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Wisconsin Death Records


Stone's Pocket Cemetery (Otter Creek Cemetery)
Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat:43° 21' 28"N, Lon: 89° 47' 55"W
Sumpter Township, Section 8

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Apr 16, 2003, last edited Jul 20, 2006 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 219.

Location: West on County C off Highway 12 to Stone's Pocket Road. Cemetery is on southwest corner.

The original cemetery was located on the northeast corner of Stone's Pocket Road and Highway C. Some graves may still be in the old location although there are no markers.

There are current burials in this cemetery.

The cemetery was originally copied by the Wisconsin Old Cemeteries Association in October, 1974. It was these records that I used to verify stones that had become unreadable or were not longer there.

I surveyed and copied this cemetery on Jun 08, 2002.

- Kathy Waddell

b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
gc/o = grandchild of
ggc/o = great grandchild of
h/o = husband of
m. = married
m/o = mother of
n/t = next to
s/o = son of
s/w = shares plot or stone with
w/o = wife of
Abbott, Charles S., b. Jan 25, 1822, d. Mar 5, 1903
Abbott, Edith, b. 1859, d. 1921, 63y, s/w Frank Abbott
Abbott, Edward, b. 1868, d. 1868, s/o Charles, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Abbott, Frank, b. 1861, d. 1923
Abbott, George, b. 186, d. 1866, s/o Charles & Sarah, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Abbott, Hanah, b. 1870, d. 1915, s/w Frank Abbott
Abbott, James, b. 1856, d. 1856, s/o Charles, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Abbott, Jennie P., b. 1863, d. 1934, 70y, s/w Frank Abbott
Abbott, Martha, b. 1857, d. 1864, d/o Charles, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Abbott, Mary S., b. 1854, d. 1856, d/o Charles, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Abbott, Sarah, b. Apr 10, 1831, d. Mar 6, 1902, w/o Charles, s/w Charles S. Abbott
Accola, Henry E., b. 1904, d. 1988, s/w Jacob Accola
Accola, Jacob, b. 1870, d. Mar 19, 1949, 79y
Accola, Selina, b. 1871, d. Mar 24, 1942, 71y, s/w Jacob Accola
Accola, Wilma E., b. 1910, d. 1992, s/w Jacob Accola
Albrecht, Clara, no dates, no stone
Anacker, Harold, Jr., b. May 25, 1939, d. Jun 6, 1999, SP4, US Army, s/w Karl M. Anacker
Anacker, Karl Michael, d. Feb 1, 1968, 1d, s/o Harold, s/w Harold Anacker, Jr.
Anderson, Infant, d. Feb 5, 1963, 2d, dau.
Astle, Aimee Pearl, b. 1881, d. Feb 16, 1885, 3y, s/w John H. Astle
Astle, Alice, b. 1850, d. 1903, w/o George, s/w William Astle
Astle, Cora Alice, b. 1873, d. Mar 19, 1960, 87y, d/o George & Alice, s/w William Astle
Astle, Flora F., b. 1850, d. 1924, 73y, s/w John H. Astle
Astle, George C., b. 1848, d. 1925, s/w William Astle
Astle, Herbert Amas, b. 1870, d. 1872, s/o George & Alice, s/w William Astle
Astle, Infant, d. 1884, no stone, dau., s/w William Astle
Astle, Jessie May, b. 1880, d. 1884, d/o George & Alice, s/w William Astle
Astle, John H., b. 1846, d. 1910
Astle, Sarah, b. 1806, d. 1897, w/o William, s/w William Astle
Astle, William, b. 1804, d. 1879
Babcock, George, d. Oct 11, 1858, 1-1/2 y
Bass, Edna Carrie (Kellogg), b. Mar 23, 1872, d. Feb 1, 1958, 85y, s/w Imla Kellogg
Bass, Frank Wesley, b. Feb 3, 1869, d. Apr 29, 1871, 79y, s/w Imla Kellogg
Bauer, Frank J., b. 1888, d. Feb 2, 1972, 84y, s/w Iva M. Bauer
Bauer, Iva M., b. 1887, d. Jun 19, 1970, 82y, w/o Frank J., s/w Frank Bauer
Bell, Stephen, b. 1837, d. Jan, 1910
Bezitzky, Bertha A., b. 1857, d. 1931, 57y, s/w Carl L. Bezitzky
Bezitzky, Carl L., b. 1855, d. 1930, 55y
Bezitzky, Emil C., b. 1877, d. 1954, 76y, s/w Carl L. Bezitzky
Bezitzky, Henry, b. 1887, d. Apr, 1954, 65y, s/w Carl L. Bezitzky
Block, Amelia Barbara, b. 1883, d. Aug 19, 1963, 79y, w/o Louis, s/w Louis W. Block
Block, Gladys, b. 1910, d. 1911, s/w Louis W. Block
Block, Harold E., b. May 18, 1909, d. Jun 18, 1950, 41y, PFC Ill, 8 Inf., WWII
Block, Infant, d. 1913, dau., s/w Louis W. Block
Block, Lorraine, b. 1926, d. Apr 21, 1944, 18y, s/w Louis W. Block
Block, Louis W., b. 1878, d. Aug 24, 1957, 77y, father
Block, Louis, Jr., b. 1911, d. Sep 8, 1931, 20y, s/w Louis W. Block
Brereton, Alice (Premo), d. Aug 27, 1959, 56y, w/o William
Brereton, Infant, no dates, dau., no stone
Cargill, Frank G., d. Jun 2, 1867, 2y 27d, s/o J. E.
Crainie, Alice (Fort), no dates, 32y
Damon, Cecil C., d. Nov 4, 1885, 3y, d/o A. E. & Ann
Doll, Edwin, b. 1890, d. Oct 14, 1969, 79y, s/w Winifred Doll
Doll, Winifred (Astle), b. 1891, d. Jul 23, 1962, 71y, s/w Edwin Doll
Doughty, Orliff Heron, b. Jul 11, 1899, d. May 28, 1947, 47y
Drescher, Dean, d. Jan 28, 1920, 3m 22d, s/o Herman
Ducie, Jimmie, no dates, no stone
Durkee, Chester H., d. Jul 30, 1865, 10y 8m 12d, s/w Harvey Durkee
Durkee, Harvey, d. Jun 1, 1899, 75y 2m, s/w Julia Payne
Elmendorf, John P., d. 18670, 5y, s/o G. & Marie
Fellam, William, no dates, no stone
Fort, Dena, b. Jul 23, 1844, d. mar 3, 1907, w/o Andrew, s/w Infant Fort
Fort, Infant, no dates, s/w Dena Fort
Francis, Della, b. 1887, d. 1922, 58y, s/w Oscar Francis
Francis, Oscar, d. Feb 25, 1885, 41y, Co. K, 29th Inf., stone very worn
Freeman, Mahala, d. Jan 30, 1881, 71y
Hedges, Charles M., b. 1809, d. 1864, 56y, s/w Phoebe Hedges
Hedges, Phoebe, b. 1814, d. 1895, w/o Charles, s/w Charles M. Hedges
Hill, Infants, no dates, daughters of H. A. & Fannie
Hofstetter, Gottlieb, no dates, 9d
Jensen, John C., d. Oct 4, 1884, 20y 5m 5d
Jensen, Thomas, no dates, no stone
Jessie, Mathew, b. Apr 19, 1867, d. Feb 13, 1931
Johnson, James, d. Dec 22, 1873, 72y 10m
Jones, Charles W., d. Nov, 1860, infant s/o Joseph
Kellogg, Betsey A. (Stone), b. Apr 21, 1845, d. Apr 8, 1891, 1st w/o Imla, s/w Imla Kellogg
Kellogg, Clara, d. 1861, 5m, s/w George Kellogg
Kellogg, Frank E., b. Feb 3, 1869, d. Apr 29, 1871, s/w Imla Kellogg
Kellogg, Frank Elwood, b. Feb 3, 1869, d. Apr 29, 1871, s/w George Kellogg
Kellogg, George, b. 1863, d. Jan 15, 1935, 73y
Kellogg, Imla, b. Jan 22, 1841, d. Nov 15, 1903, s/w Frank W. Bass
Keysar, Lucinda, d. May 18, 1864, 4y, d/o Luther & Sarah, s/w Luther Keysar
Keysar, Luther, d. 1878
Keysar, Sarah, d. 1864, s/w Luther Keysar
Kindschi, Andrew, b. Aug 15, 1863, d. Oct 28, 1924
Kindschi, Chris A., b. 1895, d. May 28, 1974, 80y, s/w Emma D. Kindschi
Kindschi, Elizabeth, b. Apr 26, 1891, d. Nov 21, 1906, dau., s/w Andrew Kindschi
Kindschi, Emma D., b. 1892, d. 1982, s/w Chris A. Kindschi
Kindschi, Mary, b. Oct 22, 1865, d. Oct 12, 1920, wife, s/w Andrew Kindschi
Kinzler, Infants, no dates, 2 infants
Klemme, Henry, Mrs., d. 1892, no stone
Loomer, Alice May, d. 1870, 2y
Lynch, Flora Eliza (Premo), b. 1897, d. Oct 6, 1951, 54y, d/o Joseph & Emma
McGilvra, Caroline Christine (Alwin), b. Dec 9, 1895, d. Apr 8, 1987, d/o William & Bertha (Graf)
McGilvra, Charles, no dates, s/w Orrin J. McGilvra
McGilvra, Charley, b. Nov 15, 1898, d. May 21, 1902, s/w Orrin J. McGilvra
McGilvra, Elizabeth M., b. Mar 8, 1856, d. May 22, 1911, s/w Orrin J. McGilvra
McGilvra, Mabel, no dates, s/w Orrin J. McGilvra
McGilvra, Orrin J., b. Jun 6, 1850, d. Jun 21, 1933
Meissner, Infant, no dates
Miller, Charles D., b, Aug 19, 1865, d. Mar 8, 1950, 84y
Miller, Emma M., b. May 30, 1864, d. May 22, 1910, w/o C. D., s/w Charles D. Miller
Miller, Stella, b. Dec 22, 1890, d. Oct 12, 1891, s/w Charles D. Miller
Montanye, Freddie, b. 1881, d. 1885, s/o John & Harriet (Spaulding)
Morgan, Howard, d. Aug 12, 1854, 1y 3m 13d, s/o E. A. & S. H.
Morse, Clayton E., b. Feb 10, 1860, d. Jul 18, 1860, 5m 8d, s/o R. B. & L. M., s/w Ransom E. Stone
Morse, Laura (Stone), b. Jul 9, 1839, d. Nov 23, 1880, 41y, s/w Ransom E. Stone
Mueller, Edwin C., b. Aug 16, 1901, d. Dec 22, 1970, 69y
Mueller, Harold E., b. Jun 22, 1942, s/w Edwin C. Mueller
Mueller, Meta I., b. Dec 16, 1911, d. Apr 29, 2000, s/w Edwin C. Mueller
Nash, Mary Jane, d. 1882, 45y
Oetzmann, Amelia, b. Aug 30, 1853, d. Nov 19, 1903, s/w Frederick Oetzmann
Oetzmann, Frederick, b. Jun 8, 1841, d. Apr 12, 1918, s/w Amelia Oetzmann
Orlady, Harry, d. 1865, 1y
Payne, Allen, no dates, 1y 4m, s/o Manley, s/w Alvah Payne
Payne, Alvah, no dates, 2y, no stone, s/o Manley, s/w Allen Payne
Payne, Charles, b. Jul 16, 1827, d. Jun 22, 1907
Payne, Edward, d. Jun 15, 1865, 2m, s/o Charles, s/w Charles Payne
Payne, George W., b. 1880, d. Apr 4, 1882, 1y 1m 15d, s/o William & Persis, s/w William H. Payne
Payne, Julia (Michael) Durkee, d. Jun 30, 1915, 81y 4m 12d, m. 1st Harvey Durkee, m. 2nd Charles Payne, s/w Harvey Durkee
Payne, Orpha M., d. Apr 16, 1899, 74y 2m, w/o Charles, s/w Charles Payne
Payne, Persis, b. 1845, d. 1917, mother, s/w William H. Payne
Payne, William H., b. 1847, d. Nov 16, 1919, father
Peetz, Eldon, b. 1892, d. Aug 29, 1962, WWI
Peetz, Frances, b. 1898, d. oct 17, 1959, 60y, s/w Eldon Peetz
Peetz, Lorna, b. 1926, d. Mar 1930, 3y, d/o E. & F., s/w Eldon Peetz
Perry Enola Belle, d. Aug 9, 1874, d/o William W. & E. A., s/w Peter Perry
Perry, Dana W., d. Aug 10, 1864, 1y, s/w Peter Perry
Perry, Florence A., d. Aug 12, 1861, 5y, s/w Peter Perry
Perry, Malinda A., d. Jan 7, 1877, 27y 11m 13d, w/o Seymour
Perry, Peter, d. Mar 10, 1864, 66y
Perry, Ratchel, d. 1857, 48y, w/o Peter, s/w Peter Perry
Perry, W. W., no dates, no stone
Pfeil, Hazel (Zschiegner), b. Aug 12, 1897, d. Dec 19, 1934, s/w C. Fredric Zschiegner
Premo, C. Steven, b. 1858, d. May 26, 1938, 80y, father, s/w Grace Premo
Premo, Adah B., b. Mar 11, 1876, d. Sep 29, 1887, s/w Charles Premo
Premo, Charles, b. 1899, d. 1977, s/w Florence Premo
Premo, Charles, b. Sep 7, 1835, d. Sep 15, 1901
Premo, Dora E., b. 1886, d. 1984, s/w Kenneth L. Premo
Premo, Eliza Ann (Astle), b. Aug 18, 1837, d. Mar 1, 1905, s/w Charles Premo
Premo, Emma E., b. 1870, d. Aug 18, 1943, 77y, w/o J. E., s/w Joseph E. Premo
Premo, Florence, b. 1905, d. Jul 4, 1949, w/o Charles
Premo, Floyd Joseph, Jr., b. Nov 18, 1956, d. Apr 19, 1960, 3y, s/w Judy M. Premo
Premo, George Herman, b. Apr 14, 1871, d. Apr 20, ?, s/w Charles Premo
Premo, Gerald, b. 1940, d. 1941, s/w Florence Premo
Premo, Grace, b. 1863, d. 1935, mother, s/w C. Steven Premo
Premo, Infant, d. 1910, 2w, dau., no stone, s/w Joseph E. Premo
Premo, Infant, d. Sep, 1937, d/o Charles & Florence, no stone, s/w Joseph E. Premo
Premo, Infant, no dates, s/o J. E., s/w Charles Premo
Premo, John, b. Jan 8, 1881, d. Mar 18, 1881, s/w Charles Premo
Premo, Joseph E., b. 1864, d. 1946
Premo, Judy M., b. Dec 24, 1957, d. Jun 6, 1958, 5m, s/w Floyd J. Premo, Jr.
Premo, Kenneth Lyle, b. Aug 9, 1886, d. Jan 20, 1960, 73y
Premo, Leonard C., b. 1932, d. Jul 25, 1966, s/w Florence Premo
Premo, Wayne Allen, b. 1916, d. 1920, s/w Kenneth L. Premo
Quimby, Cyrus C., d. Oct 21, 1876, 5y 5m 10d, s/w Harriet M. Quimby
Quimby, Effie May, d. Oct 9, 1865, 3y 8m 18d, d/o J. & S., s/w Harriet M. Quimby
Quimby, Harriet M., d. May 9, 1858, 29y, w/o John
Reynolds, ??, d. Jun 23, 1851, 7m 1d, s/w B. F. Reynolds
Reynolds, B. F., d. Feb 7, 1865, 31y
Reynolds, Dana W., d. Aug 10, 1861, 1y 6m, s/w B. F. Reynolds
Reynolds, Florence, d. Aug 12, 1861, s/w B. F. Reynolds
Reynolds, Mary, d. June, 1859, 7m, d/o B. F., s/w B. F. Reynolds
Rich, John, no dates
Robinson, James, d. ? 22, 1873
Rounds, Julia, d. Nov 8, 1876, 10y 1m, d/o John & Mary
Rouse, Barbary J., d. Jul 17, 1859/60, 8y, d/o G. T. & S. T., s/w John Rouse
Rouse, John, no dates, no stone, Civil War
Rouse, Norton B., d. Sep 17, 1853, 11m 18d, s/o G. T. & S. T., s/w John Rouse
Ryan, Jane, d. Jan 24, 1899, 72y 5m, w/o John, s/w John Ryan
Ryan, John A., d. May 17, 1936, 79y 11m 25d, s/w John Ryan
Ryan, John, d. Mar 31, 1890, 73y
Ryan, Mary C., d. Oct 26, 1894, 42y 24d, s/w John Ryan
Schadler, James Edward, d. Sep 6, 1935, infant s/o Clifford & Elinor
Schellenberger, Infant, no dates, no stone
Schiegner, Sarah Roletta (Francis), b. 1846, d. Feb 16, 1923, 78y, s/w Oscar Francis
Schultz, ??, no dates, no stone, male
Squires, Amos W., b. 1850, d. 1920
Squires, Ezekiel, d. Oct 24, 1864, 71y, body removed to Rock Hill Cemetery in 1910
Squires, Infant, no dates, no stone, d/o Amos & Mary, s/w Amos W. Squires
Squires, Mary, b. 1855, d. 1929, s/w Amos W. Squires
Squires, Percy, d. Oct 10, 1884, 82y, w/o Ezekiel, body removed to Rock Hill Cemetery in 1910
Squires, Sarah, d. Nov 24, 1878, 37y 4m 24d, body removed to Rock Hill Cemetery in 1910
Steinmetz, Ada M., b. 1893, d. 1993, s/w Max W. Steinmetz
Steinmetz, Max William, b. 1902, d. Nov 20, 1950, s/w Ada M. Steinmetz
Stone, Allyn F., b. 1885, d. Nov, 1957, 72y, s/w Herman E. Stone
Stone, Ann Eliza, b. 1824, d. 1858, 33y, w/o Ryland, s/w Ryland Stone
Stone, Herman E., b. 1849, d. 1918
Stone, Homer F., b. May 14, 1837, d. Mar 18, 1850, s/w Ransom E. Stone
Stone, Infants, no dates, no stone, 2 c/o L. W., s/w Samuel Stone
Stone, Judson, b. 1855, d. 1857, 2y, s/w Ryland Stone
Stone, Lydia (Lathrop), b. Dec 14, 1819, d. Sep 9, 1895, s/w Ransom E. Stone
Stone, Mary M., b. 1856, d. Apr, 1923, s/w Herman E. Stone
Stone, Nellye E., b. Sep 29, 1889, d. Nov 24, 1979, s/w Truman R. Stone
Stone, Ransom E., b. Nov 17, 1813, d. Mar 16, 1884, s/w Laura Morse
Stone, Russell Hatz, b. Sep 3, 1902, d. Mar 11, 1904, s/o L. E. & N. A
Stone, Ryland, b. 1822, d. 1874, 52y, s/w Nellie Wakely
Stone, Samuel, b. 1820, d. Aug 8, 1866, 46y 5m 16d, s/w Infant Stone
Stone, Truman R., b. Aug 20, 1888, d. Feb 16, 1980, s/w Nellye E. Stone
Subert, Alvina, b. 1869, d. 1941, 2nd w/o John, s/w John Subert
Subert, Augusta, d. Jan 27, 1888, 23y 10m 15d, w/o John, s/w John Subert
Subert, Infant, d. 1888, 3m, twin, no stone, s/w John Subert
Subert, Infant, d. 1888, twin, no stone, s/w John Subert
Subert, Infant, no dates, no stone, s/o9 John & Alvina, s/w John Subert
Subert, John, b. 1858, d. Sep 30, 1934, 75y 9m
Subert, Willie, no dates, no stone, s/o John & Augusta, s/w John Subert
Wakely, Nellie, b. 1884, d. 1918, 34y, s/w Ryland Stone
Whitmore, Amanda, b. 1857, d. 1913, w/o Elias
Whitmore, Edward J., b. 1886, d. 1911, s/w Amanda Whitmore
Whitmore, Maude, b. 1890, d. 1895, s/w Amanda Whitmore
Zastrow, Betty, d. Nov 22, 1959
Zech, Bertha M., b. 1886, d. 1984, s/w Henry G. Zech
Zech, Henry G., b. 1881, d. Sep 14, 1967, 86y, s/w Bertha M. Zech
Zscheigner, Emma M., b. 1906, d. 1998, s/w Roy L. Zscheigner
Zscheigner, Roy L., b. 1894/7, d. Nov 20, 1943/6, s/w Emma M. Zscheigner
Zschiegner, C. Frederica, b. Aug 30, 1824, Ronnaburg, Germany, d. Jun 11, 1901, s/w C. Fredric Zschiegner
Zschiegner, C. Fredric, b. Mar 5, 1814, d. May 22, 1900, s/w Hazel Pfeil
Zschiegner, Herman, b. May 4, 1862, d. Jan 2, 1947, s/w C. Fredric Zschiegner
Zschiegner, Jeanette, b. Jan 6, 1872, d. Apr 4, 1933, s/w C. Fredric Zschiegner

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