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Wilson Cemetery
Slate, Wood County, West Virginia

Lat: 39° 07' 06"N, Lon: 81° 27' 40"W

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce, Sep 14, 2011, last edited Sep 27, 2011 [s82c43@frontier.com]. Total records = 88.

Take the Mineral Wells exit off of I-77. Travel on Rt. 14 south for about 6.8 miles. Turn right onto Slate Creek Road. Follow Slate Creek Road for about 2 miles. The cemetery sits on a hill on the left side of the road. There are three large white crosses in the cemetery that are visible from the road.

The cemetery was donated to the Harmony Chapel Church in the late 1800s, the property is now owned by Charles Pyles. The church burnt down in 1930 when a fire was accidentally started by a State Road Crew working in the area. The cemetery is sometimes referred to as the Harmony Chapel Cemetery.

IThe cemetery hasn't been used in many years and is overgrown with weeds. Most of the stones are still in very good condition.

This is a complete reading of all existing headstones when I walked and transcribed this cemetery in Sep 10, 2011.
- Teresa Fordyce

Anderson, Alfred, b. Apr 11, 1825, d. 1906, s/o James and Elizabeth Anderson, death record gives date of death as May 18, 1907
Anderson, Amanda M., b. Nov 17, 1818, d. 1898, 4th w/o Alfred Anderson, d/o William and Susan Barrett, death record gives date of death as Dec 4, 1899
Anderson, Elizabeth, d. Aug 20, 1857, Aged 32y 6m 28d, 3rd w/o Alfred Anderson, Married May 8, 1856, d/o Morton and Mary Baker
Anderson, Infant, b. Aug 20, 1857, d. Aug 20, 1857, s/o Alfred and Elizabeth Baker Anderson, (no stone)
Anderson, James F., d. Aug 14, 1870, Aged 18y 5m 3d, s/o Alfred and Maria Anderson
Anderson, Lucinda, d. Sep 6, 1855, Aged 37y 2m, 2nd w/o Alfred Anderson, Married Jan 15, 1854, d/o John and Susan Thorn, (no stone)
Anderson, Maria, d. May 11, 1853, Aged 23y 4d, 1st w/o Alfred Anderson
Anderson, Nancy Elizabeth, d. Sep 8, 1855, Aged 8 months, d/o Alfred and Lucinda Thorn Anderson, (no stone)
Boise, Alice, b. Feb 19, 1915, d. Jan 5, 1921, d/o William F. and Amanda Boise
Boise, George W., b. Mar 1, 1897, d. Jan 6, 1912, s/o William F. and Amanda Boise
Brafford, George Samuel, b. Jan 20, 1844, d. Jan 31, 1922, s/o Samuel and Eliza Rudolph Brafford, Co. E. 15th Reg. WV Inf. Civil War
Brafford, Sarah Virginia, b. Jul 25, 1856, d. Apr 19, 1943, w/o George S. Brafford, d/o Bazzle and Sarah Masters Wilson
Brown, Earl, b. Jul 6, 1912, d. Jul 6, 1912, s/o Samuel and Ella Brown
Brown, Glenna Dale, b. Dec 15, 1901, d. Dec 30, 1901, d/o Samuel and Ella Brown
Brown, James Edwin, b. Apr 18, 1915, d. Apr 25, 1915, s/o Samuel and Ella Brown
Brown, Pearl, b. Jul 6, 1912, d. Jul 6, 1912, d/o Samuel and Ella Brown
Crouser, Mary E., b. 1863, d. 1890, w/o Richard H. Crouser
Crouser, Richard Howard, b. Feb 11, 1856, d. Nov 5, 1927, s/o Nicholas and Nancy Howard Crouser
Evans, Jennie B., b. May 30, 1889, d. May 18, 1894, d/o Albert and Elizabeth Evans
Evans, Jonathan, b. Aug 8, 1813, d. Aug 6, 1888
Evans, Julie, b. Aug 12, 1885, d. Mar 12, 1887, d/o B.E. and J. Evans
Evans, Laura Ellen, b. Jan 8, 1872, d. Jan 19, 1932, w/o Robert F. Evans, Married October 20, 1900, d/o Howard and Indiana Collison Murray
Evans, Lydia L. Dovener, b. Aug 22, 1822, d. Nov 13, 1908, w/o Jonathan Evans
Evans, Robert Franklin., b. 1845, d. Jan 2, 1920, Co. E. 11th VA Inf. Civil War
Henderson, Joseph, b. 1843, d. 1915
Henderson, Mary E., b. 1847, d. 1929, w/o Joseph Henderson, d/o Samuel and Katherine Vale Dunn, death record gave dates as b. Mar 14, 1842, d. Nov 12, 1927
Henderson, Rosa, b. 1885, d. 1967
James, Robert O., b. Jul 9, 1890, d. Nov 13, 1892, s/o Thomas M. and Sarah E. James
James, Sophia J., b. 1883, d. 1908
James, Thomas H., b. 1855, d. 1899, (no stone)
Lyons, Sarah Ann Golden, b. Feb 24, 1832, d. Jan 9, 1900, w/o James M. Lyons Sr., Married March 18, 1853
Masters, James Edward, b. Jan 22, 1873, d. Mar 26, 1936, s/o John B. and Margaret Shriner Masters, (no stone)
Masters, Jared, d. Apr 25, 1856, Aged 36 years, s/o John M. and M. Masters
Masters, Jeals, b. 1811, d. 1895, w/o John Masters, (no stone)
Masters, John Brooks, b. 1848, d. Feb 6, 1917, s/o Jennett and Martha Steele Masters, (no stone)
Masters, Margaret, b. Aug 11, 1845, d. Dec 25, 1928, w/o John B. Masters, d/o Adam and Mary Jane Barnes Shriner, (no stone)
Masters, Will, b. 1878, d. Jan 17, 1898, s/o John B. and Margaret Shriner Masters, (no stone)
Melrose, Myrtle Marinda, b. May 1, 1895, d. Jun 3, 1927, w/o F.M. Melrose, d/o Leonard F. and Hattie Bibbee Sims
Porter, Carrie, b. Oct 4, 1884, d. Nov 21, 1934, w/o Frank Porter, d/o John B. and Margaret Shriner Masters, (no stone)
Price, George W., d. Aug 13, 1884, Aged 33y 1m 14d
Pyles, Bonnie Lucille, b. 1911, d. 1911, d/o Charles and Olive Pyles, (no stone)
Richards, Elias Sanford, b. 1835, d. Sep 2, 1924, s/o Otho and Rebecca Dotson Richards, death record gives birth date as Feb 20, 1832
Richards, Martha P., b. 1846, d. 1915, w/o Elias Sanford Richards, Married Feb 20, 1868, d/o Zachariah and Nancy Sprouse
Robinson, Cora Ann, b. Mar 9, 1861, d. Jul 24, 1875, d/o John H. and H.A. Robinson
Sims, Addie Ellen Flinn, b. Dec 17, 1847, d. Oct 23, 1903, w/o Ebenezer B. Sims, death record gave her first name as Alda
Sims, Anna, b. 1881, d. Dec 17, 1926, w/o Christopher A. Sims, Married September 24, 1899, d/o Samuel and Cisley Shelton Bibbee, death record gave year of birth as 1882
Sims, Annie E., b. Jan 4, 1867, d. Sep 26, 1947, w/o William H. Sims, d/o Woodward and Rebecca Mayhew Sprouse
Sims, Beulah Alice, b. Feb 26, 1900, d. Feb 3, 1951, d/o Leonard F. and Hattie Bibbee Sims
Sims, Carl R., b. 1905, d. 1908, s/o William H. and Annie Sprouse Sims
Sims, Christopher Alexander, b. May 15, 1873, d. Dec 28, 1956, s/o Ebenezer B. and Addie E. Flinn Sims
Sims, Clyde Henry, b. Apr 1, 1907, d. Nov 22, 1916, s/o Christopher A. and Annie Bibbee Sims
Sims, Comadore, b. 1915, d. 1915, s/o Christopher A. and Annie Bibbee Sims
Sims, Dessie M., b. 1906, d. 1906, d/o Leonard F. and Hattie Bibbee Sims
Sims, Ebenezer B., b. Aug 18, 1841, d. Jun 1, 1926, Co. H. 1st WV Cav. Civil War, s/o Frank and Sarah Lawson Sims
Sims, Frederick J., b. 1903, d. 1941, s/o William H. and Annie Sprouse Sims
Sims, Hattie, b. Sep 10, 1871, d. Jul 25, 1952, w/o Leonard F. Sims, d/o Samuel and Cisley Shelton Bibbee
Sims, Leonard Franklin, b. Aug 6, 1868, d. Apr 25, 1960, s/o George and Alice Flinn Sims
Sims, Lillie May, b. Jul 14, 1914, d. Oct 31, 1915, d/o N.H. and Georgia Criso Sims, Metal Funeral Home Marker
Sims, Viola B., b. 1889, d. 1905, d/o William H. and Annie Sprouse Sims
Sims, William H., b. Aug 19, 1866, d. Jul 27, 1954, s/o Ebenezer and Addie Ellen Flinn Sims
Stephens, Faye Louise, no dates, d/o Harry E. and Mildred V. Stephens, (no stone)
Stephens, George M., b. Dec 22, 1870, d. Apr 11, 1945, s/o Jared and Margaret Stephens
Stephens, Harlan O., b. 1903, d. 1924, s/o George M. and Ora Wilson Stephens
Stephens, Harry E. Jr., b. 1923, d. 1927, s/o Harry E. and Mildred V. Stephens
Stephens, Ireta P., b. Apr 2, 1910, d. Nov 6, 1915, d/o George M. and Ora Wilson Stephens
Stephens, Jared Edward, b. May 1848, d. 1907, s/o George W. and Hepsey Ruble Stephens
Stephens, Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug 1857, d. 1915, w/o Jared E. Stephens, Married December 24, 1882, d/o Bazzle and Sarah Wilson
Stephens, Ora Emerance, b. Oct 27, 1872, d. 1938, w/o George M. Stephens, Married February 14, 1899, d/o Alpheus M. and Louisana Berry Wilson, death record gave date of death as May 17, 1939
VanCamp, Abram, d. Dec 24, 1892, Aged 36y 9m 3d, s/o Samuel and Sarah Collins VanCamp, death record gave age at death as 35y 3m 28d
VanCamp, John C., b. Jul 11, 1869, d. Dec 25, 1911
VanCamp, Rebecca, b. May 4, 1872, d., w/o John C. VanCamp
VanCamp, Samuel, b. Jul 30, 1830, d. Nov 8, 1921, Co. J. 194th Ohio Inf. Civil War
VanCamp, Sarah, b. 1847, d. Jan 13, 1929, w/o Samuel VanCamp, d/o Joseph and M. Mary Niler Collins, death record gave date of birth as Feb 16, 1846
Wagoner, Barren, b. 1810, d., very worn and unreadable
Warren, Infant, b. Mar 24, 1932, d. Mar 24, 1932, s/o Wiley W. and Sarah Stephens Warren, (no stone)
Warren, Sarah "Sadie", b. Sep 4, 1886, d. Mar 24, 1932, w/o Wiley W. Warren, d/o J.E. and Mary E. Wilson Stephens, (no stone)
Warren, Wyle, b. 1866, d. 1933, (no stone)
Wilson, Alpheus Monroe, b. 1849, d. 19(32), s/o Bazzle and Sarah Masters Wilson
Wilson, Anna Mary Price, b. Apr 14, 1856, d. Oct 20, 1926, w/o James T. Wilson, d/o Samuel Newhouse
Wilson, Bazzle, b. Aug 5, 1800, d. Feb 22, 1881, s/o John and Elizabeth Scott Wilson
Wilson, James Treadway, b. May 30, 1841, d. Feb 4, 1919, Co. C. 1st WV Cav. Civil War
Wilson, Louisana, b. 1862, d. Apr 21, 1924, w/o Alpheus M. Wilson, Married Jan 28, 1872, d/o Washington and Delilah Golden Berry, death record gave date of birth as June 18, 1852
Wilson, Lucy, b. Sep 16, 1845, d. Aug 12, 1918, w/o R.M. Wilson
Wilson, Mabel E., b. Jan 31, 1909, d. Jul 21, 1912, d/o Edwin and Bessie Wilson
Wilson, Ozias, b. Oct 4, 1845, d. Oct 4, 1845, s/o Bazzle and Sarah Wilson, (no stone)
Wilson, Pearly Leroy, b. Aug 11, 1902, d. Sep 12, 1926, s/o Edwin and Bessie Wilson
Wilson, Samuel Edwin, b. Jul 21, 1879, d. May 8, 1912
Wilson, Sarah, b. Aug 26, 1818, d. Aug 9, 1903, w/o Bazzle Wilson, Married Nov 20, 1844, d/o John Masters, death record gave date of birth as July 26, 1813

� � � Misc:
1 fieldstone with the initials J.W.
18 obvious unmarked graves
7 graves marked with rocks
4 fieldstones with no info
1 large concrete marker with no info
1 metal funeral home marker with no info
� � �
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