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Riverside Cemetery
Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Garry Packard [gdpackrat@aol.com].

La Fave, Samuel E., b. 1879, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-05
Labeau, Raymond Russell, bur. 8/5/1996, age: 62yr, CPDB
Lacroix, Fred J., bur. 12/26/1972, age: 88yr, CPDB
Lacroix, Grace Elizabeth, bur. 11/15/1979, age: 89yr, CPDB
Laderoot, Ricky Jr., bur. 9/7/2001, age: 28yr, CPDB
Ladoux, Alexander, bur. 6/17/1955, age: 52yr, CPDB
Ladoux, Alexander, bur. 6/3/1971, CPDB
Ladoux, Sophie Teresa, bur. 1/30/1956, age: 51yr, CPDB
Laferte, Mary E., bur. 7/5/1944, age: 84yr, CPDB
Lafever, Raymond, bur. 11/13/1936, age: 16yr, CPDB
Laible, Ellen G., bur. 11/29/1978, age: 78yr, CPDB
Laible, Harrison, bur. 6/4/1956, age: 78yr, CPDB
Laible, Harry C., b. 1878, d. 1956, bur. 1956, buried in Smith plot, T-23
Laible, Lillie H., bur. 1/2/1953, age: 73yr, CPDB
Laible, Milton, bur. 3/1/1966, age: 66yr, CPDB
Laird, John Peter, bur. 8/17/1990, age: 82yr, CPDB
Laird, Mary Louise, bur. 8/17/1990, age: 72yr, CPDB
Lakatos, Erika B., bur. 9/14/1963, age: 26yr, CPDB
Lakatos, George C. M.D., bur. 12/23/1998, age: 75yr, CPDB
Lamanco, Pietro, bur. 9/8/1967, age: 72yr, CPDB
Lambert, Geneva A., bur. 4/16/1970, age: 42yr, CPDB
Lamerand, Emma Travis, bur. 1929, age: 57yr, CPDB
Lamerand, Jeff H., b. 1872, d., Buried in Travis plot, T-24
Lamont, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1910, bur. 7/30/1956, age: 46yr, CPDB
Lamothe, Craig M., bur. 4/21/1986, age: 39yr, CPDB
Lamothe, Robert, bur. 7/28/1992, age: 77yr, CPDB
Lamphere, Annie, b. 1871, d. 1948, bur. 1948, T-22
Lamphere, Clara, b. 1887, d. 1920, bur. 1920, T-22
Lamphere, Father, b. 1843, d. 1919, bur. 1919, T-22
Lamphere, Fred E., b. 3-9-1860, d. 7/2/1902, bur. 7/2/1902, T-22
Lamphere, Mother, b. 1847, d. 1916, bur. 1916, T-22
Lampi, Jennifer Lynn, bur. 11/10/2000, age: 38yr, CPDB
Lampton, Levi Henry, bur. 12/2/1998, age: 77yr, CPDB
Lampton, Margaret, bur. 4/4/1983, age: 56yr, CPDB
Lancaster, Agnes E. Carpenter, b. 1891, bur. 3/29/1943, age: 51yr, CPDB
Lancaster, John Ray, bur. 5/7/1966, age: 78yr, CPDB
Lanckable, Alvin, b. 1896, d. 1937, bur. 1937, T-44
Landis, Edith, bur. 5/21/1956, age: 88yr, CPDB
Lane, C., no details, CPDB
Lane, Eleanor G., bur. 10/15/1981, age: 67yr, CPDB
Lane, George W., b. 1878, bur. 1930, Father, Co. L 31 Mich. Spanish American War Vet, CPDB
Lane, Guy, bur. 9/15/1962, age: 59yr, CPDB
Lane, James K., bur. 2/1/2001, age: 50yr, CPDB
Lane, Jennie Mary, bur. 6/3/1980, age: 99yr, CPDB
Lane, Jennie, b. 1880, d., T-17
Lane, Kathleen E., bur. 5/19/1994, CPDB
Lane, Kenneth S., bur. 2/11/1988, age: 72yr, CPDB
Lane, Vernon L., b. 1908, bur. 7/20/1955, age: 47yr, CPDB
Lane, Wesley B., bur. 7/31/1998, age: 67yr, CPDB
Lang, Carl, b. 1844, d. 1900, bur. 1900, Father, T-22
Lang, Grace A. (Smith), b. 1874, bur. 12/28/1944, age: 70yr, CPDB
Lang, John G., b. 1883, bur. 7/1/1935, age: 52yr, CPDB
Lange, Anton C., b. 12/4/1906, d. 10/15/1957, Pfc. Batry A 531 F.A. Bn. World War II, CPDB
Lange, Hannah, bur. 6/12/1933, age: 87yr, CPDB
Langendam, Moritz, bur. 6/7/1965, age: 85yr, CPDB
Langendam, Theodora M., bur. 2/10/1967, age: 81yr, CPDB
Langer, Jeffery Allen, bur. 7/9/1970, CPDB
Langer, Judith A. Marsee, bur. 8/13/1986, age: 43yr, CPDB
Langkabel, Alvin Albert, bur. 10/29/1937, age: 41yr, CPDB
Langkabel, Jennie R., bur. 9/22/1973, age: 74yr, CPDB
Langkabel, Ruth E, bur. 4/10/1987, age: 60yr, CPDB
Langs, Frank E., b. 1880, bur. 9/28/1967, Father, CPDB
Langs, Jennie E., b. 1861, d. 1925, bur. 1925, Mother, T-25
Langs, Jennie, b. 1887, bur. 4/20/1948, Mother, CPDB
Langs, Lewis B., b. 1848, d. 1926, bur. 1926, Father, T-25
Langs, Ruth, b. 1913, d. 1918, bur. 1918, T-25
Lankford, Cecil H, bur. 9/5/1989, age: 78yr, CPDB
Lankford, Nellie A., bur. 11/5/1980, age: 67yr, CPDB
Lankford, Olive, bur. 2/10/1965, age: 91yr, CPDB
Lapham, Andrew J., b. 1841, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-34
Lapham, Esther, b. 1848, d. 1916, bur. 1916, Wife of Andrew J. Lapham, T-34
Larkin, Bert A., b. 1874, bur. 11/5/1964, age: 90yr, CPDB
Larkin, Clara, bur. 3/17/1971, age: 89yr, CPDB
Larkin, Marjorie Buell, b. 1883, bur. 3/20/1942, age: 58yr, CPDB
Larkin, Virginia M., bur. 12/23/1993, age: 84yr, CPDB
Larkin, William L., bur. 8/6/1983, age: 74yr, CPDB
Larkins, Anna, bur. 12/31/1935, age: 59yr, CPDB
Larkins, Charles E., bur. 9/23/1943, age: 82yr, CPDB
Larkins, Edward, no details, Co. H. 2nd Mich. Inf. G.A.R, CPDB
Larkins, Hilda L., bur. 1/14/1969, age: 68yr, CPDB
Larkins, Leonard, bur. 3/16/1972, age: 79yr, CPDB
Larkins, William, bur. 4/26/1941, age: 74yr, CPDB
Larmay, Winifred M., bur. 12/27/1965, age: 44yr, CPDB
Larrick, Delbert Woodrow, bur. 1/10/1987, age: 71yr, CPDB
Larrick, Elmer L., bur. 3/8/1983, age: 72yr, CPDB
Larrick, Richard A. CPL, bur. 10/7/1968, age: 21yr, CPDB
Larson, Elliott, b. 1887, d. 1917, bur. 1917, T-31
Larson, Elliott, bur. 3/29/1946, age: 58yr, CPDB
Larson, Elsie, bur. 11/4/1960, age: 73yr, CPDB
Larson, Gust T., bur. 9/3/1985, age: 89yr, CPDB
Larson, Hazel H., bur. 11/21/1977, age: 57yr, CPDB
Larson, Lyman R., no dates, CPDB
Larson, Matt, d. 6/9/1929, Pvt. 110 F.A. 29 Div. World War I, T-31
Larson, Robert E., bur. 11/1/1932, age: 6yr, CPDB
Larson, Thyra M., bur. 1/27/1997, age: 90yr, CPDB
Lasco, Lena, bur. 3/11/1968, age: 56yr, CPDB
Lash, Clyde W., bur. 11/2/1989, age: 61yr, CPDB
Lash, Geraldine Helen, b. 1922, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-01
Lash, Jane Lillian, bur. 8/27/1960, age: 60yr, CPDB
Lash, John R., b. 1877, bur. 10/15/1952, Father, CPDB
Lash, Malinda Mae, b. 1883, bur. 6/10/1948, Mother, CPDB
Lash, Mary Jane, bur. 5/5/1956, age: 32yr, CPDB
Lash, Robert Clyde, d. 9/12/1949, bur. 9/14/1949, CPDB
Laslett, Charles John, b. 1945, bur. 1/6/1946, CPDB
Last, Dora K., bur. 3/13/1989, age: 88yr, CPDB
Last, Howard F., bur. 2/19/1969, age: 71yr, CPDB
Last, Minnie A., b. 1875, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-30
Last, Paul, b. 1869, bur. 11/27/1945, age: 76yr, CPDB
Last, William A., b. 1872, d. 1947, bur. 1947, T-30
Lasuer, Ella, b. 1859, d. 1891, bur. 1891, T-34
Lasuer, Oscar, b. 1854, d. 1890, bur. 1890, T-34
Laszlo, John F., bur. 11/21/1973, age: 64yr, CPDB
Laszlo, John F., bur. 5/22/1970, age: 83yr, CPDB
Laszlo, Linda Lucy, bur. 2/25/1945, age: 5yr, CPDB
Laszlo, Lucy Irene, bur. 8/25/1986, CPDB
Laszlo, Mary, bur. 1/2/1969, age: 78yr, CPDB
Laszlo, Mary, bur. 2/26/1969, age: 78yr, CPDB
Lauffer, Catherine, b. 1825, d. 1859, bur. 1859, Wife of Godtfried Lauffer, T-17
Lauffer, Edward C., b. 1863, d. 1931, bur. 1931, T-21
Lauffer, Gotfred, b. 1825, d. 1864, bur. 1864, age: 39yr, CPDB
Lauffer, Hannah, b. 1826, bur. 1912, Wife of Godtfried Lauffer, CPDB
Lauffer, Harriet C., d. 1893, bur. 1893, age: 40yr, CPDB
Lauffer, Henry M, b. 1859, d. 1859, bur. 1859, CPDB
Lauffer, Kate, b. 1862, d. 1908, bur. 1908, Wife of Edward C. Lauffer, T-21
Lauffer, Sarah, b. 1858, d. 1859, bur. 1859, CPDB
Laurcella, Paul, bur. 2/25/1938, CPDB
Lauricella, Irene, b. 10-25-1887, d. 4/1/1954, bur. 4/5/1954, T-16
Lauricella, Paul, b. 10-19-1880, d. 12/10/1935, T-16
Lavictor, Blanche F, bur. 10/17/1988, age: 91yr, CPDB
Law, Baby Boy, bur. 2/2/1950, CPDB
Law, Elmer, bur. 9/29/1966, age: 73yr, CPDB
Law, Mamie, bur. 10/17/1969, age: 76yr, CPDB
Lawler, Louise Riley, b. 10/9/1903, d. 2/16/1947, bur. 2/20/1947, T-52
Layaz, August Amelia Ernest, no dates, On one stone, no details, T-34
Layson, Oliver Wolton, bur. 2/3/1950, age: 66yr, CPDB
Lazlo, Linda L., b. 1939, d. 1945, bur. 1945, T-14
Lazor, Michael B., b. 1903, bur. 8/13/1954, WW Vet, CPDB
LeBlanc, Kenneth S., bur. 1/10/1979, age: 55yr, CPDB
LeFever, Charles F., b. 1-20-1870, d. 3/10/1961, 91yr, CPDB
LeFever, Florence Harter, b. 8-30-1875, d. 11/7/1936, 61yr, CPDB
LeFever, Marion Kennedy, bur. 5/16/1964, CPDB
Leabu, George W., b. 1907, bur. 9/24/1958, Son, CPDB
Leach, Edward C., b. 11-7-1835, d. 4/9/1930, T-02
Leach, Eleanore Bonem, b. 9/23/1911, d. 6/9/1917, T-25
Leach, Kate L., b. 7-29-1843, d. 9/9/1935, bur. 9/12/1935, T-02
Leadbeater, David, b. 6-11-1851, d. 2-10-1898, T-07
Leadbeater, Rachel, b. 12-28-1813, d. 8-4-1891, Born Medstone Kent England, T-07
Leadbeater, Wm., b. 12-25-1813, d. 2-6-1897, Born Edinburgh Scotland, T-07
Leadbetter, Anna, b. 1854, d. 1926, bur. 1926, T-03
Leadbetter, Burt, b. 1881, bur. 11/3/1969, age: 88yr, CPDB
Leadbetter, Hary, b. 1850, d. 1912, bur. 1912, T-03
Leadbetter, Minnie, b. 1877, d. 1902, bur. 1902, T-03
Leader, Kenneth W., bur. 2/11/1984, age: 67yr, CPDB
Leary, Francis P. Jr., bur. 10/18/1996, age: 58yr, CPDB
Ledgard, W.B. Jr., d. 6-29-1842, 3-10-0, T-37
Lee, Anna, b. 1867, d. 1879, bur. 1879, T-01
Lee, Baby Girl, bur. 11/1/1949, CPDB
Lee, Bina E. (Eckles), b. 7-18-1893, d. 2/14/1942, 47yr, CPDB
Lee, Carolyn Louise, bur. 4/19/1942, CPDB
Lee, Catherine, b. 1843, d. 1920, bur. 1920, T-01
Lee, Charles, b. 1866, d. 1867, bur. 1867, T-01
Lee, Edward, b. 1870, d. 1926, bur. 1926, Father, T-29
Lee, Essie M., bur. 7/12/1969, age: 84yr, CPDB
Lee, Florence, b. 1888, d. 1933, bur. 1933, T-01
Lee, Frederick A., b. 4-19-1866, d. 4/16/1937, 70yr, CPDB
Lee, George Sr., bur. 3/13/1932, age: 88yr, CPDB
Lee, George, b. 1843, d. 1933, bur. 1933, G.A.R., Civil War, T-01
Lee, Harry A. Sr., bur. 11/29/1967, age: 68yr, CPDB
Lee, Harry S., d. 9/26/1952, bur. 9/29/1952, age: 67yr, T-53
Lee, Hattie J., b. 8-23-1869, d. 12/7/1930, T-52
Lee, J. C., bur. 4/5/2000, age: 76yr, CPDB
Lee, John O., bur. 6/1/1974, age: 47yr, CPDB
Lee, Joseph Herbert, bur. 4/4/1967, age: 35yr, CPDB
Lee, Joyce, bur. 10/17/1981, age: 48yr, CPDB
Lee, Lillian Ida, bur. 11/17/1988, age: 87yr, CPDB
Lee, Lillian M., b. 1872, bur. 7/1/1943, Mother, CPDB
Lee, Margaretta (Stewart), b. 1854, bur. 6/22/1938, widow of Jesse T. Lee, CPDB
Lee, Paul G., no dates, CPDB
Lee, Robert E., bur. 12/1/1975, age: 22yr, CPDB
Lee, Walter, b. 1869, d. 1870, bur. 1870, T-01
Leece, Arthur V., bur. 8/19/1960, age: 55yr, CPDB
Lefevere, Raymond, b. 3/6/1920, d. 11/10/1936, T-50
Leffew, Bobby Wayne, bur. 1/8/2000, age: 43yr, CPDB
Leithe, Frederick, bur. 9/21/1996, age: 93yr, CPDB
Leithe, Mildred L., bur. 3/14/1983, age: 78yr, CPDB
Leland, Arthur F. Sr., bur. 12/7/1970, age: 62yr, CPDB
Lemm, Fred, bur. 8/18/1952, age: 71yr, CPDB
Lemon, Martha N., bur. 6/5/1998, age: 71yr, CPDB
Lemond, Mabel L., bur. 12/22/1997, age: 89yr, CPDB
Lemond, Ronald, bur. 3/12/1964, age: 35yr, CPDB
Lenaghan, William J., bur. 4/13/1978, age: 59yr, CPDB
Lenguel, (No first name), b. 1874, d. 1944, bur. 1944, T-17
Lengyel, John, bur. 11/22/1944, age: 70yr, CPDB
Lennon, James Reinhardt, bur. 1/3/1995, age: 66yr, CPDB
Lennox, June R. (Hobbins), b. 1929, bur. 4/2/1946, dau, CPDB
Leonard, Jesse M., bur. 7/26/1950, age: 64yr, CPDB
Leonard, Jesse, bur. 10/30/1933, age: 49yr, CPDB
Leonard, Lurena F., b. 1854, d. 1922, bur. 1922, T-13
Leonard, Martin, b. 1855, d. 1902, bur. 1902, T-13
Leskin, James Gregory, b. 9/18/1951, d. 2/2/1952, T-41
Leskiw, Roman Orest James, bur. 2/4/1952, CPDB
Leslie, Bow, no dates, Co. M. 4 Mich. Cav. G.A.R., Civil War, T-33
Leslie, Harold Bow, b. 8/21/1900, d. 11/24/1958, Pfc. Svc. Co. 8 Inf. World War I, CPDB
Leslie, Howard, bur. 6/9/1967, age: 58yr, CPDB
Leslie, James Thomas, bur. 11/28/1950, age: 82yr, CPDB
Leslie, Lizzie Bow, bur. 4/13/1933, age: 63yr, CPDB
Leslie, Milton, b. 1906, bur. 1926, age: 20yr, CPDB
Levan, Ada, b. 1867, d. 1956, bur. 1956, T-24
Levan, Emily C., b. 1837, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-24
Levan, James A., b. 1835, d. 1917, bur. 1917, T-24
Levan, Walter, b. 1869, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-24
Levin, Eldredge, b. 1864, d. 1901, bur. 1901, T-06
Levin, Jennie, b. 1870, d. 1934, bur. 1934, T-06
Levyn, Carrie, bur. 1/23/1953, age: 75yr, CPDB
Levyn, Ruebin, bur. 1/31/1953, CPDB
Lewelling, Mae F., bur. 7/19/1989, age: 57yr, CPDB
Lewis, Edith S., bur. 5/23/1972, age: 84yr, CPDB
Lewis, Ernestine M., bur. 1/29/1985, age: 66yr, CPDB
Lewis, Hattie, bur. 4/10/1954, age: 82yr, CPDB
Lewis, Leland W., b. 1907, bur. 5/16/1957, Vet WW, CPDB
Lewis, Mildred G, bur. 2/2/1983, age: 67yr, CPDB
Lewis, Robert A., bur. 3/21/1988, age: 37yr, CPDB
Lewis, Warren B., bur. 10/26/1996, age: 85yr, CPDB
Lewis, Wilfred, bur. 4/3/1976, age: 94yr, CPDB
Lewis, William Kemp, bur. 2/10/1971, age: 51yr, CPDB
Lezzart, James A., bur. 9/1/1954, age: 70yr, CPDB

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