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Wisconsin Death Records


Hillside Cemetery
Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.347591, -89.013554

N. Lewis St.
Columbus, WI 53925

Published: September 14, 2016, updated January 23, 2020.
Total records: 14,754

Anna Mae Axness Records
Surnames T-Z

Copied from the cemetery records furnished by Gloria Moldscheck. Veterans information by Char Sauer, Nancy Wehlage & Anna Mae Axness. Edited and typed by Anna Mae Axness 2005. Some Veteran information from Betty Cook's files.

Tabbet, Mrs. ----lot 81 Addition III
, Mother -in-law of Frank/Franz Gruhn
Tamminga, Barbara M. (Dennis D.), b. 08-27-1943, d. 12-20-1997, d/o Martin & Sadie Herringa Vander Velde
Tamminga, Dennis D. (Barbara M.), b. 10-30-1941
Tanger, Caroline (Fred), b. 10-27-1846, d. 04-10-1919
Tanger, Fred (Caroline), b. 09-22-1844, d. 10-17-1920, burial date
Tanger, Mother/of Mrs. Frederick Martens, lot 66 Addition II
Tank, Anna S. (Harry Sr.), b. 01-07-1892, d. 05-25-1985, Nee Grohling
Tank, Delores K. (Harry J. Jr.), b. 06-02-1932, d. 04-05-2007, (m)05-18-1957, d/o Stephen & Katherine Stortz, see obit
Tank, Harry J. Jr. (Delores K.), b. 07-27-1932, d. 05-13-2009, Korea, CPL US Army, 517th A. F. B. , (m)05-18-1957, s/o Harry & Anna Schulg Tank Sr. , obit
Tank, Harry Sr. (Anna Schug), b. 08-14-1894, d. 10-10-1966, WW I, see obit
Tarrant, Marguerite Clark (Rev. Stanley Sherman Tarrant), b. 1891, d. 04-02-1980, Cremains in urn with Husband, see obit
Tarrant, Stanley Sherman-Rev. (Marguerite Clark), b. 09-18-1893, d. 07-09-1984, Cremains in urn with his wife, Priest, see obit
Taylor, Eugene M. , d. 11-18-1885, s/o William R. Taylor, 27yrs old
Taylor, Sophia P. (William R.), b. 10-13-1834, d. 10-18-1907, She & her husband both died the same week
Taylor, William R. (Sophia P.), b. 12-27-1825, d. 10-14-1907, He & his wife both died the same week
Tennant, Elsie O. , b. 1866, d. 11-09-1943, d/o Mason Tennant, burial date
Tennant, Eugene M. , b. 1867, d. 1894, s/o Mason Tennant
Tennant, Julia Ann (Mason), b. 1840, d. 03-27-1930, spelled Tennant in obit & on stone
Tennant, Mason (Julie Ann), b. 1825, d. 1868, GAR, PVT, Co F, 1st Wis Heavy Artillery
Tesch, Henry, b. 04-25-1881, d. 06-30-1913, Son-in-law of G. Bergner, Father
Tesmann, August (Ernestine), b. 1841, d. 11-09-1926, burial date, Father, spelling on stone
Tesmann, Ernestine (August), b. 1852, d. 05-31-1920, burial date, Mother, spelling on stone
Tessman, Ida Kuehl, b. 1882, d. 1942, Buried 07-10-1942 on August Kuehl lot
Tetzlaff, Arthur O. (Esther A. Bickel), b. 06-20-1899, d. 10-05-1982, American Legion flag holder, Son-in-law of John M. Bickel, see obit
Tetzlaff, August Frederick (Minnie-Wilhelmine Wagner), b. 08-13-1856, d. 03-18-1940, (m)12-07-1889, see obit
Tetzlaff, Emil A. (Martha E. Schauer), b. 03-23-1894, d. 09-14-1983, see obit
Tetzlaff, Esther A. Bickel (Arthur O.), b. 01-18-1902, d. 12-18-1991, d/o John M. Bickel
Tetzlaff, Geraldine (Robert F.), b. 12-04-1931, d. 09-30-2003
Tetzlaff, Martha E. Schauer (Emil A.), b. 09-22-1896, d. 03-10-1990
Tetzlaff, Martha H. , b. 10-18-1888, d. 04-04-1984, d/o August Tetzlaff
Tetzlaff, Minnie-Wilhelmine Wagner (August), b. 07-25-1861 , d. 07-04-1940, (m)12-07-1887, maybe Auguste Ernestine Wilhelmine Wagner? see obit
Tetzlaff, Robert F. (Geraldine Tetzlaff), b. 09-08-1927, d. 06-03-2008, WW II, CPL US Army
Thayer, Mary Morse, b. 08-02-1840, d. 08-06-1903, d/o Henry Morse
Theede, Adeline S. (2nd w/o Arnold O.), b. 07-28-1919, d. 03-06-2003
Theede, Agnes E. , b. 1891, d. 02-20-1979, d/o John Theede, see obit
Theede, Ann E. Roberts (1st w/o Arnold O.), b. 01-27-1925, d. 11-25-1969
Theede, Arnold (#1Ann E. , #2Adeline S.), b. 09-23-1918, d. 03-12-1990
Theede, Carl, b. 1882, d. 1948, s/o John Theede, buried 05-31-1948
Theede, Christian, b. 07-28-1821, d. 08-10-1858
Theede, Elmer R. , b. 04-10-1916, d. 03-20-1993, s/o Rudolph A. Theede
Theede, Emile (John), b. 11-06-1858, d. 04-05-1913
Theede, Ethel D. , b. 02-01-1923, d. 09-19-2004, d/o Rudolph & Lillian Ottow ????
Theede, John (Emilie), b. 02-23-1859, d. 12-28-1927
Theede, Katherine Dehnert"Katie" (#1Morrison Hirschfeld, #2Rudolph), b. 04-28-1890, d. 12-28-1979, 2nd husband is Rudolph Theede, see obit
Theede, Lillian (Rudolph A.), b. 1889, d. 02-12-1923, burial date
Theede, Mary Schwartz (Christian), b. 03-16-1819, d. 03-26-1881
Theede, Rudolph A. , b. 1883, d. 1934, buried 09-06-1934
Thiede, A. S. (Michael), b. 1811, d. 1871
Thiede, Arthur E. , b. 06-02-1880, d. 11-17-1963
Thiede, Baby, Baby of Henry Thiede
Thiede, Bernard C. (Helen E.), b. 08-16-1907, d. 11-18-1988, son-in-law of Emil Hahn
Thiede, Bertha A. (William F. Sr.), b. 10-06-1840, d. 09-14-1921, Mother
Thiede, Bertha (Fred Sr.),
Thiede, Bruce A. , b. 1922, d. 10-10-1931, s/o Arthur E. Thiede, buried 10-12-1931
Thiede, Carl/Charles C. (Fridericke), b. 12-07-1840, d. 01-25-1915
Thiede, Charles, b. 1837, d. 1926, buried 01-22-1926
Thiede, Ervin H. , b. 08-21-1893, d. 05-07-1988, s/o Henry J. Thiede
Thiede, Florence I. (John C.), b. 11-04-1915, d. 11-07-2009, (m)June 1941, d/o Louis & Annie Bucholz Langfeldt, see obit
Thiede, Fred G. , b. 05-04-1875, d. 10-23-1952, s/o Fredrich Thiede
Thiede, Fredericke (Carl/Charles C.), b. 02-22-1841, d. 12-16-1914
Thiede, Fredrich, b. 06-14-1847, d. 11-11-1921
Thiede, Gilbert H. (Margaret J. Moe), b. 11-07-1902, d. 11-15-1996, s/o Henry & Lillie Younger Thiede
Thiede, Hannah M. Kruse (Richard R.), b. 1877, d. 06-18-1967, see obit
Thiede, Harvey C. (Mabel O. Moe), b. 02-24-1897, d. 03-15-1982, WW I, US Army, see obit
Thiede, Helen E. (Bernard C.), b. 02-07-1915, d. 07-20-1998, d/o Emil & Martha Lange Hahn
Thiede, Helen Groening (Fred G.), b. 02-25-1874, d. 05-29-1949
Thiede, Henry J. (Lillie A.), b. 1868, d. 10-04-1955, burial date
Thiede, Herbert R. (Ruth E. Wendt), b. 08-05-1913, d. 08-16-2007, from obit, s/o Richard & Margareta Meilenz Thiede, (m)05-17-1940
Thiede, Infant, Infant, lot 36 Div IV
Thiede, Infant, d. 12-12-1877, Infant d/o Charles Thiede
Thiede, Infant, Infant, lot 57 Div, III
Thiede, Johann F. T. , b. 06-14-1813, d. 09-02-1876, Grandfather of F. G. Thiede
Thiede, John C. (Florence I.), b. 03-22-1914, d. 10-26-1997, (m)June 1941
Thiede, John C. F. (Martha M.), b. 1877, d. 08-14-1950, burial date, Father
Thiede, Julie Ondrejka (#1Joe Ondrejka, #2Willard Thiede), b. 02-07-1922, d. 10-08-2015, (m1)10-07-1940, (m2)05-20-1984, d/o Stephen & Suzana Mihaly-Banfi Morauske, see obit
Thiede, Katibel Waldo (Arthur E.), b. 05-28-1883, d. 04-14-1958
Thiede, Leon Moe (JoAnn Grunewald), b. 04-17-1945, d. 04-20-2004, s/o Harvey & Mabel Moe Thiede
Thiede, LeRoy R. , b. 04-14-1895, d. 09-17-1986, s/o Henry Thiede
Thiede, Lester E. , b. 04-24-1904, d. 01-12-1974, s/o Louis A. Thiede
Thiede, Lillie A. (Henry J.), b. 1873, d. 10-23-1957, burial date
Thiede, Louis A. , b. 1870, d. 1915, s/o Charles Thiede, buried 09-15-1915
Thiede, Louise (Fredrich), b. 08-06-1847, d. 02-28-1921
Thiede, Mabel O. (Harvey C.), b. 05-02-1914, d. 11-15-2001, d/o Ole & Martha Thingstad Moe
Thiede, Margaret Josephine Moe (Gilbert H.), b. 12-02-1921, d. 11-22-1997
Thiede, Margaret (Louis A.), b. 1874, d. 1958, buried 11-28-1958
Thiede, Martha M. (John C. F.), b. 1878, d. 04-26-1954, burial date, Mother
Thiede, Mary D. (Charles), b. 1846, d. 1919, buried 06-09-1919
Thiede, Michael, b. 1811, d. 1903
Thiede, Richard R. (Johannah/Hannah M. Kruse), b. 01-07-1873, d. 01-31-1973, see obit
Thiede, Ruth E. Wendt (Herbert R.), b. 04-15-1912, d. 10-21-1988, (m)05-17-1940
Thiede, Sophia A. (William), b. 11-25-1847, d. 11-02-1870
Thiede, William F. Sr. , b. 12-21-1844, d. 01-22-1934, Father
Thierfield, August (Edith Hiller), b. 1879, d. 08-01-1964, see obit
Thierfield, Edith Hiller (August), b. 1880, d. 1960, d/o Karl Hiller, buried 08-11-1960
Thiers, Christian, b. 1821, d. 1858
Thiers, Lillie Franciska, d. 1872, buried on Christ Thiers lot, see Lillie Franciska
Thom, August Edward (Ernestina), b. 01-09-1863, d. 05-11-1914
Thom, Bruce Alan, b. 07-26-1960, d. 09-23-1970, s/o Merlin Thom, 4 brothers and their housekeeper die in farm home hit by lightning
Thom, Donald F. (Helen A. Krueger), b. 04-09-1934, d. 12-26-2006, see obit and ssdi
Thom, Edith E. Lange (Gustave O.), b. 01-31-1905, d. 04-25-1993
Thom, Elfrieda S Grueneberg (Frank), b. 03-02-1902, d. 05-18-1989
Thom, Ernestina/Ernstiena (August E.), b. 12-12-1870, d. 02-19-1929, spelled Ernstiena on stone
Thom, Frank G. (Elfrieda S Grueneberg), b. 07-17-1894, d. 04-19-1973, see obit
Thom, Gustave O. (Edith E. Lange), b. 02-09-1901, d. 04-11-1972, see obit
Thom, Helen A. Krueger (Donald F.), b. 1941
Thom, Larry Merlin, b. 03-31-1958, d. 09-23-1970, s/o Merlin Thom, 4 bro die in home hit by lightning
Thom, Lena Ebert (1st w/o William), b. 1888, d. 1936, buried 11-19-1936
Thom, Michael Arthur, b. 06-06-1952, d. 09-23-1970, s/o Merlin Thom, 4 bro die in home hit by lightning
Thom, Timothy Louis, b. 05-22-1956, d. 09-23-1970, s/o Merlin Thom, 4 bro die in home hit by lightning
Thom, Velda E. (2nd w/o William), b. 01-24-1903, d. 05-18-1976
Thom, William E. (Lena & Velda E.), b. 05-18-1891, d. 05-19-1977, WW I, Sgt US Army
Thomas, Anna R. Selje (Charles E.), b. 05-30-1903, d. 02-01-1980, see obit
Thomas, Augusta Duborg (Edwin S.), b. 1870, d. 1945, buried 10-01-1945
Thomas, Blodwyn (T. Bernard), b. 11-27-1894, d. 11-10-1986
Thomas, Charles E. (Anna R.), b. 12-12-1903, d. 04-08-1987
Thomas, Charles H. , b. 05-13-1840, d. 12-08-1916
Thomas, Christina Brill (Sankey B.), b. 1887, d. 11-25-1959, burial date, see obit
Thomas, Edward J. , b. 02-24-1927, d. 02-18-2003, WW II, US Army
Thomas, Edwin S. , b. 1868, d. 1950, buried 11-21-1950
Thomas, Erastus, b. 05-21-1879, d. 08-03-1879
Thomas, Helen (Merit C.), b. 12-13-1861, d. 10-11-1920
Thomas, Joan E. Kaasa (Roger B.), b. 02-17-1927, d. 08-02-2011, (m)08-28-1948, d/o Elizabeth Rothnick & LJ. Jack Kaasa, see obit
Thomas, Louisa (A. D.), d. 11-18-1865, Age 25 years
Thomas, Margaret Pugh, b. 10-21-1930, d. 07-07-2006, d/o Bernard & Blodwyn Thomas, see obit
Thomas, Martha L. (Charles), b. 03-15-1842, d. 07-31-1923
Thomas, Melvina (Alfred), d. 05-18-1882, 29yrs 5mos1da old, on Aaron Hoton stone
Thomas, Merit C. (Helen), b. 08-05-1860, d. 02-14-1937
Thomas, Roger B. (Joan E. Kaasa), b. 05-15-1925, d. 02-18-2003, WW II, HA1 US Navy, buried 07-19-2003, (m)08-28-1948, s/o T. B. & Blodwyn Pugh Thomas, see obit
Thomas, Sankey B. (Christina Brill), b. 1876, d. 08-21-1950, burial date
Thomas, Thomas Bernard (Blodwen P.), b. 05-18-1898, d. 08-16-1991, WW I, Bud
Thomas, Thomas William, b. 07-25-1961, d. 01-26-1982, Veteran, US Service, s/o Edward Thomas, Grandson of T. B. Thomas
Thomascheske, Eleanor F. (Irven R.), b. 09-17-1925, d. 04-14-2012, (m)10-25-1947, d/o Clifford & Vercelia Nelson Callaway, see obit
Thomascheske, Irven R. (Eleanor F. Callaway)-see obit, b. 08-13-1926, d. 07-30-2006, WW II, Korea, PFC US Army, (m)10-25-1947, s/o Henry & Alice VanHierden Thomascheske
Thompson, Almeda, d. no dates
Thompson, Andrew, d. no dates, War of 1812
Thompson, Eddley V. (Mabel Louise Heiden), b. 05-04-1897, d. 03-15-1972, WW I, Wis Pfc US Army, see obit
Thompson, Eula M. White (Purnell H.), b. 09-08-1925, d. 07-31-1977, Dtr-in-law of Mabel Thompson, Eastern Star
Thompson, Jane (William), b. 1810, d. 03-04-1893, Age 83 years
Thompson, Keith Eddley (Betty Granger-divorced), b. 08-30-1919, d. 02-02-2006, WW II, Sgt US Army Nat'l Guard, (m)1948, s/o Eddley & Eunice Horton Thompson, see obit
Thompson, Loretta L. (Merle M.), b. 01-06-1919, (m)03-23-1946
Thompson, Mabel Louise (Eddley V.), b. 07-01-1908, d. 05-21-1998, d/o Albert & Emma Boldt Heiden
Thompson, Mark K. , b. 01-23-1959, d. 07-19-2004, father of Ashley
Thompson, Merle M. (Loretta L.), b. 12-05-1919, d. 06-30-1991, WW II, (m)03-23-1946
Thompson, Purnell H. (Eula M. White), b. 03-24-1921, d. 09-17-1972, WW II, s/o Mabel Thompson, Mason, see obit
Thompson, Sarah Ann (Isaac), b. 02-21-1848, d. 06-02-1881, Nee Murphy
Thompson, William, b. 1802, d. 04-07-1877, Age 75 years
Thorman, Alfred (1st h/o Anna Mae), b. 1879, d. 05-02-1932, Burial date, on Griff Roberts lot, Husband
Thorman, Anna Mae Roberts (#1Alfred Thorman, #2Edwin Thorman), b. 11-05-1884, d. 11-01-1980
Thorman, Edwin (Anna Mae Roberts), b. 10-28-1881, d. 03-27-1974, see obit, second husband of Anna Mae
Tiedt, Anna L. Schultz (Arthur H.), b. 06-19-1889, d. 03-07-1972, see obit
Tiedt, Arthur C. (Evelyn Madsen), b. 05-04-1926, d. 11-30-1991, Korea, Cpl US Army, cremains buried 04-25-1995
Tiedt, Arthur H. (Anna L.), b. 01-10-1888, d. 11-20-1961, s/o H. C. Tiedt
Tiedt, Augusta (H. C.), b. 04-08-1853, d. 03-30-1904
Tiedt, Clarence O. (Dorothea E. Gadow), b. 09-25-1904, d. 01-13-1972, see obit
Tiedt, Dianne K. (Donald W.), b. 04-02-1947, (m)09-09-1967
Tiedt, Donald W. (Dianne Ratzlow Banker), b. 09-14-1944, d. 08-30-1996, s/o Walter& Ella Langfeldt Tiedt, (m)09-09-67
Tiedt, Dorothea/Dorthea E. (Clarence O.), b. 11-04-1903, d. 12-27-1988
Tiedt, Edward H. , b. 11-14-1915, d. 07-22-1999, see obit
Tiedt, Edward John (Ida Hulda Schultz), b. 1881, d. 12-01-1945, burial date, Father
Tiedt, Ella Anna (Walter Henry), b. 01-19-1913, d. 12-18-2004, d/o Louis & Anna Buchholz Langfeldt
Tiedt, Erma--infant, b. 04-05-1918, d. 09-01-1919, d/o Ed Tiedt
Tiedt, Evelyn (Arthur C.), b. 03-11-1925, d. 09-09-2000, d/o Axel & Helen Fridlund Madsen
Tiedt, H. C. (Augusta), b. 03-19-1858, d. 12-07-1908
Tiedt, Harold R. "Herbie", b. 11-11-1920, d. 01-02-1996, s/o Eddie & Eda Schultz Tiedt
Tiedt, Ida Hulda Schultz (Edward John), b. 1887, d. 02-21-1933, burial date, Mother
Tiedt, John C. , b. 1864, d. 1950, buried 06-20-1950
Tiedt, Laura--infant, b. 04-26-1914, d. 05-07-1914, d/o Ed J. & Ida Tiedt
Tiedt, Louise (John C.), b. 1867, d. 1948, buried 02-23-1948
Tiedt, Louise (Otto), b. 1889, d. 02-21-1963, see obit, Mother
Tiedt, Margaret Hazel (#1William Tiedt, #2Boyd Bader), b. 10-21-1922, d. 10-01-2015, (m1)09-07-1940, (m2)06-17-1995, d/o Bernard & Mildred Meitner Schroeder, see Bader obit
Tiedt, Otto (Louise Witthuhn), b. 1891, d. 03-15-1962, see obit, father
Tiedt, Reuben C"Ruby". (#1Lois Schwoch, Rosemarie Ann Burmeister Henkel), b. 05-10-1929, d. 05-09-2015, Korea, US Army, PH, (m2)11-13-1984, s/o Edward & Ida Schultz Tiedt, see obit
Tiedt, Rosemarie Ann"Ronie"Burmeister (Reuben C. "Rube"), b. 12-02-1930, d. 04-24-2004, VFW Auxiliary, (m)11-03-1984, see obit
Tiedt, Walter Henry (Ella A. Langfeldt), b. 10-28-1907, d. 01-16-1981, see obit
Tiedt, William A. (Margaret H. Schroeder), b. 09-08-1912, d. 07-16-1993, (m)09-07-1940
Tjugum, Charles E. (Clara M. Halverson), b. 05-25-1887, d. 02-01-1978, see obit
Tjugum, Clara M. Halverson (Charles E.), b. 11-28-1896, d. 11-28-1974
Tjugum, Clifford E. (Ethel M. Donkle), b. 02-24-1920, d. 10-14-2014, WW II, US Army, (m)08-23-1941, s/o Charles & Clara Halverson Tjugum, see obit
Tjugum, Curtis LeRoy (Darlene R. Lien), b. 06-30-1929, d. 12-25-1999, Korea, Cpl US Army, s/o Oscar & Emma Weigen Tjugum
Tjugum, Darlene R. Lien (Curtis LeRoy), b. 08-31-1931
Tjugum, Ethel M. Donkle (Clifford E.), b. 1922, (m)08-23-1941
Tjugum, Jerome R. (Rosemary A. Geiger), b. 04-24-1944, Jerry
Tjugum, Larry A. (Yvonne M. Parsons), b. 12-28-1952, d. 05-11-1997, s/o Curtis & Darlene Lien Tjugum
Tjugum, Rosemary A. Geiger (Jerome R.), b. 01-23-1945, d. 06-12-2010, Pudgy, (m)05-01-1965, d/o Alfred & Verna Peters Geiger Sr, see obit
Tjugum, Yvonne M. Parsons (Larry A.), b. 12-30-1954
Tobison, John P. (Margaret H. Duenow), b. 09-05-1922, d. 12-14-2006, (m)05-02-1952, s/o R. P. & M. A. Tobison
Tobison, Margaret H. Duenow (John P.), b. 10-08-1930, (m)05-02-1952
Toense, Carl, d. 1948, buried 01-19-1948
Toense, Carl-Mrs. , d. 1917, buried 08-31-1917
Toense, Herman L. , b. 1879, d. 1897, s/o Carl Toense
Tollard, George, d. after 1881, had four wives
Tollard, Lydia (2nd w/o George), b. 1816, d. 10-18-1849, Age 33 years
Tollard, Margaret (3rd w/o George), b. 1807, d. 02-28-1881, Age 71 years?
Tompkins, Joshua, d. no dates, GAR, CO G, 23rd WIS Inf. , Veteran from Betty Cook's files
Toms, Child,
Topliff, Alfred, b. 11-11-1799, d. 11-3-1879
Topliff, Mary, b. 10-25-1800, d. 12-2-1868
Topliff, Mary Angeline-Miss, b. 1827, d. 02-17-1916, see obit
Topp, Albert J. , s/o John Topp, Sr.
Topp, Alice Koenig King, d. 11-17-1961, Sister of Margarette King
Topp, Anna (John Sr.),
Topp, Charles, b. 1844, d. 1899
Topp, Charley, s/o John Topp, Jr.
Topp, Frances R. (Rudolph), d. 01-21-1960, see obit
Topp, Hannah Link (Henry J.), b. 07-02-1874, d. 12-27-1901
Topp, Henry J. (Hannah Link), b. 06-12-1867, d. 03-19-1910
Topp, John Jr. ,
Topp, John Jr. -Mrs. , d. 1920, buried 03-31-1920
Topp, John Sr. ,
Topp, Katie Schoyahn (Charles), b. 1853, d. 1922, buried 03-08-1922
Topp, Mary , d/o John Topp Sr.
Topp, Mary (Fred), b. 1803, d. 10-30-1872, Age 69 years, 9 months
Topp, Rudolph, d. 1931, s/o John Topp, buried 05-02-1931
Townley, Charles H. (Mary Flinn), b. 11-8-1837, d. 10-8-1896
Townley, Charles/Charlie, b. 10-13-1869, d. 02-18-1894, s/o C. H. Townley
Townley, Daniel E. , d. 10-20-1859, s/o William & JaneTownley, 14y 4m 8d old
Townley, Jane (William), d. 09-16-1869, Age 55 years.
Townley, Jennie, b. 09-22-1867, d. 08-13-1891, d/o C. H. Townley
Townley, Mary A. , d. 11-10-1859, d/o William & JaneTownley, 19y 8m 10d old
Townley, Mary Flinn (Charles H.), b. 11-14-1844, d. 12-02-1921
Townley, William, d. 1870
Trachte, Emelia/Emilie A. (John A.), b. 05-1-1884, d. 05-26-1971, nee Bredlau, see obit
Trachte, John A. (Emelia A. Bredlau), b. 10-20-1875, d. 06-14-1972, see obit
Tracy, Catherine B. (Philo J.), b. 11-16-1817, d. 07-21-1908
Tracy, Philo J. (Catherine B.), b. 02-12-1809, d. 03-29-1902
Trost, Caroline, d. 10-28-1902, Age 87 years, 2 months
Trost, Heinrich, b. 09-07-1815, d. 10-08-1894, 79 years, 11 months, 1 day
Trowbridge, Alanson (Clarissa), b. 03-30-1816, d. 10-05-1885
Trowbridge, Clarissa (Alanson), b. 06-03-1824, d. 03-19-1901
Trowbridge, Emily Randall, d. no dates
Trowbridge, Nancy P. (David), d. 05-13-1862, Age 46 years, 4 months
Truelson, Delmar D. (Esther E. Lange), b. 08-09-1915, d. 12-08-1998, s/o James & Mary Behandsen Truelson
Truelson, Esther E. Lange (Delmar D.), b. 07-29-1924, d. 07-24-1969
Tschan, Jacob W. (LaVergne R. Olson), b. 1909, d. 09-07-1960, see obit
Tschan, LaVergne R. Olson (Jacob W.), b. 1915
Tucker, Harry Stratton (Lucy), b. 03-19-1879, d. 1945, (m)Dec, 1927, Son-in-law of Jule/Julius Engel, buried 09-09-1945, see obit
Tucker, Lucy Margaret (Harry Stratton), b. 06-01-1891, d. 11-28-1940, (m)Dec. 1927, d/o Jule/Julius Engel, buried 12-01-1940, see obit
Tunistra, Nancy Ann, b. 05-19-1959, d. 06-19-1963, d/o Rev & Mrs Gerald J. Tunistra; Gr grd d/o Albert Baerwald
Turcott, Robert-M. D. -Col, b. 10-31-1914, d. 05-08-1981, Son-in-law of George R. Bethke
Turcott, Ruth A. (Dr. Robert A.), b. 1920, d. 11-30-2005, buried 12-03-2005, Nee Bethke, see obit
Turner, Ann Marston (William T.), b. 03-14-1826, d. 09-08-1904
Turner, Emily, d. 1953, d/o William T. Turner, buried 07-02-1953
Turner, Florence"Flora"E. (W. Rufus), b. 1852, d. 08-02-1924, burial date
Turner, Florence (George), b. 05-04-1909, d. 02-04-1998
Turner, Lura J. -Miss, b. 1881, d. 01-13-1968, Niece of Alice Scoular and W. R. Turner, see obit
Turner, Mary H. , b. 03-16-1859, d. 01-19-1885, d/o William T. & Ann Turner
Turner, William R. , b. 1855, d. 09-04-1936, burial date
Turner, William T. , b. 02-04-1819, d. 10-10-1899, Mason
Tuttle, Chester H. , d. no dates, Veteran, Leut.
Tuttle, Henry, b. 1823, d. 08-29-1868, 45yr 3mo 23da old
Tuttle, Lillie, d. 08-15-1863, d/o Henry Tuttle
Tyng, Dudley-Rev. , b. 1806, d. 1878, 73 years, dates from Ancestry. com, see Columbus newspaper article.
Tyng, Sarah H. , b. circa 1805, d. 10-19-1873, 68 years, CH: Susan, Sarah, Laura, Hattie, Clara, dates& info from Jackie Held.
Udey, Emma M. (Myron G.), b. 1870, d. 08-24-1926, burial date
Udey, Myron G. (Emma M.), b. 1868, d. 07-29-1935, burial date
Ulm, Charles, b. 03-24-1846, d. 05-30-1899
Ulm, J. F. , b. 1801, d. 11-20-1869, 68yr 9mo 10da old
Ulm, Johanna (Charles), b. 03-25-1848, d. 10-27-1903
Ulm, Oscar H. , b. 1872, d. 1909, buried 07-26-1909, s/o Charles Ulm
Ulm, Richard C. & Flora H. , d. no dates, Children of Charles & Johanna Ulm
Usilton, Pieper Cora Mary, b. 08-07-1894, d. 09-25-1926
Vallean/Valleau, William-Mrs. , d. no dates, No marker
Vallentyne, Elaine Frances, b. 12-01-1917, d. 07-20-1995, cremains buried on Johann Hayden Lot
Van Abel, Clifford H. (Violet F.), b. 06-04-1906, d. 09-10-1976, Son-in-law of John Trachte
Van Abel, Violet F. (Clifford H.), b. 11-05-1908, d. 03-11-1979, d/o John Trachte
Van Aken, Elizabeth (Wilson Richard), d. no dates, Mother
Van Aken, Lizzie Mallon (R. D. Jr.), b. 1863, d. 1911, buried 10-14-1911
Van Aken, R. D. , d. 03-10-1918, see obit for date R. D. Sr.
Van Aken, R. D. -Mrs. , d. no dates
Van Aken, Richard D. -Dr. --veteranarian, d. 04-23-1940, s/o R. D. Van Aken, see obit, 76yr old
Van Aken, Willson Richard (Elizabeth), d. 10-04-1934, s/o R. D. Van Aken, burial date, Father
Van Fleet, Nancy R. Hughes (Rudy), b. 11-12-1932, d. 02-24-2015, (m)06-20-1953, d/o Evan & Irene Steinhauer Hughes, see obit
Van Kanel, Henry P. (Rosalie M.), b. 1880, d. 01-08-1960, burial date
Van Kanel, Rosalie M. (Henry P.), b. 1886, d. 02-07-1959, burial date
Van Roo, John B. (Mary Eileen Cavanaugh), b. 1911, d. 12-20-1969, see obit
Van Roo, Mark T. , b. 06-02-1960, d. 07-31-1983, US Navy, s/o John T. Van Roo; Grdchild/of Eileen Van Roo
Van Roo, Mary Eileen (John B.), b. 10-14-1912, d. 10-28-1991, nee Cavanaugh
Van Roo, Richard E. , b. 12-10-1943, d. 05-30-2003, Lt. Col US Air Force, WI Nat'l Guard, s/o John Burdick & Mary Eileen Cavanaugh Van Roo
VanAlstine, Frances, b. 06-14-1899, d. 12-13-1985, d/o James D. Morrison, ashes
Vearus, Bertha, b. 08-18-1870, d. 11-08-1928, Mother
Vearus, Carl W. (Evelyn M. Jones), b. 1891, d. 06-20-1962, Father, see obit
Vearus, Esther, b. 05-13-1904, d. 08-18-1919, d/o Bertha Vearus
Vearus, Evelyn M. (Carl W.), b. 11-01-1892, d. 12-11-1971, nee Jones
Vearus, Marion E. , b. 1922, d. 06-27-2013, d/o Carl W. & Evelyn M. Vearus, see obit
Veium, Lloyd G. , b. 02-09-1923, d. 09-28-1995, WW II, Pfc US Army
Velnette, Garo, d. 10-12-1868, d/o R. & L. E. Evans, 9y 6m 2d old
Venden, Faye L. Johnson (Morris N.), b. 1921
Venden, Morris N. (Faye L. Johnson), b. 06-03-1920, d. 06-04-1978, WW II, see obit
Vessey, Amanda H. (Guy), b. 06-27-1885, d. 02-07-1911, d/o John Bock, on Bock stone
Vessey, Elmer W. (Margaret L. Knuteson), b. 1906, d. 10-28-1999
Vessey, Margaret L. Knuteson (Elmer W.), b. 01-17-1910, d. 07-05-2009, (m)09-03-1936, d/o Charles & Mary Scheie Knuteson, see obit
Vick, Amelia (Christian), b. 01-27-1858, d. 02-12-1945, Mother
Vick, Anna M. (Otto A.), b. 07-01-1890, d. 06-21-1980
Vick, Arletta Broderdorf (Carl), b. 09-15-1906, d. 01-28-1985, see obit
Vick, Arthur R. (Hattie A.), b. 1898, d. 05-00-1957, see obit
Vick, Carl (Arletta Broderdorf), b. 04-26-1903, d. 06-04-1972, see obit
Vick, Christain L. , b. 05-28-1927, d. 10-08-2000, s/o Martin & Ell Munzel Vick, Cremains, obit
Vick, Christian"Christ" (Amelia H.), b. 02-07-1853, d. 07-15-1936, Father
Vick, Clarence R. (Slyvia C. Schenck), b. 03-27-1913, d. 12-09-1991, (m)09-23-1950
Vick, Donna Jean (Waldamar J. "Bill"), b. 01-16-1939, d. 03-07-2005, (m)06-06-1959, d/o Clarence & Sena Weihert Lee Sr. , see obit
Vick, Dorothea (Johann J. T.), b. 10-14-1829, d. 03-11-1904
Vick, Ella J. Munzel (Martin C.), b. 1886, d. 02-14-1967, see obit
Vick, Ernest R. (Evelyn E.), b. 04-20-1910, d. 03-09-1972
Vick, Evelyn, b. 11-08-1906, d. 07-10-1975, d/o Frank and Ida Vick
Vick, Evelyn E. (Ernest R.), b. 04-01-1912, d. 06-24-1983
Vick, Frank (Ida), b. 03-28-1863, d. 03-17-1929, Father
Vick, Hattie A. (Arthur R.), b. 05-14-1901, d. 02-16-1995
Vick, Henry, b. 02-13-1861, d. 05-01-1935, Father
Vick, Ida M. Kypke (Dr. Louis), b. 05-31-1890, d. 09-26-1977, Daughter-in-law of Henry Vick, see obit
Vick, Ida (Frank), b. 03-04-1871, d. 02-22-1955, Mother
Vick, Infant, Infant of Louis & Matilda Winter Vick
Vick, James-infant, b. 05-08-1990, d. 05-08-1990, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Vick, grds/o Carl Vick
Vick, Jeanette, b. 1933, d. 1934, d/o Carl Vick, Grd/o John Vick, buried 06-01-1934
Vick, Johann J. T. (Dorothea), b. 06-08-1827, d. 01-16-1904, GAR
Vick, Johanna (Henry), b. 10-14-1866, d. 10-24-1936, Mother
Vick, John (Maria), b. 1869, d. 03-26-1934, burial date, Father
Vick, Joseph W. "Joe", b. 10-13-1872, d. 12-25-1929, Father
Vick, Josephine H. , b. 06-12-1922, d. 12-22-2000, Daughter
Vick, Judith Ann Yerges (Wilbert H. "Willie"), b. 05-11-1941, (m))07-23-1966
Vick, Louis F. -Dr. (Ida), b. 10-25-1886, d. 02-21-1975, Veterinarian, s/o Henry Vick, see obit
Vick, Louis (Matilda Winter), b. 1863, d. 1912, Son-in-law of Mathias & Caroline Winter, buried 05-20-1912
Vick, Martin C. (Ella J. Munzel), b. 1884, d. 08-09-1976, see obit
Vick, Mary/Maria (John), b. 1869, d. 02-07-1936, burial date, Mother
Vick, Matilda WInter (Louis), b. 1863, d. 10-05-1962, d/o Mathias & Caroline Winter, see obit
Vick, Michelle A. , b. 10-10-1973, d. 07-28-1997, parents Wilbert & Judy Yerges Vick
Vick, Milton, b. 04-28-1923, d. 03-20-1994, on stone with Christian L. Vick
Vick, Otillie A. (Joe), b. 03-10-1878, d. 01-24-1924, Mother
Vick, Otto A. (Anna M. Berndt), b. 1882, d. 12-31-1962, see obit
Vick, Shirley A. (Wallace R.), b. 04-11-1934, d. 11-24-2010, (m)10-10-1953, d/o Frank & Marguerite Nashold Kietzke, see obit
Vick, Sylvia C. (Clarence R. "Shorty"), b. 01-03-1922, d. 01-07-2014, (m)09-23-1950, d/o Fred & Anna Hahn Schenck, see obit
Vick, Timothy C. , b. 04-17-1961, d. 04-10-1965, s/o Clarence & Sylvia Vick
Vick, Waldamar J. "Bill" (Donna Jean Lee), b. 10-03-1931, (m)06-06-1959
Vick, Wallace R. (Shirley Kietzke), b. 06-25-1927, d. 04-06-2008, from obit, s/o Richard & Addie Stange Vick, (m)10-10-1953
Vick, Wilbert H. "Willie" (Judith Ann Yerges), b. 04-03-1942, d. 09-03-2009, Vietnam, U. S. Army, (m)07-23-1966, s/o Carl & Arletta Broderdorf Vick, see obit
Vielbig, Elizabeth Wright, b. No marker, d. 1949, d/o Dr. Leslie Wright, buried 06-03-1949
Viken, Helga Midthun (Jens), b. 1887, d. 07-03-1963, see obit
Viken, Jens (Helga Midthun), b. 1884, d. 02-19-1967, see obit
Viken, Mervin W. , b. 02-02-1919, d. 04-01-1976, s/o Jens Viken
Vinz, Gordon F. (Ruth F. Dillman), b. 04-15-1916, d. 03-01-2003, (m)05-28-1938, s/o Frank & Ella Zimmerman Vinz, see obit
Vinz, Ruth F. (Gordon F.), b. 08-05-1915, d. 12-10-2002, (m)0528-1938, d/o Frank & Agnes Rousseau Dillman
Voelker, Anna Lange (Leonard G.), b. 1886, d. 08-01-1968, see obit
Voelker, Bernard O. "Sparky" (Helen M.), b. 10-21-1918, d. 08-27-2010, WW II, US Army, (m)02-21-1944, s/o Leonard & Anna Lange Voelker, see obit
Voelker, Dorothy C. , b. 1913, d. 10-08-1932, d/o William J. & Mae Voelker, burial date
Voelker, Helen V. (Bernard O.), b. 07-08-1919, d. 12-30-2000, (m)02-21-1943, d/o Arthur & Celia Lucek Machovch, see obit
Voelker, Leonard G. (Anna), b. 1875, d. 08-31-1921, burial date
Voelker, Mae Rudolph (William J.), b. 03-05-1882, d. 11-26-1976, see obit
Voelker, Rosalie J. , b. 1915, d/o William J. & Mae Voelker
Voelkler, Estella M. , b. 10-26-1885, d. 09-12-1973, Buried on the Fred C. Kettelhon lot - no relative - a� long time friend of Luella Kettelhon's
Voelkler, William J. Sr. (Mae), b. 1872, d. 08-28-1963, see obit
Vogel, Elizabeth Jane, b. 01-06-1933, d. 01-26-1981, Cremains, d/o William S. Vogel
Vogel, William S. , b. 1898, d. 1952, buried 03-25-1952
Vogl, Anna, d. 11-01-1861, 56 years
Vogl, Arthur, b. 08-07-1875, d. 07-27-1876
Vogl, Fannie, d. 01-20-1866, 2 years, 11 months
Voight, Ada Kind (Carl), b. 1890, d. 02-19-1920, burial date, see Ada Voight Kind
Voigt, Clara-Miss, b. 06-04-1893, d. 04-24-1963, d/o Herman Voigt, see obit
Voigt, Elfrieda, b. 07-30-1893, d. 01-22-1972, d/o Frank and Mathilda Voigt
Voigt, Esther A. (George L.), b. 02-08-1895, d. 11-21-1984
Voigt, Frank A. (Mathilda), b. 1859, d. 02-07-1945, burial date
Voigt, Frederick, b. 04-20-1900, d. 02-13-1974, s/o Herman Voigt, see obit
Voigt, George L. (Esther A.), b. 1890, d. 11-03-1969, see obit
Voigt, Gustav (Johanna), b. 05-01-1855, d. 06-17-1923
Voigt, Helene D. , b. 08-21-1881, d. 04-02-1972, d/o Gustav Voigt
Voigt, Herman (Mary), b. 1856, d. 07-06-1938, burial date, Father
Voigt, Johanna (Gustav), b. 01-06-1857, d. 08-06-1902
Voigt, Louis, b. 03-06-1884, d. 07-05-1973, s/o Gustav Voigt
Voigt, Mary (Herman), b. 1859, d. 10-17-1941, burial date, Mother
Voigt, Mathilda (Frank A.), b. 1870, d. 08-02-1922, burial date
Voigt, Ottilie (Walter F.), b. 1896, d. 1948, buried 06-26-1948
Voigt, Walter F. (Ottilie Vick), b. 11-18-1895, d. 01-20-1973, WW I, US Army , see obit
Volek, Emilie (James V. Sr.), b. 01-27-1888, d. 05-27-1945, Mother
Volek, James V. Sr. (Emilie), b. 09-05-1886, d. 12-11-1964, Father
Vollbrecht, Bertha (Henry), b. 08-02-1864, d. 01-11-1945
Vollbrecht, Charles, b. 02-23-1887, d. 01-16-1921, Buried on Henry Volbrecht lot
Vollbrecht, Clara F. Brossard (Louis L.), b. 11-13-1905, d. 10-10-1993, see obit
Vollbrecht, Henry (Bertha), b. 08-18-1854, d. 06-06-1924
Vollbrecht, Louis L. (Clara F. Brossard), b. 07-13-1905, d. 01-13-1975, see obit
Volpano, Lovern N. Radke (Nicholos M.), b. 1915, d. 12-26-2003, see obit
Volpano, Nicholes M. (Lavern N. Radke), b. 1905, d. 06-27-1965, see obit
Von Briesen, Dora, b. 1882, d. 01-10-1986, d/o Ernst Von Briesen; Small marker on the Ernst Von Briesen lot
Von Briesen, Elizabeth, b. 1873, d. 1959, d/o Ernst Von Briesen, buried 08-25-1959
Von Briesen, Ernst V. Sr. (Margarethe), b. 1841, d. 1896
Von Briesen, Infant, b. 1909, d. 1909, s/o Ernst Von Briesen Jr, buried 09-29-1909
Von Briesen, Margarethe (Ernst V. Sr.), b. 1851, d. 05-10-1940, burial date
Von Briesen, Richard, b. 1879, d. 1895, s/o Ernst Von Briesen
Vosberg, Cornelia, d. 08-13-1878, d/o O. D. Vosberg, 25y 4m 14d old
Vosberg, Evert, d. 12-23-1869, s/o O. D. Vosberg, 1y 2mo 1day old
Vosberg, George, d. 1957, buried 05-30-1957
Vosberg, Mary Homes (Orin D.), b. 04-19-1826, d. 12-09-1906
Vosberg, Orin D. (Mary Homes), b. 10-24-1816, d. 03-13-1907
Vosberg, William, d. 1869, s/o O. D. & M. H. Vosberg
Voss, Adeline E. (Roger W.), b. 10-16-1929, Nee Adam, (m)10-23-1954
Voss, Augusta (Fred), b. 1882, d. 1938, buried 09-30-1938
Voss, Charles (Sophia), b. 01-23-1825, d. 03-06-1903, GAR
Voss, Christina (Adolph), d. 1876
Voss, Elsie M. Raether (George C.), b. 08-14-1898, d. 04-13-1985
Voss, Fred (Augusta), b. 1867, d. 02-08-1958, burial date
Voss, Friedrich, b. 12-30-1815, d. 06-30-1887
Voss, George C. (Elsie M. Raether), b. 02-22-1895, d. 05-31-1973, see obit
Voss, Lester, b. 01-06-1897, d. 10-08-1897, s/o William Voss
Voss, Maria (Friedrich), b. 06-18-1815, d. 05-16-1898
Voss, Ralph H. (Ruth M.), b. 02-08-1927, d. 10-02-1993, (m)06-06-1964
Voss, Roger W. "Moose" (Adeline E. Adam), b. 12-03-1929, d. 12-01-1998, Korea, (m)10-23-1954, s/o George & Elsie Raether Voss
Voss, Ruth M. (Ralph H.), b. 11-28-1940, d. 11-15-2008, (m)06-06-1964
Voss, Sophia (Charles), b. 1827, d. 1920, buried 07-06-1920
Voss, Wilhelmina"Minnie" (William), b. 06-07-1870, d. 08-01-1958
Voss, William (Wilhelmina"Minnie"), b. 12-17-1863, d. 01-30-1952
Voth, August, b. 1858, d. 1923, buried 08-14-1923
Voth, Cora Law (2nd w/o Ferdinand), b. 03-21-1863, d. 04-27-1931, see obit
Voth, Emma (Herman), b. 1869, d. 1949, buried 05-05-1949
Voth, Ferdinand (Katie), b. 10-10-1857, d. 08-07-1942
Voth, Herman (Emma), b. 1864, d. 1951, buried 10-06-1951
Voth, Howard R. , b. 09-09-1886, d. 05-30-1917, Ferdinand Voth lot, s/o Ferdinand Voth, see obit
Voth, Katie Reinhardt (Ferdinand), b. 06-06-1857, d. 04-09-1926, see obit
Voth, Louise (M.), b. 07-10-1826, d. 04-10-1890, Mother of Mr. August Lange
Waddell, Elvin J. , b. 1879, d. 1907, d. 1907 on marker, buried 06-24-1926
Waddell, Etta Luella (George R.), b. 10-26-1858, d. 07-27-1920
Waddell, George R. (Etta Luella), b. 05-06-1858, d. 07-07-1944
Waddell, Lillian C. (Roy G.), b. 07-08-1898, d. 06-04-1963
Waddell, Lloyd G. , b. 03-12-1921, d. 06-26-1982, WW II, US Army, s/o Roy Waddell
Waddell, Marie E. Christians (Roy J. "Luke"), b. 04-14-1926, (m)04-08-1950
Waddell, Melva J. , b. 1879, d. 08-26-1967, d/o Theodore E. Waddell, see obit
Waddell, Permilla A. (Theodore E.), b. 1854, d. 1946
Waddell, Roger R. --infant, b. 12-07-1919, d. 12-07-1919, s/o Roy & Lillian Waddell
Waddell, Roy G. (Lillian C. Sauer), b. 11-28-1890, d. 11-16-1969, WW I, see obit
Waddell, Roy J. "Luke" (Marie E. Christians), b. 04-15-1927, d. 03-11-1996, WW II, S2 US Navy, (m)04-08-1950
Waddell, Theodore E. (Permilla A.), b. 1853, d. 1931, buried 12-12-1931
Wade, Marcia Ann (Rev. Loren), d. 04-13-1859, d/o John & Mary A. Ellis
Wagner, Anna (Charles), b. 1880, d. 1931
Wagner, Charles, b. 1864, d. 1912, buried 03-11-1912
Wagner, Dorothea M. --Mrs. , d. 1914, buried 10-08-1914
Wagner, Dorothy L. (Fritz William), b. 10-31-1921
Wagner, Friedrick (Julia/Julie Ann), b. 06-25-1835, d. 10-05-1900
Wagner, Fritz William (Dorothy L.), b. 07-07-1915, d. 05-29-2005, Veteran
Wagner, Gust J. (Mary M.), b. 1865, d. 02-02-1937, burial date
Wagner, Henry, d. 1945, Buried 06-20-1945 on Fred Walters lot
Wagner, John, d. no dates, Soldier Civil War
Wagner, Julia/Julie Ann (Friedrick), b. 08-05-1836, d. 08-17-1913, Juliane on stone
Wagner, Mary M. (Gust J.), b. 1871, d. 1926, buried 08-03-1926
Wagner, Mary R. , d. 1911, buried 11-10-1911
Wagner, Rob, d. 1928, buried 07-26-1928
Wahlen, Lillian M. (Peter), b. 03-22-1902, d. 12-16-1983, d/o Herman Wendt
Wahlen, Peter J. (#1Christine Shampo, #2Lillian Wendt), b. 1883, d. 06-17-1969, son-in-law of Herman Wendt, see obit
Wake, Anna W. (John), b. 1872, d. 1943, buried 08-25-1943
Wake, John (Anna W.), b. 1868, d. 06-06-1938, buried 06-08-1938, marker date 1939, see obit
Wake, Loretta M, d. 12-21-1926, Infant d/o K. & M. Wake, burial date
Walasek, George J. (Ruth H. Gernetzky), b. 09-13-1913, d. 12-14-1997, (m)10-02-1939, s/o Frank & Mary Cinatl Walasek
Walasek, Ruth H. (George J.), b. 04-10-1917, d. 09-20-2005, 88yr old, (m)10-02-1939, d/o William & Martha Raether Gernetzky, see obit
Walashek, Frank (Katerina), b. 1880, d. 1951, buried 01-18-1951
Walashek, Katerina (Frank), b. 08-28-1888, d. 12-16-1971
Walbridge, Jay, b. 10-23-1848, d. 09-09-1937, s/o Lucy Walbridge
Walbridge, Lucy, b. 12-23-1822, d. 02-10-1910, Mother of Jay Walbridge
Walbridge, Maria-Miss, b. 10-04-1843, d. 05-19-1916, d/o Lucy Walbridge, sister of Jay Walbridge
Walcott, David B. , b. 09-12-1946, d. 05-12-2006, s/o Roy Walcott
Walcott, Eric John, b. 04-29-1977, d. 04-29-1977, s/o John Walcott, see obit
Walcott, Frances Shourd (Merton E.), b. 09-05-1916, d. 02-09-2007, (m)01-11-1942, d/o Oscar & Nancy Saylor Shroud
Walcott, Merton E. (Frances Shourd), b. 04-07-1912, d. 01-05-2002, WW II, TEC 4 US Army, s/o Ned & Agnes Kurtzbein Walcott, (m)01-11-1942, see obit
Walcott, Roy H. , b. 02-21-1918, d. 10-16-1994, WW II, US Army Air Forces
Waldo, Albert S. (Mary J. Waterhouse), b. 1856, d. 01-12-1939, burial date
Waldo, E. P. , b. 1823, d. 1907
Waldo, Julia A. (E. P.), d. 11-12-1877, Age 57 years
Waldo, Mary J. Waterhouse (Albert S.), b. 1858, d. 08-09-1920, burial date
Walker, Clara Rowe (Clarence S.), b. 1900, d. 01-20-1965, see obit
Walker, Clarence S. "Bob" (Clara & Dorothy, & Janet L.), b. 10-24-1902, d. 06-21-1988, (m)Janet 1966
Walker, Dorothy Mann (Jack), b. 08-28-1919, d. 11-08-1995, Cremains, d/o Esther Mann, see obit
Walker, Dorothy-Atty, b. 03-21-1899, d. 08-01-1983, obit & death certificate says Miss Dorothy Walker, d/o Edwin & Lucey Walker
Walker, Janet L. (#1Arthur J. Schwerin, #2Eugene Sullivan, #3Clarence Walker), b. 01-14-1920, d. 05-30-2011, (m1)1941, (m2)1949, (m3)1966, d/o Robert Carl & Mary Alberta Waldo Leitsch, see obit
Walker, Lucy May, b. 1865, d. 1953, Mother of C. S. Walker, buried 01-15-1953
Walker, Tom R. "TR" (Joyce Anderson), b. 03-29-1932, d. 12-14-2015, US Army, (m)11-09-1957, s/o Clarence & Clara Rowe Walker, is he buried here, his parents are here, see obit
Wallace, Virginia H. Larrin, b. 10-15-1926, d. 07-12-1993
Walsh, Helen, d. 1947, Cremains buried 04-22-1947
Walsh, Jerome P. "Jerry", b. 04-21-1944, d. 03-04-1994
Walsh, John, b. 1819, d. 1890, on stone with Margaret Smith, Susan Smith Walsh, and Mary Walsh Ransom
Walsh, Susan Smith, b. 1826, d. 1913, on stone with Margaret Smith, John Walsh, and Mary Walsh
Walsh, Theresa Lee, b. 11-06-1990, d. 09-03-1993, d/o Gregory & Tanna Walsh
Walter, Audrey L. Schreck (John H. "Jack"), b. 12-22-1938, (m)05-04-1957
Walter, John H. "Jack" (Audrey L. Schreck), b. 09-26-1938, d. 04-11-1999, (m)05-04-1957, s/o John P. & Ruby Huff Walter
Walter, Margaretha, b. 09-04-1811, d. 02-11-1897, Mother of Mrs. August Krause, August Krause lot
Walters, Albert D. (Bernice Jeanette), b. 03-30-1912, d. 07-30-1982
Walters, Anna (Fred), b. 1856, d. 1939, buried 11-23-1939
Walters, Bernice Jeanette (Albert D.), b. 01-13-1915, d. 08-10-1999, nee Derr, see husband's obit
Walters, Frances H. (#1Henry Schreck, #2Ralph Walters), b. 06-30-1913, d. 10-04-2006, d/o Guy & Bertha Harris Christenson, Am. Leg. Aux.
Walters, Fred, b. 1856, d. 1942, buried 05-07-1942
Walters, William--infant, d. 1923, s/o Rud. Walters, buried 09-03-1923
Waltersdorf, William, b. 02-16-1835, d. 08-30-1888, a/s Woltersdorf and Wilhelm
Wangerin, Maria Friedrich (#1Willy Schuett, #2William Wangerin), b. 06-08-1905, d. 09-09-1988, mother of Ingeborg Rump, see obit
Warber, Amelia (Edward), b. 1870, d. 1950
Warber, Edward John Fredrick (Amelia/Emily Hoeritz), b. 1874, d. 04-14-1966, see obit
Warber, Ella (John F.), b. 1883, d. 11-26-1960, burial date, Mother
Warber, Johanna (John), b. 1845, d. 07-01-1931, burial date, Mother
Warber, John F. (Ella), b. 03-19-1876, d. 01-12-1977, Father
Warber, John (Johanna), b. 02-08-1842, d. 10-13-1901, Father
Warber, Kenneth John, b. 1928, d. 05-15-1931, s/o John F. Warber, see obit
Warber, Maria Amelia (Edward), b. 1870, d. 1950, buried 01-16-1950
Ward, Jane/Jennie Roberts, b. 1860, d. 03-12-1929, burial date, daughter
Warmke, Barbara Ann, b. 03-27-1939
Warner, Lucius (Sarah), b. 06-04-1807, d. 11-29-1866, b. Oneida County NY, d. Columbus WI
Warner, Sarah (Lucius), b. 07-01-1810, d. 04-02-1890
Warning, Gary R. (Sally J. Williams), b. 09-26-1940, d. 08-19-2003, Cpl US Army Ranger & 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles, (m)11-11-1972
Warning, Johann (Wilhelmine), b. 08-28-1824, d. 04-29-1904
Warning, Sally J. (Gary R.), b. 11-12-1946, Nee Williams, (m)11-11-1972
Warning, Wilhelmine (Johann), b. 02-19-1834, d. 07-24-1934
Warriner, Helen H. , b. 1879, d. 1903, d/o Orson & Marian Warriner
Warriner, Marian Reeve Rosencranz (Orson Hutchins), b. 1852, d. 06-24-1923, burial date, see obit
Warriner, Orson Hutchins (Marian Reeve Rosencranz), b. 1835, d. 09-23-1915, see obit
Warriner, Richard O. , b. 1876, d. 1878, s/o Orson & Marian Warriner
Waterhouse, Julia Toplift, b. 1824, d. 1913, buried 11-05-1913
Waters, Cora H. (#1Roland Antrim, #2Elmer Waters), b. 1904, d. 05-31-1948, burial date, Mother, on Cora Antrim lot, widow of Roland Antrim
Waterworth, Bernice V. (Willard), b. 01-27-1922, d. 11-01-2010, d/o Carl & Agnes Leisemann Schliewe, see obit
Waterworth, Burr E. (Myrtle I. Peters), b. 06-29-1910, d. 12-05-1973, s/o Thomas W. Waterworth, see obit
Waterworth, Esther F. (Floyd L.), b. 07-22-1915, d. 05-06-1975, Nee Pieper
Waterworth, Floyd L. (Esther F.), b. 04-12-1916, d. 07-19-1973
Waterworth, Jay C. (Margaret Jung), b. 05-06-1883, d. 02-17-1974, see obit
Waterworth, Jennie E. (Thomas W.), b. 10-17-1879, d. 10-17-1950
Waterworth, Kenneth L. (Ruth F.), b. 02-28-1914, d. 05-23-1992, WW II, Sgt US Army
Waterworth, Lyman O. , b. 08-24-1918, d. 10-10-1988, s/o Thomas W. Waterworth
Waterworth, Margaret Jung (Jay C.), b. 04-27-1887, d. 08-20-1975
Waterworth, Myrtle I. (Burr E.), b. 1914, d. 02-27-1992
Waterworth, Patricia Ann, b. 11-07-1946, d. 05-25-1968, d/o Willard W. & Bernice V. Waterworth
Waterworth, Ramona M. Hemerley (Russell B.), b. 10-17-1925, (m)06-18-1949
Waterworth, Russell B. (Ramona M. Hemerley), b. 08-09-1916, d. 05-31-2013, (m)06-18-1949, s/o J. C. & Margaret Jung Waterworth, see obit
Waterworth, Ruth F. (Kenneth L.), b. 09-09-1927, d. 01-02-1988
Waterworth, Sadie A. (Willis R.), b. 06-16-1910, d. 11-16-2006, d/o Sigurd & Alice Larson Sanden, (m)06-05-1937
Waterworth, Thomas W. (Jennie E.), b. 04-18-1879, d. 12-18-1968
Waterworth, Willard W. (Bernice V.), b. 05-12-1915, d. 08-02-1980
Waterworth, Willis R. (Sadie A. Sanden), b. 01-05-1912, d. 04-06-1978, (m)06-05-1937, see obit
Weber, Augustus (Elizabeth J.), b. 08-06-1859, d. 06-07-1945
Weber, Elizabeth J. (Augustus), b. 11-19-1859, d. 01-02-1919
Weber, Ferdinand (Wilhelmine), b. 1861, d. 06-23-1945, burial date, Father
Weber, Selma"SaL"E. Stueber (#1 William Stueber, #2Henry Weber), b. 04-12-1894, d. 08-18-1971, Widow of William Stueber, nee Rauschenburger, obit, see Sal Stueber
Weber, Wilhelmina (Ferdinand), b. 1860, d. 04-17-1945, burial date, Mother
Webster, Dorothy"Dolly"Brown (Nelson H.), b. 1882, d. 10-29-1963, Piano teacher, see obit
Webster, Nelson H. (Dorothy B. "Dolly"), b. 1872, d. 1943, Former City Clerk, buried 06-23-1943
Wegner, Herman Karl--burial date, b. 1900, d. 03-01-1951, Cousin of Emma (Frank H.) Lange Seegan
Weideman, Ida (William), b. 1880, d. 07-07-1947, burial date, a/s Wiedeman, Mother
Weideman, William (Ida), b. 1877, d. 07-16-1925, burial date, a/s Wiedeman, Father
Weidemann, Adeline Sekel (LeRoy Sr.), b. 03-13-1897, d. 12-21-1973, (m)1917
Weidemann, Anna, d. 08-19-1860, 1yr old, d/o Martin Weidemann
Weidemann, Anna (Martin), d. 12-25-1868, 50yrs 6mos 1da old
Weidemann, Beatrice A. (LeRoy E. Jr.), b. 07-07-1922, d. 05-23-2007, from obit, d/o George & Esther Gehrke Yohn, (m)09-28-1946
Weidemann, Elsie H. Kopplin (Martin G.), b. 11-29-1886, d. 09-26-1975, see obit
Weidemann, Esther Jones (Robert), b. 1889, d. 1925??, d/o Robert E. & Ann Jones , buried 09-29-1975
Weidemann, Ethel--infant, d. 1914, buried 08-16-1914
Weidemann, Fred C. , d. 1940, buried 05-13-1940
Weidemann, G. , No marker
Weidemann, G. -Mrs. , No marker
Weidemann, Henry J. (Marie), b. 1855, d. 1941, buried 11-17-1941
Weidemann, Jessie A. , b. 1896, d. 08-09-1923, d/o Louie Weidemann, burial date
Weidemann, LeRoy E. Jr. (Beatrice A.), b. 12-08-1921, d. 08-06-1988, WW II, US Army PH, (m)09-28-1946
Weidemann, LeRoy E. Sr. (Adeline Sekel), b. 02-11-1897, d. 01-13-1986, (m)1917
Weidemann, Leslie L. , b. 1893, d. 1942, PVT CO F, 7th Infantry, American Legion, s/o H. J. & Marie Weidemann
Weidemann, Lorraine R. (Wallace M.), b. 02-11-1921, d. 05-11-1989, nee Heiman
Weidemann, Louie/Ludwig & Louis M. , b. 11-21-1856, d. 07-09-1939
Weidemann, Maria/Mary (Fred C.), b. 08-08-1852, d. 03-01-1937
Weidemann, Marie (Henry J.), b. 1861, d. 1925, buried 07-19-1925
Weidemann, Martin, d. 12-25-1912, 84yrs 7mos 23da old
Weidemann, Martin G. (Elsie H.), b. 04-11-1887, d. 12-01-1946, Soldier, American Legion
Weidemann, Mathilde, b. 1863, d. 04-30-1958, burial date, on Louie M. Weidemann lot
Weidemann, Sophia (Martin), d. 05-16-1917, Age 77 years, 1 month, 18 days
Weidemann, Wallace M. "Wally", b. 10-14-1920, d. 02-17-1996, 1st wife Lorraine Heiman, 2nd wife Nancy Kind, s/o William & Ida Retzlaff Weideman
Weihert, Arnold H. , b. 07-14-1918, d. 02-27-2004, s/o Hebry G. & Elsie M. Schulz Weihert
Weihert, Elsie M. Schultz, b. 11-19-1896, d. 08-04-1979, Mother of Arnold Weihert
Weiland, August J. (Augusta P.), b. 1868, d. 10-29-1945, Father of Elmer Weiland, burial date
Weiland, Augusta P. (August J.), b. 1869, d. 10-14-1944, Mother of Elmer W. Weiland , burial date
Weiland, Caroline Zuehlsdorf (Fred), b. 12-18-1844, d. 01-12-1923, Buried 01-15-1923 on F. Weiland lot
Weiland, Elmer W. (#1Helen, #2 Meta Voight), b. 1905, d. 02-03-1968, see obit
Weiland, Florence L. Fritz (Ralph A.), b. 03-07-1912, d. 12-17-1993
Weiland, Fred, d. 09-17-1924, see obit
Weiland, Helen (1st w/o Elmer W.), b. 1904, d. 03-03-1927, burial date
Weiland, James A. , b. 09-11-1963, d. 11-04-1970, s/o Ronald & Marilyn Weiland. Killed accidently by car while crossing Rd. , see obit
Weiland, Janene Sutton (Roger L.), b. 08-21-1940, (m)09-27-1958, Mother
Weiland, Meta E. Voigt (2nd w/o Elmer W.), b. 08-20-1904, d. 10-07-1979, see obit
Weiland, Ralph A. (Florence L. Fritz), b. 01-10-1909, d. 01-14-1993
Weiland, Roger L. (Janene Sutton), b. 11-21-1936, d. 05-08-2000, (m)09-27-1958, Father
Weiner, Arthur H. (Dorothy E. Trachte), b. 08-20-1901, d. 01-07-1971, see obit
Weiner, Donald Arthur"Don" (Phyllis M. Indermuehle), b. 03-26-1926, d. 12-14-2005, s/o Arthur & Dorothy Trachte Weiner, (m)06-24-1950, see obit
Weiner, Dorothy E. Groening (Arthur H.), b. 02-12-1906, d. 04-03-1995, d/o John & Emilie Bradleau Trachte, see obit for Dorothy E. Weiner Groening, ssdi is for Weiner
Weiner, Phyllis M. (Donald Arthur"Don"), b. 09-20-1930, d. 04-15-2007, (m)06-24-1950, d/o Felix & Marie Heimerl Indermuehle, see obit
Weiner, Suzanne C. , b. 1934, d. 1938, d/o Arthur and Dorothy E. Weiner
Weisensel, Emil C. (Florence A. Potenberg), b. 05-08-1912, d. 07-17-2000, s/o Anton & Mary Hubel Weisensel
Weisensel, Florence A. (Emil C.), b. 03-13-1915, d. 11-13-1997, d/o John & Louise Witthuhu Potenberg
Weiser, Josephine, b. 1877, d. 1921, Buried 12-26-1921 on Charles Kunn lot
Weishoff, Irene Marie (Louis Ross), b. 11-08-1925, d. 03-13-2004
Weishoff, Karen E. (Ronald E.), b. 1946
Weishoff, Linda Christine , b. 1949, d. 1953, Step grandd/o Victor Bittner, d/o Louis Weishoff
Weishoff, Louis Ross (Irene Marie), b. 1924
Weishoff, Ronald E. (Karen E. Schultz), b. 06-26-1947, d. 05-14-1973, see obit
Weishoff, Steven Ross, b. 1951, s/o Louis Weishoff?
Weishoff, Wallace G. , b. 08-12-1919, d. 12-31-1992
Weishoff, Walter H. , b. 08-12-1919, d. 10-21-2000, s/o Henry & Pearl Edith Whaples Weishoff
Weissmann, Lorraine E. (Ralph T.), b. 12-31-1917, d. 03-14-2004
Weissmann, Norbert (Sylvia Schroeder), b. 02-22-1917, d. 11-30-1993, (m)06-08-1940
Weissmann, Ralph T. (Lorraine E.), b. 08-27-1914, d. 05-06-1983
Weissmann, Sylvia Schroeder (Norbert), b. 11-02-1921, d. 11-15-1989, Nee Schroeder, (m)06-08-1940
Welk, Alvina Clara (Frank), b. 1869, d. 1955, buried 07-19-1955
Welk, August, b. 11-03-1831, d. 12-29-1897
Welk, Bertha, b. 04-11-1877, d. 07-07-1895, d/o August Welk
Welk, Bertha C. Blakeslee (Louis C. Sr.), b. 07-23-1892, d. 12-27-1980, see obit
Welk, Frank, b. 1866, d. 1947, buried 10-30-1947
Welk, Harmie A. -Miss, b. 1894, d. 04-23-1983, d/o Frank Welk, see obit
Welk, Jessie (Paul), b. 1884, d. 1949, buried 08-01-1949
Welk, Lester Paul, b. 08-30-1899, d. 06-15-1913, s/o Frank Welk
Welk, Louis C. Sr. (Bertha C. Blakeslee), b. 09-11-1891, d. 08-21-1966, WW I & WW II, see obit and ssdi
Welk, Paul H. , b. 1879, d. 02-02-1964, Son-in-law of Ira Ford, see obit
Welk, Wilhelmina-Mrs. , d. 1930, Buried 04-18-1930 on William Wetzel lot
Welk, Wilhelmine (August), b. 06-14-1842, d. 01-04-1892
Weller, Amalia (Otto F.), b. 10-13-1845, d. 08-07-1902
Weller, Doris Dee Smith (Otto W.), b. 1898, d. 04-24-1983, Cremains, see obit
Weller, Louise W. (William E.), b. 1875, d. 10-20-1944, burial date
Weller, Otto F. (Amalia), b. 01-01-1842, d. 03-23-1925
Weller, Otto W. (Doris Dee Smith), b. 1903, d. 07-31-1955, burial date
Weller, William E. (Louise W.), b. 1872, d. 08-18-1944, burial date
Weller, William O. (Vivian), b. 06-17-1925, d. 06-27-1985, WW II, MUS2 US Navy, Cremains
Wendling, Carl/Karl (Ernstine), b. 05-05-1849, d. 10-04-1917
Wendling, Ernstine (Carl/Karl), b. 01-30-1841, d. 05-21-1926
Wendt, Alma S. (Herman E.), b. 11-16-1877, d. 03-08-1960
Wendt, Arthur F. (#1Hazel A, #2Sadie A.), b. 04-07-1911, d. 02-25-1980, s/o Herman Wendt, I think two wives, Hazel on his stone, and Sadie in obit
Wendt, Donald (Majorie Braker), b. 03-19-1923, d. 07-09-1999, s/o Max & Winifred Feelyater Wendt
Wendt, Dorothea A. , b. 1915, d. 03-17-1917, Infant d/o Henry Wendt, burial date
Wendt, Elaine (Herman Joe), b. 1923
Wendt, Eugene R. , b. 04-15-1943, d. 04-25-2003
Wendt, Evelyn R. Schultz (Russell H.), b. 1918
Wendt, Harold H. (Mabel Schroedel), b. 07-09-1906, d. 11-11-1976, s/o Herman Wendt, see obit
Wendt, Hazel A. Schultz (1st w/o Arthur F.), b. 09-26-1907, d. 05-28-1964, Daughter-in-law of Herman Wendt, see obit
Wendt, Henry A. (Lydia E.), b. 1881, d. 11-24-1959, burial date, Father, see obit
Wendt, Herman E. (Alma S. Mielenz), b. 02-13-1875, d. 01-06-1960, see obit
Wendt, Herman Joe (Elaine), b. 07-19-1915, d. 01-21-1972
Wendt, Janette B. (Raymond W.), b. 08-04-1911, d. 12-16-1999, d/o Otto & Lena Will
Wendt, John E. , b. 04-23-1921, d. 09-15-1998, WW II, SGT, US Army Air Force, s/o Max & Winifred Fellyater Wendt
Wendt, John J. (Katharine A.), b. 1877, d. 12-03-1966, see obit
Wendt, Katharine A. (John J.), b. 1884, d. 1955, buried 06-09-1955
Wendt, Lydia F. or E. Borchert (Henry A.), b. 1889, d. 02-25-1962, see obit, Mother
Wendt, Mabel S. (Harold H.), b. 03-03-1908, d. 08-04-2000, d/o Carl & Minnie Pust Schroedel
Wendt, Marjorie Braker (Donald), b. 07-10-1927
Wendt, Marjorie R. , d. 10-28-1914, burial date, great grandtr of Nicholas
Wendt, Max M. (Winifred R. Feelyater), b. 1890, d. 04-21-1967, see obit
Wendt, Raymond W. (Janette B. Will), b. 06-16-1909, d. 09-02-1995, s/o Henry & Lydia Borchert Wendt
Wendt, Russell H. (Evelyn R. Schultz), b. 06-11-1917, d. 11-18-1985, s/o Henry A. Wendt, see obit
Wendt, Winifred R. (Max M.), b. 1891, d. 1952, buried 06-06-1952
Wendtland, Cheryl Kay, b. 10-16-1951, d. 08-11-1969, d/o Evangaline & Theodore Wendtland, see obit
Wesenberg, Emma (John), b. 1880, d. 1941, a/s Weisenberg
Wesenberg, Freddy, d. 1897, s/o Emma and John Wesenberg
Wesenberg, Friedrick, b. 05-01-1837, d. 10-16-1910, a/s Weesenberg
Wesenberg, Johann , b. 10-28-1862, d. 09-01-1877, s/o Friedrick Wesenberg/Weesenberg
Wesenberg, John (Emma), b. 1865, d. 02-23-1950, a/s Weisenberg, burial date
Wesenberg, Minnie (John), b. 1864, d. 1889, a/s Weisenberg
Wesenberg, Wilhelmine (Friedrick), b. 10-10-1835, d. 12-24-1905, a/s Weesenberg
Westen, Elizabeth (Christ), b. 09-15-1827, d. 06-10-1895
Westen, Welhelm, d. 11-17-1861, s/o C. E. Westen
Westen, Winfield, d. 01-13-1856, s/o C. E. Westen
Weston, Christian, d. 1918, buried 08-10-1918
Weston, Mary Ann Rath, d. 1928, buried 05-18-1928
Westphal, August)Bertha), b. 09-15-1839, d. 09-26-1926
Westphal, Bertha (August), b. 11-03-1847, d. 04-19-1923
Westphal, Clarence R. (Lucille W. Andler), b. 07-18-1905, d. 05-22-1963, see obit
Westphal, Donna M. , b. 08-11-1938, d. 05-25-1983, Mother of William Westphal, obit says Miss Donna
Westphal, Gertrude"Trudi" E. (Alvin), b. 04-18-1915, d. 01-26-1999, d/o Fred & Elsa Kurtz Wuethrich
Westphal, Hannah/Anna (Henry C.), b. 1871, d. 1956, buried 05-05-1956
Westphal, Henry C. (Hannah/Anna Kolell), b. 1874, d. 01-18-1969, see obit
Westphal, Hulda F. , b. 09-27-1909, d. 06-29-1911, d/o Henry C. & A. W. Westpahl
Westphal, Infant son, b. 02-23-1904, d. 02-23-1904, s/o Henry C & A. W. Westphal
Westphal, Lucille W. (Clarence R.), b. 09-09-1909, d. 09-03-1980
Wetzel, Anna, b. 1877, d. 1946, Sister of Martha Wetzel, buried 07-09-1946
Wetzel, Ferdinand, d. 1910, s/o William Wetzel, buried 11-27-1910
Wetzel, Martha, b. 03-24-1884, d. 09-06-1970, Sister of Anna Wetzel
Wetzel, Randal A. , b. 10-05-1950, d. 04-08-1998
Wetzel, Wilhelmine (William), b. 1844, d. 1898
Wetzel, William, d. no dates, Infant; Buried on William Wetzel lot
Wetzel, William F. , b. 1842, d. 1921, buried 07-06-1921
Wheeler, Anne K. (J. Russell), d. 1959, Cremains buried 05-23-1959, d/o Lester R. Rockwell
Wheeler, J. Russell (Anne K.) , d. 08-25-1966, Cremains, Son-in-law of Lester R. Rockwell, see obit
Wheeler, John R. , b. 1816, d. 1881, Buried on Lester R. Rockwell lot
Wheeler, Mary Rockwell (J. R.), b. 1821, d. 1859, Buried on Lester R. Rockwell lot
Whitcomb, A. J. , d. 05-13-1876, Age 45 years
Whitcomb, Ernest, b. 11-10-1858, d. 10-25-1925, s/o A. J. Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Herbert--infant, s/o Ernest Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Laura Mae, b. 04-13-1886, d. 02-22-1945, d/o Ernest & Nellie Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Laura R. Tyng (A. J.), d. 03-31-1908
Whitcomb, Nellie Marone (Ernest), b. 09-01-1851, d. 09-04-1940
Whitcomb, Ruben, s/o A. J. and L. R. Whitcomb
White, C. Lorane Schuder (William J.), b. 11-18-1903, d. 01-15-1985, see obit
White, Catherine M. J. (Lawrence), b. 01-27-1864, d. 06-10-1935
White, Cora, b. 05-15-1900, d. 07-16-1985, d/o William & Katherine Casper
White, Esther---buried 02-23-1912, d. 1912, d/o W. H. White. No marker as of 8-11-1984.
White, Florence Olive, b. 1897, d. 1918, d/o Lawrence White, buried 04-04-1918
White, Inez J. , b. 10-22-1890, d. 01-15-1944, d/o Lawrence White
White, Ira Ervin (Martha A.), b. 1880, d. 1948, buried 01-12-1948
White, Jessie G. N. , b. 12-11-1887, d. 12-16-1978, d/o Lawrence White
White, Lawrence, b. 01-25-1856, d. 10-14-1908
White, Marette E. , b. 10-24-1894, d. 07-11-1982, d/o Lawrence White
White, Martha A. (Ira Ervin), b. 1880, d. 1968, buried 11-11-1968
White, William J. (C. Lorane Schuder), b. 12-01-1908, d. 07-22-1975, see obit
Whitefoot, Anna (Otto) --burial date, b. 1875, d. 10-14-1940, Mother-in-law of Joseph Johnson
Whitefoot, Anne, b. 1873, d. 1919, d/o Charles Whitefoot, buried 02-11-1919
Whitefoot, Charles/Carl-is this Col. Robert Whitefoot (Henrietta Bielke) ?, b. 1847, d. 01-24-1933, see obit for Col. Robert Whitefoot
Whitefoot, Emma, b. 1869, d. 1950, d/o Charles/Carl Whitefoot, buried 09-02-1950
Whitefoot, Henrietta (Charles/Carl), b. 1842, d. 1924, buried 04-30-1924
Whitefoot, Hilda R. , b. 12-24-1907, d. 07-14-1983, WW II, 1st Lt US Army Nurse, Sisr-in-law of Joseph Johnson
Whitefoot, Otto (Anna)--burial date, b. 1871, d. 09-12-1947, Father-in-law of Joseph Johnson
Whiting, Josiah (Maria), b. 08-28-1814, d. 07-02-1889
Whiting, Maria (Josiah), b. 06-21-1816, d. 02-01-1885
Whiting, Mary A. , d. 06-05-1856, d/o J. & M. Whiting, 1yr 6mos old
Whiting, Waren J. , d. 02-14-1863, Soldier, s/o J. & M Whiting, 18y11m14d old
Whitney, Alonzo H. (Esther), b. 1854, d. 01-23-1929, buried 04-19-1929, see obit
Whitney, Esther (Alonzo H.), b. 1852, d. 1905
Whitney, H. A. (Helen M.), d. 05-25-1888, Age 72 years
Whitney, Helen M. (H. A.), d. 01-23-1869, Age 43 years, 8 months
Whitney, Lillian Stevens (G. C.), b. 1860, d. 1943, buried 06-26-1943
Whitney, Rosultha A. , d. 06-17-1845, d/o H. A. Whitney
Whittier, Mary (Reuben), d. 08-07-1863, Age 83 years, 18 days
Whittier, Reuben (Mary), d. 03-30-1853, Age 67 years, 6 months
Wienke, Christian Fred (Emma B. Lange), b. 12-25-1886, d. 07-28-1973, 2nd Husband of Emma Lange Wienke
Wienke, Christian (Wilhelmina), b. 03-27-1838, d. 06-05-1929
Wienke, Emma B. (#1William Lange, #2Christian Fred Wienke) , b. 09-08-1890, d. 11-08-1986
Wienke, Margaret C. (William F.), b. 11-25-1894, d. 02-22-1993, Nee Brester
Wienke, Wilhelmina or Johanna, b. 03-13-1854, d. 02-27-1937, Widow of Christian Wienke
Wienke, William Frank (Margaret C.), b. 07-25-1893, d. 08-30-1971, WW I, Wis Pvt BTRY D 69 Arty CAC, see obit
Wildner, John R. (Patronilla"Pat" Swendrzynski), b. 12-25-1931, d. 11-30-2013, (m)06-13-1959, s/o August & Theresa Beck Wildner, see obit
Wildner, Patronilla"Pat" (John R.), b. 04-28-1932, (m)06-13-1959, nee Swendrzynski
Wilkin, Adelaide/Addie M. (Mark M.), b. 1875, d. 1941, buried 03-18-1941, Mother
Wilkin, Mark M. (Addie M.), b. 1874, d. 1946, buried 02-14-1946, Father
Wilkins, Augusta L. (George), b. 1854, d. 1895
Wilkins, Maria (A.), b. 1826, d. 03-15-1879, Age 53 years
Will, Caroline Marie Goebel Schiller (2nd w/o Otto), b. 07-15-1885, d. 06-21-1971, see Otto's obit
Will, Charles F. , b. 03-02-1903, d. 04-27-1979, WW II, Stepfather of Nick Roth
Will, Edward M. (JoeAnn Hatzinger), b. 10-25-1916, d. 02-21-1999, WW II, Pfc US Army Air Forces, s/o Otto & Emma Horn Will
Will, Frances (William E.), b. 1885, d. 1960, dates are hard to read, on stone with William Will, see Frances Schroeder
Will, JoeAnn (Edward M.), b. 04-22-1930, d. 02-17-2003, d/o Leo & Ida Kehl Hatzinger
Will, Margaret, b. 06-14-1915, d. 06-01-1997
Will, Otto H. (#1Emma d. 1918, #2Caroline Marie Goebel Schiller), b. 1877, d. 10-28-1966, see obit
Will, William E. (Frances), b. 1876, d. 1945, buried 06-07-1945
Will, Wilma Wodill , b. 04-06-1920, d. 12-23-2010, d/o Robert & Emilie Lange Wodill, see obit
Williams, Bell, Sister of� Lansing Williams
Williams, Belle, b. 1876, d. 1952, d/o Lansing Williams, buried 06-17-1952
Williams, Blanch, d. 1917, buried 11-17-1917
Williams, Catherine L. Roberts (Richard H.), b. 1870, d. 07-24-1969, see obit
Williams, Clara Daher (Ira), d. 1941, buried 12-29-1941
Williams, Edith (George W.), b. 1875, d. 1969, Nee Griswold, cremains buried 05-03-1969
Williams, Elizabeth (Owen H.), b. 09-15-1841, d. 08-17-1921
Williams, Elizabeth (Theodore Sr.), b. 1906, d. 11-01-1966, Mother, nee Kezertee, see obit
Williams, Ervin Frederick--infant, b. 1905, d. 1907, s/o Louis Williams
Williams, George E. , b. 1870, d. 1944, Ashes, buried 10-20-1944 on John Williams lot
Williams, Harry C. , b. 06-19-1847, d. 03-25-1915, Spanish American War
Williams, Harry P. , Cremains buried 05-04-1978
Williams, Harry Scott, b. 04-15-1876, d. 08-22-1901, Spanish American War, CO I, 5 US Cav, s/o H. C. Williams
Williams, Hugh R. (Ruth Altschwager), b. 1909, d. 08-20-1965, Son-in-law of William Altschwager, see obit
Williams, Ira, d. 1945, buried 08-06-1945
Williams, John, d. 1856
Williams, John, b. 1842, d. 1910, buried 10-14-1910
Williams, Julia A. Cooper (H. C.), b. 04-16-1851, d. 06-29-1891
Williams, Lansing , d. 05-30-1927, War Veteran, CO G, 1 WIS Inf
Williams, Lansing-Mrs. ,
Williams, Margaret"Peggy", b. 12-25-1947, d. 10-01-2004, d/o Theodore & Elizabeth Kezertee Williams
Williams, Martha "Mattie" (John), b. 1841, d. 1892
Williams, Mary A. -Mrs. , b. 1916, d. 03-27-1971, d/o Harold Hempel & Grddtr/o Charles Hempel, lot in name of James Anthony. Later sold to Otto Lange
Williams, Norma L. Press (William R.), b. 03-22-1914, d. 11-02-1995
Williams, Orlando, d. 10-12-1874, Soldier
Williams, Orpha, b. 04-02-1818, d. 01-02-1899, Mother of H. C. Williams
Williams, Owen H. (Elizabeth), b. 05-05-1846, d. 01-17-1920
Williams, Richard H. (Catherine L.), b. 1858, d. 12-06-1943, burial date
Williams, Ruth Esther--infant, b. 1908, d. 1910, d/o Louis Williams, buried 01-30-1910
Williams, Ruth M. (Hugh R.), b. 05-18-1913, d. 01-20-1997, d/o William Altschwager
Williams, Sidney, b. 1866, d. 1895, s/o John and Martha Williams
Williams, Tad Louis (Doris Ehlers), b. 07-07-1955, d. 11-15-1975, see obit
Williams, Theodore Sr. (Elizabeth Kezertee), b. 07-25-1903, d. 10-19-1978, Columbus VFD, Father, see obit
Williams, Tobin Louis, b. 07-08-1979, d. 05-14-1996, s/o Tracey & Dawn Balfanz Williams
Williams, William R. (Norma LaPres), b. 11-05-1903, d. 05-25-1967, WW II flag holder, see obit
Wilske, Almira (Carl F.), d. 03-11-1953
Wilske, Auguste E. , b. 11-07-1856, d. 10-31-1876, d/o Carl F. Wilske
Wilske, Bertha (Frank), b. 04-08-1855, d. 06-26-1918
Wilske, Carl F. , b. 11-05-1828, d. 01-04-1904
Wilske, Carl F. , d. 08-17-1945, s/o Frank F. Wilske
Wilske, Frank F. , b. 03-18-1854, d. 07-16-1914
Wilske, Frank R. (Louisa J.), b. 02-12-1848, d. 01-20-1923
Wilske, George, b. 05-16-1880, d. 03-07-1926
Wilske, Henriette (Carl F.) , b. 12-25-1830, d. 02-14-1904
Wilske, Infant, d. 02-22-1872, born & Died date
Wilske, Infant, d. 05-08-1867, born & Died date
Wilske, Infant, d. 09-21-1869, born & Died date
Wilske, Johann F. (Johanne M.), b. 09-05-1833, d. 11-12-1900
Wilske, Johanne M. (Johann F.), b. 06-16-1830, d. 12-09-1919
Wilske, Louis Gustav, b. 07-01-1876, d. 07-31-1901, s/o Frank R. & Louisa J. Wilske
Wilske, Louisa J. (Frank R.), b. 06-09-1852, d. 05-11-1936
Wilske, Maria (Fred), d. 12-12-1919, burial dater, no marker
Wilske, Otto R. , b. 1872, d. 03-02-1937, Burial date, on Frank Wilske lot
Wilson, Cecelia, b. 1846, d. 1909, d/o Jane Wilson, buried 08-28-1909
Wilson, Charles O. (Hazel E.), b. 09-23-1922, d. 03-22-1990, WW II, Ssgt US Army Air Corps
Wilson, Hazel E. (Charles O.), b. 07-01-1922, d. 01-08-2000, d/o Charles O. & Alma Tiedt Witthuhn
Wilson, Jane A. , b. 1817, d. 1901
Wilson, Mary E. , b. 1844, d. 1875, d/o Jane A. Wilson
Wilson, Thomas, b. 1849, d. 1852, s/o Jane A. Wilson
Winch, George D. --M. D. , b. 1837, d. 07-07-1877, GAR, surgeon, 42nd inf, s/o Joel & L. Winch
Winch, Joel (Louisa), b. 1808, d. 1889
Winch, Louisa (Joel), b. 1812, d. 1889
Winch, Mary, b. 1852, d. 1868, d/o Joel and L. Winch
Winkel, Clare Wallendal (Meindert), b. 1878, d. 10-27-1948, burial date
Winkel, Meindert (Clare Wallendal), b. 05-14-1882, d. 09-16-1971, see obit
Winker, Joseph"Joe", d. 07-01-1930, Burial date, on A. L. Farr lot, 73yr old, suicide, see obit
Winter, Anthony, b. 04-29-1859, d. 05-18-1896, s/o Mathias & Caroline Winter
Winter, Carl J. (Donna Hageman), b. 03-03-1940, d. 05-12-2008, (m)08-07-1958, s/o Edgar & Delores Stofflet Winter
Winter, Carolina, d. 1873, d/o R. G. Winter
Winter, Caroline (Mathias), b. 09-24-1833, d. 04-13-1919
Winter, Kimberley Rae, d. 05-16-2007, baby
Winter, Leo A. (Mabel), b. 1877, d. 1942, s/o Mathias & Caroline Winter, buried 12-26-1942
Winter, Louis, b. 09-27-1865, d. 03-17-1932, s/o Mathias & Caroline Winter
Winter, Mabel (Leo A.), b. 05-12-1894, d. 01-15-1979, Dtr-in-law of Mathias & Caroline Winter
Winter, Mathias (Caroline), b. 04-18-1829, d. 01-04-1887
Winter, Otto, d. 1868, s/o R. G. Winter
Winter, Russell Gene--from obit. , b. 11-08-1933, d. 10-16-2006, s/o Leo A. & Mabel Rasmussen Winter
Winters, Loretta E. Holsten (Ray L.), b. 12-11-1911, d. 02-11-2002
Winters, Ray L. (Loretta E. Holsten), b. 07-06-1903, d. 1978, Cremains interred 5-31-1980. Son-in-law of Charles Holsten
Wipperman, Adolph G. (Anna M.), b. 1864, d. 1954, buried 06-14-1954
Wipperman, Anna M. (Adolph G.), b. 1869, d. 1957, buried 04-26-1957
Wipperman, Helen, b. 06-20-1896, d. 11-23-1896, d/o A. A. Wipperman; Grandd/o Fred Briese Sr.
Wipperman, Myrtle N. (Dr. Edgar G.), b. 07-08-1898, d. 11-23-1967, Nee Church
Wippermann, Edgar G. -Dr. (Myrtle N. Church), b. 07-05-1889, d. 03-07-1980, see obit
Witt, Caroline (Frank), b. 1872, d. 1951, buried 02-17-1951
Witt, Frank (Caroline Hoeppnes), b. 1870, d. 12-23-1959, burial date, see obit
Witte, Arthur E. (Bessie M.), b. 02-07-1915, d. 06-27-1985, (m)06-18-1944, s/o Emil A. & Helen B. Witte
Witte, Bessie M. (Arthur E.), b. 02-14-1916, d. 12-14-2000, (m)06-18-1944, d/o James & Emily Volek, obit
Witte, Charles R. "Chuck", b. 01-21-1951, d. 04-01-2009, s/o Clarence & Myrna Jean Stafford Witte, see obit
Witte, Clarence R. (Myrna Jean), b. 12-13-1920, d. 05-21-2002, (m)12-30-1941
Witte, Donald A. , b. 12-30-1953, d. 09-07-1977, s/o Clarence & Myrna Jean Stafford Witte, Grands/o Charles Berger
Witte, Emil A. (Helen B. Stark), b. 1877, d. 02-23-1962, see obit, b. 1877 on stone
Witte, Ernestine (Michael H.), b. 01-01-1852, d. 09-14-1924, (m)11-25-1868, nee Schwanke
Witte, Helen B. (Emil A.), b. 1887, d. 1949, buried 06-06-1949
Witte, Laura E. -Miss, b. 11-17-1888, d. 10-03-1915, d/o Michael H. Witte
Witte, Louis V. , b. 07-29-1880, d. 12-31-1934, s/oMichael H. Witte
Witte, Lydia, b. 1884, d. 1918, buried 01-03-1919
Witte, Michael H. or F. (Ernstine Schwanke), b. 01-01-1839, d. 01-07-1926, Civil War, (m)11-25-1868, see obit
Witte, Myrna Jean (Clarence R.), b. 12-30-1922, d. 08-17-2009, (m)12-30-1941, d/o Jackson & Luella Berger Stafford, see obit
Wittenberg, Hannah L. M. C. , b. 11-12-1830, d. 10-13-1901, Buried on August Steindorf lot, Mutter
Wittfaut, Anna, b. 1873, d. 1919, pictures
Wittfaut, Carl (Henrietta), b. 1847, d. 1933, pictures
Wittfaut, Emma, b. 1869, d. 1950, pictures
Wittfaut, Henrietta (Carl), b. 1842, d. 1924, pictures
Witthuhn, Alma Tiedt (Emil), b. 04-03-1894, d. 03-12-1929
Witthuhn, Alvina (Frank), b. 05-20-1865, d. 05-28-1950
Witthuhn, Carl, b. 1861, d. 1928, Buried 08-15-1928 on Christian Witthuhn lot
Witthuhn, Christian (Friederike), b. 1826, d. 1912, buried 07-18-1912
Witthuhn, Dorothy Block (Earl E.), b. 04-25-1925, d. 09-03-1952
Witthuhn, Earl E. (Dorothy Block), b. 06-18-1916, d. 12-03-1985, WW II, US Army, Columbus VFD
Witthuhn, Emil, b. 06-20-1887, d. 07-23-1958
Witthuhn, Frank E. (Alvina), b. 12-08-1857, d. 06-13-1913
Witthuhn, Friederike (Christian), b. 1825, d. 1913, buried 06-15-1913
Witthuhn, Harriet A. (Herbert O.), b. 08-30-1918, d. 11-16-1985
Witthuhn, Herbert O. (Harriet Gogert), b. 07-07-1918, d. 07-19-1998, WW II, Tsgt US Army Artillery in Pacific, s/o Emil & Alma Tiedt Witthuhn
Witthuhn, Paul, b. 1869, d. 1930, Buried 02-24-1930 on Christian Witthuhn lot
Witthuhn, Victor, b. 12-15-1915, d. 07-07-1944, s/o Emil Witthuhn
Wodill, Edward J. , b. 06-25-1886, d. 04-29-1907, s/o Gottlieb & E. Wodill, maybe d. 1902?
Wodill, Emilie A. Lange (Robert O.), b. 1878, d. 06-14-1967, Mother, see obit
Wodill, Gottlieb, b. 05-09-1843, d. 11-25-1907, a/s Woodill
Wodill, Harland H. (Karen Jansen Wachel), b. 07-02-1955, d. 09-13-1983, Butch, s/o Harold & Vernice Berger Wodill, see obit
Wodill, Harold A. (Vernice O. Berger), b. 11-18-1912, d. 02-10-2002, (m)11-23-1938, s/o Robert & Amelia Lange Wodill, see obit
Wodill, Hattie M. (Lawrence O.), b. 11-24-1910, d. 03-04-1992
Wodill, Lawrence Otto (Hattie M. Immerfall), b. 03-29-1907, d. 03-18-1973, see obit
Wodill, Lloyd A. , b. 11-10-1940, d. 06-28-1959, s/o Lawrence Wodill
Wodill, Otto B, b. 05-07-1889, d. 01-14-1915, a/s Woodill
Wodill, Robert O. (Emilie A.), b. 1874, d. 10-05-1953, burial date, Father
Wodill, Vernice O. Berger (Harold A.), b. 11-09-1918, d. 04-14-1984, (m)11-23-1938
Woehlert, Christoph, b. 1799, d. 05-10-1867, Age 68 years, 1 month, 11 days
Woehlert, Gottlieb, b. 11-25-1836, d. 07-27-1891
Woehlert, Wilhelmine, b. 02-18-1842, d. 12-15-1927
Wohlefeil, Elizabeth A. "Nanie" (William G.), b. 04-27-1899, d. 03-29-1995, d/o Peleg & Cora Farnham Clark
Wohlfeil, Agnes (Fred), b. 1869, d. 06-24-1962, see obit
Wohlfeil, August (Sophia), b. 07-15-1860, d. 09-17-1913, Father
Wohlfeil, Carl Louis (Meta), b. 08-16-1892, d. 03-27-1947, WW I , Wis Pvt 148 Inf 37 Div
Wohlfeil, Catherine, d. 11-05-1919, d/o Frank Wohlfeil
Wohlfeil, Dorothea (Johann/John), b. 12-28-1827, d. 08-17-1914
Wohlfeil, Elizabeth A. Clark, b. 04-27-1899, d. 03-29-1995
Wohlfeil, Emma (1st w/o Frank R.), b. 09-12-1891, d. 04-01-1935, Mother
Wohlfeil, Frank R. (#1Emma, #2Viola Wilson), b. 12-19-1889, d. 05-17-1977, WW I, Father, see obit
Wohlfeil, Franz (Maria), b. 09-03-1862, d. 05-23-1921
Wohlfeil, Fred A. , b. 1867, d. 1927, buried 04-25-1927
Wohlfeil, Gerhart P. , b. 11-13-1892, d. 01-31-1962, WW I, Wis S2 USNRF, s/o Fred Wohlfeil
Wohlfeil, John/Johann F. (Dorothea), b. 4-27-1828, d. 01-18-1912
Wohlfeil, Maria (Franz), b. 09-29-1862, d. 09-20-1944
Wohlfeil, Meta Dieckhoff (#1Charles Hemling, #2Carl Wohlfeil), b. 01-30-1899, d. 10-10-1982, see obit
Wohlfeil, Sophia (August), b. 1863, d. 1958, buried 10-21-1958, Mother
Wohlfeil, William George (Elizabeth A.), b. 04-10-1890, d. 09-29-1953, WW I, Wis ORD Sgt Base Sec 2 SOS
Wolc, Anna E. (John H.), b. 08-26-1912, d. 03-18-1985
Wolc, Frank J. (Veronica), b. 04-05-1915, d. 09-07-1997, WW II, Pfc US Army PH, cremains
Wolc, GertrudeM. Davis (Herman F.), b. 1879, d. 01-02-1936, burial date
Wolc, Herman F. , b. 08-27-1908, d. 07-19-1990, s/o Herman
Wolc, Herman F. (Gertrude M. Davis), b. 1868, d. 04-15-1948, burial date
Wolc, John H. "Jack" (Anna E.), b. 03-17-1905, d. 10-31-1985, 80yr old
Wolc, Ronald Frank C. , buried 01-06-1944
Woldt, Augusta (William C.), b. 1862, d. 1929, buried 05-04-1929
Woldt, William C. (Augusta), b. 1864, d. 05-17-1934, or William O.
Wolf, Albert A. (Bertha A.), b. 01-25-1906, d. 12-04-1989, (m)06-27-1928
Wolf, Alvin W. (Betty M. Kirkpatrick), b. 01-18-1929, d. 05-02-2012, Korea, US Army, (m)12-15-1950, s/o Albert & Bertha Blodgett Wolf, see obit
Wolf, Bertha A. (Albert A.), b. 06-20-1908, d. 04-13-1991, (m)06-27-1928
Wolf, Betty M. (Alvin W.), b. 07-22-1933, d. 08-10-2006, Nee Kirkpatrich, (m)12-15-1950
Wolf, Gary L. (Sherry Starker), b. 06-18-1955, d. 11-04-2015, (m)05-21-1977, s/o Alvin & Betty Kirkpatrick Wolf, see obit
Wolf, James L. (Jeanne M.), b. 08-24-1941, (m)11-26-1960
Wolf, Jeanne M. (James L.), b. 09-12-1942, d. 07-14-2006, (m)11-26-1960, d/o Antone & Nancy Brown Leick
Wolfer, John G. , b. 04-23-1885, d. 02-19-1974, brother-in-law/o Louis A. Boettcher, brother/o Rose(Louis A.) Boettcher
Wolfgram, Dora G. (George F. Sr.), b. 08-15-1899, d. 03-04-1994, (m)06-16-1923
Wolfgram, George Donald (Judith M. Pieper), b. 03-13-1930, d. 05-30-2005, (m)11-10-1949, Joe, s/o George F. & Dora Monthie Wolgram, see obit
Wolfgram, George F. Sr. (Dora G.), b. 07-08-1899, d. 08-30-1988, (m)06-16-1923
Wolfgram, Judith M. Pieper (George Donald), b. 04-04-1930, d. 01-28-2008, (m)11-10-1949, Judy, d/o Gilbert & Bernice Weber Pieper, see obit
Wolter, Harold R. (Zelma Bittleman), b. 06-06-1916, d. 03-16-2010, (m)03-30-1946, s/o Rudolph & Adella Wolter, see obit
Wolter, Zelma B. (Harold R.), b. 10-03-1917, d. 12-09-2005, d/o Julius & Augusta Buchholz Bittleman, (m)03-30-1946, see obit
Woltersdorf, Alfred,
Woltersdorf, Bertha (William), d. 1924, buried 03-24-1924
Woltersdorf, Emil, b. 11-16-1864, d. 10-28-1886, Killed in Rio wreck
Woltersdorf, Franz,
Woltersdorf, Grandma,
Woltersdorf, Helena,
Woltersdorf, Linna,
Woltersdorf, Minna,
Woltmann, Christ (Minnie), b. 06-12-1832, d. 11-09-1919, Father
Woltmann, Minnie (Christ), b. 09-20-1853, d. 04-24-1930, Mother
Wood, Charles E. -Rev. (Florence E.), b. 1889, d. 09-23-1971, Cremains
Wood, Florence E. (Rev. Charles E.), b. 1886, d. 1969, Cremains buried 09-23-1969
Wood, Frank Edgar, b. 01-10-1915, d. 11-24-1927, s/o Florence and Charles E. Wood
Wood, William Walter--infant, b. 07-16-1919, d. 11-18-1919, s/o Florence and Charles E. Wood
Woodruff, Bertie, d. 05-17-1867, s/o Woodruff, Age 1 month, 22 days
Woodruff, Son, d. 1867, s/o Woodruff
Woodward, Harriet M. Hendricks (Ralph A.), b. 1924, d. 06-06-1987, cremains
Woodward, Ralph A. (Harriett M. Hendricks), b. 03-23-1923, d. 12-18-1999, WW II, TEC4 US Army, PH & Bronz Star, cremains, s/o Arthur & Janette Crawford Woodward
Woolverton, Elizabeth (Rev. Isaac M.), d. 1928, a/s Wolverton, buried 05-02-1928
Woolverton, Isaac M. -Rev. (Elizabeth), d. 1923, M. E. Minister, buried 12-12-1923
Woolverton, Pearl, b. 09-26-1876, d. 12-14-1892, d/o Rev. Isaac M. Woolverton
Wrede, Anna Lippert (Fred), b. 03-29-1851, d. 01-26-1923, see husband's obit
Wrede, Anna Sophia Christina Kettelhohn (Henry F.), b. 1879, d. 08-16-1915, see obit, Mother
Wrede, Emma A. (Henry C.), b. 1874, d. 1955, buried 12-31-1955
Wrede, Fred (Anna Lippert), b. 10-24-1847, d. 07-24-1915, see obit
Wrede, Henry C. (Emma A.), b. 1867, d. 1935, buried 07-181935
Wrede, Henry F. (Anna Sophia), b. 1875, d. 12-31-1955, burial date, Father
Wrede, J. C. (Sophia), b. 11-18-1822, d. 05-20-1900, Father of Henry Wrede
Wrede, Martha A. (William F.), b. 01-13-1889, d. 06-01-1970, see obit
Wrede, Sophia (J. C.), b. 09-24-1820, d. 07-30-1894
Wrede, William F. (Martha A. Bellin), b. 1884, d. 02-07-1968, see obit
Wrege, Albert Willie, b. 04-01-1896, d. 08-07-1922, s/o William & Augusta Wrege
Wrege, Augusta Mundt (William A.), b. 1963, d. 01-17-1957, burial date
Wrege, Ella E. , b. 1890, d. 10-06-1955, d/o William & Augusta Wrege, burial date
Wrege, Herbert C. , b. 07-13-1901, d. 04-29-1976, s/o William & Augusta Wrege
Wrege, William A. (Augusta Mundt), b. 1855, d. 07-15-1930, burial date
Wright, Alma M. Vearus (Burr M.), b. 08-20-1895, d. 09-22-1987, d/o Bertha Vearus
Wright, Burr M. (Alma M. Vearus), b. 05-28-1891, d. 05-02-1937, WW I, WIS CPL CO E 21 Regt, Infantry, Son-in-law of Bertha Vearus
Wright, Caroline Lee (Leslie Allyn-Dr.), b. 1872, d. 1958, buried 01-20-1958
Wright, Florence (Edward Klausch), b. 1887, d. 1963, widow of Edward Klausch, buried 05-08-1963
Wright, Freda A. (Marshall W.), b. 06-02-1907, d. 01-21-2002, d/o William & Agnes Schaefer
Wright, James, d. 08-02-1850, s/o S. L. & D. W. Wright, 21y 5m 12da old
Wright, James V. , b. 06-13-1913, d. 02-15-1962, WW II, TEC4 1493 SVC Com D unit, SS-BSM, Am. Leg, Bro-in-law/o Ernest C. Schultz
Wright, John Paul--infant, b. 11-30-1911, d. 01-05-1914, s/o Alex H. & May Wright
Wright, Leslie Allyn-Dr. (Caroline Lee Rhodes), b. 1863, d. 1930, hard to read, see obit index
Wright, Leslie (Mary Ann), b. 1818, d. 1905
Wright, Marshall W. (Freda A.), b. 03-02-1900, d. 10-09-1985, WW I
Wright, Mary Ann (Leslie), b. 1825, d. 1904
Wright, William--infant, s/o Harold Wright, buried 08-19-1953
Yarwood, Erika Ann--infant, b. 12-07-1974, d. 12-07-1974, d/o Richard & Cherry Yarwood
Yercia, Charles W. , d. 05-16-1860, s/o Benjamin & Margaret Yercia, 5wk 5da old
Yerges, Charles R. "Charlie", b. 09-04-1949, d. 04-04-2011, s/o Harold & Margaret McKay Yerges, obit
Yerges, Christian E. (Grace A. Miller), b. 06-20-1892, d. 06-03-1975, Father, see obit
Yerges, Dale G. (Rosemary), b. 02-13-1932, d. 04-08-1989, Korea, Cpl US Army
Yerges, Emil (Ida), b. 1876, d. 04-22-1936, burial date, Father
Yerges, George J. (Martha L.), b. 1869, d. 07-09-1952, Brother-in-law of Fred Liebing, burial date
Yerges, Grace A. Miller (Christian E.), b. 1900, d. 07-30-1969, Mother, see obit
Yerges, Ida (Emil), b. 1878, d. 02-10-1941, burial date, Mother
Yerges, Leona L. (Myron F.), b. 03-27-1919, d. 05-10-1996, d/o Ervin & Selma Krueger Boettcher
Yerges, Lillie, b. 1905, d. 06-18-1993, d/o Emil Yerges
Yerges, Martha L. (George J.), b. 1876, d. 02-14-1956, burial date
Yerges, Myron F. (Leona L. Boettcher), b. 06-04-1915, d. 01-21-1979, Son of Emil Yerges, see obit
Yerges, Ronald L. "Yogi" (Delores E. "Del" Lenz), b. 06-02-1945, d. 09-20-2009, US Army, (m)1969, s/o Harold & Margaret McKay Yerges, see obit
Yerges, Rosemary (Dale G.), b. 03-06-1931
Yerges, Viola M. (Walter J.), b. 02-02-1908, d. 07-06-1988, Nee Zimmerman
Yerges, Walter J. (Viola M.), b. 10-10-1904, d. 03-07-1980
Yohn, Arnold A. (Meta Ida Langfeldt), b. 04-14-1915, d. 04-20-1997, s/o George & Esther Gehrke Yohn
Yohn, Betty J. (Charles John), b. 05-07-1929, d. 06-28-1982
Yohn, Charles John (Betty J.), b. 11-04-1929, d. 07-26-1979
Yohn, Esther (George), b. 09-28-1893, d. 12-24-1976
Yohn, George (Esther Gehrke), b. 1889, d. 06-12-1959, see obit
Yohn, John (Sophia), b. 01-12-1861, d. 03-08-1933
Yohn, Lloyd O. (Fern Lienke Dynes), b. 08-18-1927, d. 10-29-2003, s/o Otto & Minnie Schoenherr Yohn
Yohn, Merlin Jr. --infant, d. 01-08-1965, s/o Merlin & Darlene Yohn
Yohn, Meta Ida (Arnold A.), b. 05-08-1914, d. 04-20-1999, d/o Frederick & Emma Prechel Langfeldt
Yohn, Minnie Schoenherr (Otto), b. 10-09-1902, d. 09-17-1975
Yohn, Otto (Minnie Schoenherr), b. 10-15-1892, d. 08-02-1975, see obit
Yohn, Sophia (John), b. 09-15-1866, d. 05-09-1918
Younger, Franklin, b. 1868, d. 1894, s/o John Younger
Younger, Henrietta (John), b. 1838, d. 1930, buried 03-12-1930
Younger, John (Henrietta), b. 1824, d. 1902
Youngs, Kevin A. , b. 03-15-1972, d. 12-18-1993, s/o Russell & Barbara Thiele Youngs, see obit
Youngs, Troy D. , b. 03-04-1977, d. 03-26-2008, from obit, s/o Russell & Barbara Thiele Youngs
Yuds, Audrey Rose (Earl F.), b. 03-18-1917, d. 11-23-1994, WW II, Sgt US Army Air Corps
Yuds, August O. Jr. (Hedwig W. Sekel), b. 1888, d. 12-14-1960, see obit
Yuds, August, Sr. , b. 01-12-1848, d. 02-25-1929
Yuds, Barbara A. (Erwin A.), b. 05-24-1946, d. 12-29-2011, (m)08-28-1965, d/o Joseph & Florence Deglow Bauer, see obit
Yuds, Beatrice A. (Loren F.), b. 10-01-1913, d. 01-19-2011, (m)02-11-1945, d/o Charles & Emma Knoll Spielman, on Gruetzmacher/Yuds stone, obit
Yuds, Carl A. , b. 08-09-1917, d. 02-16-1990, s/o William H. & Emma E. Yuds
Yuds, Clara Mae (John M. "Pat"), b. 03-25-1935, d. 10-21-2010, (m)06-07-1952, d/o Joseph Dutch & Florence Deglow bauer, see obit
Yuds, Earl F. (Audrey Rose), b. 05-26-1920, d. 10-29-1995, WW II & Korea, Msgt US Army PH, 3 Bronze Stars, s/o Otto & Henrietta Kessler Yuds
Yuds, Emma E. Luebke (William H.), b. 07-10-1890, d. 01-15-1982, see obit, Mother
Yuds, Erwin W. , b. 1914, d. 12-08-1943, WW II, Lt CO B 2nd Chem BN, s/o William H. & Emma Yuds
Yuds, Frank H. (Viola J.), b. 04-19-1897, d. 01-19-1956, WW I, Wis PVT 2 CO Discharge Det, buried 01-21-1956
Yuds, Frederick, b. 06-28-1886, d. 09-06-1921, Soldier
Yuds, Gustav/Gust (Maria W.), b. 1881, d. 1951, buried 07-27-1951
Yuds, Gustave Martin (Margaret C.), b. 04-12-1906, d. 10-19-1989
Yuds, Hedwig W. (August O. Jr.), b. 08-09-1892, d. 01-18-1971, Nee Sekel
Yuds, Henrietta A. (Otto A.), b. 1887, d. 11-08-1943, burial date
Yuds, Herman W. (Meta E. Bickel), b. 1900, d. 02-14-1981, see obit
Yuds, Infant Daughter--burial date, d. 07-13-1967, Grandd/o Earl Yuds, Earl's daughter's baby
Yuds, John M. "Pat" (Clara Mae Bauer), b. 03-17-1931, d. 06-25-1998, (m)06-07-1952, s/o G. Martin & Margaret Anderson Yuds
Yuds, Loren F. (Beatrice A.), b. 11-28-1912, d. 07-17-1987, WW II, TEC4 US Army, (m)02-11-1945, on Gruetzmacher/Yuds stone
Yuds, Margaret C. (Gustav Martin), b. 04-13-1905, d. 11-26-1999, d/o August & Jennie Knutson Anderson
Yuds, Maria W. (Gustav/Gust), b. 05-31-1883, d. 07-11-1972
Yuds, Melvin, b. 06-12-1920, d. 03-15-1945, WW II, Sgt SIG Corps 103rd Div, s/o William H. & Emma Yuds
Yuds, Meta E. (Herman W.), b. 10-04-1897, d. 08-02-1995, d/o John & Mena Liebing Bickel, see obit
Yuds, One, d. 1934, buried 06-05-1939
Yuds, Otto A. (Henrietta A.), b. 1880, d. 06-07-1943, burial date
Yuds, Paulina, b. 01-29-1885, d. 08-22-1885, d/o August Yuds
Yuds, Theresa (August), b. 09-08-1854, d. 03-27-1934
Yuds, Two, d. 1941, buried 05-22-1941
Yuds, Viola J. (Frank H.), b. 10-03-1904, d. 12-01-1977
Yuds, William H. (Emma E.), b. 1884, d. 12-13-1967, see obit, Father
Yule, Benjamin J. (Lucy), b. 12-07-1832, d. 07-06-1917
Yule, Ellen Engleke (Harvey E.), b. 1875, d. 09-26-1951, burial date
Yule, Harvey E. (Ellen Engleke), b. 1863, d. 10-14-1943, burial date
Yule, Lucy (Benjamin J.), b. 05-04-1836, d. 01-31-1912
Zahn, Arthur E. (Maurine N.), b. 1902, d. 12-16-1957, burial date, VFD
Zahn, Emma A. (William C.), b. 1880, d. 02-22-1963, d/o Fred Breckline, see obit
Zahn, Maurine N. (Arthur E.), b. 09-09-1903, d. 02-22-1975
Zahn, William C. (Emma A.), b. 1878, d. 1956, Son-in-law of Fred Breckline, buried 04-07-1956
Zander, Joshua Alan, b. 07-22-1980, d. 11-16-1981, s/o Jeffery & Cheryl Zander
Zandler, Harold E. (Hazel L.), b. 03-16-1918, d. 02-19-2007, WW II, Sgt, US Army, US Army Air Corps, s/o Adolph & Mary Pirkl Zandler, (m)06-17-1944
Zandler, Hazel L. (Harold E.), b. 12-26-1919, d. 02-24-2001, d/o Albert & Marie Berge Rattmann, (m)06-18-1944
Zandler, Joseph Donald, b. 10-08-1955, d. 09-18-1957, s/o Harold & Hazel L. Zandler
Zapotocny, Gertrude (William V.), b. 01-07-1919, d. 01-05-1993
Zapotocny, Sandra A. (Robert), b. 09-13-1952, d. 06-04-2013, (m)05-29-1976, d/o Calvin & Theresa Schneider Loomis, see obit
Zapotocny, Tom H. , b. 04-07-1961, d. 03-06-2007, s/o William & Gertrude Vis Zapotocny, obit.
Zapotocny, William V. (Gertrude), b. 03-23-1913, d. 04-08-1988, WW II, Pvt US Army
Zarse, Christoph (Sophia), b. 1808, d. 1886
Zarse, Ida, b. 02-18-1859, d. 03-01-1877, d/o Christoph Zarse
Zarse, Sophia, b. 04-28-1853, d. 10-22-1873, d/o Christoph Zarse
Zarse, Sophia (Christoph), b. 09-30-1817, d. 03-10-1874
Zastrow, Charles (Katharine), b. 09-18-1840, d. 10-21-1910
Zastrow, Katharine (Charles), b. 04-10-1843, d. 09-08-1926
Zatko, Beverly, d. 07-29-1943, burial date, infant d/o J. & E. Zatko
Zeidler, Esther E. Schultz (Herbert L.), b. 1889, d. 03-04-1965, see obit
Zeidler, Herbert L. (Esther E. Schultz), b. 1884, d. 08-15-1967, Attorney at Law, burial date
Zeidler, Herbert Paul (Rosalind M. Lange), b. 05-30-1923, d. 12-19-1978, WW II, see obit
Zeidler, Peter Paul, b. 07-22-1964, d. 03-07-1976, s/o H. Paul & Rosalind M. Zeidler
Zeidler, Rosalind M. Lange (Herbert Paul), b. 11-09-1930, pictures
Zeidler, Ruth Lynne Gruhn, b. 02-04-1922, d. 04-03-1999, d/o Frank & Amelia Gruhn
Zeier, Albert J. (Pauline Copeland), b. 02-10-1932, d. 01-13-2013, (m)05-10-1958, s/o Lawrence & Elsie Helker Zeier, see obit
Zeininger, Ella (John), b. 10-25-1854, d. 10-13-1922, d/o O. M. Dering
Zeininger, John (Ella), b. 11-20-1852, d. 07-16-1926
Zellmer, Clifford, s/o Kenneth Zellmer, buried 02-19-1947
Zellmer, Frederick H. , b. 12-09-1923, d. 01-18-2009, WW II, US Army, see obit
Zemlo, Marie L. Nehmer (#1Reuben W. Mauth, #2Howard Zemlo), b. 06-25-1918, d. 10-31-2009, (m1)1945, (m2)1970, d/o George & Anna Frank Nehmer, see obit for Marie Zemlo
Zempel, Gustav A. (Pauline), b. 04-12-1866, d. 09-03-1916
Zempel, Pauline (Gustav A.) , b. 03-13-1857, d. 07-14-1934
Zerbel, Anna (George), b. 10-28-1899, d. 01-27-1992, see obit
Zerbel, George (Anna), b. 10-21-1893, d. 07-01-1973
Zick, Henry, s/o H & T. Zick
Zillmer, Evelyn M. Kreyer (Howard Earl), b. 03-21-1925, (m)12-08-1945
Zillmer, Howard Earl (Evelyn M. Kreyer), b. 05-29-1920, d. 02-17-2005, WW II, Ssgt US Army Air Forcec, (m)12-08-1945, s/o Richard & Minnie Maas Zillmer, obit
Zillmer, James H. (Jo Ann), b. 1948, d. 11-01-2002, see obit
Zillmer, Jo Ann (James H.), b. 1950
Zillmer, Kenneth, d. 1943, Grandchild of Louis Karow, buried 06-28-1943
Zillmer, Minnie C. (Richard H.), b. 01-08-1900, d. 08-04-1984, Nee Maas
Zillmer, Richard H. (Minnie C.), b. 03-11-1895, d. 06-16-1988
Zimmerman, Ella E. (William F.), b. 05-25-1901, d. 07-08-1988
Zimmerman, Emil L. (Esther S.), b. 1906, d. 02-14-1959, burial date
Zimmerman, Esther S. (Emil L.), b. 1906, d. 04-03-1957, burial date
Zimmerman, Johanna, d. 1916, Buried 01-04-1916 on Ernst Johann Knoll lot
Zimmerman, William F. (Ella E.), b. 1899, d. 1958, buried 12-08-1958
Zucker, August, b. No marker, d. 1942, buried 01-28-1942
Zucker, Bertha, b. 1853, d. 11-28-1933, burial date, Mother
Zucker, Carl, b. 1893, d. 1936, s/o August Zucker, buried 05-02-1936
Zucker, Eda H. , b. 12-03-1889, d. 01-3-1909, d/o August Zucker
Zuehlke, Edward R. (#1Florence H. Vick, #2Jessie Steidtmann), b. 02-15-1913, d. 09-19-2003, (m1)1944, (m2)07-25-1987, s/o William & Olga Onasch Zuehlke
Zuehlke, Florence H. Vick (Edward R.), b. 04-02-1916, d. 08-21-1983, see obit
Zuehlke, Hulda, b. 01-16-1888, d. 01-30-1968, d/o Frank & Mathilda Voigt
Zuehlke, Jessie MacDonald (#1Lewis Steidtmann, #2Edward R. Zuehlke), b. 11-28-1910, d. 10-24-2012, (m1)03-03-1938, (#2)07-25-1987, d/o John W & Hattie Ehlert MacDonald, see Steidtmann
Zuehlke, Louise (Albert), b. 08-17-1866, d. 02-20-1938, d/o August Bohlmann
Zuelsdorf, Friedericke, b. 06-18-1815, d. 08-07-1898
Zumm, Emilie A. Hein (William), b. 06-07-1858, d. 02-06-1934, (m)01-15-1879, see obit
Zumm, Lydia E. , b. 1888, d. 03-03-1984, d/o William Zumm
Zumm, William (Emilie A. Hein), b. 04-25-1851, d. 10-00-1936, Frederick William Zumm, (m)01-15-1879, see obit for Frederick William Zumm
Zurbruegg, Adolf A. (Ruth M. Burkhalter), b. 08-12-1927, d. 04-09-2001, (m)12-12-1958, s/o Ernest & Elizabeth Zurbruegg
Zurbruegg, Ernest S. , d. KIA, WW II, SGT, KIA, body returned in 1948 to Columbus, is he buried here? Stone?
Zurbruegg, Ruth M. Burkhalter (Adolf A.), b. 04-10-1931, d. 09-10-1990, (m)12-12-1958

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