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Pilgrim Reformed Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Contributed by Kathy Mills, [ke6pxx@yahoo.com].

Hamill/Hamizz?, Jacob, no dates, Small German stone, can only read Jacob well
Hamner, Mary Jane, d. 1892, Aged 19yrs
Hardister, Flotilla Everhart, b. 4/9/1905, d. 3/30/1932, w/o E.A. Hardister, "Weep not father & mother for me, for I am waiting in glory for thee"
Harper, Infant Son, b. 12/2/1942, d. 12/2/1942, Infant Son of Demus L. & Ruby Harper
Headrick, Eliza, d. 10/2/1846?, Aged 3y ??m 7d
Hedrick, Adam S., b. 4/7/1829, d. 7/15/1905, s/o John L
Hedrick, Catherine?, b. 1810, d. 8/?/1818
Hedrick, Doris Everhart, b. 9/29/1920, d. 7/21/1992, w/o Loyd James
Hedrick, Elizabeth (Sherwood), d. 3/21/184X., 1st w/o John L
Hedrick, Elizabeth Burns, d. , "2nd wife of John L. is buried at Prospect Church, Rowan Co, N.C."
Hedrick, Elizabeth Sherwood, d. , "1st w/o John L. is buried in this cemetery a short distance Southwest of this monument"
Hedrick, Jacob, d. 1/1/1854, Ae 38y's 1mo
Hedrick, James F. "Buck", b. 5/10/1904, d. 3/21/1964
Hedrick, John L., b. 6/8/1804, d. 10/25/1899, "Memorial only: "s/o Adam, born 3 miles west of Lexington, N.C. June 8, 1804. Died in Rowan Co, N.C. Oct 25, 1899. Aged 95yrs 4mos 17dys"
Hedrick, John, d. 6/26/1898, Aged 80yrs 8ms 18ds, h/o Phebe
Hedrick, John? H., d. 3/1/1910, Aged 1yr? 2m 30dys, hard to read
Hedrick, Loyd James, b. 8/7/1918, d. 10/13/1990, h/o Doris Everhart
Hedrick, Margaret A., b. 4/14/1929, d. 4/14/1929, Inf. Dau of Earl & Mary Hedrick
Hedrick, Mary, b. 11/16/1840, d. 3/6/1896, w/o Adam, age 55ys 3ms 20ds
Hedrick, Minnie L., b. 2/18/1874, d. 7/15/1895, w/o P.A
Hedrick, Peter, b. 2/25/1788, d. 11/5/1846
Hedrick, Phebe, d. 12/2/1898, Aged 83yrs 9m, w/o John
Hedrick, Rachel, d. 10/20/1883, w/o J.P., aged 71ys 9ms 5ds, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Hege, Joe H.,Sr., b. 10/23/1887, d. 7/2/1960, NC Regt 1 Sgt Major 6 Inf Div, WWI, h/o Josephine H
Hege, Josephine H., b. 8/23/1895, d. 7/22/1986, w/o Joe H. Sr
Hege, Mary Frances, b. 10/27/1924, d. 11/22/1987, w/o Phillip Eldridge
Hege, Phillip Eldridge, b. 2/9/1923, d. 3/3/2002, h/o Mary Frances
Helmstetler, Eliza A. Fritts, b. 2/23/1862, d. 6/6/1915, "His Wife" "Mother", w/o Lindsay
Helmstetler, Lindsay, b. 2/25/1851, d. 9/23/1926, "Father", h/o Eliza A. Fritts
Henderson, Frany, d. 12/29/1912, w/o W. F., aged 82yrs
Hepler, Freddie D., b. 5/7/1941, d. 5/9/1941, Infant Son of E.L. & Julia Hepler
Hepler, Jerry Allen, b. 5/15/1940, d. 3/26/1967
Hepler, Jesse W., b. 1/18/1882, d. 4/28/1958, h/o Maggie Easter, "In his will is our Peace"
Hepler, Kathleen Strickland, b. 3/31/1907, d. 4/12/1938, w/o E. L.
Hepler, Maggie Easter, b. 6/18/1882, d. 5/6/1939, "His Wife", w/o Jesse W
Hepler, Triphenia Elizabeth Conrad, b. 1835, d. 1860, d/o David & Eve Hedrick Conrad
Hetrich, Adam, "A. H.", d. 1815, Old German Stone with A.H./ another marker with Adam Hetrich, A.H. only date readable 1815
Hetrich, Phelipp, b. 1776?, d. 1813, Old German Stone, hard to read
Hodge, Merrill Ray, b. 1/25/1919, d. 7/16/1973, h/o Etna Conrad, NC TEC5 US Army WWII PH
Hunter, Timothy J., b. 4/19/1971, d. 4/20/1971, Son of Don & Janie, "Only Sleeping"
Jarrett, Albert Lee, b. 4/9/1866, d. 9/3/1955, "Husband", h/o F. Belle Parrish, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"
Jarrett, F. Belle Parrish, b. 2/27/1871, d. 10/11/1961, "Wife", w/o Albert Lee
Jarrett, Lacie Kinney, b. 1/3/1899, d. 10/28/1991, "Father" "In Loving Memory", h/o Mary Fritts
Jarrett, Margaret Irene, no dates, Dau of Lacie & Mary, on stone with parents
Jarrett, Mary Fritts, b. 4/10/1909, d. 1/15/1989, "Mother" "In Loving Memory", w/o Lacie Kinney
Johnson, Charlie, b. 6/6/1866, d. 6/3/1891, Aged 24yrs 11mos 22dys
Jolly, William Terry, b. 5/9/1925, d. 2/22/1997, h/o Ruth Ward, "Father", m: 9/26/1942, Pvt US Army WWII
Jordan, Colleen Myers, b. 9/8/1922, d. 6/22/2004, w/o James Edward
Jordan, James Edward, b. 12/23/1920, d. 11/10/1961, NC PFC Co K 18 Inf 1 Inf Div, WWII PH, h/o Colleen Myers
Jordan, Ronald Lohr, b. 9/21/1942, d. 1/27/1951
Keith, Sarah Jane, b. 6/14/1851, d. 1/21/1874, w/o F.M., 22y 7m 7d
Kennedy, Mary C. Coggins, b. 7/7/1882, d. 4/3/1958, w/o R.H. "she was a kind & affectionate wife"
Kennedy, Robert H., b. 1/14/1885, d. 11/13/1927, h/o Mary C. Coggins, "He was a true husband they were friends to all"
Kenoy, Ellis, b. 4/2/1799, d. 9/21?/1842?, Old German Headstone
Kepley, Dollie Lanning Potts, b. 8/3/1903, d. 7/2/1988, "Mama & Grandma, We Will Always Love You"
Kepley, Ida Lee, d. 6/19/1880?, Dau of W.H?&VAE Kepley, 11ys 2ms 3ds
Kepley, John W., b. 8/25/1943, d. 9/21/1957
Kepley, Mathias, b. 9/26/1854, d. 8/23/1855, Son of Geo & I.? Kepley, aged 1yr 10m 23dys
Kirkus, Ann F. Byerly, b. 10/3/1921, d. 3/16/1955, "Wife", w/o James Wm. Sr
Kirkus, James William Sr., b. 9/19/1920, d. 12/19/1997, "Husband", h/o Ann F. Byerly, CPL US Army WWII
Koontz, Robert Paige, b. 8/5/1926, d. 11/21/1926, Son of R.S. & Ellen Koontz, "Gone to be an angel"
Lamb, Violet Pauline, b. 9/5/1921, d. 12/22/2003
Lambeth, Auther T., b. 1876, d. 1954, h/o Ida Floyd, (this is the way his name was spelled, but I think the engraver made a mistake, probably should be Arthur?)
Lambeth, Ida Floyd, b. 1886, d. 1952, w/o Auther T.
Lanning, Bertie Gladys, b. 3/25/1899, d. 1/25/1916, Dau of A.O.& S.J., aged 16yrs 10mo's
Lanning, Mattie Isabell, b. 5/11/1894, d. 3/24/1915, Dau of A.O. & S.J. aged 20yrs 10mos 3dys "Asleep in Jesus"
Lanning, Minnie Josephine, b. 8/4/1892, d. 1/25/1930, Dau of A.O.& Sarah, "On that bright immortal shore we shall meet to part no more"
Lanning, Sarah J., b. 8/13/1864, d. 1/10/1928, w/o A.O., "Mother", "A tender mother and a faithful friend"
Lea, Walter, b. 9/13/1900, d. 1/3/1901, Son of James & ---, Aged 3m 21dys?
Leonard, Adam, b. 10/23/1832, d. 7/18/1832?, Aged 20y 3m 5d, think 7/18/32 should have been 1852, but clearly says 1832. Old German Stone
Leonard, Addie McNairy, b. 8/28/1880, d. 1/29/1973
Leonard, Alice Heitman, d. 7/11/1898, w/o Wm. V., aged 36yrs 6ms 26d
Leonard, Allison Bradley, b. 3/16/1861, d. 6/8/1862, s/o V. & C.R., aged 1y 2m 8d
Leonard, Alta, b. 3/31/1894, d. 12/3/1909, Dau of W.V. & Alice, aged 15ys 8mo 3ds
Leonard, Bertha, b. 10/2/1895, d. 8/8/1978, "Sisters", s/o Ella
Leonard, Bryce Gene, b. 3/22/1934, d. 5/18/1999
Leonard, C. C. (Riley), b. 7/29/1870, d. 8/31/1932
Leonard, Caroline R., b. 4/5/1830, d. 3/10/1870, Wife of Valentine, aged 39y 11m 5d
Leonard, Charles Allen, b. 7/31/1942, d. 3/26/2003
Leonard, Daniel, b. 5/6/1789, d. 2/10/1848, Aged 58y 9m 4d
Leonard, David D., b. 11/3/1839, d. 1/13/1878
Leonard, Dwight, b. 7/1/1897, d. 6/20/1898, Son of ?A & M.F. aged 11mos 19dys
Leonard, Eliza, d. 8/3/1887, Age 54ys 24ds, w/o Jesse
Leonard, Elizabeth Canoy, b. 1835, d. 1910, "His Wife", w/o Joseph A
Leonard, Elizabeth, b. 1804, d. ??, Can't read anything else
Leonard, Elizabeth, b. Aug 1818, d. ?, Old German Stone, unreadable
Leonard, Elizabeth, d. 4/15/1857, w/o Phillip, aged 58yrs 1m 8dys
Leonard, Ella, b. 11/1/1889, d. 12/13/1972, "Sisters", s/o Bertha
Leonard, Ellen C., d. 11/25/1881, w/o Jos. F., aged 37yrs 2ms 14ds
Leonard, Ellen Hartley, b. 5/29/1890, d. 8/8/1970
Leonard, Eve Lohr, b. 9/4/1820, d. 3/12/1903, Aged 82y 6m 13d
Leonard, Flora Conrad, d. 9/12/1898, Aged 22yrs 7ms 14ds, married W. Lacy 12/5/1894
Leonard, Florence Siceloff, b. 5/20/1874, d. 8/24/1940
Leonard, Frances C., d. 4/27/1857, d/o Valentine & C.R., aged 3y 4m 27d
Leonard, Frances Hasseltine, b. 11/30/1853, d. 4/27/1857
Leonard, George Edward, b. 8/18/1857, d. 9/4/1929, h/o Winnie C
Leonard, Helen Beck, b. 7/7/1911, d. 3/16/2004, w/o Lake Dale
Leonard, Huzie Lee, d. 6/1/1884, Dau of S.P.& Addie, aged 1yr 22ds
Leonard, Infant, b. 2/14/1951, d. 2/14/1951, Inf Son of L.D.& Helen Leonard
Leonard, Infant, b. 3/17/1959, d. 3/17/1959, Inf. Dau of Boyd & Dorothy
Leonard, Infant, b. 5/31/1955, d. 5/31/1955, Inf Son of L.D.& Helen Leonard
Leonard, J. Shelly, b. 2/12/1885, d. 5/24/1965, h/o Mary Clodfelter
Leonard, J. Thomas, b. 5/12/1863, d. 4/12/1940, h/o Sallie Koonts
Leonard, Jacob, b. 9/23/1819?, d. 8/13/1842, Old German Stone
Leonard, Janie Sharp, b. 11/7/1902, d. 2/18/1992
Leonard, Jesse, d. 11/26/1912, Aged 86yr 9ds, h/o Eliza
Leonard, Jewel Black, b. 9/2/1909, d. 5/12/1986
Leonard, John A., b. 1862, d. 1936
Leonard, Joseph A., b. 1835, d. 1918
Leonard, Joseph F., no dates, Co B 10 VA Cav. C.S.A. (no dates)
Leonard, Joseph Roy, b. 5/11/1905, d. 5/25/1962
Leonard, Julius Calvin, b. 7/9/1872, d. 1/4/1942
Leonard, Julius LaFoy, b. 6/29/1912, d. 8/1/1996
Leonard, Lafayett, b. 8/8/1828, d. 4/17/1862, Aged 33yrs 8ms & 9ds
Leonard, Lake Dale, b. 5/11/1908, d. 4/4/1991, h/o Helen Beck
Leonard, Leah, b. 4/19/1798, d. May 1840, 50yr 2da
Leonard, Lee Payne, d. 4/15/1894, Son of W.V. & Alice, aged 1yr 4ms & 18ds, "The Crown without the Conflict"
Leonard, Lewis, b. ??, d. ??, Old German stone, mostly in ground
Leonard, Lula, d. 7/2/1881, Dau of Jos. F. & Ellen C. aged 1yr 1mo?
Leonard, Mary Clodfelter, b. 3/26/1886, d. 9/10/1985, w/o J. Shelly
Leonard, Mary Eldoria Michael, b. 9/28/1874, d. 10/20/1957, w/o Julius C
Leonard, Mary Jeanette, b. 7/12/1867, d. 8/23/1954
Leonard, Mary Sink, b. 8/11/1857, d. 5/9/1937, w/o W. Clinton
Leonard, Michael, b. 1750, d. 1827, Rev. War Soldier, remembered on Special Monument
Leonard, Minnie, b. 3/31/1880, d. 10/25/1880, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Leonard
Leonard, Nannie Lopp, b. 2/16/1884, d. 1/21/1959, w/o W. Lacy
Leonard, Nannie Mae Maley, b. 5/5/1878, d. 12/12/1974, w/o C.C. (Riley)
Leonard, Nona Maye, b. 5/2/1902, d. 1/16/1991
Leonard, Nora Hartman, b. 12/22/1871, d. 3/20/1899, w/o R. E
Leonard, Peter, b. Dec 1828, d. 12/25/1854, A. 26y
Leonard, Philip, b. 1756, d. 1830, Rev. War Soldier, remembered on Special Monument
Leonard, Robert Edmund, b. 12/11/1862, d. 11/5/1954, h/o Nora Hartman
Leonard, Ruth, M.D., b. 7/26/1914, d. 12/17/1968
Leonard, Sallie Koonts, b. 7/3/1873, d. 2/15/1908, w/o J.T
Leonard, Sarah Jean, b. 4/4/1916, d. 5/9/1992
Leonard, Sarah, b. 12/??, d. ??, Old German stone, mostly unreadable
Leonard, Sidney Hampton, b. 3/4/1876, d. 4/7/1895
Leonard, Susannah, d. 7/5/1870, w/o Jacob, aged 81yrs
Leonard, Titus Dermont, b. 11/5/1910, d. 6/14/2003
Leonard, Valentine, b. 10/18/1718, d. 11/13/1781, Aged 63yrs, Rev. War Soldier
Leonard, Valentine, b. 11/10/1824, d. 7/23/1894, "Ancestors: Valentine 10/13/1718-11/13/1781; Jacob 11/16/1758-1/27/1835; Jacob 2/20/1789-11/12/1845"
Leonard, Virginia Fritts, b. 10/6/1914, d. 5/13/1998, w/o W. Reid
Leonard, Voentein?, b. 3/24/??, d. 9/3/1814, Old German Stone, hard to read
Leonard, W. Clinton, b. 10/28/1857, d. 4/6/1937, h/o Mary Sink
Leonard, W. Lacy, b. 7/16/1865, d. 1/10/1951, Aged 85yrs 5ms 24ds, h/o Flora Conrad
Leonard, W. Reid, b. 9/14/1909, d. 5/16/1972, h/o Virginia Fritts
Leonard, William Bryce, b. 9/2/1928, d. 9/2/1928, Son of Mr. & Mrs.W.P.Leonard, born & died 9/2/1928
Leonard, William V., b. 7/20/1859, d. 12/10/1906, Aged 47yrs 4ms 20ds, "A faithful Christian, A life-long member of the Pilgrim Reformed Church"
Leonard, Willie V., b. 11/26/1907, d. 2/10/1969
Leonard, Winnie C., b. 8/15/1879, d. 1/28/1969, w/o Geo. Edward
Leonard?, "P L", b. 1760, d. 1821, Old German Stone with P.L. and dates, Leonard?
Lewis, Alfred Harrison, b. 1941, d. 1947, Son of Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Lewis, "He was the sunshine of our home"
Lewis, Ethel B., b. 10/16/1915, d. 5/27/1990, w/o L. Franklin
Lewis, L. Franklin, b. 8/19/1910, d. 11/25/1972, h/o Ethel B
Lewis, Steve Edward, Sr., b. 1/4/1949, d. 11/30/2002, h/o Kathy Black
Link, Jo Doris, b. 11/10/1924, d. 11/24/1959
Lohr, Isabell Darr, b. 9/8/1825, d. 2/10/1888, w/o Solomon B., "Gone but not forgotten"
Lohr, Solomon B., b. 1/23/1818, d. 5/30/1895
Long, A. P., b. 4/26/1852, d. 3/9/1936, Age 83y 10m 13d
Long, Catharine E., b. 4/5/1839, d. 7/15/1926, Age 87y 3m 10d
Long, Charles, d. 8/28/1898, Aged 84y 1m 2d
Long, Hamilton, b. 4/19/1847, d. 12/26/1871, s/o Charles & M.A., aged 24y 8m 7d
Long, Mary Ann, d. 1/28/1857, w/o Charles, aged 38y 11m 6d
Long, Susan L., b. 10/27/1849, d. 11/28/1928, Age 79y 1m 1d
Lopp, Barbara, b. 9/18/1839, d. 5/29/1871, Aged 31yr 8m 11d
Lopp, Eliza J., b. 11/29/1845, d. 8/28/1907, w/o Philip, aged 61yrs 8mos 29dys
Lopp, Fred, d. 2/10/1911, Son of P&Jessie Lopp, aged 10days
Lopp, Infant Dau, b. May 1868, d. May 1868, Inf. Dau of Philip & E.J. Lopp, date crumbling, but might be 28th
Lopp, Jacob Roswell, b. 7/7/1849, d. 4/6/1939, Gone but not forgotten
Lopp, Jennie Hester, b. 4/1/1886, d. 3/21/1964, Gone but not forgotten
Lopp, Magdalene, b. 3/23/1805, d. 1/28/1855, Aged 49y 10m……
Lopp, Mary Janet, b. 5/6/1852, d. 7/1/1879, w/o Jacob
Lopp, Mary Lamb, d. 1/23/1905, w/o Peter, aged 79yrs 8ms 5ds, "God's finger touched her & she slept"
Lopp, Minnie Lee, b. 10/29/1871, d. 6/25/1872, Dau. of J. & M.J. Lopp
Lopp, Peter, b. 2/20/1823, d. 8/27/1885, Aged 62yrs 6ms 7ds
Lopp, Philip, b. 11/21/1834, d. 10/4/1895, h/o Eliza J., aged 60yrs 10mo 13dys
Lopp, Samuel A., b. 11/1/1869, d. 8/25/1885, Aged 15yrs 9ms 24ds, (next to Samuel is an unreadable Lopp Stone)
Lopp, Susan Agnes Darr, b. 1/18/1854, d. 6/12/1914, w/o J.R., Gone but not forgotten
Lore, Charlotte, b. 12/9/1783, d. 10/7/1857, w/o John, aged 73y 9m 28d
Lore, Daniel, b. 12/18/1815, d. 1/4/1858
Lore, Jacob L., d. 9/14/186X, s/o S.B. & L. aged ?y 11m 29d
Lore, John, b. 1782, d. 1829, Memorial: "Buried Trinity Lutheran, Vale, N.C. s/o Valentine Patriot & Eve Winkler Lore, M: 6/30/1811 Charlotte Brinkle 1783-1857, Parents of Rachel and 6 siblings"
Lore, Joseph F., b. 7/20/1855?, d. 6/26/1858?, Aged 2y 11m 6d
Lore, Mary J., b. 6/28?/1855, d. 6/20/1858, Aged 2y 11m 22d
Lore, William A., b. 9/11/1853, d. 2/1/1876, s/o S. B.& L, aged 22y 4m 21d
Louya, Bessie Jarrett, b. 8/12/1906, d. 12/24/1981, w/o William F
Louya, William F., b. 7/10/1911, d. 2/9/1967, h/o Bessie Jarrett
McDonald, Infant, d. 12/2/1859, Inf. Dau of John & Mary Ann
McGeehee, Margaret C. Freedle, d. 11/27/1885, w/o Robert, Dau of David & Malinda Freedle, aged 48yrs 5ms 1day, "She is dead but not forgotten"
McPherson, Dewey L., b. 9/8/9147, d. 11/8/2000, "In Our Hearts Always"
McPherson, Grady, b. 5/13/1940, d. 1/2/2005, h/o JoAnne
Medlin, Calvin C., b. 3/1/1924, d. 10/10/1939, Son of J.H.& Maggie Medlin
Medlin, Crawford R., b. 9/15/1908, d. 2/26/1939
Medlin, J. Harvey, b. 5/1/1905, d. 8/12/1951
Medlin, James Walter, b. 8/25/1882, d. 12/28/1941
Medlin, John Henry, b. 1885, d. 1965, h/o M.Maggie Floyd
Medlin, M. Maggie Floyd, b. 1892, d. 1954, w/o John Henry
Medlin, Minnie B., b. 5/30/1881, d. 6/6/1966, w/o James Walter
Mikel, Catharine, d. , w/o John (dates unreadable)
Miller, Alpheus, b. 7/17/1917, d. 9/18/1981, US Army WWII, h/o Rachel W
Miller, Bennie D., b. 11/30/1911, d. 3/8/1981, h/o Velva G
Miller, Bobby Charles, b. 9/18/1929, d. 6/24/1930, Son of G.F.& Mary Miller
Miller, Crystal Dawn, b. 1/23/1974, d. 2/10/1977, "Darling We Miss You"
Miller, Ellen Annis, b. 5/5/1866, d. 11/6/1950
Miller, Franklin, b. 9/21/1839, d. 3/20/1926
Miller, Fred Thomas, b. 11/11/1906, d. 11/18/1983
Miller, George Daniel, b. 9/20/1908, d. 5/23/1988, h/o Maggie Reese
Miller, Helen R., b. 7/3/1913, d. 1/18/1953
Miller, Howard J., b. 4/30/1903, d. 11/24/1976, "Father", h/o Myrtis E
Miller, Ida E., b. 7/28/1874, d. 12/15/1945, w/o Jasper L
Miller, James F., b. 8/10/1938, d. 8/11/1938
Miller, Jasper L., b. 6/28/1872, d. 8/9/1959, h/o Ida E
Miller, Joan E., b. 10/3/1935, d. 4/18/2003, w/o George R
Miller, Myrtis E., b. 9/15/1910, d. 2/10/1977, "Mother", w/o Howard J
Miller, Opal L. Crotts, b. 11/21/1937, d. 3/13/1989, w/o Jimmy Lee
Miller, Polly, d. 7/23/1901, w/o Franklin, aged 64yrs
Miller, Velva G., b. 5/14/1920, d. 6/25/1990, w/o Bennie D
Miller, W. H., b. 1/3/1902, d. 2/19/1985
Mize, Howard Henry, b. 3/31/1906, d. 2/21/1994, "Father", h/o Julia Lanning, S1 US Navy WWII
Mize, Julia E. Lanning, b. 9/21/1911, d. 1/4/1998, "Mother", w/o Howard Henry
Morris, Angus Milton, b. 5/3/1890, d. 11/21/1936, h/o Lena Belle Kiser
Morris, Barbara Moxley, b. 5/8/1929, d. 4/12/2004, w/o Boyd Milton, "His Wife"
Morris, Boyd Milton, b. 4/10/1921, d. 3/30/1997, h/o Barbara Moxley
Morris, Fred Aaron, b. 1926, d. 2006, Piedmont FHM
Morris, Lena Belle Kiser, b. 10/30/1896, d. 3/18/1936, w/o Angus Milton, "His Wife"
Morris, Odell Kiser, b. 11/13/1914, d. 2/28/1982, h/o Ella Mae Leonard, US Army WWII
Myers, Alton, b. 11/10/1909, d. 7/28/1910, (twin of Alven)
Myers, Alven, b. 11/10/1909, d. 8/7/1910, (twin of Alton)
Myers, Della Nance, b. 6/20/1889, d. 4/22/1968, "Wife", w/o Robert Frank
Myers, Fred S., b. 9/10/1893, d. 4/1/1928, h/o Sarah Quinn, "His toils are past, his worth is done, he fought the fight, the victory won"
Myers, Henry Girdy, b. 4/23/1920, d. 11/29/1922, Son of R.F.& Della, "Suffer Little Children, come unto me"
Myers, Martha, b. 6/20/1846, d. 2/4/1920, "His Wife", w/o Robert F
Myers, P. A., b. 10/11/1871, d. 8/6/1937, "Mason insignia"
Myers, Robert F., b. 12/7/1840, d. 4/10/1917, h/o Martha
Myers, Robert Frank, b. 8/31/1885, d. 9/25/1957, "Husband", h/o Della Nance "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want"
Myers, Sarah Quinn McCormick, b. 6/15/1897, d. 4/17/1978, w/o Fred Myers, w/o McCormick (shares headstone with Fred Myers)
Myers, Shirley Ann, b. 10/14/1934, d. 6/30/1935, d/o L.F.& Iva, "Asleep in Jesus"
Nail, Infant, b. 6/19/1930, d. 6/19/1930, Infant Dau of J.G.& Ava Nail
Nance, Infant, b. 1/9/1940, d. 1/9/1940, Infant Dau of Mr.& Mrs. Fred F. Nance
Nance, Lillie Ada, b. 1893, d. 1917
Neese, Lelya P., b. 12/5/1911, d. 6/5/1996, w/o Rev. J.E. Sr., "In Loving Memory"
Neese, Rev. J. E., Sr., b. 11/9/1911, d. 7/3/2004, h/o Lelya P, "In Loving Memory"
Newcomb, James H., b. 3/18/1958, d. 1/13/1959, Son of Jack & Shirley
Patterson, Mary Beck, b. 3/2/1915, d. 4/26/1980, w/o Woodrow L
Patterson, Robert Lewis, b. 10/26/1945, d. 7/10/1946
Patterson, Woodrow L., b. 2/14/1912, d. 11/5/1971, h/o Mary Beck
Payne, Glendora, b. 5/17/1880, d. 5/3/1904
Podgaysky, Callie Mize, b. 9/1/1917, d. 11/26/2003, "Mother", M: 1/1/1944, w/o Gellary Vincent
Podgaysky, Gellary Vincent, b. 2/2/1920, d. 1/30/1994, h/o Callie Mize, "Father", M: 1/1/1944, CPL US Army WWII
Pope, Ellen Everhart, b. 10/18/1912, d. 3/15/1972, "Mother", w/o Joe Ottis
Pope, Joe Ottis, b. 2/1/1912, d. 2/13/1986, "Father", h/o Ellen Everhart
Pope, Tom F., b. 7/14/1901, d. 12/16/1972
Potts, Daniel Lee, b. 9/30/1890, d. 7/13/1931
Quinn, Elizabeth Wagoner, b. 4/25/1846, d. 2/6/1928, w/o John
Quinn, Ellen, d. 6/28/1901, Age 46, "Gone but not forgotten"
Quinn, John, d. 8/3/1915, h/o Elizabeth Wagoner, aged 66yrs 5ms 20ds, "Weep not, he is at Rest"
Quinn, Walter, d. 6/12/1887, Age 8 (shares stone with Ellen, his mother?)
Rebert, Gayle M., b. 9/7/1934, d. 1/13/2001, w/o Dennis M
Reynolds, Rose Fine, b. 12/18/1909, d. 3/8/1984
Rickard, Mary A., b. 11/1/1836, d. 7/3/1925, "Gone but not forgotten", her husband buried at Beck's Church
Rood, Shirley Newcomb, b. 4/13/1935, d. 1/22/2004, "A beautiful person to know and love"
Sauers, Obe?, d. 1820?, Can only read one year, not sure if birth or death/ Old German Headstone
Simerson, Rickey Lane, b. 3/17/1952, d. 11/20/1995, h/o Ann Beck, M: 12/24/1972, "Father"
Sink, ?, d. 2/5/1818, Age 13y 5m 5d
Sink, Adam, b. 1/21/1803, d. 6/10/1887, 54ys 4ms 16ds
Sink, Albert, b. 11/13/1856, d. 11/5/1860, Aged 3yr 11m 22d
Sink, Alunda, d. 6/18/1889, w/o Wm., aged 53y 2m 4d
Sink, Andrew, d. 10/24/1853, Ae 46y 1m 8d
Sink, Archey O., b. 6/10/1897, d. 9/16/1897, Son of A.A.& M.C. Sink, age 3 mo
Sink, Barbary, b. 4/9/1802, d. 4/18/1863, w/o Adam, aged 56yrs & 9dys
Sink, Bella, b. 1864, d. 1924, w/o Eli
Sink, Child, b. 5/6/1899, d. 7/22/1899, Child of C.A.& L.M. Sink, "All is Well", top of monument is worn off, no first name showing
Sink, Daniel, b. 12/2/1826, d. 2/9/1874, Age 47y 2m 7d, "Asleep in the blessed sleep from which none ever wake"
Sink, Eli, b. 1861, d. 1944, h/o Bella
Sink, Elizabeth J. Sowers, b. 8/12/1866, d. 10/4/1952, "His Wife", w/o Samuel A., "We'll join thee in that heavenly land, no more to take the parting hand"
Sink, Eveline Yokley, b. 10/19/1831, d. 4/7/1901, w/o Daniel
Sink, Fallie Leonard, b. 8/26/1888, d. 11/23/1960, "His Wife", w/o Roscoe
Sink, Fred C., b. 1884, d. 1930
Sink, Infant, b. 1891, d. 1891, Infant of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Infant, b. 6/27/1930, d. 6/27/1930, Son of J.E.& Louise Sink
Sink, Infant, b. 9/3/1910, d. 9/3/1910, Dau of E.A.& E.J. Sink, "Asleep in Jesus"
Sink, Irvin Lindsay, b. 10/16/1888, d. 8/5/1957
Sink, J. Edmund, b. 9/28/1905, d. 8/19/1980
Sink, Jacob, b. 4/6/1788, d. 3/20/1866, Aged 77yrs 11mos & 14dys, h/o Magdalena
Sink, Jessie Lee, b. 11/15/1896, d. 1/3/1897, Son of F.L.& L.J., aged 1mo 18dys
Sink, John F., b. 5/21/1851, d. 10/29/1860, Aged 9y 5m 8d
Sink, Joseph, d. 3/17/1892, Aged 64ys 9ms 11ds, h/o Wilhelmina
Sink, Louise H., b. 8/27/1906, d. 3/22/1991
Sink, Lucy, Mrs., b. 8/4/1840, d. 7/2/1918, Aged 77y 10m & 28d
Sink, Magdalena, b. 1/13/1791, d. 10/24/1870, w/o Jacob, aged 79yrs
Sink, Mahala Yokeley, b. 9/26/1834, d. 1/23/1921, w/o Adam, aged 86yrs 3mos 28dys
Sink, Mary A., d. 5/29/1857, w/o J. A
Sink, Mary E., b. 1883, d. 1883, Dau of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Minnie V., b. 1887, d. 1890, Dau of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, Noah, b. 5/17/1830?, d. 8/14/1897?, Age 67y (hard to read dates)
Sink, Robert Lee, b. 4/26/1867, d. 1/31/1900, h/o Sallie I. Clodfelter
Sink, Ronald Lee, b. 3/18/1946, d. 5/23/2003, "Father"
Sink, Roscoe, b. 7/8/1891, d. 7/14/1977, "Husband", h/o Fallie Leonard
Sink, Sallie C., b. 1864, d. 1948
Sink, Sallie I. Clodfelter, b. 10/15/1867, d. 5/10/1942, "His Wife", w/o Robert Lee
Sink, Samuel A., b. 2/21/1863, d. 12/16/1938, h/o Elizabeth J. Sowers, "We'll join thee in that heavenly land, no more to take the parting hand"
Sink, Samuel J., b. 1856, d. 1943
Sink, Virgie Green, b. 6/1/1895, d. 7/5/1959
Sink, W. O., b. 4/13/1870, d. 10/29/1894
Sink, Wilhelmina, d. 1/29/1900, w/o Joseph, aged?....
Sink, William E., b. 1884, d. 1884, Son of W.H.& Regina A
Sink, William, d. 5/4/1892, Age 63y 8m 7d
Smith, Daisy Leola, b. 7/8/1900, d. 11/21/1935, w/o Edward Lee
Smith, Edward Lee, b. 6/7/1888, d. 4/7/1970, h/o Daisy Leola
Smith, Fannie Mae, b. 10/23/1921, d. 7/20/1975, w/o Sidney Vestal, Gone but not forgotten
Smith, Jack H., b. 5/3/1932, d. 5/6/1994
Smith, Patsy Gail, b. 8/11/1952, d. 5/11/1958
Smith, Paul, b. 12/11/1919, d. 3/7/1936
Smith, Sadie Pearl, b. 10/5/1918, d. 1/5/1919
Smith, Sidney Vestal, b. 8/25/1916, d. 7/20/1984, Pvt US Army WWII, h/o Fannie Mae, Gone but not forgotten
Sneed, Oliver Kent, b. 11/6/1938, d. 11/29/1938, Son of R.L.& Esther Sneed
Sower, Emanuel, d. 1830?, B or d? can only read 1830/ Old German Headstone
Sowers, Doris Leonard, b. 9/11/1912, d. 6/11/1972, w/o Jacob A
Sowers, Infant Son, b. 7/11/1954, d. 7/11/1954, Inf. Son of J.A.& Doris L. Sowers
Sowers, Jacob A., b. 11/19/1911, d. 4/25/1975, h/o Doris Leonard
Sowers, Lewis, b. 9/15/1852, d. 1/29/1912, "At Rest"
Sowers, Philip Sauer, b. 1735, d. 1784, "Ancestor of the Sowers Family-came from Palatine Germany in 1749 to Penn.�in 1753 to N.C. Settled nearby and attended Pilgrim Church. Donated land for Beulah Church. This marker erected by his descendants Sept 17, 1967."
Specker, George, b. 9/19/1733?, d. ?/11??, Old German Stone, hard to read
Specker?, D. S., b. 1816, d. 1816??, Dan? Just D.S., next to George, Old German Headstone
Steed, Dorothy E., b. 3/27/1921, d. 8/13/1955, w/o Stephen P., "Together Again"
Steed, Stephen P., b. 7/26/1913, d. 4/29/1977, h/o Dorothy E. "Together Again"
Steed, Virgil Lee "Buck", b. 4/12/1942, d. 1/15/2000
Styers, Charlie L. Vance, b. 10/20/1875, d. 7/9/1932, h/o Mattie Alice
Styers, Mattie Alice, b. 12/19/1865, d. 6/15/1934, w/o Charlie L. Vance Styers
Swing, W. Cicero, b. 10/9/1883, d. 9/24/1939
Tetter, Ivey A., b. 8/19/1917, d. 10/3/2003
Tetter, John W., b. 9/27/1880, d. 2/19/1931, h/o Maud May Lanning, "God gave-He took-He will restore-He doeth all things well"
Tetter, Maud May Lanning, b. 1/19/1891, d. 7/1/1973, w/o J.W.
Toney, Broadus Reed, b. 10/4/1908, d. 6/9/1981, h/o Grace Crouse
Toney, Grace Crouse, b. 3/11/1916, d. 9/9/1985, w/o Broadus Reed
Truitt, David Pierce, b. 8/2/1910, d. 5/20/1985, h/o Edith Ward, "Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go", "Memory Lane"
Turner, Charles Henry, b. 1/29/1888, d. 12/28/1968, "Husband", h/o Lillie Mae Green
Turner, Lillie Mae Green, b. 1/5/1893, d. 12/5/1959, "Wife", w/o Charles Henry
Tussey, Jesse Washington, b. 8/21/1870, d. 1/19/1948, h/o Jessie Thomason
Tussey, Jessie Thomason, b. 6/23/1877, d. 10/6/1961, w/o Jesse W
Tussey, Lester, b. 7/7/1915, d. 5/15/1916, Son of J.W.& Jessie Tussey
Varner, Albert S., Sr., b. 3/2/1901, d. 12/31/1976, h/o Stella M., "These hands of mine now touch the hands of God"
Varner, Infant, b. 6/16/1935, d. 6/16/1935, Son of Albert & Stella, b&d 6/16/1935
Varner, Infant, b. 6/7/1953, d. 6/7/1953, Dau of Lawrence & Frances, b&d 6/7/1953
Varner, Julia A., b. 11/23/1865, d. 11/4/1930
Varner, Lawrence Ray, Sr., b. 10/28/1930, d. 9/19/2003, h/o Frances Walser, M: 4/12/1952
Varner, Royal E., b. 2/26/1867, d. 4/28/1936
Varner, Stella M., b. 9/3/1897, d. 2/25/1978, w/o Albert S. Sr
Varner, W. W., b. 1/6/1898, d. 1/6/1935
Voskly, William F., d. 12/8/1852, Aged 13yrs 2m 26dys
Wagner, Crissie Jane, b. 8/8/1849, d. 7/3/1887, 1st w/o R.J
Wagner, Daniel Fletcher, b. 6/28/1864, d. 10/5/1951, "Husband", h/o Sarah E. Yokley
Wagner, Jesse H., b. 4/2/1900, d. 6/24/1963, h/o Vada Fay
Wagner, Julia Clinard, b. 11/23/1861, d. 8/17/1938, "His Wife", w/o W.E., "Dying is But Going Home"
Wagner, Julian F., b. 6/13/1937, d. 6/12/1951, "A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled"
Wagner, Lonie Bell, b. 3/20/1897, d. 4/7/1925, Dau of W.E. & Julia Wagner
Wagner, Sarah E. Yokley, b. 9/15/1867, d. 4/15/1953, "Wife", w/o Daniel Fletcher
Wagner, Susanna, b. 2/18/1823, d. 9/22/1860, w/o Henry, aged 37y 7m 4d
Wagner, Vada Fay, b. 11/10/1906, d. 12/8/1999, w/o Jesse H
Wagner, W. E. (DeWitt), b. 9/18/1853, d. 4/30/1935, h/o Julia Clinard, "Dying is But Going Home"
Wagoner, Daniel, b. 2/19/1807, d. 3/6/1858, Aged 51y 17d
Wagoner, Sarah, b. 1/2/1813, d. 10/10/1855, w/o Daniel, aged 42y 9m 8d
Wagoner, Satada? Mildron, d. 9/20/1862, Aged 4yrs 8days
Walker, Henry Thomas, b. 9/4/1892, d. 1/28/1968, h/o Lizzie Leonard
Walker, Lizzie Leonard, b. 4/6/1892, d. 10/17/1988, w/o Henry Thomas
Walser, Emery C., b. 4/10/1898, d. 4/22/1957
Ward, Buford Allen, b. 1/28/1923, d. 12/15/1997, h/o Margaret Quick
Ward, Charles Joseph, Sr., b. 5/5/1911, d. 5/25/1968
Ward, Ina Essick, b. 8/4/1926, d. 10/19/1988, w/o James, In Loving Memory
Ward, Infant Daughters (2), b. 9/1/1946, d. 9/1/1946, Inf. Twin Daughters b&d 9/1/1946, ch of James & Ina E. Ward
Ward, James "Poss" Patterson, b. 2/9/1918, d. 8/17/1988, CPL US Army WWII, In Loving Memory, h/o Ina Essick
Ward, Joni Leigh, b. 5/13/1961, d. 12/27/1967, Dau of John R. & Dorcas Ward
Weritts?, Hiram, b. 4/17/1826, d. 7/18/1865, Aged 39yrs 3m ?dys, difficult to read
Witt, Letitia? May, b. 5/19/1915, d. 4/10/1917, Hard to read
Yarbrough, Clarence C., b. 11/13/1915, d. 9/15/1981, h/o Clara Belle C., SC1 US Navy WWII
Yarbrough, Infant, b. 11/1/1939, d. 11/1/1939, Dau of C.C.& Clara Bell Yarbrough
Yokley, Amos, b. 11/4/1810, d. 7/5/1885, Age 71y 8m 1d
Yokley, Andrew H., d. 9/3/1855, Inf. Son of Solomon & E., aged 2y 9m 17d
Yokley, Beulah, b. 9/3/1899, d. 6/10/1901, Dau of C.M.& Cora Yokley
Yokley, Cromer Lee, d. 9/12/1892, Son of C.F.& C.B., aged 1yr 2m 11ds
Yokley, Eliza, d. 12/5/1880, w/o Solomon, aged 72y 10m 3d
Yokley, Elizabeth, b. 10/6/1819, d. 10/18/1887, w/o Amos, aged 68y 12d
Yokley, Infant Son, no dates, Inf. Son of Samuel & E.L. d:--- 1 day?
Yokley, Solomon, b. 11/28/1806, d. 5/30/1894, Aged 82yrs 6m 2ds
Yokley, William A., b. 8/25/1856, d. 6/6/1858, s/o Solomon & Eliza
Yonts, Benjamin, b. 11/5/1797, d. ??, Can't read death date/ Old German Stone
Youkly, William F., d. 12/8/1857, Ag'd 13yrs 2mo's 26dy's
Younce, Dila, d. 12/3/1883, w/o Jacob, aged 60ys 1m 10ds
Younts, Andrew, d. 6/27/1856, Aged 18yrs 8ms & 11dys
Younts, Katy, d. 8/9/1833, w/o Rudolph/ Old German Stone
Younts?, P. Y., b. 12/??/1838, d. 9/20/??, Only initials PY, but next to Katy, so probably Younts/ Old German Stone
Zinck, Barbara "B.Z.", b. 1780, d. 1818, Old German Stone (this was the original spelling of Sink)
Zink, Charlie, b. 3/6/1832?, d. 7/28/1856?, Age 24y 11m 22d, hard to read dates
Zink, Emily, b. 10/1/1830, d. 6/6/1852, w/o William, aged 21y 8m 25d
Zink, Joseph, b. 8/29/1819, d. 3/20/xxxx, Very difficult to read, very worn
Zink, Mary, b. 2/7/1788, d. 2/16/1848, w/o Michael, aged 60y 9d

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