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Pilgrim Reformed Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Contributed by Kathy Mills, [ke6pxx@yahoo.com].

Hamill/Hamizz?, Jacob, no dates, Small German stone, can only read Jacob well
Hamner, Mary Jane, d. 1892, Aged 19yrs
Hardister, Flotilla Everhart, b. 4/9/1905, d. 3/30/1932, w/o E.A. Hardister, "Weep not father & mother for me, for I am waiting in glory for thee"
Harper, Infant Son, b. 12/2/1942, d. 12/2/1942, Infant Son of Demus L. & Ruby Harper
Headrick, Eliza, d. 10/2/1846?, Aged 3y ??m 7d
Hedrick, Adam S., b. 4/7/1829, d. 7/15/1905, s/o John L
Hedrick, Catherine?, b. 1810, d. 8/?/1818
Hedrick, Doris Everhart, b. 9/29/1920, d. 7/21/1992, w/o Loyd James
Hedrick, Elizabeth (Sherwood), d. 3/21/184X., 1st w/o John L
Hedrick, Elizabeth Burns, d. , "2nd wife of John L. is buried at Prospect Church, Rowan Co, N.C."
Hedrick, Elizabeth Sherwood, d. , "1st w/o John L. is buried in this cemetery a short distance Southwest of this monument"
Hedrick, Jacob, d. 1/1/1854, Ae 38y's 1mo
Hedrick, James F. "Buck", b. 5/10/1904, d. 3/21/1964
Hedrick, John L., b. 6/8/1804, d. 10/25/1899, "Memorial only: "s/o Adam, born 3 miles west of Lexington, N.C. June 8, 1804. Died in Rowan Co, N.C. Oct 25, 1899. Aged 95yrs 4mos 17dys"
Hedrick, John, d. 6/26/1898, Aged 80yrs 8ms 18ds, h/o Phebe
Hedrick, John? H., d. 3/1/1910, Aged 1yr? 2m 30dys, hard to read
Hedrick, Loyd James, b. 8/7/1918, d. 10/13/1990, h/o Doris Everhart
Hedrick, Margaret A., b. 4/14/1929, d. 4/14/1929, Inf. Dau of Earl & Mary Hedrick
Hedrick, Mary, b. 11/16/1840, d. 3/6/1896, w/o Adam, age 55ys 3ms 20ds
Hedrick, Minnie L., b. 2/18/1874, d. 7/15/1895, w/o P.A
Hedrick, Peter, b. 2/25/1788, d. 11/5/1846
Hedrick, Phebe, d. 12/2/1898, Aged 83yrs 9m, w/o John
Hedrick, Rachel, d. 10/20/1883, w/o J.P., aged 71ys 9ms 5ds, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Hege, Joe H.,Sr., b. 10/23/1887, d. 7/2/1960, NC Regt 1 Sgt Major 6 Inf Div, WWI, h/o Josephine H
Hege, Josephine H., b. 8/23/1895, d. 7/22/1986, w/o Joe H. Sr
Hege, Mary Frances, b. 10/27/1924, d. 11/22/1987, w/o Phillip Eldridge
Hege, Phillip Eldridge, b. 2/9/1923, d. 3/3/2002, h/o Mary Frances
Helmstetler, Eliza A. Fritts, b. 2/23/1862, d. 6/6/1915, "His Wife" "Mother", w/o Lindsay
Helmstetler, Lindsay, b. 2/25/1851, d. 9/23/1926, "Father", h/o Eliza A. Fritts
Henderson, Frany, d. 12/29/1912, w/o W. F., aged 82yrs
Hepler, Freddie D., b. 5/7/1941, d. 5/9/1941, Infant Son of E.L. & Julia Hepler
Hepler, Jerry Allen, b. 5/15/1940, d. 3/26/1967
Hepler, Jesse W., b. 1/18/1882, d. 4/28/1958, h/o Maggie Easter, "In his will is our Peace"
Hepler, Kathleen Strickland, b. 3/31/1907, d. 4/12/1938, w/o E. L.
Hepler, Maggie Easter, b. 6/18/1882, d. 5/6/1939, "His Wife", w/o Jesse W
Hepler, Triphenia Elizabeth Conrad, b. 1835, d. 1860, d/o David & Eve Hedrick Conrad
Hetrich, Adam, "A. H.", d. 1815, Old German Stone with A.H./ another marker with Adam Hetrich, A.H. only date readable 1815
Hetrich, Phelipp, b. 1776?, d. 1813, Old German Stone, hard to read
Hodge, Merrill Ray, b. 1/25/1919, d. 7/16/1973, h/o Etna Conrad, NC TEC5 US Army WWII PH
Hunter, Timothy J., b. 4/19/1971, d. 4/20/1971, Son of Don & Janie, "Only Sleeping"
Jarrett, Albert Lee, b. 4/9/1866, d. 9/3/1955, "Husband", h/o F. Belle Parrish, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"
Jarrett, F. Belle Parrish, b. 2/27/1871, d. 10/11/1961, "Wife", w/o Albert Lee
Jarrett, Lacie Kinney, b. 1/3/1899, d. 10/28/1991, "Father" "In Loving Memory", h/o Mary Fritts
Jarrett, Margaret Irene, no dates, Dau of Lacie & Mary, on stone with parents
Jarrett, Mary Fritts, b. 4/10/1909, d. 1/15/1989, "Mother" "In Loving Memory", w/o Lacie Kinney
Johnson, Charlie, b. 6/6/1866, d. 6/3/1891, Aged 24yrs 11mos 22dys
Jolly, William Terry, b. 5/9/1925, d. 2/22/1997, h/o Ruth Ward, "Father", m: 9/26/1942, Pvt US Army WWII
Jordan, Colleen Myers, b. 9/8/1922, d. 6/22/2004, w/o James Edward
Jordan, James Edward, b. 12/23/1920, d. 11/10/1961, NC PFC Co K 18 Inf 1 Inf Div, WWII PH, h/o Colleen Myers
Jordan, Ronald Lohr, b. 9/21/1942, d. 1/27/1951
Keith, Sarah Jane, b. 6/14/1851, d. 1/21/1874, w/o F.M., 22y 7m 7d
Kennedy, Mary C. Coggins, b. 7/7/1882, d. 4/3/1958, w/o R.H. "she was a kind & affectionate wife"
Kennedy, Robert H., b. 1/14/1885, d. 11/13/1927, h/o Mary C. Coggins, "He was a true husband they were friends to all"
Kenoy, Ellis, b. 4/2/1799, d. 9/21?/1842?, Old German Headstone
Kepley, Dollie Lanning Potts, b. 8/3/1903, d. 7/2/1988, "Mama & Grandma, We Will Always Love You"
Kepley, Ida Lee, d. 6/19/1880?, Dau of W.H?&VAE Kepley, 11ys 2ms 3ds
Kepley, John W., b. 8/25/1943, d. 9/21/1957
Kepley, Mathias, b. 9/26/1854, d. 8/23/1855, Son of Geo & I.? Kepley, aged 1yr 10m 23dys
Kirkus, Ann F. Byerly, b. 10/3/1921, d. 3/16/1955, "Wife", w/o James Wm. Sr
Kirkus, James William Sr., b. 9/19/1920, d. 12/19/1997, "Husband", h/o Ann F. Byerly, CPL US Army WWII
Koontz, Robert Paige, b. 8/5/1926, d. 11/21/1926, Son of R.S. & Ellen Koontz, "Gone to be an angel"
Lamb, Violet Pauline, b. 9/5/1921, d. 12/22/2003
Lambeth, Auther T., b. 1876, d. 1954, h/o Ida Floyd, (this is the way his name was spelled, but I think the engraver made a mistake, probably should be Arthur?)
Lambeth, Ida Floyd, b. 1886, d. 1952, w/o Auther T.
Lanning, Bertie Gladys, b. 3/25/1899, d. 1/25/1916, Dau of A.O.& S.J., aged 16yrs 10mo's
Lanning, Mattie Isabell, b. 5/11/1894, d. 3/24/1915, Dau of A.O. & S.J. aged 20yrs 10mos 3dys "Asleep in Jesus"
Lanning, Minnie Josephine, b. 8/4/1892, d. 1/25/1930, Dau of A.O.& Sarah, "On that bright immortal shore we shall meet to part no more"
Lanning, Sarah J., b. 8/13/1864, d. 1/10/1928, w/o A.O., "Mother", "A tender mother and a faithful friend"
Lea, Walter, b. 9/13/1900, d. 1/3/1901, Son of James & ---, Aged 3m 21dys?
Leonard, Adam, b. 10/23/1832, d. 7/18/1832?, Aged 20y 3m 5d, think 7/18/32 should have been 1852, but clearly says 1832. Old German Stone
Leonard, Addie McNairy, b. 8/28/1880, d. 1/29/1973
Leonard, Alice Heitman, d. 7/11/1898, w/o Wm. V., aged 36yrs 6ms 26d
Leonard, Allison Bradley, b. 3/16/1861, d. 6/8/1862, s/o V. & C.R., aged 1y 2m 8d
Leonard, Alta, b. 3/31/1894, d. 12/3/1909, Dau of W.V. & Alice, aged 15ys 8mo 3ds
Leonard, Bertha, b. 10/2/1895, d. 8/8/1978, "Sisters", s/o Ella
Leonard, Bryce Gene, b. 3/22/1934, d. 5/18/1999
Leonard, C. C. (Riley), b. 7/29/1870, d. 8/31/1932
Leonard, Caroline R., b. 4/5/1830, d. 3/10/1870, Wife of Valentine, aged 39y 11m 5d
Leonard, Charles Allen, b. 7/31/1942, d. 3/26/2003
Leonard, Daniel, b. 5/6/1789, d. 2/10/1848, Aged 58y 9m 4d
Leonard, David D., b. 11/3/1839, d. 1/13/1878
Leonard, Dwight, b. 7/1/1897, d. 6/20/1898, Son of ?A & M.F. aged 11mos 19dys
Leonard, Eliza, d. 8/3/1887, Age 54ys 24ds, w/o Jesse
Leonard, Elizabeth Canoy, b. 1835, d. 1910, "His Wife", w/o Joseph A
Leonard, Elizabeth, b. 1804, d. ??, Can't read anything else
Leonard, Elizabeth, b. Aug 1818, d. ?, Old German Stone, unreadable
Leonard, Elizabeth, d. 4/15/1857, w/o Phillip, aged 58yrs 1m 8dys
Leonard, Ella, b. 11/1/1889, d. 12/13/1972, "Sisters", s/o Bertha
Leonard, Ellen C., d. 11/25/1881, w/o Jos. F., aged 37yrs 2ms 14ds
Leonard, Ellen Hartley, b. 5/29/1890, d. 8/8/1970
Leonard, Eve Lohr, b. 9/4/1820, d. 3/12/1903, Aged 82y 6m 13d
Leonard, Flora Conrad, d. 9/12/1898, Aged 22yrs 7ms 14ds, married W. Lacy 12/5/1894
Leonard, Florence Siceloff, b. 5/20/1874, d. 8/24/1940
Leonard, Frances C., d. 4/27/1857, d/o Valentine & C.R., aged 3y 4m 27d
Leonard, Frances Hasseltine, b. 11/30/1853, d. 4/27/1857
Leonard, George Edward, b. 8/18/1857, d. 9/4/1929, h/o Winnie C
Leonard, Helen Beck, b. 7/7/1911, d. 3/16/2004, w/o Lake Dale
Leonard, Huzie Lee, d. 6/1/1884, Dau of S.P.& Addie, aged 1yr 22ds
Leonard, Infant, b. 2/14/1951, d. 2/14/1951, Inf Son of L.D.& Helen Leonard
Leonard, Infant, b. 3/17/1959, d. 3/17/1959, Inf. Dau of Boyd & Dorothy
Leonard, Infant, b. 5/31/1955, d. 5/31/1955, Inf Son of L.D.& Helen Leonard
Leonard, J. Shelly, b. 2/12/1885, d. 5/24/1965, h/o Mary Clodfelter
Leonard, J. Thomas, b. 5/12/1863, d. 4/12/1940, h/o Sallie Koonts
Leonard, Jacob, b. 9/23/1819?, d. 8/13/1842, Old German Stone
Leonard, Janie Sharp, b. 11/7/1902, d. 2/18/1992
Leonard, Jesse, d. 11/26/1912, Aged 86yr 9ds, h/o Eliza
Leonard, Jewel Black, b. 9/2/1909, d. 5/12/1986
Leonard, John A., b. 1862, d. 1936
Leonard, Joseph A., b. 1835, d. 1918
Leonard, Joseph F., no dates, Co B 10 VA Cav. C.S.A. (no dates)
Leonard, Joseph Roy, b. 5/11/1905, d. 5/25/1962
Leonard, Julius Calvin, b. 7/9/1872, d. 1/4/1942
Leonard, Julius LaFoy, b. 6/29/1912, d. 8/1/1996
Leonard, Lafayett, b. 8/8/1828, d. 4/17/1862, Aged 33yrs 8ms & 9ds
Leonard, Lake Dale, b. 5/11/1908, d. 4/4/1991, h/o Helen Beck
Leonard, Leah, b. 4/19/1798, d. May 1840, 50yr 2da
Leonard, Lee Payne, d. 4/15/1894, Son of W.V. & Alice, aged 1yr 4ms & 18ds, "The Crown without the Conflict"
Leonard, Lewis, b. ??, d. ??, Old German stone, mostly in ground
Leonard, Lula, d. 7/2/1881, Dau of Jos. F. & Ellen C. aged 1yr 1mo?
Leonard, Mary Clodfelter, b. 3/26/1886, d. 9/10/1985, w/o J. Shelly
Leonard, Mary Eldoria Michael, b. 9/28/1874, d. 10/20/1957, w/o Julius C
Leonard, Mary Jeanette, b. 7/12/1867, d. 8/23/1954
Leonard, Mary Sink, b. 8/11/1857, d. 5/9/1937, w/o W. Clinton
Leonard, Michael, b. 1750, d. 1827, Rev. War Soldier, remembered on Special Monument
Leonard, Minnie, b. 3/31/1880, d. 10/25/1880, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Leonard
Leonard, Nannie Lopp, b. 2/16/1884, d. 1/21/1959, w/o W. Lacy
Leonard, Nannie Mae Maley, b. 5/5/1878, d. 12/12/1974, w/o C.C. (Riley)
Leonard, Nona Maye, b. 5/2/1902, d. 1/16/1991
Leonard, Nora Hartman, b. 12/22/1871, d. 3/20/1899, w/o R. E
Leonard, Peter, b. Dec 1828, d. 12/25/1854, A. 26y
Leonard, Philip, b. 1756, d. 1830, Rev. War Soldier, remembered on Special Monument
Leonard, Robert Edmund, b. 12/11/1862, d. 11/5/1954, h/o Nora Hartman
Leonard, Ruth, M.D., b. 7/26/1914, d. 12/17/1968
Leonard, Sallie Koonts, b. 7/3/1873, d. 2/15/1908, w/o J.T
Leonard, Sarah Jean, b. 4/4/1916, d. 5/9/1992
Leonard, Sarah, b. 12/??, d. ??, Old German stone, mostly unreadable
Leonard, Sidney Hampton, b. 3/4/1876, d. 4/7/1895
Leonard, Susannah, d. 7/5/1870, w/o Jacob, aged 81yrs
Leonard, Titus Dermont, b. 11/5/1910, d. 6/14/2003
Leonard, Valentine, b. 10/18/1718, d. 11/13/1781, Aged 63yrs, Rev. War Soldier
Leonard, Valentine, b. 11/10/1824, d. 7/23/1894, "Ancestors: Valentine 10/13/1718-11/13/1781; Jacob 11/16/1758-1/27/1835; Jacob 2/20/1789-11/12/1845"
Leonard, Virginia Fritts, b. 10/6/1914, d. 5/13/1998, w/o W. Reid
Leonard, Voentein?, b. 3/24/??, d. 9/3/1814, Old German Stone, hard to read
Leonard, W. Clinton, b. 10/28/1857, d. 4/6/1937, h/o Mary Sink
Leonard, W. Lacy, b. 7/16/1865, d. 1/10/1951, Aged 85yrs 5ms 24ds, h/o Flora Conrad
Leonard, W. Reid, b. 9/14/1909, d. 5/16/1972, h/o Virginia Fritts
Leonard, William Bryce, b. 9/2/1928, d. 9/2/1928, Son of Mr. & Mrs.W.P.Leonard, born & died 9/2/1928
Leonard, William V., b. 7/20/1859, d. 12/10/1906, Aged 47yrs 4ms 20ds, "A faithful Christian, A life-long member of the Pilgrim Reformed Church"
Leonard, Willie V., b. 11/26/1907, d. 2/10/1969
Leonard, Winnie C., b. 8/15/1879, d. 1/28/1969, w/o Geo. Edward
Leonard?, "P L", b. 1760, d. 1821, Old German Stone with P.L. and dates, Leonard?
Lewis, Alfred Harrison, b. 1941, d. 1947, Son of Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Lewis, "He was the sunshine of our home"
Lewis, Ethel B., b. 10/16/1915, d. 5/27/1990, w/o L. Franklin
Lewis, L. Franklin, b. 8/19/1910, d. 11/25/1972, h/o Ethel B
Lewis, Steve Edward, Sr., b. 1/4/1949, d. 11/30/2002, h/o Kathy Black
Link, Jo Doris, b. 11/10/1924, d. 11/24/1959
Lohr, Isabell Darr, b. 9/8/1825, d. 2/10/1888, w/o Solomon B., "Gone but not forgotten"
Lohr, Solomon B., b. 1/23/1818, d. 5/30/1895
Long, A. P., b. 4/26/1852, d. 3/9/1936, Age 83y 10m 13d
Long, Catharine E., b. 4/5/1839, d. 7/15/1926, Age 87y 3m 10d
Long, Charles, d. 8/28/1898, Aged 84y 1m 2d
Long, Hamilton, b. 4/19/1847, d. 12/26/1871, s/o Charles & M.A., aged 24y 8m 7d
Long, Mary Ann, d. 1/28/1857, w/o Charles, aged 38y 11m 6d
Long, Susan L., b. 10/27/1849, d. 11/28/1928, Age 79y 1m 1d
Lopp, Barbara, b. 9/18/1839, d. 5/29/1871, Aged 31yr 8m 11d
Lopp, Eliza J., b. 11/29/1845, d. 8/28/1907, w/o Philip, aged 61yrs 8mos 29dys
Lopp, Fred, d. 2/10/1911, Son of P&Jessie Lopp, aged 10days
Lopp, Infant Dau, b. May 1868, d. May 1868, Inf. Dau of Philip & E.J. Lopp, date crumbling, but might be 28th
Lopp, Jacob Roswell, b. 7/7/1849, d. 4/6/1939, Gone but not forgotten
Lopp, Jennie Hester, b. 4/1/1886, d. 3/21/1964, Gone but not forgotten
Lopp, Magdalene, b. 3/23/1805, d. 1/28/1855, Aged 49y 10m……
Lopp, Mary Janet, b. 5/6/1852, d. 7/1/1879, w/o Jacob
Lopp, Mary Lamb, d. 1/23/1905, w/o Peter, aged 79yrs 8ms 5ds, "God's finger touched her & she slept"
Lopp, Minnie Lee, b. 10/29/1871, d. 6/25/1872, Dau. of J. & M.J. Lopp
Lopp, Peter, b. 2/20/1823, d. 8/27/1885, Aged 62yrs 6ms 7ds
Lopp, Philip, b. 11/21/1834, d. 10/4/1895, h/o Eliza J., aged 60yrs 10mo 13dys
Lopp, Samuel A., b. 11/1/1869, d. 8/25/1885, Aged 15yrs 9ms 24ds, (next to Samuel is an unreadable Lopp Stone)
Lopp, Susan Agnes Darr, b. 1/18/1854, d. 6/12/1914, w/o J.R., Gone but not forgotten
Lore, Charlotte, b. 12/9/1783, d. 10/7/1857, w/o John, aged 73y 9m 28d
Lore, Daniel, b. 12/18/1815, d. 1/4/1858
Lore, Jacob L., d. 9/14/186X, s/o S.B. & L. aged ?y 11m 29d
Lore, John, b. 1782, d. 1829, Memorial: "Buried Trinity Lutheran, Vale, N.C. s/o Valentine Patriot & Eve Winkler Lore, M: 6/30/1811 Charlotte Brinkle 1783-1857, Parents of Rachel and 6 siblings"
Lore, Joseph F., b. 7/20/1855?, d. 6/26/1858?, Aged 2y 11m 6d
Lore, Mary J., b. 6/28?/1855, d. 6/20/1858, Aged 2y 11m 22d
Lore, William A., b. 9/11/1853, d. 2/1/1876, s/o S. B.& L, aged 22y 4m 21d
Louya, Bessie Jarrett, b. 8/12/1906, d. 12/24/1981, w/o William F
Louya, William F., b. 7/10/1911, d. 2/9/1967, h/o Bessie Jarrett
McDonald, Infant, d. 12/2/1859, Inf. Dau of John & Mary Ann
McGeehee, Margaret C. Freedle, d. 11/27/1885, w/o Robert, Dau of David & Malinda Freedle, aged 48yrs 5ms 1day, "She is dead but not forgotten"
McPherson, Dewey L., b. 9/8/9147, d. 11/8/2000, "In Our Hearts Always"
McPherson, Grady, b. 5/13/1940, d. 1/2/2005, h/o JoAnne
Medlin, Calvin C., b. 3/1/1924, d. 10/10/1939, Son of J.H.& Maggie Medlin
Medlin, Crawford R., b. 9/15/1908, d. 2/26/1939
Medlin, J. Harvey, b. 5/1/1905, d. 8/12/1951
Medlin, James Walter, b. 8/25/1882, d. 12/28/1941
Medlin, John Henry, b. 1885, d. 1965, h/o M.Maggie Floyd
Medlin, M. Maggie Floyd, b. 1892, d. 1954, w/o John Henry
Medlin, Minnie B., b. 5/30/1881, d. 6/6/1966, w/o James Walter
Mikel, Catharine, d. , w/o John (dates unreadable)
Miller, Alpheus, b. 7/17/1917, d. 9/18/1981, US Army WWII, h/o Rachel W
Miller, Bennie D., b. 11/30/1911, d. 3/8/1981, h/o Velva G
Miller, Bobby Charles, b. 9/18/1929, d. 6/24/1930, Son of G.F.& Mary Miller
Miller, Crystal Dawn, b. 1/23/1974, d. 2/10/1977, "Darling We Miss You"
Miller, Ellen Annis, b. 5/5/1866, d. 11/6/1950
Miller, Franklin, b. 9/21/1839, d. 3/20/1926
Miller, Fred Thomas, b. 11/11/1906, d. 11/18/1983
Miller, George Daniel, b. 9/20/1908, d. 5/23/1988, h/o Maggie Reese
Miller, Helen R., b. 7/3/1913, d. 1/18/1953
Miller, Howard J., b. 4/30/1903, d. 11/24/1976, "Father", h/o Myrtis E
Miller, Ida E., b. 7/28/1874, d. 12/15/1945, w/o Jasper L
Miller, James F., b. 8/10/1938, d. 8/11/1938
Miller, Jasper L., b. 6/28/1872, d. 8/9/1959, h/o Ida E
Miller, Joan E., b. 10/3/1935, d. 4/18/2003, w/o George R
Miller, Myrtis E., b. 9/15/1910, d. 2/10/1977, "Mother", w/o Howard J
Miller, Opal L. Crotts, b. 11/21/1937, d. 3/13/1989, w/o Jimmy Lee
Miller, Polly, d. 7/23/1901, w/o Franklin, aged 64yrs
Miller, Velva G., b. 5/14/1920, d. 6/25/1990, w/o Bennie D
Miller, W. H., b. 1/3/1902, d. 2/19/1985
Mize, Howard Henry, b. 3/31/1906, d. 2/21/1994, "Father", h/o Julia Lanning, S1 US Navy WWII
Mize, Julia E. Lanning, b. 9/21/1911, d. 1/4/1998, "Mother", w/o Howard Henry
Morris, Angus Milton, b. 5/3/1890, d. 11/21/1936, h/o Lena Belle Kiser
Morris, Barbara Moxley, b. 5/8/1929, d. 4/12/2004, w/o Boyd Milton, "His Wife"
Morris, Boyd Milton, b. 4/10/1921, d. 3/30/1997, h/o Barbara Moxley
Morris, Fred Aaron, b. 1926, d. 2006, Piedmont FHM
Morris, Lena Belle Kiser, b. 10/30/1896, d. 3/18/1936, w/o Angus Milton, "His Wife"
Morris, Odell Kiser, b. 11/13/1914, d. 2/28/1982, h/o Ella Mae Leonard, US Army WWII
Myers, Alton, b. 11/10/1909, d. 7/28/1910, (twin of Alven)
Myers, Alven, b. 11/10/1909, d. 8/7/1910, (twin of Alton)
Myers, Della Nance, b. 6/20/1889, d. 4/22/1968, "Wife", w/o Robert Frank
Myers, Fred S., b. 9/10/1893, d. 4/1/1928, h/o Sarah Quinn, "His toils are past, his worth is done, he fought the fight, the victory won"
Myers, Henry Girdy, b. 4/23/1920, d. 11/29/1922, Son of R.F.& Della, "Suffer Little Children, come unto me"
Myers, Martha, b. 6/20/1846, d. 2/4/1920, "His Wife", w/o Robert F
Myers, P. A., b. 10/11/1871, d. 8/6/1937, "Mason insignia"
Myers, Robert F., b. 12/7/1840, d. 4/10/1917, h/o Martha
Myers, Robert Frank, b. 8/31/1885, d. 9/25/1957, "Husband", h/o Della Nance "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want"
Myers, Sarah Quinn McCormick, b. 6/15/1897, d. 4/17/1978, w/o Fred Myers, w/o McCormick (shares headstone with Fred Myers)
Myers, Shirley Ann, b. 10/14/1934, d. 6/30/1935, d/o L.F.& Iva, "Asleep in Jesus"
Nail, Infant, b. 6/19/1930, d. 6/19/1930, Infant Dau of J.G.& Ava Nail
Nance, Infant, b. 1/9/1940, d. 1/9/1940, Infant Dau of Mr.& Mrs. Fred F. Nance
Nance, Lillie Ada, b. 1893, d. 1917
Neese, Lelya P., b. 12/5/1911, d. 6/5/1996, w/o Rev. J.E. Sr., "In Loving Memory"
Neese, Rev. J. E., Sr., b. 11/9/1911, d. 7/3/2004, h/o Lelya P, "In Loving Memory"
Newcomb, James H., b. 3/18/1958, d. 1/13/1959, Son of Jack & Shirley
Patterson, Mary Beck, b. 3/2/1915, d. 4/26/1980, w/o Woodrow L
Patterson, Robert Lewis, b. 10/26/1945, d. 7/10/1946
Patterson, Woodrow L., b. 2/14/1912, d. 11/5/1971, h/o Mary Beck
Payne, Glendora, b. 5/17/1880, d. 5/3/1904
Podgaysky, Callie Mize, b. 9/1/1917, d. 11/26/2003, "Mother", M: 1/1/1944, w/o Gellary Vincent
Podgaysky, Gellary Vincent, b. 2/2/1920, d. 1/30/1994, h/o Callie Mize, "Father", M: 1/1/1944, CPL US Army WWII
Pope, Ellen Everhart, b. 10/18/1912, d. 3/15/1972, "Mother", w/o Joe Ottis
Pope, Joe Ottis, b. 2/1/1912, d. 2/13/1986, "Father", h/o Ellen Everhart
Pope, Tom F., b. 7/14/1901, d. 12/16/1972
Potts, Daniel Lee, b. 9/30/1890, d. 7/13/1931
Quinn, Elizabeth Wagoner, b. 4/25/1846, d. 2/6/1928, w/o John
Quinn, Ellen, d. 6/28/1901, Age 46, "Gone but not forgotten"
Quinn, John, d. 8/3/1915, h/o Elizabeth Wagoner, aged 66yrs 5ms 20ds, "Weep not, he is at Rest"
Quinn, Walter, d. 6/12/1887, Age 8 (shares stone with Ellen, his mother?)
Rebert, Gayle M., b. 9/7/1934, d. 1/13/2001, w/o Dennis M
Reynolds, Rose Fine, b. 12/18/1909, d. 3/8/1984
Rickard, Mary A., b. 11/1/1836, d. 7/3/1925, "Gone but not forgotten", her husband buried at Beck's Church
Rood, Shirley Newcomb, b. 4/13/1935, d. 1/22/2004, "A beautiful person to know and love"
Sauers, Obe?, d. 1820?, Can only read one year, not sure if birth or death/ Old German Headstone
Simerson, Rickey Lane, b. 3/17/1952, d. 11/20/1995, h/o Ann Beck, M: 12/24/1972, "Father"
Sink, ?, d. 2/5/1818, Age 13y 5m 5d
Sink, Adam, b. 1/21/1803, d. 6/10/1887, 54ys 4ms 16ds
Sink, Albert, b. 11/13/1856, d. 11/5/1860, Aged 3yr 11m 22d
Sink, Alunda, d. 6/18/1889, w/o Wm., aged 53y 2m 4d
Sink, Andrew, d. 10/24/1853, Ae 46y 1m 8d
Sink, Archey O., b. 6/10/1897, d. 9/16/1897, Son of A.A.& M.C. Sink, age 3 mo
Sink, Barbary, b. 4/9/1802, d. 4/18/1863, w/o Adam, aged 56yrs & 9dys
Sink, Bella, b. 1864, d. 1924, w/o Eli
Sink, Child, b. 5/6/1899, d. 7/22/1899, Child of C.A.& L.M. Sink, "All is Well", top of monument is worn off, no first name showing
Sink, Daniel, b. 12/2/1826, d. 2/9/1874, Age 47y 2m 7d, "Asleep in the blessed sleep from which none ever wake"
Sink, Eli, b. 1861, d. 1944, h/o Bella
Sink, Elizabeth J. Sowers, b. 8/12/1866, d. 10/4/1952, "His Wife", w/o Samuel A., "We'll join thee in that heavenly land, no more to take the parting hand"
Sink, Eveline Yokley, b. 10/19/1831, d. 4/7/1901, w/o Daniel
Sink, Fallie Leonard, b. 8/26/1888, d. 11/23/1960, "His Wife", w/o Roscoe
Sink, Fred C., b. 1884, d. 1930
Sink, Infant, b. 1891, d. 1891, Infant of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Infant, b. 6/27/1930, d. 6/27/1930, Son of J.E.& Louise Sink
Sink, Infant, b. 9/3/1910, d. 9/3/1910, Dau of E.A.& E.J. Sink, "Asleep in Jesus"
Sink, Irvin Lindsay, b. 10/16/1888, d. 8/5/1957
Sink, J. Edmund, b. 9/28/1905, d. 8/19/1980
Sink, Jacob, b. 4/6/1788, d. 3/20/1866, Aged 77yrs 11mos & 14dys, h/o Magdalena
Sink, Jessie Lee, b. 11/15/1896, d. 1/3/1897, Son of F.L.& L.J., aged 1mo 18dys
Sink, John F., b. 5/21/1851, d. 10/29/1860, Aged 9y 5m 8d
Sink, Joseph, d. 3/17/1892, Aged 64ys 9ms 11ds, h/o Wilhelmina
Sink, Louise H., b. 8/27/1906, d. 3/22/1991
Sink, Lucy, Mrs., b. 8/4/1840, d. 7/2/1918, Aged 77y 10m & 28d
Sink, Magdalena, b. 1/13/1791, d. 10/24/1870, w/o Jacob, aged 79yrs
Sink, Mahala Yokeley, b. 9/26/1834, d. 1/23/1921, w/o Adam, aged 86yrs 3mos 28dys
Sink, Mary A., d. 5/29/1857, w/o J. A
Sink, Mary E., b. 1883, d. 1883, Dau of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Minnie V., b. 1887, d. 1890, Dau of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Noah, b. 5/17/1830?, d. 8/14/1897?, Age 67y (hard to read dates)
Sink, Robert Lee, b. 4/26/1867, d. 1/31/1900, h/o Sallie I. Clodfelter
Sink, Ronald Lee, b. 3/18/1946, d. 5/23/2003, "Father"
Sink, Roscoe, b. 7/8/1891, d. 7/14/1977, "Husband", h/o Fallie Leonard
Sink, Sallie C., b. 1864, d. 1948
Sink, Sallie I. Clodfelter, b. 10/15/1867, d. 5/10/1942, "His Wife", w/o Robert Lee
Sink, Samuel A., b. 2/21/1863, d. 12/16/1938, h/o Elizabeth J. Sowers, "We'll join thee in that heavenly land, no more to take the parting hand"
Sink, Samuel J., b. 1856, d. 1943
Sink, Virgie Green, b. 6/1/1895, d. 7/5/1959
Sink, W. O., b. 4/13/1870, d. 10/29/1894
Sink, Wilhelmina, d. 1/29/1900, w/o Joseph, aged?....
Sink, William E., b. 1884, d. 1884, Son of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, William, d. 5/4/1892, Age 63y 8m 7d
Smith, Daisy Leola, b. 7/8/1900, d. 11/21/1935, w/o Edward Lee
Smith, Edward Lee, b. 6/7/1888, d. 4/7/1970, h/o Daisy Leola
Smith, Fannie Mae, b. 10/23/1921, d. 7/20/1975, w/o Sidney Vestal, Gone but not forgotten
Smith, Jack H., b. 5/3/1932, d. 5/6/1994
Smith, Patsy Gail, b. 8/11/1952, d. 5/11/1958
Smith, Paul, b. 12/11/1919, d. 3/7/1936
Smith, Sadie Pearl, b. 10/5/1918, d. 1/5/1919
Smith, Sidney Vestal, b. 8/25/1916, d. 7/20/1984, Pvt US Army WWII, h/o Fannie Mae, Gone but not forgotten
Sneed, Oliver Kent, b. 11/6/1938, d. 11/29/1938, Son of R.L.& Esther Sneed
Sower, Emanuel, d. 1830?, B or d? can only read 1830/ Old German Headstone
Sowers, Doris Leonard, b. 9/11/1912, d. 6/11/1972, w/o Jacob A
Sowers, Infant Son, b. 7/11/1954, d. 7/11/1954, Inf. Son of J.A.& Doris L. Sowers
Sowers, Jacob A., b. 11/19/1911, d. 4/25/1975, h/o Doris Leonard
Sowers, Lewis, b. 9/15/1852, d. 1/29/1912, "At Rest"
Sowers, Philip Sauer, b. 1735, d. 1784, "Ancestor of the Sowers Family-came from Palatine Germany in 1749 to Penn.in 1753 to N.C. Settled nearby and attended Pilgrim Church. Donated land for Beulah Church. This marker erected by his descendants Sept 17, 1967."
Specker, George, b. 9/19/1733?, d. ?/11??, Old German Stone, hard to read
Specker?, D. S., b. 1816, d. 1816??, Dan? Just D.S., next to George, Old German Headstone
Steed, Dorothy E., b. 3/27/1921, d. 8/13/1955, w/o Stephen P., "Together Again"
Steed, Stephen P., b. 7/26/1913, d. 4/29/1977, h/o Dorothy E. "Together Again"
Steed, Virgil Lee "Buck", b. 4/12/1942, d. 1/15/2000
Styers, Charlie L. Vance, b. 10/20/1875, d. 7/9/1932, h/o Mattie Alice
Styers, Mattie Alice, b. 12/19/1865, d. 6/15/1934, w/o Charlie L. Vance Styers
Swing, W. Cicero, b. 10/9/1883, d. 9/24/1939
Tetter, Ivey A., b. 8/19/1917, d. 10/3/2003
Tetter, John W., b. 9/27/1880, d. 2/19/1931, h/o Maud May Lanning, "God gave-He took-He will restore-He doeth all things well"
Tetter, Maud May Lanning, b. 1/19/1891, d. 7/1/1973, w/o J.W.
Toney, Broadus Reed, b. 10/4/1908, d. 6/9/1981, h/o Grace Crouse
Toney, Grace Crouse, b. 3/11/1916, d. 9/9/1985, w/o Broadus Reed
Truitt, David Pierce, b. 8/2/1910, d. 5/20/1985, h/o Edith Ward, "Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go", "Memory Lane"
Turner, Charles Henry, b. 1/29/1888, d. 12/28/1968, "Husband", h/o Lillie Mae Green
Turner, Lillie Mae Green, b. 1/5/1893, d. 12/5/1959, "Wife", w/o Charles Henry
Tussey, Jesse Washington, b. 8/21/1870, d. 1/19/1948, h/o Jessie Thomason
Tussey, Jessie Thomason, b. 6/23/1877, d. 10/6/1961, w/o Jesse W
Tussey, Lester, b. 7/7/1915, d. 5/15/1916, Son of J.W.& Jessie Tussey
Varner, Albert S., Sr., b. 3/2/1901, d. 12/31/1976, h/o Stella M., "These hands of mine now touch the hands of God"
Varner, Infant, b. 6/16/1935, d. 6/16/1935, Son of Albert & Stella, b&d 6/16/1935
Varner, Infant, b. 6/7/1953, d. 6/7/1953, Dau of Lawrence & Frances, b&d 6/7/1953
Varner, Julia A., b. 11/23/1865, d. 11/4/1930
Varner, Lawrence Ray, Sr., b. 10/28/1930, d. 9/19/2003, h/o Frances Walser, M: 4/12/1952
Varner, Royal E., b. 2/26/1867, d. 4/28/1936
Varner, Stella M., b. 9/3/1897, d. 2/25/1978, w/o Albert S. Sr
Varner, W. W., b. 1/6/1898, d. 1/6/1935
Voskly, William F., d. 12/8/1852, Aged 13yrs 2m 26dys
Wagner, Crissie Jane, b. 8/8/1849, d. 7/3/1887, 1st w/o R.J
Wagner, Daniel Fletcher, b. 6/28/1864, d. 10/5/1951, "Husband", h/o Sarah E. Yokley
Wagner, Jesse H., b. 4/2/1900, d. 6/24/1963, h/o Vada Fay
Wagner, Julia Clinard, b. 11/23/1861, d. 8/17/1938, "His Wife", w/o W.E., "Dying is But Going Home"
Wagner, Julian F., b. 6/13/1937, d. 6/12/1951, "A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled"
Wagner, Lonie Bell, b. 3/20/1897, d. 4/7/1925, Dau of W.E. & Julia Wagner
Wagner, Sarah E. Yokley, b. 9/15/1867, d. 4/15/1953, "Wife", w/o Daniel Fletcher
Wagner, Susanna, b. 2/18/1823, d. 9/22/1860, w/o Henry, aged 37y 7m 4d
Wagner, Vada Fay, b. 11/10/1906, d. 12/8/1999, w/o Jesse H
Wagner, W. E. (DeWitt), b. 9/18/1853, d. 4/30/1935, h/o Julia Clinard, "Dying is But Going Home"
Wagoner, Daniel, b. 2/19/1807, d. 3/6/1858, Aged 51y 17d
Wagoner, Sarah, b. 1/2/1813, d. 10/10/1855, w/o Daniel, aged 42y 9m 8d
Wagoner, Satada? Mildron, d. 9/20/1862, Aged 4yrs 8days
Walker, Henry Thomas, b. 9/4/1892, d. 1/28/1968, h/o Lizzie Leonard
Walker, Lizzie Leonard, b. 4/6/1892, d. 10/17/1988, w/o Henry Thomas
Walser, Emery C., b. 4/10/1898, d. 4/22/1957
Ward, Buford Allen, b. 1/28/1923, d. 12/15/1997, h/o Margaret Quick
Ward, Charles Joseph, Sr., b. 5/5/1911, d. 5/25/1968
Ward, Ina Essick, b. 8/4/1926, d. 10/19/1988, w/o James, In Loving Memory
Ward, Infant Daughters (2), b. 9/1/1946, d. 9/1/1946, Inf. Twin Daughters b&d 9/1/1946, ch of James & Ina E. Ward
Ward, James "Poss" Patterson, b. 2/9/1918, d. 8/17/1988, CPL US Army WWII, In Loving Memory, h/o Ina Essick
Ward, Joni Leigh, b. 5/13/1961, d. 12/27/1967, Dau of John R. & Dorcas Ward
Weritts?, Hiram, b. 4/17/1826, d. 7/18/1865, Aged 39yrs 3m ?dys, difficult to read
Witt, Letitia? May, b. 5/19/1915, d. 4/10/1917, Hard to read
Yarbrough, Clarence C., b. 11/13/1915, d. 9/15/1981, h/o Clara Belle C., SC1 US Navy WWII
Yarbrough, Infant, b. 11/1/1939, d. 11/1/1939, Dau of C.C.& Clara Bell Yarbrough
Yokley, Amos, b. 11/4/1810, d. 7/5/1885, Age 71y 8m 1d
Yokley, Andrew H., d. 9/3/1855, Inf. Son of Solomon & E., aged 2y 9m 17d
Yokley, Beulah, b. 9/3/1899, d. 6/10/1901, Dau of C.M.& Cora Yokley
Yokley, Cromer Lee, d. 9/12/1892, Son of C.F.& C.B., aged 1yr 2m 11ds
Yokley, Eliza, d. 12/5/1880, w/o Solomon, aged 72y 10m 3d
Yokley, Elizabeth, b. 10/6/1819, d. 10/18/1887, w/o Amos, aged 68y 12d
Yokley, Infant Son, no dates, Inf. Son of Samuel & E.L. d:--- 1 day?
Yokley, Solomon, b. 11/28/1806, d. 5/30/1894, Aged 82yrs 6m 2ds
Yokley, William A., b. 8/25/1856, d. 6/6/1858, s/o Solomon & Eliza
Yonts, Benjamin, b. 11/5/1797, d. ??, Can't read death date/ Old German Stone
Youkly, William F., d. 12/8/1857, Ag'd 13yrs 2mo's 26dy's
Younce, Dila, d. 12/3/1883, w/o Jacob, aged 60ys 1m 10ds
Younts, Andrew, d. 6/27/1856, Aged 18yrs 8ms & 11dys
Younts, Katy, d. 8/9/1833, w/o Rudolph/ Old German Stone
Younts?, P. Y., b. 12/??/1838, d. 9/20/??, Only initials PY, but next to Katy, so probably Younts/ Old German Stone
Zinck, Barbara "B.Z.", b. 1780, d. 1818, Old German Stone (this was the original spelling of Sink)
Zink, Charlie, b. 3/6/1832?, d. 7/28/1856?, Age 24y 11m 22d, hard to read dates
Zink, Emily, b. 10/1/1830, d. 6/6/1852, w/o William, aged 21y 8m 25d
Zink, Joseph, b. 8/29/1819, d. 3/20/xxxx, Very difficult to read, very worn
Zink, Mary, b. 2/7/1788, d. 2/16/1848, w/o Michael, aged 60y 9d

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