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Wisconsin Death Records


Hillside Cemetery
Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.347591, -89.013554

N. Lewis St.
Columbus, WI 53925

Published: September 14, 2016, updated January 23, 2020.
Total records: 14,754

Anna Mae Axness Records
Surnames A-B

Copied from the cemetery records furnished by Gloria Moldscheck. Veterans information by Char Sauer, Nancy Wehlage & Anna Mae Axness. Edited and typed by Anna Mae Axness 2005. Some Veteran information from Betty Cook's files.

Abbuhl, Fred D. (Cornelia B.)
, b. 10-09-1907, d. 09-30-1984, s/o Jacob Abbuhl
Abbuhl, Jacob (Marie), b. 08-05-1884, d. 03-01-1978, obit says wife's name is Ida Feutz
Abbuhl, Marie (Jacob), b. 1882, d. 11-01-1955, burial date
Adam, Beverly A Kind (Donald W.), b. 08-22-1936, pictures
Adam, Donald "Don" W. (Beverly A. Kind), b. 03-14-1934, d. 12-16-2011, (m)06-17-1958, s/o Theodore & Elfrieda Pergandee Adam, see obit
Adam, Elfrieda A. Pergande (Theodore H.), b. 12-04-1902, d. 10-09-1995, (m)09-24-1925, d/o Julius & Wilhelmina Schultz Pergande, see obit
Adam, Elsie M. (Gottlieb), b. 05-01-1906, d. 10-01-1998, (m)07-27-1927, d/o Carl & Anna Ladwig Gehrke, see obit
Adam, Gottlieb (Elsie M. Gehrke), b. 12-17-1894, d. 11-25-1976, see obit
Adam, Lester T. (Margaret), b. 04-27-1928, d. 03-20-1991, Korea, SGT US Army
Adam, Margaret M. (Pvt. Lester T.), b. 03-04-1933, d. 04-22-2012, (m)12-22-1951, d/o Otto & Clara Helwig Madaus, see obit
Adam, Theodore H. (Elfrieda A.), b. 09-24-1898, d. 11-21-1984
Adams, Clara, b. 1859, d. 01-07-1909, burial date
Adams, Cornelia B. (Fred B.), b. 07-30-1889, d. 04-26-1978
Adams, Fred B. (Cornelia B.), b. 1886, d. 09-16-1964, see obit
Adams, Jessie, b. 1864, d. 1864
Adams, John Q. (Lucy), b. 1816, d. 1895
Adams, John T. , d. 10-22-1863, Age 46 years, 9 months, 18 days
Adams, Johnie/John, b. 1864, d. 03-26-1865, d. date from obituary index, s/o J. Q. & Lucy
Adams, Louie, b. 1857, d. 1898
Adams, Lovine E. (Michael), b. 09-06-1834, d. 06-14-1917, see obit
Adams, Lucy (John Q.), b. 1823, d. 1905
Adams, Mattie , b. 1862, d. 1865
Adams, Mic (Lovine E.), b. 10-28-1831, d. 12-24-1903, Mason
Adkins, Billy J. (Mildred Ruth), b. 02-01-1919, d. 01-29-2003, WW II, Korea 1SG US Army, Silver & Bronze Star, PH, buried 2003, (m)08-30-1949
Adkins, Mildred Ruth (Billy J.), b. 01-20-1921, d. 09-28-2012, (m)08-30-1949, d/o Reinhold & Rena Brandt Rosenthal, see obit
Adler, Catherine M. (Ervan J.), b. 01-15-1924, d. 05-26-2005, Nee Zillmer, see Catherine Moles, ssdi
Adler, Ervan J. (Catherine M.), b. 1921, d. 10-16-1967, WW II, Son-in-law of Rihand & Minnie Zillmer, burial date
Adler, Sarah (John), b. 04-06-1796, d. 08-02-1855
Affeldt, Beth A. Morrison (Lester H.), b. 08-14-1931, pictures, Affeldt/Ekvall stone
Affeldt, Lester H. (Beth A. Morrison), b. 07-15-1930, d. 05-05-2015, (m)1955, Affeldt/Ekvall stone, see obit
Albertie, Frederic A. (Phyllis A.), b. 09-08-1939
Albertie, Phyllis A. (Frederic A.), b. 07-04-1940, d. 03-01-2007, Nee Bobholz
Albertson, Anna (Schuyler V.), b. 02-03-1847, d. 01-04-1931
Albertson, Schuyler V. (Anna), b. 03-17-1847, d. 11-13-1935
Albrecht, Anna/Anne Sell (Otto J.), b. 1885, d. 09-04-1981, see obit
Albrecht, Emelie B. (Gottlieb), b. 02-04-1853, d. 12-14-1935
Albrecht, Gottlieb (Emelie B.), b. 10-22-1848, d. 07-11-1896
Albrecht, Herman (Lillian N.), b. 12-13-1884, d. 01-19-1927, s/o Gottlieb Albrecht, Lillian N. is on stone with Julius L. Grueneberg
Albrecht, Otto J. (Anne Sell), b. 1879, d. 04-10-1948, burial date
Albright, John L. (Katherine Smith), b. 1888, d. 08-30-1967, see obit
Albright, Katherine Smith (John L.), b. 1888, d. 11-26-1967, see obit
Alff, Amanda E. Haemling (2nd w/o Arthur), b. 09-05-1894, d. 12-05-1995, (m)12-07-1933, d/o Gorttried & Wilhelmine Hinz Haemling, see obit
Alff, Anna M. (Gustav R. "Gust"), b. 1872, d. 10-24-1960, burial date
Alff, Arthur A. (#1Gertrude, #2AManda E. Haemling), b. 01-22-1895, d. 1948, (m2)12-07-1933, American Legion, buried 11-16-1948
Alff, August, b. 09-15-1825, d. 08-29-1899
Alff, Ernstina, b. 11-29-1826, d. 03-12-1888
Alff, Ervin H. "Doc" (Lydia Berndt), b. 03-14-1901, d. 06-26-1979, see obit
Alff, Gertrude (1st w/o Arthur A.), b. 1898, d. 03-08-1930, burial date
Alff, Gustav R. "Gust" (Anna M.), b. 1866, d. 09-15-1944, burial date
Alff, Linda--infant, b. 05-11-1898, d. 06-22-1898, d/o Gust Alff
Alff, Lydia Berndt (Ervin H.), b. 03-30-1897, d. 03-17-1973, see obit
Alfs, Arend (Meta/Metta), b. 01-07-1799, d. 02-18-1879, Buried on the G. H. Neimeyer lot
Alfs, Meta/Metta (Arend), b. 04-20-1795, d. 02-02-1879, Buried on the G. H. Neimeyer lot
Allar, Allen A. --infant, d. 05-22-1965, 2day old, s/o Lawrence Allar, see obit
Allar, Grant E. (Theobelle L. Huebner), b. 05-06-1930, d. 07-04-1987, Korea, SP3 US Army
Allar, Lora/Lori A. , b. 11-13-1964, d. 09-01-1975, d/o Grant E. & Theobelle Allar, see obit
Allar, Theobelle L. "Theo" (Grant E.), b. 03-24-1935, d. 04-27-2014, d/o John C. & Elfrieda Steinbach Huebner, obit
Allen, Abigal (N.), d. 10-28-1879, Age 64yrs 3mos 27da
Allen, Adaline (Fayette), b. 04-00-1830, d. 11-00-1899
Allen, Daniel F. , d. 09-11-1848, s/o Hiram L. Allen, Note: Per entry in original ledger-- First interment in Columbus Cemetery, Age 5 years
Allen, Dewitt/DeWitt C. (Ester J.), b. 1893, d. 03-28-1991, Father
Allen, Ester J. (Dewitt/DeWitt C.), b. 1894, d. 04-17-1962, Mother, burial date
Allen, Fayette (Adaline), b. 01-00-1828, d. 11-00-1893, GAR, Corp, Co I, 28th Inf.
Allen, Gladys Winter, b. 1922
Allen, Hannah (N.), d. 02-14-1847, Age 47 years
Allen, Hiram, d. 06-09-1845, Age 35 years
Allen, J. N. , b. 1848, d. 02-01-1884, s/o James R. Allen, Age 36 years
Allen, James R. , b. 1827, d. 05-10-1888, Age 61 years
Allen, James R. -Mrs. , b. 03-16-1829, d. 11-19-1906
Allen, N. , d. 06-09-1875, Age 79 years, 8 months, +
Allen, Volney R. , b. 1852, d. 04-16-1886, s/o James R. Allen, Age 34 years
Altschwager, Albert C. , b. 1890, d. 08-17-1930, burial date, Frank C. Copeland lot
Altschwager, Amelia/Emilie (H. J. Jr.), b. 1858, d. 11-19-1942, burial date
Altschwager, Anna (Fred), b. 03-07-1833, d. 04-15-1904
Altschwager, Edwin, b. 03-24-1863, d. 05-06-1893, s/o F. & A. Altschwager
Altschwager, Emma (William), b. 1890, d. 10-17-1952, burial date
Altschwager, Fred (Anna), b. 01-16-1827, d. 09-04-1899
Altschwager, Grace (Henry J.), b. 1885, d. 1963
Altschwager, H. J. Jr. ---buried 01-28-1920, b. 1852, d. 1920, s/o Henry J. Altschwager Sr.
Altschwager, Henry J. Sr. , b. 1820, d. 1882
Altschwager, Henry J. (1st h/o Grace Ryder), b. 10-17-1879, d. 08-03-1944, Spanish American War, VFW , see Grace Freudiger's obituary
Altschwager, Henry J. Jr. "Luke" (Lois L.), b. 05-01-1913, d. 12-20-1980, Cremains. s/o Henry J. Jr. Altschwager, (m)08-08-1942
Altschwager, Irma J. -Miss, b. 1883, d. 03-14-1969, Sister-in-law of Frank C. Copeland; Sister of Emma Copeland, see obit
Altschwager, Joe (Mathilda), b. 09-18-1855, d. 04-12-1943
Altschwager, Joseph W. "Joe"Sr. (Ruth Nehmer), b. 08-12-1917, d. 05-24-2002, WW II, Sgt US Army, s/o William & Erma Gritzmacher Altschwager, (m)05-26-1945
Altschwager, Laura, b. 09-16-1885, d. 04-01-1906, d/o Joe & Mathilda Altschwager
Altschwager, Lois L. (Henry J. Jr. "Luke"), b. 12-23-1917, d. 03-27-2007, d/o Alvin & Emma Alexander, (m)08-08-1942, see obit
Altschwager, Maria D. (Henry J. Sr.), b. 1820, d. 1895
Altschwager, Mathilda (Joe), b. 07-21-1864, d. 08-01-1929
Altschwager, Ruth S. (Joseph "Joe"), b. 10-13-1924, Nee Nehmer, (m)05-26-1945
Altschwager, William L. "Jerry" (Emma), b. 1884, d. 08-06-1962, see obit
Anderson, Adah C. (Henry), b. 08-12-1868, d. 01-12-1945
Anderson, Alvin Ole (Clara), b. 1887, d. 12-24-1940
Anderson, Anna (Ole), b. 08-10-1842, d. 10-07-1876
Anderson, Annette M. (Franklin), b. 1820, d. 1886
Anderson, Carolyn Chadbourn, b. 05-28-1903, d. 12-13-1998, cremains
Anderson, Charles, b. 09-21-1821, d. 08-17-1887
Anderson, Clara (Alvin Ole), b. 1891, d. 02-02-1968, see obit
Anderson, Franklin, b. 1821, d. 1891
Anderson, Helen (Charles), b. 02-22-1835, d. 03-05-1922
Anderson, Henry O. (Adah), b. 03-29-1868, d. 11-16-1925
Anderson, Infant s/o Robert, d. 08-01-1949, Grands/o Alvin O. Anderson
Anderson, James L. , b. 1856, d. 04-01-1936, Burial date, on Franklin Anderson lot
Anderson, John, d. 09-16-1940, burial date
Anderson, Josephine Evans (Lawrence), b. 1848, d. 05-06-1910, burial date
Anderson, Lawrence (Josephine Evans), d. 1936, Buried on Franklin Anderson lot
Anderson, Lillian Nelsen (Walter), b. 1916, d. 08-24-1940, d/o Louis Nelsen, burial date
Anderson, Martha, b. 08-20-1864, d. 11-25-1867, d/o Ole Anderson
Anderson, Mary L. , b. 12-14-1921, d. 10-22-2008, pictures
Anderson, Ole, b. 03-22-1837, d. 10-28-1910
Anderson, Robert A. "Bobby", b. 1949, d. 10-28-1955, s/o Robert H. Anderson, burial date
Anderson, Robert H. , b. 04-05-1919, d. 06-15-1980, WW II
Anderson, Torena (2nd? w/o Ole), b. 04-01-1855, d. 02-06-1919
Anderson, Vesta, d. 11-30-1932, Sister of Lawrence Anderson, Burial date, on Franklin Anderson lot
Anderson, Walter, d. 08-29-1937, burial date
Anderson, William, b. 05-27-1866, d. 05-23-1908, s/o Ole Anderson
Anderson, William O. "Bill", b. 08-17-1913, d. 06-21-1984, WW II, s/o Alvin O. Anderson, see obit
Andler, Alma C. (Rudolph F.), b. 1890, d. 09-26-1949, burial date, Mother
Andler, Amy G. (Ed), b. 1911, d. 01-16-1968, see obit
Andler, August, d. 07-30-1925, s/o Fred Andler, burial date
Andler, August, b. 1878, d. 02-09-1933, burial date
Andler, Dorothy E. (Russell A.), b. 1926, d. 10-12-1991
Andler, Ed F. , b. 1889, d. 11-24-1954, burial date
Andler, Francis (Ed), b. 1893, d. 10-06-1933, burial date
Andler, Fred (Minnie), b. 1862, d. 10-02-1934, burial date
Andler, Frederick, b. 1923, d. 1925, s/o A. & N. Andler; Buried on Charles Thomas lot
Andler, Fredrick W. J. , b. 03-17-1893, d. 03-28-1959, WW I, Bro/George Andler
Andler, George R. (Marilla L. Sanderson), b. 01-20-1921, (m)04-24-1954
Andler, George W. , b. 1881, d. 04-02-1970, on stone with Frederick, see obit
Andler, Marilla L. (George R.), b. 11-10-1930, d. 10-14-2000, (m)04-24-1954, d/o Guy & Esther Kettlehon Sanderson
Andler, Martha F. H. , b. 01-03-1887, d. 12-03-1914, d/o Fred Andler, obit says died 12-31-1914
Andler, Minna, b. 01-03-1887, d. 03-07-1887, Infant d/o D. & M. Andler
Andler, Rudolph F. (Anna C.), b. 12-23-1883, d. 01-10-1975, Father
Andler, Russell A. (Dorothy E.), b. 07-26-1916, d. 04-02-2004, Columbus VFD
Andler, Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Fred), b. 1849, d. 05-10-1930, burial date
Andrews, Asher, b. 1818, d. 1904, Father of S. W. Andrews
Andrews, Emma L. Schulz (Neal Bailey), b. 02-08-1898, d. 11-13-1994
Andrews, Lucy G. , b. 1818, d. 1895, Mother of S. W. Andrews
Andrews, Neal Bailey (Emma L. Schulz), b. 06-02-1895, d. 06-04-1978, WW I, CFR US Army, see obit
Andrus, Edna (Guy), b. 05-19-1882, d. 06-04-1972
Andrus, Guy (Edna), b. 1881, d. 01-08-1945, burial date
Annis, Emma S. (Henry), b. 05-21-1834, d. 10-05-1904
Annis, Henry (Emma S.), no marker
Annis, Jennie, b. 04-10-1866, d. 11-30-1903, d/o Henry & Emma Annis
Antrim, Roland O. (Cora), b. 1900, d. 05-11-1934, burial date, Father, see Cora H. Antrim Waters
Armstrong, Vivian L. (Delbert "Wayne"), b. 05-31-1940, d. 12-30-2013, (m)10-27-1962, d/o Louis & Clara Schroeder Lee, see obit
Arnold, Elmer Clarke (Julie Elizabeth), b. 12-28-1916, d. 11-17-2004, WW II, Capt US Army Air Forces, Lawyer with Calahall and Arnold in Columbus, (m)12-27-1946
Arnold, Julie Elizabeth (Elmer Clark), b. 05-19-1919, d. 08-07-2005, (m)12-27-1946, d/o Dean & Melvina Kimball Bleecker, see obit
Arnold, Richard, b. 1958, d. 1989, on Bleecker-Arnold stone
Arnold, William C. , b. 1958, d. 02-22-1982, Cremains. � Grands/o D. E. Bleecker, s/o E. Clark & Julie Arnold
Atchinson, William A. (Alma), b. 07-02-1883, d. 08-06-1916
Atchison, Edith Taylor (Rev. W. E.), b. 02-20-1867, d. 12-16-1922, d/o W. R, Taylor
Augustine Loretta L. (Clarence A.), b. 09-16-1922
Augustine, Clarence A. (Loretta L.), b. 03-18-1918, d. 05-15-2004
Augustine, F. St. , d. 1856
Austin, A. T. (Sarah A.), b. 02-20-1827, d. 03-24-1915
Austin, Ariel T. (Ida A. Kvale), b. 05-22-1903, d. 04-18-1968, Father, s/o James W. Austin
Austin, Ariel T. III, b. 1928, d. 03-05-1929, burial date
Austin, Elizabeth R. , b. 1814, d. 1896, Buried on Lester R. Rockwell lot, d/o A. & B. Rockwell
Austin, Florence, b. 1880, d. 02-18-1884, d/o A. M. Austin, 4yrs 8mos old
Austin, Frank T. , b. 1882, d. 1904
Austin, Gracie A. , b. 1862, d. 1883, d/o A. T. & S. A. Austin
Austin, Ida A. Kvale (Ariel T.), b. 06-30-1898, d. 03-29-1966, Mother, Dtr-in law of James W. Austin, see obit
Austin, James W. (Jennie G.), b. 12-04-1866, d. 10-24-1918, Father
Austin, Jennie G. (James W.), b. 01-29-1876, d. 04-21-1946, Mother
Austin, Lucy M. , b. 1860, d. 1904
Austin, Mercie D. , b. 1857, d. 1881, d/o A. T. & S. A. Austin
Austin, Sarah A. (A. T.), b. 1827, d. 1892
Austin, Thad, No marker
Austin, Walter H. , b. 1886, d. 03-10-1952, burial date
Austin, Wayne W. , b. 02-28-1910, d. 11-12-1949, WW II, Wis Cpl 542 Engrs, s/o James W. Austin
Axtell, James C. --Dr. (Medbury Sarah), b. 07-11-1820, d. 10-18-1862, GAR, Wis Major, Asst Surg 23 Wis Inf, CO F, CO S
Axtell, Medbury Sarah (Dr. Axtel), b. 09-14-1822, d. 03-16-1903
Axtell, Silas, b. 1829, d. 05-02-1911, burial date
Baartz, Laura Huebner, b. 1905, d. 1929, d/o W. F. & A. L. Huebner
Babcock, Almira (Gurdon), b. 1805, d. 1880, Mother
Babcock, George R. , d. 07-26-1862, s/o G. & A. Babcock, 14yrs 1da old
Babcock, Gurdon (Almira), b. 1801, d. 1887, Father
Babcock, J. S. , d. 12-26-1864, GAR, 29yrs 5mos, 7das old
Babcock, Oliver Morrell, b. 1830, d. 02-19-1913, burial date
Babst, Louise, b. 1825, d. 09-30-1916, d/o Carl Krakow
Bachmann, August, b. 02-04-1831, d. 08-06-1902
Bachmann, Barbara (Fredrick), b. 02-15-1823, d. 09-10-1895, 72yr 6mo old
Bachmann, Elizabeth E. (William), b. 10-31-1881, d. 04-04-1970
Bachmann, Ernestine (August), b. 01-14-1939, d. 01-28-1913
Bachmann, Fredrick, b. 05-08-1822, d. 11-03-1896, Age 74 years, 5 months, 26 days
Bachmann, John G. , d. 04-29-1862, s/o J. F. & B. Bachmann
Bachmann, Julius, b. 03-09-1871, d. 12-31-1893, s/o Aug. & E. Bachmann
Bachmann, William, b. 1877, d. 06-24-1955, s/o August Bachmann, burial date
Bader, Margaret Hazel (#1William Tiedt, #2Boyd Bader), b. 10-21-1922, d. 10-01-2015, (m1)09-07-1940, (m2)06-17-1995, d/o Bernard & Mildred Meitner Schroeder, obit
Baerhold, Ferdinand (Louise), b. 1819, d. 1885
Baerhold, Louise (Ferdinand), b. 1808, d. 1899, Nee Erhart
Baerwald, Albert, b. 1858, d. 1946, death date is question, buried 05-13-1923
Baerwald, Albert, b. 04-02-1899, d. 07-06-1977
Baerwald, Bernard "Bernie" F. (Elaine E.), b. 03-02-1917, d. 11-17-2007, from obit, (m)06-05-1939, s/o Paul & Emma Birkholz Baerwald
Baerwald, Elaine E. (Bernard "Bernie" F.), b. 02-04-1921, d. 10-20-2003, (m)06-05-1939, d/o Arthur & Mertie Schoenwetter Stark
Baerwald, Emma A. (Paul G.), b. 1887, d. 05-03-1961, Mother, see obit
Baerwald, Henry, d. 04-25-1939, s/o Albert Baerwald, burial date
Baerwald, Johanna (Albert), b. 1861, d. 01-04-1930, burial date
Baerwald, Paul G. (Emma A.), b. 1880, d. 11-06-1963, burial date, Father
Baerwald, Pearl, b. 02-18-1907, d. 02-25-1907, Infant d/o Paul Baerwald
Baerwald, Reinalda P, b. 08-14-1927, d. 06-24-2007, TEC 3 US Army
Bagneski, Eugene H. , b. 09-25-1925, d. 04-23-1945, WW II, Wis Pvt 87 MT Inf 10 MT inf Div 38 M-PH, s/o Thomas J. & Leona B. Bagneski
Bagneski, Leona B. (Thomas J.), b. 09-16-1905, d. 11-15-1975
Bagneski, Thomas J. (Leona B.), b. 1903, d. 05-22-1973
Bahr, Augusta, b. 01-08-1873, d. 05-08-1908, Buried on Wm. Waltersdorf lot
Baker, Alma (Otto), b. 09-13-1875, d. 11-26-1972, Nee Lueders
Baker, Anna (Calvin), b. 1812, d. 1898
Baker, Calvin (Anna), b. 1808, d. 1897, GAR, Capt, & A. Q. M.
Baker, Dorothea (Louis C.), b. 1845, d. 09-11-1918, burial date
Baker, E-Mrs. . ,
Baker, Francis A. (Katie F.), b. 1843, d. 04-21-1925, burial date
Baker, Hobert G. , b. 1877, d. 12-07-1942, s/o Louis C. Baker, burial date
Baker, Katie F. (Francis), b. 1857, d. 09-23-1940, burial date
Baker, Louis C. , b. 11-28-1837, d. 07-11-1925
Baker, Mina Jahnke, b. 04-14-1862, d. 10-22-1889, Buried on Fred Jahnke lot
Baker, Ottis, b. 1862, d. 1889, Buried on Fred Jahnke lot
Baker, Otto, b. 1871, d. 01-01-1947, burial date
Baldwin, Julia (J.), b. 1836, d. 03-13-1857
Ballsrud, Barbara Rose, d. 09-17-1947, burial date, d/o Wesley & Mildred Ballsrud
Balthazor, Ella E. Siegert (Ryan), b. 09-10-1912, d. 04-04-1983, see obit
Balthazor, Ryan (Ella E. Siegert), b. 11-25-1911, d. 11-16-1979
Banetzke, DeWayne L. (Shirley M. Lange), b. 10-17-1928, d. 04-14-2002, (m)04-27-1963, s/o Leonard & Anna Petrich Banetzke
Banetzke, Shirley M. (DeWayne L.), b. 07-27-1939, Nee Lange, (m)04-27-1963
Bangham, Charles J. , b. 09-10-1905, d. 03-16-1984, In Memory of, jn stone with Jean Cox Bangham
Bangham, Jean Cox (Charles), b. 05-07-1931, d. 02-06-1984, Cremains, d/o Fred & Viola Cox, on stone with Charles J. Bangham, see obit
Banker, Harold, d. 07-19-1926, Infant, burial date, no marker
Bankier, Samuel (Verola Voigt), b. 1899, d. 11-12-1948, burial date
Bankier, Verola Voigt (Samuel), b. 1902, d. 09-17-1962, see obit
Barg, August, d. No marker
Barg, Children--Two, d. No Markers, Buried on August Barg lot
Barnes, Lillian G. , b. 12-02-1898, d. 06-05-1947, burial date
Barraclough, Abraham (Mary E.), b. 03-10-1844, d. 03-18-1909
Barraclough, Emma G. (Henry A.), b. 1877, d. 01-15-1941, Burial date, Mother
Barraclough, Henry A. (Emma G.), b. 1877, d. 07-16-1965, burial date, Father
Barraclough, Mabel, b. 09-02-1893, d. 12-03-1898, d/o Abraham Barraclough
Barraclough, Mary E. (Abraham), b. 10-31-1849, d. 01-30-1919
Barraclough, William (Myrtle Thompson), b. 1870, d. 12-23-1920, Buried on Abraham Barraclough lot, see obit
Barrow, James, b. 1830, d. 01-27-1915, see obit
Barrow, Lucy , d. 1865, Age 26yr 3mo 27days
Barrow, Lucy (Richard), b. 1799, d. 1894
Barrow, Richard, b. 1781, d. 1854
Barrow, Samuel, b. 1834, d. 1857
Barrow, Seymour, b. 1832, d. 1859
Barrow, Thomas, b. 1836, d. 05-24-1911, s/o Richard & Lucy Barrow, burial date
Bartley, Barbara G. , b. 01-18-1919, d. 11-19-1999, d/o Dr. Mortimer & Grace Bartley
Bartley, Grace M. (Dr. Mortimer M.), b. 1885, d. 03-07-1956, burial date, Mother, Eastern Star
Bartley, Mortimer M. -Dr. (Grace M.), b. 04-21-1887, d. 09-28-1962, WW I, WIS 1st LT, Dentist, Mason, Father
Bartz, Anna (Emil), b. 1882, d. 07-07-1937, burial date
Bartz, Emil (Anna), b. 1874, d. 08-09-1933, burial date
Bartz, Laura Huebner, b. 1905, d. 06-17-1929, d/o Wm. Huebner, burial date
Bassett, Agnes, b. 1892, d. 07-17-1956, Burial date, on Daniel E. Bassett lot
Bassett, Caroline (Daniel E.), b. 1831, d. 1885
Bassett, Daniel E. , b. 1822, d. 1888
Bassett, Luthera, b. 1859, d. 1930, Buried on Daniel E. Bassett lot
Bassett, Mary Griswold, b. 1869, d. 07-02-1929, d/o Daniel E. Bassett, burial date
Bath, Agnes (Rev. L. Bath), b. 06-30-1815, d. 10-15-1881
Bath, H. D. , b. 03-20-1842, d. 06-08-1880, Soldier, s/o Reverend L. Bath, lot 29 div. 1
Bath, H. D. , d. no dates, GAR, Lieut, Bo B, 7th Mich. Inf. , lot 60 add. 1
Bath, Hubert, d. 1870, s/o Reverend L. Bath, lot 29, division 1
Bath, Louise T. --Mrs. , b. 02-28-1848, d. 01-16-1932
Bath, Luella T. , b. 06-14-1868, d. 06-22-1874, d/o H. D. Bath
Bath, Margaret, b. 02-06-1849, d. 08-25-1849, d/o Reverend L. Bath
Bath, Monemia, b. 09-28-1851, d. 04-05-1874, d/o Reverend L. Bath
Bath, Paul Fred, b. 01-08-1872, d. 11-30-1916, s/o H. D. Bath
Bath, Reverend L. , b. 05-25-1819, d. 04-04-1876
Bath, Willie E. , b. 02-23-1854, d. 07-18-1879, s/o Reverend L. Bath
Bauer, Frank, b. 1904, d. 01-14-1983, burial date, Friend of Erlea Wolc
Bauman, Emma Lenz, b. 09-04-1886, d. 09-10-1912
Baumann, Friedericka Druczinsky (#1Albert Druczinsky, #2Baumann), b. 03-29-1869, d. 02-05-1953, aka Louise Reka Druczinsky, stone, Mother, d/o August Boese
Baumgart, Carl, b. 11-14-1844, d. 08-12-1878, s/o Gottfried Baumgart
Baumgart, Christine (Gottfried), b. 10-01-1815, d. 01-21-1897
Baumgart, Gottfried (Christine), b. 02-04-1808, d. 08-18-1895
Baumgarten, Lydia, d. 03-29-1863, d/o H. & E. Baumgarten, 4mo 10 da old
Beardsley, Marie A. McKay (Orville L.), b. 03-12-1921, d. 12-23-2008, from obit, (m)12-24-1942, d/o George & Thelma Norton McKay
Beardsley, Orville L. (Marie A. McKay), b. 06-04-1914, d. 04-05-1978, WW II, Sgt US Army , see obit
Bechtold, Arnold A. (Grace Lange), b. 1907, d. 05-17-1946, burial date
Bechtold, Grace Lange (Arnold A.), b. 1909, d. 03-15-1940, see obit
Bechtold, Jacob (Julie), b. 1866, d. 12-14-1927, burial date
Bechtold, Julia (Jacob), b. 1869, d. 01-23-1950, burial date
Beck, Arthur H. (Bernice I.), b. 07-15-1913, d. 04-12-1956, Father
Beck, Bernice I. (Arthur H.), b. 10-02-1916, d. 01-10-2006, Grandma, (m)1934, d/o Knut & Tillie Gjerstad Johnson, see obit
Beck, Herbert C. (Ruby M.), b. 06-04-1894, d. 05-06-1964, WW I, Wis Cpl CO C 54 Inf 6 Div
Beck, Ruby M. (Herbert C.), b. 01-07-1894, d. 05-12-1975
Becker, Charles, d. 03-08-1934, burial date
Becker, Ellen (John), b. 1858, d. 12-04-1942, burial date
Becker, John (Ellen), b. 1856, d. 01-15-1926, burial date
Becker, Louisa (Ludwig), b. 1858, d. 12-15-1918, burial date
Becker, Ludwig (Louisa), b. 1855, d. 01-18-1926, burial date
Beckwith, Arthur D. (Izora E.), b. 07-16-1911, d. 10-07-1988, Mason
Beckwith, Catherine (John),
Beckwith, Frank C. , b. 1861, d. 05-30-1923, Burial date, on William Morgan lot
Beckwith, Infant son, d. 02-25-1859, s/o J. F. & N. Beckwith, Age 21 days
Beckwith, Izora E (Arthur D.), b. 1914, d. 09-12-1999
Beckwith, John, Buried on William Morgan lot
Bedlore, Clara M. G. , b. 03-08-1884, d. 8-24-1891, d/o Ph. & D. Bedlore
Behl, Albert R. , b. 07-09-1904, d. 01-30-1974, s/o Emil & Dora Behl
Behl, Dora Heiboldt (Emil), b. 08-23-1880, d. 05-27-1915, see obit
Behl, Emil (Dora Heiboldt), b. 01-17-1870, d. 02-12-1950
Behl, Ernestena (Herman), b. 01-17-1830, d. 01-24-1916
Behl, Herman (Ernestena), b. 03-15-1828, d. 07-30-1917
Behl, Infant son, d. 12-30-1950, Infant s/o Robert W. Behl, burial date
Behl, John William & Joseph David-Twins, d. 12-22-1951, s/o Robert Behl, Grands/o Otto Behl, burial date
Behl, Lawrence R. (Luella E. Skalitzky), b. 04-26-1903, d. 11-13-1975, s/o Emil & Dora Behl, see obit
Behl, Luella E. Skalitzky (Lawrence R.), b. 02-02-1893, d. 02-05-1976, d/o Frank L. Skalitzky, see obit
Behl, Mathilda, b. 03-10-1872, d. 10-01-1903, d/o Herman & Ernestena Behl
Behl, Otto R. , b. 12-15-1886, d. 06-08-1955, s/o Herman & Ernestena Behl
Behncke, Caroline (Rudolph J.), b. 07-27-1856, d. 09-16-1933
Behncke, Rudolph J. (Caroline), b. 03-31-1852, d. 08-28-1918
Beich, Gustave, d. 05-29-1963, Great Grandchild of John F. Warner, burial date
Beier, Minnie A. (Robert C.), b. 1887, d. 10-24-1950, burial date
Beier, Robert C. (Minnie A.), b. 05-12-1883, d. 05-11-1971
Beier, Ruby, b. 1914, d. 01-21-1916, Grd/o Joseph Gruetzmacher; d/o Rob. Beier, burial date
Beilke, Raymond F. (Ruth Carolyn Schallert), b. 02-10-1915, d. 08-02-2007, (m)12-11-1939, s/o Emil & Margaret Eckart Beilke, see obit
Beilke, Ruth Carolyn (Raymond F.), b. 11-25-1915, d. 11-21-1993, (m)12-11-1939, Nee Schallert
Bell, Elora M. Nelson (Robert), b. 1855, d. 09-20-1935, burial date
Bell, Robert (Elora M.), b. 04-14-1845, d. 07-24-1931, GAR, CO B 5th Wis Inf
Bellack, Albert M. (Alice W.), b. 1860, d. 12-09-1935, burial date
Bellack, Alice W. (Albert M.), b. 1861, d. 04-17-1937, burial date
Bellack, Bernhard F. -Dr. , b. 02-24-1862, d. 11-22-1934, Cremains, on stone with Marie Bellack
Bellack, Blanch H. (Willard B.), b. 06-04-1904, d. 01-04-1986, Cremains, Dtr-in-law of Albert M. Bellack
Bellack, Lestrina P. Rockwell (Dr. B. F.), b. 1861, d. 1906, Buried on Lester R. Rockwell lot. d/o Lester R. Wheeler, one of the organizers of Hillside Cemetery Association.
Bellack, Mary/Marie Griswold (Dr. B. F.), b. 05-12-1877, d. 06-13-1947, Cremains, on stone with Bernhard Bellack
Bellack, Willard B. (Blanche Hollingsworth), b. 06-25-1897, d. 12-03-1971, WW I, Cremains. s/o Albert M. Bellack, see obit
Bellin, Anna, b. 1867, d. 1905
Bellin, Carl , d. 06-09-1910, Infant, burial date
Bellin, Carl--Mrs. , d. no dates
Bellin, Charles, b. 1858, d. 06-08-1923, burial date
Bellin, Mr. , d. no dates, Father of Carl Bellin
Bellin, Wilhelmina, d. 10-12-1911, Mother of Carl Bellin, burial date
Bemmann, Bernhard, b. 1855, d. 02-15-1939, burial date
Bemmann, Claudine C. , b. 08-30-1889, d. 06-10-1987, d/o Bernhard Bemmann
Bemmann, Fred, b. 1891, d. 05-15-1952, s/o Bernhard Bemmann, burial date
Bemmann, Maria H. (Bernhard), b. 1856, d. 11-30-1943, burial date
Bemmann, Max, b. 1887, d. 07-17-1964, s/o Bernhard Bemmann, burial date
Benedict, B. M. , b. 1806, d. 1873
Benedict, Elnora Butterfield (Orlando), b. 12-8-1842, d. 02-27-1864
Benedict, Guy, b. 1864, d. 1864, Infant s/o E. & O. Benedict
Benedict, Joseph P. , b. 08-08-1805, d. 09-29-1865
Benedict, Orlando, b. 10-19-1835, d. 03-28-1875
Benisch, Anna C. (Benjamin "Bennie" L.), b. 06-25-1911, d. 03-26-2000, Cremains, (m)11-15-1934, d/o Edward & Ida Tiedt
Benisch, Benjamin "Bennie" L. (Anna C. Tiedt), b. 03-30-1911, d. 08-02-2005, (m)11-15-1934, s/o John & Elizabeth Gehrke Benisch, see obit
Benisch, Laurene E. (Rainhold John) obit, b. 09-13-1922, d. 01-17-2015, (m)09-24-1942, d/o Nels & Alma Smithback
Benisch, Rainhold John (Laurene Smithback), b. 06-21-1916, d. 07-15-2003, WW II, Korea, CPO US Navy, s/o John & Elizabeth Gehrke Benisch, (m)09-24-1942
Bennett, Carol Mae (John William Jr.), b. 11-06-1935
Bennett, Cola E. (Sabens), b. 1827, d. 10-12-1855, Age 28 years, 7 months, 8 days
Bennett, Dewitte, d. 04-16-1863, s/o L. W. Bennett, 3yr 10 mo 10 da old
Bennett, Edwin, b. 1855, d. 1856, s/o G. R. & M. J. Bennett
Bennett, Hattie, d. 06-11-1877, d/o L. W. Bennett; Age 16 years
Bennett, John William Jr. (Carol Mae), b. 04-06-1932, d. 02-12-2005, Korea, PFC US Army, can't find obit
Bennett, Sabens (Cola E.), b. 1821, d. 09-15-1853, Soldier, 42yr old--b. 1811 or d. 1863 if 42yr old, Betty Cook's files:b. 06-09-1820 & d. 09-15-1862
Benninger, Linda Bertha Wilhelmine, b. 08-11-1893, d. 06-22-1987, d/o William A Klatt, cremains
Benson, Esther, d. 09-08-1875, Relative of Henry Benson
Benson, Infant of Ludden Benson, d. 06-28-1948, Burial date, on August Kuehl lot
Benson, Ludden, b. 04-16-1925, d. 05-26-1988, WW II, US Army, father of Donalda Sauer
Bentzler, John, d. 12-28-1965, burial date
Berberich, Ruth I. (Francis), b. 11-11-1904, d. 09-09-1997, d/o Robert & Mathilda Johnson Getty, on stone with Josephine & Gerald Kasper
Berg, Alice M. Wilcox (Frank H.), b. 1884, d. 03-03-1967, Mother, see obit
Berg, Charles W. (Lucille F. Peters), b. 03-18-1913, d. 12-11-1973, see obit
Berg, Clarence F. (Gladys I. Selje), b. 1906, d. 12-04-1966, Husband, s/o Frank Berg, see obit
Berg, Frank H. (Alice M. Wilcox), b. 1876, d. 07-19-1939, see obit
Berg, Gladys I. Selje (Clarence F.), b. 11-11-1911, d. 07-04-1977, Wife, Daughter-in-law of Frank Berg
Berg, Ida B. (William), b. 1876, d. 08-19-1940, see obit
Berg, Louis L. --cremated, b. 11-28-1937, d. 06-10-1982, US Marine Corps, US Navy, Son-in-law of R. E. Fredrick
Berg, Lucille F. (Charles W.), b. 03-18-1921, d. 12-26-1996, d/o George & Savilla Singer Peters
Berg, William F. , b. 1870, d. 04-14-1948, burial date
Bergauer, Alfred E. -Baby, b. 02-10-1910, d. 02-27-1910, s/o Rudolph & Anna Bergauer
Bergauer, Anna (Rudolph Sr.), b. 1868, d. 12-28-1931, see obit
Bergauer, Ernest R. (Rosie), b. 07-01-1896, d. 11-24-1973, s/o Rudolph Bergauer, see obit
Bergauer, Esther M. J. (Herman E.), b. 04-14-1910, d. 03-23-2010, (m)05-15-1938, d/o William & Emma Brokopp Strehmel, see obit
Bergauer, Herman E. (Esther M. J.), b. 10-26-1898, d. 09-03-1974, Hemmy
Bergauer, Lawrence L. , b. 1906, d. 10-26-1943, WW II, WIS PFC 198 Inf, s/o Rudolph Bergauer, buried 10-14-1948
Bergauer, Rudolph, b. 03-11-1894, d. 11-12-1960, WW I, Wis Sgt 161 Depot Brigade, Grands/o Julius Gust Knoll (Brother of Edna Bergauer Mueller who purchased lot 4-11-1944)
Bergauer, Rudolph Sr. (Anna), b. 1857, d. 07-24-1943, burial date
Bergauer, Walter E. , b. 03-13-1901, d. 05-21-1977, Grands/o Julius Gust Knoll (Brother of Edna Bergauer Mueller who purchased lot 4-11-1944)
Berger, Charles H. (Emma M.), b. 1869, d. 01-14-1952, burial date
Berger, Emma M. (Charles H.), b. 1874, d. 01-21-1946, burial date
Berger, Ernestine (Gottlieb), b. 10-06-1830, d. 11-21-1914
Berger, Gottlieb (Ernestine), b. 10-10-1834, d. 07-13-1919
Bergerson, Geraldine A. (#1William E. Bergerson, #2Curtis Hoff), b. 10-23-1916, d. 01-04-2008, (m2)06-08-1974, d/o Grant A. & Amelia Brandt Lien, see obit for Geraldine Hoff
Bergerson, William E. (1st h/o Geraldine A. Lien), b. 10-23-1915, d. 08-22-1971, WW II, VFW
Bergner, Bernice Louise (Harvey-former), b. 01-31-1915, d. 04-25-2006, d/o Sever & Emma Schroeder Boyum, obit
Bergner, Gustav, b. No marker, d. 04-14-1943, burial date
Bergner, Ida, b. No marker, d. 07-30-1923, burial date
Bergner, Maria (Gustav), b. 10-19-1864, d. 05-18-1902
Bergner, Walter, b. No marker, d. 02-14-1942, s/o G. Bergner, burial date
Bergstrom, Paul L. -M. D. (Lydia Gruhn), b. 05-20-1911, d. 10-07-1960, WW II, ILL Lt MC USNR, obit
Bernal, Patricia "Patti" Rae Leyson (Julio Jr.), b. 1951, d. 12-13-1979, d/o Waldo J. & Elaine Leyson, see obit
Berndt, Alvin F. (Esther E. Kehl), b. 1908, d. 10-03-1981, Son-in-law of William Kehl, see obit
Berndt, Augusta (2nd w/o Frank W.), b. 1867, d. 03-31-1924, burial date
Berndt, Bonnie J. Erdmann (Clifford C.), b. 08-13-1936, (m)05-18-1957
Berndt, Christine, b. 1813, d. 1881, Grandmother; Buried on Louis C. Baker lot
Berndt, Clifford C. (Bonnie J. Erdmann), b. 09-01-1935, d. 07-17-2008, Cliff, (m)05-18-1957
Berndt, Dina (Frank W.), d. 12-27-1882, 17yrs 10m 2da old
Berndt, Ernst J. , b. 1825, d. 08-02-1884, Father of Frank W. Berndt
Berndt, Esther E. (Alvin F.), b. 03-15-1908, d. 12-24-1991, d/o William Kehl
Berndt, Flora (Ernst J.), b. 09-18-1827, d. 03-15-1891, Mother of Frank Berndt
Berndt, Frank W. , b. 1857, d. 10-15-1941, burial date
Berndt, Frank W. (Margaret K. Meister), b. 1883, d. 12-20-1960, see obit
Berndt, Harriett Jane (Herbert E.), b. 02-23-1911, d. 02-05-1998, d/o Richard & Catherine Roberts Williams, dental ass't to Dr. Raymond Howe
Berndt, Herbert E. (Harriett Jane), b. 07-12-1906, d. 06-08-1988
Berndt, Jeanette Eve (William), b. 07-29-1970, d. 08-15-2009, Daddy's Girl, (m)04-10-1996, d/o Dennis Spranger & Kathleen McDonald, see obit
Berndt, Jeffery Allan, b. 07-22-1960, d. 12-12-1969, Grands/o Franklin W. Berndt; s/o Clifford Berndt. Buried on Frank W. Berndt lot, obit
Berndt, Margaret K. Meister (Frank W.), b. 1885, d. 04-07-1969, see obit
Berndt, Michael, b. 1837, d. 09-12-1917, Burial date, on Louis C. Baker lot, grandfather
Bertram, Albert (Johanna), b. 04-23-1849, d. 01-06-1916
Bertram, Carl, b. 11-01-1884, d. 02-15-1906, s/o Albert & Johanna Bertram
Bertram, Johanna (Albert), b. 05-06-1851, d. 04-15-1945
Beschta, Esther, b. 08-05-1894, d. 10-02-1987, d/o Albert Baerwald
Bessert, Anna Lange (Frank C.), b. 1881, d. 07-31-1961, Mother, see obit
Bessert, Frank C. (Anna Lange), b. 1881, d. 07-19-1932, burial date, Father
Bessert, Wilhelmine (William), b. 1854, d. 03-05-1932, burial date, Mother
Bessert, William , b. 1908, d. 10-19-1968, s/o Frank & Anna Bessert, see obit
Bessert, William/Wilhelm (Wilhelmine), b. 1848, d. 04-19-1924, burial date, Father
Bethke, Bertha M. (George), b. 1889, d. 04-01-1967, burial date
Bethke, George R. , b. 1879, d. 05-22-1950, burial date
Beutler, Luella E. Nevermann (George), b. 1902, d. 09-12-1981, d/o Christian F. Moll, see obit
Bibow, Anna L. (Theodore F.), b. 1892, d. 03-15-1946, burial date
Bibow, Carl J. W. , b. 08-19-1865, d. 10-19-1887, s/o John & Mary Bibow
Bibow, Frank J. (Josephine), b. 12-09-1860, d. 11-13-1942
Bibow, John, d. 03-27-1904, 76yr 2mo 7da old
Bibow, Josephine (Frank J.), b. 01-01-1864, d. 03-03-1929, buried 05-06-1929, per marker d. 03-03-1929
Bibow, Lester Ted--infant, b. 1926, d. 10-22-1926, s/o Theodore F. & Anna L. Bibow, burial date
Bibow, Mary (John), d. 06-14-1898, 73yr 7mo 20da old
Bibow, Otto F. , b. 05-05-1886, d. 12-28-1942, s/o Frank J. Bibow
Bibow, Theodore F. (Anna L.), b. 1890, d. 05-29-1966, see obit
Bickel, John M. (Mena Christina Wilhelminal), b. 10-24-1869, d. 10-23-1950
Bickel, Mena Christina Wilhelmina (John M.), b. 01-18-1874, d. 05-31-1957, Mena C. on stone
Bickel, Rose A. (Rueben H.), b. 09-09-1913, d. 11-05-1995
Bickel, Rueben H. (Rose A.), b. 11-25-1900, d. 04-05-1988
Biedenbender, Helen L. (Louis/Louie T.), b. 1878, d. 03-31-1964, see obit
Biedenbender, Louis "Louie" T. (Helen L.), b. 1879, d. 09-04-1933, burial date
Biedermann, Arthur (Hulda Vaerus), b. 1890, d. 04-06-1961, s/o Nic/Nicholes Biedermann, burial date , see obit
Biedermann, Augusta (Nic/Nicholes), b. 1862, d. 12-19-1953, burial date, Mother
Biedermann, Hulda Vaerus (Arthur), b. 1894, d. 04-06-1961, burial date
Biedermann, Nic/Nicholes (Augusta), b. 1862, d. 03-13-1948, burial date, Father
Bielefeldt, Carol Ann, b. 01-22-1941, d. 09-07-1993, d/o Garfield & Harriett Christiansen, metal funeral home marker in 2012
Bielke, Anna M. (William A.), b. 1876, d. 04-02-1962, burial date, Mother
Bielke, Elizabeth Christine Schnuth (Richard R.), b. 12-19-1877, d. 08-27-1960, see obit
Bielke, Richard R. (Elizabeth Christine Schnuth), b. 11-29-1875, d. 11-05-1967, see obit
Bielke, William A. (Anna M.), b. 1879, d. 06-26-1937, burial date, Father
Biersach, Audrey J. (Robert M.), b. 05-31-1937, (m)09-12-1959
Biersach, Robert M. (Audrey J.), b. 03-02-1931, (m)09-12-1959
Bigelow, John D. (Margaret Starker), b. 1917, d. 08-30-2001, s/o Victor & Mabel Hitesman Bigelow
Bigelow, Margaret Starker (John D.), b. 1918
Bigger, Ursala--Knobel, b. 12-09-1831, d. 08-10-1873, hard to read
Bingham, E. T. , b. 1839, d. 1873, s/o E. M. Bingham
Bingham, Edward M. , b. 1814, d. 1895
Bingham, Henrietta A. (Henry L.), b. 12-29-1841, d. 02-16-1877
Bingham, Henry L. (Henrietta A.), b. 03-22-1842, d. 09-05-1865, s/o Lucius Bingham
Bingham, Lucius H. (Mary A.), b. 03-12-1812, d. 11-27-1886
Bingham, Mary A. (Lucius H.), b. 03-03-1818, d. 10-02-1892
Bingham, Mary Ann (Edward M.), b. 1819, d. 1904
Birdsey, Almond P. , d. 1869
Birdsey, Aurille (Almond P.), d. 1885
Birdsey, Frank L. , b. 1869, d. 12-10-1923, burial date
Birdsey, Janette, d. 1851, d/o A. P. Birdsey
Birdsey, Jennie, d. 10-26-1923, d/o Linus Birdsey, burial date
Birdsey, Lida G. , b. 1872, d. 1955, next to Frank L.
Birdsey, Linus, b. 1837, d. 07-16-1889, Age 52 years
Birdsey, Mary A. Swarthout (Linus), b. 1840, d. 07-05-1908, Age 68 years
Birdsey, Rosella, d. 1867, d/o A. P. Birdsey
Birdsey, Sarah A. Horton (D.), b. 04-28-1841, d. 07-24-1876
Birkenstock, Oscar M. (Pearl U. Bradley), b. 04-06-1900, d. 07-31-1980, see obit
Birkenstock, Pearl U. (1st w/o Oscar M.), b. 1913, d. 12-24-1968, Nee Bradley
Birkholz, Bernice (Reinhold G.), b. 09-23-1890, d. 07-16-1971, Nee Roach
Birkholz, Ferdinand Sr. (Helene), b. 04-27-1858, d. 03-14-1950
Birkholz, Ferdinand--s/o Ferdinand Sr. & Helene Birkholz, b. 07-23-1891, d. 12-16-1911, 4th Field Artillery, Battery F, Soldier in Standing Army, d. Fort Russell WY
Birkholz, Helene (Ferdinand Sr.), b. 07-23-1857, d. 11-10-1923
Birkholz, Reinhold G. (Bernice), b. 1888, d. 1948
Bischoff, Johanna (William), b. 1865, d. 11-25-1930, burial date, Mother
Bischoff, Lillian Koehn (Richard), b. 1909, d. 08-08-1938, burial date
Bischoff, Marie Walburga (Richard W.), b. 1924, d. 07-17-2000
Bischoff, Richard W. (Marie Walburga), b. 1907, d. 11-12-1982, s/o William Bischoff
Bischoff, William (Johanna), b. 1864, d. 05-08-1934, burial date, Father
Bissell, Catherine, b. 1853, d. 01-07-1941, d/o N. C. & Elizabeth Bissell, burial date
Bissell, Elizabeth (Nelson C.), b. 1830, d. 07-27-1928, burial date
Bissell, Nelson C. (Elizabeth), b. 1823, d. 1893
Bisser, Elsie Setter (Fred), b. 04-15-1909, d. 04-28-1993, widow of Franklin A. Setter
Bisser, Fred---born in Germany, b. 05-26-1906, d. 04-21-1995, s/o Herman & Theresa Imbery Bisser
Bittleman, Augusta O. (Julius E.), b. 1888, d. 12-10-1957, Mother of Zelma Walter, burial date
Bittleman, Julius E. (Augusta O.), b. 1884, d. 04-15-1963, see obit
Bittner, Donald Victor (Ella Bertha Kintopp), b. 02-08-1931, d. 04-20-1997, s/o Victor & Luella Bittner
Bittner, Ella Bertha Kintopp (Donald Victor), b. 08-09-1932, d. 03-14-1994, see obit
Bittner, Luella Yuds (Victor W.), b. 1908, d. 05-28-1940, see obit
Bittner, Mary Jane-8mo old, b. 1939, d. 05-31-1940, d/o Victor Bittner, burial date, see obit
Bittner, Russell J. , b. 03-10-1962, d. 01-10-2008, from obit, s/o Donald & Ella Kintopp Bittner
Bittner, Victor W. (Luella M. Yuds), b. 1904, d. 02-03-1969, see obit
Black, Carrie (Charles), b. 1857, d. 1894
Black, Charles Nelson, b. 1852, d. 1909, Ashes
Black, George, b. 1854, d. 1880, s/o F. & M. Black;�Buried on Charles Nelson Black lot
Black, Laura M. , b. 1863, d. 01-00-1922, Sister of Charles Nelson Black, ashes buried 07-09-1922
Black, Mary A. (F. M.), b. 1828, d. 1877, Buried on Charles Nelson Black lot
Black, Mary K. Huseth (William H.), b. 1935
Black, Theron W. (Wilma E. Fritz), b. 04-11-1900, d. 03-25-1986, (m)1923
Black, William H. (Mary K. Huseth), b. 03-28-1933, d. 06-23-1971, Vietnam, Major A. F. Reserve, S/o Theron W. Black
Black, Wilma E. Fritz (Theron W.), b. 02-19-1903, d. 07-31-2000, d/o William & Hattie Richmond Fritz, (m)1923
Blacker, Mary Isabel, b. 03-11-1922, d. 04-09-1997, cremains
Blackwood, David, d. 12-01-1886, Killed in RR wreck. Age 37 years
Blaesius, Friderike (Karl), b. 05-31-1806, d. 03-21-1880
Blaesius, Henry, d. no dates
Blaesius, Karl (Friderike), b. 02-12-1797, d. 04-02-1880
Blakeslee, Clyde B. -Rev. (Lydia B.), b. 1874, d. 1954, Bro/o Edith Blakeslee, s/o John/Josephine
Blakeslee, Edith M. , b. 1879, d. 08-24-1969, d/o John and Josephine Blakeslee, see obit
Blakeslee, Eva J. ------buried 05-17-1932, b. 1884, d. 1932, Sis/o Edith Blakeslee, d/o John/Josephine
Blakeslee, Grafton W. --infant, d. 08-06-1913, Buried on John H. Blakeslee lot, 2y 4mo.
Blakeslee, Henry S. , b. 01-12-1876, d. 07-12-1891, s/o John H. Blakeslee. Note: is Shellie identical with Henry since both have identical� death dates
Blakeslee, John Egbert, b. 04-18-1908, d. 06-09-1928, Buried on John H. Blakeslee lot - Grandson
Blakeslee, John H. (Josephine W.), b. 06-02-1845, d. 02-20-1928
Blakeslee, Josephine W. (John H.), b. 01-25-1850, d. 01-05-1904
Blakeslee, Lydia B. (Rev. Clyde), b. 1870, d. 1968
Blakeslee, Shellie/Sheldon, d. 07-12-1891, 15yr 6mo old, see Henry S. Blakeslee
Blanchard, Chloe (John), d. 07-24-1873, Age 20 yrs 5 mo
Blanchard, Dexter (Silsbee Emily Jane), b. 08-02-1826, d. 04-30-1900
Blanchard, Emma Schroeder (John), b. 1871, d. 11-13-1952, d/o John Schroeder, burial date
Blanchard, John, d. 07-07-1857, Age 57 years
Blanchard, John (Emma Schroeder), b. 1865, d. 08-19-1931, burial date
Blanchard, Silsbee Emily Jane (Dexter), b. 06-04-1836, d. 11-15-1922
Blanchard, Wardner, d. 1866
Blanchard, William, b. 5-19-1872, d. 05-17-1950, s/o Dexter and Emily Blanchard
Blankschein, Alberta M. Cowley (Henry W.), b. 1903, d. 04-17-1969, (m)1929, d/o William Gerling, see obit
Blankschein, Anna (Herman), b. 1878, d. 10-02-1957, burial date, Mother
Blankschein, Daughter, b. 12-28-1898, d. 01-02-1899, Infant d/o Herman Blankschein
Blankschein, Henry W. (Alberta M.), b. 1902, d. 07-15-1941, WW I, see obit
Blankschein, Herman (Anna), b. 1864, d. 02-03-1921, burial date, Father
Blaska, Ethel M. "Molly" (John J.), b. 06-20-1909, d. 01-24-1997, d/o John & Amy Bradford Thorton
Blaska, John J. (Ethel M. "Molly"), b. 02-16-1923, d. 05-29-1978, WW II, US Army
Bleecker, Dean E. -Dr. (Melvina), b. 1884, d. 01-16-1941, �Veterinarian, burial date
Bleecker, Mary J. , b. 1927, d. 1997, on Bleecker-Arnold stone
Bleecker, Melvina (Dr. Dean E.), b. 10-09-1889, d. 12-16-1974, Nee Kimball
Bleich, Emma (William), b. 05-23-1878, d. 09-18-1933
Bleich, Ethel L. (Harold), b. 01-12-1912, d. 07-02-1984
Bleich, Gertrude (Harry W.), b. 07-17-1917, d. 03-19-2000, d/o Robert & Amelia Lange Wodill
Bleich, Harold (Ethel Brewer), b. 08-05-1911, d. 05-16-1980, see obit
Bleich, Harry W. (Gertrude), b. 12-31-1908, d. 04-02-1995, s/o Wilhelm & Emma Wendeling Bleich
Bleich, William (Emma), b. 03-13-1875, d. 05-21-1943
Blek, Albert A. (Louise E. Selchert), b. 03-14-1888, d. 11-15-1983, see obit
Blek, Louise E. (Albert A.), b. 05-28-1895, d. 09-08-1997, d/o Charles & Lizzie Selchert
Blievernicht, Alvina M. (William H.), b. 09-27-1872, d. 09-07-1928
Blievernicht, Andrew C. (Luella), b. 12-20-1870, d. 01-17-1942, Father
Blievernicht, Henriette (Martin), b. 11-07-1842, d. 01-28-1934
Blievernicht, Ida Steinbach (Martin), b. 05-06-1885, d. 11-29-1978, see obit
Blievernicht, Luella (Andrew C.), b. 05-30-1875, d. 10-20-1930, Mother
Blievernicht, Martin, b. 02-04-1903, d. 02-05-1903, s/o Andrew & Luella Blievernciht
Blievernicht, Martin (Henriette), b. 03-16-1832, d. 06-14-1904
Blievernicht, Martin (Ida), b. 1878, d. 04-23-1947, burial date
Blievernicht, William H. (Alvina M.), b. 01-11-1862, d. 04-18-1936
Bliss, Edward S. , b. 1832, d. 01-08-1857, Age 25 years
Bliss, Shirley Fuler or Euler?, b. 1925, Daughter
Block, Anna K. (William H.), b. 04-27-1911, d. 02-22-1977, d/o Frank Walashek
Block, Dorothy, b. 04-25-1925, d. 09-03-1952
Block, Robert G. , b. 07-30-1934, d. 07-11-2012, s/o William & Anna Walashek Block, see obit
Block, William H. (Anna K.), b. 1907, d. 07-13-1962, Son-in-law of Frank Walashek, see obit
Blomfield, Frances Seipp, b. 1910, d. 02-23-1979, Cremains, d/o Henry G. & M. Seipp
Bloss, Myrta M. (William H.), b. 1831, d. 10-21-1861, Age 30 years, 5 months
Blum, Caroline, b. 07-06-1853, d. 03-27-1935, Buried in Harvey M. Brown lot
Blumenthal, August (Johanna), b. 08-22-1824, d. 10-18-1908
Blumenthal, Edwin/Edward M. -Dr. , b. 1879, d. 07-20-1935, burial date, s/o H. M. Blumenthal
Blumenthal, Herman M. (Mary C.), b. 1853, d. 09-17-1930, burial date, Father
Blumenthal, Johanna (August), b. 06-03-1824, d. 09-23-1906
Blumenthal, Mary C. (Herman M.), b. 1853, d. 10-25-1935, burial date, Mother
Bobholz, Arnold H. (Laura Wohlfeil), b. 1912, d. 11-15-1960, see obit
Bobholz, Laura E. Wohlfeil (Arnold H.), b. 1918
Bock, Alwina (John), b. 07-30-1859, d. 05-21-1937
Bock, John (Alwina), b. 01-22-1859, d. 10-31-1934
Bock, Lotta H. (1st w/o Walter E.), b. 1886, d. 06-31-1961, Daughter-in-law of John Bock, Nee Hasey, see obit
Bock, Walter E. (#1Lotta Hasey, #2Sadie Padley), b. 1889, d. 06-20-1969, s/o John Bock, see obit
Boelte, Anna , d. 1886, d/o David C. Boelte, hard to read age
Boelte, Anna N. (Edward F.), b. 05-28-1879, d. 10-27-1967
Boelte, Arnold, b. 08-21-1902, d. 02-21-1910, s/o George J. & Emma L. Boelte
Boelte, Augusta (Fred W.), b. 1877, d. 08-10-1957, Daughter-in-law of Fredrick Boelte, burial date
Boelte, Christoph (Sophia), b. 01-13-1839, d. 07-05-1905
Boelte, David C. , b. 09-09-1933, d. 02-19-1917
Boelte, Donald F. (Janice Griffith), b. 01-17-1939, d. 09-25-2001, SSG US Army, s/o Erwin & Mildred Lange Boelte
Boelte, Edward F. , b. 11-28-1866, d. 04-02-1938
Boelte, Elizabeth (Edward F.), b. 07-30-1867, d. 06-01-1908
Boelte, Emma D. (Henry C.), b. 1867, d. 04-25-1928, Mother, see obit
Boelte, Emma L. (George J.), b. 1880, d. 02-24-1979, see obit
Boelte, Erwin F. (Mildred R. Lange), b. 04-04-1911, d. 10-05-2001, s/o George & Emma Blievernicht Boelte
Boelte, Fred W. (Augusta), b. 1877, d. 1958, s/o Fredrick Boelte, buried 08-23-1958
Boelte, Frederick H. (Henrietta), b. 05-20-1828, d. 11-26-1897
Boelte, Frederick John (Mathilda), b. 1862, d. 02-15-1931, see obit
Boelte, George J. (Emma L.), b. 1874, d. 02-14-1950, burial date
Boelte, Henrietta (Frederick H.), b. 11-28-1835, d. 09-01-1918
Boelte, Henry, b. 1830, d. 1890
Boelte, Henry C. , b. 1860, d. 11-03-1934, burial date, Father
Boelte, Joachim, b. 1822, d. 1898, on stone with Louisa Heidbrak Boelte
Boelte, Leda, b. 1893, d. 03-12-1970, d/o Fred J. Boelte
Boelte, Lester, b. 10-30-1904, d. 07-24-1924, s/o George J. & Emma L. Boelte
Boelte, Louisa, b. 1868, d. 1888, d/o Joachim� Boelte
Boelte, Louise Heidbrak (Joachim), b. 1830, d. 1882
Boelte, Ludwig, b. 1859, d. 1872, s/o Joachim Boelte
Boelte, Marie, b. 1854, d. 1857, d/o Joachim� Boelte
Boelte, Martha, b. 1866, d. 08-03-1959, d/o Joachim� Boelte, burial date
Boelte, Martin, d. 02-02-1890, s/o David C. Boelte, stone is hard to read
Boelte, Mary (Henry), b. 1841, d. 11-14-1919, burial date
Boelte, Mathilda Blievernicht (Fred J.), b. 1867, d. 03-17-1965, burial date, see obit
Boelte, Mildred R. Kopplin (Erwin F.), b. 11-11-1915, d. 08-14-2006, (m)08-20-1937, d/o Milo & Anna Kopplin Lange, see obit
Boelte, Minna, b. 1856, d. 1856, d/o Joachim� Boelte
Boelte, Otto C. , b. 1864, d. 11-14-1935, Burial date, on Henry Boelte lot
Boelte, Sophia Lang/Lange, b. 1830, d. 1899
Boelte, Sophia (Christoph), b. 04-28-1845, d. 08-05-1928
Boelte, Sophia (David C.), b. 08-27-1810, d. 06-09-1906
Boelte, Wilhelm, b. 05-09-1872, d. 06-09-1893, s/o David C. Boelte.
Boelte, William, b. 1852, d. 1857, s/o Joachim Boelte
Boelte, William, b. 1852, s/o J. T. Boelte
Boese, Anne A. ---10 yr old, b. 1892, d. 07-02-1902, d/o A. & E. Boese; Grdchild of Franz Kurth, buried on Franz Kurth lot
Boese, August G. (Emilie), b. 05-21-1861, d. 10-08-1906, spelled Boese & Bose on two different stones
Boese, Child, d. 07-20-1897, c/o A. & E. Boese; Grdchild of Franz Kurth, Buried in Franz Kurth lot
Boese, Edna, b. 06-07-1913, d. 07-01-1991, d/o Julius & Johanna Boese
Boese, Emilie (August G.), b. 08-31-1865, d. 01-22-1948
Boese, Hildegard H. (Walter), b. 12-20-1908, d. 11-21-2000, (m)09-24-1929, d/o Fredrick & Lydia Meyer Kusrow, see obit
Boese, Johanna Wienke (Julius), b. 1879, d. 05-05-1966, see obit
Boese, Julius (Johanna Wienke), b. 1874, d. 06-27-1961, see obit
Boese, Lester-Single, b. 03-06-1904, d. 06-16-1995, s/o Julius & Johanna Wienke Boese, brother Walter Boese, sister Mabel Heiden, see obit
Boese, Reinhold, b. 1902, d. 1902, s/o Julius & Johanna Boese
Boese, Walter (Hildegard H. Kursrow), b. 11-22-1905, d. 08-03-2001, (m)09-24-1929, s/o Julius & Johanna Wienke Boese, see obit
Boettcher, Bertha (Frank), b. 1863, d. 12-20-1932, burial date, Mother
Boettcher, Diane M. , d. 04-28-1944, Age 1� years, burial date
Boettcher, Frank (Bertha), b. 1863, d. 03-08-1945, burial date, Father
Boettcher, Geraldine C. , b. 10-06-1920, d. 02-13-2002, d/o Louis & Rose Wolfer Boettcher
Boettcher, Louis A. (Rose K.), b. 1891, d. 03-26-1926, burial date
Boettcher, Rose K. (Louis A.), b. 12-04-1890, d. 04-20-1984
Bohl, Augusta K. , b. 1876, d. 12-17-1924, burial date
Bohl, Fritz (Sophia), b. 05-30-1833, d. 08-22-1904
Bohl, George, b. 1877, d. 12-07-1954, s/o Fritz Bohl, burial date
Bohl, Harold, b. 1919, d. 04-14-1925, s/o Fritz Bohl, burial date
Bohl, Sophia (Fritz), b. 01-16-1835, d. 07-13-1921
Bohlmann, Anna (Frederich), b. 07-31-1857, d. 06-07-1931, Mother
Bohlmann, August, b. 01-18-1851, d. 04-13-1894
Bohlmann, Franklin, b. 06-16-1883, d. 12-03-1906, s/o Frederich & Anna Bohlmann
Bohlmann, Frederich (Anna), b. 08-11-1850, d. 09-11-1923, Father
Bohlmann, Louise, b. 03-25-1818, d. 02-10-1915, Mother of Fred Bohlmann, Grdmother, buried on August Bohlman lot
Bohn, George H. (Callie), b. 04-23-1912, d. 09-07-1973
Bohnsack, Alma M. Borchert (Edwin C.), b. 05-22-1893, d. 03-07-1975
Bohnsack, Edwin C. (Alma M. Borchert), b. 07-02-1900, d. 05-12-1983, see obit
Bolte, Anna N. (2nd w/o Edward F.), b. 05-28-1879, d. 10-27-1967, spelling on stone
Bolte, Charles/Charley J. (Louise/Louisa A.), b. 1861, d. 01-09-1935, burial date
Bolte, Edward F. (#1Elizabeth, #2Anna N.), b. 11-28-1866, d. 04-02-1938, spelling on stone
Bolte, Elizabeth (1st w/o Edward F.), b. 07-30-1867, d. 06-01-1908, spelling on stone
Bolte, Emil J. (Helen), b. 10-16-1869, d. 05-16-1917
Bolte, Frank H. , b. 07-14-1857, d. 02-17-1912
Bolte, Helen (Emil J.), b. 09-06-1871, d. 05-19-1930
Bolte, Louise/Louisa A. (Charles/Charley J.), b. 1866, d. 03-25-1937, burial date
Bolton, Alice E. (2nd w/o Jason), b. 1814, d. 1903
Bolton, Floyd E. , b. 1866, d. 01-14-1933, No marker, burial date
Bolton, Jason (Mary Ann, & Alice E.), b. 1797, d. 08-16-1870, old stone fallen down and laying flat
Bolton, Mary Ann (1st w/o Jason), b. 1797, d. 1852
Bolton, Myra V. (Floyd E.), d. 04-01-1930, burial date, no marker
Bond, George A. , d. 03-23-1873, Age 1 year, 6 months, 7 days
Boness, August (Caroline), b. 08-20-1836, d. 01-30-1911
Boness, Caroline (August), b. 09-16-1841, d. 12-02-1915
Boness, Elizabeth J. Steindl (#1James Boness, #2 Ronald Steindl), b. 12-24-1927, d. 02-08-2009, (m1)11-12-1946, (m2)10-24-1995, Betty, d/o Oscar & Lucille Neis Kasper, see obit for Elizabeth Steindl
Boness, Harry A. , b. 07-19-1917, d. 05-13-1938, Killed by train at Madison
Boness, Hattie Leeds (Robert), b. 1881, d. 02-14-1963, Mother, see obit
Boness, James L. (1st h/o Elizabeth J. Kasper), b. 09-22-1924, d. 06-12-1988, WW II, TEC 5 US Army, (m)11-12-1946, see obit
Boness, Louie, d. 04-12-1933, Burial date, on August Boness lot
Boness, Robert (Hattie), b. 1876, d. 06-19-1956, burial date, father
Bonner, Annes S. , b. 1865, d. 1932, from pictures
Bonner, Harry W. , b. 1960, d. 1939, from pictures, dates hard to read
Bonnett, Alfred C. (Lizzie L.), b. 1864, d. 09-29-1925, burial date
Bonnett, Katherine L. (Walter H.), b. 1882, d. 09-20-1954, burial date
Bonnett, Lizzie L, (Alfred C.), b. 1861, d. 08-05-1926, burial date
Bonnett, Walter H. (Katherine L.), b. 1877, d. 01-10-1933, burial date
Boomsma, Chelsea Marie, b. 03-10-1987, d. 09-23-1996, d/o Thomas & Sharon Caplinger Boomsma, family died in traffic accident
Boomsma, Owen Thomas, b. 06-06-1985, d. 09-23-1996, s/o Thomas & Sharon Caplinger Boomsma, family died in traffic accident
Boomsma, Sharon Lee (Thomas Gerrit), b. 06-15-1954, d. 09-23-1996, d/o Okey & June MacDonald Caplinger, family died in traffic accident
Boomsma, Thomas Gerrit (Sharon Lee), b. 06-25-1956, d. 09-23-1996, s/o Gerrit & Noreen Eichman Boomsma, family died in traffic accident
Boornazian, Ida, b. 12-17-1831, d. 07-24-1910, d/o Theodore Miller
Booth, Greta M. , b. 06-18-1918, d. 07-18-1973, Mother of Mrs. Kenneth Martin
Borchert, Bernard, b. 1886, d. 1896, s/o Gottfred Borchert
Borchert, Bertha A. (Frank), b. 05-25-1900, d. 11-22-1985, Mother
Borchert, Charles, b. 1884, d. 10-05-1962, see obit
Borchert, Daughter, d. 03-04-1891, Infant d/o Gottfred Borchert
Borchert, Donald (Judith), b. 05-14-1935, d. 01-15-1988, SP4 US Army
Borchert, Donna Jean, b. 10-18-1932, d. 08-04-1934, d/o Frank & Bertha Borchert
Borchert, Edna & Hilde, b. 1895, d. 1895, Daughters of Fred (Gottfred) Borchert
Borchert, Edwin, b. 1896, d. 1896, s/o Gottfred Borchert
Borchert, Emil, b. 1885, d. 1887, s/o Gottfred Borchert
Borchert, Frank A. (Bertha A.), b. 03-16-1892, d. 11-21-1959, Father, see obit
Borchert, Gottfred, b. 1852, d. 12-26-1922, burial date
Borchert, Herbert, b. 1900, d. 03-16-1922, s/o Fred Borchert, burial date
Borchert, Joan R. (Robert F.), b. 05-13-1937, Nee Damrow
Borchert, Laura F. (Walter E.), b. 03-11-1893, d. 05-04-1996, d/o Frank & Anna Heitke Miller
Borchert, Mabel E. Farrie (Vernon W.), b. 08-16-1914, d. 07-12-1981, see obit
Borchert, Otto, b. 1879, d. 1885, s/o Gottfred Borchert
Borchert, Robert F. (Joan R.), b. 04-09-1937, d. 10-01-1990, A2C US Air Force
Borchert, Vernon W. (Mabel E. Farrie), b. 09-05-1921, d. 05-29-1978
Borchert, Walter E. (Laura F. Miller), d. 08-29-1959, burial date, 69yr old, see obit
Borchert, Wilhelmina "Minnie", b. 1858, d. 07-20-1927, burial date
Bork, Cyril G. , b. 08-25-1920, d. 05-19-1996, WW II, US Army
Bornitzke, Duane R. (Eleanor C. "Sally" Huebner), b. 08-07-1929, d. 01-16-1983, Korea, CPL US Marine Corps, (m)01-20-1952, see obit
Bornitzke, Eleanor C. "Sally" Huebner (Duane R.), b. 10-19-1929, d. 01-24-2014, (m)01-20-1952, d/o Ben & Elsie Steinbach Huebner, see obit
Bose, Anna A. , d. 07-02-1902, d/o A. G. & E. Bose, 10yr old
Bose, August, b. 05-21-1861, d. 10-08-1906, spelled Boese & Bose on two different stones
Bose, Baby, d. 07-20-1897, date hard to read, next to Anna A. Bose
Bose, Friedrich, b. 03-17-1826, d. 03-24-1909, Buried on August Lange lot, dates on stone are b. 03-17-1826 and d. 03-24-1900
Bourne, Helen C. (Henry), b. 04-05-1917, d. 11-04-1996, d/o William & Mary Liss--? Metal marker in 2007
Boutwell, Clara Altschwager (John), b. 1878, d. 04-17-1961, see obit
Boutwell, John (Clara Altschwager), b. 11-07-1877, d. 03-11-1974, see obit
Bowen, Edward, b. 03-10-1839, d. 12-19-1912
Bowen, Elizabeth McCord (John A.), b. 1809, d. 1899
Bowen, Erastus (Mary E.), b. 06-05-1846, d. 12-19-1923
Bowen, George, b. 12-25-1873, d. 07-07-1925, s/o Edward Bowen
Bowen, Grace A. , b. 08-23-1889, d. 11-16-1898, d/o Erastus Bowen
Bowen, John A. , b. 09-13-1812, d. 02-09-1897
Bowen, Mary E. (Erastus), b. 06-25-1856, d. 05-19-1920
Bowen, Myron, b. 06-26-1881, d. 06-06-1882, Infant s/o E & S. Bowen
Bowen, Sophia (Edward), b. 04-21-1850, d. 02-13-1933
Boyce, Eliza, b. 1825, d. 01-08-1894, Born in Ireland. No marker as of 9-1-1984.
Boyington, Lizzie (T. D.), d. 01-09-1880, 26yr 11mo 7da old
Boynton, George A. , d. 12-17-1912, burial date
Boynton, Martin C. , d. 07-23-18??, Year is undecipherable
Boynton, Unknown, d. 1863
Boyum, Emma Marie, b. 08-27-1880, d. 10-24-1974, Nee Schroeder, Sister of Martha Schroeder
Braatz, Alma (Arthur G.), b. 1895, d. 09-20-1986
Braatz, Arthur G. (Alma), b. 10-08-1892, d. 10-29-1978
Brace, Alvin LeRoy (Margaret C. Obermeyer), b. 10-14-1923, d. 05-14-1995, (m)12-12-1942, s/o Lee & Myma Dunning Brace, cremains
Brace, Charles M. , b. 1926, d. 11-06-1943, s/o Lee & Merna Braatz, burial date
Brace, Lee H. (Merna V. Dunning), b. 12-13-1894, d. 07-06-1974, WW I, Pvt US Army
Brace, Margaret C. (Alvin LeRoy), b. 10-31-1923, d. 08-28-2015, (m)12-12-1942, d/o Alert & Elsie Schilling Obermeyer, see obit
Brace, Merna V. Dunning (Lee H.), b. 11-25-1899, d. 07-23-1971
Bradley, Elaine M. ( #1Paul F. Carpenter #2Duaine Bradley), b. 02-21-1928, d. 01-03-2001, (m1)03-20-1948, (m2)04-28-1984, d/o Frank & Mabel Halverson Olivia, see obit
Bradley, Infant, d. 12-24-1945, Infant, burial date
Bradt, Della L. Carmichael (Oscar H.), b. 02-07-1900, d. 10-12-1985
Bradt, Oscar H. (Della L. Carmichael), b. 1887, d. 11-19-1964, see obit
Bradt, Peter, GAR, Fifer CO I, 24th Wis, �no dates appear at the cemetery
Bradt, Rose--Mrs. , b. 1844, d. 10-01-1929, Burial date, on Peter Bradt lot
Bradtke, Adelaide Elizabeth (Milton C.), b. 04-20-1920, d. 05-23-1998
Bradtke, Milton C. (Adelaide Elizabeth), b. 03-08-1914, d. 03-17-1985
Braker, Arnold H. (Elsie), b. 1898, d. 04-25-1960, burial date
Braker, Eileen M. Yaroch (Robert Wayne), b. 1938, d. 02-09-1985, (m)09-02-1960
Braker, Elsie Feldhusen (Arnold H.), b. 10-23-1901, d. 06-27-1989, see obit
Braker, Herbert R. (Marcella Clark), b. 09-02-1931, d. 11-03-2010, Korea, US Marine Corps, (m)06-11-1955, s/o Arnold & Elsie Feldhusen Braker, see obit
Braker, Robert Wayne (Eileen M. Yaroch), b. 01-04-1934, d. 09-10-2002, Korea, SR US Navy, (m)09-02-1960
Brandt, Amilia (2nd w/o John?), b. 1860, d. 10-13-1934, burial date
Brandt, Donna Marie, b. 1936, Pictures, not sure of last name
Brandt, Dorothea Sophia Carolina (Johann), b. 03-16-1821, d. 02-18-1887, b. Armshagend Deutschland, d. Columbus, spelled Brand on stone
Brandt, Elsie Hannah Marie (John F.), b. 11-24-1896, d. 12-17-1995, widow, d/o Bertha Yuds Dawson, see death cert.
Brandt, John F. Jr. , b. 08-04-1917, d. 09-05-2007, pictures, dates from ssdi
Brandt, John F. Sr. (Elsie H. Dawson), b. 1890, d. 08-19-1964, see obit
Brandt, John (Dorothea), b. 08-25-1826, d. 02-04-1900, aka Johann Brand
Brandt, Lloyd Earl (Lorraine L.), b. 04-18-1924, d. 02-25-2005, WW II, Pfc US Army, see obit
Brandt, Lorraine L. (Lloyd E.), b. 09-26-1927, d. 03-06-2014, (m)05-17-1958, d/o Reuben & Edna Wesenberg Christian, see obit
Brandt, Maria J. -Miss, b. 03-28-1888, d. 10-26-1976, Sis-in-law/o Grant Lien, Sis/o Amelia Lien
Branting, Isabelle M. , b. 10-11-1914, d. 03-28-2002, Army Nurse, RN, d/o Sankey & Christina Brill Thomas
Brauchle, Agnes Louise (Peter Alexander), b. 1864, d. 10-21-1935, burial date
Brauchle, Carl, b. 1892, d. 1892, s/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Leo C. -Dr. (Zelda L. Berger), b. 04-27-1899, d. 01-20-1964, WW I, Wis Pvt STU Army TNG Corps, C. D. D. S.
Brauchle, Mabel Meredith, b. 09-12-1894, d. 12-28-1979, d/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Mark R. , b. 12-15-1952, d. 08-21-2001, Cremains, s/o Dr. Robert & Mary Brauchle, Grandson of Dr. Leo C. & Zelda L. Brauchle
Brauchle, Peter Alexander (Agnes Louise), b. 1858, d. 04-15-1924, burial date
Brauchle, Walter, b. 1897, d. 1897, s/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Zelde L. Berger (Dr. Leo C.), b. 02-19-1901, d. 12-24-1968, see obit
Braun, Dana Diane, b. 06-22-1971, d. 06-22-1971, Infant d/o Louis H. & Jean J. Braun
Braun, Jean J. (Louis H.), b. 12-21-1936, d. 11-18-1997, Nee Setz
Braun, Louis H. (Jean J.), b. 05-29-1919, d. 12-09-1973
Braunschweig, Renay B. , b. 1944, d. 08-03-1944, Infant grandd/o Carl Schliewe, burial date
Brayton, Lurinda S. , b. 1821, d. 1894, on Drake stone with Col. J. & Lurinda Drake
Brechlin, Amelia (Fred/Ferdinand), b. 1842, d. 07-03-1927, burial date, Mother
Brechlin, Fred/Ferdinand (Amelia), b. 1844, d. 05-21-1909, burial date, Father
Brechlin, Lena M. , b. 1876, d. 04-11-1950, burial date, d/o Fred & Amelia Brechlin
Brede, Fred/Frederick W. (Louisa A.), b. 11-16-1856, d. 03-18-1929, Husband
Brede, Louisa A. (Fred/Frederick W.), b. 04-30-1860, d. 08-01-1942, Wife
Breese, Harriet L. , b. 08-01-1876, d. 11-20-1904, d/o Sarah Breese
Breese, Sarah, b. 09-03-1848, d. 11-29-1916, d/o C. M. & Cordelia Shadduck
Breitling, Emma, b. 01-30-1887, d. 03-14-1977, Siste-in-law of John Kuenzi
Breitzman, Julie A. LaPoint (James), b. 09-14-1960, d. 03-07-2013, (m)10-19-1985, d/o Jerry & Jacqueline Youderian LaPoint, see obit
Bremmann, Claudine, b. 08-30-1889, d. 06-10-1987, d/o Bernhard Bremmann
Bresee, Charles Guy, b. 1872, d. 12-02-, Burial date, on George Bresee lot
Bresee, Jennie (George), b. About 1841, d. 1871, 30ys old, Buried on George Bresee lot
Bresee, Mary R. (George), b. 11-06-1850, d. 03-03-1938, Buried on George Bresee lot
Bresee, Wm. George (Jennie & Mary R.), b. 05-25-1844, d. 10-11-1901, GAR 1st Leut.
Breuning, Carl G. , b. 07-23-1873, d. 11-17-1898, s/o Gustav Breuning
Breuning, Cora L. , b. 11-06-1868, d. 03-25-1869, d/o Gustav Breuning
Breuning, Dora C. (William H.), b. 1879, d. 10-22-1965, burial date
Breuning, George D. , b. 1872, d. 1931 **, GAR, s/o Gustav Breuning. � **Death date on marker is 1931, buried 10-21-1934
Breuning, Gustav, b. 11-03-1843, d. 03-04-1931
Breuning, Henrietta (Gottlieb), b. 02-04-1811, d. 02-06-1874, Age 63 years, 2 days
Breuning, Louisa (Gustav), b. 06-24-1848, d. 08-21-1917
Breuning, William H. (Dora C.), b. 1880, d. 12-14-1923, burial date
Brewer, A. D. , d. 06-02-1881, Age 53 years
Brewer, Alfred, d. 07-02-1868, s/o A. D. Brewer, 2mos 5das old
Brewer, Alice, d. 02-11-1863, d/o A. D. Brewer
Brewer, Amanda M. (Bert A.), b. 1871, d. 09-28-1956, burial date, Mother
Brewer, Bert A. (Amanda M.), b. 1871, d. 02-18-1941, Father, see obit
Brewer, Lottie, d. 11-21-1865, d/o A. D. Brewer, Age 5 years
Brewer, Lottie M. , b. 12-27-1890, d. 05-02-1984, Mother-in-law of Harold Bleich
Brewer, Maretta, d. 05-05-1925, burial date
Brewer, Ralph "Bert", b. 1892, d. 08-27-1960, s/o Bert Brewer, see obit
Bridwell, Twins---buried 06-18-1945, Daughters of C. A. Briese
Briese, Alberta, b. 06-01-1907, d. 08-17-1941, d/o Oscar H. Briese
Briese, Albertina (August C.), b. 01-02-1840, d. 10-08-1929, Wife of August C. Briese
Briese, Alfred W. (Laura E. Collingsworth), b. 06-02-1894, d. 08-28-1936, s/o William L. Briese
Briese, August C. , b. 01-01-1838, d. 07-29-1922
Briese, Augusta (G. J.), b. 10-06-1876, d. 03-10-1904
Briese, Augusta/Auguste, b. 08-25-1859, d. 06-05-1882, d/o Fred Briese, Sr.
Briese, Blanche, b. 04-05-1896, d. 04-06-1896, Buried on William Briese lot
Briese, Clara A. Berndt (Albert), b. 06-16-1886, d. 03-31-1977, Mother of Beulah Nieter, see obit
Briese, Daughter, �, d. 1875, d/o C. A. Briese
Briese, Eda-Miss, b. 1882, d. 08-07-1969, d/o Ludwig Briese, see obit
Briese, Emil----buried 10-07-1919, b. 1880, d. 1919, s/o Ludwig Briese. Killed in California
Briese, Fred A. (Martha L.), b. 1866, d. 10-04-1958, burial date
Briese, Fred Sr. , b. 05-16-1840, d. 01-28-1909
Briese, G. (G.), b. 10-06-1876, d. 03-10-1904
Briese, Hattie Hasey (William L.), b. 1872, d. 02-22-1949, burial date
Briese, Henriette (Fred Sr.), b. 09-16-1834, d. 08-16-1923
Briese, Herman, b. 1888, d. 1888, s/o Ludwig Briese
Briese, Herman, b. 01-06-1865, d. 04-03-1886, s/o C. A. Briese
Briese, Hubert, b. 07-30-1909, d. 08-02-1909, Infant s/o Oscar H. Briese
Briese, Laura E. Collingsworth (Alfred W.), b. 09-03-1894, d. 03-26-1943, Dtr-in-law of William L. Briese
Briese, Ludwig, b. 1844, d. 10-15-1927, burial date
Briese, Martha L. Remus (Fred), b. 1873, d. 12-21-1961, see obit
Briese, Mathilda J. (Ludwig), b. 1852, d. 12-20-1940, burial date
Briese, Minnie (Oscar H.), b. 1876, d. 08-14-1944, burial date
Briese, Oscar H. (Minnie), b. 1875, d. 04-24-1948, burial date
Briese, Peter (Wilhelmine), b. 01-27-1812, d. 07-01-1896
Briese, Wilhelmine (Peter), b. 01-29-1817, d. 03-01-1893
Briese, William L. , b. 1864, d. 05-10-1950, burial date
Briese, Willie, d. 02-22-1957, s/o A. C. Briese, burial date
Briggs, Betsey (David A.), b. 02-16-1828, d. 09-26-1911
Briggs, David A. (Betsey), b. 11-24-1824, d. 12-20-1908
Brill, Carl L. , b. 02-04-1880, d. 09-12-1971, Brother of Attorney Herman Brill, see obit
Brill, Christina (John C.), b. 05-10-1849, d. 08-27-1939
Brill, George, b. 1874, d. 04-22-1946, s/o John C. Brill, burial date
Brill, Henry, b. 1877, d. 01-17-1942, s/o John C. Brill, burial date
Brill, Herman (Ruth Nomennsen Ihlenfeldt), b. 1889, d. 01-26-1967, WW I, burial date
Brill, John C. (Christina), b. 01-28-1840, d. 04-04-1902
Brill, Mary, b. 1876, d. 04-27-1948, d/o John C. Brill, burial date
Brining, John Henry (Marie H. Williams), b. 1884, d. 12-03-1935, burial date
Brining, Marie H. Williams (John Henry), b. 05-21-1882, d. 03-22-1979, funeral home marker in 2012, see obit
Brink, Evelyn H. (Howard B.), b. 1914, d. 05-06-2006, d/o Erick & Hannah Bruflat
Brink, Howard B. (Evelyn H. Bruflat), b. 11-16-1910, d. 11-09-1972, see obit
Brinker, Edward, b. Abt 4-1875, d. 09-05-1875, Infant, buried on Louis Brinker lot
Brinker, Louis, d. 10-28-1886, Killed in Rio RR Wreck, 41yr old
Broderdorf, A. Marie Bush (Edgar A.), b. 09-02-1907, d. 02-01-1993
Broderdorf, Armin O. , b. 09-24-1933, d. 09-26-2009, from obit, s/o Otto & Martha Nielson Broderdorf
Broderdorf, Beverly J. , b. 06-12-1935, Granddaughter in Broderdorf plot, d/o Otto & Martha Nielson Broderdorf
Broderdorf, Diane Susan "Muri", b. 06-14-1941, pictures
Broderdorf, Edgar A. (A. Marie Bush), b. 07-16-1898, d. 06-07-1982, see obit
Broderdorf, Ellen/Ella R. (Ernest), b. 02-03-1868, d. 11-01-1938, Mother
Broderdorf, Ernest (Ellen), b. 08-24-1862, d. 06-24-1928, Father
Broderdorf, Martha E. Nielsen (Otto R.), b. 09-03-1907, d. 10-12-1986
Broderdorf, Otto, d. 04-30-1932, Infant of Ernest, burial date
Broderdorf, Otto R. (Martha E. Nielsen), b. 03-24-1900, d. 07-05-1972, see obit
Broderdorf, Vernon O. , b. 02-20-1932, d. 04-27-1932, Grandson in Broderdorf plot, s/o Otto & Martha Nielson Broderdorf
Brokopp, Alma H. Schulz (John E. Jr.), b. 1886, d. 11-18-1961, see obit
Brokopp, Arthur F. , b. 02-19-1929, d. 10-17-1997, Korea, Pfc US Army
Brokopp, Bertha M. Albrecht (Emil J.), b. 1882, d. 09-13-1939, see obit
Brokopp, Dorothea, b. 11-03-1888, d. 11-13-1888, Buried on John Brokopp, Sr. lot
Brokopp, Emil J. (Bertha M. Albrecht), b. 1874, d. 01-19-1922, burial date
Brokopp, Ernest C. , b. 10-24-1876, d. 04-01-1901
Brokopp, Fredrick W. "Fred" (Meta I.), b. 11-10-1890, d. 09-20-1950, WW I, Wis Band Cpl 7 Engrs 5 Div
Brokopp, Hulda, b. 06-05-1873, d. 03-13-1879, Buried on John Brokopp, Sr. lot
Brokopp, John E. Jr. (Alma H. Schultz), b. 1883, d. 01-25-1961, see obit
Brokopp, John Sr. (Julia), b. 03-26-1844, d. 03-11-1926
Brokopp, Julia (John Sr.), b. 06-10-1849, d. 01-28-1927
Brokopp, Meta Ida (Frederick "Fred"), b. 01-16-1892, d. 09-23-1979, Nee Bohlmann, see obit
Brom, Mary/Marie (Simon), b. 1830, d. 11-15-1910, burial date
Brom, Simon (Mary/Marie), b. 1829, d. 1905
Brom, William, b. 1883, d. 1884, s/o John Brom
Brom, Willie, d. 1881, s/o�John Brom
Brooker, Mable (Rollin H.), b. 1901, d. 07-02-1987, d/o Henry W. Niemeyer
Brooker, Rollin H. (Mable), b. 1894, d. 01-21-1968, Veteran, Son-in-law of Henry W. Niemeyer
Brooks, Pickett Adella, d. 06-13-1944, burial date
Brossard, Ernest (Mary), b. 1881, d. 04-28-1953, burial date, Husband
Brossard, Mary (Ernest), b. 1884, d. 03-21-1951, burial date, Wife
Brown, Alvina E. Braun (Charles), b. 02-04-1891, d. 07-20-1967, Aunt of Alvin Ibisch, see obit
Brown, Cyril P. (Mary Lou Rake), b. 03-04-1941, d. 12-09-2014, (m)06-01-1963, s/o Albert & Nellie Phelps Brown, see obit
Brown, Florence M. (Henry/Harry W.), b. 1880, d. 10-00-1959, Sister-in-law of Nelson H. Webster, see obit
Brown, George, d. 04-04-1891, Soldier. No marker, on veteran's list
Brown, Girty O. , b. 08-28-1880, d. 10-05-1880, d/o John Brown; Buried on John Brown lot
Brown, Harry W. --burial date, b. 1886, d. 01-21-1959, Brother-in-law of Nelson H. Webster
Brown, Harvey M. (Helen M.), b. 12-26-1835, d. 10-27-1893, GAR, Col 36 Wis Vol
Brown, Helen M. (Harvey M.), b. 06-03-1847, d. 09-26-1930
Brown, Mary Lou (Cyril P.), b. 06-27-1943, d. 02-23-2006, (m)06-01-1964, d/o Clem & Idella Powers Rake, see obit
Brown, Z. A. , b. 1839, d. 1873, d/o Edward M. Bingham
Bruecher, Daniel, b. 1788, d. 1857, Buried on C. A. Colonius lot, 69y 9m 23d
Bruecher, Eda S. , d. 1869, Infant buried on C. A. Colonius lot.
Bruecher, Elisabeth (Daniel), d. 10-15-1874, Buried on C. A. Colonius lot, 70y 3m 20d
Brumm, Catherine E. Kottwitz (Frederick "Fred" R.), b. 08-01-1922, d. 10-02-2001
Brumm, Frederick "Fred" R. (Catherine E. Kottwitz), b. 12-07-1919, d. 06-25-1982, see obit, d. 1920 on stone
Brumm, Owen F. , b. 03-11-1991, d. 10-05-2008, from obit, 17yr, s/o Todd & Linda Knapton Brumm, car accident
Bublitz, Doris E. (Edwin W.), b. 02-07-1926, d. 02-08-2012, (m)06-29-1946, d/o Frank & Mary Schneider Moldenhauer
Bublitz, Edwin W. (Doris E. Moldenhauer), b. 12-30-1923, d. 04-14-2003, (m)06-29-1946, s/o William & Edna Schwanz Bublitz
Buchholz, Anna (Emil), b. 08-20-1867, d. 11-30-1943, Mother
Buchholz, August F. (Wihelmina), b. 01-19-1852, d. 08-11-1912
Buchholz, Emil (Anna), b. 01-19-1872, d. 10-31-1940, Father
Buchholz, Wilhelmina (August F.), b. 01-06-1852, d. 11-07-1944
Buddenhagen, Adina (Charles), b. 03-08-1867, d. 11-04-1897, on stone with Emilie Lange
Buechi, Hans, d. 10-24-1969, burial date
Buell, Emily A. (William), d. 10-08-1876, Age 47 years, 10 months, 9 days
Buenger, Fred (Henrietta), b. 01-15-1841, d. 03-17-1929
Buenger, Henrietta (Fred), b. 05-28-1846, d. 12-27-1915
Bugnacki, Mary V. , b. 04-21-1950, Dupas-Bugnacki stone
Bull, Caroline (John),
Bull, Frank, b. 1856, d. 11-09-1872, s/o John Bull, Age 16 yr 11 mo 19 days
Bull, John,
Bunsa, George E. (Laura M. Smith), b. 1869, d. 03-13-1962, see obit
Bunsa, Laura M. Smith (George E.), b. 1884, d. 01-21-1968, see obit
Bunsa, Robert S. , b. 03-15-1917, d. 01-20-1955, WW II, �Wis WOJG US Army, s/o George E. Bunsa
Burbank, Mary B. , b. 03-15-1897, d. 07-14-1993
Burgenger, Frank (Mary), b. 06-15-1838, d. 03-5-1909
Burgenger, Mary (Frank), b. 02-26-1840, d. 06-07-1918
Burie, Myrtle Pahl (#1Eugene Gundel, #2Frank Sr. Burie), b. 01-16-1905, d. 09-04-1983, Nee Pahl, on stone with Eugene Gundel
Burk/Burke, Celia, d. 04-03-1873, d/o J. W. & M. Burk. � Age 18 years
Burk/Burke, Louis, b. 05-12-1793, d. 11-18-1873
Burke, Caleb, b. 05-07-1773, d. 04-26-1854, War of 1812, Capt.
Burmeister, Edward Henry, b. 01-22-1915, d. 11-21-2004
Burnham, Hannah (Morris), d. 09-03-1911, 85yr old
Burnham, Morris (Hannah), b. 1823, d. 03-14-1882, Age 59 years, 4 months, 14 days
Buroff, Alvin F. (Gertrude E.), b. 07-07-1903, d. 08-27-1973
Buroff, Gertrude E. (Alvin F.), b. 1915, d. 1999, pictures
Buschke, Emma E. Krueger (Otto F.), b. 1880, d. 07-17-1965, see obit
Buschke, Otto E. (Emma E. Krueger), b. 1879, d. 09-24-1955, burial date
Buschke, Rueben , b. 1923, d. 08-06-1968, burial date, s/o Otto and Emma Buschke
Buschkopf, Emma (Otto F.), b. 11-17-1866, d. 09-17-1948
Buschkopf, Otto F. (Emma), b. 01-25-1864, d. 04-07-1935
Buschkopf, William O. , b. 05-29-1903, d. 06-29-1909, s/o Otto F. Buschkopf
Bush, George W. (Laura Townley), b. 1886, d. 06-13-1931, burial date
Bush, Harleigh (Louise), b. 1895, d. 02-26-1983
Bush, Harvey , b. 1908, d. 09-16-1909, burial date, infant s/o George W. Bush
Bush, John (Marie/Mary), b. 1858, d. 05-24-1947, burial date, Father
Bush, Laura Townley (George W.), b. 1889, d. 06-27-1969, see obit
Bush, Louise (Harleigh), b. 08-30-1900, d. 10-31-1990, Nee Mauth
Bush, Marie/Mary (John), b. 1868, d. 11-03-1955, burial date, Mother
Butler, Helen T. (William E.), b. 1821, d. 08-23-1909, burial date
Butler, Jennie, d. 1871, d/o Tom & Matie Butler
Butler, William E. (Helen T. , b. 1819, d. 1907
Butt, Anne/Anna Sophia-Mrs. -see obit, b. 1826, d. 02-19-1917, Buried on William Pegal lot. Entered as Grandmother
Butterfield, George C. , d. 08-28-1928, GAR maybe? Burial date
Butterfield, John (Sarah A.), d. 12-17-1867, Age 69 years
Butterfield, L. W. (George),
Butterfield, Maria L. (George), b. 01-10-1841, d. 02-28-1907
Butterfield, Sarah A. (John), d. 05-10-1889, 86yrs
Buxton, Franklin E. , d. 06-27-1859, s/o J. E. Buxton, 4yr 11mo 17da old
Buxton, Roy J. , b. 12-24-1940, on stone with Phil J. Heft

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