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Spring Creek Cemetery
Spring Creek, Lincoln County, Washington

Lat: 47° 43' 53"N, Lon: 117° 51' 47"W
Sec 22 T26N R39E

Contributed by Bud Engelhardt & Virginia Engelhardt, Feb 03, 2000 [budengelhardt@msn.com]. Total records = 236.

Spring Creek Cemetery is located approx 6 miles north of Reardan WA on Hiway 231.

These names are in alphabetical order and not by plot. Identical surnames are not necessarily related.

Transcribed and compiled by Bud Engelhardt �1998.

Angell, Kenneth William, b.1992, d.1995, (Willy)
Applegate, Mary B, b.1815, Mother of A.J. Holman
Avenell, Elizabeth, b.1835, d.1925
Avenell, William, b.1825, d.1906
Barnard, Burton L., b.1894, d.1964
Barnard, D. Berne, b.1923
Barnard, Doris Nielson, b.1925, d.1996, m. 1945 (D. Berne)
Barnard, Etta L., b.1897, d.1970
Barnard, Fred B, b.1871, d.1956
Barnard, Julia, b.1872, d.1963
Bentley, Alma A, b. 1882, d. 1967, s/w Sherman & Mary E
Bentley, Calvin Wm Howe, b.16 May 1832, d.1888, Sgt Co E 42nd MO Inf
Bentley, Edgar P, b.1868, d.1884, s/o G.W.H. & M.J. Bentley
Bentley, Grace, b.1869, d.1892, Wife of James A. Bentley
Bentley, Margaret, J, b.1837, d.1919
Bentley, Mary E, b. 1867, d. 1922, s/w Alma & Sherman
Bentley, Nellie, d.1887, Age 1 yr, dau of James & Grace
Bentley, Sherman S, b. 1865, d. 1964, s/w Alma & Mary E
Blake, A.R.A., b.1875, d.1899, Wife of C.H. Blake
Bowen, Charlie A, b.1882, d.1883, Son of Wm & Nancy Bowen
Burnette, A. J., No date
Capps, Mary R., b.1862, d.1941
Capps, Wm. Henry, b.1858, d.1939
Carstens, Baby, b.1900, d.1900, Baby of G.B. & E.E. Carstens
Carstens, Charles E, d.1898, 2 mo old, s/o H.D. & M.A.
Carstens, Peter Michael, d.1991, 10 days old
Cauvel, Charles W, b.1873, d.1957, Father
Cauvel, Margaret B, b.1876, d.1918, Mother
Childs, Edith H, b.1914
Childs, Edward W, b.1859, d.1905
Childs, Floyd E, b.1914, d.1966
Childs, Henrietta M, b.1832, d.1922
Childs, John Edward, b.1887, d.1970
Childs, Kate C, b.1865, d.1933, Mother
Childs, Mildred, b.1885, d.1887, dau of Wm. & Kate Childs
Childs, Pauline A, b.1853, d.1929
Childs, Ruth, b.1891, d.1983
Childs, Susan, b.1885, d.1963
Childs, William H, b.1856, d.1928, Father
Childs, William L, b.1912, d.1989
Childs, William N, b.1889, d.1971
Coulson, Harriet T, b.1837, d.1918, Wife of I.E. Coulson
Coulson, Nora E, b.1870, d.1918
Crosby, Mrs. Charles, d.1902, Age 45
Cunningham, Carl, b.1881, d.1929
Cunningham, Nellie, b.1870, d.1949
Cunningham, Price, b.1836, d.1923
Cunningham, Sarah E, b.1845, d.1931
Davidson, Gladys E, b.1901, d.1965, Mother
Davidson, Vance W, b.1898, d.1984, Father
Davis, Cora B, b.1888, d.1902
Davis, Emily J, b.1864, d.1940
Davis, Lura E, b.1898, d.19-
Davis, Moultrie J, b.1869, d.1899
DeHart, Sarah Alma, b.1905, d.1994, m. 1927 (William)
DeHart, William Byron, b.1901, d.1996
Dickinson, Eva E, b.1908, d.1971
Dickinson, Joseph C, b.1904, d.1960
Dickinson, No date, 2 infants
Dolbow, John B, b.1840, Father
Dolbow, John V, b.1860, d.1920
Dolbow, Lydia J, b.1844, d.1914, Mother
Dolbow, Mable R, b.1884, d.1902, Wife of E.B Delbow
Donely, Emily, b.1841, d.1897
Donely, L, b.1835, d.1884
Dwiggins, James, b.1826, d.1916
Dwiggins, Martha, b.1820, d.1905
Dwiggins, Ray, b.1881, d.1924
Emley, Abraham H, b.1822, d.1898
Emley, Alice A, b.1886, d.1975
Emley, Baby Boy, No date
Emley, Baby Girl, No date
Emley, Bertha M, b.1890, d.1907, 16 yrs old dau of Wm. & Z.
Emley, Ernest E, b.1892, d.1920, A.E.F.
Emley, Ivan T, b.1916
Emley, Louise, b.1920, d.1990
Emley, Thomas E, b.1869, d.1960
Galusha, Almira, b.1904, d.1964
Garber, Judith I, b.1943, d.1992
Golland, Ranson M, b.1841, d.1911
Gray, Andrew, b.1847, d.1927
Gray, Charlotte P, b.1875, d.1885
Gray, Edward T, b.1876, d.1953
Gray, Eliza Annie, b.1844, d.1913
Gray, Esther E, b.1917
Gray, Harry Andrew, b.1901, d.1902
Gray, Jeremiah A, b.1873, d.1937
Gray, Jessie Gray Day, b.1879, d.1972
Gray, Ruth D, b.1890, d.1969
Gray, William A, b.1911, d.1982
Greifendorff, Mildred K, b.1912, d.1993
Greifendorff, Otis J, b.1909, d.1989
H.L.N., No date,
Haines, Lutetia B, d.1909, Wife of J.H. Haines
Hamilton, Eliza, b.1874, d.1897, Wife of D.B. Jordan
Hamilton, Jordan D.J., d.1898, Age 1 yr 2 mo. 17 da
Hamilton, Mary, b.1889, d.1920
Hamilton, Samuel, b.1829, d.1901, h/o Mary Hamilton
Havice, J M, b.1933, d.1972
Havice, Larry, b.1955, d.1957, Our Infant Son
Heath, Albert B, b.1876, d.1969, Father
Heath, Anna E, b.1854, d.1935
Heath, Christopher Harley, b.1973, d.1993
Heath, Eldred B, b.1913, d.1990
Heath, Harvey M, b.1906, d.1990
Heath, Jennie E, d.1890, Age 11 dau of Wm & Annie
Heath, Mary E, b.1912
Heath, Mary Elva, b.1909
Heath, Minnie L, b.1881, d.1935, Mother
Heath, William J, b.1852, d.1940
Heberlein, Adolph, b.1841, d.1903
Heberlein, Cleveland, b.1908, d.1908, Infant
Heberlein, Rosa A, d.1908, Age 64
Hinkle, Della V, b.1884, d.1899
Hinkle, Walter, b.1889, d.1962
Holman, A Jane, No date
Holman, Alvin, b.1909, d.1992
Holman, Amelia J, b.1853, d.1920, Mother
Holman, Andrew J, b.1851, d.1926, Father
Holman, Charles W, b.1878, d.1960
Holman, Flossie, b.1909, d.1990, m. 1930 (Alvin)
Holman, Luella E, b.1879, d.1915
Hornbrue, C H, d.1893, Infant Daughter
Howard, Clayton W, b.1879, d.1941, Dad
Howard, Dau, d.1898, Age 15, dau of Albert & Mary
Howard, Josephine E, b.1887, d.1984
Jackson, Pearl Lorene, b.1914, d.1969
Jarvis, John W, b.1884, d.1908
Johnson, Harry R, b.1922, d.1988, MSGT USAF WWII
Kelso, Eva Wendlandt, b.1914, m. 1933 (Jasper)
Kelso, Jasper Virgil, b.1908, d.1989
Kenney, Francis Ann, b.1860, d.1933
Kinson, John, d.1892, Age 44 yrs 4 mo 17 da
Lair, Charles Leroy, b.1889, d.1969, 161 AERO Sq. WWI PFC
Lair, George Hiram, b.1826, d.1902, h/o Lucinda Lair
Lair, Lucinda, b.1837, d.1903, Wife of George Hiram Lair
Landreth, Dau, b.1895, d.1895, 2 mo old, dau of W.W. & L.B. No date
Landreth, Harvey, b.1903, d.1924, son
Landreth, Henry H, b.1865, d.1922
Landreth, Ina F, b.1896, d.1973
Landreth, Lizzie E, b.1847, d.1895, Mother
Landreth, Lulu E, b.1877, d.1944
Landreth, Mabel A, b.1905, d.1984
Landreth, Milton W, b.1903, d.1983
Landreth, Squire B, b.1835, d.1914
Landreth, Thos. A, b.1896, d.1984
Lee, Walter Henry, b.1919, d.1920, Son of Gust & Pearl Lee
Lehmann, Gertrude, b.1879, d.1940
Lehmann, J. Frank, b.1874, d.1955
Lehmann, Modessia, b.1883, d.1977
Lehmann, Peter F, b.1905, d.1984
Leslie, Elsie, b.1857, d.1935, Mother
Leslie, Infants, No date, Sons of James & Elsie Leslie
Leslie, James Sr., b.1845, d.1934, Father
Lewis, Margaret, b.1830, d.1905
Lewis, Morris D, b.1827, d.1914
Luntsford, Arthur B, b.1907, d.1925
Luntsford, Infant, No date, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. P.H.
Luntsford, Martha E, b.1857, d.1934, Mother
Mahoney, Dolores A, b.1928, d.1969, Mother
Mallery, Peter M, b.1970, d.1970
McDougal, D K, No date, 82 yrs old
McDougall, Ida, b.1877, d.1926
McDougall, John Sr., b.1865, d.1941
McLain, J T, No date, Co A 15th KANS Cav
McLain, Thomas, b.1844, d.1907
Miller, Bess E, b.1916, d.1994
Miller, Clarence A, b.1906, d.1966
Moore, G W, d.1898, 78 yrs old
Nollmeyer, Peter James, b.1974, d.1976
Nolmeyer, Scott William, b.1971, d.1976
O'Rourke, Ethel Carolyn, b.1909, d.1997
Owen, Herman M, d.1901, Age 67, husband of Nancy
Pennington, Ada L, d.1905, Age 48, w/o J.R. Pennington
Pershall, Charles Albertus, d.1903, Age 28, s/o J.R. & S.F.
Pershall, James R, b.1842, d.1933, Grandfather
Pershall, Sarah F, d.1905, Age 58
Peters, Mildred, d.1906, Age 6, dau of W.S.& Mary
Plummer, W O, d.1895, Infant Daughter
Podmore, Thomas J, b.1893, d.1934
Rattray, Amanda, b.1883, d.1905, Mother
Rattray, Amelia L, b.1854, d.1918, Mother
Rattray, Baby Harry, b.1934, d.1934
Rattray, Floyd W, b.1905, d.1985
Rattray, Grace E, b.1913, d.1934
Rattray, Lloyd, b.1905, d.1906, Twin Brother
Rattray, William S, b.1850, d.1937, Father
Reynolds, Donald A, b.1903, d.1903
Reynolds, John O, b.1824, d.1892, Co F 12th MO Cav
Reynolds, Nancy P, b.1832, d.1897
Rice, Alice R, b.1893, d.1967
Rice, John O, b.1892, d.1983
Rockhold, Jessie E, b.1885, d.1957
Rolison, Fannie A, d.1901, Age 67, mother of P.M. Crosby
Shelman, Leona Pearl, b.1905, d.1907, dau of G.W. & O.E. Shelman
Smelcer, George, d.1900, Age 65, h/o Lucinda
Smelcer, Lucinda T, d.1912, Age 65
Surber, Florence, b.1882, d.1890
Surber, H W, b.1859, d.1886
Surber, J B, b.1875, d.1895
Surber, J P, b.1871, d.1886
Surber, John, b.1836, d.1916
Surber, Missouri Sephens, b.1842, d.1907, w/o John Surber
Surber, W E, b.1863, d.1882
Thornbrue, Joseph, No date, Co C 15th IOWA Inf
Thornbrue, Julia Ann, b.1834, d.1911
Thornbrue, Nettie, b.1863, d.1892
Tierney, Anna, b.1910, d.1997
Tierney, Harold, b.1905, d.1970
Tierney, Jerome H, b.1939, d.1965
Todd, Harriet E, b.1869, d.1910
Wall, Fredrick G, b.1886, d.1926, Brother
Wall, H W, No date
Wall, Mary E, d.1917, Age 61 yrs
Warren, Nancy, d.1901, Age 82 yr 6 mo 24 day
Warren, William T, b.1866, d.1912, Here rests a Woodman of the World
Webb, Bennie, No date, Age 3 yrs
Webb, Emma, b.1879, d.1960
Webb, Louisa J, b.1951, d.1922, His Wife
Webb, Thomas, b.1877, d.1932
Webb, Walter E, d.Apr 2, 1898, 28 yrs 11 mo. old
Webb, Wm. N, b.1846, d.1919
Webster, Charles C, b.1873, d.1904, h/o Alma Lyle
Weller, Charles L, b.1886, d.1958, Brother
Weller, Henry, b.1842, d.1909
Weller, Joanna A, b.1854, d.1919
Weller, Pattie A, b.1889, d.1952, Sister
Wendlandt, Elwood Arthur, b.1916, d.1992
Wendlandt, Phyllis M (Hein), b.1919, m. 1945 (Elwood)
Wollweber, Agnes Henrietta, b.1873, d.1933, Mother
Wollweber, Baby boy, d.1921
Wollweber, Godfrey, b.1890, d.1978, WAGR US Army WWI
Wollweber, Harold M, b.1925, d.1984, Brother
Wollweber, Henry, b.1892, d.1981
Wollweber, Inez Anna, b.1897, d.1980, m. 1919 (Henry)
Wollweber, Otto, b.1858, d.1939, Father

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