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Valley Chapel (Harer) Cemetery
Walla Walla County, Washington

Sec 9 T6N R35E

Lat: 46°01'16"N, Lon: 118°26'23"W

Contributed by Rella Gleaton, Apr 06, 2001 [rella@ultraplix.com]. Total records = 89.

This smaller cemetery is located South and West of Walla Walla near the Walla Walla River at the corner of Valley Chapel Road and Frog Hollow Road. It is on the North side of Frog Hollow Road and across from the Valley Chapel School. It is fenced with barbed wire on three sides with the front side a split rail fence, not in good shape.

The cemetery is overgrown with weeds, has been vandalized and the gopher holes are numerous. There are a number of unreadable metal funeral home markers, blank stones and a few wooden markers.

The land was first owned by the Harer family and it was first known as the Harer Cemetery. Mary Ellen Reser selected the site and was the first person buried there. Earliest burial from headstones read is 1873 and the last 1995.

The reading and information from 1983 and a plat map was provided by Garland Wilson, an area historian. All information in parenthesis was not on the headstones. Walked and read by Rella and Jim Gleaton Nov 19,1999. Transcribed by Rella Faris Gleaton.

KEY: w/o = wife of; h/o = husband of; s/o = son of; d/o = daugher of
m/ = married; b/ = born; d/ = died ; ch/ = child of;
* asterisk shows headstone read in 1983 but not found in 1999

??, Mary, d. 1880 Oct 23, @56y 9m 4d, w/o George Rec__, (broken stone, d. partially readable, Several burials recorded before 1880, so presume this is not Mary Ellen Reser)
ALDERMAN, Baby, d. 1915 Dec 24*, ch/o H.F.
BARNEY, E. Roe, d. 1890 Mar 05, 20y 6m
BARNEY, Esther, No dates, * Infant d/o Harlow Sr.
BARNEY, Harlow, d. 1904 Feb 26 82y 8m
BARNEY, Oric A., d. 1900, * s/o Harlow Sr. (Nicknamed "Hell Roarin" he drowned in the Walla Walla River)
BARNEY, William, No dates, * s/o Harlow Sr., (Nicknamed "Wild Bill")
BAYLES, Bessie, b. Jan 06,1898, d. 1904 Aug 02 d/o S.W. & R.L., "Our dear Bessie"
BAYLES, Rozania L., b. 1866, d. 1941, "Mother"
BENDER, David, b. Dec 12,1803, d. 1881 Dec 11, "Our Father"
BENDER, Leonard E., b. Dec 29,1896, d. 1897 Mar 06, s/o L.A. & Emma
BLANCHARD, Albert A., b. Mar 22,1836, d. 1899 Apr 01, "At rest"
BURGGRAFF, Infant, No dates, * (stillborn ca.1916)
BUSSELL, B. W., b. Mar 21,1836, d. 1902 Jul 01*
BUSSELL, Baby, d. 1884 Mar 31*
BUSSELL, Grace, b. 1892, d. 1910 Aug 16*
BUSSELL, Jesse, b. Apr 17,1879, d. 1884 Nov 20*
BUSSELL, Mary, b. Sep 15,1849, d. 1905 Dec 26*
BUSSELL, Osa, b. Jan 13,1881, d. 1882 Dec 01*
COPSEY, George E., b. 1896, d. 1972
COPSEY, Kenneth H., b. Sep 23,1928, d. 1995 Dec 24, US Navy
COPSEY, Rita R., b. 1903, d. 1978
CORBIT, Jesse, b. Feb 13,1884, d. 1901 Aug 16
CORBIT, Logan, b. Oct 15,1875, d. 1899 Feb 10
CORBIT, Margaret Jane, b. Dec 10,1833, d. 1916 Jan 16
CUSKER, Miss Minvera, d. 1894 Mar 23*
CUSKER, Mrs. James, d. 1894 Nov 15*
DENNIS, Artie Ines, b. Jul 01,1891, d. 1893 Jan 07
DENT, H., b. May 08,1827, d. 1898 Jan 07*, (b/Hermitage, Mo., h/o Martha Shepherd Dent, d/1853)
DERRICK, Wm. Elzie, b. Aug 07,1879, d. 1905 Aug 28*, (b/Umapine,Or, d. died of throat cut, s/o Henry California & Melissa Dickerson)
DICKERSON, Clarissa, b. 1836, d. 1895 May 14, (b/Mich, d/Hudson Bay, Or), d/o Jonathan Beamis, w/o Tirisha T. (Large stone with)"1893-1993 Oregon Trail"
DICKERSON, Katie Parlee, b. 1852, d. 1903 Mar 13* (2nd w/o Tirisha T.) (m/1900, d/o John & Mary Waits Sanders)
DICKERSON, Tirisha T., b. Jan 06,1828, d. 1904 Jun 28, (b/Castilian Springs, Sumner Co, Tn. d/near Umapine,Or. s/o Livingston T. & Frances Turner. m/Jun 17,1856 Muscatine, Iowa)
DICKERSON, William A., b. Jan 1874, d. 1880 Nov 13, 6y 10m 4d
ELLIOTT, Laura Dickerson, b. 1869, d. 1897 Sep 04*, (b/Umapine,Or., m/Feb 04, 1886 w/o Robert)
ELLIOTT, Twin sons, d. 1897, * (Died at birth)
FRIZZELL, Grant, d. 1886 Mar 16, 6 years
FRIZZELL, Jacob, d. 1888 May 27, 69 years
FRIZZELL, Sarah A., d. 1882 May 19, 46 years
GRIMES, Arthur, b. Feb 17,1837, d. 1921 Apr 07
GRIMES, Rebecca Hastings, b. Jul 01,1852, d. 1915 Aug 20
GRIMES, Sammy, No dates, * s/o Arthur & Rebecca
GRIMES, Willie, No dates, * ca. 18yrs, s/o Arthur & Rebecca
GUIOTT, Baby Karl, b. Sep 23,1893, d. 1893 Nov 15, s/o K. & C.H.
HARER, Baby, b. Jan 03,1883, d. 1883 Jan 18
HASTINGS, Cynthia A. Frizzell, b. 1848, d. 1907, w/o John J.
HASTINGS, John Jacob, b. 1853, d. 1935
HASTINGS, John Kingport, b. Mar 05,1830, d. 1899 Jan 17, 76y 10m 14d, s/w Mary U., (b/Lancaster, Pa. d/Mud Creek)
HASTINGS, Mary Uzilla, d. 1898 Sep 01, 87y 4m 18d, w/o John K.
HODGEN, Orlando, b. Oct 20,1880, d. 1950 Jul 29 s/o Clinton & Rebecca, h/o & s/w Florence I. Rice Naught
HURT, Eliza Elon, b. 1870, d. 1897
JAGARD, Rita A., b. Jan 16,1903, d. 1978 Oct 05*, (w/o John m/May 13,1975, d/o Orlando & Florence Hodgen)
McELHANEY, C. C., b. Apr 24,1849, d. 1873 Dec 09*
McELHANEY, E. Minnie Combs, b. Dec 13,1817, d. 1897 Apr 06
McELHANEY, James B., b. May 31,1813, d. 1884 May 06, (Joseph, Or. 1859)
MULKINS, Arthur W., d. 1903 Feb 02, 11y 3m 13d
MULKINS, Lester A., b. Mar 21,1898, d. 1901 Feb 08
NAUGHT, Florence I. Rice Hodgen, b. Nov 19,1881, d. 1974 Feb, w/o& s/w Orlando Hodgen
OWEN, Charity Ann, b. 1840, d. 1918
OWEN, James Albert, b. Dec 01,1865, d. 1938 Dec 12*, s/o O.D. & Charity Ann
OWEN, Ozias D., b. 1835, d. 1905
PECK, Lenna M., b. Jan 20,1877, d. 1899 Oct 31, w/o A.J."My beloved", "I am at rest with Jesus. Meet me my loved ones in heaven"
PECK, Willie Leo, b. Feb 05,1894, d. 1894 Apr 14, s/o A.J. & L.M.
PHILLIPS, Emma May, b. 1874, d. 1902, "Erected by daughter"
PHILLIPS, Hazel, d. 1899 Feb 21, @16m,"The Lord is my shepherd"
PHILLIPS, Roy W., d. 1899 May 05 @3y "God is love"
RESER, Mary Ellen, No dates, * (First burial in Cemetery)
REYNOLDS, E. W., b. 1826, d. 1885
REYNOLDS, Urana, b. 1833, d. 1887
RICE, Emil O., b. Mar 06,1910, d. 1935 Jul 19, s/o W.W. & M.H., "At rest"
RICE, Frank Rosalvo, b. May 04,1879, d. 1937 Apr 29
RICE, Frank, No dates
RICE, James F., b. Sep 09,1874, d. 1874 Oct 07 s/o R.A. & N.E.
RICE, Mary H. M., b. 1868, d. 1942, "Mother"
RICE, Merle, No dates, "Baby"
RICE, Nancy Emaline (Vanscoyk), b. Jan 05,1845, d. 1927 Jan 12, w/o Rosalvo A. (b/Terre Haute, Ind)
RICE, Rosalia A., b. Aug 05,1870, d. 1885 Aug 05, d/o R.A. & N.E.
RICE, Rosalvo A., b. Jan 13,1837, d. 1885 Aug 25, (m/May 04,1863)
RICE, William W., b. 1864, d. 1943
RUSSELL, Infant, d. 1890 Mar, d/o G.B. & Mary
RUSSELL, Mary E., b. Mar 19,1867, d. 1891 Mar 25 w/o Geo. B.
SAUNDERS, Charles F. Jr, b. 1886, d. 1898, (b/& d/ Umapine,Or), (s/o Chas. Frederick & Georgianna Dickerson)
SAUNDERS, Charles Frederick, b. Jan 27,1841, d. 1907 Jul 22, (b/Troy, Vt d/Umapine, Or (m/May 31,1874 to Georgianna Dickerson)
SAUNDERS, Cora, b. 1880, d. 1883 (d/o Chas F. & Georgianna b/ & d/Umapine, Or)
SAUNDERS, Pauline, b. Jan 20,1905, d. 1905 Jan 20* (d/o Dana & Ada L. Winn, Twin to Winn Saunders)
SPENCER, William, d. 1883 Aug 04 @42years
VANDERPOOL, Frances LeRoy, b. Sep 22,1926, d. 1926 Sep 26* (s/o Matt & Lilas Feagins)
VANDERPOOL, Infant, b. May 06,1937, d. 1937 May 06 (ch/o Matt & Lilas)
WITHERITE, Nancy Jane, b. 1839, d. 1907

Notes of Garland Wilson, d. "Some names appear on original plat map that are not in the foregoing list of burials. These could be plat owners or they could be burials. Measurements were taken to identify the proper family with the right plat as the original plat map had but few names on it with a lot of them illegible with no burial records on some of the listings. Family names were added where identification existed. Information on DICKERSON family was supplied by Mrs Robert(Louise) Dixson and the plat map by Mrs. Dale Hastings. Other information from early obituaries, tombstone inscriptions and family members. Survey taken Jan & Feb 1983"

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