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Tuckertown Cemetery
Washington Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43°26'16"N, Lon: 90°06'01"W

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Aug 16, 2002, last edited Jun 30, 2009 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 124.

Located: Hwy 154 west from Loganville to Narrow Valley Road. Turn right then left on Tuckertown Road.

This cemetery was also known as Washington Union Cemetery, Town Cemetery, and Hillpoint Rural Cemetery.

Tuckertown was not a village. The area included a school and church. The school still stands (2002). Tuckertown Cemetery is to the east of the school and St. John's Cemetery to the west of the school. No more burials are permitted in this cemetery. The last one made was Cora (Sebring) Beidatsch in 1945.

A now well kept cemetery that previously had been neglected. Many of the stones are broken or illegible and some are now missing. I was not able to verify about a dozen stones as a dog named "Beethoven" would not let me near them. There were others I couldn't verify because they simply were no longer there.

This cemetery was originally copied in 1967 by Dorris Berning and John Riggert. I believe their information to be accurate and is the only record available on this cemetery. Inscriptions which I was not able to verify when I walked the cemetery on Jul 08, 2002, are marked with an asterisk (*).

- Kathy Waddell
??, Addison A., d. Mar 1?, 18??, illegible
All, Eva E. (Laird), b. Jul 14, 1858, d. May 20, 1878, 19y 10m 24d, w/o S. C.
Allen, Dennis H., d. Apr 12, 1867, 8y 10m, s/o Thomas & Margaret, s/w Thomas B. Allen
Allen, Margaret E. (Taylor), b. Mar 31, 1835, Williamsport, PA, d. Nov 21, 1889, s/w Thomas B. Allen
Allen, Thomas B., b. Apr 5, 1826, PA, d. Oct 25, 1878
Babcock, Martha B. (Hunt), d. Feb 15, 1887, 27y, d/o J. B. & E. M., w/o James *
Bacon, Joseph L., d. Aug 27, 1885, 85?y 6?m 6?d, illegible
Bacon, Rebecca (Sweaney), d. Aug 25, 1867, 76y 1m 11d, w/o Joseph
Beidatsch, Cora (Sebring), b. 1866, d. 1945, s/w Rebecca Sebring
Benson, Joseph W., d. Jan or Jun 6, 1863, 4y 9m 26d, s/o James L. & Louisa (Martin) *
Blood, Melinda A., d. Aug 20, 1870, 48y, w/o Nelson, s/w Nelson Blood
Blood, Nelson, b. Jun 8, 1810, d. Dec 14, 187?, GAR
Blood, Rosina A., d. Jan 9, 1870, 14y, d/o Nelson & Melinda A., s/w Nelson Blood
Blood, Truman C., d. Nov 19, 1867, 16y 11m 14d, s/w Nelson Blood
Boland, David H., b. Feb 22, 1816, NY, d. Apr 15, 1900, 84y 1m 24d
Brice, John C., b. Dec 29, 1828, Dorsetshire, Eng., d. Feb 12, 1883, 54y 1m 14d, Civil War, Co. F, 3rd Wis. Cav, s/w Pamelia Brice
Brice, Pamelia (Cahoon), b. Jun 1, 1843, d. Feb 7, 1876, 33y 16d, w/o John, s/w John C. Brice
Buell, Malina E. (Marsh), d. Oct 10, 1870, 26y m 9d, w/o James A., s/w Chauncey Marsh
Butler, Henry P., b. Feb 9, 1861, d. Aug, 1880, s/o Edward, s/w Theodore Butler
Butler, Theodore, b. Mar 24, 1863, d. Sep 3, 1884, s/o Edward, s/w Henry P. Butler
Carr, Melancthon, d. Oct 8, 1865, 41y 7m 8 *
Clement, David, d. Dec 23, 1884, 49y 3m 23d, s/w Emma Warren
Cohoon, James, b. Sep 2, 1814, NY, d. Jan 9, 1887, 73y, s/w Ethel Moyes
Cohoon, Palmyra (Baird), b. Orange Co., NY, d. Aug 30, 1884, 71y, s/w James Cohoon
Corbin, Ella Estelle, d. Oct 25, 1875, 2m 8d, d/o Seneca & Adelia *
Corson, Ara, d. Oct 15, 1868, 64y 11m 3d *
Corson, Daniel T., b. Nov 2, 1809, d. Feb 15, 1882, 726 3m 13d, s/w Hannah C. Corson
Corson, Hannah C. (Sebring), b. Sep 10, 1810, PA, d. Jun 5, 1891 *, s/w Daniel T. Corson
Corson, Joseph, d. Apr 6, 1862, s/w Jonathan Sebring
Corson, Robert, d. Sep 8, 1866, s/w Jonathan Sebring
Costerisan, Jane Ann, d. Apr 6, 1866, 16y 10m 2d, 1st w/o Robert
Crum, George H., b. Jan 3, 1822, d. Jun 21, 1884 *
Dearholt, Lucina D., d. Apr 28, 1874, 20y 6m 17d, w/o John W.
Drake, Ed S., b. Nov 30, 1822, Ohio, d. Nov 19, 1890, 67y 11m 19d, Co G, 8WVI
Drake, Hannah H. (Copley), b. Mar 10, 1823, VT, d. Jan 23, 1904, s/w Ed S. Drake
Drake, John W., b. Jun, 1857, d. Aug 3, 1917, s/o E. S. & H., s/w Ed S. Drake
Drake, Warren Edward, d. Jun 30, 1880 (1888?) 25y 7m 5d, s/w Ed S. Drake
Farrar, Josaphene, d. May 3, 1860, 7y 8m 3d, d/o Nelson & Olive *
Frost, Catherine, b. Ohio, d. ? 6, 1864, stone broken
Gibson, Almira, d. Jan, 1892, 77y *
Gibson, Samuel, d. Oct 27, 1880, 72y *
Gilbert, Debby, b. Apr 28, 1790, d. Jan 8, 1879, 88y 8m 11d, w/o Ward, s/w Deborah Gilbert *
Gilbert, Deborah, d. Feb 16, 1877, 57y 3m 24d, d/o Debby, s/w Debby Gilbert *
Grover, Mariah (Robinson), b. Dec 23, 1820, NY, d. Dec 28, 1872, 52y 5d
Hale, Addison L., b. Sep 27, 1815, Ohio, d. Mar 6, 1905
Hale, Melissa E., d. Dec 11, 1873, 16y 6m, d/o A. & O. L., s/w Addison L. Hale
Hale, Olive L. (Bacon), b. Dec 13, 1826, PA, d. Jun 21, 1910, s/w Addison L. Hale
Harriman, Lydia, d. Mar 22, 1878, 74y 3m 8d, w/o Joseph *
Harris, Mary E. (Potter), b. Jan 11, 1825, MA, d. Dec 4, 1863, 28y6 10m 24d *
Hornbeck, Clara R. (Costerisan), d. Mar 15, 1884, 41y 11m 27, w/o George *
Horton, William O., d. Oct 5, 1889, 63y 7m 19d
Hunt, Martha R., d. Feb 15, 1887, 27y, d/o Joseph B. & Eunice M., s/w William H. Hunt
Hunt, William H., d. Jul 2, 1885, 20y, s/o Joseph B. & Eunice M., s/w Martha R. Hunt
Jayne, Edwin L., d. Apr 15, 1864, 28y, Co. B, 36th WVI
Jayne, Lucy G., d. Apr 13, 1864, 2y 2m, d/o E. L. & J. A., s/w Edwin L. Jayne
Jayne, Mary E., d. Apr 8, 1864, 3y 9m, d/o E. L. & J. A., s/w Edwin L. Jayne
Kilbourn, Infant, d. Mar 22, 1895, d/o Linus B. & Emma T., s/w Orrin B. Kilbourn *
Kilbourn, Orrin B., Rev., b. Mar 12, 1820, Litchfield, CT, d. Feb 17, 1897, 76y 11m 5d *
Kilbourn, Otto B., d. Aug 29, 1879, 17y 4m 22d, s/o Orrin B. & Clara E., s/w Orrin B. Kilbourn *
Laird, Ada, b. Mar 31 1861, d. oct 30, 1882, d/o E. & M. H., s/w Elijah Laird *
Laird, Elijah, b. Nov 7, 1823, d. Mar 4, 1899, 75y 3m 18d *
Laird, Emma (Sebring), d. May 15, 1876, 20y 4m 16d, w/o I. J., s/w Elijah Laird *
Laird, Mary H., d. Feb 20, 1898, 78y 1m 13d, s/w Elijah Laird *
Lumary, Frank, stone broken, s/o Lewis & Mary, a bottom piece found that could be this with d. Sep 9,1860, 2y 10m *
Marsh, Chauncey, b. Jun 14, 1811, Hadley, MA, d. May 5, 1892, 80y 10m 21d, s/w Huldah Marsh
Marsh, Hulda (Rhodes), b. Jul 20, 1805, d. Jan 1, 1884, 78y 5m 12d, s/w Chauncey Marsh
Martin, Heman, no dates, Co. F, 10th Kansas Inf.
Meeker, Rose A. (Dearholt), d. May 12, 1872, 37y 5m 24d, w/o Mordecai
Miller, Daniel, d. Jun 16, 1883, 25y, s/o John & Sarah, s/w John S. Miller *
Miller, Hannah M., d. Sep 29, 1865, 1y 4m 11d, d/o John & Sarah, s/w John S. Miller *
Miller, Henry Wood, no dates, 6th Wis. Brty, Light Artillery, Civil War *
Miller, John S., b. Jan 2, 1834, IN, d. Feb 16, 1889, Co. B, 12 WVI, Civil War
Miller, Phebe, d. Jun 18, 1883, 16y, d/o John & Sarah, s/w John S. Miller *
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth (Corson), b. Jun 23, 1837, IL, d. Jul 31, 1904, wife, s/w John S. Miller *
Moyes, Ethel Ufazie (Cohoon), d. Apr 15, 1887, 28y 7m 24d, 2nd w/o Frederick, s/w James Cohoon
Palmer, Elizabeth (Myers), b. 1811, PA, d. Jan 7, 1893/4, wife, s/w William Palmer
Palmer, William H., b. Feb 26, 1850, d. Sep 7, 1862, 12y 6m 11d, s/o William & E., s/w William Palmer
Palmer, William, b. 1805, MD, Sep 20 or 21, 1873
Phillips, Jennet (Whitcomb), b. Apr 1, 1830, VT, d. May 19, 1879, s/w Otis Phillips *
Phillips, Otis, b. Feb 25, 1823, d. Jul 25, 1874, 51y 5m *
Phillips, Warren, d. Oct 23, 1871, 2y 8m 12d, s/o Otis & Jennet, s/w Otis Phillips *
Phillips, Willie S., d. Oct 9, 1867?, 12y or 2y? 9?m 19d, s/w Otis Phillips *
Pollock, James E., d. Jun 9, 1870, 19y, s/o John T. & Harriet, s/w Milon Pollock
Pollock, Milon, d. Jan 14, 1874, 8m 21d, s/o John T. & Mary E., s/w James E. Pollock
Potter, Ambrose B., b. North Adams, MA, d. Feb 24, 1901, 68y 11m 7d
Potter, Earl W., d. Mar 11, 1889, 7y 3m 3d, s/o Ambrose & Sophia, s/w Ambrose B. Potter
Potter, Lyndon, b. Rhode Island, d. Apr 24, 1874, 80y 4m 8d, s/w Lucy B. Potter
Potter, Sophia (Marsh), b. Windsor, Ashtabula Co., OH, d. Nov 28, 1921, 81y, wife, s/w Ambrose B. Potter
Powell, Alice C., d. Dec 11, 1866, 10h, d/o George & C. A.
Purdy, Henry, Rev., d. Nov 25, 1874, 73y 11m
Purdy, Leah, d. Sep 11, 1861, 8y 6m, adopted d/o William & E., s/w Parley G. Purdy
Purdy, Lucy, d. Aug 7, 1873, d/o Levi & S. J., s/w Parley G. Purdy
Purdy, Parley G., d. Feb 15, 1872, 9y 1m 15d, s/o Levi & S. J.
Rist, Alvin, b. Mar 19, 1812, d. May 27, 1899, vet *
Rist, Harriet, d. Dec 1 or 4, 1876, 53y 6d, w/o Alvin, s/w Alvin Rist *
Rist, Joseph J., d. Nov 13, 1867, 23y, s/w Alvin Rist *
Safford, Ida M., d. Jan 14, 1887, 5m 14d *
Sebring, Jonathan, b. Aug 15, 1782, PA, d. Feb 21, 1879, 96y 6m 6d, s/w Joseph Corson
Sebring, Sarah (Corson), no dates, 83y 11m 5d, s/w Joseph Corson
Selden, Charles, b. Aug 31, 1824, d. Jan 3, 1909, 84y 4m 28d
Selden, Charles, b. Oct 1, 1860, d. Mar 14, 1868, 8y 4m 18d, s/w Charles Selden
Selden, Emma, b. May 27, 1825, d. Jan 15, 1888, 62y 7m 25d, s/w Charles Selden
Selden, George W. (Hunt), b. Dec 15, 1866, d. Sep 2, 1888, 21y, w/o Henry W.
Selden, Leona, b. Jul 27, 1866, d. Feb 5, 1888, 22y 6m 8d, s/w Charles Selden
Smith, Mary P., d. Jun 12, 1860, 49y 7m 17d, w/o Philander
Stroud, Silas, d. Dec 5, 1868, Co. F, 113th Ill. Inf. *
Talbot, Eddie J., b. Dec 23, 1885, d. Apr 9, 1886, s/o Geroge E. & Minnie (Kranz), s/w Freddie T. Talbot
Talbot, Freddie T., b. Oct 9, 1883, d. Jan 29, 1885, s/o George E. & Minnie (Kranz), s/w Eddie J. Talbot
Thompson, Ernest W., d. May 22, 1886, 21y 7m 1d, s/o S. & H., s/w Harriet Thompson
Thompson, Harriet (Sebring), b. Mar 31, 1829, d. Aug 8, 1895, w/o Samuel
Thompson, Isaac, b. Lycoming Co., PA, d. Jan 9/10, 1906, *
Thompson, James L., d. Mar 6, 1869, 21m, s/o S. & H., s/w Harriet Thompson
Thompson, Margaret A., d. Oct 7, 1865, 37y 16d, w/o Isaac W.
Thompson, Phebe E., d. Oct 7, 1863, 1y 7m 27d, d/o S. & H., s/w Harriet Thompson
Thompson, Samuel, b. Jun 15, 1826, d. Apr 2, 1924, s/w Harriet Thompson *
Thompson, Sarah Ann, no dates, w/o Reuben *
Thornton, Abraham, b. OH, d. Sep 30, 1899, Minneapolis, MN, 89y *
Thornton, Ellen, d. Nov 9, 1870, 58y, w/o Abraham *
Townsend, Sally (Davis), d. Jan 12, 1880, 27y 7m 4d, 1st w/o P. H. 8
Tucker, ??, d. Aug 1854, d/o Adin *
Tucker, Mary Ann, d. Jan 1, 1876/78, 2nd w/o Adin *
Warren, Emma (Frost) Watts Clement,
Weller, Maria, b. Jul 10, 1817, d. Feb 27, 1889, 71y 7m 17d, w/o J. N. *
Willis, Stella M., b. Sep 10, 1888, d. Mar 21, 1905, d/o John W. & Mary (Bacon)

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