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Hill Cemetery (Peck Cemetery)
Sauk County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43° 23' 43"N, Lon: 89° 37' 14"W
Merrimac Township Sec 26

Contributed by Kathy Waddell, Sep 11, 2004 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 36.

Location: Four tenths of a mile on Reusch Road off Bluff Road north of the town of Merrimac. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

The cemetery is also known as the Peck Cemetery and Merrimac Cemetery. It is maintained by Merrimac Township. There are no current burials.

Many of the stones in this small cemetery are broken and unreadable. The cemetery was originally copied by members of the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society on Jan 21, 1975. It was this information I used to verify stones that have become unreadable or are no longer there.

Thank you to members of the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society for information provided from copying the cemetery in the early 1980's.

I walked, re-copied and verified with Emily Fichter on Aug 31, 2004.

- Kathy Waddell

b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
gc/o = grandchild of
ggc/o = great grandchild of
h/o = husband of
m = married
m/o = mother of
n/t = next to
s/o = son of
s/w = shares plot or stone with
w/o = wife of
Albert, Caroline L., b. Oct 31, 1813, d. Apr 22, 1900, s/w Fredrick W. Albert
Albert, Fredrick W., b. Mar 13, 1802, d. Mar 22, 1866
Albert, Hannah L., b. Nov 18, 1836, d. Nov 29, 1858, s/w Fredrick W. Albert
Babcock, Clark R., d. Apr 21, 1881, ?8y 10m 14d, s/w J. N. Babcock
Babcock, J. N., no dates, Co. F, 23rd WVF, Civil War
Babcock, Mariah, d. Jun 16, 1882, ?y 11m 15d, s/w J. N. Babcock
Cornish, Marcia E., d. Feb 14, 1859, 5y 7m 14d, d/o J. J. & S. J.
Crosby, Harriet, b. Jan 10, 1827, d. Jul 8, 1864, w/o Luther, s/w Luther Crosby
Crosby, Ida May, b. 1856, d. 1863, dau., s/w Luther Crosby
Crosby, Luther, b. Feb 25, 1820, d. May 13, 1894
Crosby, William E., b. 1862, d. 1863, son, s/w Luther Crosby
Emerson, James, no dates, Sgt. Co. E, 49th WVI, s/w Sarah Emerson
Emerson, Sarah Jane (?) Horsefield, d. Aug 23, 1861, 62y, s/w James Emerson
Harman, Rosa E., b. Oct 19, 1863, d. Sep 30, 1864, s/w William Harman
Harman, Sarah A., b. May 21, 1857, d. Jul 24, 1857, 2m 3d, s/w William Harman
Harman, William, b. Oct 17, 1861, d. Oct 1, 1884
Morrison, Laura Nettie, d. Sep 25, 1865, d/o Curtis H. & Ellen
Moulton, Edith Ann, d. Sep 23, 1865, d/o P. C. & S. G., s/w Sarah G. Moulton
Moulton, Harlow Sherman, d. 1865, s/w Sarah G. Moulton
Moulton, Herbert H., d. Feb 1, 1891, 24y 5m 21d, s/o P. C. & S. G., s/w Sarah G. Moulton
Moulton, Sarah G., d. Jul 2, 1903, 66y 10m 7d, w/o P. C.
Parsons, George, no dates, Sgt., Co. H, 11th WVI
Pasker, John, d. Sep 13, 1859
Peck, Evenette, b. 1863, d. 1928, s/w George E. Peck
Peck, George E., b. 1848, d. 1923, s/w Evenette Peck
Peck, Harriett B., d. Feb 18, 1878, 67y, w/o Joshua, s/w Joshua Peck
Peck, Joshua W., d. Dec 20, 1891, 87y
Peck, Sarah Ann, no dates, d/o Joshua & Harriett, s/w Joshua Peck
Premo, Fannie, d. Jul 1, 1860, 75y, s/w Joseph Premo
Premo, Joseph, b. 1812, d. Mar 3, 1878, 66y 11m 7d
Premo, Lewis, d. Feb 28, 1856, s/w Joseph Premo
Premo, Sarah Jane, d. Feb 14, 1870, 11y 5m 6d, d/o Lewis
Premo, Stephen H., d. Mar 22, 1855, 4y 9m 15d, son, s/w Joseph Premo
Premo, Sylvina, b. 1814, d. Nov 24, 1880, 66y 3m 12d, s/w Joseph Premo
Stearns, Alpheus, d. Jun 29, 1852, 69y 7m 9d
Sutton, Mary Ann, d. Jan 29, 1860, 16y 8m 6d, d/o D. & M.

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