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Bullard Brook Cemetery
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Bullard Brook Cemetery
Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf, Megantic County, Quebec

Contributed by Joan Cruickshank, Oct 23, 2004, last edited Jun 14, 2012 . Total records = 46.

Out of Thetford Mines, Quebec, take Route 267 North, and travel about 9 miles to the small village of Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf, once known as Lower Ireland. In the village, at the intersection of Routes 267 and 216, also know as the Craig's Road, you will find the remains of the Bullard Brook Cemetery.

Dating back from about 1825, this cemetery was the burying ground for the settlers of Lower Ireland, until denominational churches were built, with their own cemeteries. So, from 1840 onwards, the Bullard Brook Cemetery became part of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Both the church and cemetery were destroyed more than once. About 1850, a hurricane destroyed the first mission house and much of the cemetery, and in 1957 the Bullard Brook, which runs beside the cemetery, overflowed its banks, causing severe flooding. The cemetery suffered badly, and many headstones were upturned and damaged. At the request of their families, many people interred there were moved to other cemeteries in the area.

The cemetery was never repaired, and stood unused and overgrown with high grass, until the Megantic County Historical Society undertook a major repair of it in 1978. There are only a very few stones remaining there, which I have listed below.

Back in the 1970's, Mr. & Mrs. W.T.L. Harper compiled a list of burials in this cemetery from the church records, and other printed sources. I was able to see this list, and am submitting the names based on the information that Mr. & Mrs. Harper has provided. Since there are no markers for any of these, and in some cases, only a name is provided, I have identified them with an asterisk (*).
- Joan Cruickshank

Aldrich, Joseph, no dates *
Armstrong, ??, Mr. *
Armstrong, ??, Mrs. *
Armstrong, Jemina, d. 14 Jan 1919 *
Armstrong, William J., d. 7 Jun 1921, Private, 87th Batt'n, C.E.F.
Bassett, John, d. 1 Dec 1894, age 23 yrs *
Bennett, ??, 2 sons &/or daughters of John *
Cobban, Mary Anderson, d. 9 Jan 1842, age 36 yrs, w/o & s/w Robert
Cobban, Robert, d. 31 May 1866, s/w & h/o Mary Anderson
Cox, William, d. 17 Feb 1912, b/o Isaac *
Davidson, George, b. 30 Apr 1838, d. 11 Feb 1911, s/w Hannah, his wife, & James, & Joseph B., his sons
Davidson, Hannah Robinson, b. 26 Feb 1842, d. 25 Jul 1907, s/w George, her husband, & James, & Joseph B., her sons
Davidson, James, b. 30 Jan 1865, d. 27 Jan 1868, s/w George & Hannah, his parents, & Joseph B., his brother
Davidson, Joseph B., b. 27 Feb 1876, d. 24 Sep 1876, s/w George & Hannah, his parents, & James, his brother
Davidson, Sophia Hogge, w/o Thomas *
Hempenstall, William, *
Henry, ??, d/o Samuel & Eliza *
Henry, ??, s/o Samuel & Eliza *
Henry, Eliza, d. 26 Oct 1876, age 75 yrs, w/o Samuel *
Henry, Joseph, d. 19 Aug 1916 *
Henry, Mary Bell, d. 20 Mar 1911 *
Henry, Samuel, d. 10 Aug 1879, age 86 yrs *
Lee, ??, Sergeant & Mrs. *
Lee, Martha Balls, d. 25 Aug 1852, w/o & s/w Richard D.
Lee, Richard D., d. 14 Nov 1855, s/w & h/o Martha Balls
Lee, William, d. 28 Jan 1828, s/o Sergeant & Mrs. *
Manley, George, *
Mann, John, *
Mathison, ??, Mr. *
Mitchell, Mabel, d. 24 Jun 1904, age 11y 2m, s/w Nellie M.
Mitchell, Nellie M., d. 3 Aug 1893, age 1y 8m 11d, s/w Mabel
Plowman, ??, Mrs. *
Redman, ??, son or daughter of Edward & Elisabeth *
Redman, ??, w/o Daniel *
Redman, Daniel, d. 8 Oct 1836, age 62 yrs
Redman, Elisabeth Lee, d. 1873, w/o Edward
Reed, ??, daughters of John *
Reed, ??, s/o John *
Reed, ??, w/o John *
Reed, John, *
Salter, ??, Father of Mrs. Ellis *
Salter, ??, Mother of Mrs. Ellis *
Thurber, ??, w/o Johnston *
Thurber, Richard, s/o Mrs. Johnston *
Trebilock, Agnes Davidson, d. 16 Jul 1877, age 73 yrs, w/o William *
Trebilock, William, d. 27 Feb 1880, age 85 yrs, h/o Agnes Davidson *

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