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Lamona Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

Lat: 47° 20' 55"N, Lon: 118° 30' 29"W
T22N R34E Sec 34

Contributed by Pat Rice, Jun 06, 2003, lst edited Apr 18, 2008 [rcrice@centurytel.net]. Total records = 37.

Traveling west on Highway 28. Just east of mileage marker 104, turn off the highway onto Yarwood Road, cross the railroad tracks and go up the hill. Follow that road until Lamona Cemetery Road, where a mile-long dirt road leads directly to the cemetery gate.

The cemetery is about 1 mile SW of the site where the town of Lomana was years ago. It is in the SE corner of Sec. 34 T22 R34 and abuts the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery.

It is not being cared for by anyone at the present time. The Lamona Public Cemetery was deeded to the Lincoln Co Commissioners, but it does not have a sexton nor did they create a cemetery district for it.

The Lamona Public Cemetery was the first cemetery there, and was dedicated on Oct. 13, 1898. When the Zion Lutheran Church of Lamona was formed, they created their own cemetery.

The list belows includes readings from stones, data from obituaries and funeral home ledgers as well as family.

This cemetery was walked in June 1999 by Marge Womach and myself. At that time Marge Womach was doing her best to bring the chest high weeds under control.

- Pat Rice

Abbreviations include: mm/dd/yr as date format, w/=shares stone with, s/o=son of, d/o=daughter of, w/o=wife of, h/o=husband of, c=cause, (maiden name).

Calliott, Earl, b. 5/9/1915, d. 6/17/1918, s/o John & Minnie
Calliott, Henry R. Huck, b. 1887, d. 1914,
Calliott, Ruben, b. 7/12/1902, d. 8/23/1902
Calliott, William, b. 5/13/1859, d. 4/24/1905
Cox, Burton G., d. 9/7/1897, age: 13y 5m 18d
Finch, August, b. 12/12/1860, d. 1/5/1920, stone crumbling
Finch, Cyrus, b. 1870, d. 1927, w/Lena
Finch, Lena, b. 1879, d., w/Cyrus
Finch, May Ann (Mary?), b. 5/9/1837, d. 1/6/1915, w/o Ruben, footmarker
Finch, Mildred M., b. 9/24/1903, d. 9/12/1904, (MMF footstone)
Finch, Ruben, b. 11/24/1821, d. 11/9/1903, GAR, Civil War
Gelada, Maria, d. 5/24/1902, age: abt 36yr, b Bohemia, from Catholic Terr. Ledger, Spok.
Hammersmith, Dr. L. F., d. 1/10/1901, age: 61y 10d
Hammersmith, Johanna, d. 11/10/1905, age: 60y 1m 1d
Jensen, Mabel O., b. 1/24/1903, d. 11/15 1903
Johnson, Jonas T., b. 1887, d. 1919
Johnson, Vernon, no dates, per family account
Kaputa, Annie, d. 7/21/1898, abt 33y, b. Bohemia, from Catholic Terr. Ledger, Spokane
Kunz, Ernestina M., b. 3/7/1847, d. 2/23/1908, w/Vincent, Levi
Kunz, Levi, b. 3/6/1883, d. 12/11/1906, s/o, w/Vincent & Ernestina
Kunz, Vincent, b. 3/10/1846, d. 3/22/1908, w/Ernestina, Levi
Lebert, Anna M., d. 9/26/1896, age: 79y 2m, w/o Philip
Leduc, Eddie, b. Nov 18, 1891, d. Aug 23, 1907, s/o Frank & Carrie, age 13, from death cert
Luiten, Anna Bougard, d. 10/4/1918, age: 61y 9m 25d
Luiten, Gerhard, b. 3/17/1851, d. 4/9/1899, h/o Anna
Luiten, Otto A., b. 4/10/1885, d. 2/8/1907, s/o Gerhard & Anna
Marsh, Sam,, d. 9/2?/1906, no stone, obit
Mitchell, Edith Maud, b. 1898, d. 1902, d/o W.P. & Elsie H.
Mitchell, Elsie (Hamilton), b. 10/7/1870, d. 1/2?/1903, w/o W.P., b=Rice Lake, Canada
Unger, John F., b. 2/--/1836, d. 6/--/1912, father
Unger, Mary A., b. 3/--/1827, d. 3/--/1914, mother
Vent, Horace R., b. 9/10/1898, d. 11/23/1898, s/o W.H. & Alpha
Wilson, Baby Lue, d. 8/27/1896, age: 23m
Wilson, H., d. 8/28/1896, from Smith's Funeral Home ledger
Wilson, Loella P., d. 8/8/1896, age: 32y
Zabel, Alma Laura, b. 8/19/1900, d. 7/7/1902, d/o G.& W.
Zabel, Margaretha E., b. 8/10/1898, d. 7/7/1902, d/o G.& W.

One wooden marker with incomplete data as follows:
Campbell ??, Doug____? ??96? d 189?

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