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Lyon's (Mill Creek, Hendrix) Cemetery
Walla Walla County, Washington

Contributed by Rella Gleaton Apr 27, 2001 [rella@ultraplix.com]. Total records = 24.

In Nov of 1999 we found this cemetery of about two acres completely overgrown with 8 foot tall Lilac bushes with several trails through the bushes. There is no longer a road to it and you must walk downhill through a field, cross Lyons Creek and uphill through more field. It has been vandalized and a number of stones are broken. There are a few wooden headstones that are no longer readable.

Original information provided by Garland Wilson, area historian. Earliest listed burial was 1871. Last listed burial was 1919 Walked and read by Rella and Jim Gleaton Nov 19, 1999.

KEY: s/w = stone with, s/o = son of
w/o = wife of, c/o = children of, b/ = born

AUGUSTAVO, John Augustus, b. Dec 18,1823, d. 1884 Jan 31 "In loving memory of", (b/Dresdon, Saxony,Germany. Resided in Henry Canyon. h/o Anna Rausch*)
BRYANT, Angeline, d. 1871 Nov 25 37y 1m 5d, w/o Joshua Bryant
CALVERT, Phebe, b. Jun 12,1834, d. 1877, Jan 20 "In memory of", "Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep and here their heartfelt offerings bring and near thy grave their requiem sings"
CUNNINGHAM, William H., d. 1896 Jun 06, 26y 2m 11d, "Gone but not forgotten"
DAVIDSON, Susan, d. 1877 Jun 15, 36y 5m 6d "Farewell", w/o Noah M.
DAVIES, W. W., b. Aug 09,1833, d. 1906 Nov 25
FIELDS, Henry Wesley, d. 1879 Sep 02, 4y 10m 18d s/w Minnie, c/o Simon G. & Nancye
FIELDS, Minnie Myrtle, d. 1879 Sep 02, 3y 1m 13d s/w Henry W.
HANSHAW, Sarah J., b. Jul 22,1846, d. 1899 Jan 05, "Mother"
HENDRIX, David Alexander, d. 1874 Nov 09, 18y 3m 20d s/o Joshua & Lucinda
HENDRIX, John Henry, d. 1877 Sep 03, 19y 7m 14d s/o Joshua & Lucinda
HENDRIX, Lucinda, d. 1880 May 24, 60y 3m 3d, w/o J.W.
LIVINGSTON, Isabella, b. Sep 17,1818, d. 1895 Apr 17, b/Sterlingshire, Scotland, s/w Richard J.
LIVINGSTON, Richard J., b. Aug 18,1828, d. 1892 Apr 18, b/Liverpool, England s/w Isabella, (Large monument) "Dear parents, though we miss you much, we know you rest with God"
MILLER, C.W., b. Jun 29,1898, d. 1898 Aug 24, Infant s/o Mr & Mrs Christian Miller
MILLER, Sarah Maria, b. 1824, d. 1899, w/o Soren S. Miller
MILLER, Soren S., b. 1817, d. 1897, s/o Sarah M. Miller
OYLEAR, James Wm., b. Oct 17,1859, d. 1880 Oct 21, 21y 4d, "Erected in loving memory by his brothers & sisters"
ROHN, J. J., b. Nov 22,1835, d. 1919 Dec 13
ROHN, Sarah E., d. 1872 Oct 23 24y 23d, w/o J.J. Rohn
ROHN, Sarah I., d. 1874 Aug 16, 1y 10m 9d, d/o J.J. & S.E. Rohn
SMITH, Anna Louise, b. Mar 16,1912, d. 1912 Mar 16
TELL, Mary E., Unreadable (Stone broken in pieces, with the footstone found in another part of cem)
WEBDELL, Harrison, d. 1871 Nov 24, 29y 8m 16d

(*Anna Rausch Augustavo is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Walla Walla.)

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