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Bull Creek Cemetery
Cody, Park County, Wyoming

bull creek cemetery
Bull Creek Cemetery

GPS: 44.377722, -109.305584

Southfork Rd
Cody , WY 82414

Date published: June 23, 2017
Total records: 69

Bull Creek Cemetery is owned by Bull Creek Cemetery Assocation.


The beautiful iron gate was created by Paul Purvis, while his mother, Frances Purvis, dedicated many hours and money to upgrade the stones in the 1970s.

Frances’ father, Martin Luther Jones, got the cemetery started in 1912 when his son Chester died. The land was owned by James S. Ewalt who had a tragic loss earlier when a car rolled on a bridge and he lost his wife and daughter. He deeded the land to the Bull Creek Cemetery Association in 1922.

Financial support remains the responsibility of the families.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Riverside Cemetery District in Cody, WY, using information compiled by Betty Marie Daniels in August 2009.

ANDREN, Laurence, Birth: 1913, Death: 1987, Location: P1-L4
BENEDICT, William, Birth: 1822, Death: 1900, Location: P 48-L1, Father of Benedict Family
BRADFORD, Margaret Jones, Birth: 1906, Death: 1961, Location: P 14-L2, Sister of Frances Purvis
BRADFORD, Samuel S., Birth: 1899, Death: 1977, Location: P 14-L3, Wife-Margaret (Jones)
COATS, ??, Location: P 48-L4, Had been a soldier
DILLON, (Baby), Death: c1911, Location: P 36-L2
EWALT, Beulah C., Death: 1917, Location: P 8-L4, 3 mo. - Auto Accident
EWALT, David H., Birth: 1867, Death: 1929, Location: P 8-L1, In driveway not plot
EWALT, Dixie M., Birth: 1886, Death: 1917, Location: P 8-L3, Auto Accident
EWALT, Eugene Francis, Birth: 1935, Death: 2000, Location: P19-L1, Ashes
EWALT, James S., Birth: 1879, Death: 1947, Location: P 21-L4, Accidently-carbon monoxide
EWALT, Kenneth N., Birth: 1928, Death: 1998, Location: P7-L2
EWALT, Marvin “Bill”, Birth: 1904, Death: 1987, Location: P7-L4
EWALT, Nancy, Location: P 21-L2, 2nd wife of James
EWALT, Peter E., Birth: 1906, Death: 1927, Location: P 8-L2, Out of lot - accident shot
EWALT, Tuffy, Death: Early 1920s, Location: P 21-L1
EWALT, Wade Clay, Birth: 1983, Death: 2002, Location: P22-L4, Ashes
FRITJOFSON, Peter, Birth: 1900, Death: 1964, Location: P 39-L1
FRITJOFSON, Sarah Marie Cook, Birth: 1908, Death: 2003, Location: P32-L4, Ashes
GWYNN, Richard, Birth: 1933, Death: 2006, Location: P 50-L4
HARTUNG, Albert J., Birth: 1885, Death: 1950, Location: P 34-L2
HARTUNG, Cora O., Birth: 1880, Death: 1949, Location: P 34-L3
HARTUNG, Dorothy, Birth: 1919, Death: 1954, Location: P 35-L4
HARTUNG, Edith Grace, Birth: 1910, Death: 1913, Location: P 34-L4, Died in house fire
HARTUNG, Lenora Martha, Birth: 1912, Death: 1913, Location: P34-L4, Died in house fire
HARTWIG-SPRADLIN, Trevor Michael, Death: 1996, Location: P12-L3
HICKS, Robert C., Birth: 1926, Death: 2004, Location: P54-L4, Ashes
JERNBERG, (twins), Death: 1914, Location: P 20-L4, Still born
JERNBERG, Chris, Birth: 1908, Death: 1928, Location: P 9-L3/4
JERNBERG, Elwell, Birth: 1902, Death: 1921, Location: P 20-L3, Son of Eli & Mattie
JERNBERG, Van Olson, Birth: 1903, Death: 1980, Location: P 6-L1, Son of Mattie and Eli
JERNSBERG, Elias (Eli), Birth: 1871, Death: 1932, Location: P 9-L2-3, (between)
JERNSBERG, Mattie, Birth: 1873, Death: 1935, Location: P 9-L1
JONES, Chester Wycoff, Birth: 1898, Death: 1912, Location: P 23-L3, Sister-Frances Purvis
JONES, James Amandus, Birth: 1904, Death: 1917, Location: P 23-L2, Sister-Frances Purvis
JONES, Martin Luther, Birth: 1863, Death: 1934, Location: P 23-4, Father of Francis Purvis
JONES, Mary Kinnick, Birth: 1870, Death: 1950, Location: P 24-L4, Mother of Frances Purvis
KINNE, Anna Jones, Birth: 1897, Death: 1918, Location: P 23-L1, Sister-Frances Purvis
LINT, Billy Ray, Birth: 1970, Death: 1980, Location: P 2-L3, Drown
LUTZ, Herbert Harry, Birth: 1918, Death: 1986, Location: P 4-L1, Ashes – WWII
LUTZ, Madelon S., Birth: 1916, Death: 1993, Location: P4-L2, Ashes – VFW Aux
MILLER, ??, Death: 1903 or 04, Location: P 49-L1
MOORE, (son of Amos Moore), Location: P 49-L4, Worked on Lakeview ditch
MORRIS, Clyde Byron, Birth: 1909, Death: 1986, Location: P52-L4
OLSON, Jonas, Birth: 1876, Death: 1946, Location: P 6-L4, Brother of Mattie
OLSON, Martha, Birth: 1841, Death: 1921, Location: P20-L2, Between Lots 1-2
OLSON, Peter E., Birth: 1841, Death: 1925, Location: P 9-L4-1, Between
PFRANGLE, William Howe, Birth: 1911, Death: 1984, Location: P5-L1, Ashes – veteran
PROKOPEC, David James, Birth: 1963, Death: 1982, Location: P26-L2, Car wreck
PROKOPEC, James A., Birth: 1932, Death: 1999, Location: P42-L4, Korea
PROKOPEC, Juanita “Neats”, Birth: 1937, Death: 2006, Location: P 26-L3
PURVIS, Frances Jones, Birth: 1900, Death: 2000, Location: P33-L4, VFW Aux
PURVIS, Frank Luther, Birth: 1923, Death: 1946, Location: P 24-L3, WWII- FOE-son of Henry
PURVIS, Henry C., Birth: 1893, Death: 1984, Location: P33-L3, WWI
RIDDLE, Richard, Birth: 1935, Death: 2006, Location: P 10-L1
ROBERTS, Sarah, Birth: 1926, Death: 2008, Location: P 51-L4, WWII
ROWLETT, Elsie Althea, Death: 1919, Location: P 46-L4, 2 yrs 5 mo.
STORY, Edward V., Death: 1981, Location: P 36-L4, baby
SUMMERS, John A., Birth: 1896, Death: 1956, Location: P 22-L1, WWI
TIPTON, William, Death: c1914, Location: P 47-L4
WALSH, Evelyn, Birth: 1925, Death: 1994, Location: P39-L3, Ashes
WALSH, Jack, Birth: 1905, Death: 1987, Location: P 39-L4, ashes
WALSH, John (or Robert), Death: c1913, Location: P 25-L4, Civil War - Spanish American
WRIGHT, Christina Mae, Death: 1964, Location: P 42-L1, baby
WRIGHT, Duane Leroy “Snuff”, Birth: 1935, Death: 2002, Location: P42-L2-3, Ashes (between)
WRIGHT, Lois M., Birth: 1915, Death: 1989, Location: P42-L3, VFW Aux
WRIGHT, Orville Mearl, Birth: 1909, Death: 2003, Location: P42/43, L 2/3 (between) Ashes
WRIGHT, R.O. "Slim", Birth: 1914, Death: 1998, Location: P42-L4
WRIGHT, Raymond O., Birth: 1966, Death: 1985, Location: P42-L2

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