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Cooper Landing Cemetery Records
Cooper Landing, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska

Bean Creek Road, Cooper Landing, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska.

Submitted by the Loretta Mattson, Nov 21, 2005 [totemtracers@hotmail.com]. Total records = 60.

At mile 47.8 of the Sterling Highway turn onto Bean Creek Road. Go 1.3 miles and turn right at the cemetery sign and parking lot.

The graves in this cemetery are randomly scattered throughout the site. The cemetery is owned by the Cooper Landing Community Club.

I have transcribed with permission from our book "Cemetery Inscriptions and Area Memorials in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula Borough" pub. by Kenai Totem Tracers Genealogical Society 1983.

This includes all known burials and inscriptions from tombstone readings plus supplementary information from cemetery records, death certificates, funeral home records, previous readings and personal information.

The cemetery was last read on Nov 04, 2003, by members of the Kenai Totem Tracers Genealogical Society.

- Loretta Mattson

Backlund, Paul Emanuel, b. Apr 19, 1958, d. Sep 13, 1981, Paul loved and served the Lord with every talent that was given him. "I delight to do thy will o my God, Thy law is within my heart." Psalm 40:8 "So I will sing praise to thy name forever" Psalm 61:8 We love you Paul and someday the circle will be unbroken forever Cinda Kara Kurt Mother Bill RoseLinda Teresa Karl Lois Joy, Memorial marker. Lost in an airplane crash over Alaska coastal waters, Gr #34
Biesecker, Candace JoAnn, b. Nov 8, 1951, d. Apr 6, 2002, Gr #48
Christensen, Sarah Marie, b. Jun 23, 2000, d. Aug 18, 2000, Age 8 weeks, Mortuary marker, Gr #44
Chumley, Leelynn H., b. 1969, d. 2002, Forever in our hearts, Gr #50
Clayton, Shirley Martine, b. Oct 14, 1927, d. Aug 26, 1998, In Loving Memory Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal, Grandmother of Kelley Ann McMichael, buried in lot 19, Gr #45
Clemson, Ruth Kathryn, b. Dec 25, 1931, d. Apr 25, 1997, Loving Mother and Wife, Gr #39
Dunmire, James, b. 1895, d. 1969, Little Jim, Gr #15
Edlund, Dorothy D., b. May 18, 1921, d. Aug 24, 1992, Mother of Carole Tipton Beverly Walters Lani Lancaster, Lani is, buried in plot 5, Gr #25
Elwell, Lewis M., b. Dec 1, 1893, d. Nov 8, 1967, CPL Co B 1 AA MG BN Alaska World War I, Gr #14a
Elwell, Mabel, b. 1892, d. 1978, Niska-"Mamie"-Niska means Wild Goose, Gr #14b
Funk, Georgetta B., b. 1917, d. 1997, Gr #40
Gilliland, Dyton A., b. 1910, d. 1955, Gr #9
Good, John Lindsay, b. Feb 16, 1934, d. Nov 15, 1991, Sgt US Army Korea, Gr #23
Good, Margaret Jean, b. Oct 28, 1930, d. Aug 15, 1991, Gr #22
Groothuis, Harold Fred, b. Dec 28, 1927, d. Nov 21, 1968, Gr #33
Guimbard, Victor, no dates, Moving the grave of Vic from the highway right of way near Milepost 49 to this site was the beginning of the Cooper Landing Cemetery., Vic was born Feb 19, 1876 at St. Sornin Leulac, Hte Vienne, France. He fell into the Kenai River and drowned about the first of October 1920., Gr #21
Hanson, Alyce, b. 1908, d., Gr #37b
Hanson, Noel, b. 1913, d. 1991, Gr #37a
Harris, Helen M., b. Dec 9, 1920, d. Sep 19, 2001, First civilian woman given legal permit to travel Alcan Highway in March 1946, Gr #28b
Harris, Ralph R., b. Jul 7, 1920, d. Mar 12, 1990, US Navy World War II, Gr #28a
Holben, James W., b. Aug 15, 1934, d. Sep 14, 1979, Gr #4
Holben, Robin, b. 1940, d. 1977, Gr #3
Ingram, Dorthy J., b. 1933, d., Dorthy is the spelling on the marker, Gr #49a
Ingram, John C., b. 1929, d. 2002, Gr #49b
Ingram, Thomas Edward, b. Aug 2, 1957, d. Apr 6, 1976, Our Beloved Tom, Gr #20
Kane, Gordon F., b. 1918, d. 1955, Gr #10
Kasulka, W. W. "Bud", b. Dec 3, 1925, d. Jun 8, 2003, A lot of money was spent on whiskey and women, then I wasted some!, Gr #53
Kiser, Jim A., d. Jun 14, 1976, 64 yrs, The name on the marker is misspelled Kaiser, Gr #13
Lancaster, Lani, b. May 16, 1947, d. Dec 8, 1978, Mother of Tammy, Gr #5a
Lancaster, Tammy Jo, b. Feb 13, 1969, d. Dec 8, 1978, Edlund Family, Gr #5b
Liston, Edna M., b. Oct 1, 1913, d. Jun 15, 1984, Gr #26
Liston, Lu, no dates, Gr #36
Liston, Michael Paul, b. Dec 19, 1953, d. Dec 19, 1977, Gr #6
Liston, Thomas E., b. Feb 2, 1905, d. Oct 11, 1967, Tec 5 3839 QM GAS Sup Co Alaska World War II, Gr #7
Loewecke, Daniel Ralph, b. 1946, d. 1967, Gr #11
McCown, W. A. "Mac", b. 1913, d. 1987, Step-father of Jerry E. Winkler, buried in lot 18., Gr #29
McMichael, Kelley Ann, b. Jul 21, 1980, d. Sep 23, 1981, Gr #19
McMichael, Robert William, b. Jan 21, 1915, d. Jun 23, 1995, Grandfather of Kelley Ann McMichael, buried in lot 19, Gr #31
Morgan, Geo., Jr., b. Jul 27, 1900, d. Jan 5, 1967, "Jug", Gr #8
Nelson, George B., b. 1889, d. 1980, US Marine Corps World War I, Gr #1
Norris, Greg B., b. Oct 31, 1977, d. Sep 30, 2001, In Loving Memory Adventurer, A previous mortuary marker gave middle name Bernard., Gr #47
O'Brien, James, b. 1888, d. 1968, Big Jim, James Dunmire and James O'Brien came to Alaska together in 1935, Gr #16
Pennington, Barbara E., b. Nov 19, 1949, d., Married Oct 22, 1965, Gr #51
Pennington, Robin E., b. Jan 19, 1945, d. Jan 7, 2001, "Bob", Gr #51
Percefull, Wm. Howard, b. Dec 22, 1914, d. Nov 7, 1992, Beloved Husband, Gr #24
Purcell, John Patrick, b. 1940, d. 1981, Gr #17
Reed, Ronald B., b. Mar 16, 1935, d. Mar 10, 1999, Gr #46
Rhode, Cecil E., b. Jul 7, 1902, d. Dec 3, 1979, Gr #12
Rhode, Helen E., b. Jun 9, 1919, d. Sep 9, 1992, Gr #30
Schweigert, Weldon W., b. 1934, d. 1992, Lt Col US Air Force Korea Vietnam, Gr #32
Smith, Mary Catherine Patricia, b. 1933, d. 1998, No Farewell Words Were Spoken No Time To Say Goodbye You Were Gone Before We Knew It, And Only God KnowsWhy.(Engraved stone)Age 64, Mortuary marker, Gr #42a
Smith, Paul H., b. 1918, d. 1990, Log Cabin Builder, Gr #27
Smith, Rodney James, b. Nov 21, 1954, d. Nov 16, 1995, I Love You (Engraved stone) 40 years 11 months 25 days, Mortuary marker, Gr #35
Smith, William Francis, b. Dec 22, 1928, d. May 12, 2000, If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again. Age 71, Mortuary marker. Pat and Bill's son Rodney is, buried in lot 35, Gr #42b
Thomas, Allen Brian, b. Mar 12, 1952, d. Oct 20, 2000, In Memory of, Gr #52b
Thomas, Geraldine (O'Brien), b. Nov 13, 1912, d. Nov 6, 2002, In Memory of, Gr #52c
Thomas, Leonard George, b. Jul 15, 1912, d. Jul 5, 1990, In Memory of, Gr #52a
Thompson, Betty Jean, b. 1925, d. 1968, Gr #2b
Thompson, James Denny, d. 1975, Unmarked grave identified in cemetery records, Gr #2a
Winkler, Jerald E., b. Apr 19, 1943, d. Aug 31, 1978, Gr #18

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