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Dils Cemetery
Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia

3002 E 7th St Parkersburg, WV 26101-3807, behind this address

Lat: 39° 16' 04"N, Lon: 81° 31' 07"W

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce, May 25, 2005, last edited Jul 16, 2007 [s82c43@verizon.net]. Total records = 118.

Located on East 7th Street, just inside the Parkersburg City limits. It is directly behind the Parkersburg branch of the Williamstown National Bank, on the south side of E 7th Street, and east of Harrison Street.

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Wood County. It was started about 1800 on property owned by Philip Dils, and was used as a private family cemetery. By the 1830's it was being used as a community cemetery and had grown to about an acre in size. The last public execution in Wood County took place in this cemetery. On Mar 06, 1868 Joseph Eisele (aka John Schaefer), was hanged for murder. His body was buried in the cemetery in an unmarked grave.

The cemetery is no longer used. The last burial I noted was in 1933. Sadly it is not very well kept. It is not mowed on a regular basis. The stones are all very old and most of them are very weather worn. Many have fallen over and are broken. County historian John A. House visited the cemetery in 1913. He noted several stones that I was unable to locate. The stones he noted will be marked with an asterisk (*). This will no doubt account for some of the unreadable and missing stones that I noted. Complete accuracy of this transcription cannot be guaranteed. Please verify with other sources.

This is a complete reading of all existing headstones when I walked and transcribed this cemetery on May 24, 2005.
- Teresa Fordyce

Allton, Catherine, d. Oct 17, 1855, aged 23 years, w/o Montraville Allton*
Baker, Catherine, d. 1877, aged 73 years
Baker, Jacob, d. 1884, aged 81 years
Barnes, J. M., No Dates, Co. F. 4th W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Bosley, Franklin B., b. 1887, d. 1897, s/o H.C. and R.L. Bosley
Bosley, Henry C., b. 1852, d. 1905
Bosley, Racheal L., b. 1853, d. 1930, w/o Henry C. Bosley
Bosley, Thomas O., b. 1890, d. 1933, s/o H.C. and R.L. Bosley
Bosley, William A., b. Oct 7, 1876, d. Aug 5, 1897, s/o H.C. and R.L. Bosley
Brown, Hannah, d. Mar 7, 1848, aged 76 years, w/o Thomas Brown
Creel, Edwin L., d. Nov 3, 1866, aged 13y 5m 3d, s/o H.P. and D.E. Creel
Creel, Hugh, b. May 8, 1824, d. Aug 27, 1865
Creel, James B., d. Mar 26, 1857, s/o H.P. and D.E. Creel*
Creel, Robert K., d. Feb 11, 1856, aged 7y 2m 3d, s/o H.P. and D.E. Creel
Creel, Willie M., d. Apr 2, 1874, aged 24y 5d, s/o H.P. and D.E. Creel
Dils, Albert L., b. Mar 30, 1834, d. Nov 10, 1843, s/o H.P. and S. Dils
Dils, Ariantha, d. Jul 26, 1843, aged 68 years, w/o William Dils*
Dils, Arthur Alonzo, d. Jan 15, 1833, aged 1 year, s/o P. and E. Dils
Dils, Belinda Jones, d. Jun 2, 1896, aged 71y 5m 1d, w/o William Smith Dils
Dils, George, b. Aug 26, 1836, d. Feb 26, 1839, s/o H.P. and S. Dils
Dils, Henry, d. Jul 25, 1865, aged 66 years
Dils, Hugh P. Jr., b. May 27, 1843, d. Mar 23, 1867, s/o H.P. and S. Dils
Dils, Hugh P., b. Dec 26, 1802, d. Sep 30, 1868
Dils, James, d. Mar 9, 1853, aged 39y 11m 9d
Dils, Lieut. P. E. (Peter), b. Dec 8, 1831, d. Jun 14, 1881, Co. G. 6th W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Dils, Lorena, b. 1829, d. 1831*
Dils, Louisanna, b. Sep 1, 1840, d. Oct 13, 1840, d/o Henry and Catherine Pilcher Dils
Dils, Mary, b. 1742, d. 1815, w/o Philip Dils*
Dils, Moses P., No Dates*
Dils, Philip W., b. Sep 17, 1788, d. Nov 7, 1849, s/o William and Ariantha Dils
Dils, Philip, b. 1742, d. 1801*
Dils, Samuel P., d. Aug 1, 1890, aged 37 years, s/o W.S. Dils*
Dils, Sarah, b. Jul 25, 1839, d. Jul 7, 1840, d/o H.P. and S. Dils
Dils, Stephen P., d. Sep 11, 1850, aged 26y 10m 18d, s/o Henry and Catherine Pilcher Dils
Dils, Susan, b. Sep 29, 1807, d. Feb 29, 1884, w/o Hugh P. Dils, d/o Henry Logan Sr.
Dils, W. S. (William Smith), d. Jul 8, 1876, aged 60 years, s/o Philip W. and Lucy Foley Dils, Co. A. 39 KY Inf. Civil War
Dils, William, b. 1761, d. 1810*
Dils, William, b. Nov 1799, d. Aug 12, 1817*
Dils, William, d. 1840, aged 19 years*
Earl, John A., d. Sep 1877, aged 17 years, s/o J. and C. Earl*
Farnash, Charles, b. Jul 7, 1846, d., Co. D. 15 W.Va. Inf. Civil War
Farnash, Debby, b. Dec 29, 1835, d. Aug 27, 1896, w/o Charles Farnash
Farnash, M.C., b. Apr 13, 1848, d., w/o Charles Farnash
Fickisen, Elizabeth Erb, b. Feb 18, 1837, d. Oct 21, 1901, born in Pittsburg, PA, w/o Jacob Fickisen
Foley, Bushrod W., d. Aug 17, 1862, aged 32y 5m, s/o M. and H.H. Foley
Foley, Hannah H., d. Jun 9, 1866, aged 74y 5m 26d, w/o Mason Foley, d/o Hugh Phelps
Foley, Hugh P., d. Apr 4, 1862, aged 48y 1m 2d
Foley, James, b. 1727, d. 1808, Capt US Army Rev. War
Foley, Mary (Langfitt), d. Mar 13, 1835, aged 72 years, w/o James Foley
Foley, Mary A., d. Nov 11, 1870, aged 39y 11m 20d, w/o B.H. Foley Jr.
Foley, Mason, d. Feb 24, 1876, aged 95y 1m 8d
Foley, Priscilla, b. Dec 25, 1819, d., w/o Hugh P. Foley, d/o Thomas and Priscilla Creel
Headley, Marry Katheryn, b. Feb 19, 1901, d. Mar 13, 1901, d/o A.N. and Bertha V. Headley
Hill, Sarah Ann, d. Oct 21, 1846, aged 27y 6m, w/o Alfred Hill, d/o Henry and Catherine Pilcher Dils
Hopkins, David, b. Sep 27, 1798, d. Dec 14, 1862
Hopkins, David, d. Jul 1, 1837, aged 5 years, s/o David and Francis Hopkins*
Hopkins, Francis G., b. Mar 2, 1799, d. Mar 31, 1882, w/o David Hopkins
Hurst, Millard M., b. Apr 19, 1900, d. May 13, 1901
Johnson, Elizabeth, d. Jul 13, 1847, 4 weeks old, d/o E. and A. Johnson
Johnson, Infant, d. 1847, c/o Ebenezer and Ann Lyons Johnson*
Johnson, James N., d. Jul 22, 1853, aged 26 years
Johnson, James, d. May 6, 1844, aged 46 years
Johnson, Reta Inez, b. Sep 13, 1874, d. Jan 17, 1887
Kibler, Charles, d. 1868, s/o D.J. and S.A. Kibler*
Kibler, Estelle M., b. Sep 4, 1897, d. Dec 19, 1898
Kibler, Leanah, b. Sep 18, 1803, d. Apr 12, 1896
Kibler, Samuel E., b. 1837, d. 1862
Kibler, Samuel, b. Jul 9, 1802, d. May 17, 1896
Kibler, Sarah, b. May 1, 1845, d. Dec 23, 1899, w/o D.J. Kibler
Kibler, Thomas, b. 1833, d. 1852
Linhart, Nancy, d. Nov 15, 1877, aged 65y 7m 20d, w/o Samuel Linhart
Lucas, Elda Florence, b. Dec 4, 1895, d. Jun 16, 1903, d/o W.N. and Emma F. Lucas
Lucas, Emma Florence, b. Apr 3, 1866, d. Jul 25, 1903, w/o W.N. Lucas
Lyons, Infant, No Dates*
Lyons, Joseph Jr., b. 1855, d. 1899, s/o Joseph and Margaret Lyons
Lyons, Joseph, b. Nov 15, 1824, d. Oct 11, 1874
Lyons, Margaret, b. 1827, d. 1909, w/o Joseph Lyons, d/o Henry Dils
Lyons, Zachariah Taylor, b. Apr 9, 1847, d. Jun 4, 1910, Civil War Soldier, s/o Joseph Lyons*
Marr, Esther R., b. Mar 1, 1898, d. Mar 11, 1898, d/o H.E. and M.E. Marr
McCombs, Charlie, d. May 5, 1865, s/o N. and F. McCombs
McCombs, Neil, d. Aug 6, 1870, aged 40 years, Native of Bellacastle Co., Antrium Ireland
McCulley, James, b. Mar 17, 1827, d. Aug 4, 1898
McCulley, Nelly N., b. Sep 28, 1878, d. Mar 6, 1879, d/o E.J. McCulley
McHenry, Samuel, No Dates, Co. K. 1 Ohio L.A. Civil War
Murdy, Mary, d. Jun 4, 1852, aged 16 years, d/o A. and E. Murdy*
Nofsinger, John, b. Aug 4, 1827, d. June 30, 1903, born in Belmont Co., Ohio
Nofsinger, Sivilla, b. Apr 16, 1829, d. Jan 5, 1902, w/o John Nofsinger, born in Belmont Co., Ohio
Pilcher, Moses, b. Jan 16, 1771, d. Aug 19, 1822
Pilcher, Sarah, b. Dec 10, 1771, d. Apr 20, 1835, w/o Moses Pilcher
Riley, Silas, No Dates, Co. D. 10th W.Va. Inf. Civil War*
Robinson, Dora M., b. Aug 8, 1880, d. Oct 22, 1885
Robinson, Dudley, b. Aug 17, 1841, d. June 7, 1889
Robinson, Learmont L., b. Jan 13, 1864, d. Dec 20, 1886
Robinson, Mary E., b. Mar 7, 1867, d. Sep 13, 1886
Rose, Olevia, d. May 20, 1872, aged 28y 6m 15d, w/o J.H. Rose
Seargeant, William H., b. Jun 2, 1858, d. Jul 29, 1862, s/o Wm. H. and Ellan Seargeant
Smith, Jonah F., d. Jun 23, 1872, aged 29 years*
Smith, Maria, unreadable*
Sotherland, John, d. Sep 4, 1836, aged 65y 10m 3d
Stephenson, Agnes Boreman, No Dates, w/o James M. Stephenson, (Moved to Mt. Olivet)*
Stephenson, James M., b. Nov 4, 1796, d. Apr 16, 1877, s/o Edward and Elizabeth Dils Stephenson, (Moved to Mt. Olivet)*
Sutherland, John J., b. Apr 9, 1803, d.
Sutherland, Mary, d. May 5, 1882, aged 74y 2m 27d, w/o J.J. Sutherland
Thompson, James, unreadable*
Tucker, Harlan C., b. Jul 1, 1894, d. Mar 13, 1902, s/o L.M. and S.L. Tucker
Tucker, Virgil O., b. Oct 22, 1897, d. Mar 20, 1898, s/o L.M. and S.L. Tucker
Ward, Leannah, d. Jan 13, 1851, aged 61years, w/o Richard Ward
Watkins, Joseph D., d. Dec 3, 1860, aged 2m 15d, s/o J. and E.J. Watkins
Willis, George S., b. Jul 3, 1858, d. May 20, 1882
Willis, Henry L., b. Jun 21, 1849, d. May 18, 1877
Willis, Jeremiah, b. Apr 5, 1822, d. Aug 4, 1876
Willis, John T., b. Jul 1, 1856, d. Dec 5, 1877
Willis, Linnie P., b. May 24, 1882, d. Aug 26, 1882
Willis, Maggie, b. Nov 6, 1876, d. Feb 28, 1877
Willis, Margaret A., b. Apr 11, 1861, d. Jan 3, 1879
Willis, Martha M., b. Jan 13, 1863, d. Dec 23, 1878
Willis, William J.M.C., b. Sep 18, 1872, d. Dec 17, 1876, s/o A.J. and M. Willis
Willis, William R., b. Aug 11, 1851, d. May 30, 1883

45 - Unmarked graves, may be more, but these were obvious
18 - Broken stones, only the bases remain
27 - Unreadable and broken stones
1 - Fieldstone with no information
5 - Graves marked only with large stones
1 - Fieldstone with the initials W.R.W.
Unreadable Kibler Stone
Unreadable Creel Stone
Unreadable except for the name Thomas
Fieldstone with the initials S.D.
Fieldstone with the initials W.W.C.
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