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Hillside Cemetery
Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut

GPS: 41.882410, -73.477789

1 Cemetery Road
Sharon, CT 06069

Published: October 8, 2016
Total records: 3,051

Surnames H-K

Records published here were acquired from Sharon Historical Society & Museum, who in turn produced a database of records based on old maps of the cemetery, tombstone inscriptions, and other public records.

Hadd, Joseph
, d. 4/23/17--, Section: Old, Number: 474, Age 42 years name may be Madd
Haight, Charles, d. 1916, Section: H, Number: 2
Haight, Elizabeth W., d. 9/23/1913, Section: H, Number: 2, Wife of Charles L
Haight, George E., d. 8/24/1872, Section: H, Number: 2, See Charles (son of Charles and Elizabeth)
Haight, Gilbert S., d. 2/9/1852, Section: H, Number: 2
Haight, Polly G.Bownes, d. 12/10/1888, Section: H, Number: 2, Wife of Nathaniel. See Charles
Hall, David R, Res: S.Main Street, Section: X, Number: 42, 43
Hall, Irmgard Leonie Luise, d. 12/12/1987, Section: X, Number: 43, See David Hall
Hamblin, Claracy, d. 12/31/1796, Section: Old, Number: 272, Daughter of Thomas and Mary Ae.18
Hamblin, Orra Cole, d. 2/28/1864, Section: F, Number: 15
Hamblin, Rebekah, d. 4/5/1789, Section: Old, Number: 272, Daughter of Thomas and Mary Ae.3 yrs
Hamilton, Lodge (Masonic Order), Section: I, Number: 12, All but 1 grave ruturned to cemetery John Chase grave endowed
Hamilton, Mary, d. 5/16/1775, Section: Old, Number: 593, Wife of Samuel
Hamlin, Ann Eliza, d. 10/7/1889, Section: E, Number: 2, Daughter of Eleanor
Hamlin, Anna U., d. 10/24/1977, Res: 4910 111th N.E. Kirkland, Washington 98033 see Benjamin S., Section: M, Number: 6, Cremation- buried in son Jack's grave- center front of stone, Owner: Benson Hamlin (son)
Hamlin, Benjamin (Deacon), d. 10/6/1820, Section: E, Number: 1
Hamlin, Benjamin S., d. 2/15/1859, Section: E, Number: 2
Hamlin, Benjamin, d. 2/15/1859, Section: M, Number: 6, This is Benjamin S. Hamlin. Actual burial is in plot E-2. as wife later bought other plot, his dates are recorded on her monument
Hamlin, Benjamin, d. 6/9/1853, Section: E, Number: 2
Hamlin, Betsey, d. 5/9/1800, Section: Old, Number: 285, Daughter of Nathaniel and Deborah Ae.9 years.
Hamlin, Chloe, d. 8/20/1802, Section: Old, Number: 384, Wife of Benjamin
Hamlin, Clarissa Brown, d. 10/14/1880, Section: M, Number: 6
Hamlin, Cornelius Jr., d. 1/12/17--, Section: Old, Number: 549
Hamlin, Deacon Eleazor, d. 10/31/1771, Section: Old, Number: 518
Hamlin, Deborah, d. 3/7/1817, Section: Old, Number: 286, Wife of Capt. Nathaniel
Hamlin, Diadama, d. 5/16/1788, Section: Old, Number: 587, Daughter of Benjamin and Deborah Age 6 months
Hamlin, Eldred P., d. 4/1/1990, Section: X, Number: 46, See Laura. Plot closed
Hamlin, Eleazor, d. 1/10/1850, Section: J, Number: 15-17
Hamlin, Ella Peck, d. 5/23/1955, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S.
Hamlin, Evelyn, d. 1/18/1989, Section: X, Number: 45, See Laura
Hamlin, Frank B., d. 7/13/1922, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S. Son of?
Hamlin, George Benjamin, d. 12/16/1924, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S.
Hamlin, George Scoville, d. 1909, Section: J, Number: 15, 16, 17
Hamlin, Hannah, d. 8/20/1771, Section: Old, Number: 550, Wife of Cornelius
Hamlin, Harold B., d. 3/17/1882, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S. Son of Benj.S. and Sarah C. Ae.22 yrs. No stone
Hamlin, Harold Franklin, d. 11/12/1937, Section: M, Number: 6, Capt. Engineers- Camp Humphrey Va-8-1918 See Benjamin S.
Hamlin, Hiram, d. 8/21/1805, Section: Old, Number: 382, Son of Deacon Benjamin and Deborah Ae.5 years
Hamlin, Jack, d. 2/2/1939, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S. Buried deep enough so that his mother may be buried on top (Mrs.Harold (Anna) Hamlin).
Hamlin, Josephine B., d. 5/10/1922, Section: J, Number: 15-17, Wife of George Scoville Hamlin
Hamlin, Laura Benson, d. 1915, Section: M, Number: 6, Wife of Frank. See Benjamin S.
Hamlin, Laura Re=, d. 11/2/1987, Res: Sharon, Section: X, Number: 44, Plots x44, 45, 46, Owner: Evelyn Hamlin + Eldridge
Hamlin, Lucy, d. 1/5/1785, Section: Old, Number: 288, Wife of Capt.Nathaniel
Hamlin, Mary A., d. 4/29/1898, Section: J, Number: 15-17, Stone says 1898 wife of Eleazar
Hamlin, Mary Louise, d. 4/14/1876, Section: J, Number: 15-17, Daughter of Eleazar & Mary A.
Hamlin, Mason, d. 10/22/1778, Section: Old, Number: 289, Son of Catp. Nathaniel and Mrs.Lucy Ae.3 years
Hamlin, Nathaniel (Capt.) Vet., d. 12/27/1818, Section: Old, Number: 287
Hamlin, Reuben, d. 11/13/1779 (72?), Section: Old, Number: 517
Hamlin, Sarah C., d. 4/2/1903, Section: M, Number: 6, See Benjamin S.
Hamlin, Sarah, d. 2/6/1785, Section: Old, Number: 519, Wife of Deacon Eleazar
Hamlin, Sylvester 2nd, d. 4/21/1779, Section: Old, Number: 312, Son of Thomas and Mary Ae 2 yrs
Hamlin, Sylvester, d. 8/21/1773, Section: Old, Number: 311, Son of Thomas and Mary Ae.16 Mon
Hanchet, Seth, d. 12/4/1791, Section: Old, Number: 408, son of Slvanus and Sarah ae.14 yr
Hanchet, Silvanus, d. 12/6/1784, Section: Old, Number: 409, Son of Silvanus and Sarah Ae.5 wks.
Hand, Harriet O., d. 1901, Section: I, Number: 22, See Melvin J. Hand
Hand, Jennie Agnes, d. 9/13/1955, Section: I, Number: 22, Wife of Wm. See Melvin
Hand, Lily Jane (Wright), d. 2/17/1958, Section: R, Number: 4, See Lily Jane Wright
Hand, Melvin Jerald, d. 12/12/1925, Res: Lime Rock, CT, Section: I, Number: 22, Owner: William Hand (son)
Hand, Phoebe Josephine Hathaway, d. 5/11/1948, Section: I, Number: 22
Hand, Russell Stephen, d. 1/21/1934, Section: I, Number: 22, See Melvin J. Hand Son of Wm and Jennie
Handlin, Aaron, d. 3/28/1907, Res: Canaan, Conn.-Trustee, Section: H, Number: 1, Plot closed. Small Endowment 1917 Trust at Canaan Bank now provides necessary Annual Care. Moses handlin pd.42.60 for plot 2/12/1875, Owner: Canaan National Bank & Trust Co.
Handlin, Celia A. Barley, d. 12/14/1918, Section: H, Number: 1, See Aaron, Owner: Widow of George
Handlin, Charles, Res: Millerton, N.Y, Section: G, Number: 4, Owner: Mrs.Ronald Kilmer
Handlin, Charles, Section: G, Number: 5
Handlin, Dwight E., d. 10/28/1936, Section: H, Number: 1, No stone. See Aaron
Handlin, Edwin, d. 2/16/1897, Section: H, Number: 1, No stone
Handlin, Eleythear Barley, d. 2/11/1907, Section: H, Number: 1, Wife of Moses- See Aaron
Handlin, Elizabeth (Betsey), d. 10/17/1876, Section: H, Number: 1, Ae.70. No stone
Handlin, George W., d. 1915, Section: H, Number: 1, See Aaron
Handlin, Harriet, d. 6/4/1862, Section: G, Number: 5, Daughter of Charles and Mira Ae. 5 yr.
Handlin, Hatty, d. 6/5/1862, Section: G, Number: 5, Daughter of Charles and Miry Ae.5 years See Wayne
Handlin, Ida E. Ives, d. 1/16/1912, Section: H, Number: 1, Wife of Aaron, Mother of Wm.A.
Handlin, Laura H., d. 3/6/1852, Section: E, Number: 26
Handlin, Minnie E., d. 7/12/1890, Section: H, Number: 1, See Aaron. Daughter of Aaron & Ida ae.3 yrs.
Handlin, Mira Barley, d. 3/13/1928, Section: G, Number: 5, Death certificate lists name as Almira Bailey Handlin
Handlin, Moses, d. 2/3/1898, Section: H, Number: 1, See Aaron
Handlin, Nelson W., d. 10/4/1902, Section: H, Number: 1, See Aaron
Handlin, Wayne, d. 4/27/1869, Section: G, Number: 4, Plot was "paid for in lumber"
Hansen, Adolph G, d. 9/12/1993, Res: Weeds Dam Road, Sharon, Section: R, Number: 9 1/2 E, brother of Robert=cremains buried 10/21/93 See Adolph P + Louise G. Hansen buried between mother and father, Owner: Mr.Robert Hansen
Hansen, Adolph P, d. 11/7/1967, Plot closed, Section: R, Number: 9 1/2 East
Hansen, Ernest E, d. 6/29/1968, Section: K, Number: 24, See Nile P. Hansen (father of Ernest) 1974- Plot closed
Hansen, Ida Helena Peterson, d. 4/21/1939, Section: K, Number: 24, Wife of N.P/See Louise/N.P./EE Hansen
Hansen, Janet E, d. 3/18/1953, Section: K, Number: 24, See Louise and N.P. and/ E.E.
Hansen, Louise Gage, d. 10/26/1965, Section: R, Number: 9 1/2 east, See Adolph P. (her husband)
Hansen, Louise, d. 6/30/1974, Section: K, Number: 24, See Nile P. Hansen (father of Louise) with death of Louise Hansen, plot closed
Hansen, Mary R.E., d. 2/15/1971, Section: K, Number: 24, Widow of Ernest Hansen
Hansen, Nils Peter, d. 7/21/1942, plot closed, Section: K, Number: 24, PLOT CLOSED
Hardie, Elene, d. 4/15/1801, Section: Old, Number: 241, Wife of John
Hardy, Cedric, d. June 1999, Section: V, Number: 13+14, cremains buried 11/25/00, see Dorothy Hardy or Lorin
Hardy, Charles E, d. 1965, Section: H, Number: 5 1/2, Section out of Lawrence Klebes' Plot. Plot closed.
Hardy, Dorothy Edith, d. 7/8/1991, Section: V, Number: 13+14, see Lorin Hardy
Hardy, Harriet E, d. 5/7/1948, Section: H, Number: 5 1/2, Part of Lawrence Klebes' Plot. See Charles
Hardy, Lorin G, d. 4/1/1982, Res: Railroad Avenue, Plainfield CT 06374, Section: V, Number: 13, 14, Owner: Mrs.D.Hardy
Harison, Mrs.Ruth Emory, d. 10/18/1970, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: P, Number: 20, See George, Owner: Mr.George Emory
Harned, Dr.Sophia, d. 4/16/1951, Section: K, Number: 3 1/2, See Wm.A.Mackay
Harris, Arthur J., d. 8/11/1943, Res: Canaan, CT, Section: L, Number: 3, 18x21 plot with one grave out ? 8 grave. 2 g. ommitted because of tree Plot "L-3" originally sold to N.G Clark (35.00), Owner: Robert Harris
Harris, Clara C., d. 2/17/1890, Section: D, Number: 10, ?D-10 No stones Presumed D-10
Harris, Hetty, d. 1/30/1848, Section: E, Number: 28 1/2, Stone between Fanny & George Chamberlain
Harris, Mary Agnes, d. 2/9/1971, Res: Canaan, CT, Section: L, Number: 3, Owner: Robert Harris
Harris, May P. Rhynus, d. 1906, Section: L, Number: 3, First wife of Arthur J. Harris
Harris, Olive Florence, d. 1/22/1943, Res: Canaan, CT, Section: L, Number: 3, Wife of Robert Harris. See Arthur J., Owner: Robert Harris
Harris, Percy R., d. 10/23/1944, Section: L, Number: 3, See Arthur J. Vet.WWI
Harris, Rachel, d. 2/19/1788?, Section: Old, Number: 435, Daughter of Capt.David and Mrs.Rachel ae.7 years
Harris, Robert, d. 10/25/1917, Section: L, Number: 3, See Arthur J.
Harrison, Edith Anne, d. 1/24/1946, Section: P, Number: 3
Harrison, Frank J, d. 2/27/1945, Section: P, Number: 3
Harrison, Harriet A., d. 7/21/1934, Section: P, Number: 3, Wife of Walter S.
Harrison, Walter S., d. 1916, Section: P, Number: 3
Hart, Adm. & Mrs. Thomas C., for care of graves of King Family
Hart, Harriet P. Leach Smith, d. 12/5/1878, Section: C, Number: 9, (Married 1)C.A. Smith (married 2)T.L. Hart
Hart, Roswell R., Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: V, Number: 1, Sold at reduced rate due to awkward shape. Mr.Hart owns graves 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8&9. Isabella Hart Baldwin, his sister owns graves 3&4, Owner: Roswell R. Hart
Hartwell, Edwin N., d. 5/16/1902, Section: G, Number: 6&7
Hartwell, Lucy A., d. 6/9/1905, Section: G, Number: 6&7, Wife of Edwin N.
Hasbrouck, Blanche H., d. 5/22/1912, Section: 0, Number: 1, Father-Jacob Mother Anna Ae.19 yrs. No stone. See Supt's Book p.131
Hatch, Tamar, d. 5/18/1781, Section: Old, Number: 356
Hathaway, James A., d. 6/8/1896, Section: I, Number: 22, Bought by Melvin Hand and used as joint plot. See Melvin J. Hand
Hathaway, Mary J. Anson, d. 8/21/1943, Section: I, Number: 22, See Melvin J. Hand
Hawley, James R., d. 8/29/1876, Section: L, Number: 29, See G.Chase
Hawley, Julius, d. 9/22/1825, Section: F, Number: 14, Son of Col. Joseph & Harriet; ae 10 mos. Buried in corner of Aaron Read plot; behind Sedgwick
Hawley, Lydia B., d. 5/3/1871, Section: L, Number: 29, See G. Chase
Hayes, Marie, d. 7/1/2002, Res: 230 Mudge Pond Road Sharon, Section: F, Old section, Owner: Richard Hayes
Hayes, Richard, Res: 230 Mudge Pond Rd, Section: F
Haynor, Charles, d. 6/20/1910, Section: P.F., Number: 39, No stone
Hazard, Cornelia, d. 9/23/1881, Section: E, Number: 33, See E.P.
Hazard, Edward Peters, d. 6/13/1930, Section: E, Number: 33, **NO further burials without endowment. i.e. for each space to be used at the rate then in effect
Hazard, Florence E., d. 1/31/1913, Section: E, Number: 33, Father Roswell- Mother Julia See E.P.
Hazard, Frank, d. 11/5/1890, Section: P.F., Number: 16, No stone
Hazard, George R., d. 3/29/1887, Section: E, Number: 33, See E.p.
Hazard, Josephine, d. 8/22/1902, Section: E, Number: 33, See E.P.
Hazard, Julia A., d. 11/17/1866, Section: E, Number: 33, Ae.16 years See E.P
Hazard, Julia A., d. 11/23/1882, Section: E, Number: 33, Wife of Roswell H. See E.P
Hazard, Martha H. Ellsworth, d. 4/4/1918, Section: E, Number: 33, See E.P.
Hazard, Mary E., d. 4/25/1853, Section: E, Number: 33, Ae.1 year. See E.P.
Hazard, Roswell, d. 3/15/1880, Section: E, Number: 33, See card for E.P. Hazard. Plot purchased by Roswell Hazard
Heady, Mary E. Butler, d. 1/21/1925, Section: J, Number: 25, Wife of Eugene. See John Butler
Heath, Bartholomew, d. 2/11/1789, Section: Old, Number: 377
Heath, Fanna, d. 1/2/1785, Section: Old, Number: 5, Could be another Heath burial beside this grave as there is another grave- with stone missing
Heath, George, d. 1/5/1843, Section: B, Number: 34
Heath, Mary B., d. 2/15/1852, Section: B, Number: 34, Wife of Orman
Heath, Mary, d. 1/22/1849, Section: B, Number: 34, Wife of Thomas
Heath, Mehetabel, d. 10/21/1797, Section: Old, Number: 378, Wife of Bartholomew
Heath, Orman, d. 2/25/1859, Section: B, Number: 34
Heath, Thomas Vet., d. 9/27/1842, Section: B, Number: 34, Veterans information DAR and Sedgwick. See Ann M.E.H. Cowles
Heaxt, Lydia Anna, d. 2/27/1932, Section: N, Number: 19, See Richard Bowne. Lydia Heaxt Mother of Mrs.Richard Bowne. No stone.
Hendee, Henry Holmes, d. 1/8/1912, Section: E, Number: 36
Hendryx, Polly, d. 2/21/1860, Section: D, Number: 9
Henstick, Albert, d. 2/18/1960, Section: O, Number: 29
Henstick, Amalie Louise, d. 4/20/1953?, Section: O, Number: 29, See Albert Henstick
Hepburn, Jennie, d. 4/21/1938, Section: K, Number: 10, See Chauncey White. Separate stone in White Plot
Herman, Bernard Fitch, d. 8/27/1950, Res: Pine Plains, New York, Section: S, Number: 21, Owner: Evelyn Alice Herman (Mrs.Bernard F.)
Herman, Evelyn Alice, d. 2/24/1988, Section: S, Number: 21, Buried 5/28/88, See Bernard Herman
Herndon, Eugene, d. 8/9/1960, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: O, Number: 13 gr. 1&2, Buried in grave "2" Certificates to plot in Mrs.Herndons safe deposit at Sharon Bank, Owner: Mrs.Eugene Hernson
Herndon, Jessie R., d. 12/22/1978, Section: O, Number: 13, Plot closed- See- Eugene (wife)
Herrick, Dr.Wm. W., d. 6/1/1945, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: J/K, Number: 31/15, Endow. Complete 1960, Owner: Son W.W.Herrick
Herrick, Emily Schwab, d. 10/29/1946, Section: K/J, Number: 15/31, See Wm.W.
Herrick, John Ogden, d. 1/17/1916, Section: J/K, Number: 31/15, See Wm.W. Infant
Herrick, Mary, d. 2/23/1976, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: J/K, Number: 31/15, Wife of Wm.W. Ashes, Owner: Miss Caroline Herrick
Herrick, Suzanne, d. 2/28/2013, Section: K, Number: 15, Cremains buried 8/1/2014
Herrick, William W., d. 8/29/1977, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: J/K, Number: 31/15, Son of Dr.Wm.W. Ashes, Owner: Miss Caroline Herrick daughter
Herrman, Arthur (child)
Hervey, Cynthia, d. 10/17/1750, Section: Old, Number: 194, Daughter of I&S
Hervey, James, d. 8/8/1783, Section: Old, Number: 198, Son of Joel and Sarah
Hervey, Joel, d. 7/17/1786, Section: Old, Number: 199, Son of Joel and Sarah
Hervey, Joel, d. 12/26/1796, Section: Old, Number: 200
Hervey, John, d. 7/7/1750, Section: Old, Number: 195
Hervey, Samuel, d. 3/11/1761, Section: Old, Number: 196
Hervey, Thomas, d. 4/15/1770, Section: Old, Number: 197
Hervey, William, d. 11/24/1773, Section: Old, Number: 190, Son of Joel Jr. and Jane Ae.2 month
Heyman, Katherine Ruth, d. 9/29/1944, Section: R, Number: 6, See Barbara Albisser
Hide, Abigail, d. 11/12/1789, Section: Old, Number: 565, Wife of William Hide
Hide, William, d. 12/26/1779, Section: Old, Number: 564
Hill, Anne, d. 1/10/1789, Section: Old, Number: 432
Hill, Emma, d. 6/18/1863, Section: I, Number: 1, See Nathan N. Hill. Daughter of James M. and Mary E. Ae. 17
Hill, James W.Vet, d. 10/16/1862, Section: I, Number: 1, See Nathan. Son of James M.&Mary E. ae.16 yrs. WPA book & one handwritten record states Civil War
Hill, Martha B., d. 4/24/1862, Section: I, Number: 1, See Nathan. Daughter of James M. and Mary B. Ae.7 yrs.
Hill, Mary E., d. 4/30/1861, Section: I, Number: 1, See Nathan. Daughter of James M. and Mary E. ae.12
Hill, Michael, d. 2/10/1791, Section: Old, Number: 431
Hill, Nathan N., d. 1/18/1864, Section: I, Number: 1, Son of James M.&Mary E. Ae.21 yrs. Plot closed. *Plot was paid for in 1873
Hill, Sarah E., d. 5/12/1859, Section: I, Number: 1, See Nathan. Daughter of James M. and Mary E. ae.2 yrs. Possibly of Scarlet Fever Epidemic in 1859
Hilton, Hannah, d. 1892, Section: D, Number: 4, Check D-4-1915 Book
Hilzinger, Berthe, Section: 4, Number: 5, cremain buried 8/20/99 was Ryan's nanny, see Ryan
Hinckley, George, d. 4/21/1903, Section: J, Number: 19, First payment on lot 1903; payment completed 1907. Certif.#62 No stone
Hinman (?Heinman), Charles C. Vet., d. 1/8/1863, Section: Old, Number: 626, ?Civil War
Hinman (?Heinman), Sarah S., d. 6/3/1860, Section: Old, Number: 627, Daughter of Charles and Julia Ae.2yr
Hintz, Elizabeth, d. 8/7/1918, Section: o, Number: 7, No stone. Mother of Pauline Lenert. Grandmother of Ronald Lenert.
Hitchcock, Alice E.M, d. 7/15/1887, Section: j, Number: 3, See Hilon Middlebrooks. Wife of George Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Amos, d. 12/7/1859, Section: f, Number: 10, See Henrietta Curtis Age 28
Hitchcock, Amos, d. 5/18/1859, Section: f, Number: 10, See Henrietta Curtis Age 71
Hitchcock, Esther, d. 1/9/1824, Section: f, Number: 10, See Henrietta Curtis Wife of Amos. Hitchcock (also infant of Esther Ag.7 da. Reuben- stone sunk so cannot read date)
Hitchcock, Frederick Amos, d. 9/8/1826, Section: F, Number: 10, See Henrietta L. Curtis. Son of Amos and Esther Hitchcock
Hitchcock, George, d. 5/17/1926, Section: J, Number: 3, No stone. Presume Husband of Alice M. and in J-3. See Hilon Middlebrooks
Hitchcock, Jessie C., d. 8/13/1925, Section: O, Number: 6, See James Clark
Hitchcock, Rebecca Maria, d. 11/6/1842, Section: Old, Number: 251, Wife of Homer- Daughter of Dr.Nathaniel and Abbey Lowrey
Hitchcock, Ruth Ann, d. 10/23/1852, Section: F, Number: 10, See Henrietta L. Curtis. Widow of Edwin G. Hitchcock
Hoag, Albert B, d. 1880, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C.
Hoag, Aurelia Parker, d. 4/25/1872, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C. Wife of Isaac Tabor
Hoag, Carrie E., d. 10/25/1929, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C.
Hoag, Elizabeth Crowe, d. 10/17/1956, Section: E, Number: 19, Return of 2 unused grave spaces plus $250 endowment approved by directors as payment in full of all endebtedness and satisfactory endowment in view of condition of estate. CRR President
Hoag, Elizabeth H. Youngs, d. 1/24/1862, Section: E, Number: 19, Wife of Albert B.
Hoag, Elizabeth, d. 1836, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C.
Hoag, Henry M, d. 11/21/1910, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C. Original owner James Jenkins see certificates #81-84 originally purchased about 1851 Duplicate issued 1-26-1928 #145
Hoag, Isaac Tabor, d. 5/7/1909, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C. Son-Henry M
Hoag, Martin V., d. 10/30/1858, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C. Son of Albert B. and Elizabeth Ae 18 yrs
Hoag, Mary S., d. 1836, Section: E, Number: 19, See Elizabeth C.
Hochswender, William J, d. 11/25/1998, Res: P.O.Box772 Sharon, Section: U, Number: 36A, cremain space. Cremains buried 12/5/98, Owner: Wm.Hochswender Jr.
Hoffman, Frank, d. 10/7/1926
Hoffman, Jessie Lathrop, d. 12/18/1893, Section: B, Number: 19, Wife of Frank
Holland, Edward Spear, d. 11/9/1944, Section: P, Number: 14, See Gay-Holland plot. Monument infringes on north half of plot. Care should be taken in digging future graves 11/10/1954 , Owner: Mrs.Gay Chamberlin Southwick
Holland, Marion Gay, d. 10/14/1954, Section: P, Number: 14, See Edward
Hollister, Caroline Marvin, d. 12/29/1806, Section: Old, Number: 63, Daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Ae. 1 year
Hollister, Joseph Dorr, d. 12/13/1828, Section: Old, Number: 61, See George Dorr. Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hollister. Died at Mount Mourne, Iradell Co., N.C.
Holly, Silvenus, d. 9/17/1783, Section: Old, Number: 366
Holmes, Henry Vet, d. 3/19/1887, Section: N, Number: 3
Holmes, Melissa, d. 5/7/1849, Section: Old, Number: 657
Hoogendyk, Marianna van Rossen, d. 6/27/2008, Res: 35 Tamarack Rd New Milford CT 06776, Section: X, Number: 73, cremains buried 10/30/2008, Owner: c/o Lorrie A. Seely, lenoervator
Hoogendyk, Van Rossen Helen Ruth, Section: X, Number: 73, See Marianna Hoogendyk van Rossen cremains buried 10/30/2008
Hooper, Baby, d. 8/20/1959, Section: P, Number: 26, Baby placed in Dr.Hooper's Grave space. No stone. See Mrs.Charles Hooper
Hooper, Dr. Charles, d. 1/27/1936, Section: P, Number: 26, See Mrs.Marie Hooper. Cremation
Hooper, Mrs.Marie L, d. 8/1/1955, (daughter)Millerton, NY, Section: P, Number: 26, Wife of Dr.Charles, Owner: Mrs.G.Culver
Horst, John, d. 3/31/1926, Section: Q, Number: 19, See Mrs.Ottilie Horst
Horst, Ottilie, d. 4/21/1949, Section: Q, Number: 19, Wife of John
Hosier, Ethel Lillian, d. 1/19/1984, Section: O, Number: 23, See George E.Reinhardt
Hotaling, Dorothy, d. 6/16/1987, Section: O, Number: 28, See Roy N. Hotaling
Hotaling, Frederick W., d. 1934, Section: Q, Number: 6, Buried in Kensico Cemetery Valhalla, N.Y.
Hotaling, Katherine B., d. 1963, Section: Q, Number: 6, Plot closed. See William.
Hotaling, Mabel B., d. 6/7/1924, Section: L, Number: 11
Hotaling, Roy Niles, d. 3/6/1953, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: O, Number: 28, Owner: Mrs.Dorothy Hotaling (widow)
Hotaling, Temperance Palen, d. 7/29/1938, Section: Q, Number: 6, See William
Hotaling, William E., d. 12/24/1921, Section: Q, Number: 6, Plot closed
Houghtaling, Barbara Ann, d. 11/14/1988, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R. Houghtaling cremains buried 5/89
Houghtaling, Beatrice M, d. 10/18/1995, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R. Houghtaling
Houghtaling, David H., d. 12/24/1968, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R. Houghtaling
Houghtaling, David H. Jr., d. 7/15/1943, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R. (grandson)
Houghtaling, Isaac, d. 5/29/1948, Number: ?, Locally name pronounced "Huff-tail"
Houghtaling, Jane Wilhelmine, d. 2/2/1951, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, See Warren R.
Houghtaling, Marietta Ostrander, d. 6/7/1939, Section: A, Number: 11 1/2, Question if $40 P.C. Pd. See pg.29 buff ledger
Houghtaling, Warren R., d. 3/1/1922, Res: 25 East End Avenue, New York, New York 10028, Section: Q, Number: 9, 10, 11, Owner: Mrs.David Houghtaling
Howard, Grace Fairlee, d. 12/10/1991, Section: V, Number: 3+4, cremains buried 5/9/92 See Mrs.Leonard Astley-Bell
Howel, Rebecca, d. 4/18/1794, Section: Old, Number: 480, Wife of Edward Howel
Howell, Charles Lee Jr., d. 4/29/1977, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 31, Son of Mrs.Edward Lueck, Owner: Mrs.Edward Lueck
Howes, Arthur Bradford, d. 3/14/1955, Res: 56 Del Terrace, Meriden, Conn., Section: P, Number: 15, Ass. Purchased back 1/2 of 8 grave plot 1955. Monument curtails use of space north of stone., Owner: F.B.Howes
Howes, Josephine Middlebrooks, d. 4/22/1940, Section: P, Number: 15, Monument curtails use of space north of stone
Howland, Twin Girl "A", d. Sept.1949, Section: baby, No stone
Howland, Twin Girl "B", d. Sept.1949, Section: baby, No stone
Hoxie, Charles J, d. 8/21/1874, Section: I, Number: 7, See Joshua Hoxie. Son of Joshua B. and Delia E. Ae.3 yrs.
Hoxie, Delia E, Section: I, Number: 7, No stone. See Joshua Hoxie- wife cannot confirm records
Hoxie, Joshua B., d. 9/30/1884, Section: I, Number: 7, Sedgwick's History
Hoyt, Anne Sherman, d. 7/10/1951, closed, Section: S, Number: 22
Hubby, Dorothy E., d. 4/3/1981, Section: I, Number: 26, See Charles Beeman
Hull, Abigail, d. 6/29/1855, Section: C, Number: 5, Wife of Josiah see Harvey
Hull, Harvey, d. 11/2/1862, Section: C, Number: 5
Hull, Josiah, d. 9/28/1856, Section: C, Number: 5, See Harvey
Humeston, John Thomas, d. 1/3/1959, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: J, Number: 38, Oversized plot- sold for 2 grave use only. Plot closed, Owner: Mrs.John Humeston
Humeston, Julia Caroline, d. 6/14/1976, Section: J, Number: 38, wife of John- see John. Plot closed 6/14/1976
Hunt, Abigail, d. 10/16/1863, Section: Old, Number: 396, Wife of Isaac
Hunt, Aminta, d. 10/11/1786, Section: Old, Number: 394
Hunt, Betsey, d. 4/30/1842, Section: Old, Number: 508
Hunt, Eliza, d. 7/1/1806, Section: Old, Number: 392, Daughter of Isaac & Naby Ae.8 yrs.
Hunt, Fitch K., d. 4/20/1859, Section: Old, Number: 398
Hunt, Henry, d. 11/29/1831, Section: Old, Number: 397, Son of Isaac and Nabby Ae.23 yrs
Hunt, Isaac, d. 4/21/1822, Section: Old, Number: 395
Hunt, Mary, d. 12/10/1812, Section: Old, Number: 511, Wife of Mr.Phineas
Hunt, Mr.Phineas, d. 8/22/1787, Section: Old, Number: 511
Hunt, Olive, d. 6/13/1820, Section: Old, Number: 509, Wife of Phineas
Hunt, Phineas Vet., d. 10/28/1827, Section: Old, Number: 510
Hunt, Reuben K., d. 1/23/1874, Section: Old, Number: 399
Hunt, Tabatha, d. 11/10/1791, Section: Old, Number: 393, Wife of Isaac
Hunter, David M., d. 5/19/2010, Res: PO Box 338 Sharon, Section: X, Number: 74, Buried 5/27/2010, Owner: Madeline Hunter
Hunter, Denise Romey, d. 4/11/2007, Section: Q, Number: 17, Acc. To son William middle name should be Romney; daughter of George and Madeline Romney. Records show "Romey".
Hunter, Grace O'Dell, d. 9/4/1955, Section: J, Number: 41, See Ralph L.
Hunter, Leonard O'Dell, d. 3/8/1947, Section: J, Number: 41, See Ralph L.
Hunter, Lorin Benjamin, d. 3/24/1947, Section: J, Number: 41, See Ralph L.
Hunter, Ralph Lorin, d. 7/7/1938, Section: J, Number: 41
Hunter, Robert K. (vet), d. 3/22/1959, Section: J, Number: 41, See Ralph L. (son)
Hunter, Samuel, d. 1/11/1772, Section: Old, Number: 534
Huntington, Baby, d. 8/28/1924, no stone, Section: Old, Number: D-25, on old map D-25, D-24, D-23 was section adjacent to Millerton Rd., not useable for regular plots and used for Baby Space
Hurlbut (Hurlburt?), Abigail, d. 8/31/1759, Section: Old, Number: 123, Daughter of Samuel and Joanna Ae.18 yrs
Hurlbut (Hurlburt?), Johanna, d. 1/4/1787, Section: Old, Number: 124, Wife of Capt.Samuel
Hurlbut (Hurlburt?), Samuel Capt. Vet., d. 6/4/1787, Section: Old, Number: 125
Hurlbut (Hurlburt?), Widow Sarah, d. 3/24/1773, Section: Old, Number: 123 A
Hyde, Ebenezer, d. 9/15/1785, Section: Old, Number: 555
Hyde, Juda, d. 1/11/1780, Section: Old, Number: 556, Daughter of William and Abigail Hide Age 21 years
Ingraham, Adeline, d. 1/28/1882, Section: I, Number: 15, See George Ingraham--Wife
Ingraham, Charlotte, d. 3/11/1819, Section: old, Number: 373, Daughter of Nathaniel and Betsey Ae.3 yrs
Ingraham, Frances F., d. 9/17/1914, Section: I, Number: 15, Wife of George. Presumed I-15. No stone
Ingraham, George Vol., d. 11/25/1903, Section: I, Number: 15
Ingraham, Harold O.C., d. 5/3/1972, Section: T, Number: 2, For use as 2 grave plot- Mr&Mrs.Ingraham. Changed to use as 3 grave at time of Mr.Ingraham's death on instruction of daughter, Mrs.Renate Newman
Ingraham, Martha L., d. 11/30/1972, Section: T, Number: 2, concrete liner only- not vault. Widow of Harold Ingraham
Ingraham, William Henry, d. 10/29/1913, Section: O, Number: 21, Son of Weston & Phebe
Ireland, Ann, d. 10/26/1997, Res: 161 WestWoods Road #1 Sharon CT, Section: Y, Number: 49, Buried 10/30/97, Owner: Noel Ireland
Ireland, Noel, Res: 161 WestWoods Rd1 Sharon, Section: Y, Number: 50
Jackson, Anne Eliza C., d. 3/7/1857, Section: E, Number: 9, See John C. (daughter of John C. and Jane. Ae.4yrs)
Jackson, Calvin, d. 12/21/1859, Section: F, Number: 5, See Calvin
Jackson, Charles S., d. 8/9/1934, Section: M, Number: 14, Purchased by Mary R. Jackson. Information incomplete. No. Burials unknown. No support.
Jackson, Delight, d. 5/25/1839, Section: F, Number: 5, See Calvin. Wife of John
Jackson, Fannie R.Landon, d. 6/4/1908, Section: E, Number: 9, Husband-John C. Jr. (born 8/4/1848) See John C.
Jackson, Gertrude Hamlin, d. 4/24/1951, Section: M, Number: 6
Jackson, Harriet, d. 8/8/1763, Section: Old, Number: 103, Daughter of John and Abigail.
Jackson, Hattie, d. 5/18/1904, Section: P.F., Number: 29, No stone. Numbered marker only.
Jackson, Ida N., d. 10/18/1913, Section: e, Number: 9, Wife of John C.Jr.See John C.
Jackson, Jane, d. 8/27/1908, Section: E, Number: 9, Wife of John C. See John C.
Jackson, John C., d. 3/9/1886, Section: E, Number: 9, Comprising E-9&E-16. E-16 originally sold to C.Cole who transferred to Jackson. John C. Jackson son of Calvin (F-5)
Jackson, John C. Jr., d. 12/11/1924, Section: E, Number: 9, See John C.
Jackson, John Raymond, d. 12/23/1959, Section: E, Number: 9, Cremation-ashes buried in Fathers grave-N.W.Grave in plot as instructed by Sister Mrs.Rogers. See John C.
Jackson, John, d. 10/7/1820, Section: F, Number: 5, See Calvin
Jackson, Lydia E., d. 12/13/1953, Section: O, Number: 26, See Wm.E.Thayer.Cousin of W.Thayer.Niece of Mrs.Wm.Nodine
Jackson, Mary Ella, d. 8/23/1887, Section: E, Number: 9, See John C. (daughter of John C. and Fannie R.) Ae.12 years
Jackson, Mary, d. 12/27/1874, Section: F, Number: 5, See Calvin (wife)
Jackson, Nora M., d. 5/17/1974, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: X, Number: 14, 15, 16, 18 yrs. Cement liner, Owner: Mrs.Mary Joyce Jackson
Jacobson, Janet Mitchell, d. 10/17/1965, Section: T, Number: 3, CLOSED see Owen P.
Jacobson, Owen P., d. 12/2/1958, Res: P.O.Box143 Elmira, New York 14902, Section: T, Number: 3, closed, Owner: Daughter Mrs.Anthony Nevone
Jameson, Edwin C., d. 9/3/1945, Section: R, Number: 2-3-13-14, Confusion over sales certificates #210 and 218. Original sale plots R-3, 13, 14, and 1/2 of 17, 18. Map and records corrected to read as above. Oversize plot.
Jameson, Edwin Cornell Jr., d. 9/28/2002, Section: R, Number: 2, cremains buried 10/24/02
Jameson, John H., d. 4/15/1837, Section: B, Number: 9 1/2, Son of Thomas and Laura Ae.3 years
Jameson, Mary G., d. 9/17/1974, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: R, Number: 2-3-13-14, See Edwin C. (widow of), Owner: Mrs.Mary J.P.Moore
Jarrett, M., Section: A, Number: 2 1/2, No head stone no markers no record other than old map
Jenkins, Alexander, d. 2/17/1976, Section: J, Number: 30A, Vet.WWI. Vault 2/20/76
Jenkins, Ansel, d. 7/15/1858, Section: E, Number: 38, Son of Eleazar and Eliza Ae.21 yr
Jenkins, Beatrice Klebes, d. 12/8/1983, Section: J, Number: 30A
Jenkins, Eleazar, d. 8/31/1856, Section: E, Number: 38
Jenkins, George, d. 7/14/1859, Section: E, Number: 38, Son of Eleazer and Eliza
Jenkins, John, d. 2/20/1850, Section: E, Number: 38, Son of Eleazar and Eliza
Jenkins, Joseph F., d. 12/3/1834, Section: Old, Number: 598, Son of Eleazar and Eliza Ae 10 mon
Jenkins, Mary, d. 5/16/1850, Section: E, Number: 38, Daughter of Eleazar and Eliza Ae.11 years
Jennings, Anna, d. 3/2/1784, Section: Old, Number: 89, Daughter of Charles and Phebe Ae.1 year
Jennings, Betsey, d. 12/20/1784, Section: Old, Number: 90, Daughter of Joseph and Faith Ae. 10 months
Jennings, Elenor, d. 12/22/1784, Section: Old, Number: 88, Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
Jennings, Elizabeth, d. 2/19/1785, Section: Old, Number: 92, Wife of Joseph
Jennings, Jabez Vet., d. 1---1777, Section: Old, Number: ?, Presumed to be between 81 and 93 as there are 5 graves in that group without stones
Jennings, Joseph, d. 8/5/1780, Section: Old, Number: 91
Jennings, Phebe, d. 8/23/1791, Section: Old, Number: 93, Wife of Charles
Jennings, Polly, d. 12/28/1784, Section: Old, Number: 42, Daughter of Charles and Phebe ae 6 year
Jewett, Abbie W., d. 5/24/1954, Section: K, Number: 3, See Simeon B
Jewett, Abigail, d. 2/20/1849, Section: Old, Number: 342, Wife of Alpheus
Jewett, Alpheus Vet., d. 10/5/1841, Section: Old, Number: 343
Jewett, Caleb (Captain)Vet., d. 1/18/1778, Section: Old, Number: 308
Jewett, Caroline, d. 10/2/1889, Section: A, Number: 4, Wife of John
Jewett, Carrie Belle, d. 10/1/1955, Section: K, Number: 3, See Simeon B. Jewett
Jewett, Eleazar, d. 2/13/1776, Section: Old, Number: 306
Jewett, Faith, d. 3/8/1787, Section: Old, Number: 310, Wife of Captain Caleb
Jewett, Fannie Louise, d. 2/3/1940, Section: K, Number: 3, See Simeon
Jewett, John S., d. 10/13/1878, Section: A, Number: 4
Jewett, John S.Jr., d. 1869, Section: A, Number: 9, Infant son of Nathan and Susan. See Samuel Cockran
Jewett, Julia Anne Stevens, d. 3/8/1835, Section: A, Number: 4, Wife of John S. Jewett
Jewett, Nathan H. (vet), d. 9/22/1872, Section: A, Number: 9, Son of John S. and Caroline. See Samuel Cockran Sedgwick's History
Jewett, Rebecca G., d. 7/28/1880, Section: A, Number: 4, See John S.
Jewett, Simeon B., d. 3/13/1912, Res: Sharon, CT, Section: K, Number: 3, Sold as 2 lots (p.58Minutes) one of two above plots now known as k3 1/2 sold to W.A.Mackay 1912. Plot closed, Owner: Jarvis Jackson, nearest relative
Jewett, Susan Woodward, d. 1/16/1875, Section: A, Number: 9, Wife of Nathan- See Samuel Cochran
Jewett, William, d. 2/3/1851, Section: A, Number: 9, See Samuel Cochran Son of Caroline and John S. Ae.3 years
Jewitt, Hannah, d. 9/14/1795, Section: Old, Number: 29, Wife of Mr.Caleb
Jewitt, Jonathon, d. 7/16/1810, Section: Old, Number: 339
Jewitt, Rebekah, d. 7/15/1764, Section: Old, Number: 307, Wife of Captain Caleb
Johns, Daniel, d. 9/3/1795, Section: Old, Number: 66
Johnson, Ada, d. 5/20/1950, Section: O, Number: 4, Plots 0-4&0-2W very confused between Ada Johnson, Isabelle Johnson & John Parsons. See correspondence file & certif. #54, 116, 139
Johnson, Baby Boy, d. 1/1/1970, Section: NE Baby space, Vault 1-6-1970. Baby space- by lilacs/toolhouse
Johnson, Beverley Whitfield, d. 9/25/1955, Section: O, Number: 2W, See John Parsons
Johnson, Charles J., d. 1918, Section: O, Number: 4, See Ada Johnson
Johnson, Edward Stanley, d. 7/28/1937, Section: O, Number: 2 west, See Isabella Treadway Johnson. To have stone 5/11/71
Johnson, Isabella Treadway, d. 2/6/1954, Res: Canaan, CT, Section: O, Number: 2 west, See certificate #54-116-139 Plot closed. Plot now belongs to John Parsons. See record book Page 17-3-24-1927, Owner: Son-Theodore Johnson
Johnson, Jeanette A., d. 6/24/1889, Section: H, Number: 4, See Ranville St.John Bouton Daughter of Josiah and Sally
Johnson, Jessie Davis, Section: I, Number: 28, Sister of Charles Davis. See Davis file Johnson letter 9/27/71 re-burial arrangement. Also 2 letters 1-78. See Over., Owner: Jessie Davis Johnson
Johnson, Josiah, d. 9/14/1883, Section: Old, Number: 337
Johnson, Robert, d. 5/27/1784, Section: Old, Number: 156
Johnson, Salley Heath, d. 8/3/1824, Section: Old, Number: 336, wife of Josiah
Johnson, Sarah, d. 8/8/1778, Section: Old, Number: 157, Wife of Robert
Johnson, Thaddeus, d. May 1946, Section: O, Number: 2W, See Isabella Johnson
Johnson, Wilhelmina, d. 2/25/1945, Section: E, Number: 10 1/2, Wife of William
Johnson, William Joseph, d. 3/9/1935, Section: O, Number: 4, See Ada Johnson
Johnson, William, d. 12/18/1972, Section: E, Number: 10 1/2, Two-grave plot. Closed with death of Mr.Johnson
Johnston, James, d. 5/14/1795, Section: Old, Number: 253, Son of Captain James Ae.9 yrs
Jones, Rebekah, d. 5/23/1796, Section: Old, Number: 154, Wife of Ebenezar
Joray, Charles, d. 7/4/1864, Section: Old, Number: 629, Son of Xavier and Mary Ae.9 years
Juckett, Clark Howard, d. 3/9/1891, Section: L, Number: 22, See C.M. Juckett
Juckett, Clark M., d. 12/27/1890, Section: L, Number: 22, See also Maynard Bartram
Juckett, Elijah, d. 6/27/1904, Section: L, Number: 21, See also Bartram Jeannette
Juckett, Flora Benedict, d. 1937, Section: L, Number: 22, Wife of Herbert M. See C.M. Juckett
Juckett, Herbert M., d. 2/15/1884, Section: L, Number: 22, See C.M. Juckett
Juckett, Sarah E. Cole, d. 3/30/1888, Section: L, Number: 21, Wife of Elijah
Judson, Baby, d. 3/19/1924, Section: M, Number: 4, Reason for burial in this plot unknown location in plot unknown. No stone.
Judson, Edna Dora, d. 9/4/1966, Section: O, Number: 8 1/2, Pauper
Kaercher, Elizabeth, d. 10/1/1849, Section: Old, Number: 568, Wife of George- from France
Kaercher, George, d. 9/24/1852, Section: Old, Number: 569, From France
Kain, Mrs.Richard V., Res: Still Meadow Rd., Sharon, Section: Q, Transferred to her by Uncle- George A. Cameron, Owner: Mrs.Richard V. Kain
Kain, Richard V., d. 5/20/2013, Section: Q, Number: 15, Buried 05/23/2013
Kain, Sally Fisher, d. 8/29/2005, Section: G, Number: 5-15 +2, See Mrs.Richard V. Kain card
Kalbfeisch, Henry, d. 4/24/1973, Res: 929 President Street Brooklyn, New York 11215, Section: B, Number: 5 1/2, Age 90 yrs. Born in Germany, Owner: (son) Herman Kalbfeisch
Kalbfeisch, Herman O, d. 9/8/1985, Section: B, Number: 5 1/2, See Henry Kalbfeisch (cremation)
Kalbfeisch, Olive Mary, d. 1/27/1926, Section: B, Number: 5 1/2, See Henry Kalbfleisch. Infant daughter of Henry
Kalessa, Carl, d. 3/16/1864, Section: Old, Number: 2, Civil War
Kalessa, Susan, d. 2/10/1875, Section: Old, Number: 3
Kane, Addie, d. 11/26/1869, Section: Old, Number: 638, Daughter of C.F. and C.D. Ae.3 wks
Kauffman, Betty Gay, Res: Upper Main St. Sharon, Section: V, Number: 24, Owner: Betty Gay + Sanford Kauffman
Kauffman, Sanford, d. 2/23/1993, Res: Upper Main St. Sharon, Section: V, Number: 24, room for I Cremation. Buried 5/18/93, Owner: Betty Gay Kauffman
Kaufman, Baby Boy, d. 10/27/2013, Section: Potters Field, Buried 10/31/2012
Keach, Ethel Klebes, d. 2/13/1967, Closed, Section: J, Number: 30A, See Keach-Jenkins plot purchased jointly. 6 grave plot. Keach section of 3 graves is closed. Jenkins section of 3 graves still open., Owner: Keach half of Jenkins-Keach plot
Keach, George Edmund (vet), d. 1/25/1944, Section: J, Number: 30 A, See Beatrice Jenkins and Ethel Keach
Keach, W. R., d. 8/11/1966, Section: J, Number: 30A
Kean, Alice Baker, d. 1986, Section: 4, Number: 6, remains buried 9/12/96. See Baker
Kean, Robert J., d. 3/19/2014, Res: POB 1215 Sharon Ct , Section: old, Buried 5/10/2014, Owner: Janinie Kean
Kelsey, Almeda Williams, d. 11/24/1877, Section: B, Number: 23, Wife of George A.
Kelsey, George Austin, d. 6/3/1903, Section: J, Number: 1
Kelsey, Harriot, d. 5/7/1790, Section: Old, Number: 333, Daughter of Noah and Sarah Ae.3yrs
Kelsey, Jennie M.Landeau, d. 12/10/1882, Section: J, Number: 1, Wife of George A.
Kelsey, Lizzie L. Landau, d. 2/25/1917, Section: J, Number: 1, Wife of George
Kelsey, Luther, d. 12/1/1795, Section: Old, Number: 334, Son of Noah and Sarah Ae 2 yrs
Kelsey, Sara M., d. 6/26/1873, Section: C, Number: 8, See A.A.Hotchkiss--wife of George A. Kelsey
Ketcham, Sarah Jewitt, d. 11/21/1823, Section: Old, Number: 341, Wife of David M.
Kilbane, Grace Whitney, d. 4/30/2002, Res: 4 Ridgeland Road Barrington, RI 02806, Section: M, Number: 1.1/2, Owner: Grace Whitney Kilbane
Kilmer, Helen H., Section: G, Number: 4, cremains buried 7/21/2007. Wayne Handlin ky card
Kimberly, William, d. 4/26/1933, Section: P.F.
King, Alma, d. 12/28/1998, Section: R, Number: 11, See Peter James King. Buried 12/31/98
King, Ann, d. 6/16/1839, Section: F, Number: 2, See George. 1st wife Chesterfield King
King, Anna, d. 3/28/1843, Section: F, Number: 2, See George- wife
King, Betsey, d. 11/3/1840, Section: A, Number: 17, See Henry V. Wife of Col.George
King, Charles, d. 7/26/1796, Section: Old, Number: 83, Son of George and Tryphena
King, Chesterfield, d. 2/20/1878, Section: L, Number: 26, See Wm.Delavan
King, Craig Brewster, d. 4/30/1975, Res: Sharon, Section: T, Number: 13 1/2, Son of Mr.&Mrs.Harry King. 2gr plot. Burial of Mrs.King to be cremation, Owner: Mrs.Harry King
King, Delia, d. 3/11/1854, Section: Old, Number: 642, Wife of David
King, Elizabeth, d. 7/31/1812, Section: A, Number: 17, Daughter of George and Betsey Ae.10 Months.
King, Emmeline Delavan, d. 2/7/1885, Section: L, Number: 26, Town Hall shows Betsey Emmeline King Wife of Chesterfield King. See Wm.Delavan. Daughter of Nathaniel & Lydia Delevan
King, Francis, d. 6/24/1990, Section: O, Number: 25, cremains buried 8/3/90 See Arthur Parmley
King, Frederick A., d. 3/1/1844, Section: A, Number: 17, See Henry V.
King, George (Colonel), d. 7/19/1853, Section: A, Number: 17, See Henry V. War of 1812
King, George B., d. 3/16/1865, Section: A, Number: 17, See Henry V. Son of Henry and Jane. Ae.19 yrs. Civil War.
King, George, d. 11/21/1831, Section: F, Number: 2, All King plots not previously endowed given by Mrs.T.C. Hart July 24th 1955 Endowment $1000 (Revolution)
King, Gertrude C, d. 10/7/1998, Section: R, Number: 11, See Peter James King. Buried 10/9/98
King, Harry A., d. 4/8/1970, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 13 1/2, Vet.WWII, Owner: Mrs.Harry A. King (also vet.)
King, Helen Smith, d. 12/8/1870, Section: F, Number: 2, See George- Daughter of Chesterfield and Anne
King, Henrietta, d. 3/16/1824, Section: F, Number: 2, See George. Daughter of Chesterfield and Anne. Ae.3 months
King, Henry V., d. 12/26/1863, Section: A, Number: 17
King, Hezekian (Deacon), d. 1740, Section: old, Number: unknown, Stone missing., Sedgwick's History p.35
King, Ida Tompkins Parmley, d. 11/16/1985, Section: O, Number: 25, see Jacob Tompkins
King, Major General Wm. Taber, d. 9/29/1852, Section: F, Number: 2, See George
King, Martha Anne Platt, d. 3/14/1823, Section: F, Number: 2, See George of Chesterfield and Anne Ae.3months
King, Peter J., d. 3/13/1978, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: R, Number: 11, Owner: Mrs.Peter King
King, Peter James, d. 8/2/1948, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: R, Number: 11, Owner: Mrs.Peter King
King, Timothy, d. 2/11/1801, Section: Old, Number: 81, Son of George and Tryphena
King, Timothy, d. 2/18/1800, Section: Old, Number: 119
King, Tryphena, d. 2/16/1812, Section: F, Number: 2, See George--wife
King, Viola Smith, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: R, Number: 11, Wife of Peter James, Owner: Miss Gertrude King
Kinney, Margaret, d. 6/16/2007, Res: P.O.Box705 Sharon CT, Section: Y, Number: 8, 9, 10, 11(circled), 12, 13, Owner: Margaret + Roswald Kinney
Kinney, Roswell P. Jr., d. 11/29/2001, Section: Y, Number: 10, buried 11/30/2001, See Margaret Kinney
Kinsman, Arthur L., d. 8/16/1947, Section: K, Number: 22
Kinsman, Edward Howard, d. 1/23/1956, Section: K, Number: 22, See A.L Kinsman
Kinsman, Kermit Kenneth, d. 2/6/1981, Res: Sharon CT, Section: X, Number: 25-26, Owner: Mrs.Marion Kinsman
Kinsman, Kermit Kenneth, d. 10/26/1942, Section: K, Number: 22, See Arthur L. (infant) no stone
Kinsman, Marion King, d. 12/2/1995, Res: Herrick Road, Sharon, Section: X, Number: 25, 26, Owner: Deborah Anderson
Kinsman, Mary Satori, d. 1/16/1963, Section: K, Number: 22, Widow of Edward
Kinsman, Sophie Witzel, d. 4/2/1951, Section: K, Number: 22, See Arthur L.
Kirby, Elizabeth VanAlstyne, d. 12/21/1949, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, Wife of George S.
Kirby, George S., d. 9/26/1937, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, *lot paid 9/29/1937
Kirby, George VanAlstyne, d. 12/1/1986, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16
Kirby, M. Solomon, d. 1903, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, See George S. Removed from Elsewhere; buried Hillside 4/17/1925
Kirby, Margaret Acheson, d. 9/11/1941, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, Wife of George. V.A. Notation dated 9/20/1941 "Geo.V.A.Kirby (toward lot) $30.00"
Kirby, Susan Elizabeth, d. 12/9/1925, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, Infant
Kirby, Susan Sisson, d. 1/17/1925, Section: Q, Number: 4, 16, Wife of Solomon
Kissock, Alan, d. 7/5/1974, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 11&12, Mr.&Mrs.Kissock to be buried in T-12 See Dr.Roger Moore, Owner: Roger Moore, M.D.
Kissock, Mrs.Ethel Alan B., d. 12/23/1991, Res: Sharon, Conn., Section: T, Number: 11&12, Plot #12 (2 grave) specified for Mr. and Mrs.Kissock Plot #11 (4 grave) specified for Dr.and Mrs.Roger Moore, Mr. and Mrs.Just Lubold. (See Kissock File), Owner: Dr.Roger Moore
Klebes, Carrie Middlebrook, d. 12/9/1940, Section: L, Number: 14
Klebes, Edward, d. 8/3/1938, Section: L, Number: 16, p.398 minutes line 7 Nov.9, 1931 Edw.Klebes returned 1/2 lot for perp care. However this does not appear to be so as they hold and have used the whole plot
Klebes, George B., d. 7/23/1930, Section: L, Number: 14, Daughter- Mrs.Al Jenkins, Sharon Extra large grave
Klebes, Hannah E., d. 4/9/1885, Section: H, Number: 5, Section from center sold to Hardy (C.E.) Wife of Lawrence
Klebes, Harold F., d. 1/17/1919, Section: P., Number: 4, 16
Klebes, Harriet Ella, d. 2/17/1939, Section: P, Number: 4, 16
Klebes, Herbert Gold (vet.), d. 6/15/1918, Section: P, Number: 4, 16, World War I Died in France. Buried Hillside 7/23/1921
Klebes, Hilda M.H, d. 1909, Section: L, Number: 16, Wife of Edward
Klebes, Lawrence, d. 3/13/1897, Section: H, Number: 5, Section of plot sold to C.E. Hardy
Klebes, Lillie Gould, d. 1906, Section: L, Number: 16, Wife of Edward
Klebes, Metti Schreifer, d. 8/18/1923, Section: HH, Number: 5, Section sold to C.E. Hardy. See Lawrence. Wife of Lawrence.
Klebes, Roy, d. 7/17/1941, Section: P, Number: 4&16, WWI
Klebes, Theresa, d. 3/12/1976, Section: L, Number: 16, Age: 100 years 10 months. Vault 3/15/76
Klebes, Wm. E., d. 6/12/1939, Res: p.o.Box181 Normandy Beach, New Jersey, Section: P, Number: 4, 16, Certificates 108 and 115, Owner: Mrs.J.K.Krautter
Kline, Adelia Chaffee, d. 2/10/1927, Section: C, Number: 14, First wife of Herbert Kline
Kline, Barbara Alice, d. 2/26/1936, Section: C, Number: 14, No stone. Infant. Daughter of Floyd S. Kline and Mary L. Clum. Presumed C-14
Kline, Charles Frelinghuysen, d. 7/24/1947, Section: I, Number: 32, Plot formerly listed as 1-29
Kline, Charles, d. 3/3/1897, Section: I, Number: 23, Son of Pulver and Josephine. No stone
Kline, Edna Lydall, d. 1/4/1940, Section: I, Number: 32, See Charles F.
Kline, Elizabeth Clum, Section: I, Number: 25, Wife of Henry S.
Kline, Ethel P., d. 8/12/1908, Section: I, Number: 25, See Henry Kline (daughter-Ae.11)
Kline, Henry S., d. 3/20/1948, Section: I, Number: 25
Kline, Josephine, d. 7/26/1926, Section: I, Number: 23, Wife of Pulver. No stone.
Kline, Pulver vet., d. 7/1/1920, Section: I, Number: 23, Tree interfering with plot.
Kluun, Cornelius H., d. 10/5/1971, Res: 70 Beer Place Stratford, CT, Section: H, Number: 9 3/4, WWI, Owner: John Kluun (son)
Knibloe, Isabelle Ann, d. 1/1/1990, Res: 335 Wildwood Drive- Stratford CT 06497, Section: J, Number: 34, See Robert J. Knibloe. Buried 5/7/90, Owner: Mrs.Anne Minatti
Knibloe, John Robert, d. 3/28/1930, Section: J, Number: 34, Infant--See Robert J. Knibloe
Knibloe, Pauline Wike, d. 6/30/1980, Section: H, Number: 11, Plot closed with this burial. See Benjamin Wike
Knibloe, Ralph, d. 9/4/1998, Section: J, Number: 34, cremains buried 10/24/98
Knibloe, Robert J., d. 4/8/1977, Section: J, Number: 34
Knickerbocker, Cornelius, d. 3/30/1776, Section: old, Number: 478
Knickerbocker, Howard, d. 4/30/1986, Section: J, Number: 11, cremation, See Virginia Knickerbocker
Knickerbocker, Virginia M, Section: J, Number: 11, Ashes buried at foot of her marker. She was a Middlebrook
Knight, Asa, d. 10/30/1777, Section: Old, Number: X-1
Knight, Caroline S.S., d. 1917, Section: L, Number: 17, Wife of W.W.
Knight, Dr.William W., d. 2/19/1912, Section: L, Number: 17, Civil War
Knight, William H., d. 3/2/1936, Section: L, Number: 17, Spanish American War
Knowles, Florence Sumner, d. 11/14/1937, Section: I, Number: 29-31, No stone
Knowlton, Eben, d. 7/29/1990, Res: Belden St. Falls Village, Conn., Section: x, Number: 5, 6, 7, Certif. for 2 gr. In name of Eben Knowlton. Separate certif. for Mrs.H.M.Foote.
Knowlton, Jonathan, d. 8/19/2004, Section: X, Number: 7, Cremains buried 12/01/2012
Knowlton, Mathew R., d. 5/21/2006, Res: 402 E 74th street Apt.2D Cottage New York, NY 10021, Section: UCR, Number: 3, cremains buried 6/2/06, Owner: Eben Knowlton
Kochanski, Elizabeth Barbara, d. 10/8/1945, Section: R, Number: 5, See Frank Kochanski
Kochanski, Frank, d. 12/26/1947, Section: R, Number: 5, Vet WWI. Kochanski & Schneider purchased plot together. Plot closed
Krastin, Dorothy, d. 8/12/1948, Section: B, Number: 39
Krastin, John, d. 1/21/1949, Section: B, Number: 39
Krenitsky, Richard A., d. 10/27/2001, Res: Theresa Krenitsky, Section: Y, Number: 53, purchased Y 53, 54, 55, Cornwall Bridge Rd. Sharon CT
Kruger, August, d. 4/6/1926, Section: O, Number: 18
Kruger, Marie, d. 2/15/1909, Section: O, Number: 18, father John Mother Mary D. Mathews Wife of August
Kruhm, Annette Dannenberg, Section: C, Number: 10 1/2
Kruhm, Carl, d. 12/13/1926, Section: C, Number: 10 1/2, See Annette (Carl's wife)

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