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Pioneer Cemetery (Kern's Corners Cemetery)
Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43° 22' 45"N, Lon: 89° 45' 53"W
Sumpter Twp, Sec 3

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Apr 20, 2003 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 234.

Location: Inside Badger Army Ammunitions Plant (Badger Ordnance Works) and currently unaccessible to the public (Apr, 2003)

Oldest and largest of three cemeteries inside Badger Ordnance Plant. Deeded Nov 23, 1864 but burials were much earlier than that. Cemetery association dissolved. It is well kept by the plant. When the Government bought the land for Badger Ordnance in 1942, no more burials were allowed.

Kern's Corners or Pine Hollow Cemetery, commonly called Pioneer Cemetery due to the early burials, was copied by R. R. Buell on Nov 22, 1954. He copied those marble stones that were still legible and he stated that some were completely illegible, being badly washed and weathered to the point that the original inscription was lost.

Twenty years later the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society members copied all stones still there and included in this list any that Buell found that they did not. Also some checking was done with Erhart Mueller's records in order to resolve any discrepancies. A few additions to the list were made from other sources. Hence all the following data is not necessarily what could be read on the tombstones, but compiled to be of help to searchers since in many cases, there may be no other source. Permission given by Carol Sorg to list this cemetery.

I copied this cemetery with permission on Apr 20, 2003.

- Kathy Waddell

b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
gc/o = grandchild of
ggc/o = great grandchild of
h/o = husband of
m. = married
m/o = mother of
n/t = next to
s/o = son of
s/w = shares plot or stone with
w/o = wife of

Baker, Laura Ann, d. Jul 22, 1852, 4y 10d, d/o A. M. & Britania
Ball, Eddy, d. Dec 30, 1853, 1m 1d, s/o Ira E. & Clarissa (Richardson)
Ball, Ira E., d. Nov 29, 1853, 33y 2m 29d, s/w Eddy Ball
Bass, Isaac Wilber, b. 1827/9, d. 1893, s/w Lorenda Bass
Bass, Lorenda, b. 1835, d. 1913, wife, s/w Isaac W. Bass
Bean, Myra, b. 1845, d. 1928
Beardsley, Hulda (Hoover), b. 1842, d. 1926
Brandt, Martin, d. Feb 11, 1881, 20y 7m 20d
Brereton, William H., b. 1859, d. 1935
Bretsch, Bertha, b. 1872, d. 1924, mother, s/w Herman Bretsch
Bretsch, Herman, b. 1856, d. 1923, father, s/w Bertha Bretsch
Brigham, Ebenezer Prescott, no dates, son, s/w Prescott Brigham
Brigham, Hannah (Ryder), d. Oct 20, 1846, 58y, s/w Prescott Brigham
Brigham, Lucy (Gibbs), d. Jan 23, 1885, 68y, 2nd w/o E. Prescott
Brigham, Prescott, d. May 28, 1862, 82y
Brown, Charles E., b. 1867, d. 1940
Burdick, Betsey A./S., d. Dec 29, 1863, 36y, w/o S. M., s/w Hannah Burdick
Burdick, Hannah, d. Aug 31, 1853/63, 66y 9m
Burdick, Peter M., d. Mar 1, 1862, 21d, s/o S. M. & B. A./S.
Butler, Baby, b. 1847, 9m
Campbell, John, no dates, 6th Wis. Batt'y
Childs, Sabrina, b. Jul 23, 1802, d. Apr 13, 1890, 1st name might be Sarrina
Colburn, William, no dates, 6th Wis. Batt'y
Davis, Edie G., d. Jan 21, 1868, 5m 2d, d/o E. & S., s/w Julia M. Davis
Davis, Itol S., d. Mar 3/5, 1879, 3m 8d, d/o A. V./Y. & S., s/w Lake A. Davis
Davis, Julia M., d. May 29, 1860, 8y 3m 1d, d/o E. & S., Edie G. Davis
Davis, Lake A., d. Jun 12, 1878, 2y 26d, s/o A. V./Y. & S.
Davis, Marshall R., d. May 2, 1872, 1y 6m 2d, s/o A. V./Y. & S., s/w Lake A. Davis
Donnelly, John, d. Jul 17, 1855, infant s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, s/w Mary A. Donnelly
Donnelly, Mary Ann (Hudson), d. Nov 30, 1858, 28y, w/o Thomas, s/w John Donnelly
Elsing, Alma, b. 1890, d. 1927, dau., s/w William Elsing
Elsing, Henrietta (Lucht), d. Apr 2, 1941, no stone, s/w William Elsing
Elsing, William, d. Feb 17, 1908, 50y 6m 12d
Farnum, David J., b. Mar 28, 1829, d. May 1, 1911, father
Farnum, Louisa S., b. Jan 24, 1827, d. Nov 5, 1885, mother, s/w David J. Farnum
Farnum, Mary D., d. Aug 3, 1871, 2y 5m 25d, d/o David & Louisa, s/w David J. Farnum
Farnum, Maryetta, b. Feb 13, 1854, d. May 29, 1917, s/w David J. Farnum
Farnum, Myrta, b. 1858, d. 1934, s/w David J. Farnum
Farrington, Charles, d. May 12, 1882/92, 74y 8m 21d, s/w Ellen Farrington
Farrington, Ellen (Teel), d. Sep 27, 1889, 73y 5m 24d, wife, s/w Charles Farrington
Ferber, Clara, d. May 11, 1892, 14y 9m 12d, d/o George & Louisa, s/w George Ferber
Ferber, George, Jr., no dates, no stone, s/w George Ferber
Ferber, George, b. 1842, d. 1919, father
Ferber, Louisa M., d. Jul 12, 1890, 41y 1m 21d, mother, s/w George Ferber
Fort, Glen R./G., d. Apr/Aug 15/17, 1863/8, 1y 7m 2d, s/o D./B. H. & J. L.
Fowler, Isabel C. (Jameson), d. Apr 1, 1895, 52y, s/w James B. Fowler
Fowler, James B., d. Mar 30, 1895, 54y, s/w Isabel C. Fowler
Francis, Charles G., d. Mar 24, 1893, 78y, s/w Cynthia H. Francis
Francis, Cynthia H., d. Feb 18, 1892, 77y, s/w Charles G. Francis
Francis, Silas H., d. Sep 28/29, 1858/68, 6m 7d, s/o J. H. & S. H.
Fuller, Capitolia A., d. Sep 26, 1867 6/8m, 1/4d, d/o J. H. & M. A., s/w Seymour Fuller
Fuller, Dora Maud, d. Apr 23, 1869, 8m, d/o John H. & M. A., s/w Seymour Fuller
Fuller, Seymour J., d. Oct 11, 1868, 22y 5m, s/o John H. & Sarah
Gattwinkel, Carrie (Waffenschmidt), d. Jul 11, 1899, 29y 16d, w/o Edward, s/w Edward Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, Charlotte M., d. Jan 26, 1867, 14y 9m 5/15d, s/o George & Catherine, s/w George Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, Dewey M., d. Nov 20, 1918, 21y 1m 4d, s/o Edward & Carrie
Gattwinkel, Edward, no dates, father
Gattwinkel, Fredericke (Steidtman), b. Jan 7, 1835, d. Jan 18, 1920, mother, s/w Henry Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, George, d. Dec 12, 1907, 88y 3m 16d
Gattwinkel, Henry, b. Jan 25, 1824, d. Jul 22, 1913, father, s/w Fredericke Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, Jerome H., d. Mar 20/28, 186?, 7y, s/o George & Catherine, s/w George Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, Lillian, d. Oct 28, 1867, 1y 9m 5d, d/o George & Catherine, s/w George Gattwinkel
Gattwinkel, Sarah Ellen, d. Jan/Jul 28, 1867?, stone broken, d/o George & Catherine, s/w George Gattwinkel
Gibbs, Aletha, d. Aug 4, 1892, 85y, d/o Gill & Polly, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Charles E., b. 1843, d. 1919, s/o John & Betsey
Gibbs, Emma (Pretsch), b. 1869, 1932, 2nd w/o Charles, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Gill, d. Nov 22, 1860, 86y, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Harriet Marinda (Smalley), b. 1847, d. 1892, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Isaac, d. Apr 2, 1894, 79y, s/o Gill & Polly, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Isaac, d. Aug 17, 1866, 1y 3m ?d, s/o C. E. & H. M., s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Ivan I., b. 1904, d. Jul 25, 1920, s/o Carl, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, John Franklin, d. Jun 7, 1886, 19y 8m, s/o C. E. & H. M., s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, John, d. Dec 16, 1856, 51y 8m 7d, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Katie May, b. 1885, d. 1892, d/o C. E. & H. M., s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Mary Katherine, no dates, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Polly M., d. Sep 1, 1859, 81y, w/o Gill, s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Ray M., d. Jun 24, 1882, 3m 16d, twin/o Roy M., s/o C. E. & H. M., s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gibbs, Roy M., d. Mar 13, 18832, 1y 6d, twin/o Ray M., s/o C. E. & H. M., s/w Charles E. Gibbs
Gordon, Betsy H. (Smith) Gibbs, Sep 1, 1810, d. Sep 15, 1891, m. 1st John Gibbs, m. 2nd John W. Gordon, s/w John W. Gordon
Gordon, John W., b. Aug 3, 1816, d. Jan 7, 1895, s/w Betsy H. Gordon
Gross, Alma M., b. May 5, 1893, d. Dec 8, 1893, s/w John M. Gross
Gross, Ella S., b. Oct 25, 1854, d. Apr 23, 1901, s/w John M. Gross
Gross, Jessie Isabel, d. Aug 22, 1881, 3y 9m 25/27d, d/o John & Ella, s/w John M. Gross
Gross, John M., b. Jan 16, 1853, d. Mar 4, 1930
Harrington, Daniel P., d. Dec 28, 1843, 9y 1m 17d, s/o Zenas & Susanna, s/w Martha E. Harrington
Harrington, Martha E., d. winter of 1843/1844, d/o Zenas & Susanna, s/w Daniel P. Harrington
Haskin, Alice, b. Feb 12, 1871, d. Sep 12, 1891, d/o H. T. & E. A., s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Effie, b. Aug 13, 1884, New York, d. Jan 22, 1888, d/o Abram G. & Martha Ann (Bass), s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Ella, b. Dec 31, 1855, d. Jan 20, 1911, no stone, s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Harley T., b. Sep 9, 1844, d. Jul 21, 1893, no stone, s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Leslie, b. Oct 13, 1846, d. Aug 20, 1860, s/o S. M. & M., s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Marietta (Wilcox), b. Jul 27, 1818, d. Nov 4, 1889, 1st w/o Samuel, s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Pamelia (Holt) Hazeltine, d. May 2, 1895, 66y, 2nd w/o Samuel, m. 1st W. Hazeltine, s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Samuel, b. Aug 27, 1818, d. Nov 24, 1895, no stone
Haskin, Virgil, b. Mar 30, 1884, d. Mar 30, 1884, s/o H. T. & E. A., s/w Samuel Haskin
Haskin, Winnie, b. Oct 17, 1869, d. Aug 11, 1877, d/o H. T. & E. A., s/w Samuel Haskin
Hesford, Temperance A., d. Sep 5, 1864, 25y
Hill, Infant, d. 1919, d/o H. K. & F. E.
Hill, Jacob L., b. 1862, d. 1940
Hill, Mary E., b. 1866, d. 1945, buried at Yankee Street Cemetery, Jacob L. Hill
Hill, Verna Belle, b. 1890, d. 1894, s/w Jacob L. Hill
Hodget, Aletta M., d. Feb 28, 1872, 24y, d/o Andrew & Ann (Alwin), s/w Edward Hodget
Hodget, Edward, b. 1850, d. 1891, no stone
Hodget, Wheeler, b. 1852, d. 1891, no stone, s/w Edward Hodget
Hoover, Anna, d. Apr 15, 1859, 78y, s/w John Hoover, Sr.
Hoover, Arletta (Rutherford), d. Jun 21, 1847, 32y, w/o John, s/w John Hoover
Hoover, John Lyman, d. Nov 20, 1857, 2d, s/o John & Rose, s/w John Hoover
Hoover, John, Sr., d. Aug 15, 1855, 71y, s/w Anna Hoover
Hoover, John, b. Aug 24, 1812, d. Nov 26, 1868
Hoover, Rogene G., d. Jul 26, 1851, 1y 3m, d/o John & Rose, s/w John Hoover
Hoover, Rose (Jackson), d. Mar 30, 1876, 50y 11m 21d, 2nd w/o John, s/w John Hoover
Hyer, Baby, d. Feb 10, 1923, d/o Albert W. & Ella E.
Hyer, David R., b. Jul 12, 1812, d. Jan 22, 1897, s/w Eliza Hyer
Hyer, Eliza, b. Feb 1, 1822, d. Feb 13, 1912, s/w David R. Hyer
Hyer, Walter S., b. Dec 28, 1857, d. Feb 9, 1904
Jameson, Albert, d. Nov 17, 1875, 66y, s/w Wilbur W. Jameson
Jameson, Oren, no dates, killed in Civil War, unsure of burial location
Jameson, Wilbur W., d. Feb 2, 1851/54, 11y 9m 1d (or 1y 9m 12d), s/w Albert Jameson
Johnson, Ransom, d. Aug 12, 1864, 1y 3m, s/o W. B. & Phebe Ann, s/w Ransom Johnson
Johnson, Walter, d. Aug 15, 1864, 5y 6m, s/o W. B. & Phebe Ann, s/w Ransom Johnson
Keitel, Alta E., b. Apr 20, 1886, d. Aug 1, 1911, w/o Edwin
Keitel, Ida (Organ), b. Nov 7, 1862, d. Dec 2, 1933, s/w John Keitel
Keitel, John, b. Nov 3, 1852, d. Apr 26, 1912
Keitel, Thelma, b. Sep 9, 1910, d. Feb 23, 1914, d/o E. & N., s/w John Keitel
Kellogg, William Nathan, d. May 6, 1847, 9m 25/26d, s/o Ephraim & Eliza (Farnum)
Kern, Charles, d. Apr, 1860, 51y
Kern, Charlotte, d. Apr, 1860, 46y, wife, s/w Charles Kern
Kern, John H., d. Feb 12, 1848, 5y 1m, s/o Charles & Charlotte, s/w Charles Kern
King, Betsey D. (Buck), d. Aug 14, 1855, 80y, s/w Hosea King
King, Clarina (Eaton), b. Jun 22, 1822, d. Jul 30, 1907, s/w Eli King
King, David, b. May 15, 1814, d. Oct 14, 1857
King, Eli, b. Jul 6, 1820, d. Oct 15, 1901
King, Ervin, d. Aug 14, 1864, 11m 5d, s/o Eli & Clarina, s/w Eli King
King, Euphemia S., d. Mar 14, 1849, 5m 13d, d/o Eli & Clarina, s/w Eli King
King, Henry G., b. 1847, d. 1884, s/w Solomon King
King, Hosea, d. Apr 9, 1853, 76y, s/w Betsey D. King
King, Jane E., b. 1854, d. 1938, w/o Henry, s/w Solomon King
King, John S., b. 1878, d. 1878, s/w Solomon King
King, Solomon, d. Dec 6, 1869, 51y 11m 11d
King, Sylvester E., b. Jan 12, 1845, d. 1925, s/w Eli King
King, Ursula S. (Buck), d. Feb 13, 1893, 73y 9m 20d, wife, s/w Solomon King
Lamberson, Sarah (Haskin), no dates, no stone, w/o John C.
Mather, George, d. 1884
Mather, Infant, d. 1881, s/w George Mather
Mather, Mettlar, b. 1856, d. 1922, s/w George Mather
Mather, Nettie P., b. 1890, d. 1891, s/w George Mather
Mather, Rolland, b. 1894, d. 1914, s/w George Mather
McIntire, David M., d. Mar 20, 1927, 60y, s/w Winnifred McIntire
McIntire, Winnifred (Welch), d. Jun 11, 1919, 40y, w/o D. M., s/w David M. McIntire
Millard, William H., d. Nov 20, 1850, 2m, s/o J. H. & C.
Nichols, William H., d. Jan 16, 1867, 36y, Civil War
Oberwetter, Charley E., b. Aug 28, 1835, d. Dec 20, 1864, s/o H. & M. E.
Organ, Alfred, b. May 21, 1823, d. Sep 22, 1902, s/w Emma Organ
Organ, Emma, b. Feb 15, 1822, d. Apr 2, 1909, wife, s/w Alfred Organ
Perry, Ammarillas (Eaton) King, b. May 28, 1815, d. Jan 11, 1906, 90y 7m 4/14d
Pobjoy, Daniel, b. 1825, d. 1878
Pobjoy, Myrtie R., b. 1867, d. 1928, w/o Grant, bur. at Yankee Street Cemetery, s/w Daniel Pobjoy
Pobjoy, Rachel, b. 1832, d. 1907, wife, s/w Daniel Pobjoy
Quimby, John L., b. 1857, d. 1938, s/w Mary L. Quimby
Quimby, Mary L., b. 1857, d. 1929, s/w John L. Quimby
Randall, George A., b. Jan 26, 1866, d. Sep 8, 1866, s/o D. B. & N.
Randall, Joshua, Dr., b. 1778, d. 1857, f/o David B., s/w Rachel Randall
Randall, Rachel (Miller), b. 1780, d. 1849, wife, s/w Joshua Randall
Romex, Albert M., d. Jun 3, 1860
Roper, John, Jr., d. Aug 11, 1857, 19y 11m 11d, s/w Ruth Roper
Roper, Ruth, d. Jul 15, 1849, 41y, wife, s/w John Roper, Jr.
Schied, Anna, b. 1865, d. Apr, 1937, no stone, s/w Fred C. Schied
Schied, Fred C., d. Apr 9, 1904, 46y, s/w Anna Schied
Schlag, Elizabeth, b. 1853, d. 1926, s/w Paul Schlag
Schlag, John Earl, b. Aug 23, 1887, d. Mar 23, 1925, s/w Paul Schlag
Schlag, Paul, b. 1848/9, d. 1919
Scott, George, d. Jan 1, 1851, 1y 3m 20d, s/o J. W. & J. A.
Searl, Harris Albert, d. Jul, 1847, 7m, son, s/w Lucinda King
Searl, Lucinda (King), d. Dec 13, 1846, 24y, w/o Harris, d/o Hosea, Jr., s/w Harris A. Searl
Simons, Gertrude, d. Feb 20, 1865, 59y 7m 1d, w/o Moses G.
Smalley, George, Mrs., no dates, s/w George Smalley
Smalley, George, b. 1869, d. 1935
Smalley, Louis, b. 1834, d. 1902, 68y, s/w George Smalley
Smalley, Sophia (Fort), d. 1928, s/w George Smalley
Smalley, Sylvester, no dates, s/w George Smalley
Smith, Samuel, d. 1897, bur. on Hyer lot
Sprague, Allen J., b. Sep 10, 1848, d. Nov 12, 1916
Sprague, Ida G., d. May 26, 1890, 33y
Sprague, Levonia, d. Feb 11, 1892, 75y, w/o Asa
Steidtman, Adolph G., d. Aug 20, 1889, 31y 8m
Stutson, John B., b. 1796, d. 1868
Teel, Baby, d. Jun 7, 1884, 26d, s/o Charles & Emma, s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Charles, b. May 24, 1832, d. May 23, 1898
Teel, Elizabeth, d. Oct 22, 1882, 97y, w/o Henry, s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Emma A., d. Sep 19, 1873/78, 41y 4m 4d, w/o Charles, s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Frank, d. May 28, 1888, 18y 5m 6d, s/o Charles & Emma, s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Harriette, b. Aug 5, 1851, d. May 26, 1859, d/o George & V. J., s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Henry, d. Dec 14, 1856, 69y, s/w Charles Teel
Teel, Kate, b. Nov 28, 1882, d. Sep 14, 1920, s/w Charles Teel
Thoelke, Bertha, d. Oct 23, 1907, 41y 3m, wife, s/w Henry Thoelke
Thoelke, Henry F., b. 1902, d. 1908, s/w Henry Thoelke
Thoelke, Henry, b. 1859, d. 1933
Thoelke, Lois, d. 1928, d. 1935
Tiffany, George H., b. Feb 8, 1918, d. Apr 6, 1938, s/o Earl
Tiffany, George Samuel, b. Nov 28, 1852, New York, d. Apr 18, 1932, s/o John, no stone
Tiffany, Mary (Burdick), d. Jan 11, 1887, 31y 4m, w/o George, s/w George H. Tiffany
Tiffany, Merl A., b. Apr 23, 1892, d. Feb 16, 1893, d/o George & Alice
Van Gorder, Hannah H., b. Oct 10, 1807, d. Jun 22, 1883, wife, s/w Peter Van Gorder
Van Gorder, Harriet, d. Jul 11, 1861, 24y 6m 28d, d/o Peter & Hannah, s/w Peter Van Gorder
Van Gorder, Peter, b. Jan 28, 1803, d. Jan 6, 1879
Vanderfort, ??, d. Apr 26, 1863, broken stone, s/w Almon Vanderfort
Vanderfort, Almon, d. Dec 12, 1867 (or Oct 12, 1865), s/o H.M.R.? & Sarah, broken stone
Vanderhoef, John Ambrose, d. Oct 11, 1868, 11y 2m 7d, s/o E. & A. E., s/w Louisa J. Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, Louisa Jane, d. Sep, 1872, 5m, d/o E. & A. E., s/w John A. Vanderhoef
Waffenschmidt, Amy, b. 1930, d. 1930, s/w Guy F. Waffenschmidt
Waffenschmidt, Guy F., b. 1885, d. 1932
Waffenschmidt, Joan, b. 1929, d. 1935, s/w Guy F. Waffenschmidt
Walburg, Rose (Sprague), d. Nov 28, 1906, 23y, w/o Neal
Weeks, Susan A., d. Mar 7, 1869, 39y 6m, w/o E. A.
Weirich, Albert E. L., b. Jul 5, 1882, d. Sep 17, 1911, s/o H. & F.
Welch, Alfred Elmer, b. 1875, d. 1911, s/w Moses Welch
Welch, Laura, b. 1849, d. 1927, s/w Moses Welch
Welch, Moses, b. 1833, d. 1887, father
Welch, Rufus, b. 1845, d. 1884, s/w Moses Welch
Welch, Walter J., b. 1881, d. 1927, s/w Moses Welch
Welch, Willis, b .1877, d. 1889, s/w Moses Welch
White, Margaret A., d. Feb 4, 1890, 56y, wife, s/w Raymond D. White
White, Raymond D., d. Aug 16, 1889, 54y 7m, s/w Margaret A. White
Wilcox Hannah, d. Mar 1, 1856, no stone, s/w Miles M. Wilcox
Wilcox, Miles M., d. Sep 21, 1854, 34y 5m 2d
Wilcox, Richard, d. Sep 21, 1854, 14m, s/o Miles & Hannah, s/w Miles M. Wilcox
Wilson, Bessie (King), b. Sep 19, 1870, d. Oct 23, 1900, w/o Marvin A.
Young, Albert N., b. Dec 23, 1854, d. Feb 22, 1905, h/o Lorenda who's buried at Yankee Street Cemetery
Young, Fannie, b. Jul 15, 1891, d. Sep 21, 1891, s/w Albert N. Young
Young, Henry, b. 1909, d. 1925, s/w Rolland Young
Young, Lillian, b. Mar 4, 1885, d. Sep 21, 1885, s/w Albert N. Young
Young, Milton H., b. 1896, d. 1922, father
Young, Rolland, b. 1910, d. 1914, s/w Henry Young
Zauft, Estella (Gibbs), b. 1902, d. 1923, 1st w/o Walter

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