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Holliday Cemetery
Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia

6th St. and Gale Ave, Parkersburg WV

Lat: 39° 08' 43"N, Lon: 81° 30' 09"W

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce, May 30, 2004, last edited Jul 16, 2007 [s82c43@verizon.net]. Total records = 85.

Located in Parkersburg, on the corner of 6th St. and Gale Ave, east of the 5th Street Bridge.

This is among one of the oldest Wood County Cemeteries. The earliest recorded burial was in 1811, but it is thought that several of the unmarked graves pre-date that time. One of those unmarked graves is said to be Ransom Reed, Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett's favorite servants.

The cemetery is about 1 � acre in size with a deep ravine running down the center. The front and right sides are bordered with stone walls that were constructed in the early 1930's. The property was first owned by Robert Thornton and then transferred to Alexander Parker, Parkersburg's founder. After Parker's death, his daughter, Mary Robinson inherited the property. The area was officially deeded as a community cemetery in 1853.

The cemetery is no longer used and in very poor condition. The grounds are kept mowed but the vast majority of the stones are in terrible condition. Many of the stones are made of limestone and shale and have not weathered well. Many of the stones are worn to the point that an inscription is no longer detectable. Many stones have fallen over and are broken into several pieces. On the right side of the cemetery, near a tree in the back, lay a pile of broken stones.

John House visited this cemetery in the early 1930s. He noted several stones that I was unable to locate/read. These entries will be marked with an asterisk (*). Over the years, many of the people buried here have been moved to other cemeteries.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery on May 22, 2004.
- Teresa Fordyce

Amiss, Henry, b. Jun 26, 1863, d. Aug 29, 1888
Armstrong, William, no dates, Confederate Soldier*
Barnette, Infant Boy, b. Jul 13, 1963
Barnette, Infant Boy, b. Jul 16, 1962
Bartlett, John L., d. Aug 24, 1833, aged 26 years*
Baynes, Moses, d. 1840, aged 45 years*
Berry, Jane A., b. unreadable dates, w/o William Berry*
Bloomer, Rhoda, d. Feb 22, 1867, aged 22 years, w/o John Bloomer*
Brown, Charles R., d. Mar 9, 1815, aged 2 years*
Bryson, Andrew, d. Aug 25, 1833, aged 52y 19d, "of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania"
Burke, Joseph, d. Dec 30, 1831, aged 33 years*
Butcher, Lydia, d. Nov 24, 1875, aged 84y 3m, (Very Worn)
Butcher, Margaret, d. May 7, 1849, aged 22y 9m 17d, w/o T.W. Butcher
Butcher, T. W., d. Sep 18, 1850, aged 32y 6m ?d
Carder, Abbott, d. 1847, aged 26y 6m*
Clark, Henry, no dates, Confederate Soldier
Coffer, Harriet Fay, d. Sep 20, 1857, aged 46y 4m, w/o John H. Coffer
Coffman, John G., b. 1831, d. 1850, s/o J.W. and E. Coffman
Connell, Absline, d. Jun 27, 1841, aged 44 years*
Deem, Adam, d. Dec 15, 1835*
Derby, Jane A., d. Nov 13, 1813, aged 28 years, w/o William Derby*
Dils, Ann, b. Jun 6, 1846, d. Jul 8, 1846, d/o H.H. and A. Dils
Dils, Margaret (Logan), d. Feb 7, 1862, aged 37y 11m, w/o William Dils
Dils, Sarah, b. Dec 18, 1836, d. Jun 28, 1838, d/o H.H. and A. Dils
Dils, William, b. Dec 25, 1819, d. Aug 19, 1884
Dorsey, T. F., no dates, Co. F. U.S.C.T. Civil War*
Elson, Robert, no dates, Co. D. 4th W.Va. Inf. Civil War*
Farrow, Hiram Perry, b. 1824, d. 1900*
Farrow, Sarah Newbanks, b. 1822, d. 1861*
Farrow, Virginia Foster, b. 1837, d. 1870*
Foster, Mary, d. Mar 27, 1852, w/o John Foster
Fountaine, Taylor, d. Apr 4, 1887, aged 29 years
Franklin, Mary, d. Feb 23, 1876, w/o Edmund Franklin
Grandon, William, no dates, Co. C. 1st W.Va. Cav. Civil War*
Haddens, John, no dates, Co. K. 3rd W.Va. Inf. Civil War*
Harris, Mary, d. 1872, w/o John Harris*
Hatcher, William Henry, b. Jul 10, 1828, d. Nov 8, 1899*
Heaton, Rebecca, d. 1811, aged 38 years, w/o Isaac Heaton*
Hillard, George W., b. Mar 12, 1859, d. Oct ?, ????, aged 23y 9m 23d, (Very Worn)
Hillard, Gorgianna, b. Jun 17, 1854, d. ? 2, 188?, w/o George W. Hillard, (Very Worn)
Hoge, G. W., no dates, Co. H. 3rd W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Holliday, Ann (Morton), d. Dec 27, 1834, aged 52 years, w/o William Holliday
Holliday, Daniel Archibald, d. Sep 14, 1818, aged 2 years, s/o William and Ann Holliday
Holliday, Morton E., d. Apr 10, 1862, aged 49y 3m 10d, s/o William and Ann Holliday
Holliday, William, d. Sep 27, 1823, aged 44 years
Hughes, Samuel, no dates, Co. E. 6th W.Va. Civil War*
Jackson, H. F., no dates, Co. G. 6th W.Va. Civil War*
Jackson, Rebecca, b. 1814, d. 1832, w/o Isaac Jackson*
Julious, Ann, d. May 21, 1879, aged 47y 11m 13d, w/o Fieldon Julious
Julious, Fieldon, b. Jan 4, 1815, d. Mar 13, 1891
Kiger, Malinda J., d. Jan 11, 1864, aged 33y 8m 12d, w/o J.P. Kiger
Logan, Henry, d. May 26, 1845, aged 60 years
Logan, Sarah (Skinner), d. Apr 15, 1842, aged 55 years, w/o Henry Logan
Logan, William Jr., no dates, Co. F. 17th VA Cav. CSA, (Confederate Soldier)
Lowther, Cyrus Dorsey, d. Oct 22, 1846, aged 21 years
Lowther, Elias R., d. Dec 16, 1846, aged 51 years
Lowther, George, d. Jul 6, 1846, aged 22 years
Lowther, Susan M., d. Jul 19, 1881, aged 83 years
Maddox, Anna Emma, d. Sep 14, 1850, (Child)*
Maddox, John, d. Feb 22, 1850, aged 25 years*
Marple, G. W., no dates, Co. K. 15th W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Marr, Zilpha, b. Apr 30, 184?, d. Sep 29, 184?, d/o Thomas and Mary Marr*
Maston, Rev. Lemuel, d. Jan 22, 1884, aged 33y 9m*
McConnell, Robert, d. Mar 16, 1846, aged 23 years
Morrison, Hamilton, b. Jun 6, 1803, d. Dec 14, 1871
Neal, Ann L., d. Aug 25, 1843, aged 45 years, 3rd w/o James H. Neal
Neal, James H., b. Dec 28, 1784, d. Mar 24, 1850
Neal, Martha Ann, d. Dec 21, 1827, aged 32 years, 2nd w/o James H. Neal, d/o Robert Wells*
Nelson, D. K., no dates, Co. K. 39th Ohio Inf. Civil War
Phelps, Rezin, d. Jul 20, 1850
Pool, Samuel, no dates, Co. D. 33rd M.O.V.I. Civil War*
Roberts, William, no dates, 15th W.Va. Inf. Civil War*
Ruble, Polser, no dates, Co. A. 15th W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Simmons, Andrew, d. 1845, s/o Robert and S. Simmons*
Simmons, John W., d. 1850 (Child)*
Simmons, Maria W., d. 1850, (Child)*
Stewart, John E., d. Aug 4, 1852
Tavenner, Nancy, d. Sep 23, 1853, aged 27y 8m, w/o Thomas J. Tavenner
Taylor, John, b. Jan 23, 1779, d. Oct 18, 1856*
Taylor, Martha J., no dates, d/o John Taylor*
Tumpover, G. W., no dates, Co. H. 3rd W.Va. Cav. Civil War*
Warthen, Virginia, d. 1877, aged 36 years, w/o S. Warthen*
Weld, John, b. unreadable
Wilson, John Henry, d. Aug ?, 186?, s/o L. and J. Wilson, (Very Worn)
Wolfe, Lydia A., d. 1843, aged 25 years, w/o Daniel N. Wolfe*

??, , d. Mar 11, 1839, aged 5 days
??, Eleanor, b. Unreadable except for the name
??, Samuel, no dates, Co. E. 6th Tenn. Cav. Civil War
??, Samuel, b. s/o Unreadable
Lowther, , b. Unreadable stone
Neal, Ephlis (Hook), b. Oct 29, 1779, d. Jan 1, 1852, w/o John Neal, (Later moved to Mt. Olivet)*
Neal, John, b. May 10, 1776, d. Oct 13, 1823, (Later moved to Mt. Olivet)*

Civil War Marker with the death date Dec 8, 1863
Civil War Marker with the death date of Jan 02, 1865
25 broken stones, only the bases remain
36 unmarked graves, probably more, but these were obvious
42 unreadable markers
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