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Maple Grove Methodist Cemetery
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Maple Grove Methodist Cemetery
Maple Grove, Megantic County, Quebec

Dinning & Craig Roads
Maple Grove, Quebec

Contributed by Joan Cruickshank, Dec 08, 2004 . Total records = 52.

Out of Sherbrooke, Quebec, travel on Route 112 in the direction of Thetford Mines, Quebec, until you reach Black Lake. Out of Black Lake, take Route 165 north, over to the intersection of Route 216, also known as the Craig Road. Turn left at that corner and the cemetery is situated down the road about one half mile, at the corner of Craig and Dinning Roads.

One half acre of land was purchased from Mr. Donald MacLean to be used as the first burying ground for the Methodist Chapel. Thus, this cemetery was first known as the MacLean Cemetery at Dinning Bridge, and the earliest known burial was in 1822. It is one of the oldest Protestant cemeteries in the region and you will find some of the first American, English, Scottish & Irish immigrants resting there.

The last burial that I could find was in 1965, and from talking with a few local people, I learned that this cemetery was left unkept, until the Megantic County Historical Society and some local people did a big clean up of it. Small pieces of old headstones lying on the ground are evidence that there are a number of people buried there in unmarked graves. I found one newer stone in memory of these people, which I have included in my listing. You will find them marked with an asterisk (*).

I found this lovely, small cemetery well kept, when I walked it in the summer of 2004, transcribing from the headstones to be best of my ability.
- Joan Cruickshank

Adams, Thomas, d. 28 Jul 1887, age 86 yrs
Doxey, William, d. 15 Oct 1865, age 53 yrs
Glass, Betsy, d. 20 Feb 1882, age 72 yrs, Native of Tyrone, Ireland
Hall, Amos, b. 1761, d. 19 Oct 1854, Captain, age 93 yrs, Veteran of Revolutionary Army *
Hall, Ira, d. 27 Apr 1857, age 65y 7m
Hall, John, d. 7 Oct 1883, age 90 yrs *
Hall, Mariah, d. 20 Mar 1845, age 16 yrs *
Hall, Martha, d. 23 Jan 1822, age 58 yrs, w/o Amos
Hall, Nancy, Wife of Ira
Hall, Solon, d. 24 Jun 1884, age 57 yrs *
Hough, Abigail, b. 1861, d. 1943, s/w S. Jessie
Hough, Elizabeth, b. no date, Liverpool, England, d. 12 Dec 1870, age 70 yrs, w/o John
Hough, John R., d. 3 Oct 1881, age 6 yrs *
Hough, John, b. 18 Feb 1802, Liverpool, England, d. 8 Nov 1890, age 88y 8m 21d
Hough, John, d. 13 Jun 1902 *
Hough, Joseph B., b. 1865, d. 1880, s/w Theophilus
Hough, Joseph, b. 1832, d. 1919
Hough, Joshua, d. 22 Jun 1906, age 66 yrs *
Hough, S. Jessie, b. 1869, d. 1965, s/w Abigail
Hough, Sarah Seale, b. 2 Nov 1829, d. 12 Feb 1898, w/o Joseph
Hough, Theophilus, b. 1863, d. 1936, s/w Joseph B.
Hough, William, d. 30 Apr 1905, age 80 yrs *
Hunter, James, d. 12 Mar 1845, age 74 yrs *
Jamieson, Andrew, d. 16 May 1898, age 79 yrs *
Jamieson, Emily, b. 16 Feb 1854, d. 17 Mar 1895, w/o Samuel
Jamieson, Sidney Kerr, d. 18 Mar 1896, age 73 yrs, w/o Andrew *
Lambly, Ann, d. 30 May 1843, age 32 yrs *
Lord, Clara, b. 10 Oct 1840, d. 12 Feb 1874
Lord, Lewis Henry, b. 16 Jan 1837, d. 3 Dec 1906
Lord, Peter C., b. 4 Jun 1792, d. 13 Jan 1874
McDonald, William, d. 4 Apr 1843, age 13 yrs *
McKnight, Anna Jane, d. 1879, age 25 yrs
McKnight, Ellinor McComb, d. 23 Oct 1881, age 93 yrs, w/o James
McKnight, Ellinor, d. 12 Mar 1888, age 30 yrs
McKnight, George, d. 3 Jan 188?, age 9 yrs
McKnight, Isabel, d. 20 Oct 1917, age 88 yrs *
McKnight, Isabella, b. & d. 5 Jun 1868
McKnight, James S., d. 6 Dec 18?8, age 73 yrs
McKnight, James, d. 19 Nov 1868, age 86 yrs, h/o Ellinor McComb
McKnight, John Herbert, d. 1875, age 4 yrs
McKnight, William D., d. 1892, age 31 yrs
McLean, Donald, b. 1790, d. 1880 *
McLean, John, d. 12 Dec 1834, age 82 yrs
McReynolds, Eliza Hough, d. 7 Sep 1925, w/o James (no marker)
McReynolds, George, d. 15 Sep 1868, age 2 yrs *
Stewart, Alexander C., b. 1864, d. 1934, s/w & h/o Esther L. Wilson
Stewart, Dora Annie Harriet, b. 1894, d. 1940
Stewart, Esther L. Wilson, b. 1863, d. 1920, w/o & s/w Alexander C.
Stewart, William, b. 1785, d. 1839, Veteran of War of 1812 *
Thurber, David W., d. 14 Oct 1843, age 5 m *
Thurber, David, d. 27 May 1843, age 23 yrs *
Thurber, Rezina McLean, d. 12 Jun 1879, age 77 yrs, w/o Donald *

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