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Universal Cemetery (Doering Cemetery)
Lavalle Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43°36'35"N, Lon: 90°10'45"W
Lavalle Twp, Sec 18

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Oct 02, 2002 [kaffe03@yahoo.com].
Total records = 37.

North side of North Dutch Hollow Road .10 mile past Kannenburg Drive. You can't see the cemetery coming from the east. The cemetery is across the street from E2731 North Dutch Hollow Road. It is up on a hill and accessible by a grass driveway.

Many stones are now illegible. Reference used to verify markers not there or unreadable was taken from information obtained by members of the Wisconsin Old Cemetery Society when the cemetery was copied in Sep 16, 1975.

The cemetery is also called John Doering Cemetery. He donated the land and over one third of the burials are Doerings. There are at least 13 known burials for infants and children and probably some other unmarked graves. The Watershed Group maintains the cemetery. No records have been located for this cemetery.

I surveyed and copied this cemetery on Jul 04, 2002.

- Kathy Waddell
Dehler, Elisebeth, b. Aug 9, 1808, d. Aug 17, 1887, mother, s/w John W. Dehler
Dehler, Freddie, d. Sep 23, 1867, 1y 1m, s/o W. & J.
Dehler, John W., b. Jan 1, 1811, d. Jul 9, 1886, father, s/w Elisebeth Dehler
Doering, Albertine (Weber), b. Nov 28, 1846, d. May 20, 1869, s/w Friederike Doering
Doering, Christian, b. May 15, 1826, d. Sep 13, 1884
Doering, Doratha, b. Apr 2, 1828, d. May 1, 1903, s/w John Doering
Doering, Friederike, b. Nov 18, 1821, d. Mar 18, 1861
Doering, Henry, b. May 13, 1875, d. Jun 14, 1898, s/w John Doering
Doering, Infant, d. 1900, s/o Ferd & Emma, s/w Lennie Doering
Doering, Infant, d. Dec, 1895, s/o Fred, s/w Christian Doering
Doering, John, b. Feb 3, 1825, d. Jan 30, 1904, GAR, s/w Minnie Schwartz
Doering, John, d. Oct 1, 1874, 2y 2m, s/o Christian & Mary, s/w Christian Doering
Doering, Lennie, b. 1886, d. 1887, s/o Ferd & Emma, s/w Infant Doering
Doering, Mary G., b. Apr 7, 1842, d. Jan 9, 1919, s/w Christian Doering
Doering, Rob, b. 1852, d. 1931, s/w Friederike Doering
Doering, William, d. Oct 2, 1874, 5y 7m, s/o Christian & Mary, s/w Christian Doering
Foerster, Bertha, b. 1888, d. 1889
Hamburg, August, d. Nov 21, 1887, 3m, s/w Johnnie Hamburg
Hamburg, Infant#1, no dates, c/o F. & M., s/w Johnnie Hamburg
Hamburg, Infant#2, no dates, c/o F. & M., s/w Johnnie Hamburg
Hamburg, Johnnie, d. Dec 26, 1882, 11m 22d
Hamburg, Linda, d. Sep 27, 1899, 1y 8m 8d, s/w Johnnie Hamburg
Leicher, Bena (Roggenbauer), b. 1850, d. 1913, mother, s/w Lorenz Leicher
Leicher, Gertie, b. Sep 25, 1891, d. May 15, 1892, dau., s/w Lorenz Leicher
Leicher, Joseph, b. Oct 30, 1869, d. Sep 18, 1938, s/w Lorenz Leicher
Leicher, Lorenz, b. Mar 20, 1840, d. Jan 28, 1898, father
Leicher, Willie, b. Jul 22, 1878, d. Nov 6, 1907, son, s/w Lorenz Leicher
Matzke, Clara M., b. 1885, d. 1905, s/w Hattie Matzke
Matzke, Edward H., b. 1898, d. 1969, s/w Hattie Matzke
Matzke, Hattie, b. 1858, d. 1922
Matzke, Herman, d. Apr 12, 1885, 2w, s/w Hattie Matzke
Schwartz, C. J., b. Feb 6, 1858, d. Aug 23, 1933, s/w Mary C. Schwartz
Schwartz, Carl, b. Sep 1, 1833, d. Jan 12, 1910, father, s/w Dorothea Schwartz
Schwartz, Dorothea, b. Oct 26, 1836, d. Jan 2, 1911, mother, s/w Carl Schwartz
Schwartz, Mary C., d. Jul 11, 1895, 35y 3m 24d, wife, s/w C. J. Schwartz
Schwartz, Minnie, b. Aug 22, 1860, d. Nov 22, 1880, s/w John Doering
Thoenes, Lisette, b. Aug 11, 1858, d. May 27, 1888, w/o Heinrich

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