon, Ethel S., d. 12/23/1953, Section: E, Number: 20, 2nd wife- Walter K.
Landon, Fitch, d. 3/23/1900, Section: L, Number: 1
Landon, Ida M. Chapman, d. 5/10/1912, Section: E, Number: 20, 1st wife- Walter Kelsey Landon Ae.51 yrs.
Landon, Julia E., d. 2/25/1850, Section: L, Number: 1, See Fitch Landon. Daughter of Fitch and Olivia E. Ae.1 yrs.
Landon, Lilyan, d. 1903, Section: E, Number: 20, See Walter K.
Landon, Mary B., d. 7/4/1862, Section: L, Number: 1, See Fitch Landon. Daughter of Fitch and Olivia Ae. 2 yrs
Landon, Olivia Eggleston, d. 1/13/1909, Section: L, Number: 1, Wife of Fitch
Landon, Sanford F., d. 4/13/1848, Section: L, Number: 1, See Fitch Landon. Son of Fitch and Olivia E. Ae. 2 yrs.
Landon, Walter K. Jr., d. 12/16/1945, Section: E, Number: 20, Son of Walter Kelsey & Ethel
Landon, Walter Kelsey, d. 4/14/1941, Section: E, Number: 20
Landor, Mrs. Anne, d. 12/22/1996, Section: O, Number: 37
Lane, Louis Olden, d. 11/1/1912, Father George A. Mother Emma Gould. No stone. Age 3 months 25 days- male
Lanning, Charles, d. late 9/15/88, Res: Lower Cobble Road, Salisbury, CT 06068, Section: V, Number: 16&17, cremation buried 10/3/88, Owner: Mr.Charles Lanning
Lanning, Eleanor, d. 11/6/1982, Res: Lower Cobble Road, Salisbury, CT 06068, Section: V, Number: 16, 17, Owner: Mr.Charles Lanning
Lapman, Mrs. Harriet, d. 6/26/1899, Section: unknown, Widow. No stone. Name appears variously Lapman, Lapham, Lattin
Lapman (Lattin), Wm. E. vet., d. 3/5/1874, Section: old, Number: 507, See Wm. Lattin. Son of John & Harriet
Lasher, Phebe Jane, d. 4/12/1931, Section: J, Number: 36 1/2 & 37
Lathrop, Anna H., d. 4/14/1874, Section: B, Number: 19, Daughter of Leonard and Maria L. Ae. 30 year
Lathrop, Eunice P., d. 6/5/1878, Section: B, Number: 19, Wife of Henry- See Leonard
Lathrop, Henry, d. 2/27/1894, Section: B, Number: 19, Son of Leonard and Maria L.
Lathrop, Lester Otis, d. 11/7/1865, Section: B, Number: 19, Son of Henry and Eunice P. Ae. 10 yr. See Leonard
Lathrop, Maria Ludlow, d. 7/31/1879, Section: B, Number: 19, Wife of Rev. Leonard
Lathrop, Rev. Leonard E., d. 8/20/1857, Section: B, Number: 19
LaTouche, Jean Pendar, d. 9/1/1996, Res: Bue(?) 863 Bridgehumpton, NY 11932-0863, Section: R, Number: 15, cremains buried 11/17/96
Lattin, William Vet., d. 3/5/1874, Section: Old, Number: 507, son of Jonathon and Harriet Ae.23 years. Name spelled "Lapham" in Town Records
Lauerson, Anthony, d. 7/10/1912, Section: E, Number: 35 1/2, Father Christ. Ae 20 yrs. Mother Marie
Lauerson, Christ, d. 3/9/1937, Section: E, Number: 35 1/2
Lauerson, Mary Nielsen, d. 4/15/1939, Section: E, Number: 35 1/2, Wife of Christ
Law, Bruce, d. 10/1/1813, Section: Old, Number: 172
Law, Cornelia E. Camp, d. 5/13/1843, Section: B, Number: 27, Wife of Prentis R.
Law, Cornelia M., d. 12/4/1848, Section: B, Number: 27, Dau. Of Prentice R. & Cornelia AE. 8 yr.
Lawrence , Virginia, d. 2/4/2013, Res: 206 Sharon Valley Road Sharon CT , Section: O, Number: 33, Cremains buried 05/17/2014, Owner: Stacey Hudson
Leach, Bertha McG., d. 8/14/1933, Section: M, Number: 1, Wife of Richard H. See Daniel
Leach, Daniel R, d. 9/23/1881, Section: M, Number: 1
Leach, Edward, d. 3/14/1828, Section: C, Number: 9, Age 39 years
Leach, Hettie Heaxt, d. 3/23/1940, Section: M, Number: 1, Wife of John. See Daniel
Leach, infant, d. 10/9/1865, Section: M, Number: 1, Infant daughter of Daniel and Susan. No stone
Leach, John Daniel Hinckley, d. 12/4/1922, Section: M, Number: 1, Age. 3 years. See Daniel
Leach, John H., d. 1/3/1919 or 1/1/1919, Section: M, Number: 1, See Daniel
Leach, Richard Heaxt, d. 3/23/1941, Section: M, Number: 1, See Daniel
Leach, Susan Hinckley, d. 8/24/1881, Section: M, Number: 1, Wife of Daniel
Lee, Donna Johnson, d. 4/12/1997, Res: 792 Columbus Ave New York NY 10025, Section: Y, Number: 47, Owner: William Lee
Lee, Dr.John, d. 11/26/1757, Section: Old, Number: 48, Ae.24 years
Lee, William, Res: 792 Columbus Ave. New York NY 10025, Section: Y, Number: 48, Owner: William Lee
LeHenaff, Frank, d. 10/21/1948, Section: O, Number: 27, cremated. Urn placed in grave of daughter, Gertrude. No inscription or stone. Plot closed.
LeHenaff, Gertrude Croxton, d. 11/13/1926, Section: O, Number: 27, daughter of Mr.&Mrs.F.LeHenaff
Lehnert, Marion P, d. 9/7/1989, Section: S, Number: 10, plot closed
Lehnert, Ronald Otto, d. 4/24/1956, Section: S, Number: 10, Widow- Marion P. Lennert. Plot closed
Leitenberg, Bertha M. Petey, d. 7/27/1951, Res: 47 Surrey Lane, Clifton N.J., Section: P, Number: 17, purchased plot as Mrs.Bertha Petey, Owner: Charles Petey (son)
Lenert, Edward H., d. 9/19/1963, Section: S, Number: 6
Lenert, Pauline H., d. 12/29/1951, Section: S, Number: 6, Husband- Edward Lenert, Sharon. See Edward
Lenhardt, Anna, d. 9/13/1922, Section: O, Number: 7, No stone. Mother of Otto Lenhardt. Edward Lenert & Mathilda P. Lenhardt Schultz.
Lenhardt, Hans E., d. 1/2/1989, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: P, Number: 24 1/2, Owner: Mr.Hans E. Lenhardt
Lenhardt, Louise, d. 9/4/1951, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: S, Number: 5, See Otto Lenhardt, Owner: Otto+Frieda Lenhardt
Lenhardt, Martha, d. 5/7/1983, Section: S, Number: 10
Lenhardt, Otto, d. 9/29/1971, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: S, Number: 5, see plot card. Mrs.Trela last burial in plot., Owner: Mrs.Frieda Trela (daughter)
Lenny, Elizabeth Bostwick, d. 2/15/1844, Section: E, Number: 13, Wife of Daniel Lenny and Daughter of Josiah Bostwick ?Lenny or Leenny
Lent, Little Vernon, d. 3/8/1872, Section: L, Number: 2, Son of Rev.N.O.&M.A. Ae.1yr.
Lent, Mary A. Eggleston, d. 10/22/1874, Section: L, Number: 2, Wife of Rev.N.O
Levau, Eunice and Infant, d. 2/8/1784, Section: Old, Number: 52, Wife of Mr>Hendrick, who with her infant child, 3 mons. Old perished with the cold�Sedgwick lists 2/15/1781
Lewis, George W., d. 1/23/1853, Section: E, Number: 28, Son of Miles B. and Maria H. Ae.2
Lewis, Grace, d. 3/28/1855, Section: E, Number: 28, Infant daughter of Miles B. and Maria H.
Lewis, Hannah M., d. 10/23/1899, Section: E, Number: 28
Lewis, Horace K, d. 9/12/1841, Section: E, Number: 28, Infant son of Miles B.
Lewis, Miles B., d. 1893, Section: E, Number: 28
Lindholm, Anne, Section: V, Number: 15, See Ralph Lindholm. Buried 6/17/89
Lindholm, Ralph, Res: Knibloe Hill Road, Sharon, Section: V, Number: 15, one plot to hold 4 cremations Buried 6/17/89, Owner: Mr.+Mrs.Ralph Lindholm
Liner, Charles Edward, d. 2/8/1939, Res: Millerton, New York, Section: L, Number: 16 1/2, See File, Owner: Mrs.John Brunese
Liner, Daniel, d. 7/18/1902, Section: N, Number: 35
Liner, Daniel, d. 9/28/1911, Section: N, Number: 35
Liner, Edith, d. 1895, Section: N, Number: 35
Liner, Eldredge F., d. 2/13/1906, Section: L, Number: 16 1/2, 2 years old. Son of Charles E.
Liner, Henrietta R., d. 5/2/1934, Section: N, Number: 16
Liner, John, d. 4/4/1926, Section: J, Number: 10
Liner, Leona May Smith, d. 10/28/1940, Section: L, Number: 16 1/2
Liner, Ludwig, d. 1892, Section: J, Number: 10
Liner, Mary Klebes, d. 3/12/1938, Section: J, Number: 10
Liner, Myrtle M., d. 7/31/1913, Section: L, Number: 16 1/2, Infant. Father Charles E. Mother Leone M.
Liner, Peter Jr., d. 3/1/1890, Section: N, Number: 16, Son of Peter and Henrietta R. Ae.17
Liner, Peter, d. 9/15/1920, Section: N, Number: 16
Liner, Robert B., d. 11/19/1944, Section: L, Number: 16 1/2, See File. Charles E. Killed overseas, removed to U.S. for burial. Buried 9/9/1948
Liner, Sarah A. Carley, d. 12/29/1898, Section: N, Number: 35, Wife of Daniel. Daughter of David & Mary Jane Carley
Lines, Benjamin, d. 7/8/1846, Section: B, Number: 36
Lines, Chester G., d. 1/15/1836, Section: B, Number: 36
Lines, Joseph P., d. 6/10/1834, Section: B, Number: 36, Son of Chester G. and Sarah Ae.5
Lines, Lucy A., d. 6/19/1834, Section: B, Number: 36, Daughter of Chester G. and Sarah Ae.3
Lines, Lucy, d. 2/12/1824, Section: B, Number: 36, Daughter of Benjamin and Lucy. Ae.13
Lines, Lucy, d. 3/30/1825, Section: B, Number: 36, Wife of Benjamin
Lines, Sophia Platt, d. 11/4/1868, Section: B, Number: 36, Wife of Benjamin
Lloyd, Abigail J., d. 3/1/1899, Section: B, Number: 21
Lloyd, Alzada Hoag, d. 2/10/1950, Section: E, Number: 19, No stone. Sister of Henry Hoag . See Elizabeth C., closed see file
Lloyd, Esther, d. 5/9/1886, Section: D, Number: 6, Wife of John
Lloyd, George H., d. 3/3/1865, Section: D, Number: 6, Son of John and Esther. Ae. 14 years
Lloyd, Harriet Hurlbut, d. 1/15/1875, Section: B, Number: 21, Wife of Wm.G.
Lloyd, Henry B., d. 9/29/1862, Section: B, Number: 21, Son of Wm.H. and Abbie J. Ae.5
Lloyd, James (vet.), d. 9/25/1844, Section: Old, Number: 542
Lloyd, James E., d. 1/20/1900, Section: D, Number: 6, Drowned.
Lloyd, John A., d. 3/1/1836, Section: old, Number: 581, Son of Wm.G.&Harriet. Ae.3 months.
Lloyd, John, d. 7/9/1897, Section: D, Number: 6
Lloyd, Lucy, d. 12/5/1839, Section: Old, Number: 541, Wife of James
Lloyd, William G., d. 11/2/1841, Section: B, Number: 21
Lloyd, William H., d. 11/21/1898, Section: B, Number: 21
Lockwood, Elice, d. 5/23/1851, Section: E, Number: 26
Lockwood, Emilene, d. 3/22/1832, Section: old, Number: 532, Daughter of Trowbridge and Ellis Ae.16 years
Lockwood, Eunice, d. 12/21/1918_12/19/1918, Section: N, Number: 17, Sister of Myra Hotchkiss
Lockwood, Georgia, d. 3/18/1880, Section: N, Number: 17, Daughter of William & Eunice B.
Lockwood, Harriet C., d. 2/27/1860, Section: old, Number: 644, Wife of William
Lockwood, Hiram, d. 9/15/1840, Section: E, Number: 26, Son of Alanson and Mary. Ae.5 years.
Lockwood, Laura M., d. 1/3/1827, Section: Old, Number: 575, Ae.19 years
Lockwood, Maria, d. 4/31/1853, Section: E, Number: 26, Daughter of William and Harriet Ae.9 months
Lockwood, Nathaniel, d. 2/26/1785, Section: Old, Number: 533
Lockwood, Trowbridge, d. 8/4/1847, Section: E, Number: 26
Lockwood, William, d. 6/8/1897, Section: N, Number: 17, See Eunice.
Long, Elizabeth Barstow, d. 11/16/1989, Section: J, Number: 32, See George E. Barstow J. CREMATION
Loper, Margres, d. 2/2/1891, Section: P.F., Number: 17, Name also spelled Marqus. No stone.
Lord, Joseph, d. 5/2/1883, Section: E, Number: 4
Lord, Julia Prindle, d. 1/4/1892, Section: E, Number: 4
Loucks, Charles P., d. 3/26/1956, no stone., Section: K, Number: 8, Old book certif. #25 and #67 would indicate purchase as of above date payment completed 1906. of 2 parts of K-8
Loucks, Charles Perry, d. 7/31/1982, Section: N, Number: 21, See "Van Loucks"
Loucks, Edith, d. 8/30/1898, Section: K, Number: 8, Child- daughter of Charles P.&Henrietta Loucks
Loucks, Erneste, d. 7/15/1885, Section: unknown, Daughter of Mr.&Mrs.F.Walter Loucks 1 yr.4 mos. No stone. Presumed K-8
Loucks, Frederick W., d. 8/11/1907, Section: K, Number: 8
Loucks, Gerald, d. 8/13/1968, Res: 211 Northside Drive, Bennington, Vt.05201, Section: J, Number: 39, Child- ae.6 yrs. *special rate. 3 graves @ 25.00=$75.00 + 150.00 endow=$225 total. See file for payment record, Owner: Charles David Loucks
Loucks, Harriet, d. 9/17/1911, Section: N, Number: 28, No stone. See Peter Loucks. P.131 Supt's book.
Loucks, Henrietta Wheeler, d. 2/28/1960, Section: K, Number: 8, See Charles P. No stone.
Loucks, John C., d. 5/11/1904, Section: K, Number: 8
Loucks, Mary Reinhardt, d. 2/22/1947, Section: M, Number: 9, See Henry Reinhardt
Loucks, Perry H., d. 4/20/1892, Section: N, Number: 28, No stone. Presumed in N-28 see pg.134 Supt. Book.
Loucks, Peter, d. 1/10/1884, Section: N, Number: 28, No known descendants. No other stones in plot bus probably are other burials. Plot closed. No known care paid on plot.
Loucks, Sarah Elizabeth VanAlstyne, d. 5/4/1904, Section: K, Number: 8
Loveland, Lydia C. Thayer Gregory, d. 12/10/1943, Section: I, Number: 13, Was widow of Chas. P. Gregory. No separate stone. Listed on C.P. Gregory stone without date.
Lovell, Eunice, d. 11/25/1775, Section: Old, Number: 35, Wife of Lieutenant John
Lovell, Harriet, d. 3/3/1831, Section: Old, Number: 536, Wife of George. Ae.32 stone illegible
Loveridge, Abigail Hull, d. 10/30/1859, Section: C, Number: 5, Wife of Griswold
Loveridge, Griswold, d. 12/31/1857, Section: C, Number: 5
Lowrey, Abbey P., d. 3/4/1848, Section: Old, Number: 252, Wife of Dr.Nathaniel 3 unmarked graves following 252
Lowrey, Dr.Nathaniel, d. 4/5/1812, Section: Old, Number: 250
Lowrey, Ellen, d. 10/14/1823, Section: Old, Number: 276, Daughter of Daniel and Abigail ae.13 months
Lowrey, Maria A., d. 4/23/1808, Section: Old, Number: 207, Wife of Dr.Nathaniel 5 unmarked graves following 207
Lowrey, Rebecca, d. 12/10/1805, Section: Old, Number: 249, Wife of Dr.Nathaniel
Lowrey, Sidney S., d. 5/29/1808, Section: Old, Number: 206, Son of Nathaniel and Maria Ae.1 yr
Lubold, Justin, d. Oct-77, Res: Boland Road Sharon CT, Section: T, Number: 11, cremains buried 8/10/92 see Alan Rissock, Owner: Mrs.Jean Moor
Lucas, Charlotte E, d. 2/18/1935, Section: L, Number: {20 20 1/2, See Thomas. Presumed daughter of Thomas
Lucas, Thomas N., d. 12/2/1899, Section: L, Number: {20 20 1/2, Grandfather of Edwin Lucas Whitney. Aged 91 yrs. L-20&L-20 1/2 actually one plot. Certif #31
Luce, Jane W.H. (Mrs.Thomas), d. 11/2/1972, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R. Houghtaling (daughter of) widow of Thomas W. Luce
Luce, Thomas W., d. 12/6/1971, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, Husband of Jane Houghtaling Luce cement oc, Owner: Mrs.Thomas W. Luce
Lueck, Mrs.Edward, Section: X, Number: 31, 32
Lyman, Betsey, d. 5/18/1820, Section: B, Number: 25, Dau. Of Isaac & Mary. AE.2 yrs. See Simeon Lyman
Lyman, Edward, d. 12/1/1834, Section: Old, Number: 594, /Son of Caleb and Sarah. Ae.2 yrs.
Lyman, Isaac, d. 1/29/1858, Section: B, Number: 25, See Simeon Lyman
Lyman, Joanna, d. 11/13/1841, Section: B, Number: 25, Wife of Simeon. See Simeon
Lyman, Mary Jane, d. 10/27/1833, Section: Old, Number: 595, Daughter of Caleb and Sarah Ae.3 yrs.
Lyman, Mary, d. 5/26/1863, Section: 25, Wife of Isaac. See Simeon
Lyman, Simeon T., d. 8/22/1823, Section: B, Number: 25, Son of Isaac and Mary in B-25 according to 1915 book
Lyman, Simeon, d. 4/19/1820, Section: B, Number: 25
Lynehan, Nellie Kluun, d. 11/17/1969, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: H, Number: 8, Remaining space to be held for husband William (Shorty) Lynehan Sr. endowment certif #311. Plot certif.#406, Owner: William Lynehan, Jr.
Lynehan, William Walter, d. 10/4/1981, Section: H, Number: 8
MacDonald, Dorothy A. (Mrs.J.C.), d. 6/13/1983, Res: 1 Loundes Sq., London S.W.l, England, Section: X, Number: 20 1/2, 21, 22, 23, 23 1/2, Widow of J.C. See Certifs. 433, 451, 452 for plot, Owner: Mrs.J.Carlise MacDonald
MacDonald, J. Carlisle, d. 11/8/1974, Section: X, Number: 22, 23, See Dorothy A. MacDonald (Mrs.J.C.) Died in England. Vault.
MacDonald, John C., Res: 33 West 95th. St. New York, N.Y 10025, Section: XC, Number: 1, Owner: John C. Macdonald
Mackay, Martha Wilson, d. 10/21/1911, Res: Millerton, New York, Section: K, Number: 3 1/2, Wife of Wm.A. See Mary, Owner: Daughter- Miss Mary Mackay
Mackay, Mary, d. 7/12/1981, Section: K, Number: 3 1/2, Note: Ms.Mary's grave to be between Wm.A.&Martha W.Maximum possible length from monument foundation to head of Mrs.Bolts grave 7'9" outer case cannot exceed 7'3" 38 x 7'9"
Mackey, William A., d. 9/10/1936, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: K., Number: 3 1/2, See Mary, Owner: Miss Mary Mackey
MacMillan, Beatrice Mary, d. 12/9/2002, Section: T, Number: 5 1/2 W, Wm.Macmillian husband. Cremains buried 5/14/03
MacMillan, Hazel Peabody, d. 5/4/1966, Section: R, Number: 10, See William Sr.
MacMillan, Lily R., d. 2/8/1969, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 9, See Stanley MacMillan Jr., Owner: Stanley MacMillan, Jr.
MacMillan, Stanley Jr., Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 9, Purchased on death of Mother, Lily. Payment completed 8/7/1971
MacMillan, William F., d. 9/15/1987, Res: Tunnel Road, Newtown, CT, Section: T, Number: 5 1/2 (w), phone number GA 6-5086 Son Wm.Rex MacMillan to be cremated and buried in family plot, Owner: Wm. F. MacMillan
MacMillan, William Sr., d. 11/4/1944, Section: R, Number: 10, One space left. Available only if endowed
MacNeil, Baby, Supt.Book lists #16. Burial 7/22/1935
MacNeil, Raymond Henry, d. 3/16/1970, Section: C, Number: 15, Vet.WWII
MacNeil, Sarah Ann (Baby), Supt.Book lists #94 Burial 4/27/1936
Malery, Azeriah, d. 7/7/1838, Section: A, Number: 15, See "Fuller-Reed and Mallory"
Mallery, Aaron, d. 11/6/1812, Section: Old, Number: 487
Mallery, Anna, d. 5/31/1831, Section: Old, Number: 485, Wife of Aaron
Mallery, Betsey, d. 1/28/1838, Section: A, Number: 15, See "Fuller-Reed and Mallory"
Mallory, Dea, d. 4/12/1885, Section: P.F., Number: 8, Check A-15. No stone.
Mamchur, Peter, d. 2/19/1935, Section: F, Number: 1 1/2
Manchester, Sallie King, d. 6/12/1871, Section: G, Number: 4, Wife of Julian Manchester and buried in Wayne Handlin Plot
Manchester, Sallie (?), Section: G, Number: 4, Presumed daughter of Sallie and Julian Manchester. Stone just says "Sallie", Death- no date
Manning, Eunice, d. 5/23/1776, Section: Old, Number: ?, Daughter of David and Mirian Ae.11 years. Stone missing. 1915 index lists grave as 269. There are 7 blanks after 267
Manrow, Mary, d. 8/29/1788, Section: Old, Number: 100, Wife of Younglove
Manrow, Noah, d. 5/5/1793, Section: Old, Number: 102
Marchant, Amos Jr., d. 6/1/177, Section: Old, Number: 516, Son of Amos and Eunice Ae.24 years
Marchant, Amos, d. 12/10/1784, Section: Old, Number: 515
Marchant, Eunice, d. 12/4/1790, Section: Old, Number: 514, Wife of Amos
Marchant, Wheeler, d. 12/1/1794, Section: Old, Number: 513
Marckres, Drury F., d. 1/27/1894, Section: K, Number: 13, See George M.
Marckres, Frank R., d. 10/15/1990, Section: X, Number: 91, cremains. Plot closed, none
Marckres, George M., d. 3/21/1937, Section: K, Number: 13, PLOT CLOSED
Marckres, Maria E. Rogers, d. 4/12/1943, Section: K, Number: 13, Wife of George M.
Marckres, Roland Ray, d. 3/2/1953, Section: K, Number: 13, See George M.
Marckres, Susannah, Section: K, Number: 13, Wife of Drury F. See George M. Burial 4/27/1943
Marrion, Baby Girl, d. 7/10/1886, Supt.Book lists #15
Marsh, Clarissa A., d. 8/18/1924, Section: C, Number: 1, Wife of Aaron D. Marsh
Marsh, Peletiah, d. 4/3/1790, Section: Old, Number: 449
Marshall, Rose Marie (baby), Burial 2/5/1938
Martin, Abigail, d. 4/11/1862, Section: Old, Number: 32, Wife of Phineas
Martin, Eliphlet (Lieutenant), d. 4/11/1801, Section: old, Number: 473
Martin, Eunice, d. 5/26/1796, Section: Old, Number: 451, Daughter of Lieut. And Mrs.Eliphlet age 16 years
Martin, Eunice, d. 11/16/1844, Section: Old, Number: 472, Wife of Eliphlet
Martin, Lemuel, d. 11/29/1779, Section: Old, Number: 452
Martin, Phineas, d. 12/26/1841, Section: Old, Number: 31
Martin, #NAME?, d. 4/28/1777?, Section: Old, Number: 329, Daughter of Joseph
Marvin, Catherine, d. 6/20/1780, Section: Old, Number: 327, Daughter of Joseph and Catherine Age 28
Marvin, Catherine, d. 3/11/1783, Section: Old, Number: 328, Wife of Joseph Ae. 53 years
Marvin, Charles Henry, d. 12/7/1939, Section: B, Number: 21, H.B.&W.G.Lloyd Plot. No marker N.E. grave-Husband of Clara Emma Lloyd Marvin
Marvin, Elizabeth, d. 5/7/1757, Section: Old, Number: 379, Wife of John the 3rd age 25 years
Marvin, Henry Lloyd, d. 1/11/1965, Res: 33 Carrol St. Spingdale, Conn., Section: B, Number: 21, Ms.Marvin last of Lloyd descendants will be last burial in Lloyd plot, using the one remaining space, Owner: Miss Grace Marvin
Marvin, John, d. 2/2/1776, Section: Old, Number: 326, Double stone Age 96
Marvin, Joseph, d. 4/28/1777, Section: Old, Number: 330, Age 53 years
Marvin, Rachael, d. 3/?/1774, Section: Old, Number: 326, Wife John- Double stone
Mathews, John, Res: Sharon Valley Road, Section: U, Number: 23b, Owner: John Mathews
Mathews, Mary, d. 4/16/1994, Res: Sharon Valley Road, Section: U, Number: 22a, cremains buried 4/11/95, Owner: John Matthews
Maxam, Adonijah Vet., d. 11/22/1850, Section: B, Number: 26
Maxam, Almira, d. 5/3/1819, Section: B, Number: 26, Dau. Of Adonijah & Zilpha
Maxam, Almira, d. 9/18/1849, Section: B, Number: 26
Maxam, Anna, d. 7/15/1847, Section: B, Number: 26, Daughter of Adonijah & Zilpha
Maxam, Calvin, d. 6/14/1812, Section: Old, Number: 467, Son of Adonijah and Zilpha Ae.22
Maxam, Clark P., d. 4/30/1874, Section: B, Number: 26
Maxam, Elijah, d. 6/2/1786, Section: Old, Number: 465, Son of Adonijah and Zilphy Ae.14 months
Maxam, George C., d. 10/5/1891, Section: B, Number: 28
Maxam, John, d. 3/5/1808, Section: Old, Number: 466, Son of Adonijah and Zilphy Ae.5 months
Maxam, Phebe Ann, d. 8/21/1857, Section: B, Number: 28, Wife of George C.
Maxam, Sarah Jane, d. 5/28/1884, Section: B, Number: 28, Wife of George C.
Maxam, Zilpha, d. 5/3/1813, Section: B, Number: 26, Wife of Adonijah
Mayo (Mayor), Reuben, d. 5/17/1907, Section: P.F., Number: 34
McArthur, Anna, d. 9/1/1904, Section: O, Number: 5
McArthur, Henry (vol.), d. 10/22/1864, Section: Old, Number: 15, Ae.17 years
McDonald, Eva Landon, d. 2/17/1975, Section: E, Number: 20 1/2, Cremation
McDonald, Thomas B., d. 5/30/1951, Section: E, Number: 20 1/2
McKinley, Mrs.Hazel, Res: Interlaken Inn, Lakeville (temporary), Section: H, Number: 9 1/2, Owner: Mrs.Hazel McKinley
McKnight, William Jr., d. 6/24/1879, Section: I, Number: 8, See William Sr.
McKnight, William Sr., d. 9/24/1884, Section: I, Number: 8
McLaughlin, Lawrence Brownell, d. 8/30/1863, Section: B, Number: 31, son of Rev.D.D.T and Mary Brownell Ae.1 yr
McLean, Archibald, d. 4/23/1842, Section: B, Number: 10
McLean, George E., d. 12/18/1841, Section: B, Number: 10, See Merils Son of Merils and Harris Ae.1 yr, stone missing
McLean, Harriet, d. 3/6/1888, Section: B, Number: 10, See Merils- wife
McLean, Meriles, d. 6/7/1878, Section: B, Number: 10
McLean, William H., d. 9/3/1848, Section: B, Number: 10, See Merils. Adopted son. Ae.13 yrs.
McNeil, Elias Henry, d. 10/24/1944, Section: B, Number: 38, Plot certificate #147. Single- age 65. Son of Elias V. & Hattie Carley. Presumed B-38. No stone
McNeil, Elias V., d. 10/22/1932, Section: B, Number: 38, Son of Isaac & Susan Stilwell McNeil
McNeil, Harriet Angeline, d. 11/24/1948, Section: B, Number: 38, Wife of Elias. Dau. Of David Carley & Mary J. Petit Carley
McNeil, R. H., d. Mar 1970, Section: C, Number: 15
McNeil, Sarah, d. 11/2/1968, Section: C, Number: 12 1/2
McNeil, Walter Raymond, d. 1/24/1948, Section: C, Number: 12 1/2, Wife of Susan McNeil. Son of Elias McNeil & Hattie C.
Mehmel, Almuth Willner, d. 2/4/1953, Section: P, Number: 30, See Julius
Mehmel, Ernest J., d. 11/16/1948, Section: P, Number: 30, See Julius
Mehmel, Julius, d. 6/23/1970, Section: P, Number: 30
Mehmel, Mrs.Francis, d. Oct.1979, Ashes scattered at home
Melcharick, Christa, d. 5/28/2012, Section: X, Number: 15, Paid through Kenny Funeral Home. Buried 6/13/2012
Meleshkina, Zoya, d. 10/19/2008, Res: P.O. Box 636 Sharon CT, Section: U, Ashes buried 10/25/08, Owner: Ulga Sweet
Merchant, Clary, d. 5/16/1842, Section: E, Number: 23, Daughter of John and Tabitha
Merchant, George A., d. 5 or 3?/10/1852, Section: F, Number: 13, See Walker. Son of Albert & Ellen ae.5 mos.
Merchant, George A., d. 8/26/1850, Section: F, Number: 13, See Walker. Son of Albert & Ellen age 4 yrs.
Merchant, John Vet., d. 9/11/1837, Section: E, Number: 23
Merchant, Laura, d. 8/17/1876, Section: E, Number: 23, Wife of Lemuel H.
Merchant, Lemuel H., d. 12/9/1880, Section: E, Number: 23
Merchant, Tabitha, d. 10/25/1840, Section: E, Number: 23, Wife of John
Merchant, Walker, d. 6/2/1844, Section: F, Number: 13
Merrells, Mary, d. 11/15/1812, Section: Old, Number: 551
Merwin, Charlotte, d. 5/3/1900, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Eliza, d. 10/16/1918, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Emma Clarissa, d. 6/9/1932, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Joseph L., d. 2/8/1878, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Mary E., d. 12/28/1907, Section: J, Number: 27, Father of Joseph L. Mother Charlotte Gaines
Merwin, Volney Edwin, d. 3/16/1924, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Wallace Lyman, d. 10/2/1924, Section: J, Number: 27
Merwin, Warren K., d. 10/2/1891, Section: J, Number: 27
Metelsky, Harry (Meninisky), d. 4/9/1935
METHODIST, EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: B, Number: 4, 1 known burial- H.S. Mead, 1862. See correspondence file, Owner: Methodist Episcopal Church
Middlebrook, Adelbert, d. 1918, Section: L, Number: 15
Middlebrook, Clara Bertha T., d. 6/20/1953, Section: J, Number: 11, Wife of E.H.
Middlebrook, Edward H., d. 2/6/1942, Section: J, Number: 11, Daughter- Elizabeth Valenta- cremated Urn placed between heads of parents E.H. & Clara
Middlebrook, Hannah E., d. 1898, Section: J, Number: 11, Wife of Edward H.
Middlebrook, Harriet Augusta, d. 3/17/1941, Section: L, Number: 15
Middlebrooks, Albert, d. 3/26/1853, Section: J, Number: 3, Son of Hilon and Hannah Ae.2 yrs.
Middlebrooks, Caty E, d. 8/11/1862, Section: J, Number: 3, Daughter of Hilon & Hannah Ae.3 mos.
Middlebrooks, Grace E, d. 1/16/1862, Section: J, Number: 3, Daughter of Hilon & Hannah Ae.2 yrs
Middlebrooks, Hilon, d. 8/17/1890, Section: J, Number: 3
Middlebrooks, Lillie B., d. 8/30/1878, Section: J, Number: 3
Millard, Edith Ray, d. 4/10/1952, Section: S, Number: 8 1/2, state aid. No stone. Old numbering s-11 1/2
Miller, Charles E., d. 8/29/1964, Section: J, Number: 10, See John Liner
Miller, Daniel G., d. 9/16/1851, Section: B, Number: 16, Age 55
Miller, Edna M., d. 10/5/1888, Section: K, Number: 14, infant
Miller, Gain (Deacon) Vet., d. 11/16/1809, Section: Old, Number: 571
Miller, Gerald R, d. 10/8/1989, Section: J, Number: 10, See John Liner plot closed
Miller, H. Louis, d. 3/19/1924, Section: J, Number: 13
Miller, Howard T., d. 1891, Section: K, Number: 14, Child. See C.S. Bartram
Miller, James W., d. 9/1/1851, Section: B, Number: 16, Ae.4 years
Miller, Jane, d. 1/3/1804, Section: Old, Number: 573, Wife of Gain
Miller, Julia Ann, d. 8/27/1851, Section: B, Number: 16, Ae.1 year
Miller, Julia E. Bartram, d. 4/17/1918, Section: K, Number: 14, Wife of Robert H. Miller. See C.S. Bartram
Miller, Mabel Ethel, d. 9/12/1980, Section: J, Number: 10, See John Liner
Miller, Mary, d. 4/27/1780, Section: Old, Number: 572, Wife of Gain
Miller, Polly Jane, d. 6/6/1814, Section: Old, Number: 574, Daughter of Thomas and Annis Ae.14 years six blank graves after 574
Miller, Robert H., d. 3/14/1940, Res: 140 Mountain Rd. West Hartford, Conn., Section: K, Number: 14, See C.S. Bartram, Owner: C.E. Miller
Miller, Rosa Bosler, d. 8/22/1960, Section: J, Number: 13, Wife of H. Louis Miller
Mills, Eli, d. 7/13/1804, Section: old, Number: 345
Mills, Judson, d. 10/4/1808, Section: old, Number: 344, Son of Eli and Sarah Ae.18 years
Mills, Sarah, d. 1/19/1832, Section: old, Number: 346, Wife of Eli
Mitchell, Agnes, d. 7/15/1849, Section: old, Number: 652, Daughter of Hugh and Margaret
Mitchell, Albert, d. 1/2/1961, Section: 0, Number: 8, 9, Buried next to Mrs.Mitchell 5-19-1961 Mr.Ralph Mitchell 1 Barlow St.Bristol, Connecticut, Owner: Mr.Albert Mitchell
Mitchell, Clark E., d. 9/26/1978, Section: O, Number: 8, 9, Write to Ralph, Owner: Mr.Albert Mitchell
Mitchell, Cyrus, d. 12/27/1907, Section: O, Number: 26, Veteran. Civil War. See Wm.Ed.Thayer
Mitchell, Emily Eliza, d. 7/1/1941, Section: A, Number: 17 1/2 N.
Mitchell, Gertrude A., d. 11/1/1918, Section: O, Number: 8, 9, See Albert Mitchell
Mitchell, John H., d. 4/24/1912, Section: I, Number: 9, Vet. Son of Wm.&Maria. See Fred Brinton
Mitchell, Juliana Chapman, d. 1/6/1931, Section: O, Number: 26, Wife of Cyrus. See Wm.E.Thayer
Mitchell, Lucy A. Chapman, d. 12/1/1923, Section: I, Number: 9, See Fred Brinton
Mitchell, Senaca, d. 10/10/1909, no stone, Section: P.F., Number: 37, No stone. Father Wm. Mother Maria Orton
Mitchell, William A., d. 11/8/1953, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: A, Number: 17 1/2, Owner: Mrs.Hans Pederson
Mix, Theodore, Res: Amenia Union Road, Sharon , Section: X, Number: 58, 59, Owner: Madeline Hunter
Moody, Laura, d. 11/14/1845, Section: A, Number: 8, Wife of James- see Samuel Beecher
Moor, Abigail Leach, d. 10/1/1861, Section: C, Number: 9, Wife of William, age 72
Moore, Anna K., d. 8/6/1980, Res: 130 Circle Road Syracuse, New York 13210, Section: B, Number: 6 1/2, Wife of Clare S. Moore. *ashes buried in plot #3 (facing Dr.John A. Moore stone it is 18" to right and then 3' towards stone wall. See Dr.John A. Moore card, Owner: Mr.Clare S. Moore
Moore, Clare S., Res: 130 Circle Road, Syracuse New York 13210, Section: B, Number: 6 1/2, See Anna K. Moore card for placement of her ashes in the plot. Agreement with Dr.John A. Moore family, Owner: Mr.Clare S. Moore
Moore, Dr.John Andrew, d. 12/12/1923, Section: B, Number: 6 1/2, certificate not issued at time of purchase. New certif. issued 3/19/1958, #258. 4/24/1973- family will endow. *See Anna K. Moore for placement of her ashes., Owner: Mrs.J.M.Alexanderson
Moore, Edna St.John, d. 1/29/1973, Section: B, Number: 6 1/2, vault 2/1/1973 widow of Dr.A.Moore, Owner: Mrs.J.M.Alexanderson
Moore, Edward S., d. 12/2/2001, Section: B, Number: 4 1/2, remains buried 6/27/02, Owner: John Moore
Moore, Henry R., d. 5/22/1904, Section: J, Number: 21
Moore, Jean McNeil, d. 10/16/2004, Res: Boland Rd., Section: T, Number: 11, remains buried 10/23/04 kissock plot, Owner: Dr.Roger Moore
Moore, John A., Res: Box 127 Waccabue, New York, Section: B, Number: 4 1/2 b, Owner: Mr.John A. Moore II Jr
Moore, Roger W, d. 6/25/2012, Res: 39 boland road, Section: UCR, Number: b+c, cremains buried 6/29/2012
Moorehouse, Stephen, d. 5/3/1841, Section: A, Number: 11
Morehouse, Bertha Lamont, d. 6/29/1950, Section: B, Number: 6, See Julius
Morehouse, Bertha St.John, d. 1911, Section: L, Number: 9 1/2
Morehouse, Betsey, d. 12/4/1863 or 1868?, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen (wife of Harry)
Morehouse, Caroline Flynn, d. 2/27/1920, ? Jan.27, 1920, Section: N, Number: 26, See James (husband)
Morehouse, Chauncy W., d. 6/24/1888, Section: C, Number: 1
Morehouse, Clarissa D.Denison, d. 11/27/1897, Section: C, Number: 1, Wife of Chauncey
Morehouse, Elizabeth S., d. 2/14/1895, Section: B, Number: 6, Wife of Julius S. Also buried Lucy O.D. 10/4/1863 infant
Morehouse, Franklin Sperry, d. 3/1/1944, Section: C, Number: 1
Morehouse, Garry, d. 7/16/1884, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen
Morehouse, Grace Lamb, d. 8/8/1997, Section: T, Number: 2, remains buried 8/18/97
Morehouse, H. Preston, d. 4/23/1958, Section: R, Number: 20, Owner: Mrs.H.P.Morehouse
Morehouse, Harriet, d. 6/5/1814, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen (Daughter) Ae.11 yrs
Morehouse, Harry, d. 5/16/1865, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen
Morehouse, Henry S., d. 12/8/1934, Section: B, Number: 6, See Julius
Morehouse, Howard Carl, d. 12/13/1938, Infant. Supt.Ledger p.28 lists burial location as #12
Morehouse, Huldah, d. 4/23/1838, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen (wife)
Morehouse, James Conrad, d. 1/1/1918, Section: N, Number: 26, Son of James & Caroline (Flynn) 1901-1918
Morehouse, James, d. 1/6/1928, Res: Torrington, Section: N, Number: 26, Born 1852, Owner: Mr.Wm.Morehouse, R.D.#1
Morehouse, John, d. 6/17/1862, Section: E, Number: 8, See Levi Whitford
Morehouse, Joseph J., d. 1901, Section: L, Number: 9 1/2, Paid in full by Dr.Moore 8/19/1906 see certificate #55 old book
Morehouse, Julia Anna, d. 12/25/1876, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen. Wife of William
Morehouse, Julius S., d. 6/26/1885, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: B, Number: 6, Owner: Nearest relative Mrs.Robt.Scribner
Morehouse, Lucy, d. 10/4/1863, Section: B, Number: 6
Morehouse, Mary Ann, d. 10/26/1856, Section: C, Number: 1
Morehouse, Myra Elizabeth F., d. 4/5/1910, Section: B, Number: 6, Father Henry S. Mother Bertha L. Ae 2 years, (stone incorrect burial 4/8/1 1
Morehouse, Sarah P., d. 4/20/1880, Section: E, Number: 8, Wife of John. See Levi Whitford
Morehouse, William D., d. 10/9/1871, Section: C, Number: 1, See Chauncey (son of Chauncey & Clarissa)
Morehouse, William Henry, d. 2/21/1932, Section: N, Number: 26, No stone. Infant. Son of William. See James Morehouse
Morehouse, William, d. 9/8/1848, Section: A, Number: 11, See Stephen
Morehouse, Willis, d. 9/27/1865, Section: E, Number: 5, George Cottrell Plot. Son of Andrew & Katie. AE.3 mon
Morgan, Rev.Parker, d. 9/26/1915, Section: F, Number: 19 1/2
Morgan, Sara Louisa Leigh, d. 1921, Section: F, Number: 19 1/2, See Dr.Parker Morgan (wife)
Morrison, Nellie, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, cremains buried 5/10/96 See Warren Houghtaling
Morrow, Charles, d. 1/31/1987, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 39, Owner: Margaret Morrow
Morrow, Margaret, d. 1/24/1999, See Charles Morrow, Section: X, Number: 40, cremains buried 6/4/99
Morse, William H., d. 4/7/1837, Section: Old, Number: 625, Son of Elijah and Prudence Ae.7 mon.
Mott, Julia M. (miss), d. 2/21/1893, Section: P.F., Number: 20, Age 14 years. No stone
Moulton, Bula, d. 7/5/1783, Section: Old, Number: 24
Moulton, George William, d. 9/21/1922, Section: B, Number: 34 1/2
Moulton, H. B., d. 9/29/1931, Res: 160 Franklin St., Westfield, Mass., Section: B, Number: 42, plot returned to SBGA. All locatable urns removed. It is believed that one or two urns may be uncovered at some future date., Owner: (10/1/1967) Harris B.Moulton
Moulton, Mary Amanda, d. 5/31/1930, Section: B, Number: 34 1/2, See George
Mow, Carl George, d. 1/29/1922, Section: N, Number: 23 1/2, See Wm.C.
Mow, Maud R, d. 5/3/1972, Section: N, Number: 23 1/2
Mow, Pauline M., d. 3/9/1914, Section: N, Number: 23 1/2, Wife of Carl G. See Wm.C
Mow, Pauline, d. 3/21/1922?, Section: N, Number: 23 1/2, Daughter of Carl & Pauline. Cannot find more definitive date in Town Records
Mow, William C., d. 1/9/1951, Section: N, Number: 23 1/2
Mower, Rachel R., d. 12/24/1891, Section: N, Number: 9?, Wife of John D. No stone. John Mowers purchased "N-9". No record of payment date. Presume this is unmarked grave between Pryde and Treadway
Mudge, Ebennezar, d. 4/21/1758, Section: old, Number: 558
Mueller, Hugo, d. 1/1/1983, Res: Cornwall Bridge Rd, Sharon, Section: V, Number: 18, Owner: Mrs.Margaret Mueller
Mueller, Margaret, Res: Cornwall Bridge RD, Sharon, Section: V, Number: 18, Owner: Mrs.Margaret Mueller
Murphy, Riley, d. 12/20/1883, Section: P.F., Number: 2, No stone
Murray, Helena Feeney, d. 3/21/1984, Section: X, Number: 27/28, See John Murray card
Murray, John Kane, d. 8/5/1973, Res: White Hollow Road, Lime Rock, Conn., Section: X, Number: 2, 7, 28, Veteran: WWII concrete vault, Owner: Mrs.John K. Murray
Muth, Anna Mae, d. 11/22/1979, Section: U, Wife of Harold F.
Muth, Harold Francis, d. 2/29/1968, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: U, Number: 8A, Owner: Mrs.H.F.Muth
Myatt, Amelia Gleason, d. 6/4/1932, Section: P, Number: 22, See Charles (wife)
Myatt, Charles Vet., d. 7/25/1934, Res: Canaan, Conn., Section: P, Number: 22, *closed due to size of monument, except for cremations or very small burial, Owner: Mrs.Earl Rogers
Myatt, Charles, d. 1966, Res: 27 North Hyer St., Orlando, Fla. 32801, Section: U, Number: 10 3/4, cremation, Owner: Mrs.Charles Myatt
Myatt, Frank G., d. 3/9/1972, Section: P, Number: 22, widower. Cement vault. Receiving vault 3/11/72
Myatt, Ruth K, d. 2/4/1980, Res: Canaan, CT 06018, Section: P, Number: 22, cremation- burial 5/28/80 *Plot closed due to size of monument except for cremations, Owner: Mrs.Earl Rodgers
Nase, Lucy D., d. 10/5/1953, Section: L, Number: 11
Nase, Phillip I, d. 6/29/1940, Section: L, Number: 11, See Cora Thompson
Nathman, Arthur, d. 7/10/1999, Res: 21 Lambert Road, Sharon, Section: U, Number: 5A, Buried 7/14/99, Owner: Donna Summers
Neilson, Elizabeth, d. 10/6/1799, Section: old, Number: 169, Wife of James H.
Nelson, Anne Finn, Res: 187 Hreks Street Apt. 5A Brooklyn, NY 11201
Newman, Robert, d. Dec 1982, (cremation), Section: T, Number: 2, See Harold G. Ingraham, (placed in vault 12/23/82)
Newman, See Harold Ingraham, Section: T, Number: 2, cremains buried 5/5/01 wife of Robert
Nobles, Eli, d. 3/12/1847, Section: E, Number: 15
Nobles, Eliza, d. 4/16/1838, Section: E, Number: 15, Ae.26 years
Nobles, Sarah Ann, d. 1/5/1841, Section: E, Number: 15, Wife of Eli
Nodine, Betsey, d. 4/7/1930, Section: I, Number: 16
Nodine, Charles E. (Sr.), d. 11/27/1990, Section: oo, Number: 17 3/4, buried west side of howard nodine stone out 18" from c/ of stone
Nodine, Frederick I, d. 9/17/1926, Section: 16, see Betsy Nodine
Nodine, Hannah, d. 1/29/1875, Section: I, Number: 16, Wife of David- See Betsy
Nodine, Howard J, d. 10/24/1965, Section: 0, Number: 17 3/4, Veteran. Brother William promised to pay endowment. Nothing has ever been pd. Pd 5/04
Nodine, Mary Ellen, d. 5/13/2004, Section: Mott, Number: oo, See Howard Nodine. Remains buried 5/18/04
Nodine, Minnie, d. 1/30/1972, Section: 0, Number: 17 1/2, Wife of William F. Nodine. No care feasible, Plot closed
Nodine, William Franklin, d. 10/10/1958, Res: Sharon Valley, Section: 0, Number: 17 1/2, Mrs.Nodine deceased January 1972. For financial reasons, no care on plot possible. Pd. Altogether $46 in annual care, Owner: Mrs.William F. Nodine
Noonan, Baby, d. 8/10/1949, Section: ?B.S., Frances Noonan pd. $5 for O&C on 8/20/1949
Northrup, Frank, d. 1/5/1931, Section: L, Number: 11, See Geo.Thompson
Noteware, Jennett Jackson, d. 12/10/1845, Section: F, Number: 5, See Calvin Jackson, wife of John Noteware
Noyes, Hannah, d. 10/30/1820, Section: old, Number: 137, Daughter of Seldon and Mary Ae.22
Noyes, Hannah, d. 9/28/1803(1805), Section: Old, Number: 134, Wife of Moses
Noyes, Mary, d. 4/30/1828, Section: old, Number: 136, Wife of Seldon
Noyes, Seldon, d. 5/22/1794, Section: old, Number: 138, Son of Moses and Mary Ae.10 years
Noyes, Seldon, d. 7/5/1804, Section: old, Number: 135
O'Crow, Myron, d. 12/19/1844, Section: old, Number: 660
Odell, Electa J.Gibbs, d. 7/30/1894, Section: C, Number: 3, wife of clarence. Clarence o'dell later remarried and is buried in massachusetts
O'Dell, Ferris D., d. 8/5/1908, Section: N, Number: 19, information given by lydia heaxt see richard bowne, no stone
Oliver, Leslie A, d. 4/12/1942, Section: P, Number: 5, no stone. Due to size of plot and unknown location of burials plot closed
Oliver, Lucie Lull, d. 7/12/1915, Section: P, Number: 5, Wife of Leslie A. No stone
Oliver, Minnie Galt, d. 6/6/1939, Section: P, Number: 5, Wife of Leslie A. No stone
Olmsted, Azuba, d. 11/11/1791, Section: Old, Number: 456, Daughter of Hezekiah and Sarah ae. 3 years
Olmsted, Infant, d. 6/3/1799, Section: old, Number: 457, Daughter of Hezekiah and Sarah Ae.2 years
Olmsted, Sarah, d. 11/7/1812, Section: old, Number: 455
Olsen, Beda Kalberg, d. 6/20/1949, Section: J, Number: 43, See Peter
Olsen, Peter Olans, d. 5/13/1943, Res: Long Pond Rd.Lakeville, Conn., Section: J, Number: 43, Certificate #208, Owner: John B. Olsen
Olson, Emil Newton, d. 1/10/1970, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 14, Vault 1-12-1970, Owner: Mrs.Emil N. Olson
Olson, Linda Carol, d. 9/5/1992, Res: Box 183, Torrington, CT 06790, Section: V, Number: 26, disinterment 5/26/94- then cremated in this plot. There is only an empty casket (filled with dirt) cremains burned?, Owner: Nancy Olson
O'Neil, Ellen Temperance, d. 2/12/1919, Section: M, Number: 4, presumed m-4 no stone
Orlando, Dominic, d. 9/22/1936, Section: AAA, Number: 7 1/2
Orlando, Mary, d. 1/13/1934, Section: AAA, Number: 7 1/2, See Dominic
Orton, Emeline, d. 8/29/1865, Section: old, Number: 254, Daughter of Joseph and Polly
Osborn, Harriet M., d. 9/21/1885, Section: F, Number: 17, Pressed metal monument in plot with 3 elliott children
Osborn, J. Perry, d. 3/5/1860, Section: old, Number: 616
Osborn, James, d. 5/6/1833, Section: old, Number: 615, Son of John W. and Lusina Ae.11 yrs.
Ostrander, Theodore, d. 3/13/1908, Section: PF, Number: 36, no stone
Ostrom, Phoebe Bishop Clark, d. 3/25/1959, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: O, Number: 6, see james clark. Widow of james clark, Owner: Mrs.Ernest Potter
Ovitt, Baby, d. 8/10/1935, Supt.Book lists #58
Owen, Harriet, d. 12/16/1863, Section: old, Number: 526, Wife of John B.

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