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Richmond Family Burial Grounds
Lynn Camp, Marshall County, West Virginia

Contributed by Karen Hucko, Apr 2000 [whucko@valunet.com]. Total records = 55.

Richmond Family Burial Grounds
Located on Fish Creek,
Lynn Camp, Marshall County, West Virginia
Read in 1998

Derrow, John, b.May 2,1832, d.Jan. 6,1903, his death was recorded in the Echo on Jan. 9,1903. It stated he died on Tuesday and buried on wednesday in the Richmond Cemetery.
Kelley, Cassie, b.1830, d.1913, d/o Joshua Garner and Mary Yoho
Kelley, Washington, b.1828, d.1908, s/o John Kelley and Eleanor Arnold
Richmond, Abraham, b.Feb 19,1813, d.Dec. 27,1897
Richmond, Adell F, d/o J.C. & M.M, died Aug.20,1890, 1 yr. 1mo. 1 Day
Richmond, Agnes, b.1839, d.1883
Richmond, Anna, d.May 25,1882, w/o David, 92 yrs. 5 days
Richmond, Austin V, d.Feb 13,1890 5 yrs. 11 mo. 25 days
Richmond, Catherine, b.1825, d.before 1838, d/o David and Ann
Richmond, Clifford J, b.21 Mar 1890, d.Feb 2,1894
Richmond, Crenna, b.Jul 13,1869, d.Apr. 22,1898, w/o J.J.
Richmond, D.S, b.Jun 20,1890, d.Nov. 17,1890
Richmond, David, b.1787, d.May 1838
Richmond, Earl, b.Jun 12,1896, d.Aug. 24,1896
Richmond, Eddie, b.1907, d.1907, (twin to Sidney)
Richmond, Estel A, d.Feb. 10,1898 aged 18 yrs, 10 months, s/o J.S. & M
Richmond, Female, d.May 19,1871 14 days, d/o J.W. & Margaret
Richmond, Freda Bertha, d.Mar 23,1915 1mo. 2 days
Richmond, Hannah Rizer Mar 19,1891 23 years, w/o Jasper
Richmond, Infant, b.Oct. 16,1886, d.Oct. 16,1886, child of H.A. & S.A.
Richmond, Jacob R.A., b.Jul 6,1881, d.Jan. 7, 1918, Jacob's obit stated he died from being burnt.
Richmond, Jacob W, b.Dec. 9,1857, d.Mar 6,1858
Richmond, Jasper N, b.Oct. 15,1856, d.Sep. 21,1902
Richmond, John P, d.May 15,1857 11 months, s/o David & Mary
Richmond, John R, b.Jun 23,1814, d.Jan. 5, 1888
Richmond, John, d.Mar 31,1873, 3 yrs., s/o Wm. & Margaret
Richmond, Jonathan, b.1832, d.1885
Richmond, Lemuel, b.Jan. 1,1854, d.Dec 28,1891
Richmond, Leola, d.Feb. 11,1890, 3 yrs. 6 mo. 5 days
Richmond, Leslie, b.17 Mar.1889, d.Mar 28,1889, s/o J.J. & Crenna
Richmond, Lizzie, b.Oct. 6,1863, d.Mar 1889
Richmond, Lutelas Lemuel, b.1 Jan 1853, d.16 December 1853
Richmond, Margaret J, b.21 Aug. 1850, d.5 Oct 1928
Richmond, Martha J, d.Aug. 19,1884, reported by L.L. Richmond
Richmond, Mary A., d.Sep 3,1874, 1Mo., d/o Jacob & Mary
Richmond, Mary J, b.Mar 28, 1847, d.Aug.28,1860
Richmond, Mary M, d.Feb. 26,1903 42 yrs, w/o Lemuel.
Richmond, Nancy, b.Aug. 11,1817, d.Oct. 16,1901
Richmond, Rebecka, b.Feb. 22,1816, d.Feb 23,1905
Richmond, Rev. Abraham, b.Jul 1820, d.Jan. 11,1905
Richmond, Richey, b.Mar 6,1884, d.Mar 16,1894, child of H.A. & S.A.
Richmond, Sarzena, b.1884, d.1916
Richmond, Sidney, b.1907, d.1907, (twin to Eddie)
Richmond, Smith, d.Oct. 21,1879, 64 yrs. 2 mo. 21 days
Richmond, W.H., b.Oct. 15,1887, d.Oct.16,1887, child of H.A. & S.A.
Richmond, W.S, d.Jul 4,1885, 25 yrs.
Richmond, William and Edward, 8 days, 8 hours, 1899
Richmond, William Spencer, b.23 Jun 1848, d.23 May 1921
Ruckman, Elender, d.31 Jan. 1845, w/o Samuel.
Ruckman, Samuel, d.Apr 16,1832 61 yrs of age
Siburt, Sarah, b.1833, d.1916
Siburt, William, b.1832, d.1904
Vanscyoc, G, b.Oct. 27,1847, d.Jan. 13,1926
West, Ella V, b.4 Sep. 1867, d.14 Apr 1925
West, John D, b.1859, d.1937

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