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Perry Cemetery
Everson, Whatcom County, Washington

perry cemetery
Perry Cemetery

GPS: 48° 57' 58"N, Lon: 122° 20' 04"W

8992 Van Buren Rd
Everson, WA 98247-9338

Date published: October 21, 2008
Total records: 27

Perry Cemetery is located on private property.


Perry Cemetery is located about seven miles east of Guide Meridian Road and north of East Badger Road (Hwy 546). The cemetery is on private property in the northwest corner of the old Perry farm and is not accessible to the public.

According to Roth's "History of Whatcom County" Vol II, 1926, p140 "William and Elizabeth (Beck) Perry, natives of the south of Scotland, in 1876, came to Washington and located a homestead on Barnes Prairie, three miles north of Everson. "The cemetery began as a Perry family cemetery with the first burial of Mrs. Mary Ellis Perry Duncan, daughter of William and Elizabeth Perry. It was she who chose the site for the cemetery a few months prior to her death.

In the years that followed, other members of the Perry family were buried here and later neighbors availed themselves of this location. The last interment was in 1920 - Charlotte Elizabeth Perry.

In the 1950s Miss Mary Agnes Perry erected a single monument on which was listed as many names (26) of those buried as could be verified. A few of the original tombstones were visible when the first series of cemetery records were completed, but most had deteriorated. A record of names of those buried was obtained from a photograph of the monument, and a newspaper article made available by Mrs. William (Nola) Perry. In addition, some information was obtained from mortuary records, newspapers, death certificates and census records.

Cemetery Records

Records below were contributed by Roderic Perry, Oct 12, 2008, last edited Oct 21, 2008 [rodericperry@hotmail.com].

This contains all existing and legible stones and markers up to Oct 10, 2008, including the above information.

Bowen, Hannah, b. 29 Nov 1816 d. Nov 1896
Boyer, Harvey, no dates
Boyer, Laura, no dates
Boyer, Lulu Maud, no dates
Brandeberry, infant, no dates
Call, Mary, b. 19 Mar 1900, Washington, d. 31 Mar 1900, daughter of Frank & Keziah E Call
Duncan, Mary Ellis, no dates, daughter of William & Elizabeth Perry
Hammell, Charles L, b. 8 Sep 1844, Quincy Illinois, d. 6 Jun 1899, reint Lakeside Cemetery
Hammell, Hattie, b. 26 Jun 1885, Palmer Kansas, d. 22 May 1899, reint Lakeside Cemetery
Hammell, John, no dates
Hammell, Mrs. E R, no dates
Hinton, Horace,b 13 Jan 1872, Denison Iowa, d. 5 Jan 1899
Johnson, Anna, no dates
Johnson, Oliver F,Sweden, d. 9 Jun 1896, age 26/33
McGuire, Hugh, no dates
Morris, Estel, d. 1887, boy reint Lakeside Cemetery
Morris, Rowan, d. 1887, boy reint Lakeside Cemetery
Perry, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 15 Feb 1920, daughter of William Alan & Marie S Perry age 29
Perry, Elizabeth (Beck), b. 1817, Scotland, d. Mar 1901, sp William B
Perry, William Alan, b. 6 Mar 1851, Kirkcudbright Scotland, d. 21 Jun 1919, sp Marie Strache married Dec 1886 son of William B & Elizabeth (Beck) Perry
Perry, William B, b. 1816 Scot, d. 19 Jan 1893, sp Elizabeth Beck
Scott, Agnes Perry, b. 1801, Scot, d. before 1900
Serl, Lily, no dates
Thomas, Thomas, b. 1898, Washington, d. 27 May 1898, son of Frank G & Mildred Hopkins age 2w
Tilton, Catherine, b. 19 Apr 1863, Snohomish Washington, d. 1 May 1898, nick name Cary reint Lakeside Cemetery
Tilton, Chapman, b. 3 May 1882, Snohomish Washington, d. 26 Jan 1906, reint Lakeside Cemetery
Tilton, Olive, b. 5 May 1886, Washington, d. 24 Jan 1899, reint Lakeside Cemetery
Van Over, Henry, no dates

Call, infant, no dates
Kelley, infant1, no dates
Kelley, infant2, no dates
Morris, infant, no dates

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