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Old Fort Winnebago Cemetery
Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin

old fort winnebago cemetery
Old Fort Winnebago Cemetery

GPS: 43.557069, -89.427351

Highway EE
Portage, WI 53901

Published: September 15, 2016
Total records: 79


Fort Winnebago Cemetery Soldiers' Lot is located near the site of Old Fort Winnebago, 2.5 miles north of Portage, Wisconsin.

Established in 1828, Fort Winnebago was one in a series of forts along the Fox-Wisconsin Waterway, a portage used to link the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, connecting Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. Jefferson Davis was stationed at Fort Winnebago as a young soldier, before going on to become the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

Interments in the post cemetery began in 1835. Fort Winnebago closed in 1853 and was sold at a public sale. Although not exempted from the sale, the cemetery property was omitted from the deed. As a result, by default, the United States retained the post cemetery. The 2-acre site was designated as a soldiers' lot in 1862. There are 75 gravesites in the lot, including dead from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I. Monuments and Memorials.

In 1924 the Wau-Bun chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution erected a granite boulder monument dedicated to the memory of the unknown dead. The monument also marks the site of the surrender of Winnebago chief Red Wing in 1827 to the Euro-American settlers of the region.

Cemetery Records

Data was taken from tombstones and newspapers with help from Hazel Rogers and Marilyn Wilson. This is a retype of the original copy by Anna Mae Axness. Some Veteran Information from Betty Cook's files.

(Mc?)Kellep, George--1yr 2mo 13d old
, d. 09-06-1853, Plot 6, --Son of G.W. & M.E.(Mc?) Kellep
Brannan, James P., d. 05-31-1859, Plot 40, --18 yr. 21 days old
Bullock, Louisa, d. 06-16-1855, Plot 1, --Wife of A. Bullock, 33yr old
Calkins, Ellen D.--1yr 5mo 11da old, d. 10-07-1855, Plot 8, --Dtr of T.G. & A.B. Calkins
Campbell, Lura--6yr 7mo 28da old
, , d. 07-15-1854, Plot 5, --Dtr of H. Campbell
Carpenter, Amasa W., b. 05-27-1861, d. 08-16-1861, Plot 49, --Son of Henry & Sarah Carpenter
Carpenter, Henry (Co. C or G?), d. 02-02-1894, Plot 51, --Blackhawk War Co. G, 5th U.S. Inf.
Carpenter, Henry M.
, b. 12-10-1855, d. 10-31-1865, Plot 50, --Son of Henry & Sarah Carpenter
Carpenter, Sarah (b. 1818), d. 05-23-1901, Plot 52, --
Carpenter, Sarah Jane--13yr 2mo 7da, d. 06-15-1853, Plot 48, --Dtr of Henry & Sarah Carpenter
Chandiler, Edgar E.--1yr 5mo 20da, d. 01-15-1857, Plot 28, --Son of L.F. & L.M. Chandiler
Chandler, Irene Adams, d. 01-16-1855, Plot 34, --Dtr of J. & H.W; 5 wk. 2 days old
Chandler, Seth Adams, d. 02-08-1857, Plot 34a , --Son of J. & H.W. Chandler
Clough, John (68 yr. old), d. 07-11-1855, Plot 44, --War of 1812; Mason
Crane, Olive E.--14mo 23da old, d. 10-12-1855, Plot 33, --Dtr of W. & O.M. Crane
Crawford, A.J., d. 11-14-1856, Plot 16, --Veteran
Davis, Moses, b. 02-21-1891, d. 08-17-1856, Plot 25, --b.Haverhill Mass, d. Portage Wis.
Dawes, Hannah, 1834-1850, Plot 10e, --A niece
Dawes, Lucretia, 1845-1850, Plot 10c, --Her daughter
Gamble, James H. (Pvt.), d. 09-20-1898, Plot 17, --Sp-Am-War/Co. F 3rd Wis. Inf.
Gates, Emily--18yr 6mo old, d. 10-13-1850, Plot 36, --Wife of W.C. Gates
Gates, Frances L.--5mo 8 da old, d. 10-18-1850, Plot 36a, --Dtr of W.C. & E. Gates
Glenn, William H., d. 05-02-1908, Plot 18, --Civil War, GAR, Co. H 7th U.S. Cav., see obit index for d.date
Gray, Hattie, 1886-1888, Plot 54c, --His granddaughter
Gridley, Charles F., d. 08-13-1854, Plot 11, --Son of C.A. & S.A. Gridley
Haynes, Edgar J., d. 08-17-1851, Plot 46, --Son of J.N. & F.A. Haynes
Hill, Elizabeth, 1816-1899, Plot 54a, --His wife
Johnson, Henry M., d. 08-23-1855, Plot 45, --b. New Jersey; 22 yr. old
Jones, Owen, d. 02-11-1871, Plot 19, --Civil War, GAR, Co. K 3rd Wis. Cav.
Knight, Oscar, 1846-1851, Plot 10d, --Grandson
Lamore, Mary--48yr 5mo 10da old, d. 12-04-1850, Plot 7, --Wife of James Lamore
Miller, James Henry--2mo old, d. 08-18-1854, Plot 31, --Son of J.B. & E.E. Miller
No grave here, Plot 47, --
North, Ann, 1824-1856, Plot 54, --His wife
O'Neill, Richard, d. 04-26-1879, Plot 41, --Civil War, GAR, Co. D, 19th Wis. Inf.
Parmerton, Elisha, d. 10-11-1819, Plot 35, --33 yr. old
Pease, James, b. 19-25-1781, d. 12-09-1855, Plot 32, --
Pease, Olive Thomson
, b. 03-17-1781, d. 09-17-1854, Plot 32a, --
Pixley, Cooper--86 y. old
, b. 07-18-1768, d. 03-12-1855, Plot 4, --Revolutionary War, N.Y. Levies
Pixley, Ellen E.---4yr 4mo 16da old, d. 05-15-1855, Plot 9, --Dtr of Enoch & Ellen Pixley
Pixley, Mary--49yr old, d. 04-27-1853, Plot 23, --Wife of Robert Pixley
Porter, Alexander (Zerviah Phelps), b. 12-14-1757, d. 04-24-1833, Plot 3, --Rev.War; first buried in Freedom N.Y.--there is a stone here, his ashes are buried in Pacific Cemetery
Robertson, Emily E.--1 yr 3mo old, d. 12-11-1853, Plot 37, --Dtr of W.W. & L. Robertson
Robertson, Lizzie B.--9mo 18da old, d. 06-09-1856, Plot 38, --Dtr of W.W. & L. Robertson
Robertson, Lucy--also an infant here, d. 07-05-1856, Plot 39, --Wife of W.W. Robertson, 26 yr. old
Robinson, Robert, b. 05-01-1825, d. 09-20-1911, Plot 20, --Civil War, GAR, Co. K ILL. Vol Inf.
Russel, Sarah---b.England, b. 02-11-1817, d. 08-30-1855, Plot 29, --Wife of John Russell; 39 yr. old
Saunders, Saunders, b. 1797, 1850, Plot 10a, --His Wife
Sink, George K.--10yr 20da Old, d. 05-03-1855, Plot 53, --Son of Arnold & Margaret E.
Smith, Cyrus B., d. 11-05-1851, Plot 26, --36 yr. 6 mo. Old
Smith, daughter, d. 06-17-1864, Plot 58, --Dtr of R. & C. Smith
Smith, Martha J., d. 05-31-1858, Plot 57, --
Spencer, James--41yr old, d. 11-23-1851, Plot 24, --Moved from Schuylkill Co. PA 1850
St. John, Eugene, d. 09-18-1855, Plot 27, --Son of D.W. & E.M. St. John
Susan Jane, 1824-1850, Plot 10b, --Their daughter
Sylvester, Edwin H., d. 09-10-1848, Plot 12a, --Son of E.J. & W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Electa--b.Mass., b. 12-07-1794, d. 03-07-1853, Plot 15, --Second wife of William Sylvester
Sylvester, Nancy---b.Detroit, b. 03-17-1805, d. 01-12-1848, Plot 14, --First wife of William Sylvester
Sylvester, William, b. 10-28-1792, d. 11-20-1875, Plot 13, --War of 1812
Sylvester, William Ambrose, d. 12-09-1847, Plot 12, --Son of E.J. & W. Sylvester
Thompson, Julia A.--28yr old, d. 06-14-1853, Plot 22, --Wife of L.S. Thompson
Unknown U.S. Soldiers, Plot 44a, --18 unmarked graves
Van Der Cook, Charles--6mo 15da, d. 10-10-1851, Plot 43, --Son of D. & H.C. Van Der Cook
Van Der Cook, Helen C., b. 5-17-1823, d. 08-30-1854, Plot 42, --Wife of D. Van Der Cook
Walsworth, Silas, d. 07-06-1819, Plot 2, --59 yr. old
White Eagle, Archie, d. 01-14-1920, Plot 21, -- WW I, Pvt. 128th Inf. 32 Div., brother to Wilson White Eagle
Wood, Alfred, d. 10-19-1856, Plot 30, --Son of J.R. & E.C. Wood

The Weir Monument

Weir, William---Odd Fellow, b. 1819, d. 07-06-1877, Plot 55, --Civil War, Capt.Co. C, 33rd Wis. Vol.
North, Ann, 1824-1856, Plot 54, --His wife
Hill, Elizabeth, 1816-1899, Plot 54a, --His wife
Weir, W.T., 1854-1857, Plot 54b, --His son
Gray, Hattie, 1886-1888, Plot 54c, --His granddaughter
Weir, James--47yr old, d. 08-25-1867, Plot 56, --b.Harthill lanarkshire Scotland

Dawes Family Stone

William McFarland, 1799-1850, Plot 10, --
Saunders, Rachel, 1797-1850, Plot 10a, --His Wife
Dawes, Susan Jane, 1824-1850, Plot 10b, --Their daughter, not sure of last name
Dawes, Lucretia, 1845-1850, Plot 10c, --Her daughter
Knight, Oscar, 1846-1851, Plot 10d, --Grandson
Dawes, Hannah, 1834-1850, Plot 10e, --A niece

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Records

Records below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on November 8, 2019. Many of these names are duplicated above, while others do not appear above. Dates of death range from July 6 1819 through July 14, 1920...

??, ??, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 44A, Unknown Soldier
ADAMS, Irene, d. 01/16/1855, Section 1, Site 47, Wife of Seth Adams
ADAMS, Seth, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 47
BRANNAN, James P, US ARMY, d. 05/31/1859, Section 1, Site 40
BULLOCK, Louisa, d. 06/16/1855, Section 1, Site 1, Wife of A Bullock
CALINS, Ellen D, d. 10/07/1855, Section 1, Site 8, Daughter of T G Calins
CAMPBELL, Laura, d. 08/15/1854, Section 1, Site 5, Daughter of C Campbell
CARPENTER, Amasa W, d. 08/16/1864, Section 1, Site 49, Son of Henry Carpenter
CARPENTER, Henry, CO G 5 US INF, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 51
CARPENTER, Henry N, d. 10/31/1865, Section 1, Site 50, Son of Henry Carpenter
CARPENTER, Sarah, d. 05/23/1901, Section 1, Site 52, Wife of Henry Carpenter
CARPENTER, Sarah Jane, d. 06/15/1853, Section 1, Site 48, Daughter of Henry Carpenter
CHANDILER, Edgar E, d. 01/15/1857, Section 1, Site 28, Son of L E Chandiler
CLOUGH, John, US ARMY, d. 07/11/1855, Section 1, Site 44, WAR OF 1812
CRANE, Olive E, d. 10/12/1855, Section 1, Site 34, Daughter of W Crane
CRAWFORD, A J, US ARMY, d. 11/13/1856, Section 1, Site 16
DAVIS, Moses, US ARMY, d. 08/17/1856, Section 1, Site 25
DAWES, Hannah, Section 1, Site 10, Other relative of William McFarland
DAWES, Lucretia, Section 1, Site 10, Daughter of William McFarland
GATES, Emily, d. 10/13/1850, Section 1, Site 36, Wife of W C Gates
GATES, Francis L, d. 10/18/1850, Section 1, Site 36, Daughter of W C Gates
GLENN, Wm H, CO H 7 US CAVALRY, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 18
GRIDLEY, Charles F, d. 08/13/1854, Section 1, Site 11, Son of C A Gridley
HAYNES, Edgar J, d. 08/17/1854, Section 1, Site 46, Son of Edgar J Haynes
JANE, Susan, Section 1, Site 10, Daughter of William McFarland
JOHNSON, Henry M, US ARMY, d. 08/23/1855, Section 1, Site 45
JONES, Owen, CO K 3 WIS CAVALRY, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 19
KNIGHT, Oscar, Section 1, Site 10, Other relative of William McFarland
LAMORE, Mary, d. 12/04/1850, Section 1, Site 7, Wife of James Lamore
MCFARLAND, William, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 10
MCKELLEP, George, d. 09/06/1853, Section 1, Site 6, Son of C W McKellep
MILLER, James Henry, d. 08/18/1854, Section 1, Site 31, Son of J B Miller
O'NEILL, Richard D, CO D 19 WIS INF, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 41, CIVIL WAR
PARMERTON, Elisha, US ARMY, d. 10/11/1849, Section 1, Site 35
PEASE, Jas, US ARMY, d. 12/09/1855, Section 1, Site 32
PEASE, Olive Thompson, US ARMY, d. 09/17/1854, Section 1, Site 33
PIXLEY, Cooper, US ARMY, d. 03/12/1855, Section 1, Site 4
PIXLEY, Ellen F, d. 05/15/1855, Section 1, Site 9, Daughter of Enoch Pixley
PIXLEY, Mary, d. 04/27/1853, Section 1, Site 23, Wife of Robert Pixley
PORTER, Alexander, US ARMY, d. 04/24/1833, Section 1, Site 3
ROBERTSON, Emily E, d. 12/11/1853, Section 1, Site 37, Daughter of W W Robertson
ROBERTSON, Lizzie B, d. 06/09/1856, Section 1, Site 38, Daughter of W W Robertson
ROBERTSON, Lucy, d. 07/05/1856, Section 1, Site 39, Wife of W W Robertson
ROBINSON, Robert, CO K 85 ILL VOL INF, US ARMY, d. 09/20/1911, Section 1, Site 20
RUSSELL, Sarah, d. 08/30/1855, Section 1, Site 29, Wife of John Russell
SAUNDERS, Rachel, Section 1, Site 10, Wife of William McFarland
SINK, George K, d. 05/03/1855, Section 1, Site 53, Son of A Sink
SMITH, Cyrus B, US ARMY, d. 11/05/1851, Section 1, Site 26
SMITH, Maria Eldred, d. 06/17/1864, Section 1, Site 55, Daughter of R Smith
SMITH, Martha J, d. 05/31/1858, Section 1, Site 54, Daughter of R Smith
SPENCER, James, US ARMY, d. 11/23/1851, Section 1, Site 24
ST JOHN, Eugene W, d. 09/18/1855, Section 1, Site 27, Son of J W St John
SYLVESTER, Electa, d. 03/07/1853, Section 1, Site 15, Wife of Wm Sylvester
SYLVESTER, Nancy, d. 01/12/1848, Section 1, Site 14, Wife of Wm Sylvester
SYLVESTER, William, US ARMY, d. 11/20/1875, Section 1, Site 13, WAR OF 1812
SYLVESTER, William Ambrose, d. 12/09/1847, Section 1, Site 12, Son of E J Sylvester
THOMPSON, Julia A, d. 06/14/1853, Section 1, Site 22, Wife of L S Thompson
VAN DER COOK, Charles, d. 10/10/1851, Section 1, Site 43, Son of D Van Der Cook
VAN DER COOK, Helen C, d. 08/30/1854, Section 1, Site 42, Wife of D Van Der Cook
WALSWORTH, Silas, US ARMY, d. 07/06/1819, Section 1, Site 2
WEIR, Ann North, Section 1, Site 57, Wife of Wm Weir
WEIR, Elizabeth Hill, Section 1, Site 57, Wife of Wm Weir
WEIR, Hattie Gray, Section 1, Site 57, Other relative of Wm Weir
WEIR, James, US ARMY, d. 08/25/1867, Section 1, Site 56
WEIR, William T, Section 1, Site 57, Son of Wm Weir
WEIR, Wm, CAPT CO C 33 WIS INF, US ARMY, Section 1, Site 57
WHITE EAGLE, Archie, PVT WIS 128 INF 32DV, US ARMY, d. 01/14/1920, Section 1, Site 21
WOOD, Alfred, d. 10/09/1856, Section 1, Site 30, Son of J R Wood

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