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Mountain View Cemetery
Ferndale, Whatcom County, Washington

mountain view cemetery
Mountain View Cemetery

GPS: 48.824628, -122.644529

2971 Lampman Rd
Ferndale, WA 98248

Date published: July 5, 2017
Total records: 222

Mountain View Cemetery is owned and managed by Whatcom County Cemetery District #7. Records are kept at Enterprise Cemetery in Ferndale.


Directions: Mountain View Cemetery is a short distance off of I-5, heading North on I-5 take exit 260 and turn left onto Slater Rd.  Continue 3.7 miles.  Turn right onto Haxton Way.  Drive 0.5 miles and turn left onto Lampman Rd.  Continue 0.8 miles.  Cemetery is on the right side.

It is easy to miss the main entrance to the cemetery.  Parking for a few cars is available front at the front of the entrance.  The other entrances are kept locked.   

The land for Mountain View Cemetery was donated in July 1880 by Henry A .SMITH. The first burial was 33-year old Thomas W. HASKINS on 6 July 1880. Mountain View Cemetery Association was organized on 7 March 1891.  

There is also one Spanish-American War Veteran buried at this cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone [livingstoneancestry@gmail.com] on June 2017. These may not include all burials, only those that were visible and legible. Quite a few of the stones are very hard to read.  Several stones are simply a cement stone with a name and dates. 

ATWOOD, Doris Gawley, Birth: 22-Jan-1929, 8-Nov-2001
BAILEY, Charles F, Birth: 1868, 1957
BAILEY, Emmet, 1970
BAILEY, Ida M, Birth: 1879, 1962
BAILEY, Manley, 1913
BAILEY, Theodore, 1938
BARTLETT, John C, Birth: 28-Sep-1913, 1-Jun-1973
BATSTONE, Alice, 30-Oct-1898, Age: 14years
BATSTONE, Baby, 1890
BATSTONE, Frank H, 27-Jan-1900, Age: 12years
BATSTONE, Mildred, 22-sept-1897, Age: 3years
BEARD, Amos, Birth: 22-Nov-1836, 20-Apr-1917
BEARD, Charles Delbert, Birth: 20-May-1862, 22-May-1902, h/o Nancy
BEARD, Grace, Birth: 1870, 1943
BEARD, Nancy Ann, Birth: 13-Nov-1837, 8-Dec-1901, w/o Charles
BEARD, Stella, Birth: 1866, 1931
BLOM, Betsy, Birth: 1925, 1936
BLOM, Gladys, Birth: 9-Apr-1929, 24-Apr-1929
BLOM, Infant, 1908
BLOM, Infant, 1927
BLOM, Johanna, Birth: 1879, 1907
BLOM, Karl O, Birth: 1878, 1959
BLOM, Leonard E, Birth: 1923, 1945
BLOM, Oscar F, Birth: 1916, ?
BLUHER, James C.R., Birth: 27-Jun-1917, 28-May-2012
BLUHER, LaVerne V.E., Birth: 4-Nov-1905, 15-Sep-1994
BOSTON, Eliza J, Birth: 1837, 1924
BOSTON, Lewis C, Birth: 10-Mar-1836, 12-June-1895, masonic
BRIDGE, Henry, Birth: 10-Dec-1880, 28-Apr-1905
BRIDGE, Margaret, Birth: 1861, 1951
BRIDGE, Osmond, Birth: 1857, 1927
BURROUGH, Gloria, 2016
BURROUS, Douglas A, Birth: 1862, 1940
BURROUS, Emeline G, Birth: 1838, 1918
BYERS, Minnie L, Birth: 1860, 1945
BYERS, W.J., Birth: 1855, 1928
CHICHESTER, Charlie, Birth: 29-Aug-1894, 16-Dec-1895
CHICHESTER, Edward, Birth: 3-Feb-1873, 26-Nov-1895
CLAYTON, SR, James, Birth: 12-Nov-1801, 20-May-1891
CLEVISH, Mary, Birth: 30-Aug-1853, 2-Aug-1922
COYLE, Bernice Marie, Birth: 1905, 1968
CROSBY, Charles, 1951
CROSBY, Paul, Birth: 1905, 1916
DEEDS, Charles F, Birth: 11-Sept-1870, 12-Apr-1941
DEEDS, James, Co H 91 Ill Inf
DEEDS, Louisa, Birth: 1875, 1899
DEEDS, Martha, Birth: 1857, 1928
DEEDS, Mary E, Birth: 14-June-1867, 20-Dec-1937
DEEDS, Parthena, Birth: 16-June-1840, Illinois, 15-Apr-1902
DEETS, Dorothy A, Birth: 13-Mar-1911, 20-Mar-2009
DEETS, Howard C, Birth: 15-Jul-1909, 15-Nov-2003
DEVISH, Bernice H, Birth: 1905, 1990
DONALD, Bernice Arlene, Birth: 1902, 1987
DRAKE, Alta M, Birth: 1895, 1904
DRAKE, Ina B, Birth: 1898, 1904
DRAKE, Maye Mina, Birth: 17-Apr-1917, 6-Oct-1996
DRAKE, Merrill Francis, Birth: 30-Jun-1911, 8-Dec-1988, SSgt US Army WWII
DRAKE, Raymond, 1906
DRAKE, Robert W, Birth: 1866, 1944
ERGLER, John E, Birth: 1882, 1965
ERGLER, Rudolph H, Birth: 1884, 1925
FARRER, Don E, Birth: 23-Jan-1928, 3-Sep-2008, US Merchant Marine
FARRER, Susan K, Birth: 26-Apr-1956, 19-Jun-2005
FINSTAD, Hans A, Birth: 22-Aug-18??, 15-Jul-1923
FINSTAD, Ole A, Birth: 22-Apr-18??, 25-Feb-1920
FOX, Hannah O, Birth: 1867, 1946
FOX, James L, Birth: 1863, 1944
FOX, John J, Birth: 1859, 1924
FOX, Maude O, Birth: 1905, 1907
FOX, Nettie M, Birth: 1868, 1945
FROEHLICH, Robert Dee, Birth: 27-Aug-1943, 2-Nov-1971, WA BT3 US Navy
GAWLEY, Anna Gwendolyn, Birth: 1-Nov-1906, 23-Feb-1999
GAWLEY, Delbert G, Birth: 23-Apr-1934, 13-Nov-1934
GAWLEY, John, 18-Mar-1932
GAWLEY, Marie, 5-May-1931
GAWLEY, Richard Elmer, Birth: 12-Sep-1904, 15-Nov-1964
GRAY, Edwin Thomas, Birth: 1870, 1949
GULBRANSON, William F, Birth: 15-Feb-1901, 5-Feb-1973, AK Pvt Btry C 13 Field Arty
GULLETTE, Julia, Birth: 1865, 1946
GULLETTE, Milton C, Birth: 1898, 1977
GULLETTE, William F, Birth: 1888, 1951
HANSON, Alma, Birth: 1898, 1911
HANSON, Anna C, 1906
HANSON, John A, Birth: 22-Oct-1893, 8-Feb-1962
HANSON, Jonas E, Birth: 1865, 1946
HANSON, Mary U, Birth: 1866, 1946
HARNDEN, Arnold, Birth: 1922, 1924
HARNDEN, Gertrude D, Birth: 1877, 1971
HARNDEN, Lester, 1903
HARNDEN, William H, Birth: 1874, 1962
HARRIS, Verne David, Birth: 19-Jun-1923, 17-Mar-1940
HATHAWAY, Baby, Birth: 1903, 1903
HAYWARD, B.T., Birth: 1829, 1907
HAYWARD, Martha A, Birth: 1-Dec-1834, 20-June-1890
HEARD, Ella H, Birth: 1867, 1910
HEINRICHS, Mary B, Birth: 1893, 1981
HEINRICHS, Peter E, Birth: 1892, 1987
HEINRICHS, JR, Peter, Birth: 1924, 2002
HIGBIE, Madaliene Lee, Birth: 1863, 1938
HOLEMAN, John E, Birth: 1861, 1938
HOLEMAN, Rosa B, Birth: 1863, 1921
HOLEMAN, Weaver, Birth: 1887, 1941
HOLMAN, Bessie, Birth: 28-Mar-1898, 6-Apr-1898
HOSKINS, T.W., Age: 33years
HUBBARD, Randi, Birth: 6-Oct-1938, 12-Jan-2001
HUGHES, H.J., Birth: 1919, 1983
HUGHES, Kathleen M, Birth: 1924, 1978
HUNT, Amasa, Birth: 4-Mar-1827, 29-Oct-1903
HUNTER, John A, Birth: 17-Feb-1856, 3-Nov-1916
HUNTER, Mary M, Birth: 1871, 1952
HUNTER, Percy F, Birth: 1-Jan-1903, 15-Nov-1906
JAMES, Leila (Philpott), Birth: 19-Jan-1929, 9-Oct-2007
JANITSSCHECK, Alouis A, 1915, baby
JONES, Chester, Birth: 1890, 1913
JONES, Fanny, Birth: 1892, 1905
JONES, George, Birth: 1901, 1923
JONES, Meredith, Birth: 1859, 1942
JONES, Theresa, Birth: 1860, 1947
KENNEDY, Hiram, Birth: 1874, 1953
KENNEDY, Perl, Birth: 1882, 1902
KENNEDY, Ruby E, Birth: 1886, 1923
LACK, William, Birth: 1834, Northamptonshire England, 4-Jun-1900
LAMPMAN, Sarah Samantha, Birth: 1844, 1925
LEWIS, Daniel D, Birth: 1853, 1928
LEWIS, Edwin H, Birth: 8-Mar-1877, 29-Jan-1898
LEWIS, Mary C, 13-Jan-1887, Age: 30years
LONGFELLOW, Muriel Jean, Birth: 25-Aug-1931, 7-Jun-1999
LOPAS, Agnes, Birth: 13-Aug-1846, 13-Nov-1911
LOPAS, Francis, Birth: 30-Apr-1821, 3--June-1891
LOPAS, Joseph, Birth: 15-Sept-1824, 3-July-1899
LORENZ, Adolph G, Birth: 1847, 1932
LORENZ, Marget E, Birth: 1854, 1925
MCCARTY, Clara Alice, Birth: 27-Nov-1869, 4-Jul-1917
MCCARTY, Isaac Melvil, Birth: 21-Oct-1856, 25-Oct-1912
MCCARTY, James Gillis, Birth: 15-Apr-1909, 15-Aug-1914
MCDERMET, Susan, 1895
MCGLOTHERAN, Essie Holeman, Birth: 1901, 1928
MCILROY, Clements, Birth: 11-Nov-1906, 22-Jun-1976
MCILROY, James Bluford, Birth: Feb 1903, 22-Feb-1984, US Army WWII
MCILROY, Josephine, Birth: 7-Nov-1886, 1-Dec-1975
MCILROY, Ralph, Birth: 1883, 1936
MILLER, Chas A.L., Birth: 1890, 1964
MILLER, Donald
MILLER, John W, Birth: 1861, 1933
MILLER, Marie M, Birth: 1909, 1987
MILLER, Peter A, Birth: 29-Jul-1937, 30-Dec-2005, US Marine Corps
MILLS, Nellie, Birth: 16-Sept-1869, 25-May-1897
MOREHEAD, Grace, Birth: 1-Feb-1869, 17-Mar-1904
MOREHEAD, James F, Birth: 1863, 1940
MORSMAN, Mandana, Birth: 1838, 1915
MORSMAN, William, Co G 12 Vol Inf
MURPHY, Thomas, Birth: 25-Dec-1880, 8-Jun-18??, d/o Thomas Murphy
MUSSER, Earl, Birth: 7-Nov-1903, 16-Jan-1904
NORTON, Hattie, Birth: 1842, 1929
NORTON, J.S., Birth: 10-Apr-1839, 20-Sept-1890
NORTON, Lyman M, Birth: 23-Apr-1875, 14-Feb-1961, IL Pvt Hospital Corps SP-AM War
OMLI, G.T., Birth: 1845, 1921
OMLI, Oscar, Birth: 9-Sept-1889, 21-Aug-1944, WA Pvt US Army
OMLI, Thomas, Birth: 188?, 1913
OUILLETTE, Edward Joseph, Birth: 1878, 1921
PEDERSON, Thea, Birth: 1900, 1915
PETERSON, Christine, Birth: 1856, 1939
PETERSON, Elias, Birth: 1854, 1924
PETERSON, Elmer, Birth: 1897, 1918
PETERSON, Gust L, Birth: 1892, 1949
PETERSON, Leonard, Birth: 1911, 1911
PETERSON, Richard E, Birth: 14-May-1899, 11-Jul-1945, WA AS USNRF WWI
PHILPOTT, George B, Birth: 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1947
PHILPOTT, Loren, Birth: 30-Jul-1938, 26-Aug-1938
PHILPOTT, Marjorie Leone, Birth: 7-Apr-1933, 24-Nov-2011
PHILPOTT, Sylvia M, Birth: 17-Dec-1903, 1-Feb-2001
PHILPOTT, T. Burnett, Birth: 8-Aug-1905, 26-Jan-1991
PHILPOTT, Tom Burnett, Birth: 4-Jun-1927, 14-Dec-2010
POTTER, Hiram, Birth: 1834, 1911, masonic
REICHERT, Nellie, Birth: 16-Jan-1869, 12-Apr-1943
REICHERT, William E, Birth: 21-Mar-1867, 1-Apr-1926
RHOADES, Evva L, Birth: 1910, 1990
SMITH, Alice McComb, Birth: 11-June-1848, 9-Mar-1909
SMITH, Charles Roy, Birth: 6-May-1882, 25-Sep-1964
SMITH, Clair W, Birth: 7-Sep-1909, 19-Jan-2000, married September 30, 193?, h/o Esther
SMITH, Esther E Gullette, Birth: 14-Oct-1909, 5-Mar-1996, married September 30, 193?, w/o Clair
SMITH, Henry A, Birth: 4-Mar-1845, 18-Dec-1908
SMITH, Margaret J, Birth: 1897, 1989
SMITH, Robert H, Birth: 1878, 1955
SPARNON, John E, Birth: 1857, 1929
SPARNON, Laura E, Birth: 1867, 1934
TOWNSEND, Chas., Birth: 11-June-1842, Jan 1911
TOWNSEND, Elizabeth J, Birth: 30-Jan-1854, 14-Jul-1908
TOWNSEND, Lillie, Birth: 1-Jan-1888, 6-Mar-1930
TOWNSEND, Ralph, Birth: 11-Mar-1885, 14-Sep-1968
UNICK, Allen, Birth: 1908, 1966
UNICK, Alouisa, Birth: 1866, 1930
UNICK, Anna, 2015
UNICK, Arlene Ruth, Birth: 12-Jan-1930, 13-Feb-2011
UNICK, Clifford, Birth: 1899, 1968
UNICK, Deanna M, Birth: 4-Feb-1957, 12-Jun-1987
UNICK, Ellsworth A, Birth: 1892, 1979
UNICK, Glen, Birth: 1934, 1967
UNICK, Ida Augusta, Birth: 1897, 1964
UNICK, Ida Rose, Birth: 1926, 1968
UNICK, James, Birth: 1867, 1956
UNICK, Louis L, Birth: 18-Aug-1896, 23-Mar-1973, WA S2 US Navy WWI
UNICK, Oliver G, Birth: 31-Jan-1889, 9-Jan-1956
UNICK, Stanley Henry, Birth: 6-Dec-1905, 24-Mar-1970, WA Tec4 266 Engr BN 66 Div WWII
UNICK, Walter, 1971
VANDEVER, Charles L, 2-Apr-1891, Age: 33years
WALDHEIM, Dick, Birth: 1871, 1939
WALLACE, Emily Holeman, Birth: 1866, 1891
WHALEN, Llora A, Birth: 1897, 1993
WHALEN, Raymond E, Birth: 1893, 1956
WIEMERS, Belle C, Birth: 8-June-1882, 1-Aug-1972
WIEMERS, Edward H, Birth: 4-June-1882, 14-Jul-1955
WIGEM, James, Birth: 1872, 1956
WIGEM, Josephine, 1972
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Madge, Birth: 1915, 2000
WILLIAMS, Helen Atwood, Birth: 29-Jun-1912, 31-Oct-1990
WILLIAMS, Morris, Birth: 24-?-1846, 16-July-1891
WIX, Valjer, Birth: 1865, 1909
ZIMMER, Clara, 1980
ZIMMER, Nora May, Birth: 1905, 1963
ZIMMER, Paulina, Birth: 1863, 1938
ZIMMER, Roy, 1978

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