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Wisconsin Death Records


Hillside Cemetery
Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.347591, -89.013554

N. Lewis St.
Columbus, WI 53925

Published: September 14, 2016, updated January 23, 2020.
Total records: 14,754

Anna Mae Axness Records
Surnames M-Q

Copied from the cemetery records furnished by Gloria Moldscheck. Veterans information by Char Sauer, Nancy Wehlage & Anna Mae Axness. Edited and typed by Anna Mae Axness 2005. Some Veteran information from Betty Cook's files.

Maack, Caroline (Fred)
, b. 07-19-1839, d. 04-24-1883
Maack, Franz J. W. , b. 1866, d. 1868, s/o Joachim Maack
Maack, Joachim, b. 1831, d. 11-01-1904, see obit
Maack, Maria (Joachim), b. 1836, d. 1880
Maack, Mary E. , b. 1863, d. 1924, d/o Joachim Maack, buried 11-08-1924
Maack, Minnie E. , b. 1865, d. 1943, d/o Joachim Maack, buried 11-13-1943
Maack, Wilhelm H. , b. 1869, d. 1869, s/o Joachim Maack
Maas, Herman, b. 03-04-1855, d. 05-15-1908, Father
Maasz, Albert (Emilie), b. 08-11-1862, d. 11-01-1923
Maasz, Emilie (Albert), b. 05-06-1869, d. 12-21-1963
Madaus, Clara J. Helwig (Otto E.), b. 1907, d. 1998, (m)09-19-1928
Madaus, Herbert A. (Marie H.), b. 1898, d. 06-28-1965, Son-in-law of Adolph Salzwedel
Madaus, Marie H. (Herbert A.), b. 1901, d. 11-12-1966, d/o Adolph Salzwedel, see obit
Madaus, Otto E. (Clara J. Helwig), b. 06-10-1902, d. 12-29-1993, (m)09-19-1928, s/o Henry J. & Regina Hemling Madaus, see obit
Madaus, Regina (H.), b. 01-31-1860, d. 07-12-1922
Maechtle, Alice Ida (Frederick Karl), b. 1868, d. 1945, buried 03-02-1945
Maechtle, Frederick Karl (Alice Ida), b. 1878, d. 1927?, Death or burial date may be in errror, buried 10-30-1940
Magner, Louis, b. 1850, d. 11-19-1886, Age 36 years
Maier, Lawrence (Verna A. Meyer), b. 01-14-1925, d. 05-14-1997, s/o Maximilian & Regina Rake Maier
Maier, Verna A. Meyer (Lawrence), b. 07-05-1923
Maile, Augusta (A.), b. 1848, d. 1873, Burial on A. Maile lot
Maile, Karoline, b. 1872, d. 1873, d/o A. Maile
Main, Earl James, b. 12-12-1898, d. 03-20-1909, s/o Emory W. & Hattie Main
Main, Emory/Emery Bruce, b. 08-23-1907, d. 06-26-1992, cremains buried on top of father
Main, Emory/Emery W. , b. 10-14-1867, d. 12-17-1913
Main, Hattie (Emery W.), b. 06-25-1871, d. 05-17-1900
Maldon, Mary---buried 10-21-1921, b. 1831, d. 1921, Mother-in-law of William Pringel
Mallo, D. (Mary A.), d. 10-30-1864, Age 65 years
Mallo, Marcus A. , d. 02-04-1860, s/o D. Mallo, 22yr 4mo 2da old
Mallo, Mary A. (D.), d. 01-05-1862, 57yr 9mo 18 da old
Mallon, Ashley Caroline, b. 12-12-1986, d. 02-24-1994, d/o Scott & Sue Mallon, grd/o John & Marlene Mallon
Mallon, John"Jack" (Marlene Warmke), b. 07-08-1935, d. 02-16-2012, (m)01-12-1957, s/o John & Fern Summerfield Mallon, see obit
Mallon, Marlene J. (John"Jack"), b. 02-19-1938, d. 04-26-2011, (m)01-12-1957, d/o Urban & Alma Seier Warmke, see obit
Maloney, James S. Sr. (Olga C.), b. 1896, d. 05-14-1960, burial date, see obit
Maloney, Leona T. (Roy E.), b. 11-26-1925, d. 11-03-2004, d/o Homer & Rose Bott Conroy
Maloney, Olga C. (James S.), b. 1900, d. 03-13-1981
Maloney, Roy E. (Leona Conroy), b. 01-04-1925, d. 12-22-1982, WW II, see obit
Manke, James R. (Rachel H Voigt), b. 06-06-1924
Manke, Mary E. , b. 07-18-1959, d. 08-21-2003, d/o James & Rachel Voight Manke
Manke, Rachel H. Voigt (James R.), b. 05-18-1925, d. 03-09-2007
Manley, Ella--buried 03-25-1919, b. 1879, d. 1918, d/o Charles Hannaman. 1918 on marker. 1919 on cemetery records
Mann, Charlie, d. 12-16-2006, Metal marker in 2007
Mann, Darrell L. , b. 03-26-1961, d. 03-26-1996, s/o Irvin & Viola Teidt Mann
Mann, Ervin F. (Viola Tiedt), b. 01-29-1923, d. 09-17-2000, (m)06-28-1952, s/o Frank & Esther Heiden Mann, cremains, see obit
Mann, Esther, b. 01-06-1904, d. 10-10-1988, Mother, next to Genevieve Mann
Mann, Frank, b. 1882, d. 1959, Father of Mrs. Margaret Salzwedel (Owner of lot), buried 04-27-1959
Mann, Genevieve, b. 06-27-1931, d. 05-30-1944, d/o Esther Mann
Mann, Herbert F. , b. 01-14-1925, d. 12-22-1965, WW II, �Wis Pfc Army Air Forces, s/o Frank Mann; Brother of Margaret Salzwedel (Owner of lot)
Mann, Roger A. , b. 1928, d. 1987, WW II, Korea, Pfc US Army, S2 US Navy
Mann, Viola Tiedt (Ervin F.), b. 12-22-1929, d. 04-29-2010
Manning, John T. , d. 03-13-1874, Age 58 years
Manning, Joseph, d. 03-19-1887, s/o John T. Manning. � Age 34 years
Manning, Joseph S. , b. 04-25-1819, d. 06-04-1901
Manning, Madge, b. 06-12-1876, d. 07-02-1919
Manning, Mary, d. 1914, buried 02-13-1914
Manning, Mary Ann (John T.), b. 04-15-1813, d. 11-20-1891
Manning, Mary C. (Joseph S.), b. 07-13-1828, d. 02-10-1914
Manning, Nellie (Steve), b. 02-10-1850, d. 03-27-1923
Manning, Sarah (Dr.), d. 01-21-1862, 82yr old
Manning, Stephen, b. 07-07-1848, d. 06-25-1904
Marks, Albert (1st h/o Louise Miller), b. 1882, d. 05-26-1915, burial date
Marks, Alma , d. 1915, infant d/o Albert Marks, buried 01-13-1916
Marks, David H. (Joan D.), b. 06-16-1942, d. 11-13-1994, (m)06-24-1967
Marks, Eliza---buried 11-30-1912, d. 1912, Mother-in-law of Carl Toense
Marks, James R. , b. 07-21-1954, d. 08-17-1998, s/o William & Sophia Walensa Marks
Marks, Joan D. (David H.), b. 12-09-1943, (m)06-24-1967
Marks, Marlene P. (William G.), b. 06-25-1936
Marks, Robert W. "Bobby", b. 09-14-1955, d. 07-26-1961, s/o William C. Marks, Jr.
Marks, Russell M. (Ruth E.), b. 04-21-1936, d. 12-11-2002
Marks, Ruth E. (Russell M.), b. 09-03-1937
Marks, Sheila R. Rohn, b. 01-05-1956, d. 09-03-1989, Mother
Marks, Sophie A. Welensa (William C. Sr.), b. 1913, d. 01-04-1965, Mother of Russell Marks, burial date, see obit
Marks, Thomas W. -single, b. 12-11-1960, d. 05-06-1995, s/o Russell & Ruth Marks
Marks, William C. Sr. (Sophie A.), b. 05-08-1911, d. 06-16-1985, Father of Russell Marks
Marks, William G. (Marlene P.), b. 01-27-1935
Marquardt, Adolph M. (Mary Drolshagen), b. 03-30-1904, d. 12-16-1995, s/o John & Emma Juhnke Maquardt
Marquardt, Mary Drolshagen (Adolph M.), b. 07-08-1904, d. 12-09-1996
Marquette, Dallas L. , b. 1905, d. 04-30-1955, burial date, s/o Louis & Laura Marquette
Marquette, Floyd E. , b. 06-20-1907, d. 12-16-1973, WW II, Wis Pfc US Army, s/o Louis & Laura Marquette
Marquette, Laura E. (Louis Edward), b. 09-03-1881, d. 01-26-1974
Marquette, Louis Edward (Laura E.), b. 1880, d. 1954, buried 05-14-1954
Marshall, Anginette (Arthur J.), d/o John Robertson, ashes buried 10-31-1955
Marshall, Arietta, d. 01-20-1857, d/o J. & S. M. Marshall, 2yr 4mo old, on stone with Mary E Eckert
Marshall, Arthur J. (Anginette), Ashes buried 10-01-1956
Marshall, David Allen, b. 05-25-1954, d. 04-29-1972, s/o Jesse & Evelyn Marshall
Marshall, Dean J. , b. 09-19-1956, d. 04-23-2006, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Marshall, Evelyn F. Worncke (Jesse A.), b. 11-20-1922, d. 03-22-1983, see obit
Marshall, Infant, c/o Jesse Marshall, buried 12-12-1952
Marshall, Jesse A. (Evelyn F. Worncke), b. 05-30-1918, d. 02-11-1977, WW II, TEC5 US Army, see obit
Marshall, Marie W. , b. 05-09-1923, d. 08-08-1995
Martens, Adeline/Adaline J. Sydow (Fred C. Jr.), b. 1878, d. 04-23-1960, burial date, see obit
Martens, Albert C. (Olive M. Kitzerow), b. 10-06-1892, d. 05-23-1971, on stone with Wynne & Alice McFarlane, obit
Martens, Alberta E. , b. 10-18-1917, d. 06-01-1992, d/o Karl W. Martens, cremains
Martens, Albertina (widow of Julius Giese), b. 10-07-1861, d. 07-07-1945
Martens, Alvina H. Wolfgram (Otto F.), b. 02-01-1891, d. 02-14-1990, see obit, mother
Martens, Doris G. (Wilbert F.), b. 06-18-1925
Martens, Estella A. , d. 05-10-1914, d/o Karl W. Martens, burial date
Martens, Fred C. Jr. (Adaline J.), b. 1877, d. 1940, buried 08-24-1940
Martens, Fredericke (Frederick/Fred Sr.), b. 12-12-1851, d. 03-16-1910
Martens, Friederich/Fred Sr. (Fredericke), b. 02-18-1853, d. 09-27-1925
Martens, Karl Jr. , d. 1926, s/o Karl W. Martens, buried 04-19-1926
Martens, Karl W. (Mina A.), b. 1884, d. 03-04-1942, burial date
Martens, Kenneth L. "Marty", b. 08-29-1949, d. 12-08-2006, 57yr old, s/o Wilbert & Doris Martens, see obit
Martens, Mina A. (Karl W.), b. 1889, d. 05-28-1961, see obit
Martens, Olive M. Kitzerow (Albert C.), b. 04-03-1897, d. 09-15-1979, on stone with Wynne & Alice McFarlane, obit
Martens, Otto F. (Alvina), b. 1888, d. 12-08-1947, burial date, Father
Martens, Richard F. , d. 1920, s/o Frederich Martens, buried 04-29-1920
Martens, Wilbert F. (Doris Lienke), b. 12-12-1916, d. 02-03-1971, s/o Otto & Alvina Martens, see obit
Martin, Edward F. (Helen Blanchard), b. 1901, d. 02-07-1976, Son-in-law of John Blanchard, see obit
Martin, Helen Blanchard (Edward F.), b. 10-23-1910, d. 08-13-1998, cremains
Martin, Kenneth H. "Chub" (#1Juanita Booth, #2Rosemarie LaTremouille Lucafo), b. 08-03-1938, d. 06-02-2008, (m1)11-29-1958, (m2)03-29-1983, s/o William & Doris Fulmer Martin, see obit
Marx, Louise (Orville/Earl), d. 1963, buried 05-01-1963
Marx, May Louise Howe (Orville/Earl), d. 04-28-1963, see obit
Marx, Orville/Earl (May Louise Howe), d. 11-21-1966, burial date
Masche, Clarence E. (Hildegard L. Wahlkrueger), b. 11-24-1926, d. 08-05-1984, Korean War, US Army, see obit
Masche, Edward C. (Vitalis I.), b. 03-20-1920, d. 05-22-1990, WW II, Pvt US Army
Masche, Hildegard (#1Willmer Krueger, #2Clarence Masche), b. 08-22-1920, d. 09-08-2007, (m2)09-03-1966, d/o Edward & Helen Tietz Wahl, see obit
Masche, Ralph E. (companion Marie English), b. 05-03-1940, d. 10-18-2008, on stone with Marie D. English, s/o Herbert George & Mary Ellen Waters Masche, see obit
Masche, Steven A. , b. 01-16-1959, d. 10-14-1996, s/o Edward & Vitalis Sturm Masche
Masche, Vitalis I. (Edward C.), b. 07-12-1924, d. 01-18-1999, d/o Charles & Meta Schultz Sturm
Mason, Fanny (Howard L.), b. 10-04-1887, d. 03-31-1974, Eastern Star
Mason, Howard L. (Fanny Miller), b. 03-30-1886, d. 06-22-1966, see obit, Mason
Mathe, James Lee, b. 08-26-1953, d. 08-26-1953, Grands/o Clarence A. Roberts
Mather, Cora S. Graf (Swain H.), b. 1889, d. 04-05-1964, see obit
Mather, Myron S (Eileen Kelp), b. 10-12-1916, d. 10-08-1997, s/o Swain & Cora Graff Mather
Mather, Swain H. (Cora S. Graf), b. 05-27-1889, d. 07-14-1970
Mathews, Horace S. , b. 09-21-1830, d. 02-11-1850, s/o J. & M. Mathews
Mathews, Joseph (Mary), b. 09-14-1792, d. 06-14-1842
Mathews, Mary S. , b. 11-26-1823, d. 10-01-1898
Mathews, Mary (Joseph), b. 06-16-1793, d. 01-03-1879
Mathews, William, b. 11-15-1818, d. 07-01-1897
Matthe, Emma (Rudolph/Rudolf), b. 1890, d. 1940, buried 01-06-1940, Mother
Matthe, Rudolph/Rudolf (Emma), b. 1890, d. 1961, buried 06-23-1961, Father
Mauth, Clarence W. , b. 1895, d. 11-08-1969, s/o Henry & Eliza Mauth, see obit
Mauth, Eliza (Henry), b. 1861, d. 01-09-1935, burial date, Mother
Mauth, Harvey W. (#1Sylvia J. Kusrow, #2Ruth D. Hackman), b. 12-02-1916, d. 08-26-2011, (m#2)1993, s/o John F. & Ottilie Holsten Mauth, see obit
Mauth, Henry (Eliza), b. 1853, d. 07-13-1925, burial date, Father
Mauth, Jeane/Jane D. (Dr. Leslie J.), b. 02-21-1905, d. 10-24-1984, Dtr-in-law of John F. Mauth, see obit
Mauth, John F. (Ottilie A. Holsten), b. 11-19-1882, d. 05-26-1973, see obit
Mauth, John (Mary), d. 12-21-1892, 69 years, 2 months, 6 days old
Mauth, Leslie J. -Dr. (Jeane/Jane D.), b. 09-22-1914, d. 08-12-1995, WW II
Mauth, Louisa (2nd w/o William C.), b. 05-24-1857, d. 11-09-1929
Mauth, Marie L. (#1Reuben W. Mauth, #2Howard Zemlo), b. 06-25-1918, d. 10-31-2009, (m1)1945, (m2)1970, d/o George & Anna Frank Nehmer, see obit for Marie Zemlo
Mauth, Mary (John), d. 01-08-1894, 70yr 1mo 21da old
Mauth, Ottilie A. Holsten (John F.), b. 09-09-1884, d. 03-24-1969, see obit & death cert.
Mauth, Reuben W. "Duke" (Marie L. Nehmer), b. 01-28-1912, d. 06-20-1968, WW II, Wis 1st Sgt 211 Base Unit AAF, (m)1945, see obit
Mauth, Sophia (1st w/o William C.), b. 1860, d. 03-20-1899, 39yr 1mo 24da old
Mauth, Sylvia J. (1st w/o Harvey W.), b. 08-10-1912, d. 08-04-1989, Nee Kusrow
Mauth, William C. (#1Sophia, #2Louisa), b. 09-28-1855, d. 04-15-1922
Maxwell, Camilla-Miss, b. 1891, d. 03-06-1923, d/o T. S. & Nora Maxwell, d. Iowa, see obit
Maxwell, Eleanora/Nora Ingalsbe (Thomas), b. 1863, d. 11-11-1943, burial date
Maxwell, Grace Mary Margaret Knoll, b. 1888, d. 1929, buried 12-29-1929
Maxwell, Thomas Stuart (Eleanora Ingalsbee), b. 1861, d. 06-14-1923, see obit
May, Edwin F. (Wilma T.), b. 04-28-1904, d. 05-11-2001, cremains
May, Wilma T. (Edwin F.), b. 09-01-1907, d. 01-12-1993, cremains, sister of Josephine Colburn
Mayberry, Shawn A. , b. 08-24-1973, d. 08-19-1999, on stone with Donald D. Lueptow, Father
McBurnie, Cora A. , b. 1870, d. 1948, buried 07-06-1948
McBurnie, Edwin, b. 1871, d. 1950, buried 11-27-1950
McBurnie, Emma E. , b. 1880, d. 1963, buried 08-17-1963
McBurnie, Jeanette (Ruben), b. 04-28-1881, d. 08-12-1970, d/o Robert Bell
McBurnie, Mary Rea, b. 04-15-1840, d. 02-19-1933, Burial on Tom McBurnie lot
McBurnie, Ruben (Jeanette), b. 1878, d. 1953, Son-in-law of Robert Bell, buried 12-23-1953, stone dates are 1878-1952
McBurnie, Sarah (William), b. 08-22-1848, d. 12-18-1933
McBurnie, Thomas"Tom", b. 08-31-1845, d. 02-16-1919
McBurnie, William, b. 11-28-1841, d. 07-03-1913
McCabe, Frances H. (Roy A.), b. 01-12-1902, d. 03-14-1985
McCabe, Roy A. (Frances H.), b. 10-05-1902, d. 01-22-1971
McCafferty, Edward C. , d. 1851, s/o H. W. & J. G. McCafferty, 2+yr old
McCafferty, H. W. , b. 1821, d. 1914, buried 07-17-1914
McCafferty, St. John Imogene G. (H. W.), b. 1828, d. 1921, buried 09-30-1921
McCaffery, Francis (Mildred), b. 06-25-1923, d. 04-22-2007
McCaffery, John Carl, b. 08-26-1980, d. 08-26-1980, Stillborn s/o Dale McCaffery
McCaffery, Mildred (Francis), b. 06-02-1926, d. 04-02-2004
McCall, Turner, b. 1802, d. 1882, Father-in-law of G. W. Shepard
McCauley, Brenda J. (Howard R.), b. 02-21-1952, pictures
McCauley, Clinton H. (#1Mildred Neumann, #2Beulah Cillery), b. 01-04-1913, d. 11-18-1978, Son-in-law of Henry Kettelhohn/Kettelhon, see obit
McCauley, Howard R. (Brenda J.), b. 07-18-1949, pictures, Pee Wee
McCauley, Mildred M. (1st w/o Clinton), b. 1917, d. 02-25-1968, d/o Henry Kettelhohn/Kettelhon, obit says Mildred Neumann McCauley
McClarty, Malcomb, d. 07-20-1868, Age 68 years, 14 days
McClarty, Samuel, d. 11-20-1884, Capt, GAR, Minn Inf, lot #36 div II
McCollom, Ruth--Mrs. , b. 1797, d. 10-04-1882, 85y 1m old, � burial on M. D, Comstock lot
McConnell, Adam, b. 1823, d. 1896
McConnell, Adeline (Nevan), b. 1836, d. 1924, buried 05-05-1924
McConnell, Agnes (James), b. 1798, d. 09-11-1869, 71yr old
McConnell, Andrew (Isabella), b. 1816, d. 1892
McConnell, Anna, b. 06-01-1846, d. 05-09-1877, d/o Samuel McConnell
McConnell, Charles E. (Coie), b. 1856, d. 1931, son-in-law of Dr. R. W. Earll, buried 8-21-1931
McConnell, Child, c/o Adam McConnell
McConnell, Coie (Charles E.), b. 1854, d. 1932, d/o R. W. Earll, buried 08-13-1932
McConnell, Eliza Jane, d. 08-29-1852, d/o John McConnell, 18yr 5mo 20da old
McConnell, Frankie, b. 1872, d. 1887, d/o Nevan McConnell
McConnell, Isabella (Andrew), b. 1810, d. 1895
McConnell, James, b. 1823, d. 05-01-1900, GAR, �buried on Adam McConnell lot
McConnell, James, b. 1781, d. 01-14-1860, Age 79 years, 6 months
McConnell, Jane, b. 04-08-1845, d. 09-03-1924
McConnell, Jessie, b. 07-31-1862, d. 08-07-1890, d/o Samuel McConnell
McConnell, John (Roseannah), b. No marker,
McConnell, Josephine, b. 1874, d. 1934, buried 07-22-1934
McConnell, Martha, b. 10-28-1847, d. 11-21-1891, d/o Samuel McConnell
McConnell, Nevan, b. 1833, d. 1912, buried 02-13-1912
McConnell, Roseannah (John), b. No marker,
McConnell, Sam Jr. , b. 12-31-1856, d. 03-14-1914, s/o Samuel McConnell
McConnell, Samuel , b. 01-01-1814, d. 04-14-1865
McCracken, Fredrick, b. 1848, d. 1853, s/o William McCracken, 5yr 2mo 11da old
McCracken, Mary, b. 1853, d. 1857, d/o William & V. E. McCracken
McCracken, William, b. 1850, d. 03-11-1853, s/o William McCracken.
McCredie, John, b. 1839, d. 1922, buried 11-29-1922
McCumber, Marlin"Mac", b. 12-07-1930, d. 07-07-1989, Korea, Cpl US Army, cremains buried 10-07-1989, father of Laura Yelk
McDonald, Evalyn, b. 06-07-1905, d. 06-23-1905, d/o F. W. McDonald
McFarlane, Alice Helen (Wynne), b. 03-28-1902, d. 11-06-1997, on stone with Albert & Olive Martens
McFarlane, Andrew J. (Isabel Sanderson), b. 06-24-1865, d. 11-14-1944, Father
McFarlane, Gerald A. , b. 1940, d. 1942, s/o Wynne & Alice McFarlane, removed from another cemetery and buried here 04-30-1958
McFarlane, Infant and David, b. 1920, d. 10-19-1920, Infants of Andrew J. McFarlane
McFarlane, Isabel Sanderson (Andrew J.), b. 03-04-1873, d. 07-19-1920, Mother, see death certificate
McFarlane, Mary T. , b. 03-04-1901, d. 08-17-1991, Burial on Frank Lobeck lot
McFarlane, Robert G. (Ruthe E. Lange), b. 07-11-1922, d. 05-06-2003, WW II, US Marine Corp, (m)07-26-1947, New York Giants, see obit
McFarlane, Ruth E. Lange (Robert G.), b. 02-08-1926, d. 05-07-2013, (m)07-26-1947, d/o Emil & Louise Miller Lange
McFarlane, Wynne/Wayne (Alice Kitzerow), b. 1904, d. 05-14-1960, see obit, on stone with Albert Martens
McGilvra, Bruce A. , b. 01-07-1957, d. 10-23-2003, US Navy
McGuire, J. Miller, d. 01-19-1865, GAR, Age 39 years, Mason
McGuire, Jane (John), d. 06-26-1867, 67yr old
McIntyre, George, d. 1903, Burial on Peter McIntyre lot
McIntyre, Peter, d. 01-09-1873, Age 60 years.
McIntyre, Peter--Mrs. , b. 1813, d. 1873
McNulty, Elizabeth D. Jones (George), b. 07-02-1886, d. 11-20-1971, d/o Robert E. & Ann Jones, on stone with Jennie & Mary H. Jones
McQuinn, Dorothy L. (Leonard A.), b. 1914, d. 2004, Nee Boelte
McQuinn, Leonard A. (Dorothy L.), b. 06-24-1913, d. 06-06-2005
Mead, Mary Smith, b. 1820, d. 1870, on stone with Fannie M Silsbee
Meier, Caroline, b. 1821, d. 01-05-1880, Age 59 years, 1 month, 15 days
Meier, Henry, b. 1815, d. 11-07-1867
Meier, Sandra L. McKay, b. 05-06-1950, d. 03-22-2006
Merriam, Elaine (Daniel B.), b. 04-18-1928, d. 05-30-1996, d/o DeForest & Ruth Sutton Doland
Merriam, Helen E. (Jesse Isaac), b. 03-03-1874, d. 10-02-1958
Merriam, Isaac, b. 12-04-1811, d. 09-06-1880
Merriam, Jesse Isaac (Helen E.), b. 08-29-1853, d. 12-07-1939
Merriam, Lucinda S. (Isaac), b. 05-16-1822, d. 04-28-1914
Merriam, Mary Helen, b. 08-08-1851, d. 02-22-1922, d/o Isaac & Lucinda Marriam
Merriam, Phillip G. , b. 06-20-1903, d. 07-16-1908, s/o Jesse & Helen Merriam
Merriam, Stanley, b. 07-03-1899, d. 10-30-1906, s/o Jesse & Helen Merriam. � Buried on Isaac Merriam lot
Meseberg, Harland W. "Boots" (Nancy L. Roraff), b. 12-14-1937, d. 12-25-2001, Korea, EN3 US Navy, s/o Clarence & Anna Suhr Meseberg
Meseberg, Nancy L. (Harland W. "Boots"), b. 06-25-1940, d. 01-24-2003
Meseberg, Theodore C. "Ted", b. 04-28-1963, d. 11-15-1984, s/o Harland Meseberg
Meservy, Allie/Arlie A. (Beulah), b. 06-04-1893, d. 10-25-1964, WW I, Wis S2 USNRF
Meservy, Beulah (Allie), b. 09-13-1906, d. 04-25-1995, d/o Fred & Gertrude Marshall
Meservy, Gerald/Jerald Jon, b. 1956, d. 12-19-1956, s/o Donald Meservy, burial date, metal marker
Mesow/Messow, Fred, b. No Marker, Burial on Fred Messow lot
Mesow/Messow, Fred--Mrs. , b. No Marker, Burial on Fred Messow lot
Mesow/Messow, Ida, b. 1855, d. 1880, Burial on Fred Messow lot
Messner, Infant, c/o Carl Messner, buried 05-05-1961
Mestre, Marie Chadbourn, b. 10-25-1877, d. 03-08-1943, Burial on S. W. Chadbourn lot
Meuer, John F. (2nd h/o Judy A. Boyd Hansen), b. 09-24-1924, d. 10-23-1995, (m)03-17-1987, s/o Steve & Sarah Wall Meuer
Meuer, Judith"Judy" A. (#1Fred Hansen, #2John F. Meuer), b. 02-11-1941, d. 04-24-2015, (m1)01-08-1961, (m2)03-17-1987, d/o George & Juanita Meyer Boyd, see obit
Meyer, Louisa, d. 1872, d/o H. & C. Meyer
Meyer, Martin ---buried 04-19-1912, d. 1912, No marker as of 10-10-1984
Meyer, Martin--Mrs. , buried 02-01-1921, d. 1921, No marker as of 10-10-1984
Meyers, Alice G. (Leslie H.), b. 10-02-1905, d. 02-23-2014, (m)07-06-1928, d/o Jacob & Jessie Stinchfield Ryder, see obit
Meyers, Ardis V. Ryder , b. 1903, d. 09-19-1959, Sister-in-law of Leslie H. Meyer, see obit
Meyers, Leslie H. (Alice G.), b. 06-23-1904, d. 02-25-1980, (m)07-06-1928
Meyers, Margaret (William), b. 02-24-1813, d. 04-06-1887
Meyers, William, b. 02-21-1823, d. 04-18-1896
Michaelis, Louise (Ernest M.)-see Louise Purskey, b. 05-16-1905, d. 07-26-1979, 1st husband is Purskey, 2nd is Michaelis. Name is recorded as Peggy Volbrecht Purskey, see obit for Louise Michaelis
Mietzel, Brandon C. (Jennifer), b. 01-05-1973, d. 02-18-2008, s/o Dennis & Sandra J. Mietzel, see obit
Mietzel, Dennis Oliver (Sandra J. Hughes), b. 08-08-1940, d. 03-28-2007, Vietnam, Capt US Marine Corps, (m)06-16-1962, s/o Pearl & Clarence Mietzel, see obit
Mietzel, Sandra J. "Sandy" (Dennis Oliver), b. 09-09-1941, d. 09-27-2000, (m)06-16-1962, d/o William & Agnes Hughes Hughes, see obit
Miller, Albert E. , b. 05-12-1888, d. 07-04-1908, s/o Frederick C. Miller
Miller, Anna, b. 06-13-1875, d. 10-26-1893, d/o Christ Miller
Miller, Anna M. , b. 09-07-1885, d. 03-09-1902, d/o Frederick C. Miller
Miller, Anna M. (Frank H.), b. 1861, d. 1948, buried 06-17-1948, Mother
Miller, August F. (Lydia A.), b. 1883, d. 11-26-1966, see obit
Miller, Bertha A. , b. 07-29-1873, d. 08-18-1873, d/o M. & C. Heim. � Burial on J. C. Miller lot
Miller, Bertha"Helen", b. 06-13-1884, d. 11-03-1913, d/o T. & W. Miller
Miller, Bonnie (Richard), b. 09-18-1947, (m)05-25-1968
Miller, Byrdice I. , b. 09-03-1916, d. 12-07-1916, on stone with Lillian & Fred J. Miller
Miller, Carl Edwin, b. 08-12-1898, d. 09-11-1979, Brother of August Miller & Erna E Miller
Miller, Charles Fredrick, b. 1862, d. 07-15-1939, see obit
Miller, Christ, b. 1830, d. 1911
Miller, Clara--infant, b. 05-09-1918, d. 10-13-1918, d/o Emil Miller
Miller, Clarence A. (Venus H.), b. 08-30-1881, d. 01-01-1976
Miller, Cora Huntington (Emil), b. 1890, d. 10-21-1963, see obit
Miller, Dianne J. (Allen F.), b. 07-31-1948, d. 10-18-2011, obit, d/o Oliver J. Patsy & Patricia J. Blawusch Mallon
Miller, Dora, b. 1850, d. 1931, Burial 09-05-1931 on Christ Miller lot
Miller, Doris E. (John H.), b. 07-24-1915, d. 12-31-1994, d/o Frank & Florence Harding Goodwin
Miller, Doris J. Brokopp (Eugene W.), b. 11-06-1922, d. 07-17-2015, (m)12-09-1945, d/o Fredrick W. & Meta Bohlman Brokopp, see obit
Miller, E. Lillian, b. 1891, d. 1967, d/o William F. Steinbach, buried 05-06-1967
Miller, Elizabeth (Paul), b. 1805, d. 11-20-1869, 64yr old
Miller, Emil A. (Cora Huntington), b. 1884, d. 11-02-1965, see obit
Miller, Emma B. , b. 12-19-1891, d. 05-05-1917, d/o Frederick C. Miller
Miller, Erna E. , b. 03-01-1897, d. 03-31-1994, sister of August Miller & Carl E. Miller
Miller, Eugene W. (Doris J. Brokopp), b. 02-27-1920, d. 11-03-1980, WW II, Sgt US Army, (m)12-09-1945
Miller, Frank H. (Anna M.), b. 1857, d. 1940, buried 05-02-1940, Father
Miller, Fred J. (Lillian Hein), b. 10-23-1888, d. 12-31-1975, see obit
Miller, Frederic Frank, b. 11-12-1930, d. 08-21-1995, Korea, US Army, s/o Fred J. & Lillian Hein Miller, bro to Mildred & Wesley Miller
Miller, Frederick C. , b. 1860, d. 1943, buried 08-07-1943
Miller, Hannah (Paul), b. 1828, d. 02-16-1878, 50yr old
Miller, Helen (William), b. 01-12-1840, d. 08-27-1908
Miller, Herbert A. , b. 07-25-1914, d. 12-26-1976, s/o August & Lydia Miller
Miller, J. C. , b. 02-11-1820, d. 07-29-1898
Miller, Jay W. -Dr. (Lillian Steinbeck), b. 1893, d. 04-11-1975, Son-in-law of William Steinbach, see obit
Miller, John H. (Doris E. Goodwin), b. 1910, d. 02-03-1967, see obit
Miller, Katharine (J. C.), b. 08-01-1830, d. 01-13-1905
Miller, Leo Meredyk, buried 03-25-1943
Miller, Leona C. (Lyman H.), b. 10-26-1898, d. 07-11-1970
Miller, Lester L. , b. 11-14-1923, d. 01-22-1996, s/o August & Lydia Ebert Miller
Miller, Lillian Hein (Fred J.), b. 01-15-1887, d. 12-28-1971, see obit
Miller, Lillian M. , b. 05-03-1901, d. 02-18-1952, d/o Frederick C. Miller
Miller, Lydia A. Ebert (August), b. 02-16-1882, d. 07-27-1972, see obit
Miller, Lyman H. (Leona C.), b. 08-02-1895, d. 03-03-1970
Miller, Margaret R. (Roy J.), b. 02-19-1902, d. 08-21-1992
Miller, Margery C. Mitchell (Wesley F.), b. 03-21-1921, d. 01-18-2008, wife, dates from ssdi
Miller, Marilyn Rae, b. 04-22-1942, d. 06-20-1959, d/o John H. Miller, twin of Richard Arthur
Miller, Martha F. (Charles F.), b. 1874, d. 1918, buried 02-09-1918
Miller, Mary, b. 08-21-1877, d. 01-23-1894, d/o Christ Miller
Miller, Michelle Lynn, b. 10-30-1972, d. 01-11-1973, d/o Allen & Dianna Miller;� Grandd/o Eugene Miller
Miller, Mildred E. , b. 04-17-1918, d. 01-05-2006, d/o Frederic & Lillian Hein Miller, d. date on stone is wrong, see ssdi, sister to Frederic & Wesley Miller, see obit
Miller, Minnie Kujath (Frederick C.), b. 1862, d. 1932, buried 03-21-1962
Miller, Orville James, b. 1931, d. 08-06-1949, s/o Lyman & Leona Miller, see obit
Miller, Paul, b. 01-14-1809, d. 02-22-1890
Miller, Richard Arthur , d. 04-22-1942, s/o John H. Miller, �Grds/o Clarence Miller, twin of Marilyn Rae Miller
Miller, Richard (Bonnie), b. 05-05-1941, (m)05-25-1968
Miller, Roy J. (Margaret R.), b. 02-29-1896, d. 06-11-1977, WW I
Miller, Shirley Marie, b. 03-26-1946, d. 03-27-1946, d/o Russell W. Miller
Miller, Theodore, b. 07-26-1849, d. 04-19-1915
Miller, Venus H. (Clarence A.), b. 09-28-1888, d. 11-14-1973
Miller, Victor A. , b. 12-03-1919, d. 12-08-1970, WW II, Wis Pfc CO E 128 Infantry, s/o Lyman & Leona Miller
Miller, Wesley F. (Margery C. Mitchell), b. 01-20-1920, d. 03-27-2009, s/o Frederic & Lillian Hein Miller, Brother of Frederic & Mildred Miller, see obit
Miller, Wilhelmina , d. 1913, buried 01-28-1913
Miller, Wilhelmina"Minnie" (Theodore), b. 12-21-1854, d. 02-18-1941
Miller, William, b. No marker,
Miller, William (Helen), b. 1834, d. 12-13-1908, burial date
Mirow, Eliza, b. 12-11-1887, d. 08-21-1897, d/o Wm. & M. Mirrow
Mirow, Marie (William), b. 03-06-1856, d. 09-07-1921, d/o John Prien
Mirow, William (Marie), b. 04-30-1856, d. 10-03-1889
Misner, Carrie, d. 1863, d/o M. B. Misner
Mittelstadt, Infant, d. 1917, c/o G. Mittelstadt, buried 03-28-1917
Mlnarik, Amelia (Edwin P.), b. 10-31-1896, d. 01-31-1986, Nee Kuntz-from obituary
Mlnarik, Edwin P. (Amelia), b. 04-06-1899, d. 02-21-1972
Moery, Mary, b. 1803, d. 03-13-1880, Mother of Mrs. M. D. Comstock, 77yr 3mo
Mohring, Caroline (Michael), b. 03-21-1823, d. 05-02-1885
Mohring, Christian, d. 07-12-1861, s/o Michael Mohring, 1yr 4mo old
Mohring, Michael, b. 1823, d. 1910, buried 07-03-1910
Mohring, Rosina, b. 1836, d. 1926, Mother-in-law of John Moll;� Mother of Albertina Moll, buried 05-17-1926
Mohring, Willie, b. 07-03-1866, d. 10-19-1872, s/o Michael Mohring
Moldscheck, Anna (William), b. 04-21-1871, d. 03-28-1938
Moldscheck, Inez L. (Walter O.), b. 05-05-1906, d. 04-03-1990, Nee Bredeson
Moldscheck, Walter O. (Inez L.), b. 01-21-1900, d. 11-10-1972
Moldscheck, Wayne W. (Gloria Sandorn), b. 01-20-1934, d. 04-19-1983, see obit
Moldscheck, William (Anna), b. 01-11-1870, d. 05-31-1937
Moles, Catherine A. (#1Ervan Adler, #2LaVern Moles), b. 01-15-1924, d. 05-26-2005, d/o Richard & Minnie Maas Zillmer, see Catherine Adler
Moll, Albertina (John), b. 1865, d. 1943, buried 09-09-1943
Moll, Anna (Christian F.), b. 1866, d. 1944, buried 03-13-1944
Moll, Annemarie (#1Werner Schroeder, #2Lester A. Moll), b. 03-14-1918, d. 09-04-2012, (m2)05-24-1952, d/o Emmanuel & Nahamiah Auchtung Schuetz, see obit for Moll
Moll, Carolyn A. Grove (Oscar H.), b. 04-10-1923, d. 02-19-1997
Moll, Christian, b. 07-04-1845, d. 11-15-1906, Soldier, s/o Henry Moll
Moll, Christian F. (Anna), b. 1864, d. 06-04-1937, burial date
Moll, Clara H. Ibisch (Herman F.), b. 07-17-1895, d. 07-02-1969, see obit
Moll, Clara H. Sydow (#1Henry Schaefer, #2Henry J. Moll), b. 1875, d. 10-28-1967, burial date, see obit
Moll, Donald F. (Hildegard R.), b. 12-10-1919, d. 08-05-1987, WW II, Sgt US Army
Moll, Dorothea (Henry), d. 11-14-1860, 55yr 10mo 14da old
Moll, Edwin O. (Esther), b. 1898, d. 09-12-1986, Father
Moll, Esther (Edwin O.), b. 1901, d. 05-08-1962, burial date, Mother
Moll, Eugene (Marion Cole), b. 05-06-1932, d. 03-01-2014, Korea, US Army, (m)02-18-1956, s/o Herman & Clara Ibisch Moll, see obit
Moll, Frank/Franklin C. , b. 04-28-1895, d. 08-27-1955, WW I, Wis Pvt CO D 26 Machine Gun BN, Son-in-law of Bert Brewer
Moll, Harriette E. Herwig (Vernon C.), b. 03-05-1930, (m)04-15-1950
Moll, Henry, d. 09-23-1873, Age 71 years, 9 months, 1 day
Moll, Henry C. (Laura E. Lebenthal), b. 06-26-1892, d. 02-07-1970, WW I, N. Dak, MECH US Army, see obit, Father
Moll, Henry J. (Clara H.), b. 1870, d. 01-12-1959, burial date
Moll, Herman F. (Clara H. Ibisch), b. 07-02-1894, d. 02-22-1977, see obit
Moll, Hildagard/Hildegard R. (Donald F.), b. 08-14-1918, d. 07-25-1975
Moll, John F. , b. 1861, d. 1925, buried 10-07-1925
Moll, John H. , b. 1898, d. 1950, s/o Christian F. Moll, buried 07-28-1950
Moll, Laura E. Lieventhal (Henry C.), b. 1897, d. 03-02-1960, see obit, Mother
Moll, Lester A. (Annemarie Schuetz), b. 09-29-1913, d. 11-05-1996, WW II, Cpl US Army Air Corps, s/o Adolph & Laura Templeton Moll, (m)05-24-1952
Moll, Maria (Christian), b. 03-29-1848, d. 03-18-1919
Moll, Martha Louise---Infant, b. 10-22-1950, d. 10-22-1950, d/o Oscar & Carolyn Moll
Moll, Oscar H. (Carolyn A. Grove), b. 03-18-1922, d. 11-12-2004, s/o Henry & Laura Liebenthal Moll
Moll, Steven O. --Infant, b. 1958, d. 11-16-1958, s/o Oscar & Carolyn Moll
Moll, Vernon C. (Harriette E. Herwig), b. 03-04-1928, d. 11-08-1993, (m)04-15-1950
Moll, Warner"Joe (Nancy Prietz), b. 11-06-1940, d. 08-10-1996, see obit
Monach, Duncun, d. 10-02-1867, Age 55 years
Monach, Father, d. 1869, 87yr old
Monach, Mother, d. 06-20-1872, 85yr old
Monach, Robert, d. 03-16-1859, s/o Duncan Monach?� Age 45 years
Monach, Thomas, d. 12-29-1857, s/o Duncan Monach?� Age 32 years
Montgomery, James, b. 12-18-1820, d. 07-21-1911, Burial on Reuben Stiles lot, d. date from death certificate
Montgomery, Mary, b. 1838, d. 12-20-1924, burial date, on stone with Maurice J. Cunningham
Montgomery, Orpha (James), b. 03-30-1825, d. 02-27-1914, Burial on Reuben Stiles lot
Monthie, Anita E. (Raymond L.), b. 04-06-1916, d. 01-12-2012, (m)07-27-1941, d/o Fred & Lydia Meyer Kusrow, see obit
Monthie, Arnold O. (Ethel M. Goodman), b. 01-06-1905, d. 10-05-1977, (m)06-26-1937
Monthie, Clara (Herman), b. 1871, d. 1939, buried 10-21-1939, Mother
Monthie, Ethel M. (Arnold O.), b. 06-16-1916, d. 03-29-2007, d/o Clarence & Selma Simonson Goodman, (m)06-26-1937, see obit
Monthie, George B. (Ida E. Monthie Kvale), b. 1902, d. 1952, buried 02-18-1952, Father
Monthie, Herman (Clara), b. 1860, d. 1933, buried 01-30-1933, Father
Monthie, Ida E. (#1George B. Monthie, #2Melvin Kvale), b. 12-13-1903, d. 05-08-1971, Mother, see Ida Monthie Kvale
Monthie, Raymond L. (Anita E. Kusrow), b. 09-03-1910, d. 09-05-1992, (m)07-27-1941
Monthie, Robert P. , b. 01-15-1939, d. 08-01-1961, Wis SA US Navy, s/o George & Ida Monthie
Monthie, Roger C. , b. 1928, d. 02-23-1944, s/o George & Ida Monthie, burial date
Mooradian, Gladys, b. 1905, d. 1930, d/o James Mooradian
Mooradian, James (Minnie), b. 1877, d. 07-15-1919, burial date, Father
Mooradian, LaVern/LeVorne J. , b. 1915, d. 1930, d/o James Mooradian. Buried 04-15-1930
Mooradian, Minnie (James), b. 1860, d. 10-29-1930, burial date, Mother
Mooradian, Wallace, b. 1904, d. 11-16-1930, burial date, s/o James Mooradian
Moore, Corolyn Holmes (#1Albert Holmes, #2Mr. Moore), b. 11-28-1902, d. 09-17-1977, see Corolyn Holmes
Moore, Daughter, d. 1947, Great Grdd/o Stephen Pratt; Grdd/o Earl Pratt; d/o Russell Moore, buried 02-24-1947
Moore, Hattie A. Clark (#1Clinton E. Clark, #2Rev. Richard Moore) , b. 01-08-1919, d. 12-22-2011, (m1)1936, (m2)1985, d/o JoachimFred & Marie Schmidt Weber, obit, see Hattie Clark
Moore, Jane W. (Russel R.), b. 08-22-1917, d. 02-06-1992, Nee Pratt, (m)06-17-1942
Moore, Linda A. Tiedt (Richard W.), b. 03-14-1897, d. 03-31-1991, mother of Russel R. Moore
Moore, Richard W. (Linda A. Tiedt), b. 11-11-1895, d. 01-28-1979, Father of Russell R. Moore, see obit
Moore, Russell R. "Lefty" (Jane Wells Pratt), b. 12-20-1917, d. 12-10-2002, WW II, SSGT US Army Air Forces, Mason, s/o Richard & Linda Tiedt Moore, (m)06-17-1942
Moreland, Ernest, b. 07-26-1910, d. 10-04-1992, Father
Morgan, Susannah, b. 10-14-1816, d. 04-10-1870
Moring, Rosina, b. 1935, d. 1926, pictures
Morrison, Anna Marie Hinn (Hon. Elton J.), b. 1890, d. 10-13-1959, burial date, Mother, see obit
Morrison, Donna Jean, b. 1926, d. 1930, buried 04-01-1930, d/o E. J. Morrison
Morrison, Elton J. Hon. (Anna Marie Hinn), b. 05-10-1890, d. 02-01-1987, Veteran flag holder, Father, fomerly Columbia County Judge
Morrison, Emma S. Uren (James D.), b. 01-24-1875, d. 01-10-1909, buried 06-22-1916, Mother
Morrison, James D. (Emma S. Uren), b. 03-17-1860, d. 08-27-1927, Father
Morrison, William M. , b. 07-16-1858, d. 06-19-1928, Brother of J. D. Morrison
Morse, A. J. , b. 04-04-1826, d. 03-22-1875
Morse, Henry, b. 10-30-1814, d. 03-08-1888, on stone with Mary Morse Thayer
Morse, Lacyra A. (A. J.), b. 12-06-1828, d. 10-06-1911
Morse, Virginus C. , b. 02-07-1839, d. 02-21-1907, s/o Henry Morse
Mortimer, Beth A. (Duane"Dick")-see obit, b. 12-28-1918, d. 11-11-2013, (m)1943, d/o Earl & Grace Spoor Lawsha
Moser, Dallas S. , b. 1902, d. 03-15-1976, Burial on Otto Weller lot - no relationship
Moungey, John Wayne Sr. , b. 10-01-1939, d. 04-14-1999, US Air Force, s/o John T. & Clara McDonald Moungey
Mueller, Albert H. , b. 12-16-1892, d. 11-19-1957, WW I, Lot #63 Block J 1915 addition
Mueller, Albert H. , lot #34 Div IV
Mueller, Albert H. (Alberltina), b. 1854, d. 1931, buried 03-18-1931, Lot156 Addition III
Mueller, Carl H. (Clara S. Boelte), b. 1882, d. 04-13-1961, see obit
Mueller, Clara S. Boelte (Carl H.), b. 1882, d. 03-02-1969, see obit
Mueller, Edna E. (Otto A.), b. 10-11-1903, d. 01-25-1982, Nee Bergauer
Mueller, Estella Fowler (Albert H.), b. 02-08-1888, d. 04-30-1951
Mueller, Frank G. (Ule-Ricka), d. 06-28-1932, burial date
Mueller, Gerhard, b. 1925, d. 05-04-1949, s/o Fred Mueller Sr, see obit
Mueller, Gustav T. , b. 1858, d. 12-20-1937, burial date
Mueller, Louise A. , b. 1891, d. 08-07-1911, burial date
Mueller, Marie Albertina (Albert H.), b. 1867, d. 10-29-1937, burial date
Mueller, Marie Rosenkranz (Fred Sr.), b. 1895, d. 12-29-1961, burial date, Mother
Mueller, Minna (Gustav T.), b. 1858, d. 1938, buried 03-07-1937
Mueller, Minnie A. , b. 1894, d. 1918, buried 05-15-1918
Mueller, Otto A. (Edna E. Bergauer), b. 11-08-1901, d. 02-07-1977, see obit
Mueller, Ule-Rika (Frank G.), b. 1855, d. 1944, Nee Schultz, buried 12-22-1944
Murphy, Bernard Jerome (Kathleen Ruth), b. 11-07-1933
Murphy, Kathleen Ruth (Bernard Jerome), b. 08-13-1937, d. 10-17-2005, (m)07-09-1959, d/o John E. & Euphemia Kennedy Schroeder, see obit
Nagel, Ida Schoeberle (Robert A.), b. 12-14-1884, d. 02-22-1972, see obit
Nagel, Robert A. (Ida Schoeberle), b. 1884, d. 06-07-1965, burial date
Nanscawen, Freda E. Westphal (John H.), b. 10-05-1906, d. 06-04-1997, (m)03-11-1967
Nanscawen, John H. (Freda E. Westphal), b. 06-25-1906, d. 02-20-1999, In Memory of, (m)03-11-1967
Nashold Clara Tyng (Jerome R. Nashold, b. 05-10-1842, d. 02-06-1911
Nashold Family information, verified by David Nashold
Nashold, Alvina Rose (Bruce J.), b. 06-21-1898, d. 07-13-1987, Nee Homan
Nashold, Archibald Adelbert (Jennie M.), b. 1867, d. 04-13-1919, see obit
Nashold, Bruce J. (Alvina Rose), b. 11-08-1895, d. 12-20-1968
Nashold, Emma (William), b. 03-16-1872, d. 10-31-1897, d/o Fred Briese Sr.
Nashold, Gary Kevin, b. 01-13-1958, d. 07-11-1960, s/o Gerald & Pauline Nashold
Nashold, Gerald B. (Pauline M. Pink), b. 02-01-1925, d. 08-16-1970, see obit
Nashold, Geraldine--infant, d. 1925, d/o A. A. Nashold, buried 02-04-1925
Nashold, Jennie M. (Archibald Adelbert), b. 1874, d. 08-29-1955, burial date, nee Prior
Nashold, Jerome R. (Clara E. Tyng), b. 02-21-1845, d. 09-25-1912, s/o William C. & Eve Nashold
Nashold, Pauline M. Pink (Gerald B.), b. 05-06-1932, d. 11-21-1968, see obit
Nashold, Robert G. , b. 09-14-1880, d. 06-09-1914, s/o J. R. Nashold
Nashold, William, b. 04-09-1865, d. 09-09-1949, s/o J. R. Nashold
Nastke, Cathryn A. White, b. 10-18-1928, d. 01-29-2004, Registered Nurse
Nehls, Christ, b. 03-06-1804, d. 01-14-1889, Buried on Christ Kettelhohn lot
Nehmer, Alvin A. F. (Selma Jahnke), b. 02-22-1895, d. 07-13-1982, see obit
Nehmer, Alvin W. "Butch", b. 04-22-1928, d. 05-15-2008, s/o Alvin & Selma Jahnke Nehmer, see obit
Nehmer, Amelia (William), b. 1870, d. 1950, buried 03-08-1950
Nehmer, Eugenia"Gene" L. Gorecki (#1Russell W, #2Clarence Hallman), b. 03-09-1928, d. 01-18-1993, widow of Russell Nehmer and wife of Clarence Hallman, see Hallman
Nehmer, Lester H. (Phyllis M.), b. 11-15-1923, d. 01-16-2003
Nehmer, Phyllis M. (Lester H.), b. 09-18-1926, d. 05-04-2004
Nehmer, Russell W. (1st h/o Eugenia "Gene" L. Gorecki), b. 07-23-1927, d. 08-13-1981, WW II, Rusty, see obit
Nehmer, Selma T. (Alvin A. F.), b. 02-09-1901, d. 06-28-1976
Nehmer, William, b. 1868, d. 1933, buried 12-22-1933
Nelsen, Ingeborg (Louis P.), b. 1886, d. 05-26-1958, burial date, Mother
Nelsen, Leonard-on stone with Lillian E. Nelsen, b. 1924, d. 08-19-1940, s/o Louis Nelson/Nelsen, stone spelling is Nelsen, burial date
Nelsen, Lillian E. , b. 1916, d. 1940, on stone with Leonard P. Nelsen
Nelsen, Louis/Lewis P. (Ingeborg), b. 1880, d. 08-22-1950, burial date, Father
Nelson, Edwin F. , b. 01-14-1909, d. 12-12-1967, or Nelsen, s/o Louis Nelson/Nelsen
Nelson, Ethel E. (Frank L.), b. 1867, d. 01-07-1918, burial date
Nelson, Frank L. (Ethel E.), b. 1867, d. 12-09-1942, burial date
Nelson, Lenus E. , b. 1893, d. 08-30-1921, Son-in-law of William Pringel
Nelson, Leona/Lenora"Nora", b. 1893, d. 1940, d/o William Pringel, buried 02-29-1940
Nennamann, also Nennmann
Nennamann, Ernest C. , b. 1899, d. 04-22-1962, s/o W. R. Nennmann, see obit
Nennamann, Frank, d. 1929, Burial on F. Weiland lot, buried 04-17-1929
Nennmann, Adela (August W. F.), b. 12-01-1889, d. 10-03-1927, (m)1906
Nennmann, Adelia, b. 08-22-1908, d. 07-07-1931, d/o August W. Nennmann
Nennmann, August W. F. (Adela Krahn), b. 08-07-1878, d. 05-12-1911, (m)1906, see obit
Nennmann, Bertha E. Witzel (William R.), b. 1873, d. 04-03-1937, burial date, Mother, (m)1890
Nennmann, Henry F. (#1Mabel Rosenthal, #2Lillian Agnes Schroeder Kennedy), b. 02-27-1901, d. 02-07-1983, see obit
Nennmann, Leona L. , b. 12-22-1909, d. 04-28-1943, d/o August W. Nennmann
Nennmann, Lillian Agnes (2nd w/o Henry F.), b. 09-01-1906, d. 04-14-1964, d/o John Schroeder & Mary McCarthy, see obit & death certificate
Nennmann, Martha L. , b. 1914, d. 02-11-1946, burial date, d/o W. R. Nennmann
Nennmann, William Richard (Bertha E. Witzel), b. 01-15-1869, d. 09-18-1934, Father, (m)1890, see obit
Neuman, Alma Koch, b. 1895, d. 1917, d/o John Koch, buried 05-02-1917
Neuman, Louis, b. 1827, d. 1848
Neuman, Louisa, d. 12-06-1865, Age 21 years
Newcomb, D. F. , lot #38 Div. II
Newcomb, Daniel Franklin (Mary J.), b. 09-22-1816, d. 02-12-1878, GAR flag holder
Newcomb, Edwin R. , b. 10-24-1860, d. 06-22-1894
Newcomb, Edwina, b. 09-10-1894, d. 11-09-1894, d/o Edwin R. Newcomb
Newcomb, Franklin B. , b. 01-15-1858, d. 05-01-1925
Newcomb, Mary J. (Daniel Franklin), b. 09-12-1831, d. 07-27-1928
Newton, Infant, c/o S. S. Newton
Niehoff, Carol M. (Eugene L.)-see obit, b. 07-13-1936, d. 10-13-2013, (m)02-14-1955, d/o George & Iva Colvin Haas
Niehoff, Eugene L. (Carol M.), b. 06-01-1935, (m)02-14-1955
Niemeier, also Niemeyer
Niemeier, John C. , b. 06-04-1939, d. 10-12-1991
Niemeier, Otto (Theresa), b. 12-07-1905, d. 04-03-1994
Niemeier, Theresa (Otto), b. 09-22-1908, d. 04-04-1984
Niemeyer, Anna M. (Frederick H.), b. 1873, d. 10-05-1938, burial date, Mother
Niemeyer, Augusta (Fred), d. 07-30-1914, 79yr 8mo 28da old
Niemeyer, Augusta (Henry W.), b. 1842, d. 1924, buried 05-07-1924
Niemeyer, Caroline (Henry), b. 1802, d. 03-16-1888, 86yr old
Niemeyer, Emma, b. 1867, d. 1873, d/o Henry W. Niemeyer. � Burial on Henry W. Niemeyer lot.
Niemeyer, Fred (Augusta), b. 1837, d. 03-12-1889, Age 52 years, 20 days.
Niemeyer, Frederick/Fred H. (Anna M.), b. 1862, d. 07-11-1940, burial date, Father
Niemeyer, Fred--Mrs. , d. 1914, buried 08-02-1914
Niemeyer, G. H. , b. 09-12-1826, d. 01-03-1898, No marker
Niemeyer, Helen, d/o Henry W. Niemeyer. �
Niemeyer, Henry, s/o Henry W. Niemeyer. � Burial on Henry W. Niemeyer lot.
Niemeyer, Henry W. (Augusta), b. 1841, d. 09-22-1915, see obit
Niemeyer, Henry (Caroline), b. 1807, d. 07-27-1874, Age 67 years.
Niemeyer, Ida Ann, d. 07-30-1868, d/o F. & G. Niemeyer
Niemeyer, Mathilda, b. 1878, d. 1948, d/o Henry W. Niemeyer, buried 01-26-1948
Niemeyer, Meta (G. H.), b. 12-01-1834, d. 07-10-1902
Niemeyer, Oscar, b. 1871, d. 1873, s/o Henry W. Niemeyer. � Burial on Henry W. Niemeyer lot.
Niemeyer, Otto, b. 1870, d. 1878, s/o Henry W. Niemeyer. � Burial on Henry W. Niemeyer lot.
Ninabuck, Alvin A. (Ivah E.) , b. 1894, d. 12-29-1964, Son-in-law of Fred W. Kunn, see obit
Ninabuck, Ardis, b. 09-15-1920, d. 10-17-1998, d/o Elmer & Mary Ninabuck
Ninabuck, Christ/Christian F. (Dora M.), b. 11-01-1853, d. 07-02-1928, Father
Ninabuck, Clara, b. 12-24-1887, d. 04-21-1888
Ninabuck, Clarence (Gladys), b. 10-07-1905, d. 06-09-1992, s/o Christ Ninabuck
Ninabuck, David Lloyd, b. 02-25-1944, d. 03-05-1944, s/o Clarence & Gladys Ninabuck, Grds/o Christ Ninabuck
Ninabuck, Dora M. (Christ/Christian F.), b. 10-12-1864, d. 05-28-1946, Mother
Ninabuck, Elmer M. (Mary M.), b. 07-26-1896, d. 09-25-1976, WW I
Ninabuck, Gladys E. (Clarence), b. 05-13-1913, d. 03-06-2004, d/o George & Ellen Lee Ninabuck
Ninabuck, Herbert W. (Margaret L. Altschwager), b. 11-18-1898, d. 07-25-1980, see obit
Ninabuck, Ivah E. (Alvin A.), b. 06-10-1896, d. 09-26-1990, d/o of Fred W. Kunn
Ninabuck, Margaret L (Herbert W.), b. 07-24-1898, d. 05-27-1972, Nee Altschwager
Ninabuck, Mary M. (Elmer M.), b. 1897, d. 10-28-1988, Nee Schauer
Ninabuck, Otto H. (Verna V. Poetter), b. 10-15-1892, d. 01-15-1975, see obit
Ninabuck, Verna V. (Otto H.), b. 10-16-1909, d. 05-04-1995, d/o Charles & Leona Sack Poetter
Ninabuck, Walter, b. 04-01-1891, d. 02-20-1900
Nitschke, Emma J. Wolff (George F.), b. 04-12-1899, d. 02-12-1984
Nitschke, George F. (Emma J. Wolff), b. 1897, d. 01-15-1965, see obit
Nitschke, George H. (Joanne Mulligan), b. 05-28-1928, d. 10-23-1981, Veteran, s/o George F. & Emma Nitschke, see obit
Nitschke, Joanne Mulligan (George H.), b. 1932
Nobel, Amos, d. 08-02-1927, burial date
Noble, Edgar, b. 1878, d. 1907
Noble, Elizabeth , b. 1848, d. 05-19-1909, burial date
Noble, Harvey A. (Nancy J.), b. 08-19-1817, d. 03-30-1898
Noble, Nancy J. (Harvey A.), b. 01-22-1826, d. 07-01-1909
Noble, Orville D. , b. 1845, d. 04-21-1898, GAR, Corpl CO I 18th Wis Infantry
Noerenberg, Wilhelmine (William), b. 1839, d. 1918, Mom of Mrs. Gust Rahn, buried 12-18-1918
Noerenberg, William (Wilhelmine), b. 1842, d. 1923, Dad of Mrs. Gust Rahn, buried 03-22-1923
Noller, Frieda E. Homan (George C.), b. 1899, d. 04-12-1969, see obit
Noller, George C. (Frieda E. Homan), b. 1897, d. 03-17-1964, see obit
Noller, Margaret J. Kingh (Wallace G.), d. no dates, see ssdi for Margaret Noller-hanco--b. . . 05-02-1923 and d. October 1983 in CA
Noller, Wallace G. (Margaret J. Kingh), b. 04-10-1924, d. 01-04-1977, VFW, s/o George C. & Frieda E. Noller, see obit
Nommensen, Ada E. (Rev. William), b. 09-07-1881, d. 06-24-1939, Mother
Nommensen, Florence L. (Rev. Herbert), b. 12-17-1913, d. 10-15-1995, d/o Jacob & Hulianna Fisch Bechtold
Nommensen, Herbert William-Rev. (Florence), b. 01-08-1912, d. 05-30-1993, s/o Rev. William Nommensen
Nommensen, William--Rev. (Ada E.), b. 08-14-1881, d. 09-19-1959, Father
Norcross, Arthur E. , d. 10-26-1867, s/o G. S. Norcross. � Age 1 year, 5 days.
Norcross, Sarah, b. 1777, d. 10-25-1874, Age 97 years, 16 days.
Norenberg, Ethelyn---buried 03-1938, b. 1904, d. 1938, d/o William F. & Sophie Ottow
Norenberg, Lavern-on stone with Ethelyn, b. 1912, maybe died 1983, see ssdi
Norton, Martha E. (O. W.), b. 1827, d. 02-06-1862, 35yr 9mo 9da old
Nowell, Lewis L. , b. 1855, d. 03-06-1856, s/o M. P. D. Nowell. � Age 1 year, 8 months
Nowell, M. P. D. (Theodate), b. 1812, d. 01-25-1855, Age 43 years
Nowell, Theodate (M. P. D.), b. 1822, d. 03-12-1877, 59yr old
Obermeyer, Albert F. (Elsie M. Schilling), b. 06-05-1903, d. 08-22-1985, (m)09-18-1923, s/o Rhoday Quinn & Fred Obermeyer
Obermeyer, Elsie M. Schilling (Albert F.), b. 03-16-1905, d. 09-21-1985, (m)09-18-1923, d/o Wm. & Emma Hemling Schilling
Obermeyer, Fred C. (Rhoda H.), b. 1863, d. 1934, buried 10-08-1934, Father
Obermeyer, Meta L. (Otto), b. 1903, d. 1946, buried 08-19-1946, Mother
Obermeyer, Rhoda H. (Fred C.), b. 1872, d. 1923, buried 04-26-1923, Mother
O'Brien, Eleanor M. "Spin", b. 1924, pictures, maybe WW II flag holder
O'Brien, George M. (Yolanda I.), b. 1902, d. 03-20-1982, Son-in-law of Emil Pietzner
O'Brien, John E. "Jack", b. 04-28-1927, d. 01-11-1993
O'Brien, Krissanne L. "Kriss" (John Michael), b. 12-13-1947, d. 12-18-2014, (m)07-15-1972, d/o Woodrow & Eunice Cameron Schelvan, see obit
O'Brien, Yolanda I. (George M.), b. 01-17-1902, d. 04-09-1993, d/o Emil Pietzner
O'Brion, Mary, d. 03-10-1954, edition 4, lot 50 behind the Evans graveston in row 4, baby girl, d/o Lester O'brion, see death certificate
O'Connor, Mildred C. (William J.), b. 10-21-1913, d. 10-31-1980, Nee Wachtl
O'Connor, William J. (Mildred C.), b. 05-12-1910, d. 12-28-1996
Oelke, Anna Hall (William A.), b. 12-15-1912, d. 02-18-1999, b. Bobingen Germany, d/o George & Katherina Haugg Hall Sr.
Oelke, William A. (Anna Hall), b. 06-06-1893, d. 01-10-1981
Oesterreicher, Charles N. (Evelyn E.), b. 05-12-1925, d. 06-18-1987, WW II, son-in-law of Fred A Grossman
Oesterreicher, Evelyn E. (Charles N.), b. 03-20-1936, d. 02-18-1977, d/o Fred A. Grossman
Oestreich, Emma (#1Albert"Bert" Heiden, #2Robert Oestreich), b. 02-18-1884, d. 02-06-1978, Emma Heiden Oestreich, widow of A. Heiden, see obit
Olds, A. D. , d. 06-30-1982, Age 65 years, 23 days
Olds, Harriet N. (A. D.), d. 04-12-1869, 52yr 10mo old, maybe d. 1969?
Oliver, Donald E. "Unk", b. 08-26-1930, d. 10-23-2006, Korea, HM3 US Navy, s/o Rodney & Mildred Lobeck Oliver, see obit
Oliver, J. Lester, b. 05-14-1884, d. 03-07-1953
Oliver, James, b. 2-19-1852, d. 11-19-1908
Oliver, James, b. 1810, d. 12-20-1887, Age 77 years
Oliver, M. D. --infant, d. 08-23-1948, d/o Charles Oliver
Oliver, Mariah (James), b. 1817, d. 05-26-1893, 76yr old
Oliver, Mary (James Jr.), b. 11-20-1857, d. 06-05-1931
Oliver, Mildred L (Rodney E.), b. 07-13-1899, d. 10-17-1971, Nee Lobeck
Oliver, Rodney E. (Mildred L.), b. 1889, d. 1935, buried 12-30-1935
Ollinger, Anna (widow of John Loose), b. 09-07-1889, d. 06-15-1975, Nee Sauer
Olsen, Andrew T. (Ella Weideman), b. 05-15-1894, d. 12-04-1961, WW I, Wis BN Sgt Maj. US Army, on stone with Ella Olsen Donarski
Olson, Kathryn C. (Lawrence C.), b. 04-18-1932, d. 08-27-2010, (m)04-15-1950, d/o John & Fern Sommerfield Mallon, see obit
Olson, Lawrence C. (Kathryn C.), b. 1928, (m)04-15-1950
Olson, Lucille M. (Richard A.), b. 11-10-1937, d. 06-24-1969, d/o Albert Schunter
Olson, Richard A. (Lucille M.), b. 05-28-1936, d. 06-24-1969
Ondrejka, Joseph F. Jr. (1st h/o Julia Morauske), b. 09-19-1918, d. 07-05-1970, see obit
Ondrejka, Julie Ondrejka (#1Joe F. Jr. Ondrejka, #2Willard Thiede), b. 02-07-1922, d. 10-08-2015, (m1)10-07-1940, (m2)05-20-1984, d/o Stephen & Suzana Mihaly-Banfi Morauske, see obit
Opel, Edward H. , b. 05-06-1904, d. 11-16-1971, Bro/o Vernon Opel, s/o Elizabeth Opel
Opel, Elizabeth Weihert (Werner), b. 08-19-1880, d. 03-28-1971, Mother of Vernon Opel, see obit
Opel, Emil G. (Esther E. Salzwedel), b. 03-07-1900, d. 11-02-1976, see obit, Father
Opel, Esther E. Salzwedel (Emil G.), b. 07-27-1899, d. 04-02-1988, Mother
Opel, Frieda B. Sumnicht (Roy J.), b. 1916, d. 07-06-1968, see obit
Opel, James W. (Julie A. Dreblow), b. 12-11-1942, d. 07-24-1970, Wis A3C US Air Force, s/o William Opel, see obit
Opel, Lawrence E. (Winifred Carr), b. 12-28-1921, d. 06-15-1972, WW II & Korea, Wis EMCM US Coast Guard, s/o Emil Opel, see obit
Opel, Mae Pfietz (William C.), b. 10-18-1913
Opel, Marguerite E. Karl (Vernon E.), b. 06-13-1914, d. 12-25-2009, (m)10-13-1937, d/o Jacob & Lecia Mulvaney Karl, see obit
Opel, Roger E. , b. 1923, d. 01-13-1927, burial date, s/o Emil Opel
Opel, Roy J. (Frieda B. Sumnicht), b. 11-01-1909, d. 01-02-1978, see obit
Opel, Vernon E. (Marguerite E. Karl), b. 11-11-1911, d. 08-23-2001, (m)10-13-1937
Opel, William C. (Mae P. Fietz), b. 11-04-1906, d. 08-22-1995, WW II, S2C US Navy, s/o Werner & Elizabeth Weihert Opel
Opel, Winifred/Winnie Carr (Lawrence), b. 09-20-1927, d. 03-05-1985, dtr-in-law of Emil G. Opel, see obit
Oppelt, Edward, b. 1818, d. 01-05-1900
Ordway, Bertha Fox, b. 1864, d. 1894
Ordway, Mathilda Linder, d. 11-11-1951, d/o Philip Linder, ashes buried 11-11-1951
Ortman, Dora S. , b. 1938, d. 12-24-1995, buried on Franz Kurth lot, 57yr old, sister-in-law of Franz Kurth
Osenbrug, Edward P. (Ida M. Wolfer), b. 04-23-1890, d. 06-26-1982, see obit
Osenbrug, Ida M. Wolfer (Edward P.), b. 05-08-1889, d. 12-26-1976
Osterhoff, Hazel J. (John E.), b. 12-05-1916, d. 06-03-2006, d/o Otto & Theresa Hemling Heyden, (m)09-28-1940, from obit
Osterhoff, John E. (Hazel J.), b. 08-30-1915, d. 08-24-1973, (m)09-28-1940
Osterhoff, John M. "Joe", b. 05-19-1945, d. 03-10-1999, s/o John & Hazel Heyden Osterhoff
Ostrander, Albert Howard, b. 11-27-1896, d. 07-19-1918, WW I, Pvt CO G 25th Inf, KIA, s/o George D. Ostrander, buried 01-16-1918?
Ostrander, Anna (George), b. 1861, d. 07-24-1940, burial date
Ostrander, Florence M. (Gerald D.), b. 09-28-1895, d. 07-18-1959, grddtr/o Johann/John Wohlfeil
Ostrander, George D. , d. 1931, buried 05-28-1931, no marker as of 1985
Ostrander, Gerald D. (Florence M.), b. 08-18-1901, d. 12-21-1957, WW II, Wis MM1 USNR, buried on Johann/John Wohlfeil lot
Ott, Dora H. (Merlin W.), b. 03-22-1914, d. 02-16-2001, (m)11-19-1937, d/o Richard & Ella Starker Zimmerman, see obit
Ott, Dorothy M. (Fredrick W.), b. 01-19-1920, d. 10-21-2011, (m)02-15-1939, d/o Charles & Helen Scheel Hacht
Ott, Fredrick W. (Dorothy Hacht), b. 11-18-1913, d. 04-05-2012, obit, (m)02-15-1939, s/o Fred W. & Minnie Bickel Ott
Ott, James F. , b. 1940, d. 04-01-1957, burial date, s/o Fredrick & Dorothy Ott
Ott, Merlin W. (Dora Zimmerman), b. 11-11-1911, d. 09-03-2004, (m)11-19-1937, s/o Frederick & Wilhelmina Bickel Ott
Ottow, Sophia M. Witte (William F.), b. 04-26-1882, d. 05-19-1971
Ottow, William F. (Sophia M. Witte), b. 1875, d. 07-26-1968, see obit
Ounsworth, Edna E. Bartell (William S.), b. 06-17-1904, d. 08-20-1979, sister-in-law of Gilbert M. Rutherford, sister of Olga--Mrs. G. M. Rutherford, see obit
Ounsworth, William S. (Edna E. Bartell), b. 11-06-1899, d. 10-25-1963, WW I & II, Wis Warrant Officer USNR, bro-in-law of Gilbert M. Rutherford, see obit
Oviatt, Ernest C. -Dr. (Myra Jackson), b. 1869, d. 1953, buried 01-24-1953, dentist
Oviatt, Myra Jackson (Dr. Ernest C.), b. 1871, d. 1950, buried 12-01-1950, date on stone is 1951
Owen, Alice (David C.), b. 1909, d. 1992
Owen, David C. (Alice), b. 1908, d. 1956, buried 06-18-1956
Owen, Emma E. (Robert D.), b. 1876, d. 09-11-1966, d/o O. H. Williams, see obit
Owen, Marian T. (Willard E.), b. 07-27-1897, d. 08-22-1990
Owen, Willard E. (Marian T.), b. 04-30-1899, d. 11-25-1976
Pache, Elsie/Elise (Louis), b. 1863, d. 1931, buried 03-02-1931, Mother
Pache, Louis (Elsie/Elise), b. 1860, d. 1930, buried 09-18-1930, Father
Packer, Mary Gough, b. 1858, d. 1934, ashes buried 08-03-1934 on Franklin Anderson lot
Paepke, Henry (Mathilda Louisa), b. 1848, d. 1914, buried 08-02-1914
Paepke, Mathilda Louisa (Henry), b. 1850, d. 1923, buried 02-24-1923
Paepke, Paulina, b. 1873, d. 1897, d/o Henry Paepke
Paetzel, Dorthy L. (Fredrick W.), b. 07-09-1831, d. 05-05-1914
Paetzel, Fredrick W. (Dorthy L.), b. 02-24-1826, d. 10-10-1912
Pagel, Elsie, b. 1889, d. 1904, buried on William Pagel lot
Pagel, Glenda Christian, b. 05-30-1939, d. 06-22-2009, on stone with William G. Gay
Pagel, Gottfried (Sophia), b. 02-17-1857, d. 12-14-1909
Pagel, John H. (Leona), b. 1892, d. 1937, buried 09-25-1937, s/o Gottfried Pagel
Pagel, John Herman Jr. , b. 12-02-1925, d. 06-24-1994, WW II, F1 US Navy, cremains, s/o John H. Pagel Sr, grds/Gottfried Pagel
Pagel, Leona (John H.), b. 08-24-1895, d. 07-05-1980, stone says b. 1896, ssdi says 1895
Pagel, Regina (William), b. 1861, d. 1946, buried 04-08-1946
Pagel, Sophia (Gottfried), b. 03-29-1856, d. 05-04-1910
Pagel, William (Regina), b. 1861, d. 1943, buried 11-16-1943
Pahl, Carl (Ernestine), b. 1845, d. 1933, buried 04-03-1933
Pahl, Dolores M. (Walter Ernest), b. 08-05-1924, (m)07-31-1943, Nee Schafer
Pahl, Ernest C. (Minnie Braatz), b. 02-01-1875, d. 04-10-1945
Pahl, Ernestine (Carl), b. 1848, d. 1928, buried 09-03-1928
Pahl, Minnie Braatz (Ernest C.), b. 12-12-1877, d. 09-19-1956
Pahl, Otto, buried 07-14-1948
Pahl, Walter Ernest (Dolores M. Schafer), b. 01-12-1905, d. 02-19-2005, (m)07-31-1943, see obit
Paitrick, Amanda L. (Otto H.), b. 01-05-1893, d. 12-01-1973
Paitrick, Gertrude E. Huth (Louis R.), b. 12-24-1898, d. 08-09-1979
Paitrick, Louis R. (Gertrude E. Huth), b. 1889, d. 03-25-1961, see obit
Paitrick, Otto H. (Amanda L.), b. 1887, d. 1949, buried 07-15-1949
Paradise, George
Paradise, Roger, b. 07-28-1912, d. 10-13-1912, infant s/o George & E. Paradise
Pare, Arthur J. (Florence M.) , b. 10-25-1906, d. 04-10-1994
Pare, Florence M. (Arthur J.), b. 07-23-1911, d. 10-07-2002, d/o Michael & Caroline Burkhard Weiner
Pare, George, b. 01-25-1986, d. 02-12-1986, s/o Arthur J. Pare
Pare, George E. , b. 09-30-1944, d. 01-24-1986, Vietnam, SGT US Air Force
Parker, Karen M. (Marvin), b. 03-19-1950, d. 06-27-2008, (m)06-29-1968, d/o Frederick & Agnes Peck Zellmer, Mother, see obit
Parkinson, Carroll-maybe Alfred Carroll, b. 12-27-1845, d. 12-01-1913, GAR
Parkinson, Jennie, b. 09-19-1854, d. 08-30-1910, d/o F. & A. Allen
Parkinson, Lee, b. 02-05-1878, d. 09-05-1911, Soldier
Parmelee, Susan, b. 1842, d. 1926, Mother of Sarah Grout, buried 05-01-1926
Parpart, Glenn R. , b. 02-23-1962, d. 08-30-1992, s/o LaVerne & Jeanette Parpart, cremains
Parpart, Gordon D. , b. 08-28-1953, d. 06-28-1974, s/o LaVerne Parpart, nephew of Margaret Salzwedel--owner of lot
Parpart, Jeanette V. (LaVern V.), b. 09-16-1929, on stone with LaVern V. & Glenn R. Parpart
Parpart, LaVern V. (Jeanette V.), b. 10-09-1923, d. 03-29-1998, WW II, PFC US Army
Parry, Mary E. (R. S.), b. 07-07-1874, d. 03-10-1961, d/o Evan D. Evans, see obit
Parshen, Alvin H. (Minnie M. Stark), b. 1894, d. 02-15-1978, see obit
Parshen, Minnie M. Stark (Alvin H.), b. 02-10-1891, d. 11-07-1984
Parshen, Ruth, b. 03-28-1917, d. 03-28-1917, infant d/o Alvin & Minnie M. Parshen
Parsons, Arthur D. "Bert" (Myrtle L. Wagnor), b. 11-21-1908, d. 02-16-1997, (m)09-1943, s/o Frank & Eva Waldvogel Parsons
Parsons, Jennie G. , b. 01-21-1877, d. 02-27-1970, cremains, wife
Parsons, Lucylle E. (Walter K.), b. 04-06-1928, d. 07-27-1995, (m)11-24-1951, d/o Walter & Fieda Drews Frick
Parsons, Myrtle"Myrt" L. (Arthur D. "Bert"), b. 08-30-1912, d. 07-08-2001, (m)09-1943, d/o Archie & Eva Judd Powell
Parsons, Walter K. Jr. (Lucylle E. Frick), b. 1927, (m)11-24-1951
Patchett, Margaret Lee (Milton A.), b. 09-07-1914, d. 12-03-2009, (m)06-11-1938, d/o Dr. John & Bertie Moss Mortenson, see obit
Patchett, Milton A. (Margaret Mortenson), b. 02-14-1913, d. 11-11-2003, (m)06-11-1938, s/o Arthur & Alma Briese Patchett
Patterson, Linda E. Pieper, b. 1913, d. 1960, buried 04-07-1960, d/o Ferdinand Pieper Jr.
Patterson, Mary E. , b. 01-21-1887, d. 12-06-1958, d/o George Ostrander
Patton, Kenneth D. (#1Vivian D, #2Esther, #3Pearl), b. 1915, d. 02-18-2004, father, see obit
Patton, Vivian D. (1st h/o Kenneth D.), b. 10-12-1911, d. 06-05-1971, Mother
Paul, Deborah Irene Hoppa, b. 03-12-1955, on stone with Carol Irene Gadow Smith
Paust, Amanda H. Krause (Martin A.), b. 06-22-1882, d. 01-05-1987
Paust, Gertrude L. Schaefer (Lloyd Jacob), b. 03-05-1912, d. 10-03-2004, d/o William & Agnes Schaefer
Paust, Lloyd Jacob (Gertrude L. Schaefer), b. 09-08-1910, d. 03-01-2000, s/o Martin & Amanda Krause Paust Sr.
Paust, Martin A. Sr. (Amanda H. Krause), b. 01-19-1878, d. 04-24-1974, see obit
Pavloski, Nicholas A. (Patricia D.), b. 05-14-1930, d. 04-02-1994, CWO3 US Army
Pavloski, Patricia D. (Nicholas A.), b. 1929
Paxton, Hannah (William), b. 1811, d. 12-10-1883, 72yr old
Paxton, William (Hannah), b. 1810, d. 02-01-1886, 76yr old
Pearreall, Phoebe (D. D. Kelsey), d. 1961
Peck, Clark, b. 1863, d. 1928, buried 11-09-1928
Peck, Edna Keefer Jones, b. 03-10-1871, d. 04-15-1944, widow of Dave A. Jones
Peck, Eugene (Margaret Burbank), b. 06-20-1899, d. 02-22-1971, s/o Clark Peck, see obit
Peck, Infant, c/o Ralph Peck buried 11-27-1916 Jule Engel lot
Peck, Laura Florence-Miss, b. 1895, d. 03-22-1967, d/o Clark Peck, see obit
Peck, Mabel R. Boese Heiden (#1Orson D. Peck, #2E. J. Heiden), b. 1911, d. 1997, see Mabel Heiden
Peck, Margaret L. Burbank (Eugene), b. 03-27-1899, d. 01-12-1989, dtr-in-law of Clark Peck
Peck, Orson D. (1st h/o Mabel R. Boese), b. 04-12-1911, d. 12-23-1971, WW II, ILL WT1 USNR
Peck, Valley H. , b. 04-14-1897, d. 05-08-1968, WW I & II, Wis Pvt US Army, s/o Clark Peck
Pederson, Ingrine (Ole), d. 04-24-1858, 36yr old
Pederson, John, d. 08-14-1855, s/o Ole Pederson, 1yr 5mo old
Pederson, Ole (Ingrine), d. 05-01-1859, 37yr old
Peil, Edwin (2nd h/o Ione Obermeyer Smith), b. 01-28-1923, d. 12-06-1995, s/o John & Catherine Scheidt Peil
Peil, Ione Joyce Obermeyer Smith (#1Frederic Smith, #2Edwin Peil), b. 02-23-1924, d. 03-20-2013, (m1)1943, (m2)1967, d/o Otto & Meta Huebner Obermeyer, see obit
Pelton, George M. (1st h/o Ruth A.), b. 1909, d. 1953, buried 02-05-1953, see Ruth Steinbach
Pelton, Ruth A. (#1George M. Pelton, #2Milton J. Steinbach), b. 05-24-1914, d. 08-24-1998, see Ruth Steinbach
Pennock, Ames --A. G. W. on stone, d. 03-18-1861, infant s/o A. C. & E. J. Pennock, 1mo 27da old
Pergande, Alvin W. , b. 09-02-1942, d. 11-20-2006, LCPL US Marine Corps
Pergande, Arline Ann, b. 1935, d. 11-03-1935, burial date, d/o Clarence A. & Ida L. Pergande
Pergande, Arthur, b. 12-14-1925, d. 12-14-1925, infant s/o Arthur A. Pergande
Pergande, Arthur A. (Emilie A. Tomplun), b. 12-15-1893, d. 02-21-1979, see obit
Pergande, Clarence A. (Ida L. Patzer), b. 06-16-1912, d. 10-16-1976, see obit
Pergande, Emilie A. Tomplun (Arthur A.), b. 11-08-1899, d. 12-19-1992
Pergande, Herbert A. (Lucille B.), b. 1928
Pergande, Ida L. Patzer (Clarence A.), b. 03-22-1916, d. 08-08-2004
Pergande, Jeremy James, b. 11-03-1972, d. 11-05-1972, s/o Jerry & Pat Pergande, grds/o Clarence Pergande
Pergande, Julius (Wilhelmine), b. 1866, d. 1944, buried 12-26-1944
Pergande, Lucille B. (Herbert A.), b. 1931
Pergande, Mary, b. 12-14-1925, d. 12-14-1925, infant d/o Arthur A. Pergande
Pergande, Wilhelmine (Julius), b. 1875, d. 1942, buried 04-16-1942
Perry, Gwenn, b. 1898, d. 03-12-1943, burial date
Perry, Henry D. , b. 1860, d. 1937, buried 01-30-1937
Perry, Inez W. -Mrs. , b. 1866, d. 1938, buried 08-30-1938
Perry, Mary, b. 1939, pictures
Perry, Robert W. , b. 1891, d. 02-16-1961, burial date, brother of Gwenn Perry
Peters, Charles W. , b. 11-17-1862, d. 01-30-1912
Peters, Donald T. (Ruth Christians), b. 05-23-1917, d. 04-15-1984, WW II, TEC5 US Army, 32 Div Band, see obit
Peters, Elsie L. (John A.), b. 04-18-1908, d. 08-09-2004
Peters, Ernestina Kumm, b. 1860, d. 1941, buried 05-05-1941 on Carl F. Kumm lot
Peters, Gottlieb, d. 07-27-1865, 51yr 8mo old
Peters, Henry, b. 01-22-1859, d. 04-08-1929, American Legion
Peters, John A. (Elsie Leistikow), b. 05-09-1907, d. 05-06-1997, WW II, S1 US Navy, s/o John & Alma Christian Peters
Peters, John (Louisa), b. 08-07-1817, d. 04-29-1899
Peters, Loise, d. 12-18-1870, d/o A. F. Peters
Peters, Louisa (John), b. 03-09-1830, d. 04-24-1914
Peters, Martha (William), b. 1873, d. 01-16-1924, burial date, Mother
Peters, Ruth A. (Donald T.), b. 06-19-1921, d. 10-01-2000, d/o Frank & Louse Grueneberg Christians
Peters, Walter, b. 1901, d. 1924, buried 01-16-1924, s/o Martha & William Peters
Peters, William F. , b. 1867, d. 1921, buried 12-15-1921
Peters, William J. (Yvonne Gilberts), b. 07-06-1956, d. 01-20-1976, s/o Donald T. & Ruth A. Peters
Peterson, Caryl J. Lenz, b. 01-09-1948, d. 09-22-1997, d/o Arthur & Elaine Erickson Peterson, on stone with Lawrence R. Lenz
Peterson, Richard Jon, buried 10-27-1941, a/s Petterson
Peterson, Unknown, buried 03-01-1952
Petrich, Albert H. (Rosalia L.), b. 1863, d. 1934, buried 05-16-1934
Petrich, Helen A. (Howard H.), b. 06-14-1941, d. 12-11-2015, (m)06-16-1973, d/o Wilbert & Edna Kurth Lange, see obit
Petrich, Howard H. (Helen A. Lange), b. 05-28-1938, d. 03-04-2006, National Guard member, (m)06-16-1973, s/o Hugo & Clara Felske Petrich, see obit
Petrich, Rosalia L. (Albert H.), b. 1862, d. 1941, buried 11-18-1941
Pfaffenbach, Auguste (Fred), b. 1857, d. 1936, buried 09-07-1936
Pfaffenbach, Carl, b. 1885, d. 1889, s/o Fred Pfaffenbach
Pfaffenbach, Fred (Auguste), b. 1853, d. 1912, buried 01-29-1912
Pfaffenbach, Mildred, b. 1893, d. 1951, buried 10-22-1951, d/o Fred Pfaffenbach
Pfaffenbach, Paul G. , b. 1889, d. 1964, buried 04-11-1964, s/o Fred Pfaffenbach
Pfenninger, Bertha, b. 1872, d. 08-01-1964, d/o E. P. Pfenninger, see obit
Pfenninger, Caroline (E. P.), b. 06-10-1834, d. 06-27-1925
Pfenninger, Clara E. , b. 1870, d. 1948, buried 04-19-1948, d/o E. P. Pfenninger
Pfenninger, Edward P. , b. 01-13-1813, d. 03-13-1892
Pfenninger, Eliza, b. 05-13-1856, d. 01-15-1933, d/o E. P. Pfenninger
Pfenninger, Emma, b. 12-08-1857, d. 12-15-1928, d/o E. P. Pfenninger
Pfenninger, Pauline, b. 09-21-1865, d. 10-02-1924, d/o E. P. Pfenninger
Phillips, Charles J. , b. 03-02-1865, d. 03-16-1865, s/o John Phillips
Phillips, Jane (John?), b. 1826, d. 1907
Phillips, John (Jane?), b. 1826, d. 1892
Phillips, Margaret, b. no dates, d/o John Phillips
Phillips, Mary E. , b. 08-25-1856, d. 10-06-1850, d/o John Phillips, dates maybe turned around
Phillips, Ruth, b. 1866, d. 1900, d/o John Phillips
Phillips, Thomas, d. 04-22-1876, 47yr old
Pick, John T. (Sarah J.), b. 1839, d. 03-23-1926, burial date
Pick, Sarah J. (John T.), b. 1837, d. 03-06-1923, burial date
Pickett, Dudley C. (Mary A.), b. 1843, d. 1934, buried 03-05-1934
Pickett, E. C. (Naomi), d. 1873
Pickett, Eva Dell, b. 1878, d. 1880, d/o D. C. Pickett
Pickett, Floyd, d. 08-17-1862, 1yr+ old s/o E. C. Pickett
Pickett, Infant son, b. 1881, d. 1881, s/o D. C. Pickett
Pickett, Mary A. (Dudley C.), b. 1855, d. 1911, buried 12-23-1911
Pickett, Naomi (E. C.), b. 12-19-1825, d. 01-07-1883
Pickruhn, Caroline (Frederick), b. 11-24-1839, d. 08-17-1920
Pickruhn, Frederick (Caroline), b. 12-21-1841, d. 11-15-1921
Pickruhn, Minnie, b. 01-04-1873, d. 06-01-1916, d/o Frederick Pickruhn
Piekarski, Darlene T. (Michael), b. 04-16-1934, d. 10-26-2013, (m)11-20-1954, d/o Frank & Mamie Przybelski Sobczak, see obit
Piel, Emma, b. 10-02-1855, d. 07-27-1870
Pieper, Augusta (F. Salzwedel), b. 10-06-1850, d. 03-10-1931
Pieper, Augusta (Ferdinand), b. 03-26-1851, d. 12-03-1893
Pieper, Bertha (Ferdinand), b. 11-16-1850, d. 08-25-1884
Pieper, Carl Fred, d. 1913, buried 10-12-1913
Pieper, Carl Fred--Mrs. , d. 10-03-1915, 75yr old, see obit
Pieper, Caroline, b. 06-18-1873, d. 11-27-1885, d/o C. F. Pieper
Pieper, Ferdinand A. Jr. (Ida M.), b. 1886, d. 11-15-1946, burial date, Father
Pieper, Ferdinand Sr. , b. 03-19-1852, d. 12-03-1893
Pieper, Fred H. -single, b. 05-21-883, d. 11-12-1959, s/o Ferdinand Pieper, see obit
Pieper, Fred J. , b. 1868, d. 1948, buried 03-20-1948
Pieper, Gilbert E. (Mabel D. Kruger), b. 04-17-1905, d. 05-13-1977, see obit, Mason
Pieper, Hugo, d. no dates, s/o C. F. Pieper
Pieper, Ida M. (Ferdinand A. Jr.), b. 1888, d. 03-26-1968, see obit, mother
Pieper, Laura, d. 02-19-1879, d/o C. F. Pieper, 5mo+ old
Pieper, Leo, d. 1911, buried 09-26-1911, s/o C. F. Pieper
Pieper, Louisa Bertha (Fred J.), b. 1872, d. 1944, buried 12-29-1944
Pieper, Mabel D. Kruger (Gilbert E.), b. 11-02-1912, d. 03-13-2003
Pieper, Mildred M. , b. 07-21-1917, d. 05-28-1918, d/o Ferdinand A. Jr. & Ida M. Pieper
Pieper, Reuben F. "Bud", b. 02-14-1922, d. 05-31-1984, s/o Ferdinand Pieper, Jr.
Pietzner, Anna K. (William H.), b. 1872, d. 09-14-1948, burial date
Pietzner, Charles L. , b. 01-12-1837, d. 07-06-1908, Soldier
Pietzner, Edward F. (Lydia A.), b. 1876, d. 10-01-1947, burial date
Pietzner, Emil E. (Emma H.), b. 1878, d. 03-16-1949, burial date
Pietzner, Emma H. (Emil E.), b. 1879, d. 12-17-1956, burial date
Pietzner, Henry, b. 1873, d. 07-30-1956, s/o Louis Pietzner, burial date, on stone with Wilhelmine & Ludwig
Pietzner, Herman W. , b. 1867, d. 11-10-1870, s/o C. L. & W. Pietzner
Pietzner, Infant Son, d. 1872, Infant s/o H. Pietzner
Pietzner, Louis Ludwig (Wilhelmine?), b. 1841, d. 05-06-1923, burial date, on stone with Wilhelmine & Henry
Pietzner, Lydia A. Engelke (Edward R.), b. 1878, d. 10-10-1935, burial date
Pietzner, Norma M. , b. 01-30-1909, d. 07-22-1970, d/o Emil & Emma Pietzner
Pietzner, Otto A. , b. 1869, d. 11-07-1870, s/o C. L. & W. Pietzner, 1yr old
Pietzner, Verner W. "Pete", b. 03-12-1899, d. 05-09-1967, WW I, Wis Pvt STU Army TNG Corps, s/o William H. & Anna K. Pietzner, see obit
Pietzner, Wilhelmina (Charles L.), b. 12-01-1842, d. 08-23-1910
Pietzner, Wilhelmina (Louis), b. 1851, d. 04-25-1928, see obit
Pietzner, William H. (Anna K.), b. 1871, d. 05-26-1965, burial date
Pine, Lucille, b. 01-02-1900, d. 09-26-1906, Grandchild
Plahm, Ann L. , b. 06-26-1945, d. 11-09-2000, d/o Harold & Priscilla Lighthall Plahm
Plahm, Harold Fredrick (Priscilla D.), b. 09-23-1913, d. 09-29-1993
Plahm, Priscilla D. (Harold Fredrick), b. 07-01-1921, d. 06-17-2011, (m)09-16-1944, d/o Louise Davis Lighthall, see obit
Plahm, William, b. 06-29-1948, d. 12-06-1987, s/o Harold F. & Priscilla D. Plahm
Platz, Ernest P. (Margo Ladwig), b. 08-28-1918, d. 04-14-2010, WW II, Korea, SGT US Army, Bronze Star, PH, (m)08-05-1944, s/o John & Amelia Kkumm Platz, see obit
Platz, John Peter (Margaret Elizabeth), b. 10-28-1911, d. 09-08-1992, WW II, Tsgt US Army, son-in-law of Arthur C. Gibbs
Platz, Margaret Elizabeth Gibbs (John P.), b. 10-31-1916, d. 07-27-2006
Platz, Margo A. (Ernest P.), b. 09-13-1918, d. 06-10-2013, (m)08-05-1944, d/o Henry & Anna Wegner Ladwig, see obit
Pluim, Barbara Ann--Infant, d. 10-31-1946, d/o Harvey & Lorraine Pluim
Plummer, Edward (Virginia), b. 1919, d. 09-19-1991
Pohlman, Adolph (Maria), b. 09-04-1837, d. 03-16-1888
Pohlman, Caroline, d. 1868, d/o A. Pohlman
Pohlman, Maria (Adolph), b. 07-21-1830, d. 02-08-1909
Polley, Edwin E. , b. 04-20-1841, d. 08-09-1862, GAR, PVT, CO K, 3rd inf.
Polley, Elvira, b. 10-21-1777, d. 01-23-1864, b. Holland Mass.
Polley, Eunice E. 1st w/o (William A.), b. 06-09-1815, d. 03-27-1862
Polley, John A. , b. 09-09-1843, d. 12-29-1898, GAR, PVT, CO M, 1st Heavy Artillery Died in Phoenix Arizona
Polley, Mary L. (2nd w/o William A.), b. 07-21-1825, d. 05-22-1908
Polley, William A. (#1Eunice A, #2Mary L.), b. 07-24-1810, d. 03-23-1891
Polsfuss, Frederick (Helen E.), b. 1899, d. 03-05-1968, burial date
Polsfuss, Helen E. (Frederick), b. 03-17-1910, d. 02-08-1999
Polsfuss, Louisa (Fred), b. 1863, d. 1939, buried 07-18-1939
Polsfuss, Reginald, b. 1954, s/o Frederick & Helen Polsfuss
Polsufuss, Fred C. , b. 1860, d. 1928, buried 07-11-1913
Pomeroy, Clara H. (Newton B.), b. 1875, d. 01-04-1964, Mother of Irma Dieke, see obit
Pomeroy, Eli B. (Elvira L.), b. 11-04-1830, d. 10-02-1894
Pomeroy, Elvira L. (Eli B.), b. 11-20-1837, d. 02-25-1923
Pomeroy, Lettie/Electa, b. 1861, d. 1928, Buried 12-01-1928 on Eli B. Pomeroy Lot
Pomeroy, Newton B. (Clara H.), b. 1867, d. 1958, Father of Irma Dieke, buried 02-14-1958
Porter, Duane Fredrick, b. 10-29-1935, d. 12-10-1955, Korea, Wis SN US Coast Guard, s/o Alice M. Sommerville, see obit
Porter, Martin H. (Phebe B.), b. 02-14-1819, d. 05-25-1896
Porter, Phebe B. (Martin H.), b. 08-24-1819, d. 12-21-1907
Poser, Adele F. (Dr. Edward M. Sr.), b. 1869, d. 1957, Nee Falk, buried 06-20-1957
Poser, Edward M. Sr. -Dr. (Adele F.), b. 1868, d. 02-15-1960, burial date, obit says wife's name is Hattie Falk
Poser, Elizabeth A. (John F. "Bobby"), b. 02-03-1922, Nee Shearer
Poser, John Falk"Bobby" (Elizabeth A. Shearer), b. 03-16-1910, d. 05-21-2002, WW II, US Army Capt, s/o Dr. Edward & Adele Falk Poser, MD
Poser, Rolf F. "Chub"-Dr. (Mary Groom), b. 05-04-1913, d. 04-06-1997, see obit & ssdi, stone?
Potenberg, Dianne J. Christian (John J.), b. 06-01-1941
Potenberg, John J. (Dianne J. Christian), b. 02-03-1941
Potenberg, Lloyd H. Jr. (Wilma R.), b. 06-10-1936, d. 06-24-1969
Potenberg, Lloyd J. Sr. (Mary/Maria M.), b. 03-14-1913, d. 08-09-1992
Potenberg, Maria M. (Lloyd J. Sr.), b. 08-09-1913, d. 04-03-1985, Nee Cromheecke
Potenberg, Wilma R. (Lloyd H. Jr.), b. 08-12-1940, d. 06-24-1969
Powell, Carl H. (Janice M. Lewke), b. 03-17-1935, (m)08-07-1960
Powell, Janice M. Lewke (Carl H.), b. 10-09-1937, (m)08-07-1960
Powers, Alice Peters, b. 01-18-1867, d. 01-22-1939
Powers, Dolores D. (Robert W.), b. 1931, d. 07-27-2015, see obit
Powers, Eugene N. , b. 04-18-1919, d. 01-15-1974, s/o Nicholas & Viola Powers
Powers, John H. (Patricia M. Keip), b. 09-04-1942, d. 09-27-2014, (m)09-21-1963, s/o Wilbur & Ruth Buhrman Powers, see obit
Powers, Marlene A. , b. 03-24-1937, d. 04-01-2000, d/o Wilbur & Ruth Buhrman Powers
Powers, Martin L. (Stella L. Ramseur), b. 09-26-1909, d. 05-29-2002, s/o James & Lucy Murphy Powers
Powers, Nicholas (Viola R.), b. 1877, d. 12-21-1965, see obit
Powers, Patricia M. Keip (John H.), b. 05-10-1941, (m)09-21-1963
Powers, Richard L. (Sharon K.), b. 11-13-1942
Powers, Robert W. (Dolores D.), b. 02-27-1931, d. 05-15-2009, Korea, PFC US Army
Powers, Ruth E Buhrman (Wilbur J.), b. 01-01-1912, d. 10-05-1983, see obit
Powers, Sharon K. (Richard L.), b. 07-05-1946
Powers, Stella L. Ramseur (Martin L.), b. 10-15-1911, d. 09-27-1997, Estella
Powers, Viola R. (Nicholas), b. 12-19-1895, d. 12-07-1974, Nee Bartell
Powers, Wilbur J. (Ruth E Buhrman), b. 03-11-1911, d. 02-12-1990, father of Marlene Powers
Prahler, Mary (P. H.), b. 07-25-1815, d. 05-15-1905
Prahler, P. H. (Mary), b. 08-04-1815, d. 05-16-1886
Pratt, Alma Topp (Earl Wells), b. 1886, d. 1945, dtr-in-law of Stephen Pratt, buried 07-28-1945
Pratt, Cathryn M. (John S.), b. 04-03-1923, d. 09-03-1988, dtr-in-law of Ralph Pratt
Pratt, Dorthea (Ralph S.), b. 1883, d. 04-10-1968, Nee Kurth, see obit
Pratt, Earl Wells (Alma Topp), b. 1881, d. 01-27-1948, s/o Stephen Pratt, burial date, Mason
Pratt, Infant, b. 1916, d. buried 04-29-1916, c/o Earl & Alma Pratt. Cemetery records indicate 2 infants in this lot but no date for 2nd one
Pratt, John S. (Cathryn Rogler), b. 11-14-1918, d. 11-21-1995, WW II, Berlin Crisis, Maj US Army, s/o Ralph & Dorothea Kurth Pratt
Pratt, Nina Delano (Stephen S.), b. 1857, d. 05-08-1934, burial date
Pratt, Ralph S. (Dorothea), b. 02-10-1889, d. 02-04-1965, WW I, buried 02-06-1965
Pratt, Stephen S. (Nina Delano), b. 1850, d. 1926, buried 02-09-1926
Premo, Elizabeth Ester"Betty" (Roscoe H.), b. 03-10-1920, d. 12-03-2005, d/o Edward & Esther Drescher Henke, (m)06-05-1943, from obit.
Premo, Garth R. (Nora Steidtmann), b. 1888, d. 02-13-1962, see obit
Premo, Mary Jane (Rollin J.), b. 1923
Premo, Nora (Garth), b. 04-29-1892, d. 08-06-1970
Premo, Rollin J. (Mary Jane), b. 1922, d. 1958, buried 06-02-1958
Premo, Roscoe H. (Elizabeth E. "Betty"), b. 07-14-1917, d. 04-24-2002, (m)06-05-1943, s/o Garth & Nora Steidtman Premo
Preuss, Ben/Benhard (Wilhelmina C.), b. 05-21-1889, d. 12-10-1975
Preuss, Wilhelmina"Minnie" C. (Benhard L.), b. 1890, d. 06-15-1960, Nee Pergande, burial date
Priem, Bertha Louise, b. 1858, d. 1931, d/o August Priem, buried 10-24-1931
Priem, Carl H. , b. 02-07-1888, d. 01-16-1933, WW I, Wis PVT 322 Inf 81 Div, VFW, buried 01-20-1933 on Charles F. Priem lot
Priem, Charles F. (Fannie J.), b. 1858, d. 04-19-1940, see obit
Priem, Della B. , b. 1885, d. 07-14-1912, d/o Charles F. & Fannie Priem, burial date
Priem, Doris M. Knutson (Franklyn S.), b. 04-05-1932, d. 02-23-1994, (m)06-07-1952
Priem, Dorothy M. (Harold Floyd Henry), b. 11-23-1918, d. 01-15-2003, (m)06-26-1943, d/o August & Emelie Zinn Schleif, see obit
Priem, Edward E. (Hattie), b. 01-25-1884, d. 03-21-1958
Priem, Edward F. (Lottie), b. 1875, d. 1945, buried 06-15-1945 on August Priem lot
Priem, Emma Marion, b. 11-14-1867, d. 06-19-1891, d/o August & Wilhelmine Priem
Priem, Fanny/Fannie J. (Charles F.), b. 1856, d. 09-14-1940, see obit
Priem, Franklyn S. (Doris M. Knutson), b. 01-08-1923, d. 05-22-2001, (m)06-07-1952, s/o Edward & Charlotte Smith Priem, see obit
Priem, Fredrick, b. 12-13-1846, d. 12-01-1928
Priem, Harold Floyd Henry (Dorothy M. Schleif), b. 12-28-1914, d. 05-10-1999, (m)06-26-1943, s/o Edward & Hattie Boelte Priem
Priem, Hattie (Edward E.), b. 09-05-1887, d. 02-24-1940, Nee Boelte
Priem, Lottie Smith (Edward F.), b. 1881, d. 01-16-1965, see obit
Priem, Louise (Fred), b. 08-09-1853, d. 03-30-1943, Nee Bibow?
Priem, Marian O. , b. 1893, d. 1958, d/o Charles F. Priem, buried 07-11-1958
Priem, Olga Holtz (Edward E.), b. 02-01-1883, d. 09-11-1959, Mother, obit says Olga M. Stark Priem married to Wm. Priem
Priem, Ralph E. (Sylvia E. Sellow), b. 01-23-1891, d. 12-15-1958, WW I, Wis Pvt CO H 145 Infantry PH
Priem, Stuart J. (Evelyn), b. 03-16-1949, d. 01-21-2000, s/o Harold & Dorothy Schleif Priem
Priem, Sylvia E. Sellow (Ralph E.), b. 07-19-1896, d. 04-01-1980, see obit
Priem, Wilhelmine (August), b. 12-12-1832, d. 06-14-1897, on stone with Emma Marion Priem
Prien, Emma Augusta Bueneter (Henry or Fred), b. 1876, d. 02-08-1932, burial date, see obit, Mother
Prien, Ernestina (John), b. 05-03-1827, d. 06-03-1895
Prien, Henry Christian (Emma), b. 1867, d. 03-05-1913, burial date, Father
Prien, John (Ernestina), b. 02-18-1824, d. 04-07-1904
Prien, Lillian--Infant, d. 1911, d/o Henry Prien
Pritchard, Nellie Smith (O. P.), b. 1886, d. 1914, buried 12-03-1914 on Charles Smith lot
Pritchard, Susan M. , Moved to Beaver Dam
Proctor, Alfred H. (Winifred Webster), b. 1878, d. 07-24-1958, burial date, see obit
Proctor, John Robert, b. 1915, d. 1918, s/o A. M. Proctor, buried 09-20-1918
Proctor, Winifred Webster (Alfred"Fred"H.), b. 1880, d. 09-21-1966, see obit
Propp, Caroline (Charles), d. 12-09-1921, 86yr old
Propp, Charles, d. 10-22-1908, 81yr old
Propp, Mary (Charles), b. 06-01-1826, d. 10-09-1892
Prueter, Emilie, b. 1866, d. 1941, buried 08-04-1941
Prueter, Heinrich (Louise), b. 01-11-1834, d. 10-03-1892
Prueter, Louis, b. 1869, d. 10-25-1933, burial date
Prueter, Louise (Heinrich), b. 03-17-1830, d. 07-09-1902
Prust, Frances, b. 1855, d. 1928, d/o Louis Biedenbender, buried 11-26-1928
Przekurat, Curtis L. "Chip" , b. 12-10-1971, d. 01-10-2002, s/o Raymond & Sue Marshall Przekurat
Przekurat, Raymond L. (Sue A.), b. 11-09-1948, (m)06-18-1977
Przekurat, Sue A. (Raymond L.), b. 05-24-1949, d. 11-04-2011, (m)06-18-1977, d/o Jesse & Evelyn Warnke Marshall, see obit
Purke, Anna L. Wrege (Joseph), b. 1885, d. 06-29-1968, see obit
Purke, Arthur W. -see obit, b. 1914, d. 06-10-1936, s/o Joseph, buried 06-12-1936, found on the 10th
Purke, Joseph (Anna L. Wrege), b. 11-25-1883, d. 01-02-1972, see obit
Purke, Walter J. , b. 01-18-1912, d. 01-24-1996, WW II, Pfc US Army, PH, s/o Joseph & Anna Wrege Purke
Purskey, Ernest M. (Louise), b. 10-02-1895, d. 02-06-1955, WW I
Purskey, Louise (#1Ernest M. Purskey, #2Michaelis), b. 05-16-1905, d. 07-26-1979, Name is recorded as Peggy Volbrecht Purskey, see obit for Louise Michaelis
Purskey, Mary Langsdorf (William F. Sr.), b. 1866, d. 1939, buried 04-10-1939
Purskey, William F. Sr. (Mary Langsdorf), b. 1864, d. 1944, buried 05-08-1944
Pursky, Infant son, b. 10-16-1911, d. 03-11-1912, s/o William Pursky
Pursky, Monemia (William F.), b. 11-19-1886, d. 10-31-1939, Mother
Pursky, William F. (Monemia), b. 06-30-1888, d. 02-04-1956
Purves, Jean A. (Wayne W.), b. 02-10-1928, d. 12-23-1994, (m)01-16-1947, d/o Reuben J. & Eva M. Cripps
Purves, Wayne W. (Jean A.), b. 09-02-1925, d. 10-30-2012, WWII, US Army, (m)01-16-1947, s/o Forrest & Helen Hays Purves, Mason, see obit
Quamme, Bernice M. (Donald C.), b. 1932
Quamme, Donald C. (Bernice M.), b. 1931, d. 05-01-1951, burial date
Quandt, Tammy Jo (Jon), b. 10-09-1966, d. 02-13-1994, Scooter
Quentmeyer, August C. (Wilhelmina), b. 1872, d. 04-15-1931, burial date
Quentmeyer, Caroline M. (Richard W.), b. 07-02-1900, d. 06-28-1984, see obit, nee Finger
Quentmeyer, Edwin W. (Frances E. Hoehm), b. 1900, d. 11-09-1963, see obit
Quentmeyer, Frances E. Hoehne (Edwin W.), b. 1908, d. 08-27-1960, see obit
Quentmeyer, Richard W. (Caroline M. Finger), b. 09-01-1899, d. 09-24-1973, see obit
Quentmeyer, Wilhelmina (August C.), b. 1873, d. 01-15-1955, burial date
Quentmeyer, William Carle, b. 07-01-1905, d. 11-17-1962, s/o August C. Quentmeyer
Quickenden, Elizabeth, b. 1850, d. 1909, d/o Robert Quickenden, buried 05-21-1909
Quickenden, Esther (Robert), b. 1825, d. 1901
Quickenden, George, b. 1848, d. 1897, s/o Robert & Esther Quickenden
Quickenden, James (Ruth M.), b. 1855, d. 1955, s/o Robert Quickenden, buried 02-11-1955
Quickenden, Robert (Esther), b. 1811, d. 1888
Quickenden, Ruth M. (James), b. 1896, d. 02-18-1966, dtr-in-law of Robert, see obit

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