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Thoelke (Thilke) Cemetery
Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43° 22' 45"N, Lon: 89° 45' 53"W
Sumpter Twp, Sec 3

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Apr 20, 2003 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 37.

Location: Inside Badger Army Ammunitions Plant (Badger Ordnance Works) and not open to the public at this time (Apr 2003)

About 1854 land was set aside on the Thoelke (now Thilke) farm for burials. Some of the families were Thoelke, Waffenschmidt, and Pretsch. The land remained in the family until it was acquired by the Immanuel Church Evangelical Association, although it kept its name as the Thoelke Cemetery Association. The cemetery comprised of 0.37 acres. The property was adjacent to the home of John Thilke, who is buried in the cemetery.

The Army Ordnance Corps, U. S. Government, acquired the land by purchase in 1942. The cemetery association has been dissolved. The cemetery has since been kept up by federal funds. No further burials are permitted. The last burial was in Christian Waffenschmidt in 1934.

Copied by: Erhart Mueller and Dr. Robert Buell, c. 1974. Permission given by Carol Sorg to list this cemetery. I copied this cemetery on Apr 20, 2003.

- Kathy Waddell

b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
gc/o = grandchild of
ggc/o = great grandchild of
h/o = husband of
m. = married
m/o = mother of
n/t = next to
s/o = son of
s/w = shares plot or stone with
w/o = wife of

Bachschmidt, Auguste, b. Apr 21, 1839, d. Aug 4, 1904, mother, s/w Carl Bachschmidt
Bachschmidt, Carl, b. Feb 23, 1822, d. Jun 29, 1879, Civil War
Bachschmidt, Minnie, b. 1868, d. 1875, s/w Carl Bachschmidt
Bachschmidt, William, b. 1868, d. 1875, s/w Carl Bachschmidt
Bretsch, Amelia A., b. Aug 25, 1837, d. Jun 29, 1876, s/w Reinhold Bretsch
Bretsch, Anna, d. Jan 29, 1865, 4y 11m, d/o Christian
Bretsch, Reinhold, b. Feb 13, 1825, d. Feb 14, 1884, s/w Amelia A. Bretsch
Burga, Zilia, d. Aug 30, 1863, 63y
Doepel, Christiane, b. Feb 12, 1807, d. Dec 4, 1886, s/w Martin Doepel
Doepel, Martin, b. Mar 6, 1797, d. Sep 14, 1863, s/w Christiane Doepel
Gasser, Maria R., d. Jan 25, 1874, 5y 5m 26d
Graf, Louise (Krueger), b. Aug 6, 1855, d. Nov 23, 1887, d/o W.
Hill, Anna (Burga), b. Mar 19, 1827, Switzerland, d. Apr 10, 1888, 61y 22d, s/w Henry M. Hill
Hill, Frank, d. Sep 12, 1864, 9y 4m 4d, s/o Henry & Anna, s/w Mariah Hill
Hill, Henry M., d. May 15, 1893, 64y 5m 22d, s/w Anna Hill
Hill, Mariah, d. Feb 20, 1868, 726 9m 19d
Hill, Mariah, d. Jan 8, 1872, 6y 7m 8d, d/o Henry & Anna, s/w Mariah Hill
Keller, Benjamin, d. Nov 17, 1878, s/o John & Minnie, s/w Olive Keller
Keller, Eugene, d. Aug 3, 1896, 11y 6m 25d, s/o John & Minnie
Keller, Lucille B., b. May 13, 1908, d. Aug 10, 1910, d/o Harry & B.
Keller, Olive, d. Dec 19, 1884, 13y 9m 11d, d/o John & Minnie (Thilke)
Krueger, Augusta, b. Dec 10, 1816, d. Feb 23, 1859, s/w Wilhelm Krueger
Krueger, Fergie, no dates, s/w Wilhelm Krueger
Krueger, Wilhelm, b. Oct 20, 1812, d. May 13, 1890
Schneider, Rubie, d. May 11, 1875, 10m, s/o Carl & Emma (Thilke)
Steidtmann, Rollin Julius, b. Jun 10, 1900, d. Jul 23, 1900, s/o J. P.
Thilke, Johannes, Rev., d. Dec 13, 1880, 64y 8m 6d, (aka Johan D.),s/w Maria Thilke
Thilke, Maria, d. Dec 30, 1884, 67y 20d, (aka Miria M.?), s/w Johannes Thilke
Waffenschmidt, Amelia (Gattwinkel), b. 1861, d. 1927, s/w Christian Waffenschmidt (Jr.)
Waffenschmidt, Caroline, b. Jul 31, 1856, d. Aug 4, 1928, s/w Henry W. Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Catherine (Murphy), b. 1823, d. 1899, s/w Christian Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Christian, (Jr.), b. 1862, d. 1934, s/w Amelia Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Christian, b. 1823, d. 1883
Waffenschmidt, Emma, b. 1866, d. 1881, 15y, s/w Christian Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Henry W., d. Aug 22, 1900, 46y
Waffenschmidt, Infant, no dates, s/w Henry W. Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Wilhelmina, b. 1864, d. 1965, s/w Christian Waffenschmidt

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