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Giesy Family (Kiel Colony) Cemetery
Pacific County, Washington

Contributed by T Sheldon, Aug 23, 2000 [tsheldon@tss.net ]. Total records = 32.

Giesy Family Cemetery, aka Kiel Colony, Willie Kiel's Grave
Transcribed by T Sheldon, proofread by Gavin Vincent, and completed this 14th day of May, 2000.

Location: Sec 3, T13N, R8W, on the west side of the highway.

"The Keil Colony" left Missouri in May of 1855 for the Willapa Bay, WA. The colony was under the leadership of Dr. Wm. Keil, who chose his son, Willie, to head the wagon train out west. Just days before leaving, Willie died of malaria, so Dr. Keil placed him inside a lead-lined coffin filled with whiskey and sealed it shut, then put Willie's body in the front of the 35 unit train. In November of 1855 the wagon train arrived, intact, and Willie was buried the day after Christmas. Within a year, Dr. Keil decided Willapa Bay was not for him and the others, and they headed for Aurora OR.

BARSTOW, Charles, b. 25 Jan 1823, d. 1914, age 91y, d. suicide
BARSTOW, Sophie (BECK), b. 1842, d. 1877
BECK, Charles, d. Sep 1930, age 86y
CRAWFORD, Clinton G., b. 17 Feb 1893, d. 2 Mar 1901, age 8y
CRAWFORD, Dean C., b. 1952, d. 4 Apr 1954, age 2y, d. drowned
CRAWFORD, Emma (GIESY), b. 1872, d. 27 Aug 1941, age 69y, d/o John
CRAWFORD, Frank Gillman, b. 15 Dec 1859 IL, d. 16 Dec 1922, age 63y, s/o Henry A. (b. NY) and Cleopatra GILLMAN(b. NY)
CRAWFORD, Glenna D., b. 1900, d. 1959, age 59y
CRAWFORD, Harold H., b. 1901, d. 1948, age 47y
CRAWFORD, Henry C., b. 4 May 1945, d. 5 May 1950, age 5y d. car accident
CRAWFORD, Mabel G. (JOHNSON), b. 1904, d. 1932, age 28y
GIESY, Andrew Sr., b. 17 Nov 1791, d. 16 Oct 1860, age 68y
GIESY, Christian Sr., b. 20 Sep 1813 Switzerland, d. 7 Aug 1857, age 45y, drowned
GIESY, Elizabeth, b. 2 Dec 1856, d. 28 Feb 1878, age 22y, unmarried, d. consumption, d/o Sebastian
GIESY, George, d.1881, d. consumption, s/o Sebastian
GIESY, Henry H., b. 26 Aug 1869 Cincinatti OH, d. 28 Dec 1953, age 84y, s/o John, arr. Pacific Co 1878
GIESY, Henry, b. 12 Oct 1838, d. 22 Oct 1874, age 36y
GIESY, Jacob, b. 6 Mar 1831, d. 20 Dec 1899, age 68y
GIESY, John A., b. 5 Dec 1901, d. 30 Jun 1916, age 14y, d. meningitis, br/o Hulda Zimmerman
GIESY, John H., b. 23 Sep 1857, d. 21 May 1906, d. consumption, f/o Hulda
GIESY, John, b. 8 Jun 1843, d. 2 Mar 1901, age 59y
GIESY, Joseph Mellon, Memorial s/w Anna Wilson, "At rest in Springdale, Penna."
GIESY, Martha J., b. 25 Nov 1870, d. 22 May 1923, age 53y5m27d, m/o Hulda Zimmerman
GIESY, Martin, b. 3 May 1872, d. 17 Feb 1873, age 1y
GIESY, Mary, b. 1832, d. 16 Nov 1874, age 42y, d. consumption, w/o Sebastian
GIESY, Rudolph, b. 21 Jan 1828, d. 24 Mar 1895, age 67y
GIESY, Salome, b. 20 May 1859, d. 25 Apr 1886, age 26y, unmarried d/o Sebastian, d. consumption}
GIESY, Sebastian, b. 26 Jan 1826 Wenrinzen Canton Switzerland, d. 16 Apr 1910, age 87y, arr. MO in 1847, nickname: "Uncle Bosh"
JOHNSON, Mabel G., b. 1904, d. 1932
NEDROW, Christian, no dates, built first school house in 1868
STAUFFER, John, b. 14 Nov 1810, d. 22 Jun 1886, age 75y7m7d, killed by falling tree
WILSON, Anna, no dates, Memorial s/w Joseph Mellon Giesy, "At rest in Springdale, Penna."

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