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Adamsville A.O.U.W. Cemetery Florence, Pinal County, Arizona
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Adamsville A.O.U.W. Cemetery Florence, Pinal County, Arizona
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Adamsville A.O.U.W. Cemetery Florence, Pinal County, Arizona
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Adamsville A.O.U.W. Cemetery
Florence, Pinal County, Arizona

GPS: 33.023825, -111.408739

Florence, AZ 85132

Contributed by Edith Sherwood, Apr 16, 2005. [sherwood2ak@yahoo.com] Total records = 54.

On the south edge of the town of Florence is the junction of Highway 79 and 287. 3.5 miles from the junction, you will find a historical marker telling about Adamsville. Just past the marker, turn north on Adamsville Road and follow it for 2.8 miles. Just after the road curves to the right, watch for a driveway turning off to the left. It is difficult to see the A.O.U.W. cemetery from the road.

This cemetery is also known as the A.O.U.W. (Ancient Order of United Workmen) Cemetery. There is a deed recorded to the A.O.U.W., 31 May 1894, Book of Deeds #15. There were earlier burials before then dating back to 1877. No one knows how many unmarked graves there were.

In 1992, there was a sign for the A.O.U.W. cemetery, but now only the posts remain. There is a barbed wire fence surrounding it with some of the wire broken.

Charles Adams, from Ohio, started Adamsville, in the 1870s. He cleared the brush and planted grain in 1866, laid out a town site and urged others to join him. The overland mail stages stopped in 1871 and 1872. At it's peak, Adamsville had 400 inhabitants but it was deserted and flooding waters of the Gila River washed away what remained. Only the cemetery remains on the road that bears the town's name.

In 1996, a young man, V. Phil Hawkins, cleaned, repaired, and identified graves in the A.O.U.W. part for an Eagle Scout Project. We used his diagram and numbering system for our transcription.

Part of the area to the north of the cemetery area was incorporated into existing farm land while part of the Butte View Cemetery, an adjoining parcel of land, has since, in part, been incorporated into the A.O.U.W. cemetery area.

Dr. Bertram Snyder started restoration of the area cemeteries in 1973, taking pictures, and identifying some unmarked graves. A scrapbook of his work can be found in the Pinal County Historical Society Museum in Florence. 715 S. Main Street, Florence, AZ 85232.

I completed this transcription by reading the cemetery and research on Apr 10, 2005.

- Edith Sherwood
Adams, Fred A., b. 1844, d. 1910, father
Adams, Nettie Olga, b. 24 Feb 1874, in Philadelphia, d. 16 Sep 1895, Wife of F. A. Adams
Austin, Ruth, no dates
Bailey, Lou, d. 7 Jan 1884, 21 days, Marker says "Our babies" on north side
Bailey, Lulu, d. 10 Apr 1887, 3yr 4mo, "Our babies" on north side of marker
Bailey, W. L., d. 17 Jan 1886, age 3yr6, East side of marker with "Our Babies"
Bartleson, (Eugenia) Bogie, b. 1874, d. 1902
Bartleson, John T., b. 1834, d. 1896, "Old Adamsville" list says he was uncle of Pres. Harry S. Truman
Bartleson, Sidney A., b. 9 Dec 1868, d. 20 Jun 1911, "My husband" inscribed on top of stone
Biery, Ike, b. 1862, d. 1911, father (He was Judge Summers' Son-in-law PCHS) Masonic emblem - Inside fence with Judge H. B. Summers
Bley, Martha Jane, b. 1841, d. 1919, Grandmother (By Fred A. Adams)
Bley, William, b. 1851, d.1937, Grandfather (Nearby Fred A. Adams)
Brockway, Katherine, Esther, b. 30 Aug 1893, in Corona NY, d. 27 May 1894, in Florence AZ
Carpenter, Alfred P., d. 6 Feb 1907, 11 m., 6 days, son of L & A Carpenter, Differs from "Old Adamsville" list
Carpenter, Martha A, b. 4 Feb 1871, d. 18 Feb 1918, Birth date is different on "Old Adamsville" list
Carpenter, Mary A, d. 5 Oct 1894, 43 y., 10 m., 16 days, Wife of Fred E. Carpenter
Colton, Mattie, d. 1887, 2 y., (deteriorating wooden slab)
Crichlow, Angeline Hardwick, b. 1910, in Florence AZ (AT), d. 1997, in Roseville CA, Crichlow pioneers
Crichlow, Walter Jack, b. 1913, in Bonham TX, Crichlow pioneers
Devine, William T., d. 13 Apr 1877, 9 y. old, Son of John J. and Virginia Devine
Foreman, Richard Dewey, b. 17 May 1860 (deteriorating wooden slab inside fence)
Graham, Pauline, b. 1827, d. 1896
Guild, Edward, d. 6 Apr 1881, age 17 days, Son of W.E. and J. A. Guild, Top of stone says Little Kensie
Guild, Josephine A., b. 18 Jun 1852, d. 30 Jan 1887, wife of William E. Guild
Hardwick, Exilda May (Hocken), b. 1879, in San Francisco CA, d. 1976, in Fairborn OH, Hardwick pioneers
Hardwick, Felix Grunde, b. 1831, in Clay County MO, d. 1908, in Florence AZ, Hardwick pioneers
Hardwick, Jane (Giroux), b. 1911, in Mayer AZ (AT), d. 1996, Tucson AZ, Hardwick pioneers
Hardwick, Martha Angeline, b. 1831, in Clay County MO, d. 1896, in Florence AZ, Hardwick pioneers
Hardwick, William Robert, b. 1907, d. Phoenix, AZ, Hardwick pioneers
Hardwick, William, b. 1859, in Clay County MO, d. 1941, in Tucson AZ, Hardwick pioneers
Harvey, William M.D., b. 16 Sep 1844, d. 8 Jan 1889
Hickey, Pamela Augusta Foreman, b. 19 Dec 1866, d. 31 May 1916, (deteriorating wood slab inside fence)
Jennings, Harriet Katherine, no dates, 2 y. old, 24 days, shared stone, Jennings on one side Merritt on the other
Kentfield, W. R., b. 1832, d. 1902, "Old Adamsville" list differs
Lanoue, Camille. E., d. 3 Jan 1893, 42 y. old, "Old Adamsville" list has the name spelled Langue
LeBaron, Mariah, d. 11 Jan 1903, 35 y., 9 m., 18 days, wife of W. J. LeBaron, In memory of Mariah L wife of W. J. LeBaron
Lile, Elizabeth, d. Oct 1894, 36 y. old, wife of J. M. Lile, Broken Stone, Surname taken from "Old Adamsville" list
McGee, Chester F., b. 27 Dec 1883, d. 20 May 1933, Husband, "Old Adamsville" list says d. May 30 1933
McGee, Gertrude A., b. 11 Sep 1879, d. 10 Mar 1945, Wife. (First husband was Sidney Bartleson.)
Merritt, Thomas William, d. 1 y., 9 m., 11 days, Shared stone, Jennings on one side Merritt on the other
Michea, Carmen R., b. 16 Jul 1842, d. 25 Aug 1907, His Wife (John B. Michea)
Michea, John B, b. 25 Sep 1842, d. 18 Nov 1886, "Old Adamsville" list has John Baptiste Michea
Miller, William E., d. Apr 1, 1894 (on Dr. Snyder's list in Old Adamsville, but we found no stone for him and neither did Hawkins)
Morrell, Benny F. Morrell, b. Jun 8, 1896, d. 1897, son of Franklin Morrell
Morrell, Franklin P., d. Jun 27, 1897, age 40
Oury, Capt. Granville H., b. Mar 12 1825, d. 11 Jan 1891, Judge - District court of New Mexico. Delegate to Confederate Congress. Arizona Mounted Volunteers CSA, Territorial legislator to U. S Congress, Pioneer-Soldier-Statesman
Sharp, Isabel, b. 20 Dec 1833, d. 26 Dec 1891, mother
Stevens, Carmen Sarah, b. 19 Sep 1888, d. 26 Sep 1889, daughter of Daniel C. & Ollie N. Stevens
Stevens, Olnorah, b. 8 Mar 1858, Lexington, KY, d. 19 Jul 1893, Wife of Daniel C. Stevens
Stevens, Taylor, b. 1898, d. 24 Oct 1898, 4 m., 5 days, Infant son of Daniel C. and Mary E. Stevens
Stowe, James L., d. 1 Nov 1895, 47 y., 8 m., 14 days
Summers, H. B. Judge, b. 1823, d. 1895, Inside fence with Ike Biery
Taylor, Annie R., b. 20 Jan 1850, d. 31 Aug 1929, Mother (Nearby McGee stones)
Truman, Marene, no dates, Infant, Inside fence with Stevens' graves

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