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Lott Cemetery
Rockport, Wood County, West Virginia

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce, Jul 01, 2003, last edited Jul 17, 2007 [s82c43@verizon.net]. Total records = 131.

Take Wadesville Rd (CR-46) from Lubeck to Sarepta Baptist Church at the intersection of CR-46 and CR-46-4. Turn onto CR-46-4 and go to the top of the steep hill to the intersection with CR-17-9. Turn left onto CR-17-9 and go a short distance to a sharp curve in the road. The drive for the cemetery will be on your left. There is a house with a concrete driveway right across from the driveway to the cemetery. The cemetery is at the top of the hill.

This is an old family cemetery that is rarely used now. There are several graves in the center section of the cemetery that are only marked with Field Stones.

I have transcribed from an earlier transcription, provided to me by Rodney C. Maddox. His reading was done on Nov 20, 2000. He had researched the burials for this cemetery.

- Teresa Fordyce

Allen, Charles Alexander, b. Apr 10, 1876, d. May 19, 1950
Allen, Howard, b. Jun 12, 1920, d. Jul 9, 1924, s/o Okey and Ocie Allen
Allen, Ida May, b. Nov 19, 1874, d. Oct 13, 1952, w/o Charles Alexander Allen, Mother of Okey, Charles Everett and Ocie D.
Allen, Major H. Reed, b. 1864, d. 1954
Allen, Mary Jane Webber, b. 1873, d. 1946, w/o Major H. Reed Allen, Mother of Mary Elizanna, John Michael, Sarah Blanche, Clara May, Zanna and Nina Grace
Allen, Sarah Blanche, b. Jun 2, 1894, d. May 1, 1906, d/o Major H. Reed and Mary Jane Webber Allen
Beauman, Adam, no readable marker
Bleavings, Abraham, no readable marker
Bleavings, Jessie, d. Feb 10, 1893
Bleavings, Mary J., b. 1843, d. 1926, w/o Abraham Bleavings
Canary, Cornelius H., b. Sep 23, 1860, d. Sep 25, 1956
Canary, Hannah Luticia Lott, b. Dec 28, 1868, d. Jul 17, 1953, w/o Cornelius H. Canary, Mother of Minnie Forest, Rue, Alonzo and Harry Agusta
Canary, Sinah C., b. 1896, d. 1919
Clegg, Susan Anna, b. 1879, d. 1941
Cochran, Jacob Homer, b. Jan 26, 1880, d. Jan 13, 1944
Cochran, Mary Jane Eaton, b. 1882, d. Mar 30, 1937, w/o Jacob Homer Cochran, d/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton, Mother of James Everett and Mary E.
Dailey, Charles, d. 1901
Daugherty, Esta Grace Lott, b. May 5, 1895, d. Mar 31, 1969, w/o Frank Daugherty, d/o Henry Elmer and Frances Mahala Roberts Lott, Mother of Ada Marie, Betty L., Edith, Frances Louise, Gilbert, Mary Irene, Robert, Ruth, Virginia Kathleen, William and Ica Ellen
Daugherty, Frank, b. 1893, d. 1964
Eaton, Amos Jones, b. Feb 15, 1828, d. 1909, s/o David and Hannah Mantle Eaton
Eaton, Angeline, b. 1845, d. 1854, d/o David and Hannah Mantle Eaton
Eaton, Charles Franklin, b. Oct 28, 1887, d. Jun 9, 1893, s/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton
Eaton, Cora May Florence, b. May 20, 1870, d. Jan 2, 1951, w/o David Franklin Eaton
Eaton, David Franklin, b. Mar 16, 1863, d. 1911, s/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton
Eaton, David Marion, b. Feb 9, 1880, d. Sep 3, 1939, s/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton
Eaton, David, b. 1804, d. Mar 31, 1879, Born in Hartford Co., Maryland
Eaton, Elihue Tipton, b. Apr 15, 1843, d. Oct 22, 1912, s/o David and Hannah Mantle Eaton
Eaton, George W., b. Jan 10, 1867, d. Dec 5, 1867, s/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton
Eaton, Glenn, d. Feb 20, 1920, Child
Eaton, Hannah Mantle, b. 1803, d. Apr 25, 1888, w/o David Eaton, Born in Hartford Co., Maryland, Mother of Susanna, Amos Jones, Franklin Pierce, Elijah, Isaac, John Young, Miranda, Angeline and Elihue Tipton
Eaton, Hariet Elizabeth Smith, b. Oct 25, 1836, d. 1935, w/o Amos Jones Eaton, d/o William and Suzanne Cain Smith, Mother of George West, John Monroe, Maranda, David Franklin, Mary Catherine, Hariet Edith, William Thomas and George Washington
Eaton, Henry Burgess, b. Mar 4, 1886, d. Aug 18, 1963, s/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton
Eaton, Henry Edwin, b. Jun 4, 1921, d. Dec 3, 1941, h/o Louisa Morehead, s/o Henry Burgess and Minnie Forest Canary Eaton
Eaton, Howard L., d. at age 26, no other information
Eaton, Isaac Franklin, b. May 5, 1873, d. Nov 2, 1946, s/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton
Eaton, John Monroe, b. Apr 1, 1860, d. Mar 10, 1913, s/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton
Eaton, Many Jane Ellen Terrell, b. Apr 21, 1885, d. Dec 7, 1964, w/o David Marion Eaton, d/o Sarshfield and Cathryn Greiner Terrell, Mother of Donald Francis, Campsie F. and David D.
Eaton, Mary Catherine, d. Jan 1, 1866, d/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton
Eaton, Mary Elizabeth Melrose, b. Sep 27, 1844, d. Mar 6, 1923, w/o Elihue Tipton Eaton, d/o Mark and Hannah Mary Melrose, Mother of George W., Iora D., Leannah B., Isaac F., James Joseph, David Marion, Henry Burgess, Sanford T. and John Young
Eaton, Mary Jane Lott, b. 1858, d. Jul 13, 1927, w/o John Monroe Eaton, d/o George Washington Sr. and Margaret Jenkins Lott
Eaton, Minnie Forest Canary, b. Jul 19, 1890, d. Jun 24, 1921, w/o Henry Burgess Eaton, d/o Cornelius H. and Hannah Luticia Lott Canary, Mother of Anna Grace, Harry G. and Henry Edwin
Eaton, Sanford T., b. 1886, d. Feb 3, 1932, s/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton
Eaton, William Thomas, b. Jun 4, 1858, d. Nov 4, 1860, s/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton
Eckles, Edwin, d. Aug 3, 1919
Grewell, Elias, b. Feb 12, 1904, d.
Grewell, Phebe C., b. 1862, d. Jul 4, 1895, d/o P. Grewell
Grewell, Polly, unreadable marker
Grimm, Infant, unreadable marker
Hains, Harriet W., b. Mar 5, 1818, d. Apr 28, 1893, w/o Justis J. Hains
Hains, Justis J., b. Jan 21, 1813, d. Feb 19, 1901
Hendericks, Thomas Paul, b. 1812, d. 1880
Houser, W. C., no dates
Lemley, Berle A., b. Jun 16, 1936, d. May 1, 1952, d/o Ralph Robert and Ireda Eaton Lemley
Lemley, Ireda Eaton, b. Jan 14, 1914, d. Jun 7, 1998, w/o Ralph Robert Lemley, d/o Isaac Franklin and Mary May Terrell Eaton
Lemley, Ralph Robert, b. May 10, 1912, d. Aug 11, 1978, s/o Payton F. and Rosa A. Griffith Lemley
Logston, Elizabeth, b. Mar 1, 1807, d. Sep 16, 1888, w/o Lawrence Logston, No Marker was found
Lott, Andrew Jackson, b. 1838, d. Nov 10, 1897, s/o John and Eva Wiseman Lott
Lott, Bartholomew, b. Oct 30, 1844, d. Apr 24, 1929, s/o George Washington Sr. and Margaret Jenkins Lott
Lott, Charles William Nelson, b. Jul 8, 1870, d. Sep 6, 1889, s/o Bartholomew and Margaret Diantha Blackmore Lott
Lott, David Cain, b. Jan 10, 1866, d. Jan 12, 1940, s/o Henry Oland and Eliza Jane Smith Lott
Lott, Elizabeth Ann, b. Oct 10, 1872, d. Feb 4, 1877, d/o George Washington Jr. and Mary Magdeline Wigal Lott
Lott, George Washington Jr., b. Aug 9, 1849, d. May 4, 1916, s/o George Washington Sr. and Margaret Jenkins Lott
Lott, George Washington Sr., b. Jan 20, 1813, d. Apr 14, 1894
Lott, Henry Elmer, b. Jan 20, 1868, d. Oct 25, 1945
Lott, Henry Oland, b. Oct 2, 1839, d. Oct 29, 1929, s/o George Washington Sr. and Margaret Jenkins Lott
Lott, Malinda S., no readable marker
Lott, Margaret Diantha Blackmore, b. Jun 25, 1847, d. Apr 28, 1924, w/o Bartholomew Lott, d/o Joseph and Charlotte Kinniman Blackmore, Mother of Charles M., John Edmondson, Charles William and Mary Mollie
Lott, Margaret Jenkins, b. Mar 17, 1815, d. Feb 21, 1894, w/o George Washington Lott Sr., d/o George and Elizabeth Costeio Jenkins, Mother of David C., Joseph B., Henry Oland, John W., Bartholomew, William Thomas, George Washington Jr., Sarah M., Raleigh, Isaac Monroe and Mary Jane
Lott, Mary Magdeline Wigal, b. 1845, d. 1913, w/o George Washington Lott Jr., d/o Phillip Jr. and Nancy Sheets Wigal, Mother of Hannah L., William Taylor, Elizabeth Ann, Mary Josephine, Alexander C., James Pearly and Loy E.
Lott, Nancy Evolina Hains, b. 1839, d. Jan 22, 1863, w/o Andrew Jackson Lott, d/o Daniel and Lovey Hains
Lott, Nora May Small, b. Jul 7, 1884, d. Oct 22, 1953, w/o Henry Elmer Lott, Mother of Esta Grace, Ralph E. and William H.
Lott, Rozella Mary Bowers, b. Jun 4, 1866, d. Jan 12, 1940, w/o David Cain Lott, d/o James and Mary E. Sutton Bowers, Mother of Everett P., Janie Elizabeth, Cora Mae, Nona Gene, Nellie May, Ocie Emmeline, Henry Olen and William Lester
Lott, Sarah Margaret Rutter, b. 1868, d. Apr 11, 1898, w/o William Taylor Lott, d/o William Rutter, Mother of Charles Albert, Raymond Earl and Lois Ethel
Lott, Virginia Ann, b. Jun 14, 1861, d. Sep 30, 1947, d/o Henry Oland and Eliza Jane Smith Lott
Lott, William Harold, b. Oct 23, 1911, d. Jun 16, 1959, s/o Henry Elmer and Nora May Small Lott
Lutes, Elizabeth J., unreadable dates
Lutes, George, d. Jun 9, 1866
Lutz, Mary May Terrell Eaton, b. May 6, 1891, d. Aug 18, 1978, w/o Isaac Franklin Eaton, 2nd husband was Jesse Lutz, d/o Sarshfield and Cathryn Greiner Terrell
Myers, James R., unreadable marker
Myers, Jay S., Marker is broken and has fallen
Myers, Martha E., unreadable marker
Myers, Osias, b. 1870, d. 1931
Naylor, ,, d. 1866
Paugh, Mary E., b. Jan 29, 1843, d. May 20, 1867, marker is down and destroyed
Provance, Harriet Louisa Lott, b. Jun 1, 1863, d. Sep 25, 1951, w/o Jasper Provance, d/o Henry Oland and Eliza Jane Smith Lott
Provance, Jasper, b. Apr 10, 1846, d. Feb 26, 1908, s/o Joseph and Rachel Catherine Lott Provance
Provance, Joseph, b. Jul 22, 1816, d. Jul 22, 1899
Provance, Rachel Catherine Lott, b. Oct 15, 1815, d. Oct 10, 1905, w/o Joseph Provance, d/o John and Eva Wiseman Lott, Mother of Rachel, Angus, Amanda, Susan, Jasper, David, Louisa and Mildred
Roberts, Mary Jane Weaver, b. Oct 26, 1878, d. Oct 15, 1903, w/o Chester Roberts, d/o Franklin J. and Maranda J. Eaton Weaver
Ryan, Ella, b. 1883, d. 1925
Scott, Alexander, b. 1845, d. 1925
Scott, Arminnie, b. Nov 18, 1848, d. Dec 6, 1928, w/o William Scott
Scott, Beulah, b. May 13, 1912, d. May 19, 1912
Scott, Charity, unreadable marker
Scott, Clarence, b. Apr 5, 1881, d. Apr 29, 1904, s/o Alexander and Matilda Scott
Scott, Edward Gale, b. Apr 2, 1926, d. Sep ?, 1926, s/o Richard and Vettie Scott
Scott, Icy Dora, b. Mar 4, 1895, d. May 13, 191?
Scott, Matilda, b. 1847, d. 1916, w/o Alexander Scott
Scott, Melisa, b. Nov 2, 1887, d. Oct 1, 1922
Scott, Myrtle M., d. 1960
Scott, Osta, b. 1876, d. 1969
Scott, Rosa E. Bleavins, b. 1811, d. 1907, w/o Osta Scott, Mother of Raymond E. and Richard
Scott, Thomas, b. Nov 24, 18??, d. Sep 29, 1899
Scott, William, b. Aug 24, 1844, d. Oct 9, 1918
Sellers, George W., b. Nov 6, 1882, d. Dec 3, 1908
Small, Charles E., b. Jan 3, 1928, d. Jun 6, 1996, s/o Frederick Clayton and Elise F. Provance Small
Small, Deliah Scott, b. Aug 6, 1877, d. Mar 10, 1920, w/o William Pearl Small, Mother of Arthur Dana, Frederick Clayton, Rader Alexander, Clarence Roy, John William, Charles H. and Ethel Grace
Small, Elise F. Provance, b. 1897, d. 1977, w/o Frederick Clayton Small, d/o Jasper and Harriet Louisa Lott Provance
Small, Frederick Clayton, b. Dec 22, 1898, d. Jun 17, 1961, s/o William Pearl and Deliah Scott Small
Small, Gary Keith, b. Apr 1935, d. Apr 1935, home made marker, Twin brother of Larry Kevin Small
Small, Hannah Grewell, b. 1856, d. 1930, w/o John Sullivan Small, Mother of Mary E., William Pearl, James Oliver and Nora May
Small, John Sullivan, b. 1852, d. 1939, s/o William and Susan Lott Small
Small, Larry Kevin, b. Apr 1935, d. Apr 1935, home made marker, Twin brother of Gary Keith Small
Small, Nettie J. Ryan, b. Jul 1887, d. 1919, w/o Russell Eugene Small, d/o Thomas and Mary Alice Allen Ryan
Small, Russell Eugene, home made marker, no readable dates, s/o Thomas Edison and Sarah Shepard Small
Small, Verna Provance, b. 1891, d. 1996, Funeral Home Marker
Small, William Pearl, b. Mar 7, 1878, d. Feb 25, 1965, s/o John Sullivan and Hannah Grewell Small
Smith, C. E., no marker, just a wooden cross
Smith, Lora Inez Emerick, b. 1902, d. 1949
Terrell, Cathryn M. Greiner, b. Nov 4, 1858, d. Oct 21, 1943, w/o Sarshfield Terrell, Mother of Mandy Jane Ellen and Mary M.
Terrell, Sarshfield, b. Jun 2, 1854, d. May 31, 1928
Tice, Emma, b. 1868, d. 1939, w/o Taylor Tice
Tice, Infant, b. Oct 8, 1922, d. Oct 8, 1922, c/o Fred and Alda Tice
Tice, Lulu F., b. May 28, 1892, d. Nov 2, 1898
Tice, Taylor, b. 1860, d. 1943
Weaver, Franklin J., b. 1857, d. 1884
Weaver, Maranda J. Eaton, b. Apr 1856, d. 1950, w/o Franklin J. Weaver, d/o Amos Jones and Hariet Elizabeth Smith Eaton, Mother of John, Mary Jane, William L., Fay and James F.
Webber, John Rankin, b. Aug 30, 1851, d. Jun 15, 1908, s/o John V. and Elizabeth Linn Webber
Webber, Sarah Margaret Lott, b. Oct 17, 1851, d. Mar 17, 1930, w/o John Rankin Webber, d/o George Washington Sr. and Margaret Jenkins Lott, Mother of Mary Jane, Ida May and Marimon Alonzo
White, Iora D. Eaton, b. Mar 18, 1868, d. Apr 26, 1928, w/o William A. White, d/o Elihue Tipton and Mary Elizabeth Melrose Eaton, Mother of Freda and Elihu T.
White, William M., b. Apr 22, 1859, d. Mar 16, 1933
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